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Night of the demons

Within the deathly hollows

The moon lit up the night

There’s a dance of twilight demons

That have risen up in delight

And dancing around a fire

Mad and intense and full of fright

It’s an eerie kind of feeling

And a scary gruesome sight

They cackle and they howl

Like mad demented souls

Ghouls and spectres float around

While the demons growl and make awful sounds

And the din keeps on getting loud

Before the first light begins rising up

And the monsters are forced to retreat back underground

Then there’s no further noise

And not even a sound.

Chilling vision

Creep into the darkness

The hairs on your neck rise

And stand on end

Feel the nerves under your skin start tingling

She movement out of the corner of your eye

See something moving in the shadows

Feel the horror and terror of the night

Hear the floorboards creak as you take each faltering step

Feel the warmth of the your blood

Running down your neck

As you you never heard and saw them Creeping from behind

You never even felt the sharpness or the shing steel of the knife

As it moved around to your throat

You made no sound not one note

This may be the most chilling story

That you have ever known

The ending of you life in a vivid horror show.

Death in waiting

Darkly, in the as it that turned sharply

Into cold and frosty air

She felt movement everywhere

And as her heart raced and the blood coursed through her veins

You could see her chest rise and fall in a panic like display

And she was nervous of what was soon to be

Would it be a blood letting horror story

In this place illuminated darkly by shades of crimson red

That signified an atmosphere of fear and dread

And as she made her way through corridors of bloodstained walls

She knew exactly as she walked into the big hall what was in store

A nightmare of pain and torture of endless screams and cries

The tension it was palpable as the scent of death started to rise

And sillhouttes could b we made out vaugly in this hall of death

Where many people who had gone before took their final breath

And as she waited in anticipation she felt knife drive in

And as it pierced the skin the pain started to begin

And she could feel the pain and ruin

As the knife stabbed again and again

And as life started to ebb away as she saw the blood flowing

Down the concrete floor towards the drain disappearing

And she wondered what a waste of life and a horrific way to go

As life seeped away in the dark not fast but gradual and slow

To make the whole thing so much worse

She wondered and pondered that no one would know

And the perpertraters would dissolve into the night as all demons do

After enacting this horror show

And as she took one last look around

There was one thing she thought the night should know

If any other man treated her as bad they too would be the next to go

And as she liked the blood from off the blade

She walked away from her ex boyfriend real slow

So that he would realise you don’t treat a demon so

And as he bled to death strapped in a chair from the multiple wounds

She laughed a laugh hysterical then vanished completely into thin air

Without a second thought of conscious care

This beautiful demonic beauty of who men best understand to beware

Because she will take your life in a blink of an eye if you dare

Mess or try to hurt her.

Let’s show them

Let’s stand together

And let’s stand strong

Against all greedy and wrong governments

Let’s stand against their force a n d power

To avoid a future doomsday hour

Let’s show its the people with the power

Let’s show them our strength in numbers

Let’s show them we found the love

And that peace and harmony is more than enough

With no God’s No masters

And lead future generations on to greener more evolved pastures.

She needed her a spine to tingle

It’s a dark night of many screams
At least that is what happens in her dreams
But she knows this is not reality
To many scary books and horror films
But she is addicted to this theme
And she wakes from her night terrors
Covered in sweat and with a wide eyed stare
Only to realise as always all is ok
She laughs as she thinks I made it through another day
Her swear drenched top made her breast display
Round and succulent and they slightly swayed
As she walked go the fridge in her tight bedtime leggings
Her long blonde hair damp and her face flushed
What she needed now was a cold drink
A sensual touch
And something more spine tingling
Such was her addiction to fear and terror
Which made her weirdly very horny.
She opened the fridge door cast light into the dark night
Took out as bottle of drink and gulped on it
She shut the door, there was a bang
It was her cat jumping from the table
Knocking something to the floor
That made her heart race a bit faster.
She went to the sofa and turned on the TV
Watched an erotic type horror movie
As watched her hands wandered
One under her top the other between her thighs
And as she played and created a ryhthm
Laying her head back she felt the fur of the cat
Brushing against her face and felt its breathe
Which she decided was ok
Eyes closed she got nearer and now was at the point of no return
And as her back arched and body squirmed
Getting off she now yeaned
But then she felt a tongue lick her neck
Her eyes opened startled, ‘what the heck’, she said
But one arm clamped around her chest
Another gripped her between the tighs
And out of the corner of her eye
She saw a grisly hairy demon with a long scale tongue
And razor sharp teeth, grey in face and ebony black fur
She heard it murmer ‘mmmm fresh succulent meat, so luscious, must eat,’
Then she felt its teeth sink into her breast
And then move up to her neck
Now she screamed hoping to wake up
And this nightmare would suddenly end
But as she felt the pain and saw her blood flow
She knew it was reality
And as her life and her light faded
She realised this was the most spine tingling thing
She’d ever been experiencing and to think it happened at her climax’s peak.

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Emily and the old lady

Emily visited old people

Every single day,

She sat and kept them company

Wiling the day away,

Emily liked their stories

And how they reminisced,

One day Emily met

An old sophisticated Miss,

Who welcomed her into her home

It still had that fifties feel,

Dimly lit and musky

But Emily didn’t mind at all

She asked her about her story

And wanted to know her past

The old lady sat and smiled for a while

And then just simply laughed

She said I grew up in the shadows

And the dark places of this life

She was never even a mother

Not even a wife

She had been denied

A chance to see the light

Emily commiserated with her

And showed care

And as she looked at her watch after a while of her story

She apologised and said she had to leave

And as she walked towards the door

The old lady said you cannot leave

And as Emily turned to answer

She saw the old lady baring sharp pointy teeth

Her fingers now talons

And claws were where her feet should be

And suddenly she opened up big black feathery wings

And confided in Emily and said its time to eat

And Emily retorted that she didn’t feel the need

But the old lady said to her I think you misunderstand me

You are the main meal to eat

And before Emily could react

She was on her back

With the old lady on top of her

Ripping the flesh from her face

She could not scream or fight back

And the old lady cackled and laughed with glee

She loved these young people visiting

Because it meant it was time to feed.

