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Your hips and lips don’t lie

Neither hips nor lips don’t lie they say

So when I see you walk and talk my way

I hope for your body and your taste

I live and anticipate

That the swagger and promise that you make

With your eyes and your look so sultry that shakes

Me to the core and drives me crazy

Makes me desire you and want you so bad

So please keep walking my way

In your sexy sassy way

In a hope that maybe we can play

At naughty games and true love ways.

Pleasure in her eyes

He found it amazing the way she arched her back

While moaning out aloud

Begging for more

Peaking like he could not believe

Sweat covered and in full bodily release

Grinding, writhing sensually

Gasping grasping desperately

Saying crude words he could not believe

As she let out all her sexuality

In an explosion of passion and desire he had never seen her release before

He wanted to see her like this more

So happy and so satisfied

He could see the pleasure in her eyes as she looked at him and pleaded it not to stop

He nodded yes you will get the lot

Time after time until the days end

As he watched her with her friend

Doing something he could not do

Rip the sensuality out of her

Make her climax in ways he’s never heard

Maybe this seems abusrd

Maybe judged by some as perverse

But seeing her this way

And doing what she was doing

Was the cause of pleasure and not ruin

And she was happy that he was ok

With watching her in these acts of sexual play.