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Happy Earth Day

I pay homage to an Earth

That supports and gives us life,

I pay homage to this Eden

That we do not treat right,

Happy Earth day

And through the worst days,

We need to create change

And nurture our Mother Earth,

We need to turn much greener

And start to heal it’s hurt,

No longer keep exploiting it,

For all that it is worth

We have to learn to evolve

And appreciate this Earth,

For it is home

And we have no other place to go

If we destroy it,

We must enjoy it,

And pay homage

And start to preserve it.


Oneness of nature

When the white clouds move

Across the blue sky

And creates a breeze

The trees listen

And when the trees rustle

The bushes and the grass sway

And creatures of different species listen

For they are all in tune as one

Only mankind sets himself outside of this oneness

Which is why mankind will always be blind and deaf

To the ways of nature

And the coming of storms.

Silhouettes and shadows

Silhouettes and shadows

cast by moonlight and the sun

images of life within the light

and does no one

ever day dream anymore

of how blissful life could be

in a world so wonderful

as this earth truly is

and does no one ever dream

anymore of peace and harmony

humanity in a flux of continual peace

does no one day dream anymore

of an earth fully restored

of it’s environmental ecology

with clear blue clean seas

and tree dominated vedency

does no one ever dream no more

of no more extinction of any species

Silhouettes and shadows

now a once forgotten dream

that’s all that will be remembered

of our humanity

when we are long gone

and this paradise is healed

and all the wonders of creation

have all been restored

to the default setting that was Eden

a place of creations greatest dreams

almost ripped asunder by mankind

living ignorantly and destroying everything

casting Silhouettes and shadows of fear upon the earth

Silhouettes and shadows destroying so much more

than humanity was ever worth

and now that it’s now gone to dirt

this earth will breathe again.

Unhindered nature will rise again

Do you think creation built us a paradise

A garden of Eden in which we could live

For humanity to destroy it

Do think creation was happy to waste its time

Building something beings who are blind

Can exploit and drive extinct other of its species

I don’t think mankind truly understands

The truth and all the meaning

Behind its miraculous existence

And how we are created to evolve

But instead we choose to dissolve

In life of war misery and hate

Until one day when we fade away

Then Earth and nature will restore itself again


Toxic living

Toxic living

Acidic life

Living green

Is doing it right

Toxic waste

An acidic plight

This surely

Cannot be right

Toxicity rules our lives

With toxic people

As our blight

Promoting and pushing

Toxic policies

Deny climate change

As a belief.

Via: Daily Prompt: Toxic

This amazingly present moment feeling

I sit on a green mossy rock on the seashore

Feet planted firmly on to the warm granules sand

Feeling the grains slipping between my toes

Hearing the waves roar in to shore

And the wind blow

Rustling past me in refreshing sweeps

While watching the sea so amazing

As the waves roll in and out

Seeing the surf and the seaweed tumbling in the waves

And as the waves roll out

The stones roll back as if chasing back to the sea

As though that’s where they belong

Almost scared to be exposed.

Suddenly out of the corner of my eye

From the edge of my tranquil and still mind

A dog races headlong

Races headstrong into the surf

And leaps and bounds and splashes

Before racing out again, manic and insane

I can’t help but smile and chuckle

Before returning to my conscious time

Aware of everything but in a mindful state

Looking out to where the blue sky hits the sea

On this picturesque horizon and landscape

Breathing in the sea air and almost tasting the salt

And feeling that nothing here and now can take away

From the resplendence of this present now moment

This wonderful moment on the beach

Yet on the edge of conscious living and life

Aware and connected to everything that exists

Becoming one with all.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

New Forest nature

The sun shone in dappled rays

Through the branches and the Verdent green leaves

Shading me as I moved through these life giving trees,

A soft rustle reminding me of its bliss and beauty,

A deer breaks cover darts away

And leave me with a sense so amazing

Of being within the depths of nature,

As I see rabbits leaping and jumping

While squirrels at their play race around,

Running up, down and through the trees

This place is a wonderland to me,

The New Forest breathes ancient eldritch spirituality

That embraces and envelopes me

And leaves me free to inhale and exhale

Solitude and leaves me mindfully in stillness,

I sense that this will be here long after humanity

Ceases to exist as it did well belong mankind arrived

And tried to cultivate and exploit the wild that is nature,

That was established by our creator

To nurture and to love,

Which we don’t do enough of

So let me give you a simple warning,

If we hope to see each new day dawning,

We need to change our ways

And treat this beautiful amazing nature

In a far kinder way.

Via:Daily Prompt: Warning

Image courtesy of Pinterest

Betrayed earth

Earth has been betrayed

By humanity in ways

That’s left no room

For anything but shame

Exploiting it’s resources

In progresses name

Never accepting any blame

But how can we call this progress

If what we’ve done

Has left self extinction as the next step

Why is so hard for us to see

That nurturing means protecting

And no destroying

And why is it so hard to believe

That life is not all about just humanities needs

But also that of all other species

That we have the privilege of sharing this planet with.

Via: Daily Prompt : Betrayed

Preservation of nature

Preserving beauty

Means preserving nature

Preserving nature

Means preserving love

The grass is green

The skies are blue

I see beautiful blue lagoons

I see rolling hills and mountains

I see wonders so amazing

Why would we not want to save this

Nature is creations gift

The wonders of a babbling brook

I sit still minded and I look

With eyes of awe and adoration

The same way that I do

When watching waves from the sea shore

The power of the ocean draws me in some more.

Preserving nature

Preserving beauty

Preserving creations wonderful life

Preserving this amazing planet

Preserve the love we need so much.

Species on the edge of extinction

There are species from the prehistoric times,

That somehow managed to survive,

Rhino lizards different types,

That now see themselves defined,

As extinct or on the edge of this

Despite enduring many things,

They could not survive humanity

For we bestow to much cruelty,

Upon them with the knife and gun

Until these species were undone

We show creations creatures no love

There will be none left sure enough,

If we keep on with these killing sprees

Humanity will become these species greatest disease.