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Ripple through you

There is a ripple through the air,

A ripple through the water,

It all started as a simple ripple ought to,

It started If like a vibration

Slowly increasing in force,

Pushing back at anything

That gets in its way.

There is a ripple in the air,

There is a ripple through the water,

I sense a ripple in the atmosphere,

One that you brought with you,

I feel the force is building up

I sense the tension in you,

I wish that I knew how to calm you,

Wish I knew how to heal you.

I just wish I could send a ripple of happiness through out you,

Send a ripple of a smile across those lips,

Those anyone would love to kiss.

I hope I can send

A ripple of love through you,

A ripple of passion and unconditional

Inner peace and compassion

Right the way through you in truth,

With light and kindness,

Riding the ripples of the wave that will move you.


Don’t underestimate light and dark

Darkness is not so bad, it makes the light bright and the heart elated, from the ebony night daylight is created, that lifts the soul from pole to pole, this is duality known, beyond the realms of light and dark, it beckons the soul and the heart to open up and let the love start flowing through our very being sending any fear fleeing and resonating the wonders of this duality which then allows our consciousness to wander from illusory into reality.

Give me power

Give me power

What I want is power

But not that dirty power

But clean renewable power

I don’t want to be showered

In their nuclear power

Or to face the doomsday hour

So give me Earths green power.

Give me power

Give me wind turbine power

Give me hydro power

Not your dirty coal power

And not your fracking power

Give me all the power

But good clean eco power

And let’s rejoice in our finest hour.

Night time

Starlight flickers across the night ebony sky,

Moonlight shines through the rustling leaves

Of the primordial trees,

The breeze blows gentle and silently,

The night offers us a place of bliss and peace,

Solitude in the crisp night air

A shooting star crosses the blackness like a flare,

Feel the universe everywhere

Omniscient and tranquil

And forever there,

Eternal and infinate

Yet beckons you to dare,

Lose yourself within it

And cast away your cares.

Cloaked behind the veil

What’s beyond this illusory life

It’s something cloaked in mystery,

It’s something we cannot define

For its beyond our state of mind.

I am sure it maybe a state of euphoric bliss,

Something akin to the perfect wish,

To live in a place of inner peace

And unconditional love.

A place where everything just flows

And we have learnt to let go,

Where angels have no fear to tread,

Because we have transcended beyond death,

Where the light shines on us righteously

And we all feel so much virtuously,

Better than we have ever been

Living beyond original sin,

Where being immortal spirit beings

Reminds us that we are energy living,

In vessels of our created self,

Created and painted straight from the palette on which we settle,

To be creative in our art form from

A flawed masterpiece to be undone,

For being human only lasts for a short time,

Having to endure the grind.

But there are lessons there to be learnt

Along the way in a life hard earned,

Being a spiritual energy beings

Hidden behind a cloaked veil,

Which is full of amazement

And full of wonder,

Yet to imagine it would rip our mind asunder,

Unless done through a mindful astral state

Where we have let every aspect of us fade away,

So that we are back to our light particle waves,

Which enables pure knowledge to be absorbed by the mind,

The subconscious not the brain

Because nothing is real in our physical state,

Far from where we originate,

In this mystical and multiverse place,

Where nothing truly ever awesome dissapates.

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Dancing under disco balls

Dancing under the disco ball of stars and light,

Tripping through the wondrous night,

To savour cosmic masquerades of such delight,

I sense the fantasy of the flight to places new

Yet to be discovered,

In the multiverses stocked full cupboard,

Of every experience you could want or need

In unlimited varieties,

From planets of snow, rock, lava and seas,

Images that are amazing

While we stand under this disco ball stargazing,

Magical, mystical, mind blowing things,

Are constantly happening

Beyond our understanding,

But not our imagining

If we let ourselves go

And allow ourselves to dream.

Night flight exceptional

We flew through space

On a jet steam exceptional,

Flying through multiverses sensational,

To discover energy fields transdimensional,

On a journey aspirational,

On dreams irrational.

Searching for the root of light,

That may offer us such delight,

Through spacial extraterritorial

Transcendental experience.

Waltzing among the stars

In serendipitous twilight

We dance in irridescent filigree,

Gliding through the dazzling starlight

Of multitudinous energy,

Witnessing multifarious prismic dreams

In a cosmic wondrous scene,

As we waltz within the matrix

Of multiverse symphonies,

I savour psychedelic moments

Of transcendent tranquillity.

Universal infinity

In a universe of infinity

We can always dream,

In a multiverse of myriad beliefs

We need to be accepting

That it up to them and we shouldn’t judge them

That this a choice of free expression

And as long as it does not impinge on me

And my freedoms

Then we can live together happily

Investigating realms beyond the stars

Looking to discover we are

We need to heal the scars

And ease the pain

While visiting worlds and galaxies

On a different plain

Everything is unique nothing is the same

In life as in Milky Ways

We display

The nature of conscious mind in Every way

On each and every day

So it’s important to create great things

As human sentient beings

We could be freeing

Ourselves from the drudgery

Of the mundane reality we create.

Trip of a lifetime

Solar stories

Cosmic realms,

Galactic milieu

I ride the helm,

Of this space ship

Speeding throughout space,

Gliding on stardust full of grace,

Travelling through the milky way

Looking to roam,

And looking to stray,

Through an ocean of darkness

Boundless and eternal.

Through asteroid fields

And cosmic belts,

Trailing meteors

Following in true stealth,

Looking at Starfield nurseries

Amazed by the wealth,

Of the numerous wonders

To many to count,

To numerous in number,

Among the gaseous clouds,

Shimmering in colours

Like the arch of a rainbow,

The backdrop being a supernova

As it explodes,

And forms a million more stars

And potential planets,

Covered in oceans

Of gas and rocks of granite

And all this transpires before my eyes,

The trip of a life time that I can’t deny.

Image courtesy of Pinterest