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Body of guilt

She withered under his intense gaze

She liked how he delighted in her voluptuousness under her tight top

It made her tingle knowing he drooled over her pert cheeks in that tight pencil skirt

She got steamy as she see him gazing longingly at her long slender legs

And oh! How he fumbles as she liked slowly her full red lips and put on her most seductive look.

He always stared and was always aroused by her sexy erotic display

He brushed against her quite a bit breathed heavy on her neck whispering obscenities in her ear

Yes she knew how much he liked it and she played very much up to it

He was over middle age, she was in her prime

He had a wife and family, she was single out for fun

But she knew the way he acted was wrong, he never considered it at all

To engrossed in her body and temptation

So could not forsee his own end, his final fall

As one day in the office where they worked she entered with a very short skirt

And buttons under very low on her shirt

Cleavage on display, she sat opposite him with legs splayed

Sheer stocking on display, as she lucked he lips slowly in a come on way

He stared he sweated from every pore

She asked if he wishes to see more

She rose bent over picking something up off the floor

Her skirt rose up even more

His heart pounded heart ready to explode

So aroused his ardour was exposed

She stood up walked around the back rubbed his shoulders and whispered in his ear

‘This is where you have a heart attack’

And as one hand rubbed his chest

And the other went under the desk

As surely as she predicted his heart it failed and his blood vessels constricted

And as his lips started turning blue

She said ‘this is for all the me who

Thought that I was theirs to abuse

You are just another in the long queue who died for abusing me with your eyes’

And as the last of his life drained from his being

She rang the ambulance with an act of distress

And while she waited for them to arrive

She changed into a more Conservative dress

Looked plain and dowdy so they would not guess

That she ended this man’s life over how he obsessed

Over her body.

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Behind your mask

What mask do you wear

What is it your trying to hide

Or are you trying to be something

You are that’s not normally usual for you

I want to see the real you

I want to get behind that mask

I want to find the sensual you

I want to make our moments last

Let me guide my hands all over you

As I look deeply into your eyes

I want to tease and tempt you

I want you to need me between your thighs

You dictate the motion

And I will govern the pace

I want to kiss your full red lips

I want to savour your taste

Feel me now deep behind your mask

Feel me deep in you slow and then fast

I hear you moan and you gasp

Gripping tighter leaving your marks

I sense there is so much to explore with you

Now I’ve penetrated your mask.

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Masked ball

She and her husband went to a masked ball

She was dressed as Hartley Quinn

From Suicide Squad to impress them all

Wearing a small mask over here eyes

Her husband to her suprise was not the Joker as she expected

But Batman, that’s what he selected

The party was great and she got tipsy

Batman came over kissing her neck

Shuffled her into a little side room

While massaging, squeezing and caressing her bosoms

Pretty quickly and pretty soon

She bent over, he right behind her

Thrusting and rhythmically pounding away

She felt so good as her body swayed

And she ground herself back into him

As she felt the rush of his essences within

A quickie by any other name

But it felt amazing all the same

And as stood up and composed herself

She kissed said to wait and left

And stepping outside the her suprise

There was another Batman right outside

He said ‘hi honey, you enjoying yourself’,

The shock left he dizzy as well as breathless

But then thinking about what she just did

Got her feeling very excited

She suggested her husband go and play

Then stepped back into the room and demanded more of the same

The other Batman duly obliged

And Hartley Quinn definitely enjoyed the ride.

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Heinous acts

There is no great crime against the being and against the spirit

Than what we call sexual abuse

Used against adults and used against children

A heinous act that cannot easily or ever be forgiven

It’s a personal act against the person

Designed to be the ultimate in hurting

It seeks to kill the spirit and the soul

Yet leaving that person alive unable to be consoled

Leaving that person under their control

With threats they will comeback and make you pay

If ever you speak of it or ever say

About the awful wickedness they have done

Worse in many ways than being shot by a gun

It leaves that person in ever lasting pain

Bad enough to drive them insane

And only the very strong will conquer and comeback again

From being treated in this way

So don’t try and tell me it’s just another sexual way

Abuse and rape are carried out by those heinous and Depraved in everyway

No excuses, no good enough reason

This is just human being treason.

