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I am better than you tell everyone

I’d have thought you would of known better than that

Yes OK I will wear the black hat

Paint me as a monster and to hard to bare

Tell everybody that I didn’t really care

When the truth is I did all I could do

It’s hardly my fault I could not inspire love in you

Your heart is as cold as you are too touch

But say what you want I don’t give a fuck

Because I know what the truth is

It’s not me who’s harsh and mean

I am just relieved to be finally free

So I can cleanse myself of all the toxicity

That you constantly always shower down on me.

Bigger strides needed

I feel it breathe

The planet beneath my feet

I feel its respiration

As it heaves slowly in and out

Tired of all of humanities destruction

As well as all the overpopulation and over construction

Putting a stress on all of its resources

And it’s a strain that will see humanity go towards extinction

In a quicker time than it took for dinosaurs

As we destroy ourselves through pollution and war

And the earth suffers under the weight of this

Being pushed ever closer to the breaking point

Why do we not see the importance of this place we live

And nurturing and sustaining everything

Including other species as well as the air we breathe

And we need to on much further and much harder than we have so far

We’ve taken small steps but we start to take much bigger strides

Towards a greener brighter future

Full of colourful delight.

Eldritch nature

Empathy is what I have for nature

Loving all its beauty as I do

Destruction of it breaks my heart

Rebellion is what I seek to start

I think we need to fight for trees

Take a step forward save our earth

Compose a way to force a change

Heroes one and all are the fighters

Never will to give up

Always there at the behest of earth

Their sacrifice is full of worth

Undeniable is natures importance

Respect for it needs to be shown

Earth, paradise and home.

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Darkness creeping

The dark is threatening to consume

It’s creeping in subversively

It’s spreading just like a disease

With the felling of every tree

And the polluting of every sea

The darkness malevolently creeps

Like a canker and is like a carbuncle

On our earth destroying our ecology

Eating away at nature and festering

And to all of us that care it is distressing

Seeing the darkness creeping in

And preternaturally destroying beauty

And systematically hacking and burning

Leaving nothing but smouldering embers

And the pain and loss we remember

And it spurs us on towards creating change

For the sake of earth and its name.

We have lost our way

No intelligent species would destroy their own environment


We as beings have lost our way

so much money spent on war

on putting stuff up into space

while neglecting the human race

and this earth on which we live.

So much time exploiting resources

until the time comes when there will be no recourse

we will have gone way too far down that road

of extinction and self annhialation

and all those species we see trophy hunted

that are no more will make life duller

will make it much poorer and less varied

take a kid to the zoo and watch their eyes

different animal species give them such delight

when do we become so brutal and lose sight of this?

why are we not doing more to change it?

There is no planet B but we are in search of this

is this what we are? A parasite species?

abuse, consume and the discard the empty carcass

humanity is living life just like a car crash

my god! are we to blind to see

that we have become this terminal disease

we are like a festering sore on the face of beauty

we have taken paradise and destroyed it

as if it was an act of duty

and those who rule and those who govern

are too corrupt and too old to care about the future

they just want the money and power now

they don’t have vision of what they wish to leave

no dreams or even legacies that will define them centuries on

they don’t care they will be long gone

so it’s up to us to bring about change

build a future sustainable and brave

that put’s us back within nature, not outside of it

nurturing and tending all of it’s needs which will reduce the risk

of humanity tripping over the edge of extinction

and see as a race of distinction

that learnt to evolve and understand the truth

that we need to be more mindful in all that we do

and create a better world and environment for both me and you.


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A different take on growing things

I have often wished to learn

The art of permaculture

For it is such a rewarding thing to do

A better way to grow

As you put back into nature

What you take out as you go

And is much less dependent on the need

To use pesticides which are a constant threat

To poisoning both you and me

And is compared to GM crops, far more good for you and healthy

Permaculture is a way of growing things

That should be tried so that you can see

The rewards of self sustainability.

