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Rappers battle


Rappers battle each other

Like one another is the enemy

Meanwhile the real enemy

Is keeping them down

Keeping them rooted on the ground

And while they are making sounds

Their enemies making money from them

But the rappers are to blind to see

To busy trying to be the top G

Stabbing each other as if they believe

They can be the top dog on the scene

But the top dogs are revelling in the greed

Money made from their artistry

In the background they simply reap

The profit from your blood sweat and tears

But you don’t get that from the music you hear

They are anonymous profiteers

While rappers take out each other year after year

The blood that is spilt reflects the tears

Of their loved ones who’s misery is clear

Music is meant to be enjoyed not feared.

Take me to the mountain


Take me to the mountain

And show me the world

Show me the greedy

And show how their actions hurt

Take me to the mountain

And show me the beauty

Then show me how it’s now plagued

And being destroyed by mindless greed

Take me to the mountain

Becasuse it’s like my church

And from the mountain

I can for the end of these hurts

And redemption and healing for this home, our earth

So take me to the mountain

And take me to church

Show me humanity

At all its worse

And I will prayer for forgiveness

In all that we do

And we will repair the damage

And stop the few

From their exploiting

And ignorant ways

We will do new seeds

Of compassion and love each day

And change humanities way

Take me to the mountain

Take me to my church.

Don’t get it twisted


Don’t get it twisted

Don’t lose yourself

Trying to be

That who others

Seem to think that

You should be

Remember you’re unique

And can be

A little bit crazy

And a whole lot flawed

But those are the things

About you that others

See and adore

Within you

So don’t get it twisted

Be the authentic you

Be honest and true to you

And live how you choose too.

Grind, our a life


Another hard week over

Another week of toil

It’s hard everyday working and flogging yourself

But there is nothing else to do

It’s the way has to be to pay the bills

And I appreciate being employed

But it’s hard work grafting at a job

When it’s w egg iting that I really enjoy

So I rest up over the weekend

Which I know will go by to quick

I just have to keep on going

I have to simply to exsist

It’s a hard life when your faced with the grind

Of a day to day harsh life.



I adventure through jungles

And tropical lands

I travel deserts over vast area of nothing but sand

I sail the oceans on the jet stream

I work on trawlers fishing in the extreme

I hide from spies and enemies

I sit on mountain tops meditating

I woo and seduce the most beautiful girls

I go to places of extreme beauty

I sail the universe on a cosmic yacht

Ride asteroids and jump from rock to rock

Around Saturn’s Ring and visiting its moons

But before to long I come and it always feels too soon

But I know I will be adventuring again soon

Discovering the secrets so long hidden

Finding Atlantis and Camelot’s residing

I discover alien life in far off worlds

This is my life and it’s lived on the edge

And you may ask how is I am not dead

I say that in books which is where I’ve been

The hero and adventurer does not die in these stories

Every book you see, I live it real and breathe

And in return I get to escape from reality

Get to enjoy a little fantasy

Come join me we can live the dream

Spend hot nights doing nothing more than seducing

Beautiful people

And shining our light and liberating

This is the world in of books in which I live.

Philanthropic me


Call me philanthropic

Call me anything you like

It’s not a state of ego being

It’s just about what’s right

Of course I care for myself

But I put others first

Who I see are struggling

Those I see who are hurt

It’s an act of selfless contrition

For being blessed to be

In a safe and decent society

And though I don’t have very much money

I open my mind and eyes to see

The terrible atrocities and wars

Where others live and die fearfully

In my mind I see those dying of starvation

And people who are in need

And those who suffer immense oppression

Are worse off than me

So how can I complain

I just must up my kindness and compassion

And act philanthropically each day

I look one day to define those who make others live this way

To highlight their shameful games

I hp those in misery while they relax in luxury

How can this be right?

But philanthropic people focus on the love and light

And concern themselves with what is right

And let those who hate, kill and lie

To justify this in their own minds

And live with those consequences all the while they breathe.

The sounds I hear


I hear sound

But in truth it’s a wave,

A vibration

That my consciousness then makes,

Into what it is I hear

For it is true and clear,

That all things created

Through the ear,

Our mind and consciousness defines,

So every noise is created in the mind

And it works the same with your eyes,

Which is why we should live our lives

Wide open in each moment,

Taking everything in

For our mind and consciousness

To be creating,

The rainbow colours and all the beauty

As well as all of the amazing symphonies,

That life resonates through,

Vibrations and through waves,

Through frequencies that flow through us time and again,

That helps in everything that we create

And define just who we are,

We’re all energy made from stars.