Suffer little children

Suffer little children to come under me The poor and the innocent being forced to flee Warmongers, terrorists,governments to blame These are the people who should hang their heads in shame. Same old disgusting politics that make me feel sick Time for us to fight back against these sadist pricks. Brutality and war designed byContinue reading “Suffer little children”

Sleep paralysis

Mankind is suffering from sleep paralysis Deep within the mind Living through a dream state To reality they are blind Still but somehow moving Like puppets on a string They need someone to rouse them To let them know what’s happening. But most are content with this dream state No responsibilities for them It’s alwaysContinue reading “Sleep paralysis”

Farewell my love

The tears of loss And cry of grief A lifetime of heartache A pain not seen. Suppressed emotions Bottled up Not just loss of a person But loss of love. But looking closely Into the night You can see those loved ones in the light In the luminescent afterglow As into the spirit world weContinue reading “Farewell my love”

Cherry lips

That look the hair those cherry lips Those smouldering eyes the curves and wisps Of filigree that fills her heart That golden soul That infectious laugh Her mind is full of sweet compassion Her touch creates her life’s belief She fills a universal need. She is perfection at a glance She’s fluid motion in aContinue reading “Cherry lips”

Flight from reality

Space is like our imagination and our dreams Endless and unlimited full of possibilities Don’t allow yourself to be restricted and contained This reality in which we live is pure illusion Break out of this illusory prison Free yourself and be what you want where you want And live life like there is no tomorrowContinue reading “Flight from reality”

Be the power

A wise man follows the mantra of existentialism. ‘The only authority is your own authority’. You are the power don’t surrender that to others for their benefits. Don’t be a puppet. ‘No gods no masters’.

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