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Love comes from nowhere

Soon enough loves comes

It rides in on a stallion

Unbeknownst to anyone

It comes out of sight and mind

At times least expected

From places never conceived of

That is how love works

And cannot be forced

Cannot be in anyway cajoled

It’s something that can’t be controlled

Comes out of nowhere out of the folds

Of seemingly nothingness at all

Then entraps us within its thrall

Imprisoning us once and for all

That wonderful moment that defines our call

To be loved and love in a beautiful pall.


A mirrored lake shimmering

Sun reflects off of it glimmering

This is nature in full flow

Bask in its golden glow

Resonating as it grows

Surrounded by verdant mountains

My passion and sap is mounting

When I see its beauty there is no doubting

The wonders and miracles

That it has in store for us who have eyes to see

That allows us to wax upon it lyrically.


Those who lead gain strength

Everytime we choose ignorance

Their power relies on our passivity

Which in turn allows abuse and corruption

And the knowledge they hold that we are uninclined to react

Makes them more brazen about twisting the facts

They know we won’t question or demand more

We even allow them to get away with breaking the law

You want to know why society is so bad

Why capalism makes me so mad

Because it is set up to benifit those up the top

That greedy one percent that just will not stop

Destroying our planet ruining society

By promoting greed over everything

It gets so life is cheap and only money matters

Never mind it leaves the environment

And humanity in tatters

Do don’t choose ignorance

Choose to be free

By being aware and living consciously.

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Even the most brutal can be broken

But it’s usually after all the damsgr that they’ve done

Even the most wicked can cry

But only after so many have suffered and died

Yet someway we must find

A way to offer them forgiveness over time

Not just for them but for your own peace of mind

Forgiveness is an action do divine

It stops hate from rendering you blind

And it can help you heal

While they have to live with their aful deeds

I ask you to believe me

It’s the truth that ultimately

Will always set us free

Will always see us achieve higher frequencies of light

And show that we come from love

And take us right back there and will keep us safe

So we have capacity for forgiveness.

Tenderness is me

Tender are my kisses

Kind are my thoughts

Warm are my arms

Mine is a love than can’t be brought

Generous is my nature

Golden is my soul

I will never take your freedom

I don’t seek control

What’s the point in that

You are perfect from what I can see

There is nothing that I believe

That you need, except hopefully me

I can scarcely breathe

In the presence of your beauty

I wish you to take me into your heart

So we can surely start

A love and romance that’s never ending

Everything I have I am sending out to you

In a hope that maybe you feel the same way too.

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Power driven

Driven by a power

Driven by a force

That excepts no excuses

That expects strength

Even in those moments

When you’re marching on your own

Standing out and sending out messages

Of love, peace, unity and equality

Being the one who can strive to be mighty

Who can use awareness and love

To become a true wonderman

Transcending to spirit from being human

Driven by a power

Driven by a force

There can be no excuses

And only strength will suffice

To convey the messages to combat

Violence, greed and hate

Are you listening?

Am I talking to myself?

Be the messanger like me

Spread good vibes to humanity

Send out messages of love

We can never share these emotions enough

Say something of meaning

Wake up from dreaming

And believe in me

And join with me

In being driven by a power

Driven by a force

Make no excuses

For you are strong enough

To help cause a change

To cause a paradigm shift

To improve the way we all live.

Born from spirit love

Turn of faith

Turn of a tarot card

Instilled belief

Even when things are hard

Look for the light

Even in the darkest night

Raise our chakras

Through meditation practice

Resonate our aura

Through the art of love

Find inner peace

Accepting we’re enough

And rejecting greed

Shine out, like the spirits we were born to be.

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Touch and go

We agreed on touch and go

We decided we would sow

A seed of love that night we met

And never meet again

But it was never going to be that easy

Your beauty teased my memory

That night that we both shared

Showed me that you were raised in flair

That moment that we shared

Was a blissful love of pure affection

We both embraced this love injection

And when we kussed goobye

I know for both of us it was touch and go

How are we meant to ignore the seed we sowed

But somehow we’ve managed to let it all flow

And it the memories I harbor I felt the warmest golden glow

Neither of us may ever truly know

It could have been so different

Rather than this hesitating touch and go.

Despite a tough life

I live in hardship

I’ve been through so much,

I’ve been through so much pain

I’ve taken far too much

Yet I am still smiling

And I am still rooted in love

I stay positive and I stay in touch

With everything that’s spiritual

And that lifts me up

When it comes to hate

I’ve seen to much

It doesn’t do a thing for me

I live for better days

I live within the present

The past I let fade away

I’ve been forced to grow strong

I’ve never had a choice

Yet I still feel compassion

And gratitude and appreciation

I still love my enemies

Though others may find it frustrating

I keep my anger in check

I keep myself centered

Despite living a hard life

I do what I know is right

And this has lead me to find

Some happiness in my mind and life.