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Surreal celebration

Shadows cast but dancing alone

Egotistical dreams in velvet thrones

Satin hearts bleed yet remain serene

Conscious thought resides in serendipity

Ghostly apparitions tread the Boards

And whispering children are the source.

Night time passes over us reflecting

Moonbeams and light rays

Bouncing off water as it ripples

Leaving shimmering mirror imagery

This is a time for us to sit an enjoy

The party of conscious surreal reality

Created in scenes and patterns

From the human mind

An entity still unknown yet by nature is divine

I echo past beliefs which are perspicacious by design

Yet understand still all is fine

Because for its all created by our abstract findings

Over a millennium of time.

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Washing over


I find it hard to breathe


I just need a break


I need a release today

I need to have some good fortune come my way

I need opportunities to raise my frequency

Maybe then it may own, I will finally achieve

Just what it is I am trying to be


Holds me down


I can’t make a sound


I need to be discovered

I am hoping desperately to be found.

Feminine display

She wears clothes that show her style

She has an infectious radiant smile

She glistens in the summer sun

She is happy never glum

For she is beauty she is grace

A modern woman in everyway

She always pays her own way

Works towards her goals each and every day

To follow her ambitions, work and faith

Nothing ever gets in her way

She is independent and shares her love

She is individual yet her kindness overflows her cup

Compassionate at heart and full of warmth in soul

She is all embracing never cold

But she is strong and intelligent I have to say

An amazing example of the feminine divine on display.

Words of power

Words are power

Words can kill like guns

Controlled by those who don’t care enough

Words can incite hatred and death

Words can lead to the loss of breath

To those who are innocent but get in the way

Then they claim those words that they displayed

Were simply jokes and they never meant it

These people are completely demented

They don’t know the power of the words they use

So they use them to hate and abuse

Then as reaction by those easily lead

Act on these words and leave people dead

People need to take care of the words

That they use because they cause hurt

It’s not a intellectual thesis or point of view

It’s simply the brutal truth

Words are dangerous used by the ignorant and hateful few

And those who die because of this leave their blood on you.

Patina covers everything

Over time I’ve sat here in my home

And life has come and gone

And time has flown

And all the things have gotten old

Just like my looks and soul

And I sit here staring at the antiques

And I see the patina and my eyes weep

The greeny brown film is covering everything

And if I had the eyes to see

Maybe I would have witnessed

The same film creeping over me

As a show of age that’s passing

But unlike my antiques I know I am not so everlasting

Sitting in this place, this home

Everything has grown so old

Everything has been left behind in time

And cobwebs dust and patina covering everything

Are not the only signs I can see

I see the age through the wrinkles and the grey hair about me

This will be eulogy that will end up defining me

At the end

Covered in patina dust and cobwebs.

‘I don’t care,do you? ‘

‘I don’t care, do you?’ written on the jacket

Of a superficial person who is in on the power and greed racket

The answer to your question is yes I care very much

And I also care that those close to those who rule

Should also care as much too

A superficial person said it didn’t mean anything

While jetting off too see children in caged imprisonment

Now either you have to be very ignorant

Or calculating sick to think you can where a jacket

Saying something like this

And to think that no one will mind or take any offence

After all this superficial person is married to the US President

Who uses innocent children to gain political ground

She was off too visit these children of supposedly illegal immigrants

Yet Trumps dad was one of them back when he was a kid

And this superficial person is also an immigrant to

Got her green card to a better life by getting with and on you know who

She is either so stupid or so cold to actually act this way

But I guess all I have to say is I don’t care about you, do you?

Do you care you’re hypocritical

Uncaring bordering on brutal

And when you look into the mirror do you realise and see your just another immigrant too.

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Lost memories

Lost memories

Of a thousand past lives

Lost memories

They linger somewhere deep in mind

I get those flash back moments

I get the deja vu

I think I spent past lives with you

So many people from my soul group

Come and go but you stay

As if you are afraid that we may fade away

Lost memories

Telling tales and stories

Of our eternity

It’s all true as long as you believe

That life is lived spiritually

Within the realms of cosmic dreams

Where within the universe

We grow together healing hurts

And raising up our vibrancy and tuning into frequencies

That make our love resonate

In a golden luminescent waves

Sweeping us into an Isle of solitude

Where we can choose to

Reflect and ponder upon the theme

Of our lost memories

Of a thousand past lives

Lost memories

They linger somewhere deep in mind

But every time I see your face

Something reminds me

That this is not the first or last time we will ever meet.

Falling down

There are those who fall down

Who just need some help,

Will you be the one holding out your hand

And when they fall down,

Will you declare out loud

This could be me or you,

So take a little time to,

Pick them up again

It’s the right thing to do

And though they may not have a home or name

And though they’ll probably fall back down again,

It’s still alright to help them

Pick them up and set them on their way

And though things look like they may not change,

It’s the best that we can do

And very time you help them up

And show them just a little love,

I want you to know I am proud of you

Because it’s the right thing to do.

Can’t help myself

You are hot,

Hot to trot

And I like looking,

At you a lot,

Is that a problem?

Just let me know,

I don’t want to offend

So just let me know,

Is it OK? To check your curves,

Your leggings and jeans

So tight it’s absurd,

Is it OK?

That I may pay,

Your fit body that you display

Some respectful attention by the way

But if you say no

I will go with the flow

And drift away,

But you are amazing I have to say,

The way you move

In fact everything about you,

Just simply has my eyes glued in truth,

Let me know if you think I am being rude

But I want study every inch of you

I got the hots for you.