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I migrate into mindfulness

And transition into a loving state

I gravitate into benevolence

And meditate into inner peace

And all this quells all fear and anger

Leads me into positivity and light

Guides me along the path on a journey

To enlighten my my life and raise me up.


Quantum dream reality

Deep within our mental state

Deep within that quantum place

That manifests in energy

Particulate piece by piece

In quarks we dream

In neutrinos we speed

In atoms we bounce and collide

In waves waves we role in brilliant light

Deep down inside

Where we live infinite lives

Time after time

Living out quantum revelries

In cosmic spirituality

Deep within conscious reality

Where we cast away banality

To sail the universe fantastically

On hopes and dreams astrally

No past, no future

Just presently in each and every moment

Of a quantum conscious dream.

Black hole

I dream I am being drawn into a black hole

Everything around me is folding

I feel the pressures of the vacuum

I see the endless infinity

What’s within? Science says its only certain death

But anything drawn in has never returned to testify that yet

May be its a doorway

To to different realms and dimensions

This swallowed of worlds

I feel it drawing me closer

Black hole mystery

Unveil your secrets to me

In my astral out of body dream

Swallow me

Take me to infinity.

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We work in collaboration with universe

though we may not know it

we live out live in collaboration

with our creative sub conscious mind

forging dreams from the true reality

not this domesticated illusory

but whether we are awake to pay heed

is really the truth indeed

and it’s reflected in how we live

do accept the suffering

or do we search for something more

that gratifies us and opens up new doors

through the connection

between the universe and the conscious mind

this is the question, how are you defined?

do you believe? or do you follow meekly

just what you have been told

and the story you have been sold

or do question everything, especially if you don’t agree

because your not a sheep,

so don’t live life asleep, awaken to truth

and let the existential flow through you

and be your own ruler

your own authority and make the connection

in the collaboration that we see

the universe and out conscious reality

and you’ll see it works more than this fake illusory.

We are not the costumes that we wear

Our body is a costume

what’s real is within

what we see is illusory

that our conscious mind

is manifesting

we need to be balancing

the body needs

and our spiritual origin

we need to understand though

that beauty comes also from within

so don’t get to attached

to the physical obssession

ensure your mental state

is within your possession

stable, calm and kind

is a a perfect state of mind

and when the body and the mind

connect of equal frequencies

it makes for a life of ecstasy

and a feeling of being complete.


Via : Daily Prompt : Costume


Seekers of happiness

We seek to find happiness in everything external,

We seem to miss the truth that happiness is internal,

No matter what you buy or what you own

It only a short term fix,

Because that type of happiness is only temporary

And trying to find happiness in others also does not work,

It can only end up with you and them getting hurt,

The happiness you seek comes from contentment and inner peace

It comes from going inside yourself

And resolving all your conflicts,

Because only when you’re happy with yourself alone,

Can you hope to be happy with someone else

This much should be known

And you will the realise that nothing that you own or buy

Can ever truly compare to the happiness that comes from inside.

Wormhole falling

I fell headlong down a wormhole

Though laying in my bed

I saw quasars and quarks spinning above my head

And atoms racing neutrinos then colliding

Just then I banged my head

Spun head over heels

Yet still descended

Then I witnessed kaleidoscopic seas

And dolphins leaping from the waves

And birds in assorted colours flying in a circus like parade

Then everything went dark

And I thought this all just in my mind

Before a supernova explosion happened before my eyes

And in a riot of rainbow light

And vision incandescent and bright

Took me on a race through time as well as cosmic space

In and out of dimensions and galaxies unknown

Then I had the feeling that I was being blown

At a thousand miles an hour

And my head was now in a spin

And woke up in my bed left wondering

How did that all begin.

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I need mnemonics to help me out,

through the synchronicity of life,

remembering everything I perceive,

in my conscious reality

and when I find myself in sleep,

remembering all the things I see,

deep within the dream zone

where I drift in free flow,

I have cause for something to remind me

of the experiences I have in my dreams,

because memory is not my strong point

never really has been

but now maybe I am older it’s harder for me,

maybe it’s and age thing but now I open my mind and see,

I want more now than ever to remember everything

I need Mnemonics for my life to help keep these memories alive.

Via: Daily Prompt: Mnemonic



Offer support

Life so some can be a trauma

Suffering happens beyond their control

What they need is helping hand

What they need is your support

It is something we should all want to do

Help those struggling through

No pity, just compassion

And a kindness that’s within you

That’s all you have do

Just reach out and say ‘I am here for you’

Show the love that’s within you

Because there is good to do

For others struggling in this life

One day it could be you

So do what you know you should do.