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Time to go home

Time to go home

I spy standing on a mountain top

As I look deep into the cosmos

A spiral tunnel swirling in lights of green

A paradigm shift right there in front of me

I see a doorway to new dimensions

I feel what are my true intentions

To get away from here and to escape

I need to find a new place somewhere else in space

And in this isolated state of bliss

I stand in stillness and consciousness

And as I breathe I wish that my family and I

Could just take off into the night sky

Through the swirling tunnel onwards to new adventures

I wish that we could trip the lights fantastic

Go deep into the paradigm shift

Go deep into trans-dimensional travel

To travel the astral fields of the universe

Sad as it would be leave this beautiful earth

But I feel somehow a calling

I feel somehow that out there, there is somewhere else called home

And as I stand here alone

I feel voices calling me to leave

I feel the beckoning of others beyond the stars

I want to gather my family and put one foot forward

And be brave and make a start

On a journey to the stars and astral fields that are afar.

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Reality in truth


The reality of things we see

Are only real to you and me

As long as we’re looking ot thinking of it

When we look away or think of something else

These things cease to exist

So you can see and understand just how life works

If you look and focus on the stuff that causes you pain or hurt

These things will exist in our lives

But when we think of happiness and joy

These positive affirmations will appear and be seen

It’s all just a state of mind

It’s all just a state of being.

Outside our universe


A tear and a split in the cosmic backdrop

A rip in the space continuum scene

And suddenly we peer through the illusionary,

Into what truly exists outside this universe

It seems the universe is so small it’s absurd

Even though it’s infinite to us, it’s just a marble size outside,

Where many other things exist that we cannot define

Isn’t this whole imagine somehow kind of perverse,

But it to think anything other than this, just maybe worse.

Is the anything really there?


Does the universe and all things exist

Outside our conscious frame of being

Or is everything we see,feel, hear

Come from our creative mind

Just images and sensory stimuli

That are triggered by our environment

Whatever that maybe, in the true conscious state of reality

Are we in fact just waves and vortexes of energy

Existing in a vacuum or void beyond even our creative imaginary

This is the deep thought process of which we need to reach

To discover the answers that we seek.

Denying plain facts


Rising sea levels

Melting polar caps

It will get much worse if we don’t act

Rising temperatures

Earth is heating up

Don’t go thinking it’ll be ok

And hope for the best of luck

If we do future generations

Are the ones destined to be fucked

Diminishing insects

Animal extinction

We need to show

A lot more conviction

Those who says climate change is a hoax

Really don’t know

Act as if they do

Pull out a stray scientist or two

To fly in the weight of opinion and facts

But you can’t deny what they lack

Evidence based over many years of research

Those who deny merely just have empty words

But we can see and feel our plants hurt.

World’s away


The rough terrain

The alien landscape

The darkness that’s perpetual

The stars that shine

The purple clouds

That set against the ebony night

The neighboring planet

The adjacent moon’s

This sight that’s so amazing

Bringing my imagination to full bloom

After interstellar astral travel

I arrived here in the place

I have searched so many galaxies

Crossed an infinite void of space

In hope of discovering answers

To the real source of my conscious state.

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