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Look deep into my eyes

Look deeply into my eyes I told my wife

Feel the erotic sensualness

Feel the heat the passion and the caress

Peak after peak each better than the next

Feeling the motion the rhythm each time

Feeling how this moment blows your mind

Arching and writhing look into my eyes

Perspiring as you give as good as you get

I love to hear you moan and wafch as you sweat

Then as you reach the moment of that body quivering and shaking climax

A full on explosion of sounds ripping from you wetted lips

I say look deep in to my eyes

You sensual, erotic amazing wife

We share this secret life

Where I see and watch you enjoying other guys

As you look deeply into my eyes.

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Forbidden love

She bit the apple of temptation

In the strangest way

The forbidden love she now sated

In one fateful day

While her husband was a way at work

His brother came round

To collect some items

His brother had left behind

She offered him a coffee

And the chat started to wander

As she saw him studying

Every inch of her body

She asked if he thought she looked good

If the gym was working out

He put down his drink stepped close and said ‘of that their is no doubt’

He towered over her and imposed himself and leaned in

She could feel that they were moments aways from kissing

Faces close, lips almost touching

He just stared deep into her eyes

Then she felt his hand slip between her thighs

He anticipation was easy for him to judge simply by his touch

He spoke in a whisper saying :this is lust it is not love’

Then as he held her gaze he unbuttoned and undid her jeans

And slipped his hand inside them and said ‘I know I am your wet dreams’

He was not wrong she had fantasised this many times alone

But even on occasions when her husband was suprised

how much she moaned when they were making love

His brother now was pulling her jeans down to her thighs

And he could see the pleasure and extasy right there in her eyes

And kissed her passionately on the lips then knelt down in front of her

And she stroked his hair and gripped it as he showed her his skills

And after a little while down came her jeans

And he stood up and took of her top and he sat upon a chair

He beckoned her to straddle his lap

And that’s exactly what she did

And rode him long and hard like it would be the one and only time they would do this

And as his strong firm hands explored

Kneaded and caressed her body

She arched her back and grinded her hips like she had read in erotic stories

And as she did she reached her peak just as he did too

And like an atomic bomb his internal power blew

And she felt his energy flow into her and her body writhed in uncontrollable spasms

They both experienced an amazing combined orgasm

And as their sweaty bodies concluded this dance

They felt he heat and exhaustion as the warm glow passed too fast

Then the guilt and shame crept in and both got up and dressed

And without words he got his stuff and he then quickly left

She knew he had sowed a seed in her and thought about what to do

Then decided she would let it grow to remind her of what they chose to do

And it would bd her secret and she’d make love to her husband tonight

To let him think that it was his even though she knew it was not right

But she wanted to bear the forbidden fruit as a reminder of the delight

She placed her hands upon her tummy

And smiled as she thought of things to come.

She needed her a spine to tingle

It’s a dark night of many screams
At least that is what happens in her dreams
But she knows this is not reality
To many scary books and horror films
But she is addicted to this theme
And she wakes from her night terrors
Covered in sweat and with a wide eyed stare
Only to realise as always all is ok
She laughs as she thinks I made it through another day
Her swear drenched top made her breast display
Round and succulent and they slightly swayed
As she walked go the fridge in her tight bedtime leggings
Her long blonde hair damp and her face flushed
What she needed now was a cold drink
A sensual touch
And something more spine tingling
Such was her addiction to fear and terror
Which made her weirdly very horny.
She opened the fridge door cast light into the dark night
Took out as bottle of drink and gulped on it
She shut the door, there was a bang
It was her cat jumping from the table
Knocking something to the floor
That made her heart race a bit faster.
She went to the sofa and turned on the TV
Watched an erotic type horror movie
As watched her hands wandered
One under her top the other between her thighs
And as she played and created a ryhthm
Laying her head back she felt the fur of the cat
Brushing against her face and felt its breathe
Which she decided was ok
Eyes closed she got nearer and now was at the point of no return
And as her back arched and body squirmed
Getting off she now yeaned
But then she felt a tongue lick her neck
Her eyes opened startled, ‘what the heck’, she said
But one arm clamped around her chest
Another gripped her between the tighs
And out of the corner of her eye
She saw a grisly hairy demon with a long scale tongue
And razor sharp teeth, grey in face and ebony black fur
She heard it murmer ‘mmmm fresh succulent meat, so luscious, must eat,’
Then she felt its teeth sink into her breast
And then move up to her neck
Now she screamed hoping to wake up
And this nightmare would suddenly end
But as she felt the pain and saw her blood flow
She knew it was reality
And as her life and her light faded
She realised this was the most spine tingling thing
She’d ever been experiencing and to think it happened at her climax’s peak.

