The Light

The light of life that shines on you is the light of life the honors truth may love, light, compassion and peace always be with you blessings in abundance to see you through the tough times and the good ones too as one I send out love to all of you humanity transcending very soonContinue reading “The Light”

Kith and kin

We are defined by colours of our skin Though we are all just kith and kin The man uses colours to divide when we are one and should unite Brothers and sisters of the earth Come together and spread the word Don’t be defined by colour or race But be defined by love not hate.


We try so hard to fit in We try so hard to be normal We try to be the best son/daughter The best husband/wife The best parent/grandparent We try so hard to be all these things As set out and laid down by society Until it gets for some to much And when it doesContinue reading “Suffocation”


Life is one long learning curve And sometimes we need to swerve From the road, that we are on because we know it’s wrong and if we are awake we will know. Life should be like our beliefs Fluid like water and changeable like the wind For when we think we know it all That’sContinue reading “Swerve”

Bespoke love

In love we trust But trust can be broken And trust is something that’s bespoke Unique to you and to me And resides with in the heart so breathe And understand that love is pure Non judgemental It’s heals wounds. When we let love in we feel the power Of why we exist in theContinue reading “Bespoke love”

Break out

Sub conscious thoughts store your programming The conscious mind is your creative source Don’t be led by your sub conscious mind Trust your gut and the synchronicity signs. Question every thing you have ever been taught Don’t be the one who gets caught up in this illusory life Break free from the chains And setContinue reading “Break out”

World’s apart

World’s within world’s In which we live. I walk down the street where I live Clean quiet lined with bushes and trees of green Sun is shining kids at play In the parks they enjoy life this day. Cars wind their way in precession A noisy metal box obsession. All is good in this myContinue reading “World’s apart”


Ouija ouija Come and play Ouija Ouija Here what spirits say Ouija Ouija The devil’s at work Ouija Ouija Better stay alert For the spirits are those often not at rest The spirits are those are a obsessed With messing with your mind and messing with your head When you use the Ouija your messingContinue reading “Ouija”

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