So much of what dictates our society is clandestine Things going on that we don’t know Games being played that hurts humanity so So much damage done to the earth through clandestine deals You think you know how society works Well believe me none of that stuff is real It’s all governed by the oneContinue reading “Clandestine”

Old man, no shoes, living on the street

Old man no shoes on his feet Does not know when he next eat Welcome to our advanced caring society So easy when you’re living well Cast upon yourself a spell Saying things are getting better everyday I guess you just blind yourself the homeless on display And they only pose a problem when theyContinue reading “Old man, no shoes, living on the street”

Conspiracy theory or truth

Conspiracy theories abound everywhere But the truth is perfectly and simply clear That all those in power politicians, the rich and those of religion Are all part of one big corporate family Backed and served by the media through the papers and TV They are all playing games that end in the oppression of youContinue reading “Conspiracy theory or truth”


We transform to higher beings With every single act of kindness We transform to higher frequencies When we carry out acts of compassion We transform into light worker beings When we share and offer love We transform into energy of spiritual entities When we find our inner peace We can be transformers or static soulsContinue reading “Transformers”

Ego makes us cage our loved ones

It’s ego that stops us allowing those we love to be free To explore all routes of love Of sensuality and sexuality as well as spirituality We prefer to lock them in a cage under lock and key Making promises to to leave or not to cheat Too scared of polygamy or let love beContinue reading “Ego makes us cage our loved ones”

All things end

I lost a love of 20 years But through the heartbreak and the tears My heart was strong And did not succumb To the bitterness Or the angry rage I found myself a space To grieve to grow And though things got thrown at me I kept my dignity I kept my self respect IContinue reading “All things end”

Our anthem is love

The anthem of my life Is knowing we all see things from different eyes But that we should all see the humanitarian plight That truth is we need to shine a light, Find our wings and take to flight And share a global iridescent love light, That brightens even the darkest night And keeps peopleContinue reading “Our anthem is love”

The voice

Sitting in a dark room meditating Sitting ruminating and contemplating About myself and my life When out of the dark a voice spoke out ‘content yourself with who you are With who you discover as you meditate Rather than concern yourself with who and what others think you are For that is a perception basedContinue reading “The voice”

Behind your mask

What mask do you wear What is it your trying to hide Or are you trying to be something You are that’s not normally usual for you I want to see the real you I want to get behind that mask I want to find the sensual you I want to make our moments lastContinue reading “Behind your mask”

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