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The realisation after


As they lay in their damp sheets of sweat

Wondering what will happen next,

Both feel the pain and the regret

For they were both with somebody else,

The broken trust and treachery

Both knew this and both could see,

What now could and both should do

They can’t take it back and that’s the truth,

Naked breathing heavy but awkward now

Both realising the guilt and how,

Their lives now would never be the same

Hiding the secret, living with the shame,

And while in the past moments the sex was great

Does it compare to what they may have thrown away,

What else could either of them say,

Except one more for the road

We may as well do it one more time and then maybe again.

I’ll watch over you


Stars shine bright

Just like our life,

Glistening and golden

We share precious moments,

Just like the moon

Lights up the night,

We light up in brilliance

Like filigree beings,

Resonating love

Harnessing peace,

Full of compassion

And manifesting release,

Of kindness and caring

With you I feel daring,

If I don’t make it out alive

If somehow I don’t survive,

Know this miracle life,

I wouldn’t have missed for a second

And you shone so bright,

I hope over time

People will read what I write,

And remember my always

Through wrong and through right,

I really did try

To be the best I could be,

For you and those others I love also,

I fought for humanity

In a world that’s gone crazy,

Yet I am drawn back to the stars

In all their beauty,

Knowing soon I’ll return

To my spiritual home,

So please never forget me

For I won’t forget you,

And my conscious spirit

Will always be near I swear that to be true,

I’ll give you this vow

And an undertaking in truth

That when you look at the stars

And gaze at the moon,

Know I’ll always be there

Right next to you,

Watching over all you do

Because I’ll always love you.

Vivid love


Wild passion

Vivid love

Lips will meet

Hands will touch

But what goes on

Within our minds

Is so much deeper

And sublime

So much more intense

Much more divine

It will blow away your mind

Grips you in a fiery heat

A sensual emotion

An erotic beat

Rising temperatures higher

Set me ablaze with your fire

As we feel the release

Never realising love

Could taste so sweet

Be a part of me


You drive me so insane

In every kind of way,

The way you laugh

The clothes you wear,

Your sexy curves

How you live without a care,

Your beauty it dazzles me

And your sensuality,

When you get intense

You always drive me crazy,

I want you so much

I want you to share love with me,

I want to feel you

As if you are a part of me.

Why did this happen?


She found her love

But it was forbidden,

Why did she have to fall for him

Why did she have to give in,

Why did she have the yearnings

Why does she feel the lust,

She could not resist this

So in love she decided to trust,

And put her passion into this forbidden love.

I see the love inside you


When love touched you

I can see your aura glow

When love reaches in

I can see you begin

To resonate the light

That breaks through from your heart

I can sense the happiness

That’s bubbling up within your being

And I wonder who did this, this time

I wonder just who set you on fire

And I hope that you will tell me

I hope you will confide

And tell me of your secret

And who has reached you inside

Because it’s lifted you up and made you shine

I can see the passion within your eyes

I can read how they effect your mind

I can sense the love within you all the time

And it is beautiful to witness it’s sublime.

Let me slide up on you


I wanna get close to you

Slide up near and drop you a line

Like ‘hey beautiful you look fine

And you’re Resonating a spiritual mind’

Suggest we should spend some time

Meditating and listening to grime

Seeing how much your aura shines

When our inner being of sensuality we find

And let our bliss and grace define

The inner peace of the night-time

Where we sit watching the stars

Under a full moon after rocking in bars

Giving love plentiful and large

So what do you say? it could be so lit

But I think our love could be a great hit

Let’s bust it down and maybe get soulful

Using spiritual passions so powerful

That blows our minds and aches our bodies

Let’s both share our cosmic goodies.

It pleases me

It pleases me

I see you loved

I see your passion

I see you rise and fall

In a flow of sweat and moans

I see desire and pleasure

Etched upon your beautiful face

I see how your body is braced

For the onslaught of physical exertion

That meets your sensual needs

This is what I see

When I let you be free

And this pleases me.


You blow my mind

You blow my mind

You are not my property

But you are my love

I do not own you in any way

You do what pleases you

And that please me too

I love the wild and sexy you

You have always been cool

With using and being used

You are beauty

You are sensual

You love having your freedom

I love hearing from you

And just how your feeling

Everytime someone is pleasing

Every aspect of you

Knowing you will soon be back home

Knowing I am the one you want

In spite of any other

Your a hot wife, hot mother

Wild and free in life and mind

There’s nothing you can do that I don’t mind

You are so sensual and sublime

A woman who knows her own mind

And loves pleasure and passion all of the time

Everything you do and act it blows my mind.

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Under his spell

Under his spell

She was having fun

She was dancing

When he stepped

And smiled at her

She was struck by

His deep eyes

They instantly hypnotised her

She fell right under his spell.

As she kept on dancing

He stood there

Offering admiring glances

Then he reached out

And pulled her close to him

She felt the grip

He applied on her backside

He looked her deep in the eyes

And whispered this night

Of all nights

Your going to spend it with me

So if you’re ready we will leave.

She was breathless

Taken aback

She told him she was married

He said it doesn’t matter

He offered no seductive patter

He smiled your sexy

Your slim toned body gets me

I need it, you want it

Your husband already knows

Because I told him I want you so

And he said see how it goes

If I get you to come on home

He said that he will know

She needs more

Than he gives

And she may appreciate it.

She smiled

Inside wild

She now felt his grip

Reaching through her

She wanted his heat

She wanted to feel the beat

Of his rhythm upon her

She wanted for him to take her

She left with him

And as she walked past her husband

She smiled and said

With lust and hunger in her voice

Will see you tomorrow

But tonight your wife

He’s going to borrow

And they left

She felt so under his spell

She could barely catch her breath

In anticipation of what comes next.

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