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Can you hear the whispers

The voices in your head,

I see many apparitions

Of people that I know are dead,

I see the ghosts and I sense their loss

I feel the pain that they feel most

Caught between life

Caught between death

They have nowhere to go

So tormented and yet so angry

They were not ready to go

These poor lost souls

They’re so tormented

These poor lost souls

Living lives so demented

They need someone to listen to them

Need some one to understand

Which is why I am a medium

A paranormal investigating man.


Delved to deep and went to far

They delved to deep

They went to far

Within this night

Under the stars

They harnessed

Something of malcontent

And ripped apart our world

And left it rent

The ground it shook

The storms they howled

The seas did roar

And we were cowed

In fear and trepidation

Of what they had done

Our graves these ignorant men have dug.


The night is quiet

No sounds can be heard

Not from insects, creatures or birds

A preternatural feeling is filling the air

Something evils coming and you best be aware

It’s hiding in the shadows

It’s creeping through the woods

You should run

If only you could

But it would be a futile effort

For there is nowhere to go

Can you feel the terror

As your skin goes cold

Scanning all around you

You cannot see a thing

Then suddenly you hit the floor

I feel yourself bleeding

And this thing that you were fearful of

Is feasting on your soul and being

It’s a craven harbinger a brute that needs to be eating

Spirits that are filled with fear

Self doubt and self loathing

Feasting on these souls is what keeps the monster going.


Hush be quiet

When alone in your bed,

The monsters that stalk you

Are all in your head,

Created in your own mind

For you to believe,

But that doesn’t mean

Those monsters are not real,

It doesn’t mean those monsters ain’t under your bed

It doesn’t mean they’re not gonna get you in the end.

Day of the dead 2

Day of the dead

No dwelling on horror or dread

Day of the dead

A celebration to those who have left

The day of the dead

A reminder not to forget

Those who we love

Who’ve passed from this life into the next

The day of the dead

Let’s rejoice in life and in death

Feindishly ghoulish

The fiendishly ghoulish

Lurking in the shadows of the night,

The fiendishly ghoulish

They appear when you turn out the light,

The feindishly ghoulish

Hiding under your bed at night,

The feindishly ghoulish

They look to give you such a fright

And the feindishly ghoulish

Decide to come out and play,

If you’re scared of your own shadow

You best keep yourself hidden away

And when the feindishly ghoulish

Are looking to feast on on some poor souls,

Then you had better find some friends,

So they do not find you all alone,

Because the feindishly ghoulish

Will look to devour you whole,

Now beware the feindishly ghoulish

For they are all on Halloween Patrol.

Via: Daily Prompt: Ghoulish

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Reflections in the mirror

The wind blew with fury and the whole house shook, the window shutters flattered in their frames as the old empty house freaked and groaned, the dark corridors gave hints of malevolent promises of demonic fear. In the empty sitting room sat Laurie and her friend Cassie who were looking after the house for a local letting agency. There was no heating and so the pair sat with thick jumpers on and heavy jackets and in jeans. Both sat on either side of the table with candles between them burning casting light. They were caretaking the property for some much needed cash. They knew that the house had a questionable history. People had gone missing in the past here but still they felt it was fine and just urban legend and superstition.

As the night went on and the wind grew fiercer Cassie heard what she thought was singing coming from upstairs and so the pair went to investigate Cassie checked one bedroom and Laurie checked the other, however as each came out they could not find the other searching both went to the bathroom and as they checked in there theyy both noticed the other in reflecting back behind them in the mirror. Both young women were mortified and fearful. Neither one knew what to do. They spoke to each other in panic and despair, scared and wondering what would happen next.

They agreed to go into the main bedroom. Which had bigger mirror in the wardrobe. Arriving in the main bedroom the same phenomenon was replicated as the bathroom except this time Lawrie noticed Cassie was in a winter snow covered castle courtyard and Cassie noticed Lawrie was in a foggy cobbled alleyway in an old town somewhere. Both described each other’s settings to each other oblivious to the settings themselves. As they spoke Lawrie noticed a figure dressed in a robe with a good up obscuring any face or features. As the figure approached Cassie in the mirror turned to face the figure, the figure lunged forward and saw a blade tear out of Cassie’s back then disappear as it was withdrawn, then with a flash of shining blood dripping light it severed Cassies head. A slight pause followed before her body dropped lifelessly to the floor. Cassie told Lawrie what happened. Lawrie knew a similar fate awaited her. Turning she saw in the fog a figure approaching. As the figure lunged forward Lawrie parried the blade and kicked her assailant between the legs feeling sure it was a man. The figure staggered backward and she pinned them to the wall, she made a grab for the blade and pulled it from the figures grip and plunged it deep into the heart of her assailant. Her assailant in a heavy coat with a hood gasped as the blade plunged deep into the heart. Lawrie pulled back the hood. It was Cassie! She had just killed her friend. Cassie saw this in the mirror with a look of horror dropped to her knees. Lawrie noticed in her mirror that the clocked figure had picked up Cassie’s head and held it aloft. The figure then took off the hood. To her horror she saw it was herself. In both setting Lawrie had killed Cassie. In both settings she was devoid of emotions But in the bedroom she cried hysterically. Just then she heard a noise outside the door of the bedroom. Then the door was being beaten upon and was rattling in its frame and bright light shone in around the edges. Lawrie panicked and saw a knife on the dressing table under the window, grabbing it she moved to the door, as she got there the door flew open and Lawrie lunged forward, as she did she felt the knife go in to the assailant. In that moment the light diminished and Lawrie realised that it was Cassie and that she had stabbed her in the heart. Lawrie wore a look of shock, Cassie looked at the knife in horror before closing here eyes and collapsing. As she did Lawrie was left holding the bloodied knife. Lawrie sobbed over her friends dead body. As she did so she heard another noise from the corridor outside the bedroom. She stood up to investigate, tears still streaming down her face and hand with the knife in shaking. As she moved forward she saw Cassie and was relieved, dropped the knife and walked forward so happy to see her friend. In that instant Cassie produced a long blade and cut of Lawries head in one swipe. Instantly Cassie transformed into a demonic looking figure. It stepped over Lawrie lifeless body before disappearing into darkness.

