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The seeds of life

Sow seeds in a swirling vortex

Witness them scattered far and wide,

Watch the landscape as propagation

Soon begins and energy sparks

Life into its infancy,

To grow and reach for the light that feeds,

Every aspect of it’s being,

The amazing miracle, the seed,

That carries the spark of life within its husk

In creation and nature trust,

Then all it needs is the water of life,

All it needs is cosmic, universal light,

To spring forth such precious life.

We are all products of seeds

With different types of biological needs,

But still the process is a miracle of creation,

But in a slight variation

And still we grow stronger when in the light,

All things born from seeds are a beautiful sight,

That when it blossoms are a sight to see,

From love, in peace and majesty.


Forest dweller

Forest dwell that’s me

Living life among the trees

The dappled shade sparkling

The various shades of the leaves

Add a colourful beauty to all I see.

Among the tees I see a pond

Filled with lily pads as well as reeds

I see the wildlife in the water

Assorted insects frogs and ducks

And out the corner of my eye I see

A deer breaking cover which fascinates me

Hidden so well within the ferns and bracken

I did not even see it there.

Then I hear in the undergrowth

The scurrying of rabbits and squirrels

These amuse me the most

Playing and running with lightening speed

Up and down the numerous trees

Wow I am so amazed by nature

And the gift it offers me

Too spend this time dwelling in this forest of verdancy.

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Conveyor of bad news

I don’t wish to be

The conveyor of bad news

I don’t want to be

The one to upset you

But if things don’t change

Extinction will come our way

I don’t want to be

The one spreading bad news

Though the message is true

Our time here is limited

If we continue this way

Exploiting our earth the way we do

The resources aren’t unlimited

It’s resistance to pollution isn’t infinite

And cutting down all the tree will make it hard to breathe

So you need to see

The truth and the reality

Not the lies and the illusory

Spread by the men of greed.

I don’t want to be

The conveyor of bad news

I don’t want to be

The one who instills fear into you

But we need to change

For earth and humanities sake.

Via:Daily Prompt : Conveyor

Natures view

Unspoilt meadows

Bordered by hedgerows

Clusters of trees

And views of lea’s

A blue sky above

And the sun warming me

Rabbit’s scurry and dart about

I spy a fox diving for cover

As well as a grouse

It’s a fascinating

And wonderful scene

Away from the noise

It all feels so clean

The air we breathe

The beauty we see

Nature share it’s wonders

For you and me

And it’s our duty to nurture

To help it prosper

To ensure others understand

Not to take it for granted

To save it for future generations

To behold with amazement and awe

For without these beautiful scenes

What would life be worth living for.

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I’d settle for beauty

I would settle for a moonlit night

I’d settle for watching the stars shining bright

I’d settle for a cosmic universal dream

I’d settle for the sun shining bright

I’d settle for a green meadow

Filled with wild flowers

I’d settle for a forest of eldritch trees

I’d settle for the sand and sea

Waves washing over me

I’d settle for journey on a ship going as far as the eye can see

I’d settle for a sunset

Settling over the horizon

I’d settle for the beauty

Of all of these things.

Species of nature

Nature is an amazing thing

Especially when you look carefully at all the species,

From those that crawl through the undergrowth,

Or dwell deep down in the depths of the sea,

To those who are giants that prowl the earth

And swim in the seas,

Not forgetting those that fly on beautiful wings,

Nature is an amazing miracle to me

Perfection personified and each unique.

Man what a show!

What a body

Amazing shape

What a beauty

A stunning face

What intelligence

Such a conscious mind

What a heart

Such passion sublime

What a soul

And it’s luminescent glow

Put it altogether

And man what a show!

The most wonderful night

We could ever know.

Ears of corn

I gaze with eyes aglow

At a field of corn marvelling at the way it grows

As the rich new orange sun rises up above the ears of corn

I see beyond the sky promising storm

But that is far off in the distance

And cannot weaken my resistance

For the beauty I spy

In this my beholding eye

Almost bringing about a tear

As I think and tremble with worry and fear

Of natures future in a brutal world

That has forgotten love and taken beauty for granted

Forgot what tenderness took place when this crop was planted

And the nutrients nature granted

To provide this crop with goodness to grow

When as a seed it was sown

For this perfect moment to be known

By eyes like mine who appreciate beauty such as this.

Underground voices

Underground I hear the sounds

Of rebellion and change

I hear activists hatch schemes

Of how to achieve their dreams

Of an equal society

And a future that is green

No flags, borders, anthems to be heard or seen

Just a case of wiping the board clean.

No more wars or causes your told to die for

Just freedom and liberty for all

No restrictions on what you believe

Just don’t force them on others or me

Revolution is in the air

I hear whisper that dare

To think of challenging the establishment

And overthrowing the social elite

But this revolution will be one of peace

Using intellectuality

This is more dangerous than a gun or bomb

You can kill people but a belief

These whispers underground

Only want to save humanity

All these whispers really believe

In saving on this earth all other species

It’s all evolving humanity

Because it’s got stuck in material greed

I hear the whisper underground

I hear the subvert sounds

Now I want to be subversive to

Expose the lies and the fake news

What kind of life will you choose

Be a sheep or subversive too

An awakened being fighting for truth

Down in the underground listen for the voices

That are welcoming

And offering advantages

Of better and fairer world

With no no anthem. S or borders or flags unfurled.

Electrical storm

Lightening strikes

From foreboding dark skies

Setting the whole environment alive,

Flashes and bolts put on an electrical display

Shows how nature loves to play,

Thunder crashes

Rain Hammers down

All that can be heard is the storm sounds,

A cacophony of noise and a light colour show,

As above then so below,

The energy of the storm easily flows.

Cracking off of buildings

Splitting trees,

Yet still it’s a beautiful thing to see,

A visual artistic symphony

Always fearful and threatening,

Seeing the force nature can bring.

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