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The good hotwife

Long dark hair

And hazel eyes

Lips deep red

And amazing

Shapely butt

And thighs

I love to hear her

Moan and cry

To feel her body

Under me writhe

She is amazing

And so sensual

Dhd does not hold back

She gives her all

She is a wonderful

And hungry hotwife

Who enjoys everything

About her life

Where she has friends

With benefits

And loves to tell me

All about it

We are both secure

In our love

And it feels not wrong

It feels so right

To let her spread

Her wings and fly

And savour various

Other lustful delights.

After dark

I hear your passion sizzling

And your eyes sparkling

I feel your skin prickling

And your body tingling

I sense your breath increasing

As your heart starts racing

The way you bite your lip

Is not understated

As the sweat drop from your body

As your begins to arch

And you cannot control yourself

As you let out a gasp

As we come together

Practising our yoga after dark.

His mistake

He did not want you

As beautiful as you are

As amazing as I see you

With your perfect skin

Your toned body

The awesome potential

That I see you have within

Your kissable lips

Your deep unfocused eyes

That I could get lost in

For we ithin I see paradise

He saw only others and not just you

I see a shallow decsion

When he walked away from you

Now it’s me who caresses

And kisses your skin

Now its me who will return your smile

Now I will be the one

Stoking your passion

And igniting your fires

Now I will be the one

Driving you wild

Because you deserve that and more

And I see that you are beauty and more

Not just a great body and beauty but also a great mind

You are a rare treasure to find

He could not see your potential and worth

Do without care, you he hurt

But I am here to heal you

Help to put you back together again

And when you moan in satisfied delight and satisfaction

It will be you uttering my name

Ss he searches for more but will one day

Realise the treasure he had and threw away

But by then our love will be unbreakable

And he will have realised his mistake too late.

So sweet, you are

You, the favourite fruit on my tree

You, the succulent one that tempts me

You, dripping juice like the sweet thing

I see you on my tree dangling deliciously

I see you ripening delightfully

I want to savour you and sate my thirsty need.

A life missing love

I live in a loveless life

Where I try to shine a light,

I offer much love out

And get so little back,

I feel so out of wack

It hurts when love you lack

I lived in harsh world

Where people act touch

Think loved equals weakness

But they are out if touch

My heart is so full to burst

So full of passion

And love it hurts

So offer me what you got

And ease and heal my hurt.

My love for you

My love blooms so bright for you

Your colours are so beautiful

I want to paint our love with a brush

Using the most masterful touch

Manifesting tenderness

Illuminating your gracefulness

You are so special with a golden heart

It anguishes me we are so far apart

I dream of being close to you

Letting our love flow as we want it too

Shining bright in beauty and truth

I just want to be close to you

Watch as you smile and feel the warmth you ooze

I want to just be holding you

Because baby I really do love you.

The unexpected seduction

She was out at dinner with her husband and their friends

It was civil and everyone was chatting

She did not get on too much with her friends husband

He was always coarse and criticising

And very self opinionated something that she always hated.

