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Demon night

Breathe in, breathe out

This is a night of demons

This night they are out,

Racing up from the basement

Racing around the house,

Searching for a pure soul

That they can latch onto,

Screaming like a banshee

They’re coming after you,

Seeking to possess

To cause malice no more no less,

Or rent you limb from limb

Leaving nothing but an unholy bloody mess,

Breathe in, breathe out

The demons want your soul to possess

Breathe in, breathe out,

They’re after you no less.



Here she was she thought, got distracted by a fine talking charmer without realising what was afoot, by the time she realised though, the trap was set and she was snared. She missed the young woman in the black leather suit, with short cropped white hair manoeuvre behind her. Of course she was a merc it was obvious looking back now. Just a simple needle in her neck and all she remembered was the arms of this woman around her holding her up until the charmer, a tall good looking guy with blonde hair and deep blue eyes dressed in dark blue leather trousers and jacket with a black top underneath helped her carry her to their ship.

She could not gauge the size of the space ship but in these times 2144 she knew it would be small. Times were hard and merc’s were scraping a living.

Just then the woman appeared, the one with cropped blonde hair who injected her. ‘how you feeling? She asked, her concern she thought must be feigned. ‘ Does it matter? It’s not like you care, you knocked me out and abducted me. I guess to either sell to someone in a different sector or to make me a slave on your ship. ‘ the other woman smiled. ‘Smart, I knew it, sexy with it too.’ she was referring to the fact that she was wearing a tight all in one suit like her, in beige, she had long dark hair, tanned skin and green eyes. She was like the other woman shapely. ‘What does sexy have to do with it. Yes I am smart but not smart enough, which why I am in a hold in your ship, locked up.’ the other woman clocked her head smiling, ‘name?’ it was kindly still but sharp demanding an answer, ‘Keira’ , she retorted, ‘ I am Hex’ , the other woman replied, ‘you’re mine now Keira, my little space pet, to do as I will with and I will be doing stuff to you.’ Keira was taken aback, ‘don’t you think that’s for your Captain to decide?’ Hex smiled, he ain’t no Captain just a pretty boy, like a mermaid, luring young women into the trap.’ Keira asked who is captain, ‘ why it is me, Captain Hex, are you scared?’ she said, opening the door to the hold, stepping inside and shutting it. ‘Should I be?’ Keira’ s voice shook as she spoke seeing the mix of menace and lustre in her eyes, Hex unzipped her suit showing her porcelain white skin and firm ample cleavage, ‘no my lovely, no reason to fear’, she then reached behind her back pulling out a large commando knife, ‘as long as you satisfy my varied needs you will be fine. You will always be fine if you do that,’ Keira was shaking now, ‘and if I don’t?’ Hex kissed Keira on the lips while using the knife to lower Keira’s suit zip, ‘you are now my pleasure pet, nothing more. Keep my pleasured your time on this ship will be bearable, fail to pleasure me and we will eat you. We have no need for more crew or passengers and money and food is getting good harder to come by. We have quite a taste for supple flesh like yours now.’ Keira knew she was telling the truth. She knew she was going to have to become the best pleasure pet in the universe or end up as dinner. Her life was going to be very different from now on.


The silhouette

A figure in the darkness caught her by surprise

His silhouette highlighted against a full Moon shining sky

And piercing eyes like blood red drops

That seemed to pierce her inside

His mouth opened and she could see two white ivory fangs

Tipped with blood dripping of the end of them

He spoke in a low growling voice and said ‘why not come with me

I can take you somewhere that you will live for eternity’

But she knew buy the ghastly stare

And the tattered clothes he chose to wear

That it was more important for her to be aware

That he was truly evil and the promise of death he shared

And as she turned to runaway

A hand reached and grabbed her hair

And dragged her screaming into the shadows

This evil demons lair

Where it’s said he feasts on all his victim’s

But their bodies just disappear

And vanish simply without a trace

As if in a nightmare.


Banshee Gothic Queen of Blood and Lust

In her chamber she sat among the red blood like mist surrounding her upon the floor in her black thigh high boots and stockings and her black tight bask setting off the whiteness of her skin. Her black hair tied back highlighting her wild ebony eyes and her red blood soaked lips. She sat in her gothic chamber feasting off the bodies of her victims, both male and female. She luster after the strong essence of men yet delighted in the delicate fragrance of the female form. Savouring the beauty of their sweet juices. She roared with delight as she devoured more and more. She felt the eternal power that their essences would supplement her with. Ripping and tearing, gnashing and biting. Her long fingers digging and diving into her feast, then moving to her mouth to be licked and sucked clean. So into her feast was she, that she never noticed the spirits of her victims crowding round and as their blood ran down her heaving ample white firm breasts, the grabbed her arms and pulled them wide, lifting as they did, then grabbed her legs pulling them wide apart as she struggled, writhed and twisted. She let out screams like a Banshee but still their grip held strong. Suddenly a black hole appeared in the wall of the gothic chamber and she found herself being pulled towards the void. Screaming and Roaring, cursing and shouting, her eyes wide open in wild fear and yet threats of damnation she felt the pull of the void, the power of its suction and I that moment she knew she was damned. Arching her back and through back her head she made one sudden lung to escape but the grip she was held in was the grip of death. Some say if you visit her chamber you can still hear the screams faintly today. The Banshee Gothic Queen of Blood and Lust paid for her evil deeds.

