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Rebel, rebel, rebel!

Rebel in the name of Gaia

Rebel in the name of nature

Rebel to save our planet

Rebel to save all species

Rebel go save humanity

Rebellion is no choice

Rebellion is our only salvation

Rebel in an environmental revolution

Rebel, rebel, rebel, now rise up

And force upon the government

Change and stop extinction through rebellion

Because they’ve left us no other option.


When campaigning and protesting goes unheard

When the media stifle and don’t view your words

When the arrogant government won’t listen to its people

To concerned with greed and helping multinationals

What option is left to those who are active

And see the dangers of pollution and plastic

Realise the harm in cutting down rainforest trees

There is no future in contaminating air, land and seas

Then rebellion is the only thing option open to you and me

Rebellion is the people option when authority doesn’t listen

Rebellion will force corporations and governments to pay attention.

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Forest fire

Sat among the embers of a forest fire

Sat here alone her plight is dire

One little girl, a little lost soul

Tears stain her blackened cheeks

She cannot be consoled

Everything in her life was just burnt down

In a forest fire where screams and shouts are the only sounds

This little soul is now beyond tears

The lost look in her eyes convey her fears

The heat still resonating like a furnace

Every thing around has now been burnt and death

Is everywhere and all around

Despite heroic efforts from so many firemen.

This little girls lost among it all

Standing all alone as the smoke palls

Charred black dress, sooty coloured hair

Blackened stained face and a fearful stare

I saw her through the burnt trees

Just over there and I told the firemen to go rescue het

But when I pointed to the spot she was no longer there

I told them what she looked like

And they just stared

And pointed to a row of bodies awaiting collection

And there I saw her laying with them

Was she an apperitions or was it her spirit

Either way she was gone now and it broke me into pieces

That poor little lost soul who lost her life this day

In the burnt out smoking forest glade

I hope she finds the ones she loved upon the otherside

For the firemen explained the whole family had died

A tragic tale of sadness and woe

My heart goes out to those

Who find themselves in Calafornia similarly exposed

To the tragic forest fires.

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Death in waiting

Darkly, in the as it that turned sharply

Into cold and frosty air

She felt movement everywhere

And as her heart raced and the blood coursed through her veins

You could see her chest rise and fall in a panic like display

And she was nervous of what was soon to be

Would it be a blood letting horror story

In this place illuminated darkly by shades of crimson red

That signified an atmosphere of fear and dread

And as she made her way through corridors of bloodstained walls

She knew exactly as she walked into the big hall what was in store

A nightmare of pain and torture of endless screams and cries

The tension it was palpable as the scent of death started to rise

And sillhouttes could b we made out vaugly in this hall of death

Where many people who had gone before took their final breath

And as she waited in anticipation she felt knife drive in

And as it pierced the skin the pain started to begin

And she could feel the pain and ruin

As the knife stabbed again and again

And as life started to ebb away as she saw the blood flowing

Down the concrete floor towards the drain disappearing

And she wondered what a waste of life and a horrific way to go

As life seeped away in the dark not fast but gradual and slow

To make the whole thing so much worse

She wondered and pondered that no one would know

And the perpertraters would dissolve into the night as all demons do

After enacting this horror show

And as she took one last look around

There was one thing she thought the night should know

If any other man treated her as bad they too would be the next to go

And as she liked the blood from off the blade

She walked away from her ex boyfriend real slow

So that he would realise you don’t treat a demon so

And as he bled to death strapped in a chair from the multiple wounds

She laughed a laugh hysterical then vanished completely into thin air

Without a second thought of conscious care

This beautiful demonic beauty of who men best understand to beware

Because she will take your life in a blink of an eye if you dare

Mess or try to hurt her.

My universal dreamscape

Bound in time universal

Tripping through light beams,

Going round like a carousel

Flying up and down through nebulae,

Cruising through starfields

Of mass colourful arrays,

Meanwhile cadenza’s

And symphonies tunefully played,

Soaring and singing

As we enjoyed the display,

As shooting stars lit up the darkness in everyway

Supernova’s created a crazy forray,

Into existential psychedelic colour like sway

Of cosmic constellational mindful plays,

This universe of creation I love in everyway.

The hurt game

You made my cry

Because of your lies

You made me feel

Like I was the bad guy

I you made me feel

Do worthless and needy

You made me feel

Like I can no longer believe in me

You left within me doubt

And self love doesn’t live here now

Look what you did

I hope you are happy

Look what you did

I hope you are proud

But I will get over you

And I will survive

I get stronger each day

I won’t stay down

I won’t give you the satisfaction

I will make you see

That you don’t have the power

To destroy me

You may have hurt me

But you will not instill misery

To the point where you end me

So don’t go thinking

You mean anything to me

Those days have gone forever

I needed you to know

Now it’s time for you to go.

I sit alone

I sit quietly

Nothing is moving

And tha darkness

Is now drawing in

I am just a child

And I feel so alone

How could this

Not be frightening

I remember my dad telling me

How my mum got too ill

And sadly god took her

And now she is in heaven

He told me donโ€™t be sad

Sheโ€™s up there preparing

A place for us

He told me

That for me

She had so much love

But I do not understand

Why dad says do not be sad

Why he cries himself to sleep

Why he cannot talk to me

I know I am just a child

And I canโ€™t hope to comprehend

But my dad is hanging silent

From the ceiling by the bed

Why did he it was OK to leave me

Alone in the dark

Did he not understand the selfish part

Of leaving me to join mum

Because of the pain

And to leaving suffering

Throughout my life again and again.

Candle love

Our love burns

Like a candle

It lights up the night,

Sometimes it may flicker

Yet somehow stays alight,

Our live is like a candle

Burning solitarty

And yet giving out,

A gIow and warmth

And feeling

If safety somehow

Bending in the wind

Yet reusing to go out

Our loved burns

So brightly

Glowing like a beacon

That guides us on our path

And aides us on our journey

That sees us home

And safe at last

For as candles

We shine a light

In the future

And the past

And reminds us

With out care

Our love may not last.

Is there anybody there?

Is there anybody there?

Does anybody really care?

Are those of humanity still standing?

Is there anybody still demanding?

More peace, more love and a need fir sharing

Is there anybody there?

Is there anyone who really cares?

For the sake of our world and humanity

Is there any one who cares still standing

Is there a nybody still demanding

Equality and a clearer understanding

That natures balance is vital and commanding

The continued support of all existence

So we need to nurture it and stand in resistance

To those who exploit it and abuse it

Don’t try to deflect or confused it

Is there anybody there?

Is there anyone who really cares?

Is there anybody really demanding?

The unexpidited truth

That we need to live in love, peace as well as existential self rule.

God fearing people

How can anyone claim to be

God fearing religiously

When advocating brutal wars

Using their God’s to justify their cause

When God sees us as all his children

I don’t understand your reasoning.

How can anyone claim go be God fearing

When they accept the slaughter and extinction of animals

In the name of research, habitat destruction and trophy hunting

For God loves theses creatures all great and small.

How can anyone claim to be God fearing

When we, who live within God’s creation

Poisoning, destroying and polluting it all

We’ve taken this paradise, this Eden

And manged to somehow ruin it like fools

God fearing I am not so sure

I think you maybe delusional

For those who seek protection for all humans, plants, trees and animals

May recieve God’s blessing on them all

And you may receive none at all

Because you did nothing at all

And in fact tried justifying it like fools.