Controlled by the media Controlled by the state Controlled by religion And extremist hate. Seduced by your TV In your own home Indoctrinated through the Internet By those in control. Assaulting our senses With how things should be But they don’t have a thing to do with you or me. Negative images Images of warContinue reading “Controlled”

Footprints in the snow

We leave footprints in our wake And memories in our passing In dreams that we create and hope will be everlasting Flights of fantasy Flights of love Our souls arise in plains above To the heavens to nirvana To a place forever after. Where dreams and plans of future lives are to be created TheContinue reading “Footprints in the snow”

Time for action

Elevating,transcending,evolving, awakening, Growing,blossoming and rising up, The spirit of the soul The awakening from the bland Raising our consciousness Through the pineal gland. Stirred into action Stirred into thought Transcending something that can’t be brought An enlightened being of mindfulness and bliss That comes from the universe, totally cosmic Made of stardust eternal everlasting toContinue reading “Time for action”

Focusing the energy

On a biological level all we are is energy swirling around in a vortex forming solid force its’s not black or white it is not christian it’s not Muslim it is devoid of all religion. So why are we divided? It’s a man made tool so we are easier to rule by those in powerContinue reading “Focusing the energy”

Give me a smile :)

I want to see a world of effervescent life shining with incandescent light a world bathed in sunlight again a world that banishes any pain. Want to see rainbows following on from the darkness of the storms I want to see joyful see people dance and sing and cavort I want to here stories andContinue reading “Give me a smile :)”

Really! and you believed them

I am a social watcher and I see, echos of hurt echos of pain echo of lost love time and again. Negative emotions fueling memories sad a belief that relationships and life can be bad. But is the lesson ever learnt from those who always seem to get hurt did they perceive or understand whatContinue reading “Really! and you believed them”


Politics Politricks Nobody likes These politics They lie Are xenophobic Spread hate Spread fear People hate politics That much is clear They line their own pockets Sit in ivory towers Bestowing suffering And pain With their abuse of power Never get the promise Politicians make Nothing genuine about them They’re all fake So stay awayContinue reading “Politricks”

Down and out

I have sampled being at the bottom The seedy underbelly of life Where people steal to make ends meet And drug taking is rife I have lost a friend who chased the dragon But the dragon swallowed him up I have seen the faces of addiction And the faces were devoid of love. I haveContinue reading “Down and out”

Quantum life

Fermions, quarks and bosons Particles barely seen Nanotornado’s creating a vortex It’s what’s creating you and me In an illusory world that makes us feel That everything round us is real But the only reality you can believe Is through the consciousness belief. Of all the forces in the universe That I would attempt toContinue reading “Quantum life”

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