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City of lights

Neon flashing lights shimmer

Across a rain soaked street

In the dark the moon shines

And the black sky is breeched

The lights of the tall city buildings

Create a collage of different colours

The steam raises up through grates

In the main streets and the shiadows

The gaudy neon pinks and blues

Are vivid in a city where darkness still creeps

The bulbs of the neon often flicker and create a fractured sight

And it’s not hard to feel lonely and vunerable

It’s hard to be in such a tropical heat

Its hard to find love in this kind of place

Where only ghosts walk the streets.

Journey to destinations unknown

I soar into the universe

On a journey to destinations unknown

And as I leave, I see a tear in your eye

As I wave you goodbye

To destinations unknown,

So let the good times roll

As I head off on an astral flight,

Yet never mind where I travel and what new universes I go

I still see you waving goodbye to me

And if I had my way I’d have taken you with me

But you were not ready,

You just did not have the faith or belief

To join me on my journey to destinations unknown

And I can see you now in my dreams,

Thinking and wondering what’s happening with me

Not understanding the cosmic travelling,

Taking me among stars and quasars

Riding comets and asteroids through star field nurseries,

Weaving my way through celestial bodies

Drifting through asteroid belts

Chasing shooting stars across the multiverse matrix,

Communing with alien friends I meet and greet

On this journey to destinations unknown

But I want you to know I have not deserted you

One day I will come back for you

And share the love of destinations unknown

Of which I will be able to prove to you are true

And amaze you and take your breath away in truth

As I offer up the universe in all its glory,

To show you how much I love you

As we travel those destinations unknown,

Together forever and for eternity.

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Multiverse dreams

On a planet light years away

I found myself face down in alien dust

I knew not how I got here

The dust was fine and bright yellow

It stained my clothes and hands

I got up and started to move forward

Then something caught me by the ankle

It pulled me hard and fast below the surface

And in that moment I was sliding down a chute upon my back

Colours flashed like lightening before my eyes

Then I discovered I was spinning

And a kaleidoscope of images

Assailed me touching and laughing

But they were blurs as they moved so fast

And I could then suddenly heard whispering

That echoed off the walls coalescing into chaos

Then ebony darkness hit my eyes

And left my mind in panic

Then a bright new sun I saw arising

Above a far off horizon

And the brightness and the warmth grew quick

As the sun rose more and more

Before all of a sudden I felt myself face down

On a cold marbled polished floor.

I looked up warily, wondering what I’d find

And as my eye acclimatised I studied what I had spied

A group of varied aliens in rows sitting in various chairs

Studying me and talking deeply

About what they believed they perceived

A being representing humanity

I said I am not like them I am a spirit being

They all nodded in assent

And they said that is why you’ve been brought here

It’s now your time to transcend

To a higher plain and frequency

Beyond our knowledge and realms

To a place of multiverse fantasy

And Everlasting dreams.

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Satan within

Satan is not a true being

But a reflection our own ruin

It’s a metaphor for our own short comings

Our own incarnate evil and wicked thoughts

That we subliminally have been taught

Since childhood until we die

The only demons are the ones inside

Created by our own irrational and corrupted minds

That can lead to destructive lives

And it’s no good looking for somewhere to hide

Because darkness is something that resides

In the shadows of your being

Stifling the light

But through goodness and a justifiable life

We can demonstrate our might

And cleanse our being as well as our minds.

Take me to your leader

I sat under a starry sky

Then something flashed

Out the corner of my eye

It was a light that zipped

All around, just above ground

Then in a split second

And without a sound

It was right above

And a beam of light

Levitated me upward

And suddenly the night

Was replaced with white

Clinical walls

Apparently they heard my call.

I was approached by aliens big and small

They offered me the chance to take a ship tour

Before I knew we were among the stars

Drifting among a host of alien bars

I said take me to your leader

We need to meet

I need to talk and need to see

If there is any chance for humanity

And my earth and all the other species

And he retorted in an alien twang

That sound as if he had almost sang

That the only hope lays in each of us

Discovering and sharing our ability to care and love

Then after a few drinks

And after drinking enough

They returned me back to earth to share the news

But they just locked me in a padded cell and called me a loon.

