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Dying world

Dying world

They world dies

And those who care cry,

Crying out for change

But led by those deranged,

Who see do danger

In global warming,

Heads in the sand

They ignore the warnings,

Tides rise and ice caps melt

The world is constantly dealt,

A blow to its health

And its resources,

We must speak out

And use the forces,

Of science to change peoples ways

But the media gets in the way,

Painting those who care

As fanatics and lunatics,

Attacking the you generation

For understanding the climate crisis,

Is very real and does exist

It’s an important fight,

And we must never give up

Stand against those who don’t give a fuck,

Stand up against governments

Who will not act and take this crisis seriously,

We are the true power, you and me.

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We are born with a power to determine our own lives,

Yet it is bred out of us as we grow up

Then we feel dutiful to those who say they control us,

But that’s simply not true we’ve just lost touch,

And we don’t strive enough to gain back self empowerment,

We believe this is a futile and subversive thing to do,

But reclaiming your righ to determine your own future,

Is the greatest achievement that you can choose,

Reclaiming the power to make your own decisions

To speak with your own voice, using your own words,

Living a life doing what you want to do,

Is what we’re here for and why we exist,

Not simply to act out lives a puppets.

Can we talk


Can we talk

And communicate,

Without a need

To get angry or hate,

Agree to differ

Respect others views,

We have differing opinions

Both me and you,

And there’s absolutely

Nothing wrong with that,

But we can exchange knowledge

When we chat,

And share different beliefs

Without any need,

To get unnecessarily nasty.

She laughs


She laughed all the time

In lieu of not knowing what else to do,

It was easier than despairing

It was far better than crying,

So she hid her fears and stress

Beneath her smiles and laughter,

She never truly believed in happy ever afters

But she did the best she could to make it by each day.

Walking with balloons


I am walking with balloons

Along a cliff top edge,

Flying in the wind in rainbow colours,

People looking strangely at me

Asking me what it is I am doing,

I say each balloon is for me a dream

That my life is representing,

And each day I leave my house

I decide to let one loose,

And when I do it means I let a dream fly free

And then living it is down to me,

Living out my dreams, is important you see,

Walking along with them in tow

Represented by balloons,

In rainbow coloured form,

Along a cliff top edge

Overlooking the sea,

Letting loose and setting free my dreams,

Let your dreams fly freely,

So you can be what you want to be, like me.

Unskilled, really?


Low skilled unskilled

Who defines this

To do a job well

Then it require skill to do it

Many who never cleaned

Or worked in care

Wouldn’t last a day

So how is that fair

Every job requires

Some kind of skill

And if no one did the so called menial jobs

How would life be for you and me

Certainly a lot more dirty

With old and sick people left alone

Bins and rubbish never cleared

A lot more illness from bacteria

Then all we will hear is you moan

So maybe people should show a lot more respect

To do the so called unskilled jobs

To there very best.

Not the answer


Left wing manifestos

Right wing shams

Either way you go

You’re always damned

Politics is not the answer

Because the system is fixed

The establishment oppresses us

With its clever destruction tricks

And while we are all arguing

About which side we are on

The system just keeps

Going on and on

Instilling doubt and fear into us

It’s been happening since birth

And too few of us kick up a fuss

Indoctrinated through school

To work in jobs like slaves

Taught this is the right way to behave

Step of line when you see it’s all a con

They will label you an anarchist

And beat you with their truncheons

If you try to rebel they’ll label you a freak

Look for any sign in you that they can exploit as weak

Then feed it to the media

Who lap it and feast on you

Whipping up pure hate and hysteria

So while you’re living like an automaton

They’ll live the good life and it’s champagne they’ll be sipping on

Now tell me that the system is not wrong

Seeing people sleeping in dooways

And public conveniences

Shows a lack of of equality

And that society needs fixing

So why not open yours and use your fuckin head

We need new answers to the problems

And politics as we know it is not one of them

So it may as well be dead

And if it isn’t right now

Watch this space because it soon will be.