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Pit of despair

Dark hole

Pit of despair

Look deeply

See me there

Scratching at walls

Trying to climb out

Listen carefully

Hear me scream

Tear me shout

Deep in the pit

Refusing to drown

I am not for dying

I reach out and try flying

But my wings are clipped

Making it harder

So maybe you think

Flying is a non starter

But you don’t know my will

And dont know my strength

I will get out of this pit of despair

Because I can do anything

Because I dare

To never give up

And never give in

And always remember

To keep on believing.

Reflections on life

I reflect on my life

And the landscape of it

And reminiscing I think at least its good I am surviving

Through the highs and the lows

I have gone with the flow

Through things I foresaw

And through events unknown

I missed out on the limelight

But never saly never

I have traversed this life through the stormiest of weathers

I have steered my ships through the most dire of straits

And found the calm waters time and again

I followed the stars that navigated me home

I stood resilient even when standing alone

I have longed to discover the twilight zone

On a midsummer evening among Stonehenges magnetic stones

I have celestial dream I have yet to achieve

And ache to astral travel and do out of body thimgs

Meditation has been a cornerstone for me

And holding on to my spirituality

Despite being assailed by the toughest of all pains

It helped me heal and ease the strain

My conscious awakening has helped me see the truth

And this is I believe what has carried me through

So on reflection every time that I’ve been knocked down

I have refused to say on the ground

I have reached up to the light and sought inspiration

And helped md cope with all of lifes frustrations

So now as I sit here in contemplation

I discover that through manifestations

That with perseverance and strength of will

I can still achieve something good

And won’t give up until they put me in a box

And take me away but even then i will come back again

Because I am determined to master this game.

Appreciation of a friend

Beautiful and blonde and a talant for the arts

Full of light a real shining star,

Sumptuous in being I crave her love

Her beauty I cannot get enough,

Intelligent, witty and fully of grace

Long legs, fine body and a flawless face,

A real muse in my thoughts she makes my heart race

She is a person I really appreciate

As a friend as spirit as a soul that’s great,

Of all my friends she ranks as the best

But don’t get it twisted I am not obsessed,

I am just just admiring of her epic wonderfulness

As I wish her as always the very best,

She has the qualities of a queen, a warrior and a goddess

And her future is set to be one of great happiness.

Can you feel and sense it in you

Do you feel and sense your own power

Do you love and feel blessed within yourself

If you don’t love yourself is it really suprising

That the love from others is not arising

Do you understand you create all that you are

Do you see a part of the universe and the shining stars

Are she re we came from, we had travelled from afar

Why believe now this is the end nit the start

We can create and achieve anything

When we start believing and manifesting

The power of attraction and spiritual belief

That will bring you out of your mundane world of illusory

Where you believe working day to day as a corporate slave

Is t he only way we should behave

We can achieve prosperity and happiness in our own way

When we decide to make that change

And sense and feel the power within

Then the magic truly begins

Cast aside all your domesticated chains you garnered from their teachings

And shine your own light bright and take the opportunity to start really living.

More than pretty little playthings

Women are the objects of men’s affection

Gets them off with their lust filled erection

Somewhere along the line they lost the connection

That women are more than objects and playthings.

In the work place they are ogled and harrassed

By men who think they are all that

Most are old, sweaty and fat

And a sense of appropriateness they certainly lack

Constant sex on their minds is a fact

Maybe a lack of love and affection is what makes them jack.

Now I understand the beauty of women

Their look, their form, their style and grace

But I see within them that they’re equal to me

Not like the men who see women subjugated on their knees

The y fear strong women who stand up to them

Refer to them being lesbian

Just because they won’t be cowef by these weak men

Who prey constantly on vulnerable women

Hoping they can control and have them

At their beckon call and at their whim

These men are not real men they are living an illusion

Beautiful women won’t be attracted them

Because sleazy is the frequency they are vibing

Recognise yourself in shat I am describing

Stop treating women as merely gender guests

Sex objects and playthings at the best

Start showing women real respect

And understand they are an equal sex

Not just pretty little distractions for your behest

Stop being an annoying fucking sex pest

And maybe your life too can still be blessed.

