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A sense of synchronicity


I sense synchronicity everywhere

I feel the future before it happens

By focusing on what’s going on around me and it’s fascinating

It’s easy to see the glow of life and the direction that it’s taking

When you pay attention to the games that are played

And you allow the conscious undertaking

To take you away

From the delusional fantasy created within your mind

And root you firmly into reality.

Listen to the teacher


Life’s our teacher

And we only suffer

When we don’t learn

The lessons that it teaches us

That’s when we get burnt

We need to pay attention

Stop repeating our mistakes

We gave to see the signs

That synchronicity creates

We must be good students

And listen all the time

We must learn to open our eyes

As well as to opening our minds

Then we’ll be all good and all fine

And experiences we gather over time

Will help see us living a happy life

So listen to the teacher

Pay attention all the time

So pay attention to the teacher

With open eyes and open mind.

Different needs


He saw her long legs

He perfect butt

To him that was a recipe for love

But it was simply lust

He had to have her

He could feel an ache

Her beauty struck him

In hard in every kind of way.

A he saw him looking

Gave him a flirtatious smile

Gave him the green light

For her it had been a little while

She liked that he was tall

Obviously worked out

This would jus t be something

Simply lustful and physical.

So they got talking

Over their cuppacinos

Spoke some small talk

Shared a few smiles and giggles

Then it was back to his

Where he wasted no time

Got up against the wall

He did not care about being refined.

She didn’t mind this either

She enjoyed spontaneity

Her short skirt up

And her lacy panties

Now around her knees

His passion was overflowing

She could feel her essences flowing

He ensured she got what she needed

She egged him on

With some very sultry dirty pleading

Then they moved to the bedroom

He gave her his best

She let him dominate

But gave more, she gave less

Perspiring covered in sweat

They rolled around sharing moves they knew upon the bed

She knew his mind

She enjoyed herself

Bodies entwined sinews stretched muscles flexed

She loved it as her took her from behind

And pulled her hair and bit her neck

So animalistic, it always sent her wild

She remembered why she did this one in a while

By the early morning as the dun was dawning

They were both exhausted

From an experience best described as awesome

When he woke and roll to hold her tight

She had already gone, she had taken flight

He was distraught, he had fall for her

Never had an evening quite thag that before

He went to the coffee shop

And there she was

With another man

How could she be so casual

So he went over, asked her shat he’d game was

She smiled and introduced her husband

Her husband smiled shook his hand and said once in a while

She indulge herself in a bit of fun

He was cool with thy s as she always come back home

She ssid it had been a pleasure but it was nothing more than that

He walked away, understanding this, he lacked

But he could see the love, that they both shared

Saw in her husbands eye just how much for her he cared

He knew he was no match

And so would soothe his aching heart

With the memories of that night and they would last

Forever in his mind

For she gave him the best sex of his life.

Falling down


I spend my time always getting up

Only to find myself falling down again

Can’t seem to get, what many would call luck

Why is that I always get stuck in a rut

I take responsibility for my life being this way

I’ve never been one to duck or avoid the blame

I need to find a different way

I need to make a change

Because I can’t keep living this way

Always getting knocked down

Just to get up again

I just keep falling down

I just keep hitting the ground

I just keep falling down

And it’s aggravating me

This is no how life should be

I need a way to break free.



Our knowledge of life and everything about it

Is inchoate but some at as they they know it all

Believe that they have the answers

Truth is wise people know that they know nothing at all

And only fools believe that they know it all

How can our understandings, opinions and knowledge

Be fully formed

When we a actually no very little at all

In a universe so vast, you see we are unbelievably small.

Via : Daily Prompt : Inchoate

Her heart has been broken..


Her heart had been broken

So many times.

She remembered

And recounted them

Over so many lifetimes

But they never broke her down

She always got on and loved again

Because she knew

She was strong enough

To handle the pain

She never gave

The power to those

Who had betrayed her heart

Because she was strong enough

To find a new love again

And she never feared

Her heart being broken again

It wasn’t love to blame

It was people time and again

But she never lost faith

She knew a good person

Would come her way

In every lifetime

It was always this way

And she learned from the hurt

She got stronger from the pain

Now she loves like a cyclone

And she blows people away

But if you hold on in their

You’ll she her loves insane

And the best you can get

Time and time again

Just return that love

Don’t break her heart again

Show her she’s right

To keep holding on to the faith.