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Leaf dancers

Gathered leaves

They blow around is if dancing

Rustling, brown and crisp,

Like wood nymphs at a reel or jig

They signify that autumn has arrived

And winter will soon be reprised

Seasons come and go

Before my eyes

As I sit here watching leaves dance with such delight.


Stormy weather

Leaves crisp and brown rustle in the wind

I can feel the foreboding of a preternatural storm coming

I see dark clouds in the distance

And know it’s time to prepare

I see creatures on the move

Scuttling around everywhere.

The leafless branches whip in the wind

There’s speckles of rain now in the air

A chill is now reaching out only the brave or foolish will dare

Venture out into what’s to come

A storm of epic proportions

To wash away the things that are wrong

And leave a freshness in the air

It will wreak and leave such destruction

But maybe also a cause for hope

To build again from the ground up

Something that’s needed most

New beginnings, brand new start

Or will it revert back to the old ways

If it does my friend the storms will continue to come

Time and time again.,

Tar and Sands

Tar and sands destroys Canada’s land

and each year it constantly expands,

polluting the soil and environment,

make lots of wealth for the money men

and no doubt the Canadian government.

Pollution is a problem on a global scale

we need to make a stand and keep it at bay

we need to clean our acts up and start go green

and start to better protect our ecology.




Old bones

Future species will be discovering our bones

Like we discover the dinosaurs right now

But they will have a lot more documented proof

To man’s insane acts and lack of humanity

Because we are creations worst nightmare come true

But extinction will be following very soon

Unless we learn to evolve, transcend and transition

Into species capable of much higher thinking

Do we wish to saved or do we wish to be doomed

The choice it lays with us and from out of the gloom

Of war and hate, from this violence we’re creating

We have to promote love and peace

And environmental appreciation

Or we just be the dinosaur bones of the future

Relics of greed, war and stupidity

That’s my belief.

Sea world

I am touched by the beauty of the sea,

I am in awe of the power it breathes,

I often think I am connected in ways

That I am not wise enough to see.

I am in wonder at the vastness of the sea,

Amazed by the depths that to few have seen,

Its a living organism washing over me,

The sea is a wondrous thing,

I have a connection and feel the belief,

That somehow once I was part of the sea,

Its so unforgiving

Yet is life sustaining,

There is duality in all that we see,

And in a world of impermanence

The overriding belief for me,

Is the sea will always be there for eternity

And maybe one day that’s all this planet may be,

It amazes me,

I am connected it seems,

In ways that I just don’t know,

It beckons me,

It entices me,

A fuels my dreams.

Grace and magic

She flows with grace and magic

She’s beautiful to me

The most wondrous thing I have ever seen,

Colourful and elegant

Yet powerful and strong

I will love her all my life long,

For she is nature and she is life

She is what keeps me breathing through the days

And through the nights,

I pay homage to what she gives

For without nature how could we possibly live,

So nurture her and show respect

For of all the things in life she is the best,

And without her we would end,

No matter how much you try to pretend

That you can live without what she gives,

Understand that nature, she is everything,

So bow down to her and show her the love that she deserves.

From the primordial sludge came life

Out of the primordial sludge we came

evolving through nature and growing like a stain,

on the face of this earth on which we live

exploiting, polluting and destroying it,

has anything ever as insidious crawled from the depths

of the primordial swamps of malice and malcontent

of hatred and greed and thrust head up from beneath the canopy

to squander earth’s rich resources with an appertite

so very rarely seen of the grand scope of universal creating.

This life form that is us climbed its’ way to the top of the food chain

and from that moment nothing on the beautiful earth would be the same

though nature and creation lived in harmony

along came man like a virulent contagious disease

building villages, then towns, then cities,

showing other species habitats it destroyed no pity

survival of the fittest and the strongest and most powerful is mans refrain

oblivious to how man lives being totally unsustainable and insane

and as I sit here thinking of the power man has created

the scars and damage of which any healing will be belated

I cant help wondering how long it will be

until it’s own self extinction and when these great monoliths they built

will lay dormant quiet and hidden beneath trees and weeds

until they finally crumble back into the soil from whence they come

and man will no longer be capable of causing more dirty slums

that harm this planet and beg the question how can we be proud of what we have done

we blighted paradise, this Garden of Eden, we threw away everything

and one day we will be gone and the world will be a better place without us hear

creating destruction, pollution, extinction, corruption, war and fear.


Via: Daily Prompt: Sludge




Dirty energy

Dirty energy is a fake solution to a global problem.

Delved to deep and went to far

They delved to deep

They went to far

Within this night

Under the stars

They harnessed

Something of malcontent

And ripped apart our world

And left it rent

The ground it shook

The storms they howled

The seas did roar

And we were cowed

In fear and trepidation

Of what they had done

Our graves these ignorant men have dug.

Are you aware of what is happening

The ground it cracks and breaks beneath our feet as seas they rise, the insects are all dying and there are vapour trails across our skies, that add to the pollution, for there are to many pesticides in the air, in great swaths of the oceans there are debris, rubbish and plastics floating there, I am no expert in the field but with my own eyes I see, the exploitation and destruction in the name of corporate greed.