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Fires and drums

Fires and drums

The drums beat

The fires burn

The voices are all we heard

In the dark city streets

And between the mass

Of two black forces

Was a great divide

Those representing

The force or law

And those represening

A force for change

And above and beyond the din

Of the voices choosing to sing

You could feel the power rising

And among those who marched forward

In unity it was agreed

As each fell they would be picked up

As they faced the sheilds

And as they faced the batons

They knew this was defining

This was challenging

The system, the establishment and authority

This was a night of fire and drums

This was getting things done

Standing in unity

Standing on mass as one.

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Make that change


Don’t build it up they say

Don’t exaggerate climate change

The science doesn’t back it up they say

But that’s a like and fake in everyway

Save the race, and species as well as earth from climate change

Do everything it takes to make a change.

An age thing


Tanned body

Flat stomach

And a thin waist

Firm ample breasts

Nice silky long hair

Such a beautiful face

But I am not supposed to notice this

Because of my age

Like as we get older

Appreciating beauty

Has become a disgrace

Truth is beauty in my eyes

Never really fades away

The feminine divine

Will always take my breath away.

Faces in the crowd

Faces in the crowd

Just a face in the crowd

But they are missed

By those who love them

The lost who can’t be found

Do they want to

Or are they spirits in a ghost town

They are the lost

Who can’t be found

And the pain and the hurt

For the family is so profound

The lost who can’t be found

Different faces in the crowd

They go unnoticed

They go unseen

Is that the way the want it to be?

Or are they spirits in a ghost town

Slipped out of life

So cannot be found

The lost who can’t be found

They are missed

And they are loved

And it’s so hard to understand

How they became lost

And can’t be found

Spirits in a ghost town

And simply just another face in the crowd.

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Love is the power


Love stories etched in the fabric of our lives

Written in golden calligraphy

Floating through the universe in beautiful filigree

Love is the greatest imagery

The greatest act and feeling that can define both you and me

Love is a blessing and the purest form of equality

That is existential and sets our souls and spirits free

Love is the most powerful emotion beyond all things

It’s what defines us as human beings.

Direct action

Direct action

Environmental action has to be direct

Even if some people decide to get vexed

What can you do when all that’s been said

Is simply ignored and seems a waste of breath

People get lost in the media hype

Become conditioned by all of the lies

So what do we do when they’re easily fooled

We have to find different ways to expose the truth

And direct action is a obvious move

To try and save the planet in which we will all lose.

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