Dream state paradox

Space walking Dream talking, Tip toeing On glistening stars Radiating hearts, Crossing cosmic voids Not know where we are, Stepping in to unknown realms And not afraid to do so, Travelling at hyperspeed Then drifting real slow, To take in the cosmic beauty To dwell here in the dream, To do a bit of spaceContinue reading “Dream state paradox”

She, the avenger

She lost her mind A long time ago, When travelling the galaxy Meeting persons unknown, Instilling rebellion Wherever she did go, Until one day, in a dark zone The captured her, And tortured and brutalised her They took joy in abusing her, That’s how she lost Her stable and sane mind, But that was whenContinue reading “She, the avenger”

The stars await

I collect stars and hearts And a myriad of dreams, I take trips down rabbit holes To discover brand new things, I travel on light particles I surf on cosmic waves, I journey through the universe In a spiritual display, Take my hand we’ll fly away Let’s not delay, for the stars await.

Echoes in space

I hear nothing but echoes In the black, ebony spacial void, I am it appears so alone In this infinite canvas of stars, No matter whether near or far The echoes remain here all the same, But then images then come into frames Different planets and galaxies, A host of moons surrounding me Then aContinue reading “Echoes in space”

Space dreaming

Space dreaming Star streaming, Astral travelling Through the unraveling, Of the universal ride Careering among planets, Dodging past astroids While surfing on comets, And if you reach out your hand You can journey with me, Going a supersonic light speed, While being bombarded By the galactic beauty, That is spread before us Upon an ebonyContinue reading “Space dreaming”

Trip the stars

Trip the stars Like stepping stones, Follow the trail Of your conscious flow, Beyond planets we know To beyond galaxies we don’t, To places we’ve only dreamt about To experience cosmic wonders amazing, To travel, to search To find and discover, I am both a spiritual beinq And  warm hearted lover, Of everything beautiful AndContinue reading “Trip the stars”

Universal landscapes

Alive among the stars Tiptoeing through time, On lotus covered steps That suddenly appear, From nowhere and yet Seems to make sense, In this wonderland Of cosmic prismic dreams, Dancing in the discordant light Of misty laser beams, Resonating cadenzas And as symphonies echo now, I hear the vibration shimmering And humming quite loud, YetContinue reading “Universal landscapes”


I see a raindrop And a universe within, I see it’s stars and galaxies And I drink it all in, Every single raindrop Possesses existence and life, Each and every raindrop Teems with prismic light, I find myself peering into them Losing myself in the raindrop, And I feel that I am discovering Whole newContinue reading “Raindrops”

Forever and for always

I touch the stars with my consciousness I reach out to the universe with my love, I send out manifestations of awakening As I await the moment of a new dawn breaking, I hear whispers from a far away void I sense the abundance of stories that have yet to be told, I must beContinue reading “Forever and for always”

Cosmic jungles

Distant cosmic jungles Of a far off place, A distant planet Of rainforests and heat, Under the glow of a solar light I hear the drum beats, Of a native tribe I have no map nor a guide, Over the alien treetops I glide, I see the humid steam rising The prismic colours are suprising,Continue reading “Cosmic jungles”

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