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Healthy eating


Why is it the healthier we try to eat

Like going vegan or organic,

The prices rise existentially

Taking the choice often away from you and me,

Why is it they want to exploit the healthy foods we want to eat

Is it simply just greed or is systematically,

They just don’t want us being healthy

The rich eat the finest products that they demand,

We eat processed shit out of boxes and cans,

Or that’s irradiated or stuff like chlorinated chicken

GM food will one day see us stricken,

Down with the chemicals and unnatural stuff of which it’s created

But it’s served up for us and plated,

But does anybody really know if it is safe yet,

But the healthier to option the higher the price

Corporations don’t give a shit about yours and my life,

Corporations are simply parasites,

Living and sucking off of you and me

Draining us dry in the name of getting wealthy,

I guess the best way is plant and grow your own

If you got the time which most of us don’t,

I wish I could plant and grow my own society,

Because if I could it would focus on what’s healthy,

Not for my pocket but for mine and everyone else’s body

Or we could as a united people protest and lobby,

For better food at reasonable prices

Where corporations don’t get the bigger slices,

Of the money being made from the sale of healthier food.

Warning signs ushered in this year


What a year so far, bush fires in Australia and the US, burn nature burns at its own behest, floods in Jakarta, overwhelming villages, drown, nature drowns, what will happen next. Forty nine, Volcanic eruptions, the biggest one in Taal in the Philippines, roar nature roars, settling a few old scores. The rising seas from The Arctic ensure coastal shorelines get a battering, wave after wave, nature keeps its happening, then suddenly out of nowhere, a virus nobody could predict, Covid-19 nature’s biggest warning yet. Do we not get the message, do we not understand, there’s a message there from nature crossing every ocean, every land, are we so ignorant and arrogant we cannot hear nature’s words, symbolised in big events that effect each country around the world. It’s warning us of things to come, more powerful and destructive than we can know, telling, and it’s telling us to change our ways, before the final show, for nature can and will bring down the curtain on all humanity, if we don’t change our lifestyles, if we remain to blind to see. Do where we go from here right now is totally down to us, learn to live and nurture this earth and earn nature’s trust, or carry on exploiting it for power, money greed, and see how nature shows us the deadly seeds we sow, will end in the extinction that we will surely reap. You may call this alarmist, and you can call it fear mongering, but in the end it’s neither of these things but a sign of what is happening. Yes you can ridicule this, and call it and me what you like, but at the end of days when you’ve refused to see the light I’ll simply smile. But there is still time to bring about a change, a chance to save our souls but each of us must choose to become a climate change hero.



Consume the body

To let the spirit live

Consume the mind

So we can consciously forgive

The actions of our brutal existence

Existentially persistent

We of mindless actions be

Hater, fighter and bully

We of little or no respect

For environment

Or for other species

Consuming all we can through greed

We are the virus seed

Polluting all we touch and see

Poisoning the very air we breathe

Some mankind, some humanity

Cannot see or believe

The root of the problem is human beings

Speaking, acting without feelings

Consume, consume

Like the locusts we are

Stripping all wide and far

Consume the body let the spirit free

Consume the mind and live consciously

In a state of awareness existentially

Or consume the last of everything

And the taste the flavour of self extinction.

The inexplicable truth


The inexplicable truth

Is that we are small,

Compared to nature

We are nothing at all,

We cower in the face of its strength and power

This planet on which we live,

Is not solely ours

To mess up to exploit and destroy

Which is why we must learn to employ,

Much better environmental policies

Nurture it’s resources, not act out of greed,

Or it will comeback and bite us hard,

No more time can be wasted

It’s time to make a real start,

Using our knowledge of renewable energies

And stop acting like a disease,

Infecting this earth with our ignorant ways

That may bring about the end of days.

Expanding populations


Expanding populations
Leading to global annihilation,
Expanding into animal habitats
Building on environment which is bad for that,
Concrete structures are eyesores
Filled with greedy consumers
Who keep demanding more,
Caring not one jot
About earth’s nature, we’ve lost the plot,
Taking through exploitation
Never nurturing and so foresaking,
The balance needed to survive
All species have a God given right,
To not face certain extinction
But we’re like parasites
Feeding on a host, this earth we keep on bleeding,
Like a virus we keep diseasing
Everything that we’ve been gifted,
We need a moment of paradigm shifting
To bring a change to how we live,
And learn to control our increasing birth rate
So that the future generations will discover to late,
That this place in which we live
Cannot sustain us taking everything.

Purged (science fiction)


Did we delve to deep, were we blind to everything,this this why we are, where we are today, on the brink of destruction, the precipice of extinction, is this why they made plans for us to leave, and look to colonise a new planet B. We were warned but we did not heed it, made our earth unsafe and caused it to be bleeding, in the form of volcanos, earthquakes and storms, it were as if this was it’s answer to mankind raping its resources, it’s as if nature started fighting back. Now I find myself in a queue with you waiting to board a transport ship, ready to go ale us far past the moon, and many years it will take, just to find a new safe place, after destroying our home and all we had, now we’re off to the new promised land a new planet on which to plan a future of uncertainty, like pioneers, we have a duty, to try to create a life in which we and all our kids can live but maybe this time we can do this better, more environmentally friendly, I just hope we’ve learnt a lesson, from our mistakes. As the transport ship begins to rise I see the earth before my eyes become a boiling pot of fury and of rage, and many who refused to leave and insisted they would stay, because they said all was going to be ok, were, consumed or flayed by a conflux of lava pouring out of the ground from deep earthquakes as nature cleared the last of humanity away,band I am in no doubt it’s in preperation to start evolving once again and that in time a new Eden will spring forth once more, because nature is hardier than mankind and it will always find away, as it purged itself of this disease called man, which is something we seem destined to never understand.

Dying world

Dying world

They world dies

And those who care cry,

Crying out for change

But led by those deranged,

Who see do danger

In global warming,

Heads in the sand

They ignore the warnings,

Tides rise and ice caps melt

The world is constantly dealt,

A blow to its health

And its resources,

We must speak out

And use the forces,

Of science to change peoples ways

But the media gets in the way,

Painting those who care

As fanatics and lunatics,

Attacking the you generation

For understanding the climate crisis,

Is very real and does exist

It’s an important fight,

And we must never give up

Stand against those who don’t give a fuck,

Stand up against governments

Who will not act and take this crisis seriously,

We are the true power, you and me.

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