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Frosty images


Crystal images created by the morning frost

Nine of its beauty to me is ever lost,

I see the finesse of the spun webs

How could we live in this world and not feel blessed,

Of nature it’s true I very much obsessed

I see the white coat covering the green grass blades,

Crisp and fresh covering this vale

I could create so many images of such tales,

To not see this would be to me a total fail.

I grew seeds


I planted seeds to grow peace

I showed in hope they would bloom with love

I cultivated all the goodness

I waited until the fruits of my labour became ripe

Yet my blooms were assailed by the badness

The toxicity and disease

I tried my best to protect my crop

I tried hard to help them grow

But then I found that the seeds were polluted

And I knew that in the time they’d take to grow

A poison had instilled itself within

And through the sap it then flowed

And because of their corruption I had to walk away and go

As they became twisted and distorted

And started taking over everything

Choking the life out of nature

Soon destroying everything

Until there was nothing left

And no nourishment to find

And so they soon started wilting

Now they started dying

As they brought about their own extinction

There would be nothing in future to be found.



The stewardship of earth is ours

Yet we are negligent in our duties,

By allowing the destruction of nature’s true beauty

Why are standing by as big corporations exploit it’s gifts,

What we require is an environmental paradigm shift

Where we nurture all its resources,

To be bountiful for mankind and all

Where we protect other species and stop being cruel,

This stewardship was bestowed upon us from creation upon high,

So it is our duty to ensure that we don’t let it fade and die.



A world of various rainbow colours

A paradise place beautiful and scenic,

A wonderland of a multitude of different species

A world that could easily be consumed with love,

How can a place like this not be enough,

How could anybody believe it to be right

To destroy this amazing world so bright,

But they do and they are because mankind is a blight.

Waterfall immemorial

Waterfall immemorial

I smell the freshness of the water

I feel the light spray upon my face,

I hear it’s low roar and watch it cascade,

A more beautiful waterfall I’d never seen before,

Set in nature’s verdant green beauty

This paradise dream runs through me,

Invigorating within me, life and love

I don’t think I’ve ever been in awe so much,

Of its power and it’s grace and it’s glistening beauty

I feel the nature of it rippling through me,

I have never been captivated like this truly,

Nothing else has ever awesomely moved me,

In this way.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

Wistfully dreaming


Wistfully I dream of life

In an evergreen and personified

State of harmony and beauty

In an array of verdant prism scenes

I see rainbow coloured flowers

Mixed in an array of wildflower themes

And it shows me how nature

Creates the most amazing things

Beyond the imagination of mankind

Who is destructive by design

Nature assimilates so sublime

Nature is greater than we know

From the wind that blows and seas that flow

I sit here watching nature’s flows grow

Ask me if I believe in miracles

And I’ll invite to sit with me and you will see.

Men in armoured pinstripe suits


We are the guardians of earth’s soul

And we waging a battle against men,

In armoured fucking pinstripe suits who want control,

They are looking to exploit this planet and rip out its heart

They don’t care of consequences and they leave us in the dark,

About all their mechanations rooted in dirty fuel

Greed is all they’re interested in and they treat us like fools,

They have little or no care for the future

Because in the future they won’t be there,

They have little of no care about nature

Just about their stocks and shares,

These me in pinstripe fucking armoured suits have no feelings,

They’d sell there kids future down the fucking stream,

Dash their hopes and aspirations and all their future dreams,

These men are even more dangerous then we could have believed,

So as guardians we have to stop them

And bring the corporations down,

And fight to keep our natural resources well stocked underground,

And adapt to go renewable.

This will come to pass


I love the earth, the sky, the sea

Yet I know it don’t belong to me,

So why do governments take a different view

Nobody earns this place we live,

Boarders, flags and Anthems are offensive,

To nature and to creation

All man made just like your nations,

And just like anything not natural

One day it will surely fall into self destruction.

Stop and breathe


The air now is a little cleaner

So breathe it in,

The soil maybe regenerating

Let’s start growing,

The sea and all its life maybe increasing

So let’s nurture this from now on.

This virus gave nature some breathing space,

Not very long but just a start.

Maybe with our eyes wide open now

And change our ways so nature can truly heal

We can follow this with all our hearts,

And humanity can pull back because there’s a chance still.

The virus has shown us, that we must take time to let nature breathe,

As too all humanity,

To survive in harmony

We must learn to stop and breathe,

Let’s start living life more intelligently,

Just stop my friends and breathe.

Within the ruins


Dead ivy hangs from broken windows

Weeds are growing everywhere,

Rubble scattered here and there,

This was once s place called home

A place where we loved and shared,

But things they got the better of us,

We wanted and sought so much more,

This home was destroyed like all homes were

Through excess, greed, violence and war,

So now how home is broken down

Our home like all homes are in ruins,

And despite the warning signs

Mankind just kept doing what it loved doing,

Chasing dreams of money and greed

And thriving through exploitation,

We bucked nature and lived arrogantly

And went headlong against creation.