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Ludicrous mankind


The very thought than mankind can solve racism

Or stop destroying the earth

Or put and end to causing animal extinction

Or deciding one day to fight wars no more

Or to look at sharing equally among all classes

Us nothing more than ludicrous it would seem,

That mankind lacks the intellect and the capacity

Is truly sad and a damning indictment of our humanity, or lack of it.

To think all we need to connect is love, for all and every thing in existence.



I don’t like arguements or confrontations

But I find it hard to just allow people to use and abuse me,

I am good natured and a kind soul

But pushed to far I am too old,

To suffer that without saying something back

When I was younger, confidence to do this I lacked,

But. Now I don’t suffer fools gladly

I really do hate reacting badly,

So I can only act in the best way I can

Being true to myself because I am just a man,

Flawed and in no ways perfect

It’s not my way to cause any hurting,

But angry words I may have been spurting

Are a reaction to what I feel I am on the end of,

I wish instead I excised control and offered back love,

But I am still work in progress

And that one day I will be better than this.

Misogyny must be defeated in every form


Misogyny goes on again

Men patronising women

Truth is they fear strong women

Who out achieve them

And have more guts and balls

Men have had it their way for far to long

As a man I can say this because I am not afraid

As long as that strength embraces compassion too

As long as they retain the love then that’s all good

Equality and diversity shows the strength of a society

So please I beg all women, never be appeased

Or cowed by misogyny.




Spin, spin, spin

This is the government talking,

They do not tell it the way it is

They just keep on lying,

Spinning negativity

To make it seem positive,

Burying things that are vital

And that they should be exposing,

Spin, spin, spin

To hide their incompetence,

They use the spin as a way

To keep distracting,

So we don’t know what’s true or ain’t

This is the way they operate,

And why they can’t answer questions

Put towards them straight,

They know if the answer truly

The the public would be appalled,

They can never say sorry for their actions

Because they’re got no ethics or morals at all,

Spin, spin, spin

It’s deception don’t be fooled,

It’s an annoying tactic, used by those who rule.

Right and wrong


Everywhere I go

And everyone I meet,

I treat my journey as a blessing

And treat people kindly,

After all I see no point

In being nasty or rude,

I say things how I feel

Sometimes I can be crude,

But it’s not because I wish to offend

You see that’s not my way,

It’s just that I grew up

In a hard knock rough estate,

But I still learnt wrong and right

And discovered love and compassion,

I still instilled within myself

The power of kindness to all,

Who treat and speak to my the same way

Which I see as courtesy,

I also show understanding

And tolerance to other peoples beliefs,

Even if I don’t agree, I keep it all polite

I prefer to love than go out my way to have a fight,

I am just a simple man

Who likes a simple life,

But it doesn’t stop me standing up

For what I believe is right,

And exposing bad things hiding in the shadows

By resonating a bright light.

Good and bad people


There are bad people I know, I see and here them everyday

But I also know there are good people,

But the bad always occupy center stage

That’s because the majority of bad people,

Like to make their voices heard,

Where as only the minority of good people like to vocalise

They do not want to bring into their life anymore strife,

And then there are those who fall in between these lines

Who are ignorant of the issues,

They’ve been conditioned in their beliefs,

They are not by any means bad people, they just do not understand,

They reverberate nonsensical toxic shit

That they’ve been fed by others,

Fed by twisted hateful minds

Not minds of kind folks and life lovers,

These are the one we need to help educate

And try to convert into the fold,

Then get those good people who are quiet, to speak up and be bold

It’s time to stand up as good people and drown out the bad voices,

We created change, but we need to go again


Back in 1979 we protested all the time

Protesting against war chanting fight wars not not war,

We stood up for CND against the nuclear threat

Fought for animal rights,

And regimes using oppression and might

To make people disappear in the middle of the night,

We fought for the cause mindful of 1984

It seemed a good target to make changes and more,

The pressure helped with nuclear deceleration

By the superpowers,

And helped reduce down our doomsday hour,

We helped to bring about animal rights change

By reducing down the fur trade,

Helped bring about awareness to animal vivesection

We strive for environmental issues,

Standing up for Greenpeace

Even when their ship got sank,

We kept the pressure going

But since those heady days,

Change has slowed down in many ways,

And even the things we fought so hard against

Seem to be back again,

Trump and Putin are building up their arsenal’s,

And the fur trade of shame

Seems to be coming back slowly everyday,

It’s imperative to ramp things up like extinction rebellion is doing,

Get out on the streets and disturbances start brewing,

For government must be put under pressure

And we must keep pushing a lot more,

Especially when it comes to fighting wars not war.