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This totality


The totality of life

In all it’s impermanence

Shines brightly for the positive

And is dark for the negatives

Hope s and dreams are what we have

Spirituality is something to embrace

We should look for the opportunities

And seize each day

Discover the love in everyway

Rise to the challenges and face our fears

Resonate the joy that we hold dear

Free ourselves from the suffering, sadness and tears.

Trusting to easily


I trust easily

I guess that’s my weakness

Maybe that’s why

I am betrayed

By those who smile to my face

And it hurts

I trust easily

Maybe that is why

People take advantage of me

These people do not care you see

And it hurts

But they don’t care

So I just hide it and cry in secret

This is i guess my curse

Derived from the universe

And it leaves me in a world of hurt abd pain

Time and time again.

Phasing in and out of light

Phasing in and out of light

Calm winds blow me

I sail the crystal seas

Warm air caresses me

I am carried off on dreams

Long before I can remember

You burnt in me like an ember

Fiery and incandescently bright

Rainbows occluding my sight

Sharing a love so amazing

My life is constantly phasing

In and out of radiant light

I share with you all these delights

In a moonlit, starlit night

We share this time

We share this space

I feel this bliss, this peace, this grace

And then we fade away into shade.

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Touch the love

Touch the love

Touch love

Feel the warmth

Golden soul

Spiritual passion

No attachment

All we feel is freedom

Impermanence dwells within

Manifesting never ending dreams

Feel the love

Between you and me

And all humanity

We are magical beings

Created from the stars

We are miracles

We have come so far

So feel and touch the love

And understand that’s enough

Reach out to each and everyone

And touch the love.

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Roads and codes

Roads and codes

I am on the cosmic road

Tuned into the universal node

On board the matrix code

See my frequency as it flows

As my vibrational senses unload

Along this road that unfolds

Into paradigm shifts unknown.

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Lessons learnt

From past mistakes

Bridges burning in our wake

Moving forward to future age

Breaking out of the self imposed cage

Opening our consciousness wide

Let our instinct be our guide

Be in the moment use what’s inside

What you seek you will find

In your awakened, enlightened mind.

Build and grow

Build and grow

You remember the madness

You remember the chaos

You remember the pain that you went through

But think about it now and analyse it again

And you will understand its that which makes you

As strong as you are now

So hold onto this and build upon this and grow.