After a time she excused herself

And went to the little girls room to refresh herself

As she came out her friends husband was there

Looking at her with a lascivious stare

Her spoke saying he had a yearning for her

And said he knew what she deserved

She protested but her words went unheard

The thought he could seduce her seemed absurd

Yet when he moved in closer she felt a buzz

She felt his hand slip around and touch

The firmness on her bottom as he pulled her onto him

She felt her dress that was short and tight lifting

Felt his hand slip under her lace knickers

As he kissed her neck and picked her ear

Shuffling he mover back into the little girls room

And then into a cubicle

Her heart was pounding her chest was heaving

She felt and watched as his free hand started kneading

Her supple firm breast, twas a feeling she loved best

Then he told her to pull up her dress

She eased it above her hips as he kissed he firmly on the lips

Then he moved his hands and her underwear was down

He told her to unbutton him and she quickly obliged

She could she lust and passion in his eyes

He moved her round and he sat down the he made her stand astriding

Then pulled her down

And next thing she was riding

The feeling of being controlled just drove he wild

He buried his face in her breasts meanwhile

Feeling him gripping both her firm cheeks

Made her ride harder made her race to her peak

Next thing that she knew was the feeling of his explosion

She now was red and radiantly glowing

She gasped hard as a spasm ran through her

The words she spoke were dirier than her husband had heard

And her friends husband then got up bent her over and did it again

She wanted it so bad now

But was mind blowing it was happening

But she loved how firmly he grapes her waist

She loved his movement as well as his pace

She found herself peaking once again

This whole thing to her was insane

But she gyrated and writhed then moaned with delight

As she felt him finish again at the same time as her

As they both straightened themselves up

And walked out of the woman’s restroom

They looked over and saw the their partners leave the men’s room

Her friends husband then whispered on her ear

That they had planned this wife swap

And that much to her was clear

Then he said its time for all to leave and have a night of fun at home

And she got more excited by the anticipated unknown

And she grabbed him by the hand

nd said that she wanted to get home quick

Because in this moment she still badly needed more of this.

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Love shouldn’t hurt

Love should never hurt

It should never cause you pain

It should be amazing

It should be so wonderful

For love is glorious

And love resonates so bright

So if your feeling

Hurt or pain

Then the chances are

It’s is not right

And so maybe in truth

You shouldn’t hold on so tight

To something that is not right

So spread your wings

And then take flight

To a love in which

You are cherised

And that you know

Feels warm and right.

Forbidden love

She bit the apple of temptation

In the strangest way

The forbidden love she now sated

In one fateful day

While her husband was a way at work

His brother came round

To collect some items

His brother had left behind

She offered him a coffee

And the chat started to wander

As she saw him studying

Every inch of her body

She asked if he thought she looked good

If the gym was working out

He put down his drink stepped close and said ‘of that their is no doubt’

He towered over her and imposed himself and leaned in

She could feel that they were moments aways from kissing

Faces close, lips almost touching

He just stared deep into her eyes

Then she felt his hand slip between her thighs

He anticipation was easy for him to judge simply by his touch

He spoke in a whisper saying :this is lust it is not love’

Then as he held her gaze he unbuttoned and undid her jeans

And slipped his hand inside them and said ‘I know I am your wet dreams’

He was not wrong she had fantasised this many times alone

But even on occasions when her husband was suprised

how much she moaned when they were making love

His brother now was pulling her jeans down to her thighs

And he could see the pleasure and extasy right there in her eyes

And kissed her passionately on the lips then knelt down in front of her

And she stroked his hair and gripped it as he showed her his skills

And after a little while down came her jeans

And he stood up and took of her top and he sat upon a chair

He beckoned her to straddle his lap

And that’s exactly what she did

And rode him long and hard like it would be the one and only time they would do this

And as his strong firm hands explored

Kneaded and caressed her body

She arched her back and grinded her hips like she had read in erotic stories

And as she did she reached her peak just as he did too

And like an atomic bomb his internal power blew

And she felt his energy flow into her and her body writhed in uncontrollable spasms

They both experienced an amazing combined orgasm

And as their sweaty bodies concluded this dance

They felt he heat and exhaustion as the warm glow passed too fast

Then the guilt and shame crept in and both got up and dressed

And without words he got his stuff and he then quickly left

She knew he had sowed a seed in her and thought about what to do

Then decided she would let it grow to remind her of what they chose to do

And it would bd her secret and she’d make love to her husband tonight

To let him think that it was his even though she knew it was not right

But she wanted to bear the forbidden fruit as a reminder of the delight

She placed her hands upon her tummy

And smiled as she thought of things to come.

The cause of distraction

Skin tight white jeans and skin tight top

It would be so underrated to just describe her as hot

She filled her top just like her bra

Ample firm and spectacular

Short crop brown hair and tanned skin

If she knew the thoughts of men

She would know their carnal sins

She knew what she had and used it

But was always careful not to abuse it

Did yoga so she’d not lose it

Feeling fit and looking good

It meant so very much to her

Long legs and perfect curves

This is why she did the work

She like the way people looked at her

Saw it as a blessing not a curse

Admiration for her appearance

Men wished they could apply some interference

Who would not want to sample perfection

Or maybe men just follow their erections

Either way beauty makes men change their direction

From the straight and narrow path

Thankfully it rarely lasts

But beauty is a wonderful distraction

And will always cause reactions.