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I offer this too you

I cannot give you the physical love you need

So I let you fly free

In a hope and belief you won’t leave

For in in every other aspect we have everything

Now I know people may judge me

But they don’t know either you or me

I just want uou to be happy

I don’t want you living in misery

It’s because I love you so, I can let you fly free

So you find the satisfaction you need

I don’t suffer from any form of jealousy

I don’t own you that’s my belief

And no one can cheat if things are agreed

And communication shared between each other freely

Open hearted, open mind

You tell me what’s happening so I am not blind

We do this so you have a good time

I want to see you happy and smiling all the time

People may judge me but I don’t care

Whatever you do in mind I will always be there

Sharing my love and understanding with you

What others may think doesn’t matter in truth.

A story of polymory

No pressure between them

They have some time

Staring at each other eye to eye

Intense emotions

Feeling running deep

They share conversations

But sense when they breathe

That more is implied than being said

As the flames of desire are being fed

He touches her arm and she tingles

She touches his chest and their thoughts mingle

He with his tight shirt and dark blue jeans

Her with her tight dress short, tight and mini

He works out so looks so fit

Her with her long tanned legs and shapely hips

Her beauty undeniable,

She’s firm in all the right places

Staring into each others gazes

He slips his hand around her waist

Moves in closer but then he waits

She moves in the rest of the way

The pair kiss in open display

Deeply they go with passion intense

Bodies now firmly against each other pressed

He takes her hand as the kiss ends

Guides her to the door

They are both now leaving

To go to his room for love and lust

Spend the night until satisfed enough

As she leaves her husband says have a good night

For they participate in a polymory life

And both accept this lifestyle is perfect and right, for them.

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Sophisticated in everyway

Beautiful when displayed

She knew everything she needed

She knew everything she craved

She could simply pick and chose

With class like hers she could not lose

Her satin skin, her long silky hair

She was fully understanding and aware

That how she dressed would get her viewed

In anyway that she wanted too

Dhe could reflect a look of ‘do not touch’

Or resonate of ‘please come f…’

She was a mistress of the game

As hot as the most incandescent flame

But she could be as cold as the dead

To those who treated her far less than best

She could be your amazing dream

She could be the most sensual theme

Or she could be nothing to you at all

For she could build impenetrable walls

Treat her right and be amazed

Treat her wrong and be knocked out and dazed

Finest body, finest mind

This sophisticated beauty is so divine.

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You thought that you betrayed me

When you gave your body to a stranger

Testing my love by tempting the lustful danger

To see how I would respond and react

But your a free soul

And I don’t own and I will not cage you

But know that i have no interest in revenge

I will not repay you by betraying you

Your free to do, all the things that feel good to you

And if it makes you happy then good luck to you

But I will never walk away unless you tell me to go

And then I will without ill feeling walk away

And it’s not because I am weak

I am certainly not meek

I just know that you have the right to satisfy your needs

And I know you, better tha n you do yourself

And you don’t have yo go around acting in stealth

Just tell me, for I will understand believe me

Don’t think therefore you are betraying me

With you fine body

For I know you have insatiable needs

Which I’ll let you explore freely

Without the need for any jealousy

For my live for you resonates at a higher frequency.

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Black lips

She was Gothic in look
Black hair,
Back eyeshadow
And black lipstick
That were sensual
And needed to be kissed
She wore black beads
And a tight black dress
Which highlighted
Her porcelain white flesh
And as my hands
Explored every vestige
I heard her increased breath
Saw her heaving chest
But she wasn’t ready to peak just yet
Fof she wanted this go be the best
And as her tongue licked
Her black lips
She felt my hands grip her hips
And as I took her to a place
Of moans, sighs and cries
I saw the demonic queen in her eyes
Savouring my every dark lustful thought
And in that moment my soul was brought
And I joined the legion of the dark
I traded my soul for never ending bliss
Of spending time with her and those ebony lips.

