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The penance

Your penance

Is to give to me

Your fine lines

And sculptured body

Tell me every thought

And your deepest needs

Tell me everything

You can do for me

Let me gaze upon your beauty

Peruse you find mind

As I choose

As a penance

You must submit to me

So that we can become one

For eternity.


Queen of the Nile

Porcelain skin

She’s a Nubian,

Queen of the Nile

Beautiful and wild,

Rules the desert

With grace and style,

Yet as a warrior queen

Her sword is keen

And there’s blood dripping,

For those with thoughts

Of userping,

Her position of strength

Her position of power,

Bow to her or simply cower,

This wondrous

desert flower,

I wish to see and simply savour

This Egyptian goddess

So tempting to flavour,

Cleopatra my true love saviour.

I dream this dream

Because I crave you

And wish I could have spent

Time loving you

And saving you from

The asp’s bite,

You represent

A Nile delight,

She is legendary

She is beauty and might.


Young she was and able to tease

Though inexperienced her eyes gave pleas

That she as temptation was in need of release

And had a beautiful body built to please

And that’s all many men saw

But beyond and within there was so much more

And if her conscious mind you chose to explore

You would know she deserved to be adored

Her wit and her wisdom as to her intellect

Set her apart from being just an object of sex

Though her toned abdomen

And toned long slender legs

Were to many an added privilege

She had the most stunning long dark silken hair

Lips so red you would want to kiss if you dare

Her eyes deep blue resonate an ocean

I think she emits a love sick potion

That men drank in whenever near

She was irresistible that much was clear

Though at an age where she had not long left her teens

She was still inexperienced in a sense that was worldly

Still occasionally gullible to the ploys of men

Who sort to be taking advantages

Still she had the ability to make men go weak at the knees

Or breakdown them down effortlessly

When they tried to treat her like she was naive

Or tried to own her because she loved being free

This girls transition to womanhood

Was an awesome sight to see.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

What’s the score?

As the rich get richer

And the poor just die

It beggars belief

And leaves me asking why?

People still follow

And lay down their lives

For the prosperity of others

And to grant them through right

To hold power over us

To exploit us and keep us down

I just can’t understand why we allow

This travesty to continue time after time

Tax relief for the wealthy

Benefit cuts for the poor

You should see by these actions

Exactly what is the score.

The domesticated servant

I knew this woman as plain as could be

Would never have guessed her mystery

She would knit up a storm

While she sat in the warm

She would cook up a feast

That would fill a hungry beast

She would clean round the house

She was hygienically proud

She was the most domesticated woman

You would ever meet

But the lights went out and she was free

Home would come her husband

And she was always ready to please

Saucy lingerie and tight little dress

That could hold in her breast.

She turned into an insatiable seat nymph

That others would have call slut

But this ain’t true because what she it’s all for love

It’s only for her husband

And she gives him the full works

Blows his mind and gratifies

That how she sees her role as his wife.

Then in the morning

No more fishnets

No tight dress

Just a prim and proper respectable lady

Of who would expect nothing less

But behind close doors

And when the lights go out

She’s like an animal sharing lust

And husband is the most satisfied man

Who loves her so much

A cook in the kitchen

The cleaner of the house

A domesticated servant

Without any doubt

She cooks and cleans but in the bedroom

She act the whore to the extreme

And it works because they both know it’s fantasy

But which side of her is her true reality.

(At the end of it all he gets a nice scarf).

Via: Daily Prompt : Knit

Born bad

Is there such a thing as being born bad

I see pictures of young killers and it’s sad

to think they can commit such brutal crimes

grow up to be a psychopath defined

blame it on the parents is what they say

but what if the parents are not that way?

is it suffering they develop through the things they see

through the internet and the plasma HD television screens

I am not sure if you can be born bad

I really hope you can’t because that would be so sad

but the young today are now so desensitized to violence and to crime

I find it dealing with these harsh times.

Reflections in the mirror

The wind blew with fury and the whole house shook, the window shutters flattered in their frames as the old empty house freaked and groaned, the dark corridors gave hints of malevolent promises of demonic fear. In the empty sitting room sat Laurie and her friend Cassie who were looking after the house for a local letting agency. There was no heating and so the pair sat with thick jumpers on and heavy jackets and in jeans. Both sat on either side of the table with candles between them burning casting light. They were caretaking the property for some much needed cash. They knew that the house had a questionable history. People had gone missing in the past here but still they felt it was fine and just urban legend and superstition.

