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Bathroom ghost

Bathroom ghost

She was the victim

The victim of a psycho

A victim slayed

Within a motel bathroom

By a man obsessed about his mother

The two people never knew each other

Now she’s just a lonely bathroom ghost

Haunting the minds of those that know her story

And Norman Bates is now known as the psycho

But both of them are more than this

They represent a movie hit

The imaginings of Hitchcock’s mind

Both created by design

Janet Leigh the bathroom ghost

Norman Bates the psycho

And as the blood is washed down the plug hole

They haunt our very brains

And creates the fame

That was created in that bathroom scene

Norman Bates and Janet Leigh

Hitchcock’s thriller nightmare scene

Rendering them as bathroom ghosts

That memory is the one

That always will be remembered by most like me.

Picture and prompt courtesy of steffthecat

No place for mortals


Gigantic mills

Daunting orifices

Silhouetted in shadow

Hiding monsters within

Ghouls and phantoms

Guard outside

I watch and I hide

I see the grimness

Of the Chairoscuro sky

I feel the malice

And the evil in diguise

This is a place of demons

A true horror scene

A setting for fear

On this Halloween

Enter at your peril

Meet the Ayacusa Queen

A drug induced hallucinogen

In between Hades and Heaven

A place for no mortals

But a place of addiction

Enter this realm

Take a trip through this region

If you survive you’ll be clean

And if you don’t you’ll be eaten.

Trick or treat


I walk through corridors of darkness

I see voodoo imagery around me

I hear whispers abounding in a cacophony

Until I see a sign saying trick or treat, trick or treat

As the darkness envelops me

And I run away, try escape

As the whispers are all screaming at me.

Then I walk into a square room

And I feel the coldness of fear that is doom

And I hear nails scratching on the four walls

As blood pours down like a fountain from the ceiling

And in it I see a sign that sends me reeling

Truck or treat, trick or treat

As the darkness envelops me

And I run away, try to escape

As the scratching builds up with intensity.

And as I wander through this labyrinth

My blood races through my mind

The fear of this place and its time

Are evaporating in this evil darkness that blinds

And I pray to a power more divine

And as I open my eyes, I see demons filling my sight

Threatening to ravage and to feast on me

And my fear consumes every aspect of my being

And then I hear to roar

I have one choice and nothing more

Trick or treat,, trick or treat

So I decide then to flee

To runaway, to escape

But there’s nowhere I can see

To run, I am done, but then I hear the sound of a whispering hum

And the scratching increases and I know it won’t take long

So I scream, trick or treat, trick or treat

You are in control of me

Trick or treat, trick or treat, you are not scaring me.

And as the demons descend upon my body

I feel a light exploding from within my being

And as I open my eyes slowly

I see a silver shining sword in my hand

And as I scream a divine command

I holler trick or treat, trick or treat

The righteous light it flows from me

Trick or treat trick or treat

I send them all back to their dark demesne

I rout them with my strength of faith and belief

Just as the light cleanses everything,

The light in me, the power in me

It destroyed the tick or treats

The faith in me and the strength with which I breathe

Connected up with universal divinity

And the darkness was gone

As the iridescent light shone

On and on for everyone

Shone on and on for everyone

To hear and see and to believe

And I felt the love flowing through me as I breathed

Fearing no more the words

Trick or treat, trick or treat

They no longer will haunt me


Face the wall

Face the wall

Face the wall

Don’t turn around

No matter what you hear

Even if it’s frightening sounds

Face the walk

No matter what

Hear the clock

Tick tock, tick tock

It matters not

If it turns cold

Feel life suspended

Times on hold

Hear the whispers

As they echo around

Echo around, echo around

The fear you feel now

Is more profound

But is is real

Or just in your head

Supernatural undead

Or is it your imagination

As it is running away

Dare you turn around

Face the game in play

Trembling you slowly turn

See in the shadowy night

What you must learn

It seems nothing is there

It was in your head

Until a demon

Screams appearing from the darkness

And now you’re dead.

You should not have turned around

Your corpse now lifeless

Lays on the ground

You’re dead, dead, dead.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

Dark world

A simmering hex in the dark world
Menacing whispers echo round
Incantation spoken in Latin, then a roar
Vibrations shaking and erupting through the floor
Shadows flicker in the sinster light
A feeling of goosebumps and enduring fright
The gnashing of teeth and a salavating sound
This is a dark and dangerous place that we have found
Wickedness resonates around the stone grey walls
Soaked in precipitation, leaving a viscose liquid on the floor
The dark, dank atmosphere I can’t stand any more
The smell of rancid canker pervades in a way that I deplore
Somethings going to happen, something toxic and evil
Something is going to come and is ascending
From the lower levels of life, from the chanel pits where there is no light
Demon snarls and blood curdling cries
Screams of anquish and despair and despite
Haunt every aspect of this dark and dangerous realms
What’s about to happen, nobody can tell
But it may well in murder and violence and gore
What grizzly ending and torture is in store
Premordial beings and depraved hoards
Ready with their battle cries and blood lust in scores
Ripping at the barrier between this world and theirs
All I know is I don’t want to be here to feel their claws
I am desperate to escape but there’s nothing but locked doirs
Is my endgame going to be within their jaws
I feel the fear resonating to my very core
Dark world, dark place, dark incantations
I need to escape I feel pure desperation
Dark world, dark place, somebody opens the door
In flood the hoarded and I am battling in a war
That I can’t win and the deluge of demons wash over me
As these servants of evil and darkness feed their greed
On my flesh and my bones, they’re ripping at my sinews
Dark world, dark place, the horror continues

Night of the demons


Within the deathly hollows

The moon lit up the night

There’s a dance of twilight demons

That have risen up in delight

And dancing around a fire

Mad and intense and full of fright

It’s an eerie kind of feeling

And a scary gruesome sight

They cackle and they howl

Like mad demented souls

Ghouls and spectres float around

While the demons growl and make awful sounds

And the din keeps on getting loud

Before the first light begins rising up

And the monsters are forced to retreat back underground

Then there’s no further noise

And not even a sound.

Chilling vision


Creep into the darkness

The hairs on your neck rise

And stand on end

Feel the nerves under your skin start tingling

She movement out of the corner of your eye

See something moving in the shadows

Feel the horror and terror of the night

Hear the floorboards creak as you take each faltering step

Feel the warmth of the your blood

Running down your neck

As you you never heard and saw them Creeping from behind

You never even felt the sharpness or the shing steel of the knife

As it moved around to your throat

You made no sound not one note

This may be the most chilling story

That you have ever known

The ending of you life in a vivid horror show.