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She didn’t want him but needed him


He whispered in her ear

And then kissed her shoulder and neck,

As she made him coffee she did not expect

His hands on her waist his lips on her skin,

She did not expect to be feeling,

Aroused and sensual for they always argued

They were not even a couple,

But right at this moment he was making her weak

Right at this moment she was trembling at the knees,

His hands move round the front and massaged her breasts

Opening her top all her resistance left,

Aching for his strong firm hands to manipulate and caress,

She wanted so much what she knew was coming next

As he undid her jeans and slid his hand right in,

She felt her exstacy flowing and rising,

Her hips writhed to the rythm of the way his fingers moved,

She ground back into him and felt his sizable manhood

Pushing against her and she wanted this more.

Down came her jeans and she felt her underwear removed

He then moved her back and the bent her over,

The worktop in her kitchen under dimly lit lights,

And as she felt him enter there were no words for her delight,

And he her her whisper in her ear as he grabbed her hair,

I’ve always wanted this, I’ve often imagined you bare,

I am going to do to you what your boyfriend won’t dare,

I am going to make you fully aware

That no one can make you feel like I can,

And no one else can make you ache

Make your body quiver and make your whole body shake,

And as she felt him increase his rythm and his pace,

She could see the pleasure on her face,

In the reflection of the window in front of her,

She could see the lustful look on his face, as he went harder and faster than ever before,

He was determined to own her completely

He was determined to posses her deeply,

And as as decided to grind back into him

She knew now this was an all time best feeling,

She would not want to be with him but she would need this

Long after tonight, she would need it repeating,

She felt him as he pulled her hair back and slapped her bum

He did this persistently on and on,

And after what seemed like and eternity,

She felt him exploding and she felt her give way at the knees,

Rougher he went her energy was spent

Her whole body was now completely rent

She knew he now owned her

She would be his to be used,

She wanted this now, yet she was confused

She still did not like him but she needed, what he could do

He lit her lustful, erotic fuse,

They were both now hot and sweating

Panting and heavy breathing,

As her mind spun and she was left reeling,

Her top up and her jeans round by her knees,

She felt was so appealing

The spontenous moment in which they were dealing,

Was to much to resist as she moaned loud wanting more,

He then took her on the table and on the floor,

Never now eating dinner here would be the same

Shed always picture him here doing her this way,

And she found out this much was true the next time her and her boyfriend dined,

She could not stop these memories, flooding through her mind,

And as they did she felt the ace inside her grow,

And she felt the pang of guilt because her boyfriend didn’t know,

How much his friend had owned her then and still did now,

But she would learn to live with this someway, somehow.

Tough and rough

Tough and rough

She’s tough

She’s rough

I cannot get enough

She’s strong

She’s not wrong

I’d put her in a song

She’s love

She’s sexy

I’d be with her shed let me

She moves

She grooves

To all the sensual tunes

She knows what she got

She’s hot the lot

She knows she’s fit

She knows she’s hot

She makes my jaw drop

Every time I see her

She knows her mind

This woman is fine

She is a dream

Fits the strong female theme

I just hope she wants me.

