Steam punk girl

Steam punk girlWith a taste for bloodInsatiable couldn’t get enoughFine steam punk girlWith a body so hotLong blonde hairAnd pretty faceNever had issues withFinding a manThey wanted herShe was in demandRode them hardThen drank them dryThe steam punk girlWith bloodshot eyesNever repentedAnd never criedSteam punk girlWas blood lust wild.

Secrets in the suburbs (adult erotic content)

Punk rebel in her short skirt, boots and fishnet stockings Hunting for a life these dull and more exciting, She lives in s provincial town that is conservative in everyway But behind closed she knew some were depraved, Nice house, nice car, two point four children But there were some secrets that some of themContinue reading “Secrets in the suburbs (adult erotic content)”

She sought demons

She was pretty and slender Dressed in tight leather pants, Beautiful flowing hair And a top that was scant, She entered the house she heard had evil demons This is something she did truly believe in, Walking through the house, up and downstairs She felt chills but she was not scared, When down in theContinue reading “She sought demons”

At the end of the day (erotic poetry for adults)

She wears a blouse and pencil skirt Gets home late from work, Alone, nobody is there for her It’s not what she deserves. She sits in her armchair Silently she sits and stares, Imagined, someone is there And let’s loose all her cares, Undoes her blouse and pulls up her skirt Parts her legs andContinue reading “At the end of the day (erotic poetry for adults)”

Driven to love others

I held back from loving youBecause of issues I was going throughI denied you what you neededThe physical aspects of love that you beseechI drove you into the hands of other menImagined you ride them again and againPictured as the made you writheArch your back as you come aliveThen after a short time I reclaimedContinue reading “Driven to love others”

Noisy night

The noise from the bed kept him awake The squeaking and rocking as love was made, He was in the next room he could hear it Loud mind and cries as they rise and fall, He could hear her as she begged for more He heard them both and it was raw, He heard herContinue reading “Noisy night”

Holiday love (adult content)

Under a scintillating sun she was bathing Tanning sweating in her bikini, Sipping drinks and just realxing Holidays gave her satisfaction, After a while she needed to go back to her room To get more sun tan lotion or shed burn soon, As she got near a guy from across the way Stepped outside andContinue reading “Holiday love (adult content)”

Noisy neighour

New neighbour to the hood Living upstairs playing music loud, She was trying to still her mind and meditate But she couldn’t do this and so with haste, She took herself upstairs to complain She knocked on the door ready to go at it straight away, But a handsome man was standing there Only dressedContinue reading “Noisy neighour”

Show time

Sitting in a cafe basking in the stares Knowing men were checking out her wares, She gives the cutest little smiles Uses her feminine wiles, She flashes her long tanned legs Pushes out her firm breasts, In her crop top, low cut best Knows exactly what she’s doing, In control, putting men to the test,Continue reading “Show time”

Act of love

She felt the warmth and the touch She felt the lust and the love, The heat and the sweat as they writhed She sighed, she moaned and she cried, Out for more in this intense and amazing moment The love making being so open, She felt his hands over her She felt him inside her,Continue reading “Act of love”

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