She sought demons

She was pretty and slender Dressed in tight leather pants, Beautiful flowing hair And a top that was scant, She entered the house she heard had evil demons This is something she did truly believe in, Walking through the house, up and downstairs She felt chills but she was not scared, When down in theContinue reading “She sought demons”


The watchers watch through portals From places we don’t know, They watch us as as well sleep They see just how we grow, At night they mostly come When we are least aware, They stand watch over us They whisper and they stare, Figuring out what it is to be human They Syphon of ourContinue reading “Beware!”

Curiosity comes with a cost

He walked along the dim neon lit street Steam rising up from the grates below his feet, Al he could hear was the neon hum And the sound of cats fighting all night long, Then he heard the sound of bottles being knocked over Somewhere in the shadows under cover, He moved down to theContinue reading “Curiosity comes with a cost”

Crackle and snap

Crackle and snap I hear the opening act, Somewhere in a mindset Not defined yet, The crackle of a fire A snap of a neck, In darkness there is fear Not illuminated yet, Somewhere in the shadows I see menacing silhouettes, Of all the places I have been This is the scariest of tests, AndContinue reading “Crackle and snap”


Why does the naked for cause offence Our bodies are a design of brilliance, Some cared for more than others Some toned for potential lovers, look, I think the feminine for is the most beautifully sculptured But it may be seen as convoluted, It’s all down to what each individual sees But in men’s bodiesContinue reading “Naked”

Unspectacular, that’s me

My life is kind of unsepectacular It is much the same mundane everyday Interspersed with some minor drama Though I am grateful for this, I would not tempt karma By wish a life more exciting Because although this may appear enticing It may end up being that way for the wrong reasons I like theContinue reading “Unspectacular, that’s me”

Zombies and horror

It’s all about the zombies And the bloodthirsty horror, It’s not about the peaceful life And it’s not about the scholar, Movies get you watching While on the edge of the seat, Using fear and thrills Which as a tactic is cheap, It goes straight to your basic instinct And leaves you on a high,Continue reading “Zombies and horror”


I dream nightmares I dream of the necronomicon, I dream of monsters I dream of the debauched, They haunt me always In darkness and in shadows, This is where they lurk I follow the tales of horror, The tales of witchcraft The art of necromancy, This is my dreams This is how they are decreed,Continue reading “Necronomicon”

Demonic visitation

It was a dark time, and in her dark mind, she lived in house that was dark by design. In this place she felt the chill of the paranormal, heard whispering voices, and muffled screams. This was how when she moved in, she hoped it would be. She loved everything that was weird and freakyContinue reading “Demonic visitation”

Deep loss of self

Deep loss of self Setting deep within Sitting in a room All alone again Hard to grasp who I am And where I am going now I am just sitting in darkness I am lost and alone Dreaming of a place called home That place of warmth and light Where did that safe place goContinue reading “Deep loss of self”

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