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Don’t try judging me


I will not be judged by those who feel

That somehow they are more Godly,

My faith is in me and unconditional love

No human has the right to assert that much,

I am not perfect this I know

But my spirit is string, I feel the flow,

Those who preach speak for no one but themselves

Don’t let them fool you into the belief,

That somehow they are blessed

And that they must be praised,

This is rhetoric that’s purely man made

My religion is my kindness,

My belief stems from my own consciousness

An comes from a spiritual universe.

Quiet moments


Quiet moments

Can be hard to find

But gives us a chance

To still the mind

Find inner peace

And to find out love

And build a connection

With the universe’s touch

In solitude we can grow

It’s ok to spend time alone

To get to know ourselves

And discover our unknowns

In the hidden depths

That dwell within

Do let’s find a quiet moment

And begin, to grow.

Youre welcome here


They came in plastic dinghy’s fearful of their lives

Risking all to escape a dreadful humanitarian plight,

Their homes bombed out, their country destroyed

In the name of oil and greed,

And there are people who lack any compassion or empathy

They scream ‘stop them’ and ‘send them back’,

Because their heart it is callous and cold

Because they are truly ignorant and they are missing a soul.

Dirty people


What’s people’s problem today

Beauty spots and beaches in the UK,

Turned into eyesores with the litter and rubbish display

They bring it, leave it but won’t take it away,

Polluting the beaches and environment

Allowed to continue by an ineffectual government,

Yet I know this is repeated around the globe

Clean your shit up, people must be told,

Shame them, name them if they’re court

Beauty spots trashed left me distraught,

I am the one who organises it to be cleared away

While facing abuse each day,

We didn’t litter it’s not our crap

So people can take that shit back,

Because it’s just decency and hygiene you lack

But you pass the buck and hope distract,

That people are the problems with their dirty ways

Polluting our planet day by day,

Truth is they don’t care so we have to make them

And maybe naming and shaming is the only way,

to effect them and to bring about real change.

Stabilise the mind


We need to stabilise our minds

We need to find our epicenter,

We need to discover our own empowerment

We need to still our minds,

And we raise our thoughts and awareness now

More than ever this is so very crucial,

To be able to see the changes that we need

For there are people of power,

For there are people of greed

Who when they see this opportunity,

It will then be seized

And then sold back to us,

In varying profitable degrees

And it will then emasculate all of humanity,

So we have to be awake and we need to be aware

We have to show and act that we care,

We have to focused and our minds switched on

To be alert to exactly what’s right and wrong.

It’s hot


It’s so hot

I am ready to drop,

Worked so hard

I could not stop,

And it is so hot

And I am working up a sweat,

Working in the heat

It’s not easy to forget

That it’s so hot,

Perspiration in my eyes

As I keep to the grind,

Beads of sweat

Running down my neck,

Waiting for clocking off time

I am exhausted I ain’t going to lie,

Because it’s so hot,

But then I moan when it’s cold

But what’s a man to do,

When working outside

There’s no place to hide,

Hot or cold

I am getting to old for this shit,

The constant struggle

Just to get by and exist.

And it’s so hot.

Doing it by the numbers


The number one question

Is do you pay attention

To what’s going on in this world?

The number two question

Is do you pay attention

To what’s going in your life, and does everything feel right?

The number three question

Is do you pay attention

To those who you love and the people that you call friends?

And the number four question

Is do you pay attention

To nature and other species as well the general environment?

The number five question

Is do you pay attention

To all the above because, if you do not

Then not actually living life,

You are just sleepwalking,

From your moment of birth right up until you die.

The connection


I feel the kiss of nature as it caresses my skin,

I feel the tender love of the universe as it grows within,

I feel the power of creation and it’s unconditional love,

I feel overwhelming emotions, which at times get too much,

Yet somehow I find myself lifted and exalted in life,

By knowing that being kind, and doing what is right

Rewards me with a sense of enormous well-being,

And this acts as a reward of a warm and contented feeling,

That internal glow, that will always grow

From living life enlightened and sharing, the love flow,

That resonates from the universe and nature

To which we are connected too,

And if we accept and embrace this,

Life becomes so much easier for me and you.

Yes, I cry


My heart breaks so easy today 💔

For me tears are never far away😢

I feel empathy so bad and I feel others pain

Even though I am a grown man,

It gets harder every day I must say,

Yet I feel great unconditional love 💛

I feel for others so much,

I have this desire to care

I will and have and will always cared,

But in greater amounts than ever before

Maybe because of the life  experiences I have  been taught,

By making mistakes and being flawed,

But instead of killing me, it’s made me stronger

And yet as strong as I am look I still sit here brokenhearted 💔 and I cry 😢

And I am man enooóugh to not feel the need to lie.

Audrie and Daisy (no justice served)

Audrie and Daisy (no justice served)

Another assault another rape

Unforgettably covered up

Damaging the lives of the victims

Restitution and justice passed by

lt’s shameful because it cost lives

Enduring misogyny carries on

And people make hide the truth

Never mind the damage caused

Driven by pain victims die

Decide they’ve no life but suicide

And as two more lights go out

Is there any anger or justice

Stand up and decide to rage

Yes it’s time for society to changs so lives an be saved.

Image courtesy of Pinterest