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Is this wrong?

There are times I wish to make love to you slowly and sensually

And other times I want to ravage you with wild abandon

Is this wrong

One time treating you as a sacred woman

The next like you are a completely wanton lustful object of desire

And yet the one thing I never compromise is my respect

For you as a woman and someone so special

A warrior, a Queen and a Goddess.

Pleasure in her eyes

He found it amazing the way she arched her back

While moaning out aloud

Begging for more

Peaking like he could not believe

Sweat covered and in full bodily release

Grinding, writhing sensually

Gasping grasping desperately

Saying crude words he could not believe

As she let out all her sexuality

In an explosion of passion and desire he had never seen her release before

He wanted to see her like this more

So happy and so satisfied

He could see the pleasure in her eyes as she looked at him and pleaded it not to stop

He nodded yes you will get the lot

Time after time until the days end

As he watched her with her friend

Doing something he could not do

Rip the sensuality out of her

Make her climax in ways he’s never heard

Maybe this seems abusrd

Maybe judged by some as perverse

But seeing her this way

And doing what she was doing

Was the cause of pleasure and not ruin

And she was happy that he was ok

With watching her in these acts of sexual play.

She was cold

Sat alone and in need of friendship

She rang her best friend and asked how she was doing?

Her friend said same old stuff

‘How about I come over and we do some yoga and see why we lost touch

My husbands watching football he won’t mind, to him I am invisible so that’s all fine’

This was better than she hoped

And went and changed in to her yoga stuff and felt there was hope

That the evening would not be so bad now

She’d no longer be lonely or sad.

Her friend arrived a short time later

Explained why she had not been around lately

Said that her husband showed no interest in her

So she had found love elsewhere

This took her back her friend had never been like that

But under pressure maybe she had cracked

She knew the feeling her man was always away

On important business or so he said.

They started Practising their yoga moves

She asked her friend if it’s not rude

What was it like being with someone else

She sighed and said it’s good for my mental health

As she spoke she drew near and whispered giggling in her ear

It’s not a man you see my friend

I am enjoying the pleasures of another woman

Supprised to hear this it took her aback

She didn’t know her friend was like that

Then she felt her friend nibble on her ear

And her hand slipped very near

To her supple and ample breasts

But waited for consent to to take the next step

She murmmered suprising herself I’d like to know

Warm my body that has gone cold

Her friend then kissed and locked her neck

Run her hands over both her breasts

Taking away her very breath

Her best friend was in control now and she would not protest

She wanted to sample the very best

Her friend could offer and had to give

This was to amazingly impressive

That she could embrace something as different as this

But she was in need of excitement

All that night the pair made love

Neither of them could get enough

Both of them craved and gave it more

Found out that they both adored

The taste of each other in everyway

Didn’t care if it appeared depraved

Finally after a long time of feeling cold

She now felt the warmth of being close

To another kindred soul

And that was all that mattered as she felt her essences flow.

Excitement in life

She was tired of work and it’s mundanity

Sat in her office she felt there must be more

Her husband and kids took her for granted

She wished for maybe just a little excitement

But it was just another day in the office.

