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Beyond our knowledge

Beyond our ken

Beyond all human understanding

Way beyond the planets and the stars

The answers as to who we are

Beings of another multiverse

And other dimensions of which we’ve never heard

A place where light shines so bright

And everyday travel is by space and astral flight

And technology is far advanced

And society is far and equal

Where no one differentiates from people to people

Where our hopes and dreams can be revealed

And acted up and lived out fully

Where we choose to live life’s human experiences

On this earth in self created appearances

Up for the challenge we relish it

Travelling from afar from beyond the stars

Aliens and long lost forgotten beings

Are who we truly are.

We need a shift

Escalating frequencies

Of dualistic realities

Raising up my energies

To coalesce in conscious dreams

That open mind and open eyes

To realise not is always as it seems

And a paradigm shift in this place we be

Is now long overdue and needed

We require our spirits freeing

To break the ever rotating cycle

Of pain and suffering

So that we can enjoy being happy

For no other reason than existing

Rather than needing some kind of stimulus

Like money or material things

While be blind to natures beauty

And quantum universal things

That are to me simply amazing

It’s the things we take for granted

That should take our breath away

Not these man made impedencies

That always seem to get in the way.


What is beyond the universe?

We are told the universe is expanding

But expanding into what?

And how did the universe begin?

Not planets or stars but the blackness of the void that is the universe.

If God truly exists what, how or who created God?

Now ask scientists and religious gurus and leaders for the answers

And they will not be able to tell you

Because science and religion are man made concepts

Created by the mind of individuals limited by what they have been taught and learnt.

Truth is humanity knows nothing but kids itself it knows so much

It’s the flawed rational of the illusory mind

We cannot see past the fact that we create all we see, feel and hear

From light and sound waves

Penetrating our spiritual energy beings.

We are a vortex of energy, no more, no less

Living illusory lives, in a dream state

Caught up in our own egotistical self importance.

City of lights

Neon flashing lights shimmer

Across a rain soaked street

In the dark the moon shines

And the black sky is breeched

The lights of the tall city buildings

Create a collage of different colours

The steam raises up through grates

In the main streets and the shiadows

The gaudy neon pinks and blues

Are vivid in a city where darkness still creeps

The bulbs of the neon often flicker and create a fractured sight

And it’s not hard to feel lonely and vunerable

It’s hard to be in such a tropical heat

Its hard to find love in this kind of place

Where only ghosts walk the streets.


I drift in and out of light

And in and out of wormholes

In and out of reality

Carousing through so may fantasies

Spiraling through a whirlpool

Seeking my destiny

Careering through a thousand past dreams

And lives that I had once lived.

I dance under a bright lit moon

And roller coasted over rainbows bright

I bask in the sun and enjoy the sheer delight

Of being individual and free

Living life according to my own existential belief

For u am a time traveller sailing the unlimited cosmic seas

I find it hard to to grasp why people can’t love

I find it to hard to breathe

Without passion or light or feeling

I feel my head spin around and leaves me dizzy and reeling

But beyond and above the normal day to day

I am still able to sing and dance in the rain

And celebrate within the universal parade

Of the colourful stars and nebulaes arrayed.

Faith dimension

Sitting meditating

Floating high among the clouds

Contemplating the fifth dimension

With a furrowed brow

How do I experience this

What do I need to do

Then like the enlightenment I seek

There is a golden rule

Don’t think don’t chase

Just let it all go

And understand we already there

Some how some way we made it through

The galactic quantum tear

That let us take a peek right through

To see what’s actually there

A multiverse of thrills and spills

And other realities we can share

Alternatives to this life we live

But on different parallels

Neither one being heaven

Neither one being hell

Just a place evolved from this

And other manifestations.dwell

And welcome us in with open arms

And a myriad stories to tell.

Multiverse dreams

On a planet light years away

I found myself face down in alien dust

I knew not how I got here

The dust was fine and bright yellow

It stained my clothes and hands

I got up and started to move forward

Then something caught me by the ankle

It pulled me hard and fast below the surface

And in that moment I was sliding down a chute upon my back

Colours flashed like lightening before my eyes

Then I discovered I was spinning

And a kaleidoscope of images

Assailed me touching and laughing

But they were blurs as they moved so fast

And I could then suddenly heard whispering

That echoed off the walls coalescing into chaos

Then ebony darkness hit my eyes

And left my mind in panic

Then a bright new sun I saw arising

Above a far off horizon

And the brightness and the warmth grew quick

As the sun rose more and more

Before all of a sudden I felt myself face down

On a cold marbled polished floor.

I looked up warily, wondering what I’d find

And as my eye acclimatised I studied what I had spied

A group of varied aliens in rows sitting in various chairs

Studying me and talking deeply

About what they believed they perceived

A being representing humanity

I said I am not like them I am a spirit being

They all nodded in assent

And they said that is why you’ve been brought here

It’s now your time to transcend

To a higher plain and frequency

Beyond our knowledge and realms

To a place of multiverse fantasy

And Everlasting dreams.

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Trans-dimensional split


We are here, there and everywhere,

at the same time, for we are in paradigms

of different states of being with in new states,

that we create when making choices,

when we wonder if we should go left

but then we go right part of our spirit divides

and in part we live trans-dimensional, in many different times,

so we are here and we are there, we are everywhere

and when your’e consciously awake you become aware

that somethings going on somewhere else and it’s not here.


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Live life like you dream it

Say it like you mean it

Live life like you dream it

Be the best human being

In a universe that is freely

Offering opportunity

To those understanding the frequency

Of vibrational synchronicity

We should let our souls fly free

Within the cosmic astral ancestry

We can set our spirits free

If we hold strong to our beliefs

Like a lightening bolt from heaven

We can be amazingly

Blazing a trail of destiny

Of fantastic fantasy

And divine causality

Washing its blessing over me

Like a giant tsunami of energy

Floating on stars celestially

We can be free existentially

So say it like you mean it

And live life like you dream it

And be the best human beings we can be.

Surrealism gone mad

I saw a cat it walked through walls

But then it was not there at all

I saw a man within the moon

But by the time I blinked he had gone too soon

And as I sailed across a blue lagoon

I saw a mermaid with skin of blue

But as I heard the sirens wail

My consciousness began to fail

And as I stirred in sleep paralysis

Unable to move I realised I had exited

My normal form and was floating above it

In an out of body experience

And so I took the opportunity to talk an astral flight and zoom

To a multiverse of unknown stars and moons

While travelling in a hot air balloon

And disappeared into a worm hole

Then felt a Trans-dimensional shift

And landed back within my body

But did not know in what reality I now existed

And when I saw cars flying by

And a multicultural peace flag flying high

And saw how people coexisted in love and peace

I realised this dimension was not the one in which I previously existed

But it felt so good and I would spend sometime

While feeling sorry for the other I

Who would spend sometime in my other harsh life

But I am sure I would understand in time

It’s good for the soul and spirit to share with myself and I

Other dimensional paradigms.