As the night went on and the wind grew fiercer Cassie heard what she thought was singing coming from upstairs and so the pair went to investigate Cassie checked one bedroom and Laurie checked the other, however as each came out they could not find the other searching both went to the bathroom and as they checked in there theyy both noticed the other in reflecting back behind them in the mirror. Both young women were mortified and fearful. Neither one knew what to do. They spoke to each other in panic and despair, scared and wondering what would happen next.

They agreed to go into the main bedroom. Which had bigger mirror in the wardrobe. Arriving in the main bedroom the same phenomenon was replicated as the bathroom except this time Lawrie noticed Cassie was in a winter snow covered castle courtyard and Cassie noticed Lawrie was in a foggy cobbled alleyway in an old town somewhere. Both described each other’s settings to each other oblivious to the settings themselves. As they spoke Lawrie noticed a figure dressed in a robe with a good up obscuring any face or features. As the figure approached Cassie in the mirror turned to face the figure, the figure lunged forward and saw a blade tear out of Cassie’s back then disappear as it was withdrawn, then with a flash of shining blood dripping light it severed Cassies head. A slight pause followed before her body dropped lifelessly to the floor. Cassie told Lawrie what happened. Lawrie knew a similar fate awaited her. Turning she saw in the fog a figure approaching. As the figure lunged forward Lawrie parried the blade and kicked her assailant between the legs feeling sure it was a man. The figure staggered backward and she pinned them to the wall, she made a grab for the blade and pulled it from the figures grip and plunged it deep into the heart of her assailant. Her assailant in a heavy coat with a hood gasped as the blade plunged deep into the heart. Lawrie pulled back the hood. It was Cassie! She had just killed her friend. Cassie saw this in the mirror with a look of horror dropped to her knees. Lawrie noticed in her mirror that the clocked figure had picked up Cassie’s head and held it aloft. The figure then took off the hood. To her horror she saw it was herself. In both setting Lawrie had killed Cassie. In both settings she was devoid of emotions But in the bedroom she cried hysterically. Just then she heard a noise outside the door of the bedroom. Then the door was being beaten upon and was rattling in its frame and bright light shone in around the edges. Lawrie panicked and saw a knife on the dressing table under the window, grabbing it she moved to the door, as she got there the door flew open and Lawrie lunged forward, as she did she felt the knife go in to the assailant. In that moment the light diminished and Lawrie realised that it was Cassie and that she had stabbed her in the heart. Lawrie wore a look of shock, Cassie looked at the knife in horror before closing here eyes and collapsing. As she did Lawrie was left holding the bloodied knife. Lawrie sobbed over her friends dead body. As she did so she heard another noise from the corridor outside the bedroom. She stood up to investigate, tears still streaming down her face and hand with the knife in shaking. As she moved forward she saw Cassie and was relieved, dropped the knife and walked forward so happy to see her friend. In that instant Cassie produced a long blade and cut of Lawries head in one swipe. Instantly Cassie transformed into a demonic looking figure. It stepped over Lawrie lifeless body before disappearing into darkness.

Neither body of either young woman was ever found and they were added to the list of missing persons at the local police station.

The orange man said

The orange man said, he knew what he was doing

then he led the world to ruin,

dividing people rather than uniting them.

The orange man said, put your trust in me and everything will be ok

then he denied there is anything such as climate change

and then the world decayed

but people still believed and followed him anyway.

The orange man said, I will be good for you

just follow my lead

and they all did just that,

and then the nuclear war ensued

and we all ended up dead

this is something the orange man never said

but it was in his head

and because of this there was no humanity left.


Via: Daily Prompt: Orange

Careful who you mess with

They saw me as mild and meek

An easy target for I appeared weak

But I am a paranoid psycho killing machine

And I smell their blood

And it is calling me to feast

On the carcasses that is their dead bodies

I suck them dry and leave like an empty dried up shell

They messed with something

That should not of

And because of this they have now been slaughtered

So be wary when messing with those you do not know.