Living among the trees

How wonderful it would be To be living life in the trees, So much verdancy So much oxygen to breathe, Building tree houses And dwelling in dreams, High among the trees So luscious and so green, Feeling the trees life Along with its eldritch energy, Living within the trees In peace, unity and harmony, NurturingContinue reading “Living among the trees”

Don’t buy into the attachment

Don’t buy into the attachment Of this so called real world, A world of media spin and lies That you and me know full well, Don’t buy into the fear pushed daily down our throats They work with the media and it’s a fucking joke, They divide is and create the fear with their misinformation,Continue reading “Don’t buy into the attachment”

Keep it real

I got distracted from keeping it real Raw and honest it’s not about the feels, It’s about people disappearing in the middle of the night For what? For standing up for what is right, I campaign for Tibet, I have for years Witnessed immolations and shed real tears, Their reasoned arguement China fears, Their strengthContinue reading “Keep it real”

We need to show the love

One foot forward Two steps back, To me toxicity is wack Negative thoughts I lack, Bring it on my friend I will not reciprocate it back, Because I am not like that I am positive in everyway, We must choose carefully what we say Impeccable talk is my crusade, Don’t agree, well that’s ok That’sContinue reading “We need to show the love”

Deep love

The I love have is deep As deep as any sea, Come plunge it’s depths And see just what mean, Come swim and find out new Things that you never knew, See my hidden depths You may find some treasure, Discover my loves depths And I think you’ll find real pleasure, In connecting as oneContinue reading “Deep love”

Mental health

In times of stress Remind yourself, That you are not Your mental health, Tell your mind It’s time to shut down, Still your thoughts Let it make no sound, Believe and simply Take time to breathe This is your chance To take it easy, This is the time To believe you are amazing, Imprint itContinue reading “Mental health”


Lockdown happened I worked right through it, No, I didn’t choose this Now it’s all over and we’re all in masks, If you don’t wear one you’re taken to task Keep your distance, it isn’t hard, Wash your hands, I shouldn’t have to ask, Who never did this before anyway Mind your hygiene and you’llContinue reading “Lockdown”

Seek out people

When you feeling down Seek people out, Don’t isolate yourself Just keep on talking, And don’t be afraid To say what it’s all about, I know it’s a hard thing to do But trust me I can only help you, Try and be open And honest as well as true, Isolation is not good forContinue reading “Seek out people”

Into the woods

Into the woods And green scenery, Into the depths Of nature’s fantasy, This is the place The place of dreams, A moss, lily pad covered lake It’s quiet and serene, Dragonfly’s hover And they flit about, This is a moment Away from the crowds, This is solitude Where nobody shouts loud, It’s a place ofContinue reading “Into the woods”


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