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Universal dream

She sat obliquely on a shooting star

travelling distances afar

in darkened voids of anonymity

hidden among gaseous nebulae screens

and passing by a myriad of galaxies

her hair waves and trails behind

she rides the star like a charger racing

both legs astride no contemplating

anything else but what is ahead

what is behind has been left.

She sparkles with iridescent filigree

while raising cries of cosmic glee

she feels wild and fully free

slaloming between meteorites and planets

racing asteroids and being drawn to black holes like a magnet

she wont be drawn to close though her understanding

is they are like portals to different dimensions

and multiverses to many to mention

she is the cosmic queen of the galaxies

so beautiful, strong and yet serene

I see her sometimes in my dreams

and hope one day as a spirit we will then meet.


They are out there

It’s not whether they are out there, for me there is no question and no doubt it’s about hoping one day they will choose to make contact with me and take me back home Among the stars through the complex multiverse portals to the boundaries of universal knowledge created deep within our conscious understanding.

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Travelling through the universe at the speed of light shining like a supernova brilliant and bright, shining resonating love as the spirit like you are, cosmic soul group traveller who rides asteroid at full speed, we can do anything in our dreams just simply believe.

She wore leather and lace in cosmic space

She rode her steed of fiery mein

Through galactic milky ways,

Adorned in the finest leather and lace,

Blazing a trail through cosmic space,

Like a shooting star lighting up the night,

Her love she shone so incandescent and bright,

This warrior, goddess, universal queen,

So beautiful and with wings of pure filigree.


The night is quiet

No sounds can be heard

Not from insects, creatures or birds

A preternatural feeling is filling the air

Something evils coming and you best be aware

It’s hiding in the shadows

It’s creeping through the woods

You should run

If only you could

But it would be a futile effort

For there is nowhere to go

Can you feel the terror

As your skin goes cold

Scanning all around you

You cannot see a thing

Then suddenly you hit the floor

I feel yourself bleeding

And this thing that you were fearful of

Is feasting on your soul and being

It’s a craven harbinger a brute that needs to be eating

Spirits that are filled with fear

Self doubt and self loathing

Feasting on these souls is what keeps the monster going.


Hush be quiet

When alone in your bed,

The monsters that stalk you

Are all in your head,

Created in your own mind

For you to believe,

But that doesn’t mean

Those monsters are not real,

It doesn’t mean those monsters ain’t under your bed

It doesn’t mean they’re not gonna get you in the end.

Lights in the night sky

A ring of light

In a dark night

Moving, shifting

Left and right

Breathless, captured

By the lights

Standing still

No fear no fright

Just wishing

Contact to be made

And maybe taken

On a journey

Or an adventure

Far away

Deep within

Depths of space

To visit planets

And species

Near and far

Surfing on space boards

Among the stars

Celebrating supernovas

Exploding giving rise

To new planets

Drifting in and out

Of the multiverse

In and out of

Dimensional portals

Witnessing the beauty

Of nebulae

And colour gaseous

Clouds giving off

Rainbow displays

All of this I dream

Right here

In my imagination

It’s all so clear

Yet here I stand watching

These shifting lights

Wistfully hoping

That my plight

May one day

Spring to life

Instead I stand here

In the night

Gazing up at the


Alone and abandoned

Far away from my home

Somewhere in the


This is where I feel

I meant to be

Not here alone

I feel I am of alien seed.

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Up all night

We’re up all night

Looking up at the stars,

Hoping to see space crafts wherever they are,

Wishing to meet aliens tonight

On a midnight fantasy flight.

Sitting fields and waiting to witness crop circles,

Drinking and laughing

All pumped in anticipation

Wishing to meet aliens tonight

On a midnight fantasy flight.

We are transfixed by the stars

And gripped by the moon,

The universe is a place we wish we could be

Flying within it flying free,

Meeting other alien races

Going to far off amazing exotic places,

We are wishing to meet aliens tonight

On a midnight fantasy flight.

Dancing under disco balls

Dancing under the disco ball of stars and light,

Tripping through the wondrous night,

To savour cosmic masquerades of such delight,

I sense the fantasy of the flight to places new

Yet to be discovered,

In the multiverses stocked full cupboard,

Of every experience you could want or need

In unlimited varieties,

From planets of snow, rock, lava and seas,

Images that are amazing

While we stand under this disco ball stargazing,

Magical, mystical, mind blowing things,

Are constantly happening

Beyond our understanding,

But not our imagining

If we let ourselves go

And allow ourselves to dream.

Night flight exceptional

We flew through space

On a jet steam exceptional,

Flying through multiverses sensational,

To discover energy fields transdimensional,

On a journey aspirational,

On dreams irrational.

Searching for the root of light,

That may offer us such delight,

Through spacial extraterritorial

Transcendental experience.