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She is different things to different people

She is like Marmite you either like or hate her

some say she is like margarine easily spread

some say that she a diamond deep within the rough

but to me she was just a beautiful soul to me.

Some say she is like a grapefruit, sour and bitter

others say she is like a tangerine sweet and succulant

people who say they know her say that she is like a prickly pear

but like anyone else you meet she’s fine handled with care.


I can’t work people out

I find people so hard to understand

I find people so difficult to work out

I guess it’s because we are different

We are all unique in the end

But why some people avoid love is a mystery to me

Why some people want war instead of peace

Is unbelievable to me

Why some people care less about this planet

Is a crazy way of being to me

Why people shy from spirituality

Is honestly baffling to me

And why people choose to be bad rather than good

Even they they know what’s right

Leaves my head spinning round

I cannot ever understand

What it is that makes people work

Some choose to heal

Some choose to hurt

It confuses me

Why people choose to see

Only negativity

See no benefits in positivity

It’s too strange to me

But I guess that’s what they call diversity

And on many issues we will not agree

But let’s agree to accept these differences

And choose where we can to be friends

And build a better society

And learn to embrace each other culturally

Because we will never in the end work each other out

Of this there is no doubt

But may if we learn to get along

That may help.

Not real problems

In the real world

People waste,

So much time

On things

They heard,

That entered

Their minds,

Because they

Are blind

To what’s

Important and not

To matters

And don’t

To what

Will change

Things and won’t.

They fret

And they stress

Over trial things

They rant

And they rage

Over insignificant things

Why do they

Get caught up

Why do they

Get involved

To problems

That can’t

Be solved

Or resolved

They should

Make this

Stress in

Their life

Finally annulled.

Grace and magic

She flows with grace and magic

She’s beautiful to me

The most wondrous thing I have ever seen,

Colourful and elegant

Yet powerful and strong

I will love her all my life long,

For she is nature and she is life

She is what keeps me breathing through the days

And through the nights,

I pay homage to what she gives

For without nature how could we possibly live,

So nurture her and show respect

For of all the things in life she is the best,

And without her we would end,

No matter how much you try to pretend

That you can live without what she gives,

Understand that nature, she is everything,

So bow down to her and show her the love that she deserves.

Star creation

Look up at the stars

And realise what you are,

A spiritual miracle soul

That’s travelled so far to be here.

Keep your feet on the ground

Know that your heart can be found,

In the same places as the answers that you seek,

Deep within you

And if you keep it open,

Life the universe will flow powerfully through you

And you will never feel alone

And you will always feel the love

And your way home

To whence we came from

And will one day return

But until that day you must ensure your light burns,

With a passion an incandescence

With compassion and benevolence through and through,

Then you will know that all I say

Right here a day now is rooted in the truth,

So watch the stars and understand that they created you.

Honk your horns

Honk your horns

flash your lights

make yourself known

In the night,

see what opportunities

come to pass

some pass slow

some pass fast

are you ready

to be apart of the display

are you ready

just to watch what going on

out and about late at night.


Via: Daily Prompt: Honk


I long for you

Surrender to me now

Your sculptured structure

Your body beautiful

Drives me insane

Submit to me

every whim and need

Like a favourite plaything

Allow me to entice you fully

Seduce your desire

And need to be teased

As well as pleased

Open your arms

Open your mind

Let me to taste

Your essence sublime

Tease you squeeze you

For you’re heavenly divine

I will enter your body

As well as your mind

I want every inch of you

So if you’re inclined

Surrender your body

Submit your soul

Open your heart

I will take control

And take you to

An unlimited peak

Beyond all words

Beyond all speech

Let me in.

A state of mind and thought

Your state of conscious and subconscious mind, dictates your thoughts, your feelings and your state of being throughout your life. We can blame or point towards external reasons why life is not great for us but in the end we have the power to choose if life is a celebration or a struggle.