It’s not over yet

I don’t think I could love more Or as a result, feel more vulnerable, I don’t think I could ever feel more emotional And to think I’ve gained all this through, the hard knocks of my life, Through owning and learning from my mistakes Because it I am flawed and not always right, I don’tContinue reading “It’s not over yet”

Trust your intuition

Trust your intuition And what you feel deep within, Not your wild and untrained mind But that which grows in your conscious being, Nurture it like a beautiful bloom So that it will prosper, And manifest into the most beautiful flower, That ingrains you with compassion, empathy and tolerance, Which will highlight your inner peaceContinue reading “Trust your intuition”

Irksome to me

There are some awesomely talented writers Who all deserve utmost respect, But some people for some reason Just can’t bring themselves to do it, They can’t separate the artist From the person they represent, This was the same with Oscar Wilde Who they judged more about being gay, Than these few did about his artisticContinue reading “Irksome to me”

A wicked world for some

The world for some can be dark and wicked Those who live in fear of those with the guns, Those who have the money bask in the sun Moving the pawns, those they control and own, To instill fear upon those in the oppressed zones, And through the wickedness and darkness People are killed inContinue reading “A wicked world for some”

If I turn it back on you

You can break my heart You can cause me pain, But only if I let you What if I do not agree to this, What if I decide to be stronger How would you feel, If I refused to allow You effect me like this somehow, If I put up a shield And I refusedContinue reading “If I turn it back on you”

Neptune’s evolving

The no man lands of Neptune Leave me isolated and alone, Yet the caves are quiet a different tale They hide secrets like underground lakes, And life yet to evolve and wake, There are caves carved into great halls and corridors, Where once other species roamed, Within the planet of Neptune We discover things unseen,Continue reading “Neptune’s evolving”

Jungle dwelling

Living life within the mango trees In the swamps of the jungles where I breathe, The steamy heat causing my perspiration These are the jungles of a distant world, I hear the songs of unusual birds Chirping eulogies of sad lamentations, That sound beautiful in isolation, Yet among all of the mango trees On aContinue reading “Jungle dwelling”

Our validation

We cry dry tears Of desperation, We feel the sense Of frustration, That comes from The penetration, Of the mind And it’s reservations, About life, love And self preservation, I sing songs to you In a love dedication, Your are my greatest Healing medication, Humanity I fight for In a sense of salutation, Because IContinue reading “Our validation”

A right wing dedication

We live in a world of hate Where people discriminate, The right wing gammons get nasty They support the Trump and the Conservative Party, These right wing haters fly flags Wear the St. George, Nazi, Confederate badge, They seek division and violence it’s so sad Their ignorance makes me so mad, I live to standContinue reading “A right wing dedication”

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