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Loving freely


He who is wise and caring opens his heart, and let’s those he love be free, to experience good and new things, he feel no need to be jealous or controlling. Let her live let her love, tell her she will always have your trust by sharing with you what she is doing, no secrets means their is no ruin between the two and when she shares what she’s does it should excite you, knowing that she feels so free, yet still chooses to come home to you and tell you about what she has done, be excited that she shares her fun and wants you to be apart of this, which can be hyper sensual shit, that brings you together even more, you both have hearts with open doors, for others to enter and then leave, it can be an exhilarating thing, being so in love you don’t need no rules, neither of you feel you’re being used, you both learn from this more from each others, as partners, friends as well as lovers, you both learn what you do and don’t like, more over because you know it’s alright having learnt the experience somewhere else, adding to your knowledge and your wealth of new things that you’ve found. So keep an open heart and an open mind, don’t be afraid to try it sometime, feel how liberating this can be, find out what it’s like loving freely.

Accept it or walk away


This was her way, to live life freely, to be open and be revealing, many, could not live this way, men found it hard to play along with her games, her rules were hard to accept, but her beauty took away mens breath and left them longing and wanting more, but they knew when she walked out the door, she was a free spirit to live as she wished, but there was something that they missed and that was, that she always came home, back to them, to her safe zone, but many men were consumed by jealousy, had a need to control, and lock her in a gilded cage, but that was not her way, free to fly was was forever the only place she would take as living state, accept that or walk away and many did, but not me, I promised to accept it all and stay, for the love we forged was great, and so I feel blessed each day.

A rebel without commitment

A rebel without commitment

She was a rebel type

Who knew just what she like

She gave men what they desired

She would set them on fire

Never just laid back

She always dressed in black

Short in stature, with a hot body

And used it better than anyone I knew

She writhed, shed ride,

She knew how to wriggle her behind

Firm butt which men loved

She knew they could not get enough

Tomb boy type of style

She always got down and wild

Blew their minds, liked it long time

She was erotic sex defined

Moaning loudly, not holding back

All the time she was in control

Used these men then throw them away

Ensured her own enjoyment

Ensured that she always reached her peak

She was always in a constant state of heat

But so powerful and strong, she was beyond reach

So commitment for her was not something she seeks.

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Her wish


He could not imagine within his wildest dreams

Her deepest desires of what she really needs,

She knew it was fantasy and so kept them secretly

But she yearned for so much more than her husband was giving,

So when one day a friend came around stood behind her

And she felt the breath upon her neck,

Felt the tingling running through her body

As he whispered in her ear, I know what you need,

And as she felt his lips kiss her neck and felt him nibbling on her ear

She felt any resistance melt away as well as any fears,

She felt his hands on her waist, then one moved to her breasts

She knew exactly was happening and what to expect next,

In her tight jeans and her tight top she knew this would lead to sex,

Sighing, moaning, writhing to the touch

He took her with his strength and took her hard,

He spanked her and made her beg for more

Against the wall, bed and on the floor,

He then took a video of him taking her rhythmically from behind,

Then sent it to her husband, saying this will blow his mind

She felt the adrenaline flowing as she looked straight at the screen

And showed him all her pleasured faces, before letting out a muffled scream,

Reaching, as she did her climax, her entire body shook

She had upon her face, the most satisfied and fulfilled look,

As her body ached she could feel the warmth of the burning afterglow,

She hoped that her husband would enjoy the steamy show

But then as she opened her eyes she realised this was a dream, a fantasy

Her neighbour was sitting in a chair chatting mindlessly and drinking tea

But she could feel the effect it had upon her, moist and it wasn’t sweat,

She was aroused on the highest level and her neighbour could not suspect

What it was she had in mind and what was comming next,

As she reached and took the tea from his hand and placed her finger on his lips,

Then sat astride him on his lap and said ‘it’s your lucky day do now grant me my wish’.

And believe me, he truly did.

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Some love still exists


Set against a time when life was hard

And her life was now full

She required someone to take control

And what she got at home was just the chance to not be seen

So when someone showed her she was like a dream

It wasn’t unexpected or hard to believe

That they would seize a new opportunity

So here she was now embroiled in such heated lust

Aching sinews, taut body, grinding writhing

From this forbidden act of making love

And there are no holds barred

He takes her so very hard

Making her feel alive for the first time in a long while

And it felt oh, so good,

She really hoped it would

There was no guilt like she thought there could be

But all she felt was pleasure

All she felt was this guy using her body

As she used his, she was sobbing

Not out out of sadness but out out of joy

There was no point in acting coy

She told him what she needs

She gets just what she wants

And now when its all over she basks in the afterglow then saw

There was a message on her phone

From her husband who says I’ve always seen you, now enjoy

You need this, I am not annoyed

Just please come home to me when done

It’s not important just how long

As long as you got everything from getting some

That’s when she new between them there was still some love.

All that’s left is bliss


Lips kiss in passionate anticipation

Hands caressing causing supplication

Bodies yield out of frustration

An end is nigh to lustful privation

Two bodies combing in the heat of the night

Two souls perspiring as they collide

Pleasure rips from their lips as they rise and fall

Both of them answering to loves call

Wrestling each each other as if in a brawl

Trying so hard to pleasure each other

Each one unable to keep the love cries smothered

Two eager bodies reaching the climaxing peak

Gaining the satisfaction that they both seek

Who says that reaching out for desire is so unnecessary?

In this moment these souls ding a song so merry

Basking in the afterglow of passionate sex

Has drained their energy until only bliss is left.

Her text


This female beauty sent me a text

Promising what could come next

So I walked up behind her

She felt my breath on her neck

I whispered in her ear that I was blessed

And kissed her neck gently

I heard her sign pleasurably

She reached back run her fingers through my hair

This exciting moment we both shared

Feeling the tingling of nerves and skin

Let this seduction now begin

I felt her relaxing and melting

As my hands held her waist

I guided her away

Into the shadows where we could play

We found a special secret place

And there we made love in the most erotic way

Largely we both remained dressed

As our bodies both firmly pressed

Against each other, we felt the sweat

As we both peaked, I heard her moaning ‘yes!’

In amazing exhilaration

We both shared this tantalising sensation

Then back to the party we went

Both still feeling the heat that was intense

The she introduced me to her husband

And that I didn’t expect

And he shook my hand and asked where we both went

She told him and he smiled and said it sounded fun

But their time at the party was now done

So they left and again I was left out of breath

Before I received from her another text

Saying I will see you back at work on Monday

And discuss this great time

And spend more time together again once in a while.