I still love you

I love you But you don’t believe me, You think it make believe You think I am lying, My heart is crying, Out for you And yet you still deny me, Yet I do love you It’s not make believe, I know I hurt you once And I am truly sorry, But I do loveContinue reading “I still love you”

Oriental paradise

Colourful pagodas Lotus covered ponds, Carefully sited Buddha’s Overlooking the scene, Perched upon embankments Among rhododendrons, Purple, whites, blues and pinks Growing widely around, And lower down azaleas In fiery oranges and red, This is a place of serenity That I can meditate the best, As dragonfly’s hover over the pond And the air isContinue reading “Oriental paradise”

Yesterday girl

You were my yesterday girl But the memory of you keeps you present, I try to leave you in the past But you haunt my thoughts, You are always there in my dreams No matter how much I try to let you go, Yesterday girl you just seem to know How to linger in myContinue reading “Yesterday girl”

Twin flames

Clandestine love Resonates like a symphony, Rippling light It washes over me, This power shines As the ancient music chimes, In the backdrop Of mystical minds, Our lives divine Our hearts sublime, As our souls fly In a star sparkled sky, Transcending seasons Within our conscious minds, Burning like twin flames.

The ghost of me

The ghost of me Won’t set me free, As winter sets in I see the landscape freeze, You were my love We were the destiny, Into the night We echo through time, You are such a mystery We cry icicle tears That leave us so blind, Still my heart breaks And it’s hard to take,Continue reading “The ghost of me”

Soothsayer I am not

I am no sage or soothsayer I don’t pretend to see what’s coming next, But it’s not hard when you chart recent events, To see life as we no it now must end A paradigm shift is needed And warnings need to be heeded So much that’s gone on must be learnt and understood WeContinue reading “Soothsayer I am not”

A crepuscular moment

The crepuscular lit moment Seeing beings so nocturnal Everlasting and eternal Memorized in my mind like a journal I saw sprites and nymphs fly I also saw the angels delight In the iridescent moonlight I went along to this place in disguise As a spirit of the night time Encapsulated within the shamic rhyme ThatContinue reading “A crepuscular moment”

Sad life song

Rise up Fall down Along grid Lay lines In a void In a matrix In an existence Called humanoid That see all that it views As authentic and real Despite being illusory What is the appeal The sensations Of hearing Of tasting And seeing Of touching And smelling All of these feelings But what ifContinue reading “Sad life song”

Colourful life

A green swath of leaves A blue ocean wave A white puff of clouds Float past in the sky Purple sweet scented lavender A field of vibrant bluebells Mellow yellow daffodils sway in the breeze Colours are everywhere In real life and fantasy So why should it matter The colour of you and me ItContinue reading “Colourful life”

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