The end of the show

As if the dark Queen Enola Gay Didn’t wreak enough destruction, And took enough lives away Mankind is still looking for a different stage, In which to enact it’s next terrible play A real fucking horror that eradicates, The while and entire human race, And like lemmings we all run straight to the edge BecauseContinue reading “The end of the show”

Ecology over greed

When will we move beyond greed When is it we will see, That of more importance is our ecology, When are we going to understand The destruction being caused is caused by man, Polluting the air, sea and land The use of pesticides has got out of hand, Then man destroys forests cuts down treesContinue reading “Ecology over greed”

Habitat destruction

Habit destruction Aides virus construction, This is what science has found Extinction of other species, Effects all invisibly, Do why are we not making laws Stopping viruses and the cause, By acting more intelligently, Corporations do not like this It effects their profits, But that’s short sighted for sure, Because the more the pandemics theContinue reading “Habitat destruction”

We are our greatest problem

Globalisation a real planet filler Urbanisation is a humanity killer Stripping and exploiting all resources at our disposal Self extinction is nature’s proposal As we invade the habitats of every other species that exists We can’t see how we put our own existence at risk Globalisation a real planet filler Urbanisation is s humanity killer.

Arctic pollution

They said it could not happen but it had A catastrophic oil spill in the Arctic lands, A spillage caused by the secretive Russians, An ecological disaster near Norilisk Putting Arctic marine life at peril and at risk, They’ve turned the sea red with their dirty pollution Don’t let anybody cast doubt or throw youContinue reading “Arctic pollution”

Frosty images

Crystal images created by the morning frost Nine of its beauty to me is ever lost, I see the finesse of the spun webs How could we live in this world and not feel blessed, Of nature it’s true I very much obsessed I see the white coat covering the green grass blades, Crisp andContinue reading “Frosty images”

I grew seeds

I planted seeds to grow peace I showed in hope they would bloom with love I cultivated all the goodness I waited until the fruits of my labour became ripe Yet my blooms were assailed by the badness The toxicity and disease I tried my best to protect my crop I tried hard to helpContinue reading “I grew seeds”


The stewardship of earth is ours Yet we are negligent in our duties, By allowing the destruction of nature’s true beauty Why are standing by as big corporations exploit it’s gifts, What we require is an environmental paradigm shift Where we nurture all its resources, To be bountiful for mankind and all Where we protectContinue reading “Stewardship”


A world of various rainbow colours A paradise place beautiful and scenic, A wonderland of a multitude of different species A world that could easily be consumed with love, How can a place like this not be enough, How could anybody believe it to be right To destroy this amazing world so bright, But theyContinue reading “Paradise”

Waterfall immemorial

I smell the freshness of the water I feel the light spray upon my face, I hear it’s low roar and watch it cascade, A more beautiful waterfall I’d never seen before, Set in nature’s verdant green beauty This paradise dream runs through me, Invigorating within me, life and love I don’t think I’ve everContinue reading “Waterfall immemorial”


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