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Lost memories

Lost memories

Of a thousand past lives

Lost memories

They linger somewhere deep in mind

I get those flash back moments

I get the deja vu

I think I spent past lives with you

So many people from my soul group

Come and go but you stay

As if you are afraid that we may fade away

Lost memories

Telling tales and stories

Of our eternity

It’s all true as long as you believe

That life is lived spiritually

Within the realms of cosmic dreams

Where within the universe

We grow together healing hurts

And raising up our vibrancy and tuning into frequencies

That make our love resonate

In a golden luminescent waves

Sweeping us into an Isle of solitude

Where we can choose to

Reflect and ponder upon the theme

Of our lost memories

Of a thousand past lives

Lost memories

They linger somewhere deep in mind

But every time I see your face

Something reminds me

That this is not the first or last time we will ever meet.


Falling down

There are those who fall down

Who just need some help,

Will you be the one holding out your hand

And when they fall down,

Will you declare out loud

This could be me or you,

So take a little time to,

Pick them up again

It’s the right thing to do

And though they may not have a home or name

And though they’ll probably fall back down again,

It’s still alright to help them

Pick them up and set them on their way

And though things look like they may not change,

It’s the best that we can do

And very time you help them up

And show them just a little love,

I want you to know I am proud of you

Because it’s the right thing to do.

Can’t help myself

You are hot,

Hot to trot

And I like looking,

At you a lot,

Is that a problem?

Just let me know,

I don’t want to offend

So just let me know,

Is it OK? To check your curves,

Your leggings and jeans

So tight it’s absurd,

Is it OK?

That I may pay,

Your fit body that you display

Some respectful attention by the way

But if you say no

I will go with the flow

And drift away,

But you are amazing I have to say,

The way you move

In fact everything about you,

Just simply has my eyes glued in truth,

Let me know if you think I am being rude

But I want study every inch of you

I got the hots for you.

Heart break

My heart breaks

Over things I see

Over the inhumanity

My heart breaks

When I see

What we do to our ecology

My heart breaks

When I see

The people who lead

That are guilty

Of participating

In all these things

Getting away with

All the things scot-free

And it’s all done

In the name of politics

And the big lies

They sell you and me

My hear breaks

When I see

Innocent people dying

Just for greed

And wealthy expediency

My hear breaks

As I see

The public following

Just like a flock of sheep

And it makes my heart break.

The penance

Your penance

Is to give to me

Your fine lines

And sculptured body

Tell me every thought

And your deepest needs

Tell me everything

You can do for me

Let me gaze upon your beauty

Peruse you find mind

As I choose

As a penance

You must submit to me

So that we can become one

For eternity.

Queen of the Nile

Porcelain skin

She’s a Nubian,

Queen of the Nile

Beautiful and wild,

Rules the desert

With grace and style,

Yet as a warrior queen

Her sword is keen

And there’s blood dripping,

For those with thoughts

Of userping,

Her position of strength

Her position of power,

Bow to her or simply cower,

This wondrous

desert flower,

I wish to see and simply savour

This Egyptian goddess

So tempting to flavour,

Cleopatra my true love saviour.

I dream this dream

Because I crave you

And wish I could have spent

Time loving you

And saving you from

The asp’s bite,

You represent

A Nile delight,

She is legendary

She is beauty and might.


Young she was and able to tease

Though inexperienced her eyes gave pleas

That she as temptation was in need of release

And had a beautiful body built to please

And that’s all many men saw

But beyond and within there was so much more

And if her conscious mind you chose to explore

You would know she deserved to be adored

Her wit and her wisdom as to her intellect

Set her apart from being just an object of sex

Though her toned abdomen

And toned long slender legs

Were to many an added privilege

She had the most stunning long dark silken hair

Lips so red you would want to kiss if you dare

Her eyes deep blue resonate an ocean

I think she emits a love sick potion

That men drank in whenever near

She was irresistible that much was clear

Though at an age where she had not long left her teens

She was still inexperienced in a sense that was worldly

Still occasionally gullible to the ploys of men

Who sort to be taking advantages

Still she had the ability to make men go weak at the knees

Or breakdown them down effortlessly

When they tried to treat her like she was naive

Or tried to own her because she loved being free

This girls transition to womanhood

Was an awesome sight to see.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

What’s the score?

As the rich get richer

And the poor just die

It beggars belief

And leaves me asking why?

People still follow

And lay down their lives

For the prosperity of others

And to grant them through right

To hold power over us

To exploit us and keep us down

I just can’t understand why we allow

This travesty to continue time after time

Tax relief for the wealthy

Benefit cuts for the poor

You should see by these actions

Exactly what is the score.

The domesticated servant

I knew this woman as plain as could be

Would never have guessed her mystery

She would knit up a storm

While she sat in the warm

She would cook up a feast

That would fill a hungry beast

She would clean round the house

She was hygienically proud

She was the most domesticated woman

You would ever meet

But the lights went out and she was free

Home would come her husband

And she was always ready to please

Saucy lingerie and tight little dress

That could hold in her breast.

She turned into an insatiable seat nymph

That others would have call slut

But this ain’t true because what she it’s all for love

It’s only for her husband

And she gives him the full works

Blows his mind and gratifies

That how she sees her role as his wife.

Then in the morning

No more fishnets

No tight dress

Just a prim and proper respectable lady

Of who would expect nothing less

But behind close doors

And when the lights go out

She’s like an animal sharing lust

And husband is the most satisfied man

Who loves her so much

A cook in the kitchen

The cleaner of the house

A domesticated servant

Without any doubt

She cooks and cleans but in the bedroom

She act the whore to the extreme

And it works because they both know it’s fantasy

But which side of her is her true reality.

(At the end of it all he gets a nice scarf).

Via: Daily Prompt : Knit