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You blow my mind

You blow my mind

You are not my property

But you are my love

I do not own you in any way

You do what pleases you

And that please me too

I love the wild and sexy you

You have always been cool

With using and being used

You are beauty

You are sensual

You love having your freedom

I love hearing from you

And just how your feeling

Everytime someone is pleasing

Every aspect of you

Knowing you will soon be back home

Knowing I am the one you want

In spite of any other

Your a hot wife, hot mother

Wild and free in life and mind

There’s nothing you can do that I don’t mind

You are so sensual and sublime

A woman who knows her own mind

And loves pleasure and passion all of the time

Everything you do and act it blows my mind.

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Exploration and truth

Exploration and truth

She craved love so deep

He wanted her to be pleased

He let her explore

Avenues and experiences more

Than he could offer

Or he could take her too

So he let her freely always do

What it was she wanted to do

And watched from olace

Where he got a good view

And w I tnessed her sensuality

become revitalised and renewed

There was no lying or cheating

Just exploration and truth.

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Under his spell

Under his spell

She was having fun

She was dancing

When he stepped

And smiled at her

She was struck by

His deep eyes

They instantly hypnotised her

She fell right under his spell.

As she kept on dancing

He stood there

Offering admiring glances

Then he reached out

And pulled her close to him

She felt the grip

He applied on her backside

He looked her deep in the eyes

And whispered this night

Of all nights

Your going to spend it with me

So if you’re ready we will leave.

She was breathless

Taken aback

She told him she was married

He said it doesn’t matter

He offered no seductive patter

He smiled your sexy

Your slim toned body gets me

I need it, you want it

Your husband already knows

Because I told him I want you so

And he said see how it goes

If I get you to come on home

He said that he will know

She needs more

Than he gives

And she may appreciate it.

She smiled

Inside wild

She now felt his grip

Reaching through her

She wanted his heat

She wanted to feel the beat

Of his rhythm upon her

She wanted for him to take her

She left with him

And as she walked past her husband

She smiled and said

With lust and hunger in her voice

Will see you tomorrow

But tonight your wife

He’s going to borrow

And they left

She felt so under his spell

She could barely catch her breath

In anticipation of what comes next.

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Feel me


Let me touch your soul

Feel my breath on your neck

Feel my lips as they kiss your skin

Bite your ear so tenderly

Feel my hands explore your body

Yield to me as I worship you

Combined lust and a love so true

I will do the things to make your most erotic thoughts

Become realisation and no longer fantasy

I will get you to guide me through your depravity

Make you cry out in insanity

Driven wild by ecstasy

We will seek and reach the peak

Of all our sexual desires, feel me.

I am so green


Green grass and it verdancy
Green leaves in trees surrounding me
As I feel the sensuality
Of colliding together erotically
In a forest on the ground where no one sees
We rise and fall in pure ecstasy
As we moan and writhe and plead
I pleasure you, you pleasure me
Half undressed it seems hard to believe
That we can be sharing each other so openly
The perspiration and the effort made to please
Disguises the dishonesty about the truth is known by me
That your married to someone else
But in this moment I could not care
Until she told me next time he wants to be there
Watching me seduce you any where and everywhere.

Until we are both satisfied

Until we are both satisfied

Supple the breast

Smoothe is the skin

Let me conquer your body

And become your king

You be my Queen

Succumbing to me

Let me feel your aching body

As I touch and kiss it

And taste you with my tongue

Making love to you

All the night long

Squirm and twist beneath me

Ride and grind above me sensually

Arc you back to my rhythm in time

Stare deeply in to my eyes

Give me your all

Til you sigh and cry

Out in pleasure as I flood your mind

With the love and the lust

As you climax so much

I hear you beg

That you need it more than enough

Bodies entwined both perspiring

All your senses are now firing

I get intoxicated to your smell

Your moans you can no longer quell

Your fingers now digging into my skin

Gripping and grasping

Your shouting and gasping

As I flood within your body

An essence that’s forever lasting

There is no way that you can be masking

The erotic pleasure we are sharing right now

As we share this moment of love, lust and somehow

Never tired of it or felt worn out

Until we both were satisfied.

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I will be your addiction


Feel the heat sear your mind
As you feel your passion rise
As I tantalise your every thought
Feel your body and mind go taught
As I seduce your body and mind
Feel as I strip away your layers
Slowly and incrementally over time
As if in slow motion, no need to race
I will savour your deepest fullest taste
Playing every inch of your being
Like an instrument that when plucked
Offers up the most enchanting sounds
I will make you scream aloud
Physically and mentally with hot lust
Filling every thought with unconditional love
As you desire and crave my every touch
Your yearning will be extreme
Your reaction will be obscene except to me
For the more I play and tease
The more your mind will think thoughts so sexy and dirty
And you will learn that once I have seduced you body and mind
You cannot shake me, I will be your addiction
That you will need inside you, filling you with pleasures that you have never known.