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Dancing under disco balls

Dancing under the disco ball of stars and light,

Tripping through the wondrous night,

To savour cosmic masquerades of such delight,

I sense the fantasy of the flight to places new

Yet to be discovered,

In the multiverses stocked full cupboard,

Of every experience you could want or need

In unlimited varieties,

From planets of snow, rock, lava and seas,

Images that are amazing

While we stand under this disco ball stargazing,

Magical, mystical, mind blowing things,

Are constantly happening

Beyond our understanding,

But not our imagining

If we let ourselves go

And allow ourselves to dream.


Night flight exceptional

We flew through space

On a jet steam exceptional,

Flying through multiverses sensational,

To discover energy fields transdimensional,

On a journey aspirational,

On dreams irrational.

Searching for the root of light,

That may offer us such delight,

Through spacial extraterritorial

Transcendental experience.


She felt and tasted the damp mouldy air in the room. She felt it heavy on her chest and clinging in her nostrils as she sat contemplating what to write. This new novel needed most atmosphere, something different, something new. As she typed in the room, derelict and danger, riddled with dampness undermined by rot, she felt the sensation of somebody watching. Still she typed on with determination and zeal. Just then the walls shook and plaster fell from the walls and ceiling. The rumble seemed unnatural and there was flashes of light. Still she perserveerd after a moment of quiet, waiting for another rumble or shudder but nothing came. After a few minutes the same thing again but louder and longer as well as more violent. This time she swept her long blonde hair off of her ivory skinned face. Reaching behind her head she tied it up. Out of the corner of her eye she saw a red glistening light. On closer inspection it appeared to be a camera. The more she looked, the more she found but as she did this the ground shook with real violence sawying everything from side to side. As she stabilized herself braced against the corner of two walls with plaster a falling everywhere and dust filling the room and her lungs. As this occurred, bright lights filled the room and the air seemed to be sucked out of every fissure and crack. Next moment she felt herself suspended and and floating. Then all was dark and dry and warm. A voice spoke in words alien to her. She got unsteadily to her feet and suddenly felt a head rush. She put a hand out in front and braced on something warm and firm. Then out of the dark came a face, smoothe with small eyes and no ears with what appeared to be gills in three diagonal lines on each cheek and a wide mouth. It’s skin though smoothe was of ebony blackness like the dark but a faint downright now shone on it. It’s tiny eyes shone light like stars. It spoke again yet still she could not understand. Then without hesitation it spoke in words that made sense, ‘the time of man is oher and it is time to leave, she stood staring astonished. He stood aside and opened a door. She walked through and saw thousands others like her. ‘We save the creative’s, the empathy, the lovers and the compassionate. The rest stay behind.’ He spoke evenly without inflection. ‘To die?’ She retorted in shock. ‘If that is their desire, which it evidently is and has always been. But it will be at their own hand.’ With that she nodded walked into the room and found that as she exited one room to the other, she entered Eden. A thriving paradise of beauty. ‘This it said is your salvation, your planet B, your second chance. Heed this well and live it righteously and with care for all things.’ The door shut it was gone, along with her life and everything else she had ever known. She and others here now were pilgrims and architect’s of a new world, new humanity, new life. It felt so strange, yet felt so good and felt so right but most of all felt so free. She should have felt lost, loss, confused, angry. Yet actually felt at home.

I just want to sleep!

She laid still in her bed

Noises filled with dread,

In this little cabin, she rented,

As a getaway from it all

And every creak every sound

Was to her so loud,

How was she ever going to sleep like this.

She lay there in her underwear,

Under the sheets

Feeling quite scared

And she felt as vunerable and as weak

As any women ever portrayed could have been,

How was she ever going to get to sleep.

Finally overcome by fatigue,

She closed her eyes and was drifting into deep sleep,

When suddenly she felt a strong hands

From under her bed,

Grabbing her waist and pinning down her head

And in sheer panic,

She let out a scream,

How is anybody meant to sleep like this.

Then she rolled over

And on the bed mounted,

On her hands a position to attack with better ease

And she took out her sword

And thrust it through the bed

And in an instant she knew that demon was dead

And the she tipped the bed over

And stared the beast in its dead eyes,

“How am I meant to sleep on nights like these?”

She was simply tired

And wanted some sleep

And didn’t want to be awakened by a beast

And then she sorted her bed and found new sheets,

And went off to sleep again

And this time was away

She found a moment in which she could sleep the night away.