The bizarre Tale of Alikazar the Arab

The bizzar tale

Of Alikazar

A brave Arab adventurer

Who adventures to far

Went discovering in tombs

And crypts in the desert

To seek out his fortune

And to create his name

But sown in a crypt

Deep within a tomb

He discover much wealth

But as he removed the jewels

Osiris and Isis came to him

And in their ghostly vision

They both screamed at him

In a terrifying and spine chilling screech

That ripped his tongue from his head

Gouged his eyes from their socket

Seared his flesh from his bones

Which ended his quest

This is how Alikazar the Arab ended up dead

Buired with the treasure

That we worship so much

Now his spirit is trapped in the tomb

And wanders the crypt

In search of an exit that now no longer exists.

Trick or treating

Seventeen and trick or treating

This was not her plan for halloween

A party down the road was more her scene

But her little brother needed showing round

With mum and dad as well to protect him against killer clowns

Which to her was ridiculous

Because those sort of clowns don’t really exist

But now they had disappeared in a crowd of dressed up ghouls

And she was on her own know not what to do

Dressed as a zombie cheerleader

Full face paint, and bloodstained cheerleader outfit

She had put a lot of effort into it

With her pair of ponytails dipped in red dye

To offset the ebony black of her hair

And her white face with bleeding painted scars

She looked around and saw a house

With Ann avenue of pumpkins

And at the end a witch beckoning all comes in

She shrugged her shoulders and skipped playfully up the path

As she reached the door it opened

And inside she saw a huge hallway

With stairs rising up in front of her

She stepped in stood still chewing gum

Twiddling one of her ponytails

The out of the darkness came forth from the shadows

A creepy disfigured wretched figure

Hunched over, gnarly crippled legs

Black long hair hanging down over its face

But as it came closer she could see its snake like venomous eyes

Red and seething like lava

And sharp pointy yellowy teeth

Wearing a licivious grimace from ear to ear

It stopped in front of her

She saw his varicose veins under its grey skin

Throbbing as the blood pulsed through its body

It reached out towards her and touched her breast through her top

And giggled maniacally as it did

She barely altered her demenour

And watched as it kneeded her supple breast

Then with its other hand reached its hand on to her thigh

Up under her skirt and gripped her buttock

Now drooling and breathing heavily

Still she just stood chewing her gum

Unconcerned this creature was squeezing her bum

It spoke saying that he craved and long to feast on young flesh

It’s breath stunk of rank death

She smiled and replied that she was afraid feasting on her tonight was out of the question

As the creature snarled in disdain at her and gripped at her body tighter

Her eyes lit up in a red radiance

And she suddenly grabbed the creatures head in her hands

And moved her face into his

And started to bite and rip

Tearing skin from the creatures face

It screamed and painfully wailed

As she set about it and assailed the creature

Pushing it on its back and sitting on top

Her fingernails now talons stripped it’s flesh

Causing veins to spurt

As the creature writhed dying and full of hurt

The roles now well and truly reversed

And when finished stood above the poor beast

It’s eyes flickering it’s last moments of life

She lifted her skirt asking if it liked what it could see

All her clothes now soaked in its blood and dripping

Smiling she returned to her innocent teen demenour

Turned and skipped out of the house singing

‘Trick or treat give your candy to me

And I will give you a thrill you will never believe’

As the door shut behind her the creatures life expired

And she went to meet her brother mother and father

To see if they too had feasted on demons

The same as she had this halloween.

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Morphine induced dreams

Morphine induced dream

In a sedated scene

Killer clowns are on the loose

And mixing with the zombies

Out for blood and out for flesh

I heard blood curdling screams

From victims of this horror show

That are virgin and teens

All prey to the nightmares

All trying to flee

The circus of horror

Of their dreamscape belief

Trapped inside their conscious minds

Filled with psychotic memories

Induced by drugs and medicine

To deal with hyper activity

To keep them all seemingly normal

In a messed up society

It’s very close to Halloween and the real hilarity

Is that this real world is more scary and gory than we could ever truly believe

Let’s all sit and hope that another dose of morphine soon kicks in

And takes us too another world a whole lot better than this

Or will it take us back to the world of horror in between

The this nightmare reality or of the twisted place of our dreams.

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The goosebumped flesh

The chill of the bones

Lost and far from home

In eerie darkness

She feels the fear and dread

In this place

The smell of death

In this place

The smell of rotting flesh

Halloween screams

Become real they seem

In this run down tenement

In this slum dog scene

Behind the bright lights

And pumpkin lit night

Behind the scary mock fright

A real horror is taking place

As she seeks the paranormal

In a place once known

For death, violence and hate

She met her gruesome

Unexpected fate

When she came

Face to face

With the ghostly entity

That terrorised this place

As this once serial killer

Stalked here until forever and a day

Laying waste to life

In vicious ways

As her life was taken that day

After being pushed through a window

On to fence stakes

That were below

Surrounding this place

She died in a hideous

And very grisly way.