Heart failure

Decalcification of the arteries and vessles to the heart are needed it seems to me that it is causing a blockage and so the love is being impeded we are running the risk of major heart failure if we don’t realize this our world and societies are collapsing in on themselves as a result ofContinue reading “Heart failure”

Written in the stars

We live in times of science Where they are exploding every myth Trying to sell us stories that in death there’s nothingness But this is something they’ve got wrong And that there’s never nothingness For as long as there’s a universe then our love will still exist. Love is the very essence and the energyContinue reading “Written in the stars”

True friend

Have you ever felt lonely Have you ever felt lost Have you been in despair Have you had to pay the cost Of investing and attaching To something in this life That left you in such turmoil That all was left was pain and strife. Now I could tell you these are challenges And tasksContinue reading “True friend”

don Miguel Ruiz

I live my life with gratitude, love, loyalty and justice beginning with myself and continuing with my brothers and sisters. You have all our love. Sincerely, don Miguel Ruiz don Jose Ruiz don Miguel Ruiz Jr.

Nothing is set in stone

Smile like the sun be as fluid as the sea ebb and flow and don’t attach to any beliefs for in a world that of impermanance nothing is set and fixed we have to be prepared to move with paradigm shift.

Heart of glass

A heart is precious Fragile like glass Take care of it When you accept the task Of loving someone Heart and soul Don’t let it be said it’s you who broke It into pieces A shattered mess Treat them like you are blessed To be given this heart to hold This most precious gift you’llContinue reading “Heart of glass”

The Journey home

Resonating, vibrating The paradigm shift is changing Harmonics sounds, frequencies Helping energy flow through me Like a vortex, pyroclastic I explode in visions fantastic Fireworks and rainbows I feel the love expand and grow Like the duality of love and life And the difference between Day and night and the contrast of light and darkContinue reading “The Journey home”


Fight for life Fight for love Fight wrong Fight for right Fight racism Black and white Fight homaphobia Straight or gay Fight for love Each and every day Fight for rights The right to live, to survive Fight for love and compassion Day and night Fight for life

Life giver

Refugee washed up on the shore Dead child on the sand what was this for Tell me the point of this war Who are the good guys I am not sure. All I see are people suffering Homes bombed out left with nothing Streets where children played Now as quit as a grave Forced toContinue reading “Life giver”

Life’s a beach

We walk along the beach coast line bask in the pure radiant sunshine holding hands and making plans feeling between our toes the sand this moment it was oh so perfect We never wanted it to end. we sat on rocks and watched the gloaming as the sun began to set. Looking out at theContinue reading “Life’s a beach”

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