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Light walkers

Stepping from star to star,

Like stepping stones on ponds

Space ripples where we are,

Sending quantum fluctuations

And ripples across cosmic time,

Trans-dimentional tippy toes

Through multi universal lines,

Mapping out the star fields as if they are directional signs

But we wander in the awesomess

In this vast continuum,

Trying to discover the universal conundrum,

Like is the a beginning

Or is the ever and end,

Does something else exist outside it that’s beyond our ken,

Are we like a tiny cell thinking only the life with exists

Unaware of another existence outside of this,

Are we being watched and monitored

As if we are in a Petri dish,

Or watched like we are in a fish tank

Studied in the same way, we study fish,

And unconsciously we are unaware of this,

It’s beyond our minds and eyes to see

Maybe we’re an experiment in some great big cosmic laboratory.

When dreams come true


Lost in a place of confusion, she delved into a life of illusion, she dreamt of the stars and to visit them and many told her to stop dreaming. But she longed for hitching a ride into the universe, being where she was now caused her lots of hurt, she was betrayed, let down, made to less by everyone around and her mental state was not great. She worked but was almost like a zombie, did what she needed and kept her bosses happy, but yet she still drifted through life imagining what it would be like cosmic travelling. Then one day travelling home in her car, it broke down somewhere isolated and dark, the electrics just seemed to cut out, and she did not no what to do so she got out. Then a bright light appeared and shine down on her, lifting her up, to what she could not tell, then she found herself in a dark room, abductucted by who? She just didn’t know, then a window appeared as a shutter lifted, she realised she was in space and her thinking shifted and a door opened from behind, and form that was made of blue light, beckoned for her to follow, so she did and she realised now she was on a ship, as big as any city she had seen, she rubbed eyes, was this a dream? And the blue light being said I hope you enjoy travelling, because you’ll now see the whole universe, and that she would no longer suffer anymore hurt, and they were going to give her what she deserved, a life among the cosmos and the stars, and she felt fireworks bursting from her heart, joy uncontained her happiness was now insane, she was not upset at all as they travelled away from her home and her life, where she felt she was wasting away, whereas now she would be amazed, by the vastness and wonders out there in space.



In search of their creation, they set out onto space, crossing the galaxies, through, star fields and cosmic wastes, dodging comets and meteors, searching for new planetary shores, they set sail, to travel the whole universe, in hope to find a new home, in a wish to become new cosmic pilgrims and if they ever find it, will the recognise this and if they do and they colonise this, will they nurture, this newly discovered planet, and the moment that thy did, mankind’s distant alien ancestors did visit, and it transpired, it’s who and where we got our brutal war like from. So it was no surprise, they came, they saw they conquered and left, leaving not one cosmic pilgrim able to take a breath, our ancestors slayed them all and visited upon them death. Maybe some mysteries are best left undiscovered.

Purged (science fiction)


Did we delve to deep, were we blind to everything,this this why we are, where we are today, on the brink of destruction, the precipice of extinction, is this why they made plans for us to leave, and look to colonise a new planet B. We were warned but we did not heed it, made our earth unsafe and caused it to be bleeding, in the form of volcanos, earthquakes and storms, it were as if this was it’s answer to mankind raping its resources, it’s as if nature started fighting back. Now I find myself in a queue with you waiting to board a transport ship, ready to go ale us far past the moon, and many years it will take, just to find a new safe place, after destroying our home and all we had, now we’re off to the new promised land a new planet on which to plan a future of uncertainty, like pioneers, we have a duty, to try to create a life in which we and all our kids can live but maybe this time we can do this better, more environmentally friendly, I just hope we’ve learnt a lesson, from our mistakes. As the transport ship begins to rise I see the earth before my eyes become a boiling pot of fury and of rage, and many who refused to leave and insisted they would stay, because they said all was going to be ok, were, consumed or flayed by a conflux of lava pouring out of the ground from deep earthquakes as nature cleared the last of humanity away,band I am in no doubt it’s in preperation to start evolving once again and that in time a new Eden will spring forth once more, because nature is hardier than mankind and it will always find away, as it purged itself of this disease called man, which is something we seem destined to never understand.

Time to go home

Time to go home

I spy standing on a mountain top

As I look deep into the cosmos

A spiral tunnel swirling in lights of green

A paradigm shift right there in front of me

I see a doorway to new dimensions

I feel what are my true intentions

To get away from here and to escape

I need to find a new place somewhere else in space

And in this isolated state of bliss

I stand in stillness and consciousness

And as I breathe I wish that my family and I

Could just take off into the night sky

Through the swirling tunnel onwards to new adventures

I wish that we could trip the lights fantastic

Go deep into the paradigm shift

Go deep into trans-dimensional travel

To travel the astral fields of the universe

Sad as it would be leave this beautiful earth

But I feel somehow a calling

I feel somehow that out there, there is somewhere else called home

And as I stand here alone

I feel voices calling me to leave

I feel the beckoning of others beyond the stars

I want to gather my family and put one foot forward

And be brave and make a start

On a journey to the stars and astral fields that are afar.

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Epochs of time


Defined through epochs

We strode through dimensions

We travel universes far and wide

We watched as stars and planets collide

We are collosuses in the cosmic skies

We are magnificent in astral flight

Consciously we create a dream we wish

Choosing sc-fi fantasies through our creative

Travelling different worlds and meeting different species

We are originally from the stars

We seek to return there no matter how far

We need to find our origins

We search to find our roots

Within quantum spirituality we will discover the truth.

Alien me

Alien me

Tribal me, rebel me

Filled with cosmic energy,

Transcending and manifesting

Universal conscious cosmology,

Seeking answers in the escapolgy

Of love, light and alien biology

That’s the difference between you and me.