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My beautiful dream

Moon shine lighting up the world

Stars sparkling on an ebony backdrop

A universe in hiding goods created by our conscious mind

I dream of space dwelling

In spiritual realms divine

I wish to astral travel through multiverse and time

I wish to experience everything out there to find

To discover other galaxies and realms

To meet alien sailors steering from the helm

Sharing stories and thoughts

And gaining understanding

If how we can get along and share some new planet landings

Then going separate ways as new friends not as foes

Carrying thoughts of each other everywhere we go

Travelling through eternity and beyond infinity

This is what I describe as my beautiful dream.


Dancing lights

Shining lights in the distance

Dancing up and down

The colours weave and swirl

The cadenza like display

Flowing as if in time with a symphony

Dazzles with prism like colours

Bending and illuminating in impossible ways

Super fast and then as if barely moving

As if in slow motion

These lights are universal

Creating their display in the night sky

Offering the promise of other life

Of other realms and knowledge

Far beyond our imagination and understanding.

Energy and light

Darkness universal,

Spiritually enlightened,

Centered consciousness,

And mindful awareness.

Unconditional love,

Luminescent soul.

The religion of benevolence,

Ancient entities of creation,

The essence of the cosmic realms,

We are energy and light.

Tune in

Turn up and tune in your universal hearing,

Look hard, pierce the veil and see the cosmos while peering,

through the clouds and gaseous haze

remembering halcyon days,

deep within the dark there’s light

for those who have the intuitive insight,

those of opened and conscious minds,

those who’s eyes are always wide open,

those who are abundantly aware,

and understand the universe and dare

open up to it in spirit and travel there in astral visits.

Percussive sounds

There are percussive sound waves

That echoes throughout the universe

And if our hearing was capable of recieving it

We would understand the verse,

Of a supanova exploding or meteors hitting home,

The sound of collisions from to alien, ancient stones

And if we tuned into a frequency that operated on that scale,

We would be one with the vibration of the cosmic veil

And so much that’s presently unknown,

We would quickly learn

But we act as if it’s not of our concern,

As we get lost in all the trivial and lost in the mundane,

We do not understand about how universe works today,

So we keep sailing blindly on a course to nowhere

And so will never get any further,

Than the end our limited knowledge and thinking,

So we are stuck here on our beautiful rock,

Unable to voyage any further at this point,

We need to listen,

We need to learn,

Rather than just simply observe,

A universe far to vast to see everything at once.

Via:Daily Prompt: Percussive

Universal dream

She sat obliquely on a shooting star

travelling distances afar

in darkened voids of anonymity

hidden among gaseous nebulae screens

and passing by a myriad of galaxies

her hair waves and trails behind

she rides the star like a charger racing

both legs astride no contemplating

anything else but what is ahead

what is behind has been left.

She sparkles with iridescent filigree

while raising cries of cosmic glee

she feels wild and fully free

slaloming between meteorites and planets

racing asteroids and being drawn to black holes like a magnet

she wont be drawn to close though her understanding

is they are like portals to different dimensions

and multiverses to many to mention

she is the cosmic queen of the galaxies

so beautiful, strong and yet serene

I see her sometimes in my dreams

and hope one day as a spirit we will then meet.

Concussion of colours

A concussion of the colourful

A collision of the light

The glint of a myriad stars sparkling so bright

A rainbow array of hues and shades

So much beauty is on display

Is it not amazing what our conscious mind creates

Images of filigree and incandescent light

Shining through every crack in every aspect of our life

And our unique perspective on the way we choose to live

Makes life so very interesting

And way to wondrous to miss

An a universal conflagration of beauty, love and bliss.

Never nothing

The clock melts

And time dissolves,

Like my memories

One day they’ll go,

I sit in rooms

Empty and bland,

These are times

I may never understand,

Just mirror all around me

Reflecting all I can see

And my first thought is,

There is nothing to see,

Truth is there is never nothing

Even in an empty void

There’s still a vacuum,

There’s always something

If you tune in,

If you let our conscious reality

Flow free,

Then you will see

Amazing things,

That creation and the universe brings,

Its not a trick of the mind,

The trick is you are blind,

You need to open up

Your third eye,

Its not a lie

And when you open up

You will see everything,

You will see that

There’s no point

In doubting anymore.

There is never nothing,

There is always something,

That’s the true reality

When you let go of the illusory,

You see how vivid and wondrous life

Truly is when you peel back the veil from across your eyes

And reveals the truth hidden behind the lies.

Star creation

Look up at the stars

And realise what you are,

A spiritual miracle soul

That’s travelled so far to be here.

Keep your feet on the ground

Know that your heart can be found,

In the same places as the answers that you seek,

Deep within you

And if you keep it open,

Life the universe will flow powerfully through you

And you will never feel alone

And you will always feel the love

And your way home

To whence we came from

And will one day return

But until that day you must ensure your light burns,

With a passion an incandescence

With compassion and benevolence through and through,

Then you will know that all I say

Right here a day now is rooted in the truth,

So watch the stars and understand that they created you.

You are the creator

The universe you create in your own conscious mind, like everything else and the greatest myth is Time, we are created from energy and light and as such we will go on forever, so don’t you ever, believe there’s not a enough Time, for we have already lived a thousand life times.