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R Aquarii a super star o

There be an interesting star binary

That goes by the name of R Aquarii

It is known as a Symbiotic binary

Surrounded by a gaseous nebulae

It is made up of one white hot giant

And also of a red giant too

And the red giant is losing much of its matter

Creating many weird, wonderful and amazing colourful shapes

That causes it to appear like a bird, like a phoenix

Dazzling across the cosmic universe

A treat to see and do interesting to me

That there should be such awesome displays in the distant galaxies.

Waiting game

In a world of darkness

In a world of floating rock debris

In a world of total silence

Many light years from you and me

A probe is search taking images

And reconoitering.

I wonder if in the far off place

Way among the cosmos

Alien lifeforms study this

With curious intent and think

See they show signs of intelligence

But sadly their brutal, warlike ways

And desire for destruction and violence

Will alway keep them isolated

From other universal orders

Who see our egotistical ways

Bringing us go the edge if our own extinction

And ponder gravely and wait patiently to see

If we can awaken enough to stop

This mad lemmjng charge to the cliffs edge

Or is this truly man’s destiny

To rush and fall to our own end

Because we were blinded by ignorance, arrogance and greed

Are we sowing humanities final seed

While other being wait and can scarcely believe

In such foolish senient folly.

She redesigned her settings

She was created from skudders seed
A pirate race of alien being
Described as pleasure machine
Undoubtedly a sultry young thing
That appealed to the perverse cosmic dream
Stuff of which other aliens need
To peak their wild and diverse curiosity
In her skin tight leather clothes that clung tightly to her body
Her iridescent eyes and tinted mohawk hair
Her tattooed story leading here and there
To sensual erogenous zones
Brings who tried her had their minds blown
Both male and female she’d oblige
But one by one they all soon died
She was a femme fatale
A cosmic black widow
Who could like a chameleon change as she needs
And she had an absolute ability to please
A real shape shifting beauty
Created to be a pleasure machine
But instead changed her ways
And became an assassin par excellence
And the dark stsr Queen
That would one day go on to bring the multiverse to its trembling knees.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

Universal glow

Bask in the universal glow

Raise your frequency and grow

Be the light and shine irridescent

Full like the moon not a crescent

Make love and kindness your tennent

Rather than the tattered remnants

Of bitter and angry life lived

Always teetering of the precipice

This is no more than a sad tryst

Based on opportunities missed

But look deeply into your bucket list

And see what you have and have not achieved

But never lose hope and always believe

That we can resonate to higher frequencies

Of universal greater things

And cosmic design and understanding.

Roll the dice

Roll the dice

The dice of life

Open up your eyesight

Spread your wings

And take a flight

Feel the euphoric delight

And dream under

The stars at night

Dazzling our sight

Taking us to heights

Of a new cosmic light

Illuminating midnight

Leaving us contrite

About our conscious plight

And to eradicate the blight

Of the dark ominous might

Of the those who hold to tight

To the universal free right

To simply let go and fly

Off into the ebony cosmos sky.

Cosmic wave travel

On the waves of cosmic light

We take an astral star flight

Through a maze of constellations

Travelling onward using vibrations

As the symphonic music plays out

Like colourful cadenza’s

Waves of prismic light surrounding

In cosmic universal delight we’re drowning

And the mathematics of geometry

And the artistic topography

Embraces all our sensabilities

Then we fall into a black hole of tranquilty

Where everything is nothing

And nothing is everything

Yet in my head I still hear the songs

That the cosmic angels sings

And the darkness it soon turns to light

And I feel touched by the love holding me tight

I realise in the astral cosmic flight

Our minds create the subconscious images of within our sights

In this universe of the eternal finite.

My universal dreamscape

Bound in time universal

Tripping through light beams,

Going round like a carousel

Flying up and down through nebulae,

Cruising through starfields

Of mass colourful arrays,

Meanwhile cadenza’s

And symphonies tunefully played,

Soaring and singing

As we enjoyed the display,

As shooting stars lit up the darkness in everyway

Supernova’s created a crazy forray,

Into existential psychedelic colour like sway

Of cosmic constellational mindful plays,

This universe of creation I love in everyway.

Astral travelling in dreams

I surfed the rings of saturn
In astral flying dreams
Intruiged to find out
Exact what would happen
And danced with aliens
Among Orions belt
Curious to how it felt
And rode on shooting stars
Then got drunk in cosmic bars
To feel the amazement of everything
That when we astral travel in our heads
Whilst laying in our beds.
What more could you want from life
To escape in to the quantum divide
And trenscend through a series of
Trans dimensional gateway rides
That opens up wondrous themes
That expand all of our life and times
And creates a mind of understanding
That will increase all of our frequencies
And trenscend us all as evolved
Higher forms of human beings
That resides within us as we
Dream this amazing form
Astral travelling that closed minds
Will never realise or believe in
The same as we with open minds and eyes
Who awakened see as truth, not buying the lies
For we sail the universe divine in conscious reality which is so exciting.

I connect with the stars

I sit under stars

My mind wanders far

Cosmic waves are talking to me

Watching out for signs

Of extraterrestrial life

Yet seeing universal

Colours in my mind

Maybe they will give a hint

Or maybe by design

I may see the cosmic line

That traces a path

To where the multiverse may be

And where there are

Many other species

Working in unity

In a galactic milieu

Far more advanced

And that’s the truth

Making contact with us

Is too dangerous they knew

So won’t be doing it too soon

We are still too savage

Warlike and brutal

For advanced beings

Who see the truth

We are heading for self extinction

And our leaders blew

Every single chance

To turn it around

Now as I sit here

Connected to the ground

I feel a part of the earth

And the galactic universe

Maybe thing will get better

They surely can’t get worse

As I connect to the light waves

Then restore my energy

I feel the hope for the future

And retain a belief

That we can all come together

As a humanity

And evolve beyond where we are now

And resonate at higher frequencies.


Beyond our knowledge

Beyond our ken

Beyond all human understanding

Way beyond the planets and the stars

The answers as to who we are

Beings of another multiverse

And other dimensions of which we’ve never heard

A place where light shines so bright

And everyday travel is by space and astral flight

And technology is far advanced

And society is far and equal

Where no one differentiates from people to people

Where our hopes and dreams can be revealed

And acted up and lived out fully

Where we choose to live life’s human experiences

On this earth in self created appearances

Up for the challenge we relish it

Travelling from afar from beyond the stars

Aliens and long lost forgotten beings

Are who we truly are.