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Soul eater

She felt fingers trace her body

Lightly moving over her supple skin

She felt the static charge arousing her

She felt the stirrings soon begin

She felt a the tongue licking her erogenous zones

And began to lose control

In the darkness of her bedroom

She did not know her husband was home

As the sensations raised higher

And her body writhed even more wilder

As she reached her climaxes peak

In the darkness she could see

A witch like hag holding up her husbands severed head

And a demon between her legs

Before she could react she felt

Her spine chilling moment of death

As the demon let upon her body

And devoured her until little was left

And she felt her soul no as part of the demon

And now she too craved sweet succulent flesh.

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Voices in her head

She heard voices in her head

As she lay in her bed

She heard the sound of movement

And it came from down the stairs

She crept out if her bedroom

She wandered around in the dark

But when she turned the light on

She screamed out so loud

Her whole entire family laying butchered in the floor

She couldn’t bare the sight so she ran for the front door

As she stepped outside

The police had just arrived

They took her to the roadside

Then took a look inside

Then they came back and asked her

‘do you know what has happened?’

She looked and shook her head while hysterically crying

Then a young female officer who was comforting her

Placed her in some handcuffs and she became quite disturbed

What was it they were doing

She had just lost her family

Then she looked down and saw the blood on her hands and nighty

Apparently in her confused state and because of the voices in her head

She had a psychotic episode that left her family dead

And when sitting in a prison cell she her the voices say

‘We are the reason for your demonic display

And now we are going to torment you all your life

Until you’re in your grave

Because we are evil thoughts

And you are now our slave.’

The voices thought they had her

Until she hung herself from the bars

And left these voices and thoughts to prowl the police cells at large

To torment another victim

To drive them to extremes

This is a horrendous nightmare

And not just a scary dream.

A bump in the night

A noise heard in the darkness

this new place she lived in creaked and groaned

this place she was hoping to call home

first week of living alone

since the end of her marriage

and the broken heart pain she now carried with her.

She go up out out of her bed,

tied back he long black hair,

she felt the goosebumps rise on her tanned skin

her deep blue eyes scanning the dark for everything

slowly she moved from the bedroom

into the living area of this apartment

refurbished but still within the confines

of an old tenement building

she scanned around the room in darkness

hoping to find everything was alright

that it was just a thing going bump in the night

her curtains were closed, they were made of heavy felt

as the looked out on other apartments

and people could look in as they went past

a sliver of a chill snaked slowly up her spine

as she walked over to look behind

and see if something may be hiding

behind her curtains in the night

she pulled it back slowly almost shaking

going slightly weak at the knees

she did not think for a moment

that she would be able to even breathe

as she pulled it back she saw nothing

then a face appeared and screamed

and she do too and lept backwards

Then she heard the laughter after

furious she looked back out

and saw some teenagers running off

though angry that they scared her

at least it solved what noise had gone off

turning back she walked to the bedroom

but then decided to get a drink

and she went to get some juice

and drank it by the kitchen sink

and as she drank it smiling to herself

why she had scared herself

in the mirror above the sink

a silhouette had followed her

no time to think, no time to move

a tear ran from her eye and down her cheek

I am not sure if the felt the snap before she felt it

but now she lay on the floor on the kitchen mat

a life of sorrow now extinct

caused by a demon created by a writers ink.


I adventure through jungles

And tropical lands

I travel deserts over vast area of nothing but sand

I sail the oceans on the jet stream

I work on trawlers fishing in the extreme

I hide from spies and enemies

I sit on mountain tops meditating

I woo and seduce the most beautiful girls

I go to places of extreme beauty

I sail the universe on a cosmic yacht

Ride asteroids and jump from rock to rock

Around Saturn’s Ring and visiting its moons

But before to long I come and it always feels too soon

But I know I will be adventuring again soon

Discovering the secrets so long hidden

Finding Atlantis and Camelot’s residing

I discover alien life in far off worlds

This is my life and it’s lived on the edge

And you may ask how is I am not dead

I say that in books which is where I’ve been

The hero and adventurer does not die in these stories

Every book you see, I live it real and breathe

And in return I get to escape from reality

Get to enjoy a little fantasy

Come join me we can live the dream

Spend hot nights doing nothing more than seducing

Beautiful people

And shining our light and liberating

This is the world in of books in which I live.

