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Forever and eternal love

Relationships my disintergrate

And friendships may dissolve

But love will always remain with those

Who keep the door to their heart open

For love like our spiritual energy

Is forever and eternal state of grace

And no matter how we maybe assailed

It will always be this way.

Aged rebel

A sick riff

And a haunting rhyme

Rolling back the years

Within my mind,

Bringing in the chorus

That would rise us up

Sweating as we danced

And as we run amuck

They were the days

I remain forever young

Older though I maybe now

I am far from done

And some may be suprised

That I haven’t left thoughts of this behind

I was an angry young back then

But I am wiser now

No longer angry but still filled with passion

I still chant out loud, my anthems.

Walk with me hand in hand

In my bloodstream

I feel the sap rising

I feel my passion

But in my abiding

I see all of my futures needs

And rooted in love and equality

And its rooted in nature

And the beauty that we see

So need to plant a Genesis seed

And replant forests

Need to replant trees

We can do this together

Just you and me

Do something that gives hope

And fuels what we we believe

That walking hand in hand

Into a brand new age

One where we are evolving ecologically

Gives us a reason to share and to care

Let’s walk hand in hand a n d I will take you there

Where we can share love in a world of clean seas and air

Strolling in forests without any fear

That they may one day all disappear

In a greener future where our path is clear

And future generations will not shed any tears

Because we stopped the desrtuction

Because we held their futures dear

So just take my hand and will lead you too a place

That is one we can take pride in

And that we helped to create.

Summer dreaming

I am summer dreaming

On a cold winters day,

I am summer dreaming

About the love I crave,

To share with all those

Who will return it back

And in the cold I made a pact,

To be open hearted

And to let love in

And on this cold day

With its chill wind,

I am missing the warmth

While laying here alone,

I can feel the cold air

Chilling me right to my bones,

Yet I won’t give up on hope

On on my summer dreams

Of brighter days

And of you with me,

This is summer dreaming

In love I am believing,

In the summer dreaming

All these dreams can come true.

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Ignorance perpetuates climate change

Live a life of self mockery

When we buy into the illusory

That we know anything about nature

And disbelieve in climate change

Your basis for your thinking

Like the polluted waters in which we’re sinking

Is not based on science but in what the media says

We live in a world of amazing things

And of areas srmtill uncharted

Where everything is working in unison and harmony

The only species that won’t fit in

And unbalances this system

Is species that is the most destructive

And these are known as human beings

And some are arrogant and ingnorant

And hold the rest back from evolving

Into planetary nurtures and saviours of this earth

But the truth is that materialism and greed get in the way

And a few stubborn fucking governments

Who refuse to play the eco game

Of investing in a green future, of renewable energies

And people who don’t research the facts choose leaders on personality

And then feel obliged to follow them out of loyalty blindly

But with the power of the rest of the masses rising up using one voice

We shape new policies and bring about change and a different choice

To carry on as a filthy species polluting all earth’s beauty

Or cleaning up our and aligning with nature by doing our duty

Of acting light earth’s guardians and reap the fruitful rewards

Of living within earth’s complex ecology.

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Lock the gates

Lock the gates

And bolt the doors

So that envy and jealousy can’t enter

Guard against controlling thoughts

Be magnanimous to all and be centered

And let your life resonate the light and love that is so tender

When offered with a open heart and compassionate soul

And let all good things into you enter.

No salvation in contrition

We were contrite

Yet still we could not make it work

I guess in truth there was to much hurt

That occurred along our journey

And though forgiveness we both shared

And an admittance that we still cared

We could not make it work

Maybe along the journey we suffered too much hurt

It’s such a shame to have lost the love

Such a shame that we were not enough

And we know in time we will lose touch

And it’s a shame it could not work

But I guess along our journey we just suffered too much hurt.

Sacrifice at the alter

Sanitisation and respiration

Formulating excitations

The realisation of expectation

The penumbra of degredation

Transfixed fusion of objectification

Stratifying body and mind in an oblation

Religious sacrificial crusifixtion

On the alter of our flawed distinction

Through our addiction we sought dereliction

Unconsciously we walked the path of our spiritual extinction.

Strom the gates

Those who live in decadence

Care little for the disintergration

Of the lower classes and the poor

They stick up their nose as they pass bye

Refusing to bare witness to how their lascivious

Desire got wealth and greed impacts on those they exploit

Cast down crumbs from their tables too

Whilst laughing at the crudity and decay in which they live,

The lower classes have always only ever been

A resources to be suffered painfully

But that now though through automation

And advancement and progress

These people in their low disintegrating poverty stricken lives

Can be factored out of the equations

Allowing more scope for greeter profit

Greater wealth and rising decadance

And liw how they do rejoice at the good fortunes that befall them

And low how they laugh and mock those beneath

Who suffer as a result of this inequality

That the decadant ones put in place oppress and control

Those who they regard as fodder for the workhouse

And as dispensible targets for the gun

As they enlist and serve and die for a country that wouldn’t die for them,

This is the truth of things, the way of things

And with control over government, media and corporations

The decadant ones are not about go Change things any time soon

That’s up the poverty stricken disintegrating lower class to do

To educate themselves to see and go rise up

And demand greater share of the wealth and more equality

Or to seize it through an uprising of protests on the streets

Culminating in a storming of the gates

Of the decadant ones and an the overthrowing of power.

Image courtesy of Pinterest/Crass