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Free life


You cry not in pain but in pleasure

And thus was the risk I had measured

When letting you fly free and spread your wings

I hear the joy rip through your lips singing

Telling tales of adventurous times

So happy that you’re free in body and mind

A real exhalation of spirit and love

I just want you getting what you need so much

And the sparkle in your eyes

Tells the truth, they cannot lie

And our love grows stronger for my sacrafice

The joys and the pleasure of a free life

No restrictions on controls just doing what feels right.

Free to experiment


Tasting the carnal

Savouring the lust

Feel the hand

The forbidden touch

Experience deviance

Within a safe place

Of a love understanding

Secure to experiment

Without any risk of jeopardy

Of you losing everything

But know you’ll never lose me.

No submission


I don’t seek control or your submission

I want you equally living and giving

Both of us sharing belief

That true love comes from being free

Free to do and free to be

Not caged or manipulated selfishly

But to grow, fly and express ourselves daily

I want you to tell and show me

All your secrets and your deepest feelings

I won’t judge you or treat you jealously

I want you to feel all you can be

Around and in front of me

Without feeling awkward, bad it guilty

But stimulated and living happily

In a positive environment with me.

Sleek as you are

Sleek as you are

Sleek body shining so glossy
Curves so fine and so damn classy
I bet you are the sweetest ride
Built for comfort
Let’s go full throttle
And head got the summit
As we peak with the wind blowing in our hair
Show me your best and give me your flair
I can show what a thrust really can do
Ride baby ride hell for leather under the moon
A hellcat in leathers we will both be humming soon.

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Fly free for me


We share the same thoughts and same emotions

We want to experience all of life’s devotions,

So I don’t cage you or try to possess you

I let you do your thing experiencing everything,

And the we share these moments when you come back to me

Telling me of all your amazing adventure stories,

And I image this and it makes me so happy

Knowing that you are having fun and good times,

To stop you living this way would be to me a crime

So I enjoy the feeling and sight of seeing you freely fly.



Go in hard and positive

But then embrace what is a gift

Feel the flesh and enjoy this

Taste the nuance of a first kiss

Gentle now and subtle flows

Easy now as it goes

More tender now hear the moans

This is better than you’ve known

Let the feeling grow and grow

To a point your ready to expolde

Put on an awesome show

Then never ever let that euphoric feeling go.

You to me are home


I need to rest my head

Can I rest it on your chest

So that I can feel the warmth

Of your smooth satin flesh

I can feel and savour

Your caressing breath

And I lay here aching

For what may follow next

I feel your heartbeat racing

Hoping for the best

You are home and my nest.