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Stranger in a paradise place

In a land faraway

Oriental spirituality is displayed

Through how they tend what’s all around

Mountains, trees, bushes, plants and the ground

They use their inner most frequency

To transform in to various things around we see

And nurture, heal and communicate

To help all things thrive and grow in this place

A monastery on high looks over all this grace

People go to it and meditate to protect and not waste

All this life giving beauty

All this to hold back the illusory

That we believe to be reality

But we live life dictated and guided by imagery

Imprinted on our sub consciousness subtly

And through this programming we believe what we’re fed is real

But it lacks life true appeal

That you can achieve, develop and reveal

When you reconnect with your inner power

With you conscious mind and soul glowing in luminescence

And when we manage to transcend to this state

And find ourselves in this beautiful place

We realise just what we can achieve

The the power of self mastery

And how when we focus all of our energy

We can assist nature and all things

Through the touch of our fingers

Through using our caring and love

We can stimulate so much

Wonder and amazement all around

By being firmly rooted to the ground.

I sit watching the mirror like stream flow

And let all my worries and stress go

I sit on the beautiful ornate bridge and watch the playing on the fish

In this valley I am mesmerised by waterfalls

And see the misty spume rain down on all

I wander this place of beauty and grace

Full of peace now mindful in state

This fair place I appreciate

And to it I try to ingratiate

Myself upon its divine and heavenly estate

In a hope that I can dwell and stay

Here forever in this paradise of dreams

And live out an eternal existence spiritually.

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Scenarios as seen from the outpost

Eco vs. Ego


I stand at the outpost of our future world

overseeing two scenarios

in a quantum dimensional field

one scenario that I am seeing

is a world of barren devastation

a heat scorched earth with no trees

no green grass, just simply dirt

and the whole of the human spicies

lies somewhere under the soil

all sent to extinction when the world boiled

and the sea rose up and covered most land masses

and what’s lest is this barren waste I see

and I hang my head in shame

and embarrassment that describes out humanity.

Looking at the other scenario

things are majorly differnt

green lush land as far as the eye can see

and a world of nurturing and sustainability

when humanity now works in harmony

with nature and the earth

where we finally understand, this planets worth

where we put back more than we are taking

and using only just what we need

and dirty fuels are in the past

consigned to nightmarish dreams

the sea is now stocked with teeming fish

and it’s clear and unpolluted, I know hard to believe

and there is a greater abundance

of forests and glorious trees

and humanity found a way

to stop the spiraling birth rate using inform birth control

and industries were producing things cleanly

and treating the workforce with equality

and nobody now was homeless

you laugh and mock and say ‘it’s a Utopian dream’

but that would suggest then, it’s beyond mans capability

and if this is the case, then maybe we should give up now

but I honestly think we have to knowledge

and definitely have the know how

we just need to make a change, and rediscover the will

and address this place that is home to us, and simply sort it out.

We all can do something for the planet. Take a small step and choose one thing that can make a difference and get on it. One person can make a difference. Our earth is a blessing and we need to conserve its beauty and resources. We are the generation that needs to be an example and change our ways if this planet stands a chance of survival.


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A word to the deniers

We live in denial

We live for materialistic needs

We take and take

We put nothing back

No nurturing

Just exploiting

In the name of greed

Fed by market forces

We desire much more than we need

We worry more about property prices

Then we worry about our earth

We take it for granted

Like everything with worth

We desire shiny sparkly things

Like magpies and it may be a cause for mirth

If it isn’t so important to understand the truth

The future is in doing more to heal life, earth and societies hurt

Which have be caused by a lack of caring

Caused by becoming less compassionate

That’s why we still have people living on the streets who are homeless

All people worry about is the illusory ideals

The fake stuff the media roles out with so much appeal

If climate change is not real to you

But materialist greed is

I can’t wait to see you eating money

In order just to survive and exist

After you’ve cut down the last tree

And destroyed the last of the forests

Polluted and expended all natural resources

In order to get rich.

Burn suckers burn!

It’s gonna burn

The whole fucking world

Burn down around our ears

Burn because we did not fear

The one thing we should have been

Frightened of all along

Ourselves, our ignorance

And our greedy governments

It’s all going to burn

Burn down around our ears.

And only those consciously awake

See this happening as quite clear

Burn suckers, burn

We are to arrogant to believe

That watching all the wild fires

And burning of the trees

And all the volcanic eruptions

Is not a sign or a warning

That if do not change our way

Our world it will be burning

Burn, burn, burn

Humanity won’t learn

This world is going to burn right down

Because we did not fear

Our own self destructive nature

And so it will all burn.

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