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This house was once a home

In this house that was once a home

Now empty and a derelict zone

Full of cobwebs and sad memories

Of how good the times we had here used to be

But now tears are all that’s present

And loneliness and too few blessings

I wish you were still here now with me

Instead of treading stairs winding heavenly

I had been told there’s a reason for all things

But it’s left me cut adrift and truly gasping

My heart broken and my spirit devoid

Of any emotions or feeling everlasting

The pain it rips at my chest

My stomache is knotted and it never rests

Darkness is all I see and heartbreak now defines me

I am lost now in a whirlpool of grief

Dragging me downward to drown to my relief

I think life now is unbearable

Without you here my dreams will be for ever troubled

My hurt and pain simply doubles

At the thought of you in my thoughts scrambled and muddled

My life is now just living in the rubble

Of a love destroyed by disease

From where there was no release

And now all its left me with are tears and heartache

Grief and heartbreak.

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What is beauty?

Beauty is not defined by your physical perfection

On how good tight clothes fit to achieve that assertion

Or how creative you can be when applying your face paint

Beauty is something that comes from your kindness

It comes from the soul and resides in the heart

Beauty is in light but also in dark

It comes from compassion, from love and respect

Not how you look or how you dress

But how your being is spiritually set

A person of goodness is always beautiful to me

Regardless of any colour, faith, class or sexuality.

Why are we here?

What if we are spiritual energy

Here to learn what it means to be a human being

To feel every emotion that we go through

From euphoric achievement yo suffering

These feelings and emotions cannot be taught

They need to be experienced though it may leave us fraught

Maybe like a video game we have to try

Many times over using multiple lives

Until we learn how to achieve a win

By living kind, good and understanding

Manifesting the positive

And controlling and mastering the ngative

Which in principle sounds like an easy task

But the game is hard the more we progress

Distractions beset us and makes it a tougher test

And toxic people try to block our way

Trying to make us like them and walk the wrong way

And leave the path light abd head into the dark

But we have to learn go rhesus t this negstive spark

We need to understand hoe to respect what’s more important

And that is ourselves, others and our environment

We have to keep learning if we wish to transcend, evolve or level up

It takes focus not just luck

For acting in a place of goodness, love, positivity and kindness

Is hard than manifesting it while just sitting and thinking

It’s important to care for others and do the right thing

Live only for what you need and not out of greed

Healing the the hurts not making others bleed

As spiritual bring of energy

Maybe that’s what we are here to achieve

Enlightenment from living a life that is right

Where we walk down the path of eternal light.

Futuristic nightmare

Somewhere in a distant future
Where people all where breathing masks
A metropolis of concrete structures
All that is seen is steal and neon lights
Humanity cut down all the trees
And polluted all the seas
And because the great disease
Poisoning the planet leaving it unable to breathe
So now we all wear breathing masks
And acid rain falls and everyday is dark
And we are forced to to eat genetically created food
And soylent green living may happen soon.
This future where man is the only species living
Is not a life of abundant giving
Everybody is out for themselves
Everybody suffering chronic health
The planet is like a sauna,
The world is so hot
Climate change they could not stop
And rather than try they found alternatives
To how mankind can possibly live
In a global greenhouse of rising carbon gases
In a world no longer green but grey concrete
Where rich live in ivory towers and the poor as usual live on the street
And everyone else clings on in between.
We become a locust species devouring all
Looking now towards the stars
Reaching out to other planets
In hope to find a planet B
So that we can spread further our disease
Of over consumption, corruption and greed
A species that lives beyond our needs.

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Carbon rising

Carbon rising

Risks all living things dying

Overheating climate change,

To many countries

Using dirty fossil fuels

That should be left

Within the ground,

Melting ice caps

And forest fires

This world is boiling

We need to make a change,

We are running out of time

But we can still stop

This catastrophic event

From happening once and for all

To bring us back from the brink

To stop all life becoming extinct

This is the challenge for us all.

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