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The phone call

She was sitting and talking on her phone

To a guy that she had barely known

Her husband was watching TV which was the focus of his life

And she felt such an abandoned wife

Her and this guy got talking about life

About relationships and how her husband doesn’t try

He said he sensed the shame of this

And he would always do his bit if he was him to keep her satisfied

And as they shared details of what it is he’d do

She started feeling naughty and so rude

And as he spoke about the sensual things

Her hands started wandering

And before she knew it

Her fingers started to do do it

To wander over her pleasure zone as she talked upon the phone

She confessed to this guy she was being rude

So he guided her through just what to do

And from in the other room

She got her heart rate racing

Felt blood coursing and her pulse it started throbbing

And as she felt the touch

Through her clothes it got too much

And quietly she moaned and groaned for more

And even though there was an open door

She didn’t care any more

As she raised to desire and passion to its peak

And now she found herself unable to speak

As her breathing now was heavy

And her rhythm now was steady

She reached a very pleasurable climax

And as her body writhed and twisted

And she was hot and sweaty

Her husband was just focused on the match

As she shuddered to a moment she would not forget

And the guy said it would be for the best

If next time he was there

And she said yes and she would bet

Her husband wouldn’t notice or even care

But they agreed they’d find out.


Shared love

She shared her love

He gave her his blessings

And she respected him for this

Released not Imprisoning

Escape not needed

Love he knew, she needed more

Open heart and mind he had,

Vicariously he felt her passion

Everything she shared with him.

My heart sighs

I see you with them legs

Perfect and on show in that short skirt

It makes my heart sigh a perfect sight to my eyes

I see you in the tight jeans and you look such a dream to me

It makes my heart sigh a perfect sight to my eyes

I see you with your hair up and your beautiful look

And I think that your beauty cannot be mistook

And my heart sighs a perfect sight to my eyes

I see you there are you not aware

Just how amazing you look to me

I love everything about femininity

It makes my heart sigh your all a perfect sight to my eyes

And I respect you and I love you

Your wonder drives me out of my mind.

The tale of the free bird

We had a love that was very deep

But she had powerful physical needs

That I could not sate or aspire too

So we had to work out what to do

And we agreed she could fly free

Always to fly straight back to me

No cage required no guarantee

Just belief in her being trustworthy

And there was no need to lie

Because we shared the experiences all the time

Openness they call polygamy

Diverting from the monogamy

Practiced by the rest of society

But we were adverse to being unique

Cherished our belief in being free

Two spirits in twin flame love

This was more than enough

To sustain us through anything

And I wanted her to be so very happy

She in return respected me

For allowing her to spread her wings

And find the physical requirements she needed

But returned saying no one came close to matching the feeling

Of love that she felt for me

This physical act was just satisfying

And desire and a need

Like an itch that needed scratching

And she found it easy to be detaching

After the event and though some tried latching on

She flew away into the night

Like a beautiful bird in flight

She never used no one

It was always agreed beforehand

But a woman who fly free

Embracing her needs

Is always more desirable to those

Who to hold on and take control

Many would have kept her In a cage

But she never let them she always flew away

And back to me where she felt loved and free

And where I was always pleased to see her returning beauty

As she glowed with amazing light for me.

Exploring love

He explored her darker side

She was his dutiful wife

And wanted to explore the same as him

So when he offered her a chance

To explore the lovers dance with someone else

She duly obliged his curious side

And she went out on a night out

Came back home but not alone

And he he listened in earnest to her cries

Of love and passion all that night

He saw her writhe and heard her moan

Saw her body arch and she groaned

And demanded more

The guy he took her every way

And she very much loved it make no mistake

Her body came alive that night

And as they played with such delight

They both kissed and sensually sighed

After reaching each climactic peak

He tossed and her her every way

And she responded and gave the same as she got

And as her husband watched and heard them both

He thought this was really hot

And was over joyed his wife felt such a fire

He loved seeing her satisfaction

Her lust and passion in full action

Her desire drove him crazy

And afterwards when both alone

They discussed what went on and both agreed

It was a memorable experience

And they decided they may do it more

And explore it a little more

And both agreed it satisfied both their needs

But also agreed that they would never leave each other

Or get jealous in any way by these games

So they agreed they could be happy

Exploring this lifestyle again

Because they viewed as just a fun game

That couples could play when ego does not get in the way.

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My unholy desire

My love burns as hot for you as a white hot flame

My love goes beyond of limits and can’t be tamed

Let me drive you to the edge of insanity

With my insatiable unquenchable desire for you

With that face of an angel and celestial body

Your mind is so amazing that it goes way beyond me

And everything about you and everyway you move

Makes me want you even more and that’s the honest truth

I yearn for you

I turn to you

Every chance I get

There is nothing about you I don’t think is the best

And to gain your love and have you here in my life

And my bed

For me I want to let you know

That’s my holy spiritual quest

So we can be like twin flames

Setting life on fire

Your my every waking thought

And my unholy desire.

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No cages nor chains

No chains, no cages for her

He allowed her the freedom

The experience and express herself

With other people and in different ways

She would give him details

Or put on a home display

And the happiness and fulfillment

They got out of this

Made them understand it was worth it

She appreciated the freedom

He was grateful for her love

They both only wanted to share this together so much

Wherever she wandered

Whatever she’d do

She always came home

And he never doubted she would

They shared bliss and shared grace

There was never a hint or a trace

Of jealousy or insecurity because the both agreed to play

This life of freedom without cages or chains.

Her heart has been broken..

Her heart had been broken

So many times.

She remembered

And recounted them

Over so many lifetimes

But they never broke her down

She always got on and loved again

Because she knew

She was strong enough

To handle the pain

She never gave

The power to those

Who had betrayed her heart

Because she was strong enough

To find a new love again

And she never feared

Her heart being broken again

It wasn’t love to blame

It was people time and again

But she never lost faith

She knew a good person

Would come her way

In every lifetime

It was always this way

And she learned from the hurt

She got stronger from the pain

Now she loves like a cyclone

And she blows people away

But if you hold on in their

You’ll she her loves insane

And the best you can get

Time and time again

Just return that love

Don’t break her heart again

Show her she’s right

To keep holding on to the faith.

Selfless act

He saw day to day sadness and longing for love in her eyes

And although she knew he loved her it was not the right kind

That she needed from time to time

And when as a suprise he gifted an opportunity to meet another guy.

He saw the sparkle and the fire spring forth as her eyes came alive

And he was pleased she found her happy

And felt good he let her free

To experience a chance to ease her desire and her needs

He didn’t want her in a cage

Didn’t want to dull her light

He wanted to see her blossom

She her come to life with delight

And this made their day to day happier all the time

For she appreciated his selfless sacrifice

And he appreciated she always came back.

Beauty and love should not be hidden

What is point in of putting beauty

In cage to serve you as its duty

What is the point of tying a free spirit down

To be anchored and and unable to fly

What’s the point of keeping love and beauty hidden away

Never to shine brightly in it’s incandescent way

And flow so wondrously it will amaze

Love and beauty cannot to held prisoner

Cannot be owned and cannot be enslaved

Only when you set it free and let it fly

Will you see its true beautiful essence spark into life

And light up the universal night.