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Waiting game

In a world of darkness

In a world of floating rock debris

In a world of total silence

Many light years from you and me

A probe is search taking images

And reconoitering.

I wonder if in the far off place

Way among the cosmos

Alien lifeforms study this

With curious intent and think

See they show signs of intelligence

But sadly their brutal, warlike ways

And desire for destruction and violence

Will alway keep them isolated

From other universal orders

Who see our egotistical ways

Bringing us go the edge if our own extinction

And ponder gravely and wait patiently to see

If we can awaken enough to stop

This mad lemmjng charge to the cliffs edge

Or is this truly man’s destiny

To rush and fall to our own end

Because we were blinded by ignorance, arrogance and greed

Are we sowing humanities final seed

While other being wait and can scarcely believe

In such foolish senient folly.

She redesigned her settings

She was created from skudders seed
A pirate race of alien being
Described as pleasure machine
Undoubtedly a sultry young thing
That appealed to the perverse cosmic dream
Stuff of which other aliens need
To peak their wild and diverse curiosity
In her skin tight leather clothes that clung tightly to her body
Her iridescent eyes and tinted mohawk hair
Her tattooed story leading here and there
To sensual erogenous zones
Brings who tried her had their minds blown
Both male and female she’d oblige
But one by one they all soon died
She was a femme fatale
A cosmic black widow
Who could like a chameleon change as she needs
And she had an absolute ability to please
A real shape shifting beauty
Created to be a pleasure machine
But instead changed her ways
And became an assassin par excellence
And the dark stsr Queen
That would one day go on to bring the multiverse to its trembling knees.

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Futuristic nightmare

Somewhere in a distant future
Where people all where breathing masks
A metropolis of concrete structures
All that is seen is steal and neon lights
Humanity cut down all the trees
And polluted all the seas
And because the great disease
Poisoning the planet leaving it unable to breathe
So now we all wear breathing masks
And acid rain falls and everyday is dark
And we are forced to to eat genetically created food
And soylent green living may happen soon.
This future where man is the only species living
Is not a life of abundant giving
Everybody is out for themselves
Everybody suffering chronic health
The planet is like a sauna,
The world is so hot
Climate change they could not stop
And rather than try they found alternatives
To how mankind can possibly live
In a global greenhouse of rising carbon gases
In a world no longer green but grey concrete
Where rich live in ivory towers and the poor as usual live on the street
And everyone else clings on in between.
We become a locust species devouring all
Looking now towards the stars
Reaching out to other planets
In hope to find a planet B
So that we can spread further our disease
Of over consumption, corruption and greed
A species that lives beyond our needs.

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Cosmic wave travel

On the waves of cosmic light

We take an astral star flight

Through a maze of constellations

Travelling onward using vibrations

As the symphonic music plays out

Like colourful cadenza’s

Waves of prismic light surrounding

In cosmic universal delight we’re drowning

And the mathematics of geometry

And the artistic topography

Embraces all our sensabilities

Then we fall into a black hole of tranquilty

Where everything is nothing

And nothing is everything

Yet in my head I still hear the songs

That the cosmic angels sings

And the darkness it soon turns to light

And I feel touched by the love holding me tight

I realise in the astral cosmic flight

Our minds create the subconscious images of within our sights

In this universe of the eternal finite.

She’s a fighter

In the flashing blue lights of the laser rounds

And the red flashing lights of the warning alarms

She stood on the bridge of her space ship

Fighting off attackers from quantum cosmic drift

Barbarians mercanaries all

But she was determined that her crew and her would not fall

The battle ground was poised among the stars

And as it goes she was doing well so far

Taken a few hits but had destroyed many ships

There was danger in her eyes as she pursed her lips

Standing on the bridge with her short cropped red hair

She was a beautiful woman doing what others would not dare

And she did not know what it was to be scared

And she knew if she was to blink out

It would be in a blaze of glory without any doubt

But she decided this would not be the place or time

Taken down by those who committed brutal crimes

She was as strong and smarter than any of them

They all knew her by her reputation

Not a woman to crossed or messed with in any way

In the heat if battle she bdcsme crazed

But tactically masterful and unyielding

As well as unforgiving

This was a woman on a universal mission

To respected as the best captain in space

And she was already on her way

And as she took out the last ships

Dodging in and out of asteroids

The fleet sent against her had been totally destroyed

And she flew off into darkness leaving behind just the noise

Of her triumphant cheering and the laughter as it rung out

She was the warrior queen of the vast night

Flying off in glory to celebrate at home

Back to the comparative safety of her protected zone.