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In the heat of the night

In the heat of the night

She dreamt things that never normally come to mind

Like his hands embracing her from behind

Feeling his hands on her hips, then her tummy

As he nibbled her ear and says I want you to love me

Then she feels his lips upon her neck

As his hands more over her tenderly

Now she feels him caressing her breasts

She melts and moans as his hand slip under her top

Traces the edge of her bra she didn’t want him to stop

Then she felt him undo the back strap

Hands move under the cups as his fingers map

Every inch of them touching and caressing and squeezing

Moaning now gently as it feels so appealing

Then one he and slides down over the front of her yoga pants

She is breathing so hard now as she wants this to last

She imagined his hand slip under her and down

She thought I should tell him that’s not allowed

But the skill with which he touches her

He seems to know every fibre and every nerve

That makes her twitch and writhe and squirm

Her back arches as he grabs her breast firm

Her body now aches and burns as it yearns

She can now feel his other hand going to work

Inside, outside, caressing touching and rubbing

Going hard now, going hello for nothing

Making her whole body come alive

Her climax now is about to arrive

Former, softer, slower, then faster

She’s awaiting that moment of happy ever after

She backs in grinds into him

As his fingers leave her trembling

He bites and sucks upon her neck

Like a vampire drinking her blood as her chest

Rises and falls in fast shallow breaths

She now now’s by the flow what is coming next

It’s her and in an explosion and convulsion

Her whole body writhes and she feels it wrapped in damp sheets

And feels them tangled between her feet

She moans now very audibly

In the heat of the night her body is covered in sweat

She now wants to go on to the next level, yet

A light suddenly switches in and lights up the room

Her husband beside her comes into zoom

He asks if she’s ok, why she is soaking wet?

Why is she moaning, why she had such a pounding chest

She could barely focus due to the light

And from the immense pleasurable delight

She she go straight to sleep as if nothing happened

Or push him back climb in him and exorcise her frustration

And get him to do to her what she wanted in her dream

Make her climax until she screamed

It’s definitely a conundrum, what would you do

This part of the story is totally up to you.

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Is it just me or at lips amazing

They draw me in and look sublime

I could kiss them always and all the time

When they speak truth and soft seduction

Lips are beautiful and so kissable

When taken care of and shown at their best

They can offer care and kindness

They can taste so fine and leave us feeling blessed

They can be passionate or be used in tenderness

So don’t corrupt them with hate and lies

The combination of lips and eyes

Simply take to another high

Tease me with them I want to hear them sigh

And really truly blow my mind open wide.

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Sparkling beauty

Sparkling beauty

I saw her sparkling among the lights

Crop top, tight leather pants, such pure delight,

He black hair flowing in the breeze

She brings men down to their knees,

She is a warrior in physique

She is beautiful and unique,

Men lose the power of speech around her

She has the presence of an angel,

And she steals mortal mens hearts away,

I see her among the lights shimmering in the heat haze,

The night backdrops her form

Incandescent she shines beautiful,

My desire for her reflects deeply my yearning,

And as she dominates the scene

She engulfs all of my dreams,

My soul aches and my mind wakes

To the beckoning she makes,

And this sign makes my day

And I walk slowly her way,

And we kiss in the cosmic heat haze

Then she takes my hand and we both fade to shade,

And I drift off with her into twin flame days

Surfing on unconditional true love waves.

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Leather and studs

Leather and studs

She rocked my world in leather and studs

She echoed my yearning and she exuded love,

I want her so badly, I can’t get enough

He body I crave to hold and to touch,

He mind I wish to penetrate

In her I find total escape,

She is sublime and rediculously sexy

Not having her close truly will vex me,

She has the ability to intoxicate me

Every thing about her is perfect I believe,

In leather and studs she entices me in my dreams.

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Love making


I touch your lips with my lips

I place my hand on your hips,

I look you deeply in the eyes

I search deep in your mind,

I kiss you then with a passion

Than feel our bodies clashing,

I look down at your heaving breasts

I image later how upon them my head will rest,

I slide my hands over your supple form

I feel you’re an angel that’s reborn,

I then use my hands to undress you

You smile and do the same to me,

I sink to my knees in homage to you

Then make you smile and moan as I taste you,

Then you come down band kiss me

Telling me this is what you needed,

I then lay you back and lay between your thighs

And as I find my rhythm I look you in the eyes,

I penetrate not just your body but your mind

Everything about you I see is going wild,

Your body grinds, squirms and writhes

Underneath mine that drives deep and harder each time,

Though firm and with respect I love you,

In passion I am determined to make you,

Explode with fit of true pleasure

My beauty you are a real treasure,

And in a moment we both come together

And we both collapse in a dizzy head spinning ether,

Heavily breathing upon your breasts my head rests

I hear your heart beating as we rest,

Before we decide to go again, and again

Making love with you is the best.

