Embibed and subscribed

I seek motivational drive

I seek solice within peace

I want to discover all I seek

I try to be strong

They say I am weak

I intend to reach life’s peak

I grasp the nettle

For I refused to settle

Come near me and I’ll crush you with my pestle

Look to the future and see me rise

See the truth behind the lies

See my passion hear my cries

Look me deeply into my eyes

See that I am truly embibed and subscribed

To a whole new beat and brand new rhyme

That goes a long way to defying life.

Listen to the teacher

Life’s our teacher

And we only suffer

When we don’t learn

The lessons that it teaches us

That’s when we get burnt

We need to pay attention

Stop repeating our mistakes

We gave to see the signs

That synchronicity creates

We must be good students

And listen all the time

We must learn to open our eyes

As well as to opening our minds

Then we’ll be all good and all fine

And experiences we gather over time

Will help see us living a happy life

So listen to the teacher

Pay attention all the time

So pay attention to the teacher

With open eyes and open mind.


Restoration of being

Rejuvenation of soul

Transcendental thinking

Evolution of a mind ancient and old

Consciousness ascending

Awaking taking place

Purifying all that is

In a chakra Heightened state

Mindfulness in being

Manifesting grace

Washing all toxicity

Flushing it down the drain

Connecting with the balance

Of unconditional love and light

Medition and kindness

Keys to a happy life.

A storm on the horizon

There’s a storm on the horzon

And it’s heading our way soon

A sandstorm of epic proportions

All colour oranges in various hues

The vibrancy of sand and dunes

Shifting like an orange granular sea

Who knows what it’s hiding

Who knows underneath the mysteries

That dwell deep beneath

The sands of time of Arabian grace

In this hot and arrid place

Where tempestuous storms cross the plains

Carrying vast quantities of orange sand grains

A whole Roman Legion disappeared under the sands

Never to be found again in this land

This hot desert dwelling of the holy mystic man

Clad in Arabian robes, he of Arabian nights

The storm is heading our way soon

Bringing the end of days for me and you.

Time passing

Time passes us by

We can’t fathom where it goes

We are to busy living life

When we’re young it goes so slow

But when we’re older

It passes by so much faster

It like a helter skelter ride

We desperately try to cling on

Holding tight trying to enjoy the ride

But fear and trepidation takes over

As we realise time is running out

But what the point of worrying

Everything is just what it is

Sit back raise your arms high

Bask in the warm glow

Of the golden summer time

That lingers deep in our memories

Reminding us of days sublime

Time passes us by

We can’t fathom where it goes

Time it passes us by

But we are still awesome and gold.

Masters of self

A tall tale

A small tale

We succeed

At times

We all fail

But strength

Is born

From all this

Not weakness

But power

Of inner spirit

From inner being

From losses

We become winners

Out of fortitude

And perseverance

Running interference

Making a difference

By refusing to give in

By always believing

Hopes are retrieved

Everytime we breathe

We then accede

To the throne of integrity

And spiritual supremacy

We become masters of self.


Consequences are everything

They follow many of our decisions

Those consequences can be good or bad

They can cause us to be happy or sad

The universe and dualities

Can inspire or raise epiphanies

Or try and draw us down

And force us on to our knees

Whatever way it goes is up to you and me

For we create consciously everything

That happens in our life constantly

Though consequences have the ability

To control and manipulate our beliefs

We need to be strong and in reality

Seize every moment in its entirity

And make it be exactly what we want to be

So.when consequences come to claim what they need from you and me

We have to be assured and see the clarity

Of what it is it claims from us

So we can handle it with minimum fuss.