I got no time for descriminators I got no time for intolerant haters I got no time for those who don’t feel love Yet preach about their God above God hasn’t time for those double standards We are all his children you see So why would he want he creations To be hating because ofContinue reading “Intolerance”


Opportunity comes everybody’s way But do we take it, grasp it, do we seize the day? Or are we stopped by our apathy and just let it slip away Watch in futility as it fades never to return again And the only way to ensure we make the most of opportunity Is to work hard,Continue reading “Opportunity”

Simple life

I lead a simple life Do what I need to get by Trying just to survive Just making the most Of everything I get I work hard to get it Never been given anything So I am used to having less And living simple Fighting day to I just continue Trying hard To see andContinue reading “Simple life”

Pleasure in her eyes

He found it amazing the way she arched her back While moaning out aloud Begging for more Peaking like he could not believe Sweat covered and in full bodily release Grinding, writhing sensually Gasping grasping desperately Saying crude words he could not believe As she let out all her sexuality In an explosion of passionContinue reading “Pleasure in her eyes”

She was cold

Sat alone and in need of friendship She rang her best friend and asked how she was doing? Her friend said same old stuff ‘How about I come over and we do some yoga and see why we lost touch My husbands watching football he won’t mind, to him I am invisible so that’s allContinue reading “She was cold”

What to do

Let me illicit every drop of perspiration from your body he said In a hushed whisper into her ear She felt the vibrational waves of his whisper Send electrical charges through her body He knew what he was doing as he placed his hand on the small of her back She felt his touch onContinue reading “What to do”


The goosebumped flesh The chill of the bones Lost and far from home In eerie darkness She feels the fear and dread In this place The smell of death In this place The smell of rotting flesh Halloween screams Become real they seem In this run down tenement In this slum dog scene Behind theContinue reading “Halloween”

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