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Stealth jumper pt3

Avalon arrived at outskirts of a sandstone town

Wondered what exactly could be found

To speed her on her way to her final destination

But something told her to wait.

She spied the men who were hunting her down

Must have found another portal to put them in front

She then used the powers she was given

To shape shift and blend in with other people

She wound around the town

From souk to souk gathering information

But always alert and attentive

The three men who were hunting her

Were very keen and well observed

She ducked in and out of shop fronts

Weaving in and out of houses

Then somehow they found her out

Started chasing her and she was in no doubt

Escape was her only option

What was she supposed to do

She saw a portal glinting in another souk

In the opposite side of town

But if she tried to get there they would shoot her

She took a minute and got her head straight

And in the middle of a mindful state

She realised the way

Using all of the powers the tribe gave her

She whipped up a sandstorm

And in the midst of the ensuing chaos

She decided to make her move

And she took a direct route

And in a glimpse she saw the men in pursuit

And realised it was a little too soon

She rain and weaved and ducked under a hail of bullets

But then she saw the portal and run through

Closing it on them as she exited

She had evaded them once again

But they were getting far to close

She needed this journey to end

As she looked and studied all around her

What place was she now in

As it happens she was standing within the walls of a monastery

And monks were standing around a smiling

Now what did this place hold for her?

Is there more information or skills to learn?

Or just more danger, pain and hurt?


The flow of love through energy

Love is the energy flow

That connects us to the universe

And binds us to the spiritual realms

Far beyond the concept of the stars

Beyond this illusory consciously created belief

Love is every particle of being that makes us spiritual beings

And is part of all and everything

Love is the quantum manifestation

Love is the divine light celebration.

The language of energy

We say more through our energy

A language that’s a mystery,

To those who do not understand this kind of speech

To ears that are beyond all reach,

Because like their minds

They are closed

And so will always remain unknown,

To the energy and frequency,

Of which people refuse to believe or see,

The language of energy

Will always remain a mystery,

Because ignorance is bliss you see

They are too lost in the illusory,

Cannot see through the veil into reality

And so will always deprive themselves of this,

A magnificent connectivity

That binds us to the galaxy,

The language of quantum cosmic vibrancy

It’s the language of universal free speech.

She prowls

She prowls like a cat

And stalks with stealth,

Wears mens hearts

Around her belt,

Those who seek

To play an mess with her,

Discover her wrath

Which they incurred,

A warrior goddess

Is a blessing or a curse,

Depends on how you treat her

Make sure it’s how she deserves,

Don’t be falling backwards in reverse

Or the price that you pay

Will be one of pain and hurt

As you become her prey.

The tale of the shadows

The dark night lit up by just a barrage of flickering neon signs, a figure moved in the shadows, I saw it out of the corner of my eye and tried to focus on the figure while slowly walking over cautiously, nervously. The figure just stood still now as if trying to blend into the darkness, yet as I got closer I could make out the shape of what appeared to be a person, I spoke hesitantly, ‘are you OK? Are you in need of help at all?’ the only response was silence, as I got closer I saw the figure was wearing a cloak with a hood with its face covered. At this point I wondered if I had made a mistake approaching the shadowed figure now. Yet the figure was no bigger than me and I felt they needed help the closer I got. ‘Is everything OK?’ I repeated again, ‘it’s not a great place to be around here after dark’, a female voice replied, ‘yet here you are, do you not fear for your own safety?’ I looked at her with perspecuity, though her voice trembled slightly there was a strength there, ‘I know the area and the people to some degree and so that helps, whereas I think you are new around here and there are some here that prey on newcomers.’ There was barely a pause before she replied, ‘and that should give me reason to fear yes?’ I was starting to feel that she was not as vulnerable as I first perceived her to be, ‘maybe, but something tells me, you feel capable of handling yourself OK. If that’s the case I will be off and leave you to whatever it is you’re doing’. I felt that leaving now was the best option, however the woman spoke hastily, ‘no stay, it maybe judicious you being here’. The woman lifted her head and I saw the sparkling of her eyes that showed in each a universe of stars. She had strong narrow cheek bones that were very predominant, full deep red lips and a tanned skin, smudged with grime. Her cloak I now notice was tattered and dirty. But those strange eyes were the feature I could not explain or get away from. ‘Who and what are you?’ I asked, she just stared at me but then tilted her head to one side slightly, ‘I am from the stars, I have come here to rescue souls ready for transcendence. You have shown this quality, you roam the streets caring for homeless people and help anyone you meet in need. I am here to offer you a chance to leave this place and travel to somewhere more advanced and evolved than this’. To say I was taken aback and stunned was an understatement. I had indeed spent my time just as she had stated but how did she know this? I had dreamt of a getaway from this place, this world of endless suffering but could I just leave everything behind. What of family? What of friends? But then what of my own sanity? This was an opportunity to achieve a dream, to travel to the stars. As I looked at her I had no doubt what she was offering was real. So what to do?

