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Time cascading

The clock ticks time away

Chiming day after day

Time slips and slowly fades

Merging, melting, flowing

It constantly cascades

In a universal starlit display

Time is something we create

Times is something wd can change

To fit our day to day.

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Falling down

I spend my time always getting up

Only to find myself falling down again

Can’t seem to get, what many would call luck

Why is that I always get stuck in a rut

I take responsibility for my life being this way

I’ve never been one to duck or avoid the blame

I need to find a different way

I need to make a change

Because I can’t keep living this way

Always getting knocked down

Just to get up again

I just keep falling down

I just keep hitting the ground

I just keep falling down

And it’s aggravating me

This is no how life should be

I need a way to break free.

Accept all and be the love

Can we not accept

That everyone is different

There is no need to hate or fear

Simply because of this

Because we don’t understand

Or agree with others beliefs

People are still people

And as such should not be judged

The philosophy of being human

Should be to find and share the live

Within our enemies as well as friends

For we all part of one race in the end

Wars, genocide, xenophobia and hate

Are all part of a negative state

Adopted by those not evolved or educated enough to see

That there is love in everyone and everything

We just have to find it

We just have to embrace it

We just have to let it flow through our entire being

If our spirit and mind are ever to be free

Allowing us to transcend and transform

In to higher spiritual forms of energy beings.


When pride stops you doing anything

This k carefully as pride is part of ego

And if you succumb to pride

Then go within and cleanse yourself

Through selfless basic routines

To return your self back to simplicity

As well as to the mundane.

This is not punishment

This is remembrance of where you come from and who you are.

We should never feel we are bigger than we are

Or even better than we are

We are just fulfilling the full potential of ourselves

Where is the pride and ego in that?

Cosmological dreaming

Shadows dancing off moonlit walls

I feel the longing of the universes call

Stars reach out to me and beckon me hither

I feel the power and begin to wither

Not knowing that as a tiny insignificant speck

That life is not beyond me yet

Dazzling dancing swirling light

Filigree incandescent angels in flight

I find myself drawn by moonlight

To sit here captivated be the delight

Of cosmic tunes playing in my head

As visions trace a starry thread

Of quantum meaning that leaves me blessed

I have to admit I am obsessed by everything

I see in the night sky

Which is universally created by my minds eye

Then a speck I am no more

And though still in grace and awe

It’s now within how our conscious mind works

To paint these pictures

To create such scenes

Of cosmological quantum dreams.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

The opiate of our dreams

Our love is supersonic

Yet somehow we stayed plutonic,

Racing through quantum space

Like a neutrino in light speed haste,

We flew among the stars fields

Hoping that we may feel

Something special that transcends all that is surreal

And to make contact with higher frequencies

Vibrating greater than we could ever believe

We are flying lightyears

In a space and time that is amazing and free

And within these moments

Our love was released like a supernova

Exploding incandescently

And Showering light

In cosmic conscious reality

I never thought that you and me

Could shine so bright

And love so deep

In this quantum space

Where we are universally

Spiritual beings

Travelling cosmically

Through everything we hoped that we could be

Which is pure love

The opiate of our dreams.

Multiverse journeying

Deep down inside

The conscious mind

We find transition

To universal times,

Of paradoxical transverse

Cosmic astral signs

That are relative by design

To creations ultimate matrix plan

A connection to being human

And yet spiritual within

A chance for us to be transitioning

Raising up and transcending

Beyond the stars never ending

Tripping through copious galaxies

Multiverse journeying

To a place and time of our beginning

Discovering the source from where we were spawned for living.