What do you want

What do you want What do you seek How is your energy Are you strong of mind Making the most of time Looking for opportunities Seeking out out your dreams Giving your life real meaning Or are you lacking all this Are you negative in mind Are you simply doing nothing Are you just wastingContinue reading “What do you want”

Aging well

Age and how we look on it Is a dependent on life, And how we’ve decided to exist Stress doesn’t do us any good, Nor does, drink, drug and smoked Age is good to us when we are good in health, It’s not something that comes with wealth Unless you decide on plastic help, WhichContinue reading “Aging well”


Firestarter, she screams the odds Makes trouble and her tempers lost Twists facts around to suit her needs Meanwhile she continues to scream And it effects everyone else in such a negative way Drama and arguing is just her way It’s difficult to be around a person like this Meanwhile on and on she screamsContinue reading “Firestarter”

Understand me

I am all about love I don’t do hate I am all about life And how to create A life of happiness One that’s positive I don’t do the negative I am all about freedom I don’t do control I don’t do ownership My life I my own Why would I want to Own andContinue reading “Understand me”

The effects of decisions

Spiritual rising in my mind Cosmic drifting all the time, I disengage with this reality And create my own conscious dreams, But are they dreams or just another life I am living Skipping into different dimensions, Maybe we live across many realities Choosing different paths, Creating different stories, Maybe we can reconnect with each ofContinue reading “The effects of decisions”

Holiday love (adult content)

Under a scintillating sun she was bathing Tanning sweating in her bikini, Sipping drinks and just realxing Holidays gave her satisfaction, After a while she needed to go back to her room To get more sun tan lotion or shed burn soon, As she got near a guy from across the way Stepped outside andContinue reading “Holiday love (adult content)”

Of course I can be coarse

Fuck governments Fuck wars, Fuck corporations Fuck laws, That allowd harm to all, Fuck man made religion I don’t care for your dogma, I stand up for human rights I am a lover, I am not a fighter, I don’t allow myself to take sides In a world of such corruption, I can only sayContinue reading “Of course I can be coarse”

The end of the show

As if the dark Queen Enola Gay Didn’t wreak enough destruction, And took enough lives away Mankind is still looking for a different stage, In which to enact it’s next terrible play A real fucking horror that eradicates, The while and entire human race, And like lemmings we all run straight to the edge BecauseContinue reading “The end of the show”

To good to be true

I should have seen it coming Trouble is never that far away, I should have known things were to good So now I am facing heartbreak once again, And I could not have loved you Any more than I loved in truth, You said it wasn’t m, saying it was all about you, I shouldContinue reading “To good to be true”

Distraction, reaction

Deflection, reflection Distraction, reaction, The tactic of those who hide the truth This is how they act towards me and you, A form of bullying that they choose It’s all fucking lies, it’s all a ruse, Designed to control and manipulate So that in the end they creat a toxic state, Deflection, reflection Distraction, reaction,Continue reading “Distraction, reaction”



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