Holiday love (adult content)

Under a scintillating sun she was bathing Tanning sweating in her bikini, Sipping drinks and just realxing Holidays gave her satisfaction, After a while she needed to go back to her room To get more sun tan lotion or shed burn soon, As she got near a guy from across the way Stepped outside andContinue reading “Holiday love (adult content)”

Noisy neighour

New neighbour to the hood Living upstairs playing music loud, She was trying to still her mind and meditate But she couldn’t do this and so with haste, She took herself upstairs to complain She knocked on the door ready to go at it straight away, But a handsome man was standing there Only dressedContinue reading “Noisy neighour”

Act of love

She felt the warmth and the touch She felt the lust and the love, The heat and the sweat as they writhed She sighed, she moaned and she cried, Out for more in this intense and amazing moment The love making being so open, She felt his hands over her She felt him inside her,Continue reading “Act of love”

Ice, Ice baby

She felt the ice upon her skin And felt it moving and tracing, Over the entire area of her body She shivers and shakes and then quivers, Trickles of water come from it Adding to her wetness, She moans and gyrates and twists She loves every moment of this, The ice it slips and slideContinue reading “Ice, Ice baby”

She didn’t want him but needed him

He whispered in her ear And then kissed her shoulder and neck, As she made him coffee she did not expect His hands on her waist his lips on her skin, She did not expect to be feeling, Aroused and sensual for they always argued They were not even a couple, But right at thisContinue reading “She didn’t want him but needed him”

In the heat of the night

She dreamt things that never normally come to mind Like his hands embracing her from behind Feeling his hands on her hips, then her tummy As he nibbled her ear and says I want you to love me Then she feels his lips upon her neck As his hands more over her tenderly Now sheContinue reading “In the heat of the night”

Love making

I touch your lips with my lips I place my hand on your hips, I look you deeply in the eyes I search deep in your mind, I kiss you then with a passion Than feel our bodies clashing, I look down at your heaving breasts I image later how upon them my head willContinue reading “Love making”

In this embrace

We are two lovers in embrace If feel the warmth on these cold days, I love the scent of you And your spiritual truth, I love the touch of your skin The moments we spend kissing, I love the way you writhe and arch I pay homage to the physicsl art, That you’ve carved whenContinue reading “In this embrace”

A rebel without commitment

She was a rebel type Who knew just what she like She gave men what they desired She would set them on fire Never just laid back She always dressed in black Short in stature, with a hot body And used it better than anyone I knew She writhed, shed ride, She knew how toContinue reading “A rebel without commitment”

She’s amazing

Her long tanned legs That short tight skirt Her skin with a glossy sheen Sends me truly beserk I like the touch I enjoy the feel She really has what appeals I see the way men look When they state at her I know what they are thinking She knows as well She likes itContinue reading “She’s amazing”

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