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She's amazing


Her long tanned legs

That short tight skirt

Her skin with a glossy sheen

Sends me truly beserk

I like the touch

I enjoy the feel

She really has what appeals

I see the way men look

When they state at her

I know what they are thinking

She knows as well

She likes it

It turns her on

Men or women she don’t mind

She enjoys it all

Her firm breasts

That tight low cut top

It makes my heart stop

She has it all

She really does have the lot

She like the eyes

As they undress her

She feels an ache in her thighs

She wants to have some fun

She wants to go tonight

With somebody who will love her right

With a passion and an energy to set her body alight

So when she’s offered

She doesn’t hesitate

She’s a free spirit and I think that is great

Because I don’t lock her away

In a golden gilded cage

And we both love this game we play.

Exploration and truth

Exploration and truth

She craved love so deep

He wanted her to be pleased

He let her explore

Avenues and experiences more

Than he could offer

Or he could take her too

So he let her freely always do

What it was she wanted to do

And watched from olace

Where he got a good view

And w I tnessed her sensuality

become revitalised and renewed

There was no lying or cheating

Just exploration and truth.

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Creations boon


An owl hoots within a full moon night

Raindrops hang off of leaves glistening in the moon light

Foxes scurry from place to place

Hedgehogs trundling at their own pace

The sound of a babbling stream can be heard

All this nature happens undisturbed

In a woodland habitat it’s a perfect dream

Devoid of all human beings it seems except me

Watching this amazing night acted out scene by scene

I look at the incandescent full moon

And feel my spirit like nature bloom

This is humanities greatest boon

Given to it by creation to make life a pleasurable delight

But mankind causes nothing but blight

So I will sit here soaking up this night

And watch until the first dawns light.

No lines, creases just curves

No lines, creases just curves

There were no vpl’s

That he could tell

Underneath her shiny leggings

That fitted so well

He could not see anything

But all her perfect curves

He knew though that he really wanted her

He gave all his smooth talk

All his humorous chat

He asked if they could go back to her flat

She smiled and said that I am afraid

That I would blow your mind

Because I have a body so sublime

And as he was hypnotised by her beauty

And luscious sweet lips

He realised she was having nothing of this

He asked before you walk away then tell me this

Underneath those clothes is there a supple naked bliss

She smiled again and kissed him quick

Then whispered in his ear

Underneath these clothes

You would find heaven here

And then she walked away

In an really sensual and sexy way

And he cursed that it just was not his day

And that he’d missed out on all the fun games that she plays.

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Repenting will follow


I saw perfection today

Cb lad in skin-tight fitness gear

Everything looking so good

And even me, who hates objectification

Could not help but mutter to myself wow!

Ogling is never a good look but sometimes

It’s beyond our control

So I guess I will just have to repent later

And pray for forgiveness.

Show me


Temptress undress

Show me your best

Not just your naked body

But also your golden soul

Show me not just your breasts

But your compassionate heart

Open wide not just your legs

But open up also your mind

And let me enter ever aspect of your being

Let me be amazed by what I am seeing

I drift in and out of reality and fantasy

You are my sweetest dream

You mean everything to me so show me all.

She creates the scene


Seduction in a pretty pill

Is it fantasy or is it real

So many lust thoughts she feels

But alone she brings it to heel

For she knows she has to control her zeal.

Lonely are the nights

Her mind conjures up such sensual delights

It’s like teasing herself and she feels it in her chest

Stimulating sensations are the best

In fantasy her hands move under her vest

Or maybe even between her legs

But in reality it’s a dream so I am vexed

Something to get people to digest

To keep them reading and obssessed

I know this and yet my mind seems set

In wanting the fantasy to be real

To hope and wish that she feels

The lust and the passion in what she writes

One hand plays while the other hands types

An image creating so much delight

Within the thoughts of the deluded mind

Harmless imaginary that’s just fine

There could be worse ways to spend your time

Than lost in this imagination so sublime

And so divine.