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As the trumpet plays


The melodious sound

Of a forlorn trumpet

Sounding out at night

Dreaming of you my winsom friend

Sitting with me under the moon

Wondering what will happen in the end

The fascination of your smile

The lingering words in my mind I file

So I can keep and maintain memories of you

And still I hear the trumpets meandering tune

And the night seems to be full of the blues

Yet the colourful lights carry me off too

A place of happiness and a living mood

Music is always dancing within my soul

It has the ability to take control

Before losing me in a spiritual flow

That heightens my dreams and love of you in truth

And meanwhile as we are entwined and embrace

Under the stars we hear the trumpet as it still plays

And in its notes and its rhymes

I sense that this is much more than fantasy time.

Until we are both satisfied

Until we are both satisfied

Supple the breast

Smoothe is the skin

Let me conquer your body

And become your king

You be my Queen

Succumbing to me

Let me feel your aching body

As I touch and kiss it

And taste you with my tongue

Making love to you

All the night long

Squirm and twist beneath me

Ride and grind above me sensually

Arc you back to my rhythm in time

Stare deeply in to my eyes

Give me your all

Til you sigh and cry

Out in pleasure as I flood your mind

With the love and the lust

As you climax so much

I hear you beg

That you need it more than enough

Bodies entwined both perspiring

All your senses are now firing

I get intoxicated to your smell

Your moans you can no longer quell

Your fingers now digging into my skin

Gripping and grasping

Your shouting and gasping

As I flood within your body

An essence that’s forever lasting

There is no way that you can be masking

The erotic pleasure we are sharing right now

As we share this moment of love, lust and somehow

Never tired of it or felt worn out

Until we both were satisfied.

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A new inspiration to be had


She sat chewing on her pen

Writers block setting in

Sh heard a knock at the door

If felt a good time to be distributed

It was her husbands old friend

And he had just hit town

She invited him in and he sat down

She made him a drink which he then downed

Explaining he was mighty thirsty

He looked dishevelled and a little dirty

But she saw his tanned muscles through his shirt

Suddenly she yearned to touch him so much it hurt

He saw that twinkle in her eye

And asked her how she was spending her time

She explained she had been writing but that she had hit a writers block

And he said he knew a cure for that

By Discovering new experiences

She agreed that thinking kind of fits

He gazed at her in her tight jeans

And a shirt close to busting

He stood up and he looked closely at her

Then he ripped opne her shirt.

He body started trembling

She gasped and started heavy breathing

Her chest rise up and down

As she felt her heart pound

He undid the button on her jeans

And slipping down he slipped his hand within.

He smiled at her ruefully

This a moment for him to ease

A lot of pent up frustration

And she looked so hot he was pleased.

She took of his shirt now

Touched his chest and then looked down

Undid his jeans and was suprised with what she found

Something so big she gulped down

Finally a chance to fulfill a dream

And quash the lie that size meant nothing.

His hand was doing all the work

He took it out and removed her jeans first

He took her up to her bedroom

And after a short while of hard love

She was hitting peaks she never knew

Yes, she was writhing calling out and moaning

Normally a writers life was lonely

But as he used and abused her body

All that she could think was wanting more

And he obliged more than anyone had before

He had opened up in her new doors

And they went for it all day

Before he left leaving her a quivering shaking waste.

After a while she hit the laptop

Wrote the story of this non stop loving

And the words and emotions flowed

Wrote about how within her his seed was sown

Then her husband then arrived home

Asked her about her day

She showed him what she had written

Went red and felt a little bit ashamed

But he smiled and said you had a great time

And he was sad that he had missed his friend

But had given something good to remember

And he was sure he’d come round again

Because she was so beautiful and wild

And so hot and though defiled

He still loved her madly

Said he wanted to take her so badly

He ripped her vest top off

She gasped but did not want him to stop

And he said let’s get these yoga pants off

Because as yet I don’t think you’ve had enough

And he wasn’t wrong

And this story she was writing

Was now going to go on and on.

The morning after the night before


She came home

In the early morning gloam

Just before the dawn

In her high heels

He tight short skirt and top

With a big smile upon her face

She had been to a lust filled state

And was feeling very sexy and great

Satisfied in so many debauched ways.

Reaching home

She took out her keys and opened up the door

Saw her husband sitting there all alone

He smiled asked how her night was and she smiled even more

Told him about a great it was and that there were hot stories to be told

And he was happy that she was so bold

Took her hand too hold

Asked her to tell her all about her night

And if she enjoyed moments of delight

She said they blew her mind

And if he had some time to share

They could go upstairs

And she would paint a picture to make him aware

Of all the things his hotwife dared

In the throes of passion to do without a care

He so wanted her to share

So he followed her upstairs

And saw her legs were bare

And she wore no underwear

And she was so hot

To him she truly does have the lot

And that he was so happy with his lot

Now it was time to give her all he’d got

In the early dawn where new fantasies would be born.