Waltzing among the stars

In serendipitous twilight

We dance in irridescent filigree,

Gliding through the dazzling starlight

Of multitudinous energy,

Witnessing multifarious prismic dreams

In a cosmic wondrous scene,

As we waltz within the matrix

Of multiverse symphonies,

I savour psychedelic moments

Of transcendent tranquillity.

Snake eyes

They spoke in whispers

I heard their hisses,

Malevolent they were

Demonic too,

In the darkness is saw silhouettes

Moving and slithering around,

Leaving trails of acid on the ground

And as I studied them closer

I saw the scaley skin,

Half snake in appearance and yet half human,

They had reptilian eyes and yet wore pin stripe suits

These thing were planning something

No one would ever describe as good

And as I waited for a moment

Where I could raise the alarm

To stop these creatures causing us real harm,

I felt an arm upon my shoulder

And as I looked over,

I saw one of those creatures standing there

And all I could do was look and stare,

As it opened up it’s jaws wide

More than I could have believed

He then proceeded to attempt to swallow me

And as he tried to do so I felt that it was restricting,

In that moment I felt all could now be lost

As it it all went black.

Then suddenly awaking I sat up bolt upright

And found I was laying

In my bed

And in a state of so much sweat,

I looked around and felt relief

Until I blinked

And looked in the mirror and saw my reptilian eyes

And I let out a cry,

How could this of happened to me

And my life.

Nebula lagoon

Sitting on the edge of a nebula lagoon

Fishing for stars among the moons,

Watching the meteors as they go flying by

far distant the sun’s shining out pinprick light.

The swarm of far off galaxies

The rings of light of planets I see,

Colours if radioactive waves

Cast across the universe in a resplendent haze.

As multiverse dimensions beckons me

I take a stroll in between,

Like the cat that walked through walls

I walked through the cosmos to experience it all

And in a symphonic cadenza

I trip the light fantastic knowing,

There is no end to anything.

As I hear the energy sing

It brings me back internally,

To know that in conscious reality

We create everything we see,

Through our minds eye so beautifully

We can reside in the revelry.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

Trip of a lifetime

Solar stories

Cosmic realms,

Galactic milieu

I ride the helm,

Of this space ship

Speeding throughout space,

Gliding on stardust full of grace,

Travelling through the milky way

Looking to roam,

And looking to stray,

Through an ocean of darkness

Boundless and eternal.

Through asteroid fields

And cosmic belts,

Trailing meteors

Following in true stealth,

Looking at Starfield nurseries

Amazed by the wealth,

Of the numerous wonders

To many to count,

To numerous in number,

Among the gaseous clouds,

Shimmering in colours

Like the arch of a rainbow,

The backdrop being a supernova

As it explodes,

And forms a million more stars

And potential planets,

Covered in oceans

Of gas and rocks of granite

And all this transpires before my eyes,

The trip of a life time that I can’t deny.

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Cast adrift

Cast adrift

Floating in space,

Devoid of species

Devoid of race,

In an astral journey

To find away,

Where there are lighter

And better days,

Away from the violent ways

That seem to plague the human race,

Who simply wish to rampage,

Their way through life

Without a care,

As I float here and endlessly stare,

I wonder if I really dare

Was to float as light as air,

Through outer space

In cosmic bliss,

Travelling and discovering

New worlds that exist.

Mangrove trees

We burn bright in the night

Among the mangrove trees

Of a far distant world

Never before seen

We pay creatures of all shapes and sizes

Scurrying around

Making strange noises And funny sounds

In the mangrove swaps of a distant world

We make new discoveries

In a far distant world we feel the energy

Of the ecology working all as one

Linked to each other

All organisms sing the same song

Under the moonlit light that shines from two moons

We delight

In the of creation in full flight.

Now the night gives way to light

As the sun begins to rise

And opens up our eyes to splendour.

Down among the mangrove treesa multitude of life seethe s

As we walk out from the swamps

We behold the beauty

Of luscious valleys so verdant green

And mountains so high covered in trees

And all this nature seems to me

Like a new Eden

That’s been given the freedom

To flourish alone

As the perfect eco system

I feel the grace and bliss of creation.

This is all worlds should be

Balanced ecologically

This is how nature should be nurtured

We discovered this among the mangrove tree.