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Tell me everything and don’t hold back

Tell me how sensual you are

Tell me what you feel deep

Let me feel your passion

Tell me your story

Tell me what makes you yearn

What m a kes your body burn

And let me enact your deepest desires in turn

Let me into your heart

Tell me how we would start

As I take you body and soul in the dark

And let me watch you

Strip away your clothes

And your inhibitions

As we start getting do close

And his you feel my breath

And my lips on your body

Before you push me down and get on top of me

The let yourself go so sensually

While telling me of all your darkest and deepest needs

What is it that makes your body overheat

As we come together at the peak

Of this moment where you feel erotically

That you can feel absolutely free

To be exactly what you want to be

In the art of love making you’re now sharing with me

Tell me now I want to hear everything.

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Let me feel your heat

So there you are waiting for excitement

Waiting upon a fantasy dangerous liason

Wanting to feel thd rush of blood and passion

Making your cheeks burn and your heart beat faster

Panting as you breathe harder

Chest now rising and subsiding

Aching for something that I started

And that I will not dtop until I see you finish

All your inhibitions I strip away until they’re diminished

I empower you too take command

You can call the shits first until you then become putty in my hands

As I knead and caress your entire bidy and being

Your lust then will be erotically seething

I put you on and over my knee

You can make me do anything

I want you to feel your Heightened sexual needs

Reaching do nany climactic peaks you scream and plead

To stop, no continue, you can’t decide

Because the pleasure drives you so wild you lose your mind

You know your naughty, firbidden fantasies

Now it’s time to share and experience them with me

Let me feel your heat.

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All his dreams were her

Her smile was so appealing

Her short tight skirt

And nylon panty hose

Were to him so revealing

Her top that clinged to her so snug

Caught him in a place of love and lust

Her dark silken shining hair

Her nature that he knew meant she cared

Her laugh so contagious

Her body so slim with ample bust

And the sweetest butt he thought so outrageous

He could never take his eyes off her

And when she brushed close he swore he heard her purr

He knew she felt his hand touch

But seemed to like it ever so much

But for him this was not enough.

He wanted more but she was off limits

Married to his friend who he saw grinning

He knew he had a thing for her

But he didn’t seem disturbed

By the way his wife would flirt

In fact it seemed he really liked it

And he asked one day his friend, her husband if he would allow this

To go further and her agreed

So next time she brushed passed him

He slipped his hands around her waist

Turned her around and saw her smiling face

He said its time for us to get this done

Have some very naughty fun

And she laughed asked why it too so long

She had been waiting as to her husband

It blew his mind but he wanted her so much

And now he could not believe his luck

His dream his desires would now come true

He said to her I am going to make sweet love to you

What followed next is a different sensual story

As they made passionate love in pall its glory

He thought see dreams can come true

If you want it enough and see it through.

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Sexual awakening

I need not just your body

Though it is so enticing

And drives me wild

I want to whisper in your ear

All I am going to do to you

And extract from you what is is that you love and need

Bended on all all fours, hands and knees

Or sitting on top riding the hell out of me

Enjoying and rejoicing in the moment

Passions and juices flowing

And yet staring each other in the eye

Sharing moans, dirty talk and sighs

Kissing, tasting, loving gentle bites

Reaching up to lustful heights

I focus simply upon you

Our sex truly being fuelled by imagination and experimentation

Exorcising our inner frustrations

Yet connecting together as one force

Mind to mind, thought to thought

Conscious unification sought

On a spiritual level as we reach our peak

Climaxing so hard knees go weak

And we’re unable to speak

Through exultation and fulfilled aspirations

Let us both seek lustful divination

As we soaked in perspiration

Cling together in expectation

Of a golden moment of real heat and an amazing glow

Let’s makes love like we never known

That will rock our world and leave our bodies shaking

As we discover a true sexually explicit awakening.

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Cardinal sin

She knew it would be very wrong
but this guy she felt a very strong
attraction to in every way
she could not resist temptation to play away.

