Bad decisions

We make bad decisions At some time But that’s not us defined, We choose sometimes To go down the wrong path But these bad decisions never last, So don’t beat yourself up about it Look for ways that you can change or learn from this, Don’t feel somehow maybe you’ve failed Because bad decision weContinue reading “Bad decisions”

Mental health

In times of stress Remind yourself, That you are not Your mental health, Tell your mind It’s time to shut down, Still your thoughts Let it make no sound, Believe and simply Take time to breathe This is your chance To take it easy, This is the time To believe you are amazing, Imprint itContinue reading “Mental health”

Wayfair truth

The trafficking of children has taken a new twist It seems that Wayfair could be a vehicle for the super rich To buy and sell children under the guise of furniture, that’s sick Each piece baring the name of missing kids, is that the link? Wayfair say it’s furniture cost so much because it’s industrialContinue reading “Wayfair truth”

Undermining you

We undermined by things we read on the internet, We doubt ourselves and wonder if we need a personality check, So to do this we go back online Rather than study the real us inside, And consume all the answers because Google is always right, We’ve sacraficed ourselves at the alter of the internet AndContinue reading “Undermining you”

I love

I love to love all of life Love to love it’s freedom I never try to cage it I get pleasure of of releasing it I love to set love free Then see it come back to me I love to watch it playing Seeing the pleasure in its, desirings I am a voyeur ofContinue reading “I love”

Venezuelas suffering

In the barrios of Venezuela Times are certainly tough Choked by US sanctions Out of imperialistic lust Look other South American States who suffered the same in the past You see the poverty and destitution Will continually last Because its in America’s backyard Sovereign status means nothing to some Ask Iraqis and the Syrians CovertContinue reading “Venezuelas suffering”

Surreal celebration

Shadows cast but dancing alone Egotistical dreams in velvet thrones Satin hearts bleed yet remain serene Conscious thought resides in serendipity Ghostly apparitions tread the Boards And whispering children are the source. Night time passes over us reflecting Moonbeams and light rays Bouncing off water as it ripples Leaving shimmering mirror imagery This is aContinue reading “Surreal celebration”


Frustration Washing over Frustration I find it hard to breathe Frustration I just need a break Frustration I need a release today I need to have some good fortune come my way I need opportunities to raise my frequency Maybe then it may own, I will finally achieve Just what it is I am tryingContinue reading “Frustration”

Feminine display

She wears clothes that show her style She has an infectious radiant smile She glistens in the summer sun She is happy never glum For she is beauty she is grace A modern woman in everyway She always pays her own way Works towards her goals each and every day To follow her ambitions, workContinue reading “Feminine display”

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