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Take me to the mountain

Take me to the mountain

And show me the world

Show me the greedy

And show how their actions hurt

Take me to the mountain

And show me the beauty

Then show me how it’s now plagued

And being destroyed by mindless greed

Take me to the mountain

Becasuse it’s like my church

And from the mountain

I can for the end of these hurts

And redemption and healing for this home, our earth

So take me to the mountain

And take me to church

Show me humanity

At all its worse

And I will prayer for forgiveness

In all that we do

And we will repair the damage

And stop the few

From their exploiting

And ignorant ways

We will do new seeds

Of compassion and love each day

And change humanities way

Take me to the mountain

Take me to my church.

Rising tides

Seas are rising

Icebergs melting,

I ain’t lying

Temperatures are swealtering,

Climate change

In full flow

Only the ignorant don’t know.

We are reaping a harvest

That we have sown,

Over many years

Of industrialisation,

Paying the price now

For greedy exploitation,

One by one

The extinction of

Low lying nations,

Will follow through

Because of global warming,

Ice cap melting,

Rising seas this correlation

Can only be missed by those

Who remain to blind to see,

To locked and wrapped up

In their material greed.

But what you gonna do

When you’re lands start flooding

And you are left with nothing,

Will climate denial still be volalised

Or will truth and reality become realised.

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Let’s celebrate saviours day

So wrapped in our self importance

Man forgets it’s own existence

Is not something it can sustain alone

We require natures balance

We require other species

You can throw at life your material greed

You can throw you advanced technologies

And if you think that will be enough

You will expose your ignorance and arrogance for all to see

If you doubt what nature and other species

Bring to the table, then you are too blind to see

And you show to the whole world your gross stupidity

Intelligent awakened souls understand the stories of old

That we are not owners but caretakers

Of this earth, is that your mind blown

Did yo really believe you could own this planet

Devoure it’s resources like greedy gannets

Gourging our way to self extinction

Is committing suicide the only destinction

Aan ignorant and flawed affliction

But many of us our now rising

Rebellion against extinction has started prizing

The power and the control from your grip

And will not stop until you face up to it

Nuture nature and change your extinction ways

And build a brighter future and greener more renewable ways

Because we can still celebrate saviours day

The day humanity changed its dirty, exploiting, greedy ways.

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Algaes represent an imminent threat

Red tides appearing along the coast

Toxic Karenia Brevis is its host,

Coming up from the sea beds

Leaving lots of marine life dead.

Green algae drifting along the Australian coast

El nino is taking a hold

And so Cyanobacteria becomes bold

And kills off fish and harms animals,

All Gods creatures big and small.

Both algaes can be linked to man

But man will never understand,

That the more it disturbs the balance

That nature tries so hard to maintain,

We shall see these toxic algaes

We will continue suffering acid rain

And earth will fight back in attempts to purge us,

While poisoning nature at the same time

Will we reach extinction first,

So that nature will be saved in time

But if we survive but nature dies

Then we will be living on borrowed time,

Algaes can do so much damage we must learn to read the signs

About the clear and present danger,

That travels on the tides

Causing much of the marine life to die.

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Extinction came knocking

For the po’ouli the black crested honeycreeper bird

It is not the first and won’t be the last

Victims of man and earth changing ways

Makes natures balance start slipping away

But as sure as the po’ouli has become extinct

Man should take notice because for us it’s closer than we think

But for the po’ouli it’s over and no more will they be seen

Further loss of variety and saddens my heart to think

Of many other species who are teetering in the brink

Or have already gone the same way which is tragic to me

Extinction is the new reality.

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To blind too see

The world is in decline

Yet media and governments

Say all is good and all is fine

These people who lie all the time

Happy to keep you ignorant and blind

So in passivity you reside

While our earth suffers and cries

But it will survive but humankind will be the the one thing that dies

Because it was too arrogant to see the signs.

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Futuristic nightmare

Somewhere in a distant future
Where people all where breathing masks
A metropolis of concrete structures
All that is seen is steal and neon lights
Humanity cut down all the trees
And polluted all the seas
And because the great disease
Poisoning the planet leaving it unable to breathe
So now we all wear breathing masks
And acid rain falls and everyday is dark
And we are forced to to eat genetically created food
And soylent green living may happen soon.
This future where man is the only species living
Is not a life of abundant giving
Everybody is out for themselves
Everybody suffering chronic health
The planet is like a sauna,
The world is so hot
Climate change they could not stop
And rather than try they found alternatives
To how mankind can possibly live
In a global greenhouse of rising carbon gases
In a world no longer green but grey concrete
Where rich live in ivory towers and the poor as usual live on the street
And everyone else clings on in between.
We become a locust species devouring all
Looking now towards the stars
Reaching out to other planets
In hope to find a planet B
So that we can spread further our disease
Of over consumption, corruption and greed
A species that lives beyond our needs.

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Carbon rising

Carbon rising

Risks all living things dying

Overheating climate change,

To many countries

Using dirty fossil fuels

That should be left

Within the ground,

Melting ice caps

And forest fires

This world is boiling

We need to make a change,

We are running out of time

But we can still stop

This catastrophic event

From happening once and for all

To bring us back from the brink

To stop all life becoming extinct

This is the challenge for us all.

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His mistake

He did not want you

As beautiful as you are

As amazing as I see you

With your perfect skin

Your toned body

The awesome potential

That I see you have within

Your kissable lips

Your deep unfocused eyes

That I could get lost in

For we ithin I see paradise

He saw only others and not just you

I see a shallow decsion

When he walked away from you

Now it’s me who caresses

And kisses your skin

Now its me who will return your smile

Now I will be the one

Stoking your passion

And igniting your fires

Now I will be the one

Driving you wild

Because you deserve that and more

And I see that you are beauty and more

Not just a great body and beauty but also a great mind

You are a rare treasure to find

He could not see your potential and worth

Do without care, you he hurt

But I am here to heal you

Help to put you back together again

And when you moan in satisfied delight and satisfaction

It will be you uttering my name

Ss he searches for more but will one day

Realise the treasure he had and threw away

But by then our love will be unbreakable

And he will have realised his mistake too late.

Twelve year window

A twelve year window

To things around

To stop polluting the air

And the sea and ground

Where we plant our seeds

And grow our crops

Cutting down trees has to stop

Ravaging our earth in the race fof profit

Exploiting carelessly the natural resources

It must be our mission to stop this

We have to learn to live within our means

Stop multiplying like a contagious disease

It’s time for green and environmental policies

And put ecology much higher on the agenda than greed

And plant a rebellious seed

Of a new world order

Where we care for the we orld and clean up the the sir the soil as nd seas

And give our children a future where they can believe

That all fears of extinction have disappeared

So they too can live a life better environmentally.