Embibed and subscribed

I seek motivational drive

I seek solice within peace

I want to discover all I seek

I try to be strong

They say I am weak

I intend to reach life’s peak

I grasp the nettle

For I refused to settle

Come near me and I’ll crush you with my pestle

Look to the future and see me rise

See the truth behind the lies

See my passion hear my cries

Look me deeply into my eyes

See that I am truly embibed and subscribed

To a whole new beat and brand new rhyme

That goes a long way to defying life.

Hard to tell

Probably me

Definately you

Possibly them

Who really knew

Certainly us

Cautiously we

Does anyone truly know

It could have been this

Or Definately that

It could be fiction

It could be fact

Is it real

Or just an act

Life’s an illusion

And conscious awareness

Is something we lack.

Listen to the teacher

Life’s our teacher

And we only suffer

When we don’t learn

The lessons that it teaches us

That’s when we get burnt

We need to pay attention

Stop repeating our mistakes

We gave to see the signs

That synchronicity creates

We must be good students

And listen all the time

We must learn to open our eyes

As well as to opening our minds

Then we’ll be all good and all fine

And experiences we gather over time

Will help see us living a happy life

So listen to the teacher

Pay attention all the time

So pay attention to the teacher

With open eyes and open mind.

Foul bane

Fetid skin

And rotting flesh

Bodies smeared

In their own blood

Rancid smell

And legions of hell

Abroad they are

Within the fell

Of long forgotten

Forest Kingdom

Where within nature

Lays deep corruption

Forest folk

Go about their days

Unaware of this foul bane

Not realising every day

How their kingdom

Has began to change

Low lying feelings

If jealousy and hate

Creeps in insidiously

In every way

Greed has become

The number one aim

Peace and tranquility

Is fading away

The beauty of their forest

Is turning grey

As people cut and clear away

The trees that have served them well

Given them a safe place to dwell

But now cutting and burning

Is all they crave

They’re losing love and losing faith

All the goodness is making way

For darker and more fearful beings

Who was it to rise from beyond their graves

And as an evil legion

They attack and slay

The people of the forest glad e

And those who survive

Become these demons slaves

And live under the rule

Of this dark and foul bane

Changing their Kingdom

For forever and always.

A conscious manifestation of love

I manifested conscious dreams

And you became my reality

I reached and sought you

And my universal wishes came through

Like a moment lost in time

We both danced along to the cosmic rhyme

We lost our self within this space and time

We were waltzing amongst the stars

Searching for each other wide and far

Both twin flames that’s what we are

We were love as well as light

Lighting up the heavens in the night

We are beautiful in motion

We are a frequency commotion

Lights are flashing the music is loud

Yet we never heard a single sound

Lost in each other, lost in love

We could never be more than enough

Lost in the kisses, lost to the touch

We are perfect, we are flawed

But we passion and emotional

Lost in all of these amazing dreams

I created you subconsciously

And because of this you’re now my reality

And we will love each other for all eternity.


Restoration of being

Rejuvenation of soul

Transcendental thinking

Evolution of a mind ancient and old

Consciousness ascending

Awaking taking place

Purifying all that is

In a chakra Heightened state

Mindfulness in being

Manifesting grace

Washing all toxicity

Flushing it down the drain

Connecting with the balance

Of unconditional love and light

Medition and kindness

Keys to a happy life.

Connecting to you

Connecting to you

Is like connecting to light

You are the most beautiful sight

You are the one who brings love to my life

You make the future so bright

In every day you’re the highlight

Climb the highest mountain you I might

I’ll swim the biggest ocean if you like

Even though I can’t swim and don’t like heights

Your love inspires me with might

You’re like nature a shher and pure delight

I am so grateful your part of my life.