The function

The function

He whispered in her ear

Knowing her husband was near

Placed his hand on her butt

And said she was someone he’d like to fuck

She fell t herself go weak at the knees

Felt longings within her flowing

She felf she should have felt offended

And act as if he had slanted her

But all she could imagine was him bending her

Over a table or a chair and taking her right now right there

But she tried not to flinch or respond

But he kept the pressure on

As he whispered in her ear it won’t be long

Before he is taking her hard making her body throb

Then said he could see nipples through her top

On this point he was not wrong

He said I can feel you wearing a thong

Now go out back into the toilets where you belong

She found herself obeying and dancing to his song

She waited in a cubicle in expectation

He walked in looked he in the eye

Turned her round lifted her skirt above her thighs

She felt him slip her thongs round knees

Then felt him slowly penetrating

Then building up a rhythm with apparent ease

Felg her hands up her top on her breasts

Then he felt her knead and squeeze

She felt like buckling at the knees

But then one hand grabbed her ponytailed hair

She tried to stifle her passionate moans

But he didn’t care

Went deeper harder he had real flair

And they both climaxed hard then and there

And as she was left weak and panting he just left her there

And when she sorted herself out and returned

She felt so red and sweaty as her cheeks burned

And as she walked to her husband she became concerned

The man who just took her in the toilets was standing there

Laughing and joking with him and sharing a beer

She felt within her an innate fear

And was apprehensive as she drew near

And as they both looked at her, her husband said how are you dear

This is my boss and she saw how his boss leared

She felt his eyes as they pierced into her

Her husband beckoned us to greet

He leant in kissed her on the cheek

Whispered I can smell my scent on you

She blushed more as he was telling the truth

And carried on saying I now own you

And she knew there was nothing she could do

And as he walked off her husband said do you

Mind him using you for everything he wants to do

As it means a brighter future for me and you

And I really think you may enjoy it too

And she nodded and said I think it will be good.

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Not my way but hey!


It’s not my way

But I’ll play your game

Be so strong and dominate

Kiss you hard and pull your hair

Control you fully

Strip you bare

Force you down

Spank your butt

Give you a bit of rough love

Persevere until you’ve had enough

Then refuse to stop

And give you more love

On top, behind I’ll give give you so much

Own you with my hard touch

If you want this

It’s not my way

But you’re in luck

It’s a good old fashioned

What they call hard fuck

A lot less love

And a lot more lust

It ain’t my way

But I’ll play the game

If that’s what you want

What you need I’ll do it to you that way

Because I want to keep you happy

Each and every day

For you are the one that I truly crave

So I am happy to give it to you in whichever way.

Different needs


He saw her long legs

He perfect butt

To him that was a recipe for love

But it was simply lust

He had to have her

He could feel an ache

Her beauty struck him

In hard in every kind of way.

A he saw him looking

Gave him a flirtatious smile

Gave him the green light

For her it had been a little while

She liked that he was tall

Obviously worked out

This would jus t be something

Simply lustful and physical.

So they got talking

Over their cuppacinos

Spoke some small talk

Shared a few smiles and giggles

Then it was back to his

Where he wasted no time

Got up against the wall

He did not care about being refined.

She didn’t mind this either

She enjoyed spontaneity

Her short skirt up

And her lacy panties

Now around her knees

His passion was overflowing

She could feel her essences flowing

He ensured she got what she needed

She egged him on

With some very sultry dirty pleading

Then they moved to the bedroom

He gave her his best

She let him dominate

But gave more, she gave less

Perspiring covered in sweat

They rolled around sharing moves they knew upon the bed

She knew his mind

She enjoyed herself

Bodies entwined sinews stretched muscles flexed

She loved it as her took her from behind

And pulled her hair and bit her neck

So animalistic, it always sent her wild

She remembered why she did this one in a while

By the early morning as the dun was dawning

They were both exhausted

From an experience best described as awesome

When he woke and roll to hold her tight

She had already gone, she had taken flight

He was distraught, he had fall for her

Never had an evening quite thag that before

He went to the coffee shop

And there she was

With another man

How could she be so casual

So he went over, asked her shat he’d game was

She smiled and introduced her husband

Her husband smiled shook his hand and said once in a while

She indulge herself in a bit of fun

He was cool with thy s as she always come back home

She ssid it had been a pleasure but it was nothing more than that

He walked away, understanding this, he lacked

But he could see the love, that they both shared

Saw in her husbands eye just how much for her he cared

He knew he was no match

And so would soothe his aching heart

With the memories of that night and they would last

Forever in his mind

For she gave him the best sex of his life.