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Epochs of time


Defined through epochs

We strode through dimensions

We travel universes far and wide

We watched as stars and planets collide

We are collosuses in the cosmic skies

We are magnificent in astral flight

Consciously we create a dream we wish

Choosing sc-fi fantasies through our creative

Travelling different worlds and meeting different species

We are originally from the stars

We seek to return there no matter how far

We need to find our origins

We search to find our roots

Within quantum spirituality we will discover the truth.

Alien me

Alien me

Tribal me, rebel me

Filled with cosmic energy,

Transcending and manifesting

Universal conscious cosmology,

Seeking answers in the escapolgy

Of love, light and alien biology

That’s the difference between you and me.

As the trumpet plays


The melodious sound

Of a forlorn trumpet

Sounding out at night

Dreaming of you my winsom friend

Sitting with me under the moon

Wondering what will happen in the end

The fascination of your smile

The lingering words in my mind I file

So I can keep and maintain memories of you

And still I hear the trumpets meandering tune

And the night seems to be full of the blues

Yet the colourful lights carry me off too

A place of happiness and a living mood

Music is always dancing within my soul

It has the ability to take control

Before losing me in a spiritual flow

That heightens my dreams and love of you in truth

And meanwhile as we are entwined and embrace

Under the stars we hear the trumpet as it still plays

And in its notes and its rhymes

I sense that this is much more than fantasy time.

Pioneering souls


Colony creators

We set forth for the stars

To discover other planets

We knew we would have to travel afar

We sought other friendly beings

We went in search of a new start

To pioneer and to rebuild

A new humanity

Built on a sound understanding

Of love, compassion and peace

And we found a new place to colonise

To inhabit and terrsform

After waking up from cyber sleep

That suspended us all

And this planet that we discovered

Was one of dense jungles as far as the eye could see

Three moons and one sun and an air that we could breathe

We paid homage to this new place

Demonstrating we came in peace

And started nurturing its resources

And it gave back food to eat

We built tentatively an infrastructure

That blend in with our and the planet’s need

And in this new environment we started to build a new humanity

No one can say whzt the future will bring

But in a world built without hostility

I think we can hope and dream of a future

Of happiness and peace

Somewhere far out in the universe

In some far off galaxy

We left behind the broken remnants

Of an old ancient decrepit society.

The boondocks far away

The boondocks far away

Hey I travelled to the boondocks

Stepped out of the airlock

A visit to a new galaxy

After what seemed like a lifetime trip relaxing

And now I am here on a new world

I am flying my flag unfurled

Crossed many constellations

Stopping at space stations

Meeting different species of aliens

This future world is amazing to me

Coasting through nebulae’s

I witnessed cosmic displays

Far off supanovas and asteroid storms

What a fascinating universal array

And now I am here at the boondocks

There are red lakes and purple rocks

Blue grass, yellow trees its a consciousness shock

That things are so different in the boondocks

But I think that I will like it here

Everyone is friendly there’s nothing to fear

For that’s something we decided to leave behind

I have like many decided to reset my mind

Focused now on love and peace

Now I’ve travelled to a new outreach

Settling here in the boondocks

It’s a chance to kick back and an opportunity to dream

Under the three blue moons under the yellow trees.

Galaxy adoration


Space bound
Where there’s no sound
Galaxy horizons
Some newly found
I see a plethora of stars
Nebulae from wide and far
Kaliderscopic array of gases
Voluminous clouds in masses
Dark within the ebony
Comets racing leaving trails so icey
This cosmic vision it entices me
Galaxies before hitherto unknown
Become new territories to be explored
Maybe discover things never seen before
All the time I abide by quantum law
As I space travel, speeding, I soar
At the speed of light I see neutrinos and more
The make up and the fabric of the universal core
Is it any wonder why its discovering new galaxies tha I adore
Through. Astral travel I can see it all
And using portals that are interdimensional.



Living in a world of possibilities

Why do we thing anything is impossible?

Why do we persist in believing there a concept such as nothing?

When even in that state vacuum exists

And correct me if I am wrong but a vacuum is something

So going back in time or maybe forward into the future

Is not impossible it’s just not been achieved yet

And people may say we can’t repair climate change

But these are the people who benifit from this

So why on God’s green Earth would they wish.

So in a world of possibilities where everything can be achieved

Never let anybody that you can’t live out your dreams.