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Mad Hatter me

Some days I jibber and jabber like the Mad Hatter

Sitting at a table drinking cups of tea

Imagining I am participating in a tea party,

How joyful and glorious my guests would be

Maybe I will offer them some scones and cream

And a sweet serving of strawberry preserve on the side,

Then I as the Mad Hatter dances my little jig

Is this me losing my mind?

Then I realise in truth we are all quite mad here,

And Alice runs amok with the white rabbit all around the place

And I hear the dormouse smiling as the cat has a wide grin across its face

And Tweedledee and Tweedledum dance with the Queen of Hearts

She screams at the top of her voice ‘off with their heads’ and we all frantically laugh,

For we all know her sense of humour and it is very dark

And as I sit here thinking this and imagining this lark

I am taken back to reality within a single spark,

For it’s back to the mundane drudgery

And the never ending routine

But hey I enjoy the stories within my mind

As a result if books I read,

See reading takes you away from life

It’s an escapism thing,

This in truth you see, is the reason that I love to read.

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I ponder on all the questions in my life

Such as if I am on the path of light

And whether if the way I am living is right

Happy in the sunshine and comfortable with the night

I ponder everything I know

Sitting under the stars underneath the moons irridescent glow

As well as soaking up the sun’s radiance

I wonder does life really all make sense

I ponder on whst love truly means

Connecting in kindness and with my inner peace

While sharing and caring for humanity

Hoping and wishing people also people love me

Making no judgements as I am loving freely

Why not sit a while and ponder along with me

And we can share the joy of each others dreams.

State of grace

Why worry about life after death

If you’re not living this one to the best

It’s pointless to be dreaming of what will be next

For if you’ve done nothing in this life you’ve failed the test

And I am not talking about how much wealth you’ve accrued

Or all the material possessions you’ve got surrounding you

I am talking about things h as rder to achieve

Like sharing love, kindness and discovering your inner peace

And living a humble life based on need

Not building up foes or enemies

And offering forgiveness when it’s harder to hate

Basically living life in happiness and a state of grace.

The shame is on us

Arctic ice retreating

Species being defeated

By climatic changes

And animals they are suffrring

Walruses and polar bears

Paying a heavy price

Whales and penguins losing their habitats

It’s such a shame

And the shame is on us

As the artic ice has reduced

Forty percent from the eighties

It’s now just a flat wasteland

Not looking how it’s supposed too

Do we not see the dangers

Do we not see the risk

We need to fight for a change

We need to stand up against this

Because its such a shame

And the shame is on us

There is a wave of destruction going on

And we are riding on the cusp

Leading the charge

Mankind is constantly doing real harm

And it’s such a shame

But that shame is on us.

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Cradle to the grave

I realised that through life

That I have learnt to roll with the punches

Battered and bruised but still standing

I find the inner strength somehow to keep getting through

And though it makes me feel so weary

I grow increasingly more teary

Over the sad and painful things in life

I still get mad over the injustices that other people have to endure.

I have realised that throughout life

Not everything will go our way

And that life is not always fair

You don’t always get out of it what you put in

But don’t baulk, don’t give up, keep going

Maybe one day things will change

Just stay strong and keep struggling

At least you can take pride that while living

You did it your way, you never succumbed

To the gard lessons you learnt on the way

So stay strong and push on

This is the tale from the cradle to the grave.

Whistleblowers are hero’s one and all

How can whistle blowing be a crime

When the whistle blower is exposing a crime

Governments are not above the law

Every human being is subject to laws

And these are the ones that you created

And we will never be placated

Whistle blowers are hero’s who don’t wear capes

Whistle blowers time and time again

Get sent to prison while the crimals roam free

Do you think this is justice?

Well I don’t think it is

So we should all make a stand

And stand firmly

As one voice of right and integrity

The truth is something that should set us all free

No get us locked up depriving us of our liberty.

Secret societies

Secrecy is a privilege of the rich

With their cabals trying to exercise control

Over power, money and territory

Using people and making them bleed

As they carry out crimes against humanity

While exploiting and destroying the earth in the name of greed

The danger to us all is secret societies.

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Healthy minds and bodies

I know now I am older

Your body is your temple

And as I ache and feel the pains of age

I understand these words of value,

Yet I also understand that your mind

Is a crucial part of keeping healthy too

The balance between working out

And reading books and thinking

Is a crucial value too,

Healthy minds and healthy bodies

This is something of great vitue

I used to have the balance right

I was fit I was ripped and read and studied everything

But now my fitness has wained and my body the same

But my mind is still up to it

But my motivation has declined with age

So I struggle to do something about it,

Don’t make the same mistake

Keep that balance all the time

Don’t become obsessive over either body or mind

But allow the time to keep both of them in line

Then when you’re older you’ll be of sound body and mind

And will resonte to everyone that you are so super fine.

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Inflammable minds

Inflammable minds

Blaze with a fiery passion

Burn white hot and incandescent

Inflammable is our nature

And as we burn so does earth

Inflammable are our leaders

Who ensure countries

And their cities burn

Along with the innocent

Their bodies lined up

Stacked in piles

Or buried in mass graves

Yet the irony of all this

Is that one day solar flares

Will one day touch our planet

And mankind will then burn

The truth is behind inflammable minds

Is while they with passion burn

They never get to understand

And they never seem to learn.

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Great leaders

Great visionaries

Great leaders

They unite

They don’t divide

Hatred and violence

They never incite

And they are not fools

They are wise

Great visionaries

Great leaders

They don’t seek wars

They seek peace

They support the poor

They support the weak

Building equality

Into the society

Within which we all live

Great visionaries

Great leaders

Where are they today?