Just then her boss entered a smiled

Why the sad face has someone died

She smiled and explained how she felt

Spoke of the cards she had been dealt

He sat on the edge of her desk

Pushed back her hair from her face

Then looked down her top at her breast

And made no attempt to hide this

And spoke of how inviting and tempting they looked

And said often we he saw what he wanted he never hesitated

He just simply took

And what he saw now he wanted a lot

And once he made up his mind he would not be stopped

She felt her body tremble under her gaze

She felt her defences as they melted away

She felt so vulnerable, she felt so meek

Is this the excitement that she felt that she needs

In her blouse and her short tight skirt her body ached

To be used to be taken to be touched in everyway

She felt her knees part like he obeyed

His words were now penetrating her being

As he asked what her husband would say

Seeing her knees parted and splayed

Awaiting the moment for him to come and play

He touched her slowly feeling his way

Between the soft material that held him at bay

From what he wanted to feel

And her fidelity he wanted to steal

She felt powerless and the material moisten

In this moment it was about to happen

But a knock on the door shut it all down

And her boss left her office

With an angry frown

And she buzzed like electric that was the excitement she needed

And felt the flush through her body

And knew she had acceded to the power of lust

And it may happen again

And was powerless to stop it and now was ready to play

With any temptations that may come her way.

Test drive, and a hot ride.

She and her husband were due to view the new car together

He could not make it due to work

So she went alone to see the car

She met the seller a guy middle aged distinguished and grey

She felt at ease straight away

He suggested a test drive to prove the car ok

Inside was spacious, with leather seats

Very good condition and a price no one could beat

He told her where to drive, all the best spots

One place so beautiful he suggested they should stop

She agreed the place was one of beauty

He said ‘just like you’ then told his intentions

And it was to seduce

She had her short tight skirt that showed her long legs

And her little strappy top

Underneath her jacket

Which he soon took off

She had no intention of letting him

But as his hand run up her leg

She found her knees parting

As she moaned helpless beneath her breath

His hands and fingers were so skilled

As they did their very best

Soon he had taken down her straps on her top

And eased her top down under her breast

Her bra came off her back was arched

Her seat now reclined back

He kissed all her sensual areas

And she felt her body ache

And in this isolated beauty spot

He seduced her in every way

They worked up a sweat

Then moved onto next position the car allowed

Her moans her loud, his hands were firm

The made out in the front and back

He showed this was the perfect car

As the space it did not lack

And after what seemed liked the longest time

And neither could reprise no more

They went back to her house

Her cheeks flushed with a red glow

Her husband now was home

And he asked how was the ride

She said it was the best ever

And said she couldn’t lie

Her husband smiled and shook the other man’s hand and said let’s seal the deal

The car was theirs and her husband asked how did his wife feel

The guy said she was everytging and more just like he had said

And asked if he could test drive her once more more

Or even twice at best

Her husband said that was fine by him

And asked if she agreed

She could not believe this was something on which they had both agreed

But because she was still feeling the passion

From the time spent in the car

She agreed to going for further rides

Because it was something that she liked

Her husband said I hope you did not mind that we arranged it in advance

She smiled and said let me tell you all

As we all go for a spin in the car

And you can see for yourself what a good ride it truly was

But she made it clear he would just sit in the car and watch.

He didn’t mind at all.

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Momentary thoughts of desire

Ever you had a moment

When you caught somebodies eye

And had a jolt of attraction

That made you stir inside

Got you to the point where you fantasise

Where it shook your being

And though you know its not right

You kind of wish for a moment or two

That you were doing things that lovers do

The whole heavy breathing

And the pounding chest

The anticipation of what’s coming next

Making you tremble and go weak in the legs

And you imagine how you moan

And how much you sweat

Leaving you flushed and so breathless

And in that moment of desire and erotic thought

You wonder what would happen if you were caught

Aroused and excited needing to be touched

Maybe even taken home to be thourghly…….

Nope just me then 🙂

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Let’s talk sex

How do you feel about sex

How much do you expect

Do you feel pressure

Or none at all

Do you need no sex

Or do you want it all the time

I live a celibate life

Because it cleanses my mind

I don’t obsess about it all of the time

I find it’s good for the spirit

And makes my soul glow

It isn’t as some say because I am old

It’s a life choice

Take it or leave it

Because only my voice

Concerns me about this

But I am intrigued how others

Feel about the sex bit

Do you feel expectation to do this

Is it important for you to be good at it

And what if your partner is no good at it

Does it matter one bit

Or can you find a way to get past it

Not being satisfied

Are you honest with them

Or do you lie

Does it stop you having a good time

Or does your love for each other truly conquer all this.