Numb me

Heroine  Cocaine  Morphine To number the pain Getting addicted To let go of shame Alcohol  Painkillers  Anything that works To take away The anger Relieve the hurt A life of darkness Of highs and lows Synthetically  Induced  In an effort To erase the memory  Of you And what you did That plunged me Deep inContinue reading “Numb me”

Harry Potter in Avengers mode

Harry Potter in Avengers Would be the man, Outwitting Thor and Iron Man, Riding on a broomstick Wand in hand, Saving the world Like a Dumbledor titan. Glasses fixed Hairs waving in the wind, Voldermort giving a twisted grin, As he battles Harry Potter  In the skies above New York, The whole of our realityContinue reading “Harry Potter in Avengers mode”

You lost that loving feeling

Quintessential  But with an Acerbic tone, Catastrophically lost In the isolation  Zone, Flesh creeps As the feeling grows, That maybe  we are not alone, Goosebumps Hairs prickle The feeling  Can be so fickle, Feckless  We dive in To defining, Everything, That is twisted And distorted, Then it’s simply Extorted by those above Who have neverContinue reading “You lost that loving feeling”


Brahman  you created all I wonder what you think  of it all, Is this what you had in mind When engineering life In conscious time. Shiva how you must be proud Of the destruction  That is like a shroud Covering humanity  In each waking hour As we destroy all The is beautiful and good IContinue reading “Brahman”


I the eclectic  Living a lifestyle Of a sceptic soul, Ancient Hectic and bold, Embracing All that’s new and old. Diverse And vicarious, So much is  Precarious, When we Step outside the box, The universal Becomes unlocked, The spirit Experiencing more, Connecting  Consciously with all, Unlimited  Mind becoming Free, Or delving  Into insanity, Look intoContinue reading “Eclectic “


Devoid And secular Empty Like a void, Sensing, Darkness Pressing against the flesh, Hollow Feeling no caress, Screaming like  A banshees cry, No belief In the nihilistic eye, The passing  I descry, The loneliness  Of no love No life, To wander The plains Of time, Without consciousness  To define, Who we are.

Bad things happen

Bad things happen When you don’t watch out, An Idle mind will find trouble  To pass away the time, If not trained and awakened  To the truth. You can roam the plains Of idle thoughts But know that something Will come out of the deep recesses Of past thoughts and negativity To lead to aContinue reading “Bad things happen”

Let me in

Show me your love Show me your everything, Show me all it will be exciting, Show me your desire And show me how you flirt, And I will never treat you As if you have no worth, For you are a beauty You smile so invitingly, That innocent look Could be mistook, They way youContinue reading “Let me in”

Dangerous liasons

Dangerous liaisons Dangerous thrills Dangerous living Is all right until Someone gets hurt Or even worse All starts off with an innocent flirt. Flirting with danger in every form Breaks the monotony of the normal It’s often filled with excitement  And often feels fresh Leaves you often out of breath. But take a step backContinue reading “Dangerous liasons”

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