Quantum universe tales

Quasar hunting throughout space

Universal solitude and grace

Acrostic verses defining life

Nebulae shielding a new stars light

Trans-dimensional astral travel

Unlimited galaxies to unravel

Meditational mindful scrabble

Unbounded freedom I will dabble

Nitrogen rich planets I will seek

Irresistible horizons beyond peaks

Volumes of galactic belts beseech

Energy created from atomic me

Radion resounding quantum scale

Spiritual journeys of astral tales

Evermore guide me to distant veils

Transcending life we now sail

Alone in bliss through darkness

Levitating out of body mindfulness

Emptying mind in search of this

Serenade love in a universal kiss.

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Star seeds

Star matter

That’s what we are

Travelled here

From a far

To find this

Garden paradise

To live out and

Enact spirit lives

So how is it

We do not learn

How is it

That this earth burns

Why is it our

Poetry bleeds

Of all of our

Inhumanity to man

And about the fact

We fail to understand

The ecology

And other species

Are not here for man

To destroy, exploit

And plunder at its will

But we have the time still

To learn, evolve

And put things right

Finally understand

Our plight

Which to learn and grow

Transcend and evolve

To higher frequencies

Of spirit life

By living it just right

Or we are destined

Simply to carry on

Reincarnating and

Repeating the same wrongs

Until everything and us

Are finally gone

And as star seeds

We can no longer carry on.

Quantum display

A nano spark

Neutrino fast

In the dark

A quantum light

Spreads out

Across the universe

In kinetic form

I see it disperse

Among the quasars

And the asteroid belts

And it blazes

Like lasers

Across the cosmos

Leaving afterglows

And then it’s followed

By a full array

Of quarks

Causing a redshift

And a doppler effect

That resonates in red

Radioactive threads

That is thermodynamic

In the end of everything

And a symphony of

Wave particles sing

Physics rejoicing

Cosmically voicing

Essences of life

Within a dark matter light

Denied to human eyes

As we take off

In astral flight

Witnessing a quantum delight.

Unseen place

Secluded and hidden away

In solitude we find new days

Horizons discovered and unknown views

I see a brand new avenue

Of things I’ve never seen before

A place that has gone beyond wars

A place evolved beyond this

A developed world of love and bliss

Where unity is never questioned

Division has been ended

And all life has reached ascension

And gone beyond petty material pretentions

And so there is nothing that needs defending

Combined in the matrix ascending

This world is now representing

Everything we should be sensing

And reaching out for to achieve

A one united belief

Built around both love and peace

A worthy place for us to exist.

The cosmic multiverse Market

In a neon lit city

in a quantum multiverse,

hidden away behind

the bright neon lit displays

lays a market,

that offers trans dimensional

get away’s to distant places,

scattered across a multitude

of milky ways.

No signs, no arrows,

leading you it’s way

just intuition, as synchronicity displays,

the hidden market for anyone

who’s fantasies evolve into cosmic space

and those who don’t see the irony

that anywhere they go,

they still remain in the same place,

the conscious mind of old,

for all that we do and every where that we go

it is created within everything we know,

for nothing is real, it’s all just illusory

part of the matrix that forms everything,

so what exactly are we being sold.