Neither body of either young woman was ever found and they were added to the list of missing persons at the local police station.

Don’t wake up suddenly

Brooding in the shadows

Waiting just below the water

Hiding in plain sight

Poised just around the corner

Night dwells everywhere in hiding

Waiting for their chance to pounce

Every shadow you see moving

Out the corner of your eye

That you dismiss as nothing

Is very far from that

Its the brooding seething night dwellers

Ready to react.

Darkness is It’s companion

Fear is its partner everytime

It seems to stalker and frighten you

Until you go out of your mind

And when you think your home safe

Tucked in your bed

It’s leaning over you close just inches from your face

Breathing on you it’s foul breath.

Mirror image

She stared in the mirror trying to see beyond herself, trying to see ghosts of loved ones passed, hoping to connect with the world of spirits. She had tried this so many times without success. She felt it unlikely to work now. But she kept on trying. Leya was a woman know for her stubbornness and was unyielding in her pursuits of discovering new things. Her dark red hair and pale skin accentuated by her deep red lipstick and strong cheekbones gave her a beautiful but quirky look. Her style was gothic clothes as was her thinking. For hours she sat in dim light hoping for something but nothing occurred. She had read that mirrors were a good medium for seeing spirits. After a period of time Leya decided to call it a night, as she turned to walk away, she noticed a delay in her reflection moving. Then she saw behind a figure, a man of some considerable size walking up behind her reflection. He bent down and placed his face next to her reflected face. His eyes were black, his face white, gnarled and distorted, his lips blood red which drooled, he bared his black rotten teeth. ‘Need company bitch’ the man slavered, scared witless but not willing to show it she walked back to the mirror and leant forward, ‘spirits only, demon. You are not welcome here.’ Her reflection sat motionless and mute. ‘Then maybe this little birch here will suffice to keep me satisfied for a while.’ As He spoke he stroked the side of her face before licking the side of her face with his tongue. Let’s continued to smile, fine by me feel free, ‘ She is after all just a reflection of me. An illusion. Not real.’ The demon pondered this and the more he thought on this the angrier it seemed to make him. ‘Maybe I call your bluff and abuse her body, then rip her heart out. See if it doesn’t affect you then.’Let’s beckons him forward to the mirror, smiling a dark lescivious grin. It was then Levya reached in through the mirror grabbing him by the throat in a vice like grip. Her reflection then stepped behind and enveloped him in it. The reflection then run her hands over his chest. In a moment of exhortation the reflection ripped open his chest and Leya plunged her hand in and ripped out the demons heart. The demon screamed out as this happened but it was powerless to stop them. ‘Look into my eyes demon. Know that I am the demon slayer,’ she then opened the dressers draw below the mirror and placed the demons heart in there with a collection of others. The reflection dropped the lifeless body to the floor. Both Leya and her reflection walked off out the room. As they did other demons appeared, wailing over their lost brethren. Then a more fearsome shadowy figure appeared. In a rumbling voice of malcontent and malice it spoke, ‘war it is then slayer. Demons go feast on all souls until you find hers, then bring it to me to feast on.’ With that the room was suddenly empty again.

I just want to sleep!

She laid still in her bed

Noises filled with dread,

In this little cabin, she rented,

As a getaway from it all

And every creak every sound

Was to her so loud,

How was she ever going to sleep like this.

She lay there in her underwear,

Under the sheets

Feeling quite scared

And she felt as vunerable and as weak

As any women ever portrayed could have been,

How was she ever going to get to sleep.

Finally overcome by fatigue,

She closed her eyes and was drifting into deep sleep,

When suddenly she felt a strong hands

From under her bed,

Grabbing her waist and pinning down her head

And in sheer panic,

She let out a scream,

How is anybody meant to sleep like this.

Then she rolled over

And on the bed mounted,

On her hands a position to attack with better ease

And she took out her sword

And thrust it through the bed

And in an instant she knew that demon was dead

And the she tipped the bed over

And stared the beast in its dead eyes,

“How am I meant to sleep on nights like these?”

She was simply tired

And wanted some sleep

And didn’t want to be awakened by a beast

And then she sorted her bed and found new sheets,

And went off to sleep again

And this time was away

She found a moment in which she could sleep the night away.