Astral travelling in dreams

I surfed the rings of saturn
In astral flying dreams
Intruiged to find out
Exact what would happen
And danced with aliens
Among Orions belt
Curious to how it felt
And rode on shooting stars
Then got drunk in cosmic bars
To feel the amazement of everything
That when we astral travel in our heads
Whilst laying in our beds.
What more could you want from life
To escape in to the quantum divide
And trenscend through a series of
Trans dimensional gateway rides
That opens up wondrous themes
That expand all of our life and times
And creates a mind of understanding
That will increase all of our frequencies
And trenscend us all as evolved
Higher forms of human beings
That resides within us as we
Dream this amazing form
Astral travelling that closed minds
Will never realise or believe in
The same as we with open minds and eyes
Who awakened see as truth, not buying the lies
For we sail the universe divine in conscious reality which is so exciting.

A stranger passing through

A stranger from a strange land

Appearing through the fog

Striding the landscape no sign of being lost

He was clearly other worldly

In his attire and his look

There was crackling underfoot

From the sharpness of the frost

And the darkness was giving way slowly to light

But the stranger dressed in black robes carried with unblinking eyes

Fived upon his mission to discover all about this earth

And why it is humanity does not cherish its worth

He wears a look of perplexed determination, yet also of curiosity

This stranger from a strange land would take in all he sees

Then will disappear into the ether to of the universe of dreams

To ponder on the state of mankind and its capability of evolving

With no desire to conquer a planet that’s killing itself

But more about becoming one with the rest of the multiverse one day.


Beyond our knowledge

Beyond our ken

Beyond all human understanding

Way beyond the planets and the stars

The answers as to who we are

Beings of another multiverse

And other dimensions of which we’ve never heard

A place where light shines so bright

And everyday travel is by space and astral flight

And technology is far advanced

And society is far and equal

Where no one differentiates from people to people

Where our hopes and dreams can be revealed

And acted up and lived out fully

Where we choose to live life’s human experiences

On this earth in self created appearances

Up for the challenge we relish it

Travelling from afar from beyond the stars

Aliens and long lost forgotten beings

Are who we truly are.

City of lights

Neon flashing lights shimmer

Across a rain soaked street

In the dark the moon shines

And the black sky is breeched

The lights of the tall city buildings

Create a collage of different colours

The steam raises up through grates

In the main streets and the shiadows

The gaudy neon pinks and blues

Are vivid in a city where darkness still creeps

The bulbs of the neon often flicker and create a fractured sight

And it’s not hard to feel lonely and vunerable

It’s hard to be in such a tropical heat

Its hard to find love in this kind of place

Where only ghosts walk the streets.

Journey to destinations unknown

I soar into the universe

On a journey to destinations unknown

And as I leave, I see a tear in your eye

As I wave you goodbye

To destinations unknown,

So let the good times roll

As I head off on an astral flight,

Yet never mind where I travel and what new universes I go

I still see you waving goodbye to me

And if I had my way I’d have taken you with me

But you were not ready,

You just did not have the faith or belief

To join me on my journey to destinations unknown

And I can see you now in my dreams,

Thinking and wondering what’s happening with me

Not understanding the cosmic travelling,

Taking me among stars and quasars

Riding comets and asteroids through star field nurseries,

Weaving my way through celestial bodies

Drifting through asteroid belts

Chasing shooting stars across the multiverse matrix,

Communing with alien friends I meet and greet

On this journey to destinations unknown

But I want you to know I have not deserted you

One day I will come back for you

And share the love of destinations unknown

Of which I will be able to prove to you are true

And amaze you and take your breath away in truth

As I offer up the universe in all its glory,

To show you how much I love you

As we travel those destinations unknown,

Together forever and for eternity.

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