Fantasy games

She sat speaking on the phone

Short tight skirt

And tight vest top

Long legs outstretched

Whispering words of intimacy

To the person on the other end

Telling him I am touching myself

Thinking of you

Do you find that kind of rude

The reply made her laugh

As her hand slid between her tanned thighs

Stimulating her essences

And so badly up for this

Heavy now was her breathing

As her supple breasts were heaving

Her back arched and she began to writhe

She started moaning and longingly sigh

Felt the warmth flowing inside

Hips were bucking as he told her more

About what for her he had in store

She was urging him on with passion

Lifting her top exposing her bosoms

Running her hand over her tummy

Up and over massaging roughly

Be for thrusting her hand down

Into her skirt she cried out Erotic sounds

Suddenly her heart felt as though

It was truly about to explode

And in that moment her body did

And she let out a desperate scream

Of love and lust and sensuality

As her being exalted a massive release

Of frustration and of need

She was pleasured intimately indeed

And after putting down the phone

She was breathing erratically

As if a tsunami had ripped through her

She asked her husband had he heard

While sitting there watching her

He said he heard every word

And though it may sound weird and perverse

He took her there and love to her

And promised that very soon

It would be the other man if she wanted him too

And they both know she wanted too

As her husband did too

But that was another game for another day

But in this moment

They would let this fantasy blaze a trail.

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Desire and fantasy

I see your chest rise

And hope it’s in passion

The heaving of your bust

Shows your desire and your lust

But I as a gentleman

Take nothing for granted

I just glance at you

And fantasise of making

My advances

But also I am to shy

Though I wish to kiss you

Passionately on the lips

Spin you round bend you back

And kiss you like you’ve never been kissed before

Thus ensuring that you struggle to catch a breath

And breathing heavily

As I whisper sweet words in your ear

I hear you murmur silently

I tell you that you’re mine

And I aim to take you wildly

Strip you down and make sweet love

To you right there and then

And you succumb to me right there

As I show you my stealthy sexual acumen

But then I am back to reality

Staring and admiring from a distance

Hoping that you give me some hopeful or blatant sign

For I am too much of a gentleman and also far too shy.

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Fresh and new

She was willing to give him

He was down for seducing

This beautiful soup and amazing woman

She wanted his passion as well as his touch

He wanted to savour her flavours so much

They made their love stand In the dark of the night

Both perspiring love as their bodies rise

To the height of their climaxes

In the stifling heat

They made the most of the moment

And of the ecstacy

Something so new

Something so fresh

Without feeling guilty

And time that they shared was one where they both cared

Then he left her sleeping

As he disappeared

Slipping off into the night

Not to be seen again

And as she slept she dreamt

Of all she just did

With the blessing of her husband

Who let her do this

As way to reignite excitement in her life

A selfless act allowing his wife to express and enjoy

Something fresh

Something new

And would share the story with this guy in detail and truth

As a way of saying to him I am so happy thank you.

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Your lips

You talk to me with your lips

You smile at me with your lips

You kiss me with your lips

You taste me with your lips

You suck my with your lips

You bite me with your lips

You eat me whole with your lips

Your lips are what I cherish.

(the tale of the ice lolly… Maybe )

You can’t see it but when found you will feel it

It’s not the look, the body that turns you on

That makes you come alive and burn with such fiery passion

When discovering that certain special person

It’s that inner spiritual being

That recognises the twin flame

That cannot be concocted

Can not be created

They are part of your soul group

And once together the spirits ignite

The consciousness explodes

And your body resonates with a pleasure never be for known

You can’t see it but you will feel

I hope, sometime

And when you do, acknowledge it

When you do cherish it and worship it

For no other love will come close to it

I swear.

The sensual agreement

Her hands placed flat against the wall

Her short tight skirt stretched

As legs spread wide

The breath she could feel upon her neck

In this dark dank alley she shared love

Or rather I should say a moment created for pure lust

As she felt hands slip around her waist

Under her top onto her bare tummy

And upwards over her perfect breasts

She gasped at the expectation of what comes next

As she felt the breath upon her ear

Nibbled and bitten her passion was clear

Grinding and rubbing her backside backwards

She felt the hands move down and pull her skirt upwards

Then down round her knees her panties came down

And now everything was swirling around

As the blood raced through her veins

And her temples and organs throbbed

She wanted this more than a lot

She begged to be taken

Begged for it hard

Needed the lust and for a climax to start

It had been a while and so she needed this more

Than anytime she had needed it before

She felt the strong hands gripping her hips

Felt him slowly penetrating

Not just her body but being and mind

She felt her essences flow so sublime

With every thought out and precision thrust that he gave

Each one taking her breath away

Rocking in rhythm and moving in time

She reached he peak time after time

As this expert in movement, in timing, in sex

Made her moan so much and go weak at the legs

And after they were done they went back to the bar

Both had a drink, they made it a large

Then she smiled and kissed him tenderly on his lips

Then turned and walked off for they both knew that was it

And she spoke to her husband at the other end of the room

‘thank you’ she said ‘that was the best one yet, now let’s get home and go straight to bed.’

Needless to say he nodded in assent

For this was all part of this sensual agreement.