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A crepuscular moment


The crepuscular lit moment

Seeing beings so nocturnal

Everlasting and eternal

Memorized in my mind like a journal

I saw sprites and nymphs fly

I also saw the angels delight

In the iridescent moonlight

I went along to this place in disguise

As a spirit of the night time

Encapsulated within the shamic rhyme

That resonates in patterns of designs

And crescendos creating mythic signs

Mystical is the imaginary so sublime

I hope one day to return to this place some time

Now I’ve opened my eyes and I am no longer blind

To the world I can create using my consciously awakened mind.

Sad life song


Rise up

Fall down

Along grid

Lay lines

In a void

In a matrix

In an existence

Called humanoid

That see all that it views

As authentic and real

Despite being illusory

What is the appeal

The sensations

Of hearing

Of tasting

And seeing

Of touching

And smelling

All of these feelings

But what if

They are no more

Than sensory tricks

Of the mind

What if we have been living

One big light

What if our existence

Is just framed in time

As well as being fearful I

We have lived this life wrong

Would that marr our beliefs

And constitute the saddest love song.

Colourful life


A green swath of leaves

A blue ocean wave

A white puff of clouds

Float past in the sky

Purple sweet scented lavender

A field of vibrant bluebells

Mellow yellow daffodils sway in the breeze

Colours are everywhere

In real life and fantasy

So why should it matter

The colour of you and me

It encourages amazing diversity

Variety is something that is very healthy

For the soul and the spirit

For the heart and the mind

Sad are those people who are colour blind.

Spellbinding night


In the spellbinding garden

Of the conscious mind

Everything melts in the mists of time

And paranormal phenomena

Reaches out embraces and entwines

The darkness as well as the light

As the witchcraft and magic

Combine with the alchamistic arts

In the season of the full blood moon

I feel the ether as it fills the room

The ethereal transformation

Raises up the ebony night

I sense the phantoms taking flight

The supernatural mysteries

Are obscuring my mystical sight

Taking me away in a black arts delight

As we dance around the crimson tide

Of the seedier side of the shadowy aspects of life

And as we tumble down the rickety stairs

I feel the abandonment in the eyeless gargoyles glare

With glowing red eyes that scream at us to just beware

The visions of this scary spectral night

I dissappear in the blink if an eye

In the paranormal fog of anguish and supernatural cry

That offers no real hope and tells no lies

In the bewitching moments of the full blood moon night.

Pretty little you


Pretty little you

With you eyes so blue

All I ever do

Is think about you

Pretty little you

How you aura shines

Your a being

Of angelic design

And I love you

This much is true

My pretty little you

You always exude

Light and truth

How could I not

Be in awe of you

You the beauty

In this world

Impeccable with words

My pretty little you

I will be here

Forever for you.

Something special


As flawed as we are

There’s something special

About who we are,

We tread ever so lightly

Feel so delightfully

The wind on our face,

That touches our skin

That’s such a feeling

We must learn to trust it

And though life may assail us

It will avail us, to heal in the end.

But if we focus through love

And focus through living,

We can feel all things

That makes this seem, like we are all dreaming,

Peaceful in bliss serene and like seeming,

This will never end,

So embrace this great existence

And feel yourself grow,

As you choose to let go

And trust in just being,

And live simply for each present breath.