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A night to remember

Blindfolds and perspiration

Heavy breathing and panting respiration

Excorcising all frustration

In the dark there is exhaltation

From the desire driven anticipation

That we will both recieve

Through sensual and passionate love making

All throughout the night.

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Let me liberate you

You’ve only made love the way you know

I wonder if you have ever let go

Let someone take you into the unknown

Show you things that will leave you mind blown

Leave you feeling free but somehow owned by me

I’ll give vent to all you need to release

Take you to the climaxes of your most lustful dreams

Where you’ll do anything snf everything with me

We’ll reach new heights of sordid, sultry dirty and naughty

As a way to let go and set the spirit free

I’ll free you from your cage of inhibitions

Break those chains of loving in a way thats preconditioned

But this can only work if you’re ready and you’re willing

Let me know when you want me instilling

This independance deep within you

And I will teach and take you to things you never knew

Or thought youd ever do

And feel liberated and renewed

By submitting to me and giving up the right to choose

Just how I make love to you.

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The arousal

You talk dirty as you’re aroused in front of me

You feel like your desires been set free

I see the pleasure in your eyes, your face

The passion is obvious as you feel the pace

Of each thrust and grind diving you out of your mind

I have never seen you go so wild

Twisting and squirming and kissing so deep

Your body quivers, you go weak at the knees

You rise and fall, I see your chest, your breasts heave

I long to see you like this, so completely pleased

As I tell you to peak for me time after time

As you feel the rhythm pound through you from behind

You demand more and won’t settle for less

This you cry is the best yet as your body drips with sweat

And you crave what comes next

As the passion and frantic sex

Goes through the night leaving you exhausted

And once over you lay wasted on the bed

And your body us radiating full heat and on your face I see your blessed

And I whisper in your ear I oved the zest

You showed in each moment as you craved more

And I have for you so much more in store

You asked if it pleased you watching you taken by another man

I replied I enjoyed how he took you in hand

And was in complete command

And I asked if that’s something you can understand

And you smiled and said that you were pleased

And she was thankful it also satisfied me

It’s why she tried so hard to go at it so hard for me.

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Who’s dominating, who’s in control?

I bend you over and push you face down on the bed and grab the hair upon your head, are you ready to be dominated? I felt you go weak at the knees, I sense all you want to do is please me, in your short tight little black skirt, and your sheer tights, and you tight crop top vest, I saw the invite in your eyes, you had me hypnotised, you are playing with fire, now it’s time to to feel the burn, will you never learn, I spank you until it hurts but that you seem to enjoy, as I whisper in your ear dirty words, the more I dominate you, the more you seems the more it gets you off, now the tights are round your ankles and your underwear around your knees, you wriggle looking back smiling at me, it seems you are keen to please. I give you want you want hard and fast, I hear you moan and gasp, I go for as long as I can but it’s hard to last, our bodies both connected, we peak at the same time, I grip your hips tight as I stand behind, both if us are shaking from the intense excitement and the thrill, both of us are sated, our desires filled, I sought to dominate you hard, yet you seem to get the last laugh, I think you manipulated me and I failed to see, was dominating you or were using me, you stood up turned and kissed me, said it was intense and lovely, but we better go back and rejoin the dinner party, both of us were so flushed, her partner must have known, I think heard the sound of sex and heard her groans, my other friends could not believe, that we could act so recklessly but her husband smiled and simply said, I wonder who is next, then I realised it was her who was in control and she loved domination sex and that I was simply just a tool, for her lustful fetish.

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I perceive all that’s within you

Deep in your eyes I see longing

Deep within you I see temptation

I can sense your tantalising nature

There is something trying to escape

I can feel you need to breakout

I perceive that without any doubt

I can help and assist you

I can bring the excitement out in truth

Tease you, please you, release you

Do anything uou want to do

The things you want I will let you choose

This is your moment so it’s all on you

Let this be your finest hour

You ar lit when you let your love shower

Upon everyone who takes your fancy

You can be the creator of your own fantasy

I will just stay close to navigate you safely

Out of the routine mundanity

Into a world of love and happiness

You can join me so we are spiritually blessed

We can become consciously awakened yet

Realise we have to live life to the best

It’s not like we are going to get out of alive

So whats the point in denying yourself a good time.

Fun life

She likes her free life

Sleeping with men she likes

Experiencing new things

She finds it exciting

She’s always careful though

But she likes to dance

She dresses sexually

And flirts so sensually

She is a strong woman

Who knows just what she wants and needs

And her husband is very happy

So she feels lucky

And loves him more you see

Because he is not full of jealousy

But understands so let’s her have her fun

She always comes home

Because he is her number one.

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Could you live a hotwife life

Could you ever be a hotwife

Living the hot life

Of a lifestyle where your man

Shares you and understands

And that you both grow with love

And no matter how things go

You always promise to return home

It’s all about the physical with other men

You retain love and respect for your husband

He let’s you be free and there’s no jealousy

Could you live a hotwife life being sensually and sexually free.

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Tell me everything and don’t hold back

Tell me how sensual you are

Tell me what you feel deep

Let me feel your passion

Tell me your story

Tell me what makes you yearn

What m a kes your body burn

And let me enact your deepest desires in turn

Let me into your heart

Tell me how we would start

As I take you body and soul in the dark

And let me watch you

Strip away your clothes

And your inhibitions

As we start getting do close

And his you feel my breath

And my lips on your body

Before you push me down and get on top of me

The let yourself go so sensually

While telling me of all your darkest and deepest needs

What is it that makes your body overheat

As we come together at the peak

Of this moment where you feel erotically

That you can feel absolutely free

To be exactly what you want to be

In the art of love making you’re now sharing with me

Tell me now I want to hear everything.

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All his dreams were her

Her smile was so appealing

Her short tight skirt

And nylon panty hose

Were to him so revealing

Her top that clinged to her so snug

Caught him in a place of love and lust

Her dark silken shining hair

Her nature that he knew meant she cared

Her laugh so contagious

Her body so slim with ample bust

And the sweetest butt he thought so outrageous

He could never take his eyes off her

And when she brushed close he swore he heard her purr

He knew she felt his hand touch

But seemed to like it ever so much

But for him this was not enough.

He wanted more but she was off limits

Married to his friend who he saw grinning

He knew he had a thing for her

But he didn’t seem disturbed

By the way his wife would flirt

In fact it seemed he really liked it

And he asked one day his friend, her husband if he would allow this

To go further and her agreed

So next time she brushed passed him

He slipped his hands around her waist

Turned her around and saw her smiling face

He said its time for us to get this done

Have some very naughty fun

And she laughed asked why it too so long

She had been waiting as to her husband

It blew his mind but he wanted her so much

And now he could not believe his luck

His dream his desires would now come true

He said to her I am going to make sweet love to you

What followed next is a different sensual story

As they made passionate love in pall its glory

He thought see dreams can come true

If you want it enough and see it through.

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