The story of my far

In the scheme of life I’ve always been at the bottom In this life I’ve led I have always been downtrodden But I’ve fought and I’ve struggled to keep my head above the waves Refusing to be drowned or even dismayed. Everything I’ve done has been down to me Never been given anything like aContinue reading “The story of my far”

Being human

Attachment when we first meet is the happiest time of life detachment when it all ends is miserable for us all. So why do we keep going back with the chance of suffering more perhaps it’s what happens in between when we are totally enthralled maybe it’s the enticement of some fresh and new maybeContinue reading “Being human”

Labels and boxes

Label me and box me up if it helps you sleep at night Anarcho punk Hippy punk Tree hugger Climate warrior Activist Keyboard warrior Spiritual warrior Peace terrorist Humanitarian Wannabe buddhist I maybe all this and more, But these labels don’t define me. I stand up against oppression and speak out against all wars ButContinue reading “Labels and boxes”

Stormy days

There’s a storm a coming So best beware Time to take a stand and show how much you care. Will you get behind nature and spiritual love Or fall behind the warmongering Greedy materialists who lust, After profit over wealth at every cost, Raping resources of our earth until they are lost. Extincting a speciesContinue reading “Stormy days”

Kids today

We look at kids today with such disdain As our parents did at us back in the day Paying for crimes and sins of past generations Being fed war and violence on all the TV stations. Brought up with war,violence and sexualisation forced to grow up way to fast through the media pressure What chanceContinue reading “Kids today”

The web

Like a spider you spun your silken web amongst the branches and the trees and in the morning gloamings wonders I never saw a thing though dew drops glistened and hung like pearls I failed to see the signs now caught up in your spiders web I am here for you to dine. Feast onContinue reading “The web”

What would you do

If there was no tomorrow And today was all we had Would you live it to the upmost Being happy or being sad Would reach out to your loved one Or would hide yourself away Would you spend your time in study Or would you spend your time at play Would you smile and talkContinue reading “What would you do”

Misguided love

She loved in her own unique way using sex that was described by many as depraved but she knew what certain men wanted and it kept them coming back for more. A misplaced love with no connection lustful passion she thought might fill the missing piece that was within her the jigsaw that she was,Continue reading “Misguided love”

Taken for granted

He treated her as second best nothing more than just a guest gave her no attention or time affection to her, he was blind. He treated her with such disdain called her many different names then was shocked when after much time she saw the light and chose to decide, it was time to walkContinue reading “Taken for granted”


When we disconnect with the primordial force that is mother nature and the earth we disconnect with love and compassion. We fail to see the wonders and miracles that have been delivered to us, taking for granted the amazing fact that all of Gaia is one living organism centered around perfection. When we believe ourselvesContinue reading “Gaia”

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