A sense of synchronicity

I sense synchronicity everywhere I feel the future before it happens By focusing on what’s going on around me and it’s fascinating It’s easy to see the glow of life and the direction that it’s taking When you pay attention to the games that are played And you allow the conscious undertaking To take youContinue reading “A sense of synchronicity”

Listen to the teacher

Life’s our teacher And we only suffer When we don’t learn The lessons that it teaches us That’s when we get burnt We need to pay attention Stop repeating our mistakes We gave to see the signs That synchronicity creates We must be good students And listen all the time We must learn to openContinue reading “Listen to the teacher”

Different needs

He saw her long legs He perfect butt To him that was a recipe for love But it was simply lust He had to have her He could feel an ache Her beauty struck him In hard in every kind of way. A he saw him looking Gave him a flirtatious smile Gave him theContinue reading “Different needs”

Falling down

I spend my time always getting up Only to find myself falling down again Can’t seem to get, what many would call luck Why is that I always get stuck in a rut I take responsibility for my life being this way I’ve never been one to duck or avoid the blame I need toContinue reading “Falling down”


Our knowledge of life and everything about it Is inchoate but some at as they they know it all Believe that they have the answers Truth is wise people know that they know nothing at all And only fools believe that they know it all How can our understandings, opinions and knowledge Be fully formedContinue reading “Inchoate”

Her heart has been broken..

Her heart had been broken So many times. She remembered And recounted them Over so many lifetimes But they never broke her down She always got on and loved again Because she knew She was strong enough To handle the pain She never gave The power to those Who had betrayed her heart Because sheContinue reading “Her heart has been broken..”

Crazy Governments

Crazy governments And their leaders too Want to raise down Missiles on me and you Psychopathic, maniacs Disturbed megalomaniacs Bringing down death With falsehood and lies Manifesting fear from the skies And what are we doing Why don’t we protest We should create civil unrest From the East to the West Pile on the pressureContinue reading “Crazy Governments”

My mother

She had the patience of saint The biggest heart I’d ever known So full of compassion An ancient golden soul She gave time she gave love She gave everything she had My mother was the best mother Anyone could ever of had And she is sorely missed But will always be remembered And resides forContinue reading “My mother”


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