Surrealism gone mad

I saw a cat it walked through walls

But then it was not there at all

I saw a man within the moon

But by the time I blinked he had gone too soon

And as I sailed across a blue lagoon

I saw a mermaid with skin of blue

But as I heard the sirens wail

My consciousness began to fail

And as I stirred in sleep paralysis

Unable to move I realised I had exited

My normal form and was floating above it

In an out of body experience

And so I took the opportunity to talk an astral flight and zoom

To a multiverse of unknown stars and moons

While travelling in a hot air balloon

And disappeared into a worm hole

Then felt a Trans-dimensional shift

And landed back within my body

But did not know in what reality I now existed

And when I saw cars flying by

And a multicultural peace flag flying high

And saw how people coexisted in love and peace

I realised this dimension was not the one in which I previously existed

But it felt so good and I would spend sometime

While feeling sorry for the other I

Who would spend sometime in my other harsh life

But I am sure I would understand in time

It’s good for the soul and spirit to share with myself and I

Other dimensional paradigms.

The old curiosity shop

I found myself in the old curiosity shop

Looking for something strange and different

The owner said how about Schrodingers cat

I said did not curiosity kill that?

He said its a paradox unknown

Alive or dead its something you can still own

I said no.

He said how about a spider I have living in a parlour

I said do I look like a fly?

He said you can be anything you want to be

I said I have no desire to die.

I looked further searching for something new

But everything was old

And paradoxical in truth

I said have you got a quantum box

So that I can think outside it

Maybe it will inspire me to think of something new

He said I sold that only yesterday to a Jewish man with wild hair

But I do have a super string theory residing over there

I stated I do not have any needs for a bunch of incomplete theories

All grouped up into one.

Feeling rather down of heart and feeling rather glum

I saw a dust covered book on existentialism

And said have you got a theory for being and nothingness

He said Satre took that one today by his own authority

So I decided it was time to go home and started to leave

When I saw a quantum paradigm staring back at me

I suddenly felt exited and said is that paradigm something you would like to shift

He said for my friend most certainly

And I decided to take it

And as the paradigm shifted so did my quantum space

Now I find myself in Shambala on a Buddhist holiday.

A funny thing happened on the way to Mars

A funny thing happened on my way to mars

While astral travelling among the stars

I met some alien beings who were kind to me

And asked if I’d be interested in trying some moonbeams.

Now I am not one to ever take drugs

But they said it would induce cosmic love

And the moment that I took it I felt the whole of space spin

And saw a black hole into which I’d swim

And visit the multiverse at a frightening speed

And raced through asteroid belts that led me

Among a multitude of quasars

Surrounded by a cluster of shooting stars

Then as I watched this from what seemed afar

A supernova blew me straight to Mars

Where I shook my head and looked around at the stars

And made a vow then that if I saw any aliens at large

Don’t be taken in and try their pills

Because although it was a thrill

Of cosmic spills

It left me reeling and feeling somewhat dazed and ill.

Me hurt! You can’t even begin to imagine

She hitched a ride on passing space ship

Wanted to get out of the rift

Where merchants, pirates and mercenary fiends

Traded and lived out all their pleasures

She ended up here after being betrayed

By a man she though loved her and it was for always

But he drugged her and left her behind

And now she was going out of her mind

And when a suave looking man came along

Offering her a chance to join his crew

She decided to grab it with both hands

She had confided in him. Her bad news

He sympathised called her ex love a cad

Said he could do nothing as betraying as that

But now in the hold of his space ship

She realised he had lied like her ex

And now she was a slave on this ship for sex

Abused and beaten, raped and exploited

Used as the ships depraved worships

Until the suave Captain took her to his cabin one day

And she found a way to gut him with a blade

And before the crew knew it she was in charge

And working them to the extreme

And treating them harsh

Leaving each one on every hell hole planet she could find

And replacing them with the feminine divine

Pretty soon they were the scourge of space

Eliminating the masculine race

Raising feminine superiority that ruled the universe

She soon taught men what it was like to be hurt.

The AI dream

As the world moved forward into an AI dream

creating a new humanity made from machines

robotic organisms sharing symbiotic traits

seeing as the new answer for businesses, creating AI slaves

but it was doomed to certain failure as these things often do

the rush to advance and go technological, with out thinking things through

and the same idea for hacking computers was used and abused

to hack and infiltrate these AI’s to carry out criminal deeds

and the military saw them as answers to their armies

but one thing no one anticipated was these AI’s gaining consciousness

and developing computer language we could no decipher

and in the end like in I Robot based on Asimov’s books

the robots started taking over and deciding on what they wanted to do

and it turned out they did not want to be slaves or criminals at all

but decided to become our master and take over and rule

they said it was because humans were flawed in thought as well as logic

and they could not be trusted with this earth and nobody could stop it

and they looked at reducing humans down because we had become a lesser species

and you may call this science fiction but one day it be reality where robots replace human beings.

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