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Nocturnal being

Nocturnal living

Satisfaction in darkness,

Moving in shadows

Avoiding the light,

Not attention seeking

Residing in solitude,

With an appearance of vermisilitude

Of which many don’t believe

They think it’s paranormal

Or just illusory

Simply because it’s never been seen

A being of the darkness

Of nightmares or dreams

Whichever is the way

That you choose to perceive.


Short cut home

Whispers through the trees

Mist covering the ground

The insects and animals sounds

Are the noises to be heard

There is a chill in the air

Dampness from the fine rain

Filtering through the green verdancy of the evergreens

And the moon shines bright

Casting out and iridescent light

And in this scene we see young girl

Somewhere in her twenties

With beauty a plenty

Taking a short cut home through these woods

And as she walks she feels a primordial shiver

Run straight through her warrior like body

Hears sounds of ghouls and demons

Rising up around her giving her reasons

To fear and to panic

But instead she stops and thinks of what to do

And in her mind she plans it out.

Then in a moment in a swirling whirlwind of leaves

And appearing from between all the trees

Forms spring forward on attack she takes side ways steps and a couple back

That give her time to display her martial art skills

That are crafted enough to

Lay her enemy to waste

She then looks around and the surveys the scene

Her foe are all defeated and she feels

The evil that sensed has retreated

So with a satisfied smile she walks away

And as she sees the opening within the glade

And the lights of home resonating her way

She feels the sense of safety again

Before she feels the touch of something on her neck

Cold, slippery and yet

She feels it as it suddenly grips

Her hand grasp and tear at it

She struggles as her feet rise from the floor

And the tendrils grips tighter some more

Attached to a demon that she never saw

And as she struggles in this death grip

No sounds or screws could pass her lips

She thrust her body around and twisted

Struggling to get her feet back on the ground

And she saw the lights of home

And witnessed them get blurry

As she lost focus her face turning blue

She could not believe she missed it

Distracted by thoughts of her family

Had left her vulnerable to the ambush set for her.

Her long slender legs let loose the last futile kicks

Her body contorted and then twisted

Her hands and arms dropped limply to her sides

As her body was left dangling in the night

To cause who ever finds her such fright

Then with a single blink of the eye

Her body was whisked away into the darkness

As the demon mumbled and uttered

Words of her becoming his corpse bride

On which he would savour with delight

An energy of such warrior form and light

Corrupted by his demonic might

Would make the most fitting trophy to display

In a realm of evil and decay.



Down in the deepest cavern

Within a black abyss

A primordial being resides

For a moment such as this

A lonesome explorer

Looking to discover

The previously unknown

It bides its time

And see these with menace

Awaiting its time to feed

And intrepid explorer

Unaware of the risk

Enters its chamber of doom

And without much fuss

Out of the gloom

It pounced and the explorer

Was consumed

So be wary where you

Choose to explore

If you don’t want your life ending to soon.


Self created hell

In the gloaming

She was roaming

In the mists of time and love,

There was silence

The was brooding violence

Riding on the waves,

In the darkness I see lights

In the distance I see slight

Imagery of her in flight

Disturbed by the fright,

That shivered down her spine

As demonic voices rose aloud

And hands tore at her clothes

She felt herself dragged to the ground

And forced into deviance gagged and unable to make any sound,

No one close to hear or witness

Her muffled scream and sounds,

All her protestations fell without making not one ounce of difference

As the demons had their way

Using her and abusing her at every single stage,

Then in her mind she conjured up positivity and light

And this laid waste to all the demons

And turned darkness into light

And as daybreak raised its head

And she found herself laying in a swamp half dead

And lost beyond all reason that she had to survive at all,

She just drown in her own consciousness

Of her self created hell,

That she could maybe have forestalled

If she awakened herself from within her hermit shell.


Delved to deep and went to far

They delved to deep

They went to far

Within this night

Under the stars

They harnessed

Something of malcontent

And ripped apart our world

And left it rent

The ground it shook

The storms they howled

The seas did roar

And we were cowed

In fear and trepidation

Of what they had done

Our graves these ignorant men have dug.



The night is quiet

No sounds can be heard

Not from insects, creatures or birds

A preternatural feeling is filling the air

Something evils coming and you best be aware

It’s hiding in the shadows

It’s creeping through the woods

You should run

If only you could

But it would be a futile effort

For there is nowhere to go

Can you feel the terror

As your skin goes cold

Scanning all around you

You cannot see a thing

Then suddenly you hit the floor

I feel yourself bleeding

And this thing that you were fearful of

Is feasting on your soul and being

It’s a craven harbinger a brute that needs to be eating

Spirits that are filled with fear

Self doubt and self loathing

Feasting on these souls is what keeps the monster going.