Au revoir

On we go, for so long But for how much longer can we go, Sadly I don’t think that we can know, It grinds down even the strong So maybe it’s time for a final swan song, When we feel the gig is done Maybe it time to say so long, Au revoir, farewell, IContinue reading “Au revoir”

Fanaticism has no appeal to me

I will not succumb to the extremist beliefs, The religious fanaticism that talks of God and Satan, The battle between heaven and hell Which are borne from man made sacraments, That divide and create hate among people of different faiths, I will not succumb to the intolerance of those Who do not have the intelligenceContinue reading “Fanaticism has no appeal to me”

Garden of beautiful delight

Sitting by a lake watching dragonfly’s Skimming over the mirror surfaced water, I hear the trickle of a tiny waterfall And the chirping of the birds in the tree, I see frogs jumping on and off of lily pads This is the most peaceful time I’ve ever had, Under a blue cloudless sky This momentContinue reading “Garden of beautiful delight”

Rainbow family in unity

We all need to be a little nicer A lot more understanding, We all see things differently So what’s the point of being mean, We should be more tolerant, Understand people have different viewpoints, Though we should never accept those hate speeches Or those who promote toxicity, And I am not one to preach, IContinue reading “Rainbow family in unity”

Seeking light and hope

I climb up out of a dark place Surrounded by endless ebony space, Looking to find a little light The radiance may blind my sight, But I don’t mind because it’s cold down below I need the warmth you don’t get in the shadows, I need to feel the hope that it brings I amContinue reading “Seeking light and hope”

Life choices

You got choices in life which are Stand strong in the face of the storm, Or you can just simply break Break because you’ve had life too good, Molly coddled up in cotton wool Whereas if you come from hard times, Descended from hard knocks You tend to be tough more rugged and strong, TheseContinue reading “Life choices”

Between each breath

That moment between each breath That people see as nothingness, Is the space where true life really does exist, That moment of peace and quiet, That bliss contains much love That gap between our breaths Is more than enough, To know the answers to everything And just how we should live, The moment of nothingnessContinue reading “Between each breath”


I take too much on And I share too little, Don’t ask for help So end up crippled, And in a position Where I box myself in, Which is not the best Way in which to be living, I got to learn to be More open and sharing, And ask for help When it getsContinue reading “Overwhelmed”


There is wisdom in our utterance When we think clear and with care, When we chose words impeccably We realise there is love there, When our focus is centered And our utterances come from within, We become philosophical intuition, Yet rather we think and utter in haste, And all of our words and thoughts TheyContinue reading “Utterances”

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