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You blow my mind

You blow my mind

You are not my property

But you are my love

I do not own you in any way

You do what pleases you

And that please me too

I love the wild and sexy you

You have always been cool

With using and being used

You are beauty

You are sensual

You love having your freedom

I love hearing from you

And just how your feeling

Everytime someone is pleasing

Every aspect of you

Knowing you will soon be back home

Knowing I am the one you want

In spite of any other

Your a hot wife, hot mother

Wild and free in life and mind

There’s nothing you can do that I don’t mind

You are so sensual and sublime

A woman who knows her own mind

And loves pleasure and passion all of the time

Everything you do and act it blows my mind.

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Under his spell

Under his spell

She was having fun

She was dancing

When he stepped

And smiled at her

She was struck by

His deep eyes

They instantly hypnotised her

She fell right under his spell.

As she kept on dancing

He stood there

Offering admiring glances

Then he reached out

And pulled her close to him

She felt the grip

He applied on her backside

He looked her deep in the eyes

And whispered this night

Of all nights

Your going to spend it with me

So if you’re ready we will leave.

She was breathless

Taken aback

She told him she was married

He said it doesn’t matter

He offered no seductive patter

He smiled your sexy

Your slim toned body gets me

I need it, you want it

Your husband already knows

Because I told him I want you so

And he said see how it goes

If I get you to come on home

He said that he will know

She needs more

Than he gives

And she may appreciate it.

She smiled

Inside wild

She now felt his grip

Reaching through her

She wanted his heat

She wanted to feel the beat

Of his rhythm upon her

She wanted for him to take her

She left with him

And as she walked past her husband

She smiled and said

With lust and hunger in her voice

Will see you tomorrow

But tonight your wife

He’s going to borrow

And they left

She felt so under his spell

She could barely catch her breath

In anticipation of what comes next.

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The kiss of life


Deep passionate kisses

Engage in deep emotion

Revel in sweet embraces

Feel the sensual touches

Sense the rising desires

Feel the essences within flow

Feel your spirit start to glow

Heart engorging, blood pumping

Moans from lips are now seeping

Left in joy and pleasure I end up weeping

And desiring so much more.

Yo, sample my flow


Yo, my flow is great

Greater than you could ever know

I bust down on those who spread hate

While sharing love around this place

And it’s lit though it may seems boasty

Come a little closer I will show you my flow see

I give it all for passion

My love knows no bounds or ration

Think you can handle give it a try

I’ll penetrate you body as well as your mind

And put you in love filled bubble

Give me all and I’ll return it doubled

And those who live vexated lives

Can sit quietly in the corner and simply cry

Because they can’t open up to the lov and light

They don’t know to how to treat people right like I do

So get your mind and body prepared and move

Over to me so that we can get in the groove

All your needs and frustrations I’ll soothe

I’ll tempt you into things you’d never believe you’d ever do

And it’ll all be for the love and a need to unite

Spiritual connections and rediscovering ties

And having fun and happier times

While the greedy, hateful few just waste their time

In a world of toxic greed and negativity.

No harm, no foul, no one gets hurt


He pulled her hair

Her head tilted back

She gasped, body shuddered

In the dim moonlit night

Within this motel room

Two shining stars

Colliding in the moment

Sending sparks out

Light fireworks exploding

As the sounds of lovemaking

Was increasingly intensified

Two bodies looking to be satisfied

Just a physical connection

With no further intention

Two souls sharing each other

Instead of being lonely

Companionship for just one night

A momentary excuse for fun

And hopefully momentarily delight

Out of mind and out of sight

No harm, no foul nobody, gets hurt

Just a case of touch and go

Beyond a simple flirt

And who’s to know?

Their partners are both at home

In the dark to what goes on

While these two souls travel for their work

Just a case of touch and go

No harm, no foil, no one gets hurt.

I want to watch

I want to watch

I want to sse you kissed

Watch as your touched

I want to see you making love

I want to see your squirm

See you writhe

Hear your moans

Listen to your sighs

And look into your eyes

As you peark hard

So many times

I want to see you owned

Watch your body come alive

She you being seduced

And then in pleasure used

Don’t get confused

It’s not because I dont love you

It’s because I do

That I long to see you

In all your glory

Acting out a true lust story

Just based on the physical

Doing all that is so pleasurable

Letting yourself go

Breaking out the mundane routine

That’s often why we’re miserable

I want to inject excitement

Back into our love life

And to watch you heavy breathe

As he picks up the speed

And lifts you up

To an or gas smic relief

Is music and bliss to me

Watching you wild and free

In your passion and your lust

I see you enjoying

Everything he does to you

His touch his kiss

I wanto to see you submit

After trying to resist

Then embracing and loving it

Is this something you could do

And let me see in your wildest dreams

Watch you as you show me

Just how amazing you can be

When your body is set free.

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A night to remember

A night to remember

Blindfolds and perspiration

Heavy breathing and panting respiration

Excorcising all frustration

In the dark there is exhaltation

From the desire driven anticipation

That we will both recieve

Through sensual and passionate love making

All throughout the night.

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