I want to watch

I want to sse you kissed

Watch as your touched

I want to see you making love

I want to see your squirm

See you writhe

Hear your moans

Listen to your sighs

And look into your eyes

As you peark hard

So many times

I want to see you owned

Watch your body come alive

She you being seduced

And then in pleasure used

Don’t get confused

It’s not because I dont love you

It’s because I do

That I long to see you

In all your glory

Acting out a true lust story

Just based on the physical

Doing all that is so pleasurable

Letting yourself go

Breaking out the mundane routine

That’s often why we’re miserable

I want to inject excitement

Back into our love life

And to watch you heavy breathe

As he picks up the speed

And lifts you up

To an or gas smic relief

Is music and bliss to me

Watching you wild and free

In your passion and your lust

I see you enjoying

Everything he does to you

His touch his kiss

I wanto to see you submit

After trying to resist

Then embracing and loving it

Is this something you could do

And let me see in your wildest dreams

Watch you as you show me

Just how amazing you can be

When your body is set free.

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A night to remember

Blindfolds and perspiration

Heavy breathing and panting respiration

Excorcising all frustration

In the dark there is exhaltation

From the desire driven anticipation

That we will both recieve

Through sensual and passionate love making

All throughout the night.

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Could you live a hotwife life

Could you ever be a hotwife

Living the hot life

Of a lifestyle where your man

Shares you and understands

And that you both grow with love

And no matter how things go

You always promise to return home

It’s all about the physical with other men

You retain love and respect for your husband

He let’s you be free and there’s no jealousy

Could you live a hotwife life being sensually and sexually free.

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Let yourself go

Can you feel me burning in your loins

Can you feel the heat as keep going on

Can you feel that yearning in your heart for me

Can you sense the way that you writhe for me

When I play with you and when I tease

Can you feel the way I try too always please

Here I am down on my knees

There you are looking down at me

We both know what it is you need

I see you luck your lips and heavily breathe

I see the pleasure deep within your eyes

Waiting for that moment that will make you flush do bright

I feel both your hands upon my head

I know there is not much longer left

I feel the way that you are losing control

I can fee you about ready to explode

Your femininity and your class

Is defined by the way you try to last

As long as you can in a sophisticated way

But that’s all gone now I feel you become depraved

Then in a moment I take your breath away

Now you tell me you don’t want it this way

Secretly and desperately I know you crave

To do something you shouldn’t but you do it anyway

Just to feel that rush and that feeling of being alive

I won’t judge you because you are a delight

I won’t judge you and no one needs to go

That I burned you up so much I made your essence flow

Let yourself go.

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Adventures of a bored mum

A bored and lonely moment at home

Saw here attention slip as her mind roamed

She called round the neighbour and asked sex not love

For hef hubby gave her love more than enough

But it was the sex she needed and craved for bad

And she wanted better than she ever had

The kids at school gave a chance for this liaison

He went to town on easing her frustrations

And she felt her body ache at his hand

He was so strong he took total command

Moved over every inch of her body, she savoured the touch

Sinews stretched he went down then back up

Caressing, kissing, licking her smooth taught skin

Then the fun would really begin

He on top baring down on her

Going at it like a jackhammer it rocked her earth

Then she took her turn on being on top

Rode so hard she thought she would never want to stop

Gasping, crying and moaning out loud

He did the same and it made her pround

Knowing she had not lost any of her skills

With things she had learnt designed to thrill

Then she found herself on all fours going again

Gripping the headboard and thanks to her friend

She had the best climax she ever had

And her desires were sated like they never have

The neighbour left and the family come home

Asking don’t she get bored home all alone

She stated sometimes it’s hard but she copes

Her husband smiled and whispered there’s a love bite on her throat

He said it must have been harder than he could’ve imagined

And he hoped thalt she had found a hobby that was satisfying

She blushed, smiled and said I like to work out

And she would it it more without a doubt

He hubby said let’s go somewhere, where you can tell me all

And maybe we will make love afterwards

And he sent the kids off to the shops

It was his turn now and she was pleasantly shocked

But very pleased.

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Growing love in different ways

They share a love far to few can understand

Even though they were in love

He was not her only man

But he was happy living life this way

She was the type who needed to go out

And he was more for staying home

She always needed company

And he enjoyed his time alone

So they agreed to strike a deal

And so it now goes on

She lives her life In love and pleasure

And despite all encounters she always comes back home

For that is where her love is rooted and grows

The physical needs she seeks out can’t surpass the love they have

Yet too few they know would never understand

And they share no secrets and tell no lies

She tells him everything

And he is happy hearing of her days

He likes the smile it puts upon her face

He knows he could not satisfy her physically that way

But his love exceeds all her needs in all other ways

And in the end they’re happy with the roles they play

Do who can judge their life in any way

It works do well for them and their both brave

To both take on these roles within life’s game

And still strive to gtow their love in different ways.

Look deep into my eyes

Look deeply into my eyes I told my wife

Feel the erotic sensualness

Feel the heat the passion and the caress

Peak after peak each better than the next

Feeling the motion the rhythm each time

Feeling how this moment blows your mind

Arching and writhing look into my eyes

Perspiring as you give as good as you get

I love to hear you moan and wafch as you sweat

Then as you reach the moment of that body quivering and shaking climax

A full on explosion of sounds ripping from you wetted lips

I say look deep in to my eyes

You sensual, erotic amazing wife

We share this secret life

Where I see and watch you enjoying other guys

As you look deeply into my eyes.

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