First world problem 

So my car broke down so bad it needs scrapping. This after ploughing good money after bad into it. So now I go to work each day by train and bus. I get up and leave early and get home late. Trains and buses are not cheap. So I had a choice despair at myContinue reading “First world problem “

Two ways of living 

You can spend your whole life trying to be something you are not and end up sad, bitter, twisted and angry. Or you can spend your whole life just being you and accepting how amazing you are and end up happy, contented an fulfilled. The choice is yours. 

Contentment in self

Contentment can not be discovered in wealth or material possessions but in unconditional love for all things. When we deny ourselves this, then we induce self inflicted suffering. You can not ease suffering through any amount of drugs and drink, you can only ease it through letting go of synthetic forms of happiness. Pure happinessContinue reading “Contentment in self”

Support the earth

Earth needs us more than it ever has before, Earth needs our support for it cannot take much more, ice caps melting seas are rising; continents at risk and when you take a look at the stats the world seas are over fished, the Japanese trawlers taking far to much out of greed, taking noContinue reading “Support the earth”


The quest for self mastery, the quest for unconditional love, is borne out of a need to be better than we ever have. The need to embrace life itself in every single form, the desire we have to greet with pleasure every brand new dawn. We long for light, we long for peace, we longContinue reading “Quest”


So despite the trillion dollar crash the bankers carry on, reaping in an obscene wage and a huge bonus in their pay and who may you ask is paying back the debt to this mismanagement crime, well of course it’s all of us again, we have to do this everytime.

Technological dinosaur

Technology is beyond me often it’s hard for me to embrace, the in’s and out’s of computer literacy I am a dinosaur no doubt.i struggle and I fight with this to get my message out and if you know the stress and stain and heard the screams and shouts, of exasperated frustration you would admireContinue reading “Technological dinosaur”

The greatest gift

The greatest gift we can give ourselves is to forgive ourselves for past and present suffering that we inflicted upon ourselves for choosing to stay in negative situations surrounded by negative and toxic people for longer than we should have. Understand we learnt so much from this and hopefully gained greater appreciation of life awayContinue reading “The greatest gift”

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