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Give it your best

I root myself down deep

Within my soul and spirituality

I root myself deep down in love

Discovering my inner peace

Found my compassion and empathy

I have realised the creator is me

And that we are creating our own life as we go along

Create your own stories

Sing your own songs

And accept responsibility

And then it goes wrong

It’s down to you and me

And nobody else because you create everything yourself

Yes we are flawed

None of us perfect

That’s why we are here

To learn lessons in life

So learn to forgive yourself

Nobody lives life

A hundred percent right

We all just do our best

When accepting each test

Just remember you can only do the best

And shine like a star

And show the world just who yo are.


Hope even in hateful minds

Narrow minded people

With hateful vicious minds

Venting their vile threats and language

On social media online

They take to streets in numbers

Feeling safe within a pack

Trying to find the courage

That when alone they lack.

Its disgusting and repulsive

The things some people post

To those they understand least

And so because of this hate most.

The people don’t like anyone

Who is different from them

Easy to blame others for all of their failings.

Now I don’t hate these people

I feel sorrow and pity for them

And I would much rather try to help them

By showing them the richness of different cultures

Different colours, faiths and views

Show them that coexistence is the enlightened truth.

I show them nothing but unconditional love

And unconditional compassion

I do this for myself as well as them

And understand we’re all driven by passion

But that sometimes we have to question if what we believe

Is actually true

Or maybe we’re deluding ourselves

And doing things others manipulate us to do.

I offer to these people always an olive branch of peace

In hope they will one day touch it and their negative ways may cease

We must not give up hoping

We must not give up the dream

We must not end up being like them

Violent and hateful to such an extreme

We must always offer to all our love.

Cold winters tale

Cold and icy

Slippery underfoot,

White frost covering every nook,

Bites the face as you view your breath

Witnessing the steam exhale from your constricted chest,

Ice dew webs decorate the scene around,

Toes and fingers go so numb

Nose is red, cheeks feel the burn.

Winter cuts like a knife

Maybe we should all hibernate at this time

I long for home and long for warmth

Summer memories now long gone

Chilled to the bone yet still better off

Than those living rough who have no home

And have to sleep out in this

Where going to sleep every night is a risk

As they never know if they are going to wake up.

Deep deep down

Deep deep down

There is a feeing of fear

A feeling dread

Which is patently clear

In the darkest recesses

Of constricted space

The feeling of distress is commonplace.

Deep deep down

Where there is moisture

Running down the walls

Where your eyes can perceive

Nothing at all

In the confines of ristrictedness

Where people lose their minds

We find ourselves deep deep down in thought as well as time.


If nature don’t get you tripping

Then are you rally living

If love don’t make you glow

Then you should question all you know

And if being negative and hateful

Puts a smile upon your face

Trust me you will see me and everyone simply walk away

And if you realise that the life you lead is all yours to create

Then my friend you will soon discover better days.


I dream of a time

Where I can relocate

To a different space and time

Where there is no ignorance

Taught and instilled in the mind

To be bigoted and hateful

Where we are raised to divide

I want to find myself another place

Where everyone unites

And different colours are celebrated

And the pigment of your skin don’t matter

There’s no racial hatred just a time and space

That revolves around love and peace.

Via : Daily Prompt : Relocate

Tortured love

The thorns of love

She shared with him

Pierced her skin deep

Inflamed the heart

And infected the soul

Grew like a virus

Taking hold of her

Drawing her down

It felt like torture.

That’s what he did

I am not sure that he cared

For he never laid his heart bare

He protected it behind

Control and manipulation

That he used on her

And though he could see

The damaged he caused

He still kept on breaking

Her into pieces bit by bit each day

Because the feeling of power he got

Boosted his ego in so many ways.

This is not love this is torture

This is not love it’s just wrong

She needs to break away

And remove all the thorns

Then leave him on his own to play

With his own little mind games

Because no one deserves to be treated this way.

The longest time

I have waited the longest time

And worked so hard to see change

I’ve tried so many different things

But things remain the same

I put my dreams out to the universe

I’ve been euphoric and I’ve been hurt

I guess my time has yet to come

But I am running out of time

So maybe this is meant to be my life

One struggle, one of hardship

Never any cause for anything other than this

It will never be easy and this

Maybe the lesson I need to learn this time round

I guess at least when I bow out

I can be happy I did my best

Never tried to hurt no one

Simply tried to foster love

Fought for peace and compassion

I helped all those I could in need

Despite the fact I had nothing

My children are my life

They are my shining light

They amaze me for they are the best thing

That ever happened in my life

The thought of them always makes me happy

I wish I could have given them more

But I know they understand

That I do what I can

And so they give my life so much meaning

I give thanks for this believing

That the wealth does not come from money but from love

So always make more time for this

It’s far better than anything

And you will bow out contented in the end

Knowing you did your best my friend.


Wired into a frequency

Of unconditional love,

A vibration flowing through me

I feel it in the touch,

Of everyone,

I come undone

When I see those I love being harmed,

It flays the flesh right from off my bones

I feel a sense that I am not alone,

In my feeling of this wrong, that’s being done,

To those people I love

As I feel their touch.

This feeling of a need to protect,

Washes over me and what is left

Is a sense of indignation and regret,

Then time after time we have to witness this,

That suffering and brutality exists

And that wars are funded much more,

Than health, peace and building a world

In which everyone can live united in,

Unconditionally loving,

Sharing and caring in,

Even when we have nothing.

But knowing that we are building something good,

Not just for now

But for future generations,

It’s time for change,

In humanities name,

In loves name,

As part of creations aim,

We must be

The love and light,

For all to see unconditionally.

Universal equality,

We need to show a lot more love,

Where’s your compassion?

It’s time to bring about peace,


Both you and me,

Shining bright,



For eternity.

The sum of our love

Is our love not the sum of all things

Is it not the quintessential rhymn and reason for living,

The reason music plays,

The reason our heart beats,

The reason our soul resonates a luminescent glow,

Is it not because you are here

And connected by thought,

Connected by energy,

Connected by touch.

Is our love not the sum of all things,

That binds us and bonds us for eternity,

In the light of pure truth

And the memories that will stay with me,

Is our love not the sum of all things,

From which angels will in a chorus

Reverberate in heavenly voices

The sanctification of the sum of our love

That’s complete.