The boondocks far away

Hey I travelled to the boondocks

Stepped out of the airlock

A visit to a new galaxy

After what seemed like a lifetime trip relaxing

And now I am here on a new world

I am flying my flag unfurled

Crossed many constellations

Stopping at space stations

Meeting different species of aliens

This future world is amazing to me

Coasting through nebulae’s

I witnessed cosmic displays

Far off supanovas and asteroid storms

What a fascinating universal array

And now I am here at the boondocks

There are red lakes and purple rocks

Blue grass, yellow trees its a consciousness shock

That things are so different in the boondocks

But I think that I will like it here

Everyone is friendly there’s nothing to fear

For that’s something we decided to leave behind

I have like many decided to reset my mind

Focused now on love and peace

Now I’ve travelled to a new outreach

Settling here in the boondocks

It’s a chance to kick back and an opportunity to dream

Under the three blue moons under the yellow trees.

Galaxy adoration

Space bound
Where there’s no sound
Galaxy horizons
Some newly found
I see a plethora of stars
Nebulae from wide and far
Kaliderscopic array of gases
Voluminous clouds in masses
Dark within the ebony
Comets racing leaving trails so icey
This cosmic vision it entices me
Galaxies before hitherto unknown
Become new territories to be explored
Maybe discover things never seen before
All the time I abide by quantum law
As I space travel, speeding, I soar
At the speed of light I see neutrinos and more
The make up and the fabric of the universal core
Is it any wonder why its discovering new galaxies tha I adore
Through. Astral travel I can see it all
And using portals that are interdimensional.

Love comes from nowhere

Soon enough loves comes

It rides in on a stallion

Unbeknownst to anyone

It comes out of sight and mind

At times least expected

From places never conceived of

That is how love works

And cannot be forced

Cannot be in anyway cajoled

It’s something that can’t be controlled

Comes out of nowhere out of the folds

Of seemingly nothingness at all

Then entraps us within its thrall

Imprisoning us once and for all

That wonderful moment that defines our call

To be loved and love in a beautiful pall.

We rise

Creating, elating

Over stating, vibrating

Through universal inflating

We shudder when breaking

I rise to the challenging

And somehow I am managing

To transcend as a changeling

I am like a chameleon

In a spiritual suit

Rising and dancing

Evolving and footloose

I have increased comprehension

And the belief I can choose

My onw story I am creating

And writing each day

I live life on an energetic wave

Of spiritualism displayed

In a moment of love and peace today.

Sit and enjoy the show

Sitting on a disc of ethereal gas

Up in the cosmos taking time out

Gazing at the galaxy with a mindful eye

Dreaming of the other species out there to find

To share cultures and languages with

Would it not be cool to prove other civilisations exist

Watching different coloured nebulae and shooting stars

Watching comets speeding from a fast real fast

And leading a red hot fiery trail

Amazing sites that could create wondrous tales

Sitting here creating images in my head

Star field nurseries fot the young stars not matured yet

Skaking around on Saturn’s rings

Skatefirding and surfing off Orion’s Belt would be the actual dopest thing

Or hearing the choir of heavenly angels sing

Then before too long the big act of the show

Sitting watching a star ready to explode

And create a glorious supernova show

She how it lights up space with its glow

A million light years away is still a bit close

I still feel the power of its supernova breeze

Ruffle my hair and vibrate my seat

But this adds to beautiful artistry

Adds to higher level of frequency

That I feel exulted to sitting here

My mind is focused my vision is clear

With astral meditation is patently clear

You can through your conscious mind create any form of reality you hold dear

So why think small when you can create big

And be like me a turn ip to the biggest universal gig.


I travel on a universal flight

Soaring through the darkness of the sky,

Leaving trails of iridescent burning light

Why don’t you join me and see the sights,

Hello, can you see my flare,

Hello, join me and don’t be scared

Hello, here I am, where are you?

Hello, let’s go adventuring me and you.

We are starseed astronauts

We are spiritual beings

We can be what we please

So come on and travel along with me, tonight

On an awesome astral flight, tonight

Here I am, where are you, tonight

We can share the best moments of our lives, tonight.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

Precognitive mindset

Wakey, wakey

Find your conscious state

Find within the precognitive place

That can see you dive down the rabbit hole

And see the the future and what’s foretold

See the paths and light the way

Premonitions are on display

For those awake and aware to see

Dive on in and follow me

Down the hole tumbling and falling

Into dimensions of new dawnings

Leave past thoughts and painful memories behind

Within the present we can define

The awakening conscious signs

That point the way to future times

And if we view our various routes

Then maybe we can pick and choose

Which path we take, which road we follow

And maybe hope can be renewed

Knowing what may come tomorrow

And be a cause for promise rather than sorrow

Premonition and precognition

This is my challenge and new mission.