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A rebel without commitment

A rebel without commitment

She was a rebel type

Who knew just what she like

She gave men what they desired

She would set them on fire

Never just laid back

She always dressed in black

Short in stature, with a hot body

And used it better than anyone I knew

She writhed, shed ride,

She knew how to wriggle her behind

Firm butt which men loved

She knew they could not get enough

Tomb boy type of style

She always got down and wild

Blew their minds, liked it long time

She was erotic sex defined

Moaning loudly, not holding back

All the time she was in control

Used these men then throw them away

Ensured her own enjoyment

Ensured that she always reached her peak

She was always in a constant state of heat

But so powerful and strong, she was beyond reach

So commitment for her was not something she seeks.

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She’s amazing


Her long tanned legs

That short tight skirt

Her skin with a glossy sheen

Sends me truly beserk

I like the touch

I enjoy the feel

She really has what appeals

I see the way men look

When they state at her

I know what they are thinking

She knows as well

She likes it

It turns her on

Men or women she don’t mind

She enjoys it all

Her firm breasts

That tight low cut top

It makes my heart stop

She has it all

She really does have the lot

She like the eyes

As they undress her

She feels an ache in her thighs

She wants to have some fun

She wants to go tonight

With somebody who will love her right

With a passion and an energy to set her body alight

So when she’s offered

She doesn’t hesitate

She’s a free spirit and I think that is great

Because I don’t lock her away

In a golden gilded cage

And we both love this game we play.

Exploration and truth

Exploration and truth

She craved love so deep

He wanted her to be pleased

He let her explore

Avenues and experiences more

Than he could offer

Or he could take her too

So he let her freely always do

What it was she wanted to do

And watched from olace

Where he got a good view

And w I tnessed her sensuality

become revitalised and renewed

There was no lying or cheating

Just exploration and truth.

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Under his spell

Under his spell

She was having fun

She was dancing

When he stepped

And smiled at her

She was struck by

His deep eyes

They instantly hypnotised her

She fell right under his spell.

As she kept on dancing

He stood there

Offering admiring glances

Then he reached out

And pulled her close to him

She felt the grip

He applied on her backside

He looked her deep in the eyes

And whispered this night

Of all nights

Your going to spend it with me

So if you’re ready we will leave.

She was breathless

Taken aback

She told him she was married

He said it doesn’t matter

He offered no seductive patter

He smiled your sexy

Your slim toned body gets me

I need it, you want it

Your husband already knows

Because I told him I want you so

And he said see how it goes

If I get you to come on home

He said that he will know

She needs more

Than he gives

And she may appreciate it.

She smiled

Inside wild

She now felt his grip

Reaching through her

She wanted his heat

She wanted to feel the beat

Of his rhythm upon her

She wanted for him to take her

She left with him

And as she walked past her husband

She smiled and said

With lust and hunger in her voice

Will see you tomorrow

But tonight your wife

He’s going to borrow

And they left

She felt so under his spell

She could barely catch her breath

In anticipation of what comes next.

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Feel me


Let me touch your soul

Feel my breath on your neck

Feel my lips as they kiss your skin

Bite your ear so tenderly

Feel my hands explore your body

Yield to me as I worship you

Combined lust and a love so true

I will do the things to make your most erotic thoughts

Become realisation and no longer fantasy

I will get you to guide me through your depravity

Make you cry out in insanity

Driven wild by ecstasy

We will seek and reach the peak

Of all our sexual desires, feel me.

Penetrated in different ways


She felt his eyes as they penetrated her

Knew it was more from him, she wanted to be penetrated by

Maybe it was the alcoholic beverage that affected how she felt

It made relaxed and excited by what she saw in his eyes

And no doubt what he was creating in his mind

Images of him working her body so sublime

Kissing every inch, touching her in ways

That made her body ache, craved for more

As he teased and took her with his strength on the bed

And on the floor and up against the door

While she murmured more, please more

As she felt every aspect of him bore

Deeper inside of her like nobody had ever done before

Fill her with love, his essence and she knew the score

Her husband liked her role playing what he called the little whore

All good fun that she agreed to play

Now was the moment and the day

Their dreams become realised as she her the stranger say

I am taking you home so I can have my way

Putty in his hands she said ok

This was the culmination of the game

And as her husband watched them both walk away

He knew in that heartbeat she would get laid

And the excitement that he felt though kind of strange

He really like the fact she was free to play

Out all her fantasies in a physical love display.

As the trumpet plays


The melodious sound

Of a forlorn trumpet

Sounding out at night

Dreaming of you my winsom friend

Sitting with me under the moon

Wondering what will happen in the end

The fascination of your smile

The lingering words in my mind I file

So I can keep and maintain memories of you

And still I hear the trumpets meandering tune

And the night seems to be full of the blues

Yet the colourful lights carry me off too

A place of happiness and a living mood

Music is always dancing within my soul

It has the ability to take control

Before losing me in a spiritual flow

That heightens my dreams and love of you in truth

And meanwhile as we are entwined and embrace

Under the stars we hear the trumpet as it still plays

And in its notes and its rhymes

I sense that this is much more than fantasy time.