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Cosmological dreaming

Shadows dancing off moonlit walls

I feel the longing of the universes call

Stars reach out to me and beckon me hither

I feel the power and begin to wither

Not knowing that as a tiny insignificant speck

That life is not beyond me yet

Dazzling dancing swirling light

Filigree incandescent angels in flight

I find myself drawn by moonlight

To sit here captivated be the delight

Of cosmic tunes playing in my head

As visions trace a starry thread

Of quantum meaning that leaves me blessed

I have to admit I am obsessed by everything

I see in the night sky

Which is universally created by my minds eye

Then a speck I am no more

And though still in grace and awe

It’s now within how our conscious mind works

To paint these pictures

To create such scenes

Of cosmological quantum dreams.

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My simple theory on life immortal

A life immortal

What is this?

One single life

Spanning eternity?

That’s what people

Fixate on

When thinking about this

But a life immortal

Is about us as energy

About when this vessel

That we inhabits

Is worn out

And past it’s time

Our energy

And conscious mind

Unlike the body

Doesn’t die

It returns into

The ether

Of the universal

Spiritual realms

Prepares itself

For reincarnation

And then finally returns

And some say

But this is new life

Nothing to do with the old

But deep within

Your DNA there is a story to be told

Locked within our sub consciousness

There are memories

Of all our past lives

But we have not learnt

To unlock them

And show that this is right

We are not our bodies

We are more than that

We are energy

And consciousness

That can never truly die out

We pass through realms

And dimensions

Learning lessons on the way

In a hope of evolving

And transcending

To enlightenment one day

Just my simple theory

Of what life immortal means

A thousand lives lived over

Leaving in our minds

A thousand dreams.

The opiate of our dreams

Our love is supersonic

Yet somehow we stayed plutonic,

Racing through quantum space

Like a neutrino in light speed haste,

We flew among the stars fields

Hoping that we may feel

Something special that transcends all that is surreal

And to make contact with higher frequencies

Vibrating greater than we could ever believe

We are flying lightyears

In a space and time that is amazing and free

And within these moments

Our love was released like a supernova

Exploding incandescently

And Showering light

In cosmic conscious reality

I never thought that you and me

Could shine so bright

And love so deep

In this quantum space

Where we are universally

Spiritual beings

Travelling cosmically

Through everything we hoped that we could be

Which is pure love

The opiate of our dreams.

Intergalactic pilgrims

The intergalactic pilgrims

Sailed the universe in search

Of a newly discovered planet

In a hope to one day reside

When they landed it was dark

And so how were they to know

Everything that tried to flourish here

Was simply destined to die

Starved of any light and infected with fear

Micro organisms within this planets atmosphere

Played tricks on their mind

And induced to combine

A neurotic state of being

And this caused violence

And it also caused death

Within the intergalactic beings.

Destroying themselves

Through their own fear

The answers were evidently clear

We are an alien life form

On an inhospitable host

Caused them a thing

That they needed most

A new start, a new beginning

But now that future was lost

As the microbes turned these pilgrims in on themselves

And they paid the ultimate cost

By being susceptible to fear

And being driven by violence

All the pilgrims simply died

And left this ancient dark planet in silence.

Black hole

I dream I am being drawn into a black hole

Everything around me is folding

I feel the pressures of the vacuum

I see the endless infinity

What’s within? Science says its only certain death

But anything drawn in has never returned to testify that yet

May be its a doorway

To to different realms and dimensions

This swallowed of worlds

I feel it drawing me closer

Black hole mystery

Unveil your secrets to me

In my astral out of body dream

Swallow me

Take me to infinity.

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We work in collaboration with universe

though we may not know it

we live out live in collaboration

with our creative sub conscious mind

forging dreams from the true reality

not this domesticated illusory

but whether we are awake to pay heed

is really the truth indeed

and it’s reflected in how we live

do accept the suffering

or do we search for something more

that gratifies us and opens up new doors

through the connection

between the universe and the conscious mind

this is the question, how are you defined?

do you believe? or do you follow meekly

just what you have been told

and the story you have been sold

or do question everything, especially if you don’t agree

because your not a sheep,

so don’t live life asleep, awaken to truth

and let the existential flow through you

and be your own ruler

your own authority and make the connection

in the collaboration that we see

the universe and out conscious reality

and you’ll see it works more than this fake illusory.

Wormhole falling

I fell headlong down a wormhole

Though laying in my bed

I saw quasars and quarks spinning above my head

And atoms racing neutrinos then colliding

Just then I banged my head

Spun head over heels

Yet still descended

Then I witnessed kaleidoscopic seas

And dolphins leaping from the waves

And birds in assorted colours flying in a circus like parade

Then everything went dark

And I thought this all just in my mind

Before a supernova explosion happened before my eyes

And in a riot of rainbow light

And vision incandescent and bright

Took me on a race through time as well as cosmic space

In and out of dimensions and galaxies unknown

Then I had the feeling that I was being blown

At a thousand miles an hour

And my head was now in a spin

And woke up in my bed left wondering

How did that all begin.

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Multiverse journeying

Deep down inside

The conscious mind

We find transition

To universal times,

Of paradoxical transverse

Cosmic astral signs

That are relative by design

To creations ultimate matrix plan

A connection to being human

And yet spiritual within

A chance for us to be transitioning

Raising up and transcending

Beyond the stars never ending

Tripping through copious galaxies

Multiverse journeying

To a place and time of our beginning

Discovering the source from where we were spawned for living.


Steam rises up from sidewalk grates

The sounds of the city is dense and cacophonous these days,

As dark and shadows all that’s seen

As the light has given way

And nature has just turned to dust

Made way for brick, glass and neon lust,

Wall to wall media and advertising

Government messages prioritising

How people should live life,

Driverless cars stacked end to end

And new age miniature space ships cruise in flight,

Around these congested city streets

As the acid rain pours down on the people beneath,

Scurrying around speaking a multitude of languages

This is the result of technology,

When it’s pushed without thought in the name of greed,

Half of society now robotic

But people forgot even tech can be satanic,

Like the old satanic mills of long ago past,

That hides the death and oppression

The awakened know,

Will we ever be able to regain the light?

Will we ever be able to put this right,

Very little food and conspiracy theories akin too Soylent Green

This world’s not big enough for you and me,

The human population has spread like a cancerous disease,

A virus eating it’s host ravenous,

Is this a future that we want to see

And technological nightmare

And stuff of bad dreams,

Illuminated by a neon light scene.

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Space walking

Space walking

Conscious talking

Treading star to star

From Jupiter to Mars

I am space walking

Conscious talking

As I send out messages

Of love and peace

That radiate throughout

The infinite galaxies

As I listen to the voices

Coming back to me

They aide me

In my restful sleep

As I am space walking

Conscious talking

Is this a dream or reality

As I witness comets

And shooting stars

And I wander

In and out of nebula’s

I am space walking

Conscious talking

I am conversing

With those among the stars

I fly, I soar, I float

In a spacecraft

That looks just like a boat

Using a sail to traverse

This amazing universe

I visit star field nurseries

And countless asteroid belts

I am space walking

Conscious talking

In my head I just don’t know

If this is real or just a dream.