Chakra mantra

Seven chakra colours uprising, Red at the root representing grounding, Orange is the sacral representing emotions, Yellow is the solar plexus representing energy, Green is the heart representing love, Blue is the throat representing healing, Indigo is the third eye representing intuition, Violet is the crown representing cosmic consciousnes. All these chakra’s flow through ourContinue reading “Chakra mantra”

Kinetic charge

Colliding like atoms Kinetic in charge, Bouncing off of walls We are rebounding off of stars, We are out of control And at times we explode And we resonate light Whilst in astral flight. We are molecules in motion  We glide and we fly, We cause a commotion Painting pictures in the sky Of whatContinue reading “Kinetic charge”


Are you centered in love Or are you centred in ego Are you fine letting others shine Or do you need to be the centre of attention Who are you and which life do you lead. Do you share  Do you care Do you resonate compassion Or are you filled with hatred and fear. AreContinue reading “Center”

Agree to disagree

I listen to all you say I hear every view expressed, I hear my heart beat faster Between every breath But you lay all blame on gender, colour, Spiritual belief, In you xenophobic, racist, Sexist hate filled speech And I have to quell the anger, Find within my own self inner peace, Remind myself ofContinue reading “Agree to disagree”

Wriggled and giggled

In my illusory world I wriggle Through the cosmic humour Of life I giggle With memories of how when all was lost Nero simply fiddled I all I can do jiggle With the cards that I’ve been dealt in life For what else is there to do But laugh along with everything  As I playContinue reading “Wriggled and giggled”

All that we are

All that we are as beings is simply and illusion of our fixated cerebral coretex defining ourselves by gender, race and belief structure. Those who are open to a state of awakening see through this and understand that they are everything while also being and knowing nothing. 

Consciously connect

Connect the cerebral cortex To the pineal gland And the consciousness  We see before our eyes, Will see through the illusory State of being Into a state of pure reality. When we can learn to combine The two, we will then understand The reason for our being And our life experiences. So connect the cerebralContinue reading “Consciously connect”

I cannot…

I cannot explain The way I feel, I cannot express  My love for all, Because it’s boundless, Because it’s unconditional. I cannot explain  The pain I feel, I cannot express  The hurt I feel, Because of those suffering, Because of those starving.  I cannot explain My frustration, I cannot express My anguish,  Because of oppression,Continue reading “I cannot…”


Sometimes we feel flightless That we can not spread our wings and fly Flightless Like we feel to much weight holding us down When all we want to do is fly around And fly away To see the beauty of another perfect day Or just to get away for a break From all the endlessContinue reading “Flightless”

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