His breathe his lips she felt so close
she now had given up hope
she was willing to surrender her body to him
enact and commit a cardinal sin.

As his lips touched hers she felt a static shock
tingled her lips and made her body rock
forward and backward as her body tensed
the feeling of wanting him was now so immense.

She felt her nipples harden as the kiss lingered on
every sinew now stretched and her strength now was gone
she was putty in his hands and she welcomed this fact
but she was determined to make sure she gave enough back.

She felt his strong hands now move all over her body
as he cupped her breast she knew nothing of folly
she had decided to seize on this chance
she had decided on this adulturous dance.

She now felt his had on her firm and tight bum
caressing and squeezing she felt adultery is fun
she pushed her hips against him so firmly
she felt him engorged which pleased her enormously.

She knew in a while her cloths would soon be discarded
as her breathing got faster and deepened her ardor
endorphin’s now were flooding her brain
heightening her desires and driving her insane
with lust and emotions and an extreme rush of blood
she felt her body starting to flush
in warmth and anticipation of what was to come
forgetting her fidelity was being undone.

she longed for the moment where underwear
would be thrown to the floor without out a care
he would take her in the throws of deep lust
this was all about the physical not quite like love.

Animal in instinct as he took her right there
loud ferocious sex at the top of the stairs
the bedroom too boring and just out of reach
as she held on tightly they both reached their peak,
exploded and made noises of such moans and groans
this moment she now felt now she firmly owned.

she gave as good as she got and now she was fulfilled
the moment now over she was done with the thrill
he left and she stood there totally overawed
knowing she would have to cope with these flaws
deal with the feelings of guiltiness
but for now she could care less for she felt so blessed
to have felt for the moment, the feel, the caress
that was dangerous and sinful and she knew but she would suppress
but she would embrace that moment of joy and happiness.

The lies and deceit that may be involved
she felt were things within her control
time will tell I am sure of that
but that she was and adulteress, now was a fact.

Maintaining focus and breathing despite lustful desires

She sat in meditation cross legged on the floor

Focused on her breathing

Aware someone had opened the door

She felt them kneel behind her

They massaged her shoulders and her neck

She retained her pisture and breathing

As she felt them kiss and bit her ear next

As they reached around and unzipped her tracksuit top

Exploding her satin skin and bra

She felt the touch of their fingers

Exploring her skin and kneading her breasts

But still she stayed focused and controlled her breath

Then she felt the fingers move down

Reaching inside her bottoms and down between her legs

Already she was aroused so much

It did not take much else

To moisten and make legs start to quiver

Sitting cross legged and feeling so hot, perspiring yet a he still shivered

At the touch of those exploring fingers

That ventured where they pleased

Which made her body ache an yearn and plead

As she felt the rising need,

Her essence now electric

She stayed focused and controlled the way she breathed

But in a moment a tremor raced through her in pure exstacy

And as her body shook and a passion ripped through her body

She felt strong hands man handle her and push her forward

Making her go on bended knees on her living room floor.

She then felt her tracksuit bottoms pill down along with her underwear

Then in a single move she felt when t she needed was right there

Filling her very spirit and thrusting back and forth

She squirmed and writhed then found that she had been finally brought

To the very peak of her desires and needs

And now they were both moaning

As they frlg the exchange of both of their essences as they were flowing

She had consented to this moment with someone not of her knowing

And as the sweat streamed down her face and her body shook in spasm

She look back and saw the man who was the best friend of her husband

And he was smiling in satisfaction and said, ‘wow, he’s a lucky man

But from now on your mine when needed you’re now under my command’

She wanted to protest somehow but hi is words had power in their demands

And she nodded helplessly and subjugated unto him

And as he stood up and dressed her husband then walked in

Saw her there bended on hands and knees with a satisfied need

He smiled at her and then his friend

And she could see he was very pleased

And he spoke to his ffiend quietly saying ‘you’re welcome to visit anytime

Because I wasn’t you to drive her wild and out of her mind,

Owned and controlled by you but with my full knowledge

It makes me happy seeing her sweat pouring ftom her forehead

And breathless and quivering from such a passionate moment of lust

With all her protests and defences well and truly crushed’

And as her husbands friend left

Her husband whispered ‘I am next’

And she smiled and poised her self

And regained her focus while controlling her breath.

