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Falling down

I spend my time always getting up

Only to find myself falling down again

Can’t seem to get, what many would call luck

Why is that I always get stuck in a rut

I take responsibility for my life being this way

I’ve never been one to duck or avoid the blame

I need to find a different way

I need to make a change

Because I can’t keep living this way

Always getting knocked down

Just to get up again

I just keep falling down

I just keep hitting the ground

I just keep falling down

And it’s aggravating me

This is no how life should be

I need a way to break free.


Our knowledge of life and everything about it

Is inchoate but some at as they they know it all

Believe that they have the answers

Truth is wise people know that they know nothing at all

And only fools believe that they know it all

How can our understandings, opinions and knowledge

Be fully formed

When we a actually no very little at all

In a universe so vast, you see we are unbelievably small.

Via : Daily Prompt : Inchoate

Her heart has been broken..

Her heart had been broken

So many times.

She remembered

And recounted them

Over so many lifetimes

But they never broke her down

She always got on and loved again

Because she knew

She was strong enough

To handle the pain

She never gave

The power to those

Who had betrayed her heart

Because she was strong enough

To find a new love again

And she never feared

Her heart being broken again

It wasn’t love to blame

It was people time and again

But she never lost faith

She knew a good person

Would come her way

In every lifetime

It was always this way

And she learned from the hurt

She got stronger from the pain

Now she loves like a cyclone

And she blows people away

But if you hold on in their

You’ll she her loves insane

And the best you can get

Time and time again

Just return that love

Don’t break her heart again

Show her she’s right

To keep holding on to the faith.


I crawl

I creep

I slither

I seep,



They call me











Covered in




Always deny



With our



Is the reason


Crazy Governments

Crazy governments

And their leaders too

Want to raise down

Missiles on me and you

Psychopathic, maniacs

Disturbed megalomaniacs

Bringing down death

With falsehood and lies

Manifesting fear from the skies

And what are we doing

Why don’t we protest

We should create civil unrest

From the East to the West

Pile on the pressure

On these governments

Show we’ve had enough of their wars

We want peace so won’t take it anymore

Don’t let them push us to the edge of extinction

One second to midnight

So stand with conviction

Let’s create a mass global power eviction

And drive them out of power

And manifest a new way

Not just finding new faces to replace

Those warmongers who we just kicked out

We need a paradigm shift without any doubt.

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My mother

She had the patience of saint

The biggest heart I’d ever known

So full of compassion

An ancient golden soul

She gave time she gave love

She gave everything she had

My mother was the best mother

Anyone could ever of had

And she is sorely missed

But will always be remembered

And resides for ever in my heart.

All she needed…

She was married to a man so loveless and cold

Married to a man that became old

Before his time

And was living out life

Bitter and angry all the time

How was she supposed to live like this

Living a life where love is missed

She has urges and she has needs

No suprise then when someone offered to free

The desire and the passion within her body

She surrendered so easily

All she needed from him was lustful love

All she needed from him was meaningless lust

All she really needed was to feel a tender touch

So she embraced this man until she had enough

All she wanted was to receive some love

She never even felt bad about this

For she didn’t believe her husband would care about this

He never considered her needs

She never considered why he was like this

One day when she came home

From having a loving rendezvous

She could not understand why the house was dark and in gloom

When she turned the lights on he was there

Hanging from the ceiling which he had fashioned with care

It seems he suffered from desperate ways

Did not like what he had became

Did not like his angry moods

Decided his life would be better ended soon

Realised she had found somebody else

So he did what he thought was selfless.

She broke down as he hung their

She never realised he was in so much despair

And all either needed was somebody to care

All they both needed was to share

Thoughts and feelings

But they never talked

So in the end he gave into it all

And now she’s going to have to live with this

A cruel and unbelievable life twist

That would leave with a life of suffering.

My journey to spirituality

I did not come to spirituality

Like some people do through an epiphany

I came to it through conscious thought and grief

That doesn’t make me less worthy

At a time of great loss where many lose faith

I rediscovered mine which was hiding

When many people ask why this loss

When they question any God at all

And if everything happens for a reason

Then why please did this happen to me?

Truth I found within spirituality

An understanding as well as a belief

That something’s are bigger than me

That some answers maybe beyond me

That in the scheme of things

Though things seems so harsh and cruel

You have to look beyond ego

And it all being about you

And that sometimes things happen

That nobody and nothing can control

And that’s just the way of it

And that is just the truth of it

But through my conscious mind I was lead here

And with open mind, open eyes I discovered this blessing

Of spirituality and awakening

That before I was too blind too see

So no, though I did not have an epiphany

This spiritual journey has still been wondrous to me

One that before I may never have believed.

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Have the courage to shine your light

Have the courage to share your love

Have the courage to live your dreams

Have the courage to live bravely

And be the reflection of your consciously beliefs

And have the courage to live compassionately

Have the courage to live kindly

When you have courage then you are free.

Via: Daily Prompt: Courage