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Appreciating nature and creation

Do you, when making your way through life each day

Appreciate the things nature sends our way,

Do you appreciate the sun and rain

Both life giving in their own way,

Do you appreciate the beautification

And do you show your gratification

Do you understand how creation works

All life is linked together in this world

This earth is a planet of fine balance

So nurturing and protecting is a vital understanding

If you keep taking and never giving back

Then the balance will surely be lacking

So take a moment and stop throughout your day

See the trees that you think get in the way

Of a great view and the great view

If only you were wise enough to see this truth

Look at all the wild plants and flowers in full bloom

Smothered in butterflies and bees this is picturesque to me and you

But is an important function to pollination

To keep generating other plants forged by creation

Creation did not stop when it made me and you

It keeps on working everyday in truth

So give blessing to creation and appreciate its nature

All became possible because nothing is wasted

Nature recycles all natural substances back into the earth

It’s only man made stuff that hurts the world.


When birds fly

When the birds fly south

We will know when summer ends

But when they fly away and are never seen again

Will that be out extinction

Will nature and creation take care of other species

And leave to face the eternal darkness all alone.

This is a warning

Maybe a foreboding

I know not what is prophesied

But I see through the lies of corporations

And governments

And nothing about what they do or says ever makes much sense

Because they’re all about greed

So when you see

The birds fly away never to be seen again

Maybe then you’ll buy into this self extinction

Brought about an arrogance

And an ignorance that convinced us not to change

Our dirty and destructive ways.

Gaia’s matrix

We are part of Gaia’s matrix

Created from the same seed,

Produced by the source

Resonating cosmically,

We are borne out of the spiritual

Created from a ritual,

Of love and light

And of creativity,

We shine so brightly

Like a lightening seed,

We grow to become one,

With our earth’s ecology

But somehow some get lost

And our planet pays the cost,

We cease to now be visionary

We are lost to greed

And living life carelessly

As if we believe there is some planet B,

Yet this is all there is for you and me

Until you evolve to a higher frequency,

So we need to nurture this earth

And understand enough is all we need.

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Nature is restless

I get a feeling nature is restless

The Arctic meltdown is relentless

Volcanos blowing up in protest

Flooding giving our species no rest

Is this a sign of natures upset

That the damage that we’re doing

Will lead to our own decline and ruin

Do we not get the message

That we need to change the way we live

Stop exploiting and taking

Start to nurture and let’s give

Something back to our earth

Like love so it may forgive

Our trespasses against it

And our merciless depletion of its resources

As well as our careless pollution of course

We are a filthy species

Spreading our contagion like disease

We need to clean up our acts

As well as the land, sky and seas.

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Magical living

The strength of your heart

Shows the depth of your love

The light in your soul

Shows your compassion within

We are all one

Sharing one love

But some seem to have lost their way

So we need a reconnection

If we hope to be saved

From repeating the same mistakes over again

Don’t be divided

Stay united

Their is strength in being this way

Sharing and caring

Always daring

To go where others won’t tread.

We are on race

We are one love

Follow the path

That lights the way

To a one world

Manifesting one peace

Understand it’s magical to be thinking and living this way.

Cast adrift

Cast adrift in clear blue waters

Cast adrift in search of dreams

All I need is enough supplies

To aid and sustain me

I am searching for new horizons

In search of new experiences

Cast adrift under a brilliant sun

Floating on a calm and tranquil sea

Mapping my journey by the stars at night

Wondering just where they will take me

As I sail onward bound in a mind of tranquility

And I am floating after being cast out at sea

On calm blue waters

In a search of discovery

To find the whole of me.

Worst of the species

They’re turning crocodiles into handbags

Killing innocent animals to make designer fur coats

They are killing off the elephants and rhino’s for their horns

Are we the worst species on this planet we call home

Animals don’t kill for pleasure

Animals don’t kill for sport

Only human beings do

Which makes us the worst and most dangerous species of them all.

Gorilla’s in the Mist

The big corporate machines

Are mobilising

To land where Jane Goodall

Discovered Gorilla’s in the Mist

In the Dr Congo in a place called Virunga

Where numbers of the gorilla’s at at a critical low

But do you think these corporate men will care about this

They will drill for oil and they say no one will stop it

We need to bring about pressure

We need to make a stand

For the gorilla’s in the mist

We must show that there are decent humans

Who care enough to preserve their lives

It’s time for us to take a side.

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Summer cooking

I sit at my table in the sun

Absorbing all natures love

Salad in bowl green and clean

Olives, cucumber, tomatoes, and feta cheese

A nice amount of iceberg lettuce

With a mixture of radishes and rocket

The BBQ going for those who want it

Some wonderful scented garlic bread

That’s just come out the oven so are nice and fresh.

I got another sitting too one side with the freshest fruit

Succulent to the eyes

Melon, nectarines and grapes

But then I spy

Strawberries and kiwi fruit

I love all of this kind of salad and fruit

And the smell of freshly baked bread

The smell reverberating in my head

Summertime days sipping orange juice in the sun

Laughing g with your family and and friends who have come

To savour the flavours of good food

And to see a wonderful garden in full bloom

Yes! I love these days.

Primal beings

Primal image

Primal rage

Primal beings

Locked in a cage

Of its own mindset

In primal days

No evolving

No moving on

No transcending

Our minds are our own

But in conscious states

We are stuck like this

In primal anger

We can’t resist

The lure of all

That’s negative

Exploiting and destroying

All that exists

Like a primeval beast

Crawling out of the swamp

Primordial beings simply stomp

On everything that creation gave

Primal thinking will not save

Us from our own extinction ways

And lead us too the end of days.