Meditative ecstasy

Meditative ecstasy

Sitting in a cross-legged meditative state

She thought about her happy place,

She imagined a kiss upon her lips

A soft hand caressing her skin,

Imagining the prickling of the hair on her neck begin,

She felt the warmth flowing through her

The images were so vivid and real,

Imagined the hands as they began to peel

The straps from her best top and her top then sliding down,

Naked, topless and feeling liberated yet without a sound

Feeling then a hand slide gently between her legs,

She felt the touch and the sensual eagerness,

She felt the rhythm as the hand moved

Felt the need to moan, as the lustful essence penetrated through,

She no longer felt in the room but in the arms of ecstacy

The pleasure built up and her imaginings she persued,

Felt the ache of want, for her erogenous zones to be abused

In a subtle, yet tender way

These were feeling she hid, that she craved,

And as her body shook and her head spin in a dizzy blood rush state,

She felt her love flush through her and escape,

And then heard the voice speak saying ok ‘ now come back into the room

And leave that happy safe place,’

That’s when she opened her eyes

And remembered and realised,

She was not alone but in her meditation class,

She was red cheeked and flushed

And she felt the sudden head rush,

The voice spoke again ‘ good session same again tomorrow’

The others stood up and left whispering and giggling,

Did the know or did they hear anything?

The teacher smiled, ‘you certainly found your happy, safe place’

He placed his palms together in prayer mode, bowed and then left,

She was to mortified to move

But got up, legs weak and shaking,

Body still showing her heightened arousal,

She slipped out and got into her car

That was to weird and yet hot by far,

She needed to get home, spend some time alone,

Pondering on what to do, reconnect with the flow?

Or forget the moment and return to the usual mundane zone,

She would decide as she drove home.

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She turned the table

She turned the table

Their love was powerful

And full of heat,

Their passion so hot

It was hard to believe,

He kissed her shoulder

Then her neck and ear,

She felt amazing

As she felt him near,

Her top he lifted

Her breasts he caressed,

She loved his firm hands

She breathed shallow breaths,

He lifted her skirt

She needed more not less,

She turned around

And told him to undress,

She pushed him back

Upon a chair,

And she sat astride him

Then and their,

She moved in rhythm

She writhed and she did grind,

She took his power

And she blew his mind,

Her back arched

She grabbed his head,

Pushed it firmly

Into her breasts,

She rode him harder

Rodeo style,

She bucked and trembled

He moaned out loud,

She does up the rhythm

He was lost in lust,

She made love to him so hard

Or was it just a raw fuck,

But when they peaked

And it was over

She smiled at him

And then just stood up,

And walked away

With a swagger and a sway,

Of her luscious form

Of which he craved,

He thought he’d take her

But she took him,

Then she went down stairs

And continued partying,

Leaving him wondering

If they’d ever meet again,

She blew his mind

And left him with a happy ending.

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Kitchen desires


A kiss on the neck while cooking

His hands he couldn’t keep off her her,

She felt her body aching for him

She was trying to prepare their dinner,

But all he was hungry for was her

She felt as his hands as they started exploring,

Her form and curves he was adoring,

As his hands searched under her top

Running over her breasts she smiled,

She then felt her legging begin to slip down

And suddenly he went to town,

They writhed and they moved in passionate motion

They kissed and they touched and they felt,

The desire and craving in each other

As he took her hard from the back,

Gripping her hips and grabbing her hair

She was grinding herself into him,

She felt the list in her and it was flowing

And he felt blessed by this moment,

Two hot sweaty bodies busting,

In him she was totally trusting,

As her body arched to his thrusting,

The moment of bliss suddenly peaked

That feeling and emotional peak that they wanted,

Hit the spot and she shook as they reached

The climax of eroticism and need,

She moaned deeply, he moaned loudly

They both collapsed over the worktop,

As one they felt so conjoined

Like a pair of twin flames they were burning,

This moment of lust was the best.