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You’re in control

Your glossy red lips

Upon my neck

Making me

A shivering wreck

Your body against me

Is closely pressed

You turn me into

A quivering mess

The tender touch of your hands

Moving over me

Feel so good and gently

Arouse and slowly tease me

Oh your femininty

Conquers my masculinity

Making me surrender

And seem do meek

You can bring me

To my vital peak

With your glossy red lips

And hour enticing body

Wrapped in clothes

That are beyond sexy

You make me feel

So insecure and cheap

But somehow I am truly enjoying it.

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Sensual dream gone south

He imagined the softness of her lips
The silkyness of her perfect skin
Hearing her bresth hasten as the passion of being close
Made hef heartbeat faster and her chest stsrt rising
As the energy flowed between them
As the ir eyes met and and the touch of fingers
Caused sparks of static electric
And as the began to kiss deeply
He felt her give into him completely
As he conquered her so swiftly
She would taste so very sweetly
In hix mind this was his vision as he watched her in all her beauty
Sitting at a table in his favourite coffee shop
But as he moved go make his conquest
Another beauty then walked in
And kissed he so very sensually
He sat down and gave in
For it was irrelevant that she was a lesbian
It was the connection that he sensed
And the loved and sensual moment
That he was imagining
And knew at some point
That they would both be savouring
While he stopped upon his coffee
Simply dreaming and longing.

One moment with her is a dream

Long hair that flows
A beauty that glows
Long legs going right up
To somewhere I need to go
To the peachy bum
And her warm place of love
I’d like to moisten with the touch
If my fingers and tongue
And make her writhe and come
In an explosive act of aching passion
Her fine body so taught
St my touch her nerves are fraught
As she arches her back
As I refuse to slack
Working every inch of her perfect satin skin
As I allow my lips to trace over her body
Licking slowly and biting and kissing
From head to toe in every erogenous spot
I want her every essence, every drop
I want her under me and on top of me
Me slaving over her, her riding me
As we both moan and cry while perspiring
Her body us the most perfect I have ever seen
Tight tiny bum you ache to squeeze and rub
Long legs I want wrapped around me
Firm ample breasts to nuzzle, lick and suck
Beautiful eyes I stare into as we start to make love
A moment with her would be epic and supreme
She is the type of woman of anyone’s dreams.


The deep hazel eyes in which he stared

Those full plump lips of which he kissed

The flawless beauty of her skin

This seduction is releasing

She is dressed so elegant and real defined

He wants to enter her body and her mind

Short black dress is so sublime

Shining all her curves and lines

Her legs he parted look so great

Bent forward he doesn’t hesitate

Her hands spread upon the wall

Offering herself he is enthralled

He lifts her dress and hears her gasp

Her breath and heart rate is now beating fast

He moves in and blows her mind

Going for the longest time

Building rhythm feeling the flow

Hearing her moans and cries of pleasure makes him go

Deeper, faster all the time

And as her body contorts and twists and writhes he sees the sign

That she is on the precipice and at her peak

Unable now to speak just scream

Out allowed just what she needs

She wants inside her his seed

And as he gives her what she needs

She trembles and goes weak at the knees

He has to support her hips and hold her up

She is now on a beautiful cusp

Of aroused sensual exstacy

Beyond anything that could be believed

His vision blurrs and he now also shakes

As they both simply fade away

Into the moment of passion of which they craved

And as they panted in the hot sweaty glow

All a tremble he knew they both had to go

They tidied themselves up and left

She said he was the best yet

And her husband who had watched agreed

And thanked him for everything

He left with a momentary regret

For she had been his best yet

But they had an agreement and so walked away

Knowing they would not meet again.

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The good hotwife

Long dark hair

And hazel eyes

Lips deep red

And amazing

Shapely butt

And thighs

I love to hear her

Moan and cry

To feel her body

Under me writhe

She is amazing

And so sensual

She does not hold back

She gives her all

She is a wonderful

And hungry hotwife

Who enjoys everything

About her life

Where she has friends

With benefits

And loves to tell me

All about it

We are both secure

In our love

And it feels not wrong

It feels so right

To let her spread

Her wings and fly

And savour various

Other lustful delights.