Philanthropic me

Call me philanthropic

Call me anything you like

It’s not a state of ego being

It’s just about what’s right

Of course I care for myself

But I put others first

Who I see are struggling

Those I see who are hurt

It’s an act of selfless contrition

For being blessed to be

In a safe and decent society

And though I don’t have very much money

I open my mind and eyes to see

The terrible atrocities and wars

Where others live and die fearfully

In my mind I see those dying of starvation

And people who are in need

And those who suffer immense oppression

Are worse off than me

So how can I complain

I just must up my kindness and compassion

And act philanthropically each day

I look one day to define those who make others live this way

To highlight their shameful games

I hp those in misery while they relax in luxury

How can this be right?

But philanthropic people focus on the love and light

And concern themselves with what is right

And let those who hate, kill and lie

To justify this in their own minds

And live with those consequences all the while they breathe.

Rack and ruin

I hear a whistle of the wind

Along the abandoned corridors

Of this old deserted building

With is tired and tattered walls and floors

And furniture is discarded and scatter around

I the eerie creaking as well as other sounds

And this building is in deep lament about it’s fall from grace

And you can feel the spirit energy

All around this place

And the memories of the grandeur this place had when it was new

Has now turned to rust a dust and various dirty hues

And this building you can feel it

Is breathing its last breath

And their is no sadder site than a once vibrant building

On it’s very last legs

And no matter how painful it is

No one chose to beg

To save this run down building

Though it’s architecturally blessed

It’s been left neglected to go to rack and ruin

Who h is why it’s on this mess

But as I scoured within it’s walls

I also sensed the smell of death

And read a plaque that told me the only way out of here is via death

An institution for the criminally insane

Who were warped and compassionately totally bereft

So I made my mind up there and then to leave this place of torment

But as I tried the doors were locked

And despite all my shouting and crying

For someone to come and rescue me

This wasn’t going to happen

My phone went dead and suddenly things began to happen

Whispers of insane voices and shadows

Started to surround and envelop me

And soon I realised I was to share these spirits

And this run down buildings painful misery

And disappeared into the realms of deathly invisibility.

Diabolic realms

Diabolo diabolic

From the depths

Of the demonic,

A place of beasts

And twisted minds,

From the brimstone

And the fire pits,

The smell of sulphur

And of death and decay,

Is not the sort of playground

In which you would wish to play,

For this a realm malevolent

With a reek of sadistic irreverence,

That brews up hate, fear and shame

In Satan’s name,

These souls entered hell gates,

To suffer centuries where they subjugate,

For their loss of their faith,

In the darkness of hades

And all that it is,

Flowing with evil corruption of the river styx,

This is no place for anyone lime you or me,

Who has night terror and screams

This is the worst ever midnight that you’ll ever see

And cannot be mistaken for dream.

The lurkers and beserkers

There are lurkers

And beserkers

In the realms

Between our lives

They live unrelenting horrors

In the torment of their mind

Slipping water from the river Styx

Deep down in Hades lair

And a pulsating terror

Resonates from there

A malevolent force of evil

Waiting to reign over us

These lurkers and beserkers

Try to gain our trust

But these defiled beings

Simply crave the lust for blood

And commit heinous crimes

Because they know ow nothing about love

And something in the shadows

Gives you a sudden chill

The next you see is veracious teeth

As you see them baring down

And realise your the prey they’ve chosen to kill.

The wretched

Wretched are those

Who live with evil

Deep within their minds

They claw, they scratch

They bite with pointed teeth

They grasp and gnaw

They spit vitriol

And lurk in the darkest shadows

They hide their contorted

Demonic twisted faces

They emanate from

The darkest places

Of evil and wickedness

They creep they crawl

The demons within them all

Lurking with evil intent

Keep the light burning

And keep them at bay

Or you’ll end up in their denizens.

Walking dead

In my head

There are images of death

They are like zombies

Just like the walking dead

And they’re suffering

For they’ve nothing left

In my head

They’re all dead

Like zombies

Walking dead

They seem bereft

Of meaning

And of all belief

In their grief

They crumble

Until They’re

On they’re knees

In my head

They’re all dead

Like zombies

Walking dead

They’ve lost their souls

Given them away

Without reason

And without shame

In my head

They’re all dead

Like zombies

Walking dead

They’ve got nothing left

They’re hollow