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Lustful moments

Lust is a feeling different from love

Different type of intensity

The steamy nights and the lusty scent

The climatic moment so heaven sent

Can you feel the stirrings within you yet

When you dream of what is to come next

The chest rising and falling with heavy breaths

The immense perspiration sweat

As you go wild as you let yourself go

Feeling all of your passion and essences flow

Into the person who’s giving the same to you

Encouraging you to do things you would usually do

Lust is the most filling of all foods

When you feast on it well though it may get crude and lewd

It can sate real desires and drive your moods

To a high so great and make you feel so good

There’s nothing wrong with lust when needed

But don’t get attached and always heed this

Love is different and can nit be substituted

Combine the two and you’ll never be left needing

Feel the breath if another, feel the intense kiss of a lover

Feel your body ache as you peak and demand another

Between sheets or somewhere other

Risky locations, or half undressed

Sometimes your thoughts can get obsessed

With desires of lust that would suit you best

Is it fantasy or have you tried it yet?

He grabs your hair from behind and he bites your neck

She gets on top and grinds and uses her nails on your chest

The emotion and the signs and the moans increase you’re now a mess

But you font care because this is the best yet

So have fun enjoy yourself

Your only here for a short time so make this moment so hot you explode and then melt.

She told me all

We made out in the car

Wasn’t easy it was kind of hard

But it was fun and we had a laugh

Who knew it would be so good

Half undressed, we felt blessed

As the passion rose

And we steamed up the windows

Body heat and the smell of lust

We went for it we went for bust

It was so sensual peaking at every thrust

This moment was such a must

This is the story my wife told me

About her night of love

With a friend from work

Which we both agreed was fun

And satisfied her need which had to be done

She really had her number rung

From a friend who knew who to turn her on

And gave her something she yearned for so long

A sensation and memory that would go on and on.

Adventures of a bored mum

A bored and lonely moment at home

Saw here attention slip as her mind roamed

She called round the neighbour and asked sex not love

For hef hubby gave her love more than enough

But it was the sex she needed and craved for bad

And she wanted better than she ever had

The kids at school gave a chance for this liaison

He went to town on easing her frustrations

And she felt her body ache at his hand

He was so strong he took total command

Moved over every inch of her body, she savoured the touch

Sinews stretched he went down then back up

Caressing, kissing, licking her smooth taught skin

Then the fun would really begin

He on top baring down on her

Going at it like a jackhammer it rocked her earth

Then she took her turn on being on top

Rode so hard she thought she would never want to stop

Gasping, crying and moaning out loud

He did the same and it made her pround

Knowing she had not lost any of her skills

With things she had learnt designed to thrill

Then she found herself on all fours going again

Gripping the headboard and thanks to her friend

She had the best climax she ever had

And her desires were sated like they never have

The neighbour left and the family come home

Asking don’t she get bored home all alone

She stated sometimes it’s hard but she copes

Her husband smiled and whispered there’s a love bite on her throat

He said it must have been harder than he could’ve imagined

And he hoped thalt she had found a hobby that was satisfying

She blushed, smiled and said I like to work out

And she would it it more without a doubt

He hubby said let’s go somewhere, where you can tell me all

And maybe we will make love afterwards

And he sent the kids off to the shops

It was his turn now and she was pleasantly shocked

But very pleased.

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Amazing days

Are fill with amazing people

Who do amazing things

Who brings light that’s so amazing

And love on an amazing scale

With their amazing talent

And amazing creative ways

And everyday you amaze me

In every single amazing day

Oh and did I mention

I am not quite sure

That you truly are amazing to me

In vast and massive degrees.