Why do people blindly believe Without questioning anything, Why do they follow just like sheep As is if walking in their sleep, The follow always obeying They seem to love complying, They buy into the lying, Why I ask it’s death defyingly Unbelievably sad and so naive, And a surrender of the free will That’sContinue reading “Following”


Nationalism Is idealism And self-deception, Breeding hate And xenophobia, As well as fear And also contempt, Nationalism is a virus Infecting the vulnerable, The poorly informed And educated, With no empathy at all, Nationalism is a plague Used by despots who rule.

Divided sides

‘Better a gay monster than a sentimental bore.’ Voltaire. Truth is to be happy now Than dwelling in the past, And dreaming of how things once were Rather than how they can be, Society has become divided now, between man the beast of prey, And between man the utopian ideal being, The first is cruelContinue reading “Divided sides”

You are legit

Never let any one Make you feel shit, You are original Yes, you are lit, You are the real thing You are absolutely legit, You shine like bright star Love goes everywhere you are, You a fascinating You are a mystery, You have real depth Yes, you beguile me, You be wild, You be freeContinue reading “You are legit”

Bad decisions

We make bad decisions At some time But that’s not us defined, We choose sometimes To go down the wrong path But these bad decisions never last, So don’t beat yourself up about it Look for ways that you can change or learn from this, Don’t feel somehow maybe you’ve failed Because bad decision weContinue reading “Bad decisions”

Some issues are to big to stress over

I get angry at times at the big things Like political and corporate corruption, I get vexed about religion and how paedophiles infiltrate The highest of positions, I get stressed when politicians can’t obey laws they expect us to But what I ask myself can I possibly do? Do why get angry, vexed or evenContinue reading “Some issues are to big to stress over”

Existential thinking

Truth is we create our own reality. If we don’t like what we create, then we can change it. It’s like saying you don’t like a TV program but refusing to turn it off. You then just prolong your own suffering. We live in what is largely an illusory state of existence instilled in usContinue reading “Existential thinking”



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