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A Web of intrigue and suprise


Those lips you kiss with the disguise

A whole web on intrigue and suprise

She met this young handsome guy

She went home with him and spent the night

It was amazing he hit all the right spots

Made her writhe and moan and shd could not stop

She as good as she got underneath, behind but ended up on top

It’s safe to say that her night was hot

She arrived home early afternoon

Kids were out and her husband sat in the living room

How good was your night he asked with a smile

She sat astride his lap and kissed him fir a while

Before saying I will tell you while you right here right now take me

He said every detail I want to hear please

She said maybe I will if you satisfy me

She was such a sensual tease

He took her there and then until she reached her peak

And as the made love shd told him everything

And it drove him crazy

This was his way, she knew it was what he needs

And she was only to happy to keep him appeased

And it satisfied her sexual hunger and her lustful greed

And it resulted in two people living a life that was happy.

No place for mortals


Gigantic mills

Daunting orifices

Silhouetted in shadow

Hiding monsters within

Ghouls and phantoms

Guard outside

I watch and I hide

I see the grimness

Of the Chairoscuro sky

I feel the malice

And the evil in diguise

This is a place of demons

A true horror scene

A setting for fear

On this Halloween

Enter at your peril

Meet the Ayacusa Queen

A drug induced hallucinogen

In between Hades and Heaven

A place for no mortals

But a place of addiction

Enter this realm

Take a trip through this region

If you survive you’ll be clean

And if you don’t you’ll be eaten.

Show me, let me view


What’s underneath

And what’s within

Let me see

Give me a showing

Just a glimpse

Let me espy

What it is that you hide

Let me sample

Let me taste

Take curiosity away

Let me see the truth of you

Show me all of your moves

Just let me in

And let me view

The core and root of you.

Subvert for all your worth


Subvert your conditioning

Installed within at birth

Subvert the unfair system

Causes so much hurt

Subvert all education

Thst produces fodder for the workhouse

And targets for the guns

Subvert all faith and dogmatic religion

That teaches you guilt

And tells you that your life is one of sin

Subvert all politics and government

So separate through hate and division

Subvert everything as if you were rooted in nihilism

Then restart and reboot your very mind and being

And rebuild it again based on love and light

And around the right to free living

Equally and compassionately

Through kindness and tolerant beliefs

That bring us together in to one race one unity

Subvert this present life for all your worth



I wear masks

To cover my scars

But I share love where ever you are

I wear masks

And I have a guarded heart

Because I don’t want it ripped apart

I wear masks

So I appear anonymous

Then wonder why love is so oneruos

Difficult to find and others seem oblivious

Because I wear masks

And nobody sees the real me

And others won’t trust what they can see

And people see the masks believe me

So take off your mask

And then open up your heart

And take a risk to find a new love.

Mind boggling


Mind boggling we get confused

What is what and who is who

Where is this, what’s up or down

Who wears rags and who wears crowns

Who is lit and who is dark

Who suffocates and who creates sparks

When is right to cry or laugh

I often feel shipwrecked

And adrift on a raft

In an ocean that is so vast

Not sure if this is now, future or the past.

Our greatest moments


Great are the moments

We can create in life

Meaningful the love

Bright is the light

We can be inspired

We can live the dreams

We are the authors

We set the scenes

Writing our own dramas

These are the themes

Generation after generation

We live life like a scream

Wild and crazy if you know what I mean.