Down and out

I have sampled being at the bottom The seedy underbelly of life Where people steal to make ends meet And drug taking is rife I have lost a friend who chased the dragon But the dragon swallowed him up I have seen the faces of addiction And the faces were devoid of love. I haveContinue reading “Down and out”

Quantum life

Fermions, quarks and bosons Particles barely seen Nanotornado’s creating a vortex It’s what’s creating you and me In an illusory world that makes us feel That everything round us is real But the only reality you can believe Is through the consciousness belief. Of all the forces in the universe That I would attempt toContinue reading “Quantum life”

Spread your wings my love

We are driven by a need to bond Driven by a desire so strong Driven by a need to find a loving mate Driven to find that elusive twin flame. It’s a biological imperative And it drives us all insane A need to find a soul mate and then to procreate It’s a feeling ofContinue reading “Spread your wings my love”

Eye candy he said

Objectify desensitised Almost straight from birth Men don’t seem to understand A woman’s total worth. They think they’re there for the pleasure Candy for the eye Men don’t seem to understand and lack the intelligence to see why. Women are more than just a plaything They’re not just your pet Something that you see simplyContinue reading “Eye candy he said”

leather and lace

She wears leather she wears lace she has the most beautiful face she wears flowers in her hair and she dances everywhere she is a women of refinement but with rebellion in her soul she crazy mad and wonderful she refuses to get old. She is blessed with so much intellect that she is wiserContinue reading “leather and lace”

Forbidden fruit

Adam and Eve were thrown out of paradise because they wanted more They could not settle for utopia and abide by gods law making apples forgiven. And ever since that day mankind’s been doing much the same Exploiting the earth for its own aims If I was God I’d look down on this humanity IContinue reading “Forbidden fruit”

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