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Unwelcome advances

Brutish men think they can force their libido

On what they perceive as weak and vulnerable women

But when they do this they define themselves

As desperate and insecure men

Feeling they need to exert

And hold power over the feminine

As though this will create a strong impression of them.

If a woman makes it clear and offer advances

The go ahead but be a gentleman that’s what my stance is

But if no invite and no encorougement is given

Keep your self at a respectable, acceptable distance

Don’t intimidate them by towering or forcing yourself

To close to them

Women deserve respect

So don’t be harassing them.

Men get a bit of money

Or they get a bit of power

Think they big men

But they are simply arrogant

Look in the mirror

Are you really such a catch

Take away the fame, power and cash

What are you left with after that

A pathetic little man

Putting on a sad little act.

Grow up and respect women.


It must be about me

A life for some is not complete

Unless it’s full of attention

Look at me

It’s all about me

This is for them how it has to be

Focused on self

And self obbssessed

Constantly wondering

What to do next

To be the centre of it all

To have the attention

To stand among the throng and the thrall

And demand attention

From each and all

To ensure you

Always at their beckon call.

In need of inspiration

Another light goes out

Another inspiration goes,

Where have all the rebels

And the great philosophers gone.

Where are all the great writers of songs,

All of the authors that are legends still.

To many wanna be celebrities,

To many X Factor dreams,

Not enough creators

Of conscious magnitude,

Too many bankers and people who want to make it rich

And live life in suits,

Where are the lovers and the free minded

Because there are to few,

We need people who are attuned to,

The inspiration of the universe

And can bring something new,

Because this is what we need

And we need it real soon.

We need more dreamers,

We need more inspiring people,

More lovers of this life and this earth,

We need more people of greater worth,

We need people of great words

To be heard,

We need great poets armed with great prose and verse.

Hurtful words

Hurtful, the words you use

Its painful, what you do to me

I am down on my knees

Begging you please

To show me some grace

To look at my face

And see the hurt your inflicting

With your tormenting ways

I look for redemption

You hurt me again.

Hurtful, are the words you use

Uts painful, what you do to me.

I crave your kindness in any form

I feel like I am beaten

My heart has been torn

My eyes are so sore

From the endless shedding of tears

Please show me love so I no lo her feel fear

I look for salvation

I beseech you to state

That maybe you could love me

And withdraw the hate that you show.

Hurtful, are the words you use

It’s painful, what you do to me.

Nebula lagoon

Sitting on the edge of a nebula lagoon

Fishing for stars among the moons,

Watching the meteors as they go flying by

far distant the sun’s shining out pinprick light.

The swarm of far off galaxies

The rings of light of planets I see,

Colours if radioactive waves

Cast across the universe in a resplendent haze.

As multiverse dimensions beckons me

I take a stroll in between,

Like the cat that walked through walls

I walked through the cosmos to experience it all

And in a symphonic cadenza

I trip the light fantastic knowing,

There is no end to anything.

As I hear the energy sing

It brings me back internally,

To know that in conscious reality

We create everything we see,

Through our minds eye so beautifully

We can reside in the revelry.

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Doesn’t really matter

We worry about being flawed,

We worry about being ignored

But why worry?

Does it really matter anyhow?

We are all flawed

This is a fact,

Perfection isn’t possible

If you think it is your on the wrong track,

So don’t worry.

Why worry about being ignored

It won’t stop it happening,

It doesn’t matter anyhow,

They will still do it for sure.

Existing in a place

Existing in a place

Where you feel the frequency of love,

Existing in a place

Where you understand the nature,

Of elemental transcendant thought,

Living a life of dreaming

And endless flow of streaming,

Energy and conscious light

I feel my vibrations rise.

Existing in a place

Filled with harmony and bliss,

Existing in a place

Of grace and embracing it,

I wonder if this is possible

Or just illusory delusion,

I find myself a fundamental final last conclusion,

Of ethical morality that could add further solutions,

To a contented life of happiness

That full fills what we need,

I hope that I can inspire the rebellious seed,

That will grow into something stronger than we could ever know

And prove that it was worth the planting

Having seen what we have sown,

Existing in this place

The challenge is great

But worth the struggle in the end

If you live it well.

Angry souls

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Anger burns deep in a damaged soul,

burns like a furniss, it grows and grows,

essence melts into lava flow,

produces toxic acid used to spit words

of hatred like a poisonous snake.

This anger stems from the fires of fear,

envious and ignorant that is so clear,

feeling as though they are inferior,

a cauldron within a volcano,

ready to explode,

a stream of molten lava of hate over those

they fear and simply do not understand,

anyone who’s different or who get’s in their way,

runs the risk of violence coming, as they bay,

like a vicious snarling dog, showing it’s teeth off

but usually, like always found only in packs,

as courage and bravery they usually lack.

These angry people with angry ways,

are damaged souls in every way.


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I sing my song

I sing my song

Of anti governments

Because they do nothing good for any countries

They just take

Give to little back

Then send off people

To fight their wars.

Why can’t they just make peace

And stop with the greed

Why can’t they just notice of what the people want

So I sing my songs

To protect the environment

Against these corrupt and greedy governments

Who exploit nature’s resources

To fill their pockets at the cost of our Earth

And they show that they are of so little worth.

Reality TV fakery

Is it not funny

That reality TV,

Has nothing to do

With reality,

Is it not ironic

That it’s so fake

And illusory

But people

Buy into this

So greedily.

Funny people

Are fixated

With people

Making love

On an island,

Carry or relationships

That so unreal it’s alarming

And the worst thing

That I just can’t believe,

Is the fame and fortune

It creates

For all of these

Reality TV fakes.

Good luck to them

I have to say,

As a viewing public

We seem to have

Lost our way,

Not sure people know

What’s true now

And what’s false,

It seems that many

See this fakery

And end up getting caught

Up in these lives.