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In this moment


A quantum millennium of love among the stars

Where we search for answers to who and where we are,

A trans-dimentional trip along the light

In a hope of defining our life,

A spectral sojourn across many voids

A place of wonders and so much more,

The vastness of incalculable space

Leaves us feeling the inadequacies of our race,

I know one day we will find our grace

Here within and in this moment, no far away.

Walking down Freedom Road


Let’s start a sojourn

It’s time to go,

Let’s take a walk down freedom road,

Let’s take a journey

To new discoveries,

Let’s march for equality,

By taking a walk down freedom road,

Let’s take a trip

To a world of no bigotry,

Holding hands with others

Of different ethnicities,

By taking a walk down freedom road,

Let’s hopscotch from star to star

Finding a way to our spiritual home,

Let’s go cosmic,

Let’s go quantum,

Let’s find our way down freedom road,

Freedom road,

Freedom road,

This is the road that leads to the soul.

Beyond the carbon


I yearn to see beyond the ether, the gas clouds and the carbon

Into the depths of deep space

To find a realm of universal dreams

A place of peace to reside just you my love and me

Where we can play hopscotch from meteors and stars

While using lack of gravity to leap from near to far

Hand in hand sometimes or you riding on me piggyback

Before among the colourful nubula clouds

We can carry out our love act

Devoting our hearts as one in a love pact

To sojourn and adventure way beyond our ken

I will take you to alien planets like strangers in a strange land

To then bring you back again

While all the time loving in a rhythm and rhyme

That cannot be constrained even by the arch of time

Take my hand and I will explore your being and blow your mind

A love like this is impossible to find

But I will explore you passion beyond anything previously defined.

Quantum love


I drift into the depths and realms of quantum life

I fall back into stars and waves of light,

I trip the cosmic void fantastic jumping from quasars

I would do all this just to be wherever you are,

I’d shapeshift, time jump just to seek you out

From parallel universes travelling via hyperdrives,

Nothing can halt my mission to track you down

And love you way beyond all sight and sound,

To cover you in stardust while cadenzas play

A symphony of music that resonates deep from space,

I’d travel so many lightyears just to be tangled in an embrace with you,

Everything you are to me manifests the truth,

That love knows no bounds and will conquer all

So let yourself go and simply fall,

Backwards into space with me so we can make love for eternity,

In a void of cosmic dreams and astral imagery,

We’ll make our love stand among the stars in all the finary

Because we are lovers transcending all that’s binary,

This love will be cosmically magical to the point it supernovas,

And explodes into a myriad of wonderous colourful dreams,

This is quantum love.

Deep space beauty


The beauty of deep space

And it’s ebony grace,

Strong and silent

Despite acts of supernova violence,

Exploding creating new planets

Energy and stars abound it,

I cruise this universe of dreams

Sailing and surfing quasars and light beams,

Watching beautiful star scenes

Twinkling to starlight themes,

While waves of light wash over me

In this cosmic ebony Fantasia dream,

Away I float on higher frequencies.

A cosmos of dreams


Skipping and tripping the light of the stars

Dancing, running and jumping with quasars,

Conducting a symphony of cosmic sounds

I leap from meteors that abound,

Surfing through nebulae gases we dream

I feel playing in the cosmos is humbling and serene,

Astral travel appeals to me

Tripping in a sleep with a universal theme.



Light walkers

Stepping from star to star,

Like stepping stones on ponds

Space ripples where we are,

Sending quantum fluctuations

And ripples across cosmic time,

Trans-dimentional tippy toes

Through multi universal lines,

Mapping out the star fields as if they are directional signs

But we wander in the awesomess

In this vast continuum,

Trying to discover the universal conundrum,

Like is the a beginning

Or is the ever and end,

Does something else exist outside it that’s beyond our ken,

Are we like a tiny cell thinking only the life with exists

Unaware of another existence outside of this,

Are we being watched and monitored

As if we are in a Petri dish,

Or watched like we are in a fish tank

Studied in the same way, we study fish,

And unconsciously we are unaware of this,

It’s beyond our minds and eyes to see

Maybe we’re an experiment in some great big cosmic laboratory.