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Be unique

We care to much about being seen to do the right thing

And being seen to comply and fit in,

So we fail to act authentically

And we often stifle the real self,

Breakout of the defaults and your preprogrammed presets

And never be afraid to be different and unique.

He walked in fear

He walked a path of fear and trepidation

He ducked in and out of shadows of consternation

He looked up through the trees at the starry constellations

To see which way he needed to travel.

In the darkness he watched each step

Afraid he would loose his mind and self

In the depths of the forest beneath the trees

All he could hear was himself breathe

But then a siund

A crack of twigs

From behind to old eldritch trees

A glimpse of a shadow

A figure quickly stealthily moving

He knew he should run and stop stalling

But as he turned to run away

A demon appeared and opened up a void in space

And he tumbled into to a terrible foreboding place

Surrounded by Hungary baying wolves

So strong and fierce and sizable

And as the snarled and gashed their teeth

Waiting to seize attack and kill

And as he could see the the danger illicit Ed in their eyes

Saw the excitement in their being start to rise

Suddenly there went up a screech and a cry

Followed by a deep ferocious roar

And suddenly the drool stopped dripoing from the wolves jaws

As the man in the trees transported here

Faced with a horrendous fear

Transformed and became a banshee like dragon

Breathing fire and with gleaming orangey gold eyes

Promising death and incineration

He turned the wolves to as they tried to spring into action

Then the dragon laid all to waist all its foes

In and ferocious ash bowl of venom

He then reached out the void and dragged the demon in howling, screaming

Then pulled it close to its firey breath

Screeched in its face with its sulphur stench Ed breath

Then used his giant teeth to rip off and devour the demons head

It’s lifeless body falling to the floor

The demons evil exerted no influence anymore

And gazing up again at the stars and constellations

He went on his way as a man once more

But not with the fear he originally had

But with the satisfaction of knowing that he was a match

For any evil or any demon

The stage was set and he was even

With those who wished to end his life

Ignorant of his power and might.

Jurassic Coast

The orange layered colours

Of the crumbling Jurassic Coast

Remind us all of times gone by

And of our long lost road,

That we travelled along

Through previous lives

A well trodden and troubled road

And like the coast was vulnerable

To the stormy weather that erodes

And reminds how vital it is to live

And make the most of it

Before we reach the journeys end

And dissappear through life’s final exit.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

The sacred shop

There is a shop I know

That sells sacred things

Dazzling sparkling

Sacred things

It sells potions and vials

For alchemy

Items of intrigue and curiosity

This shop sells sacred

Beads and jewelry

But it also sells

Sacred mysterious things

That behind a curtain

In a dark candle lit room

Reveals itself to you

As if you were in a dream

It’s breathtaking

And awe inspiring

It takes you by suprise

And makes you open

Both your eyes and your mind

As you come to realize

The truly sacred thing in life

And if you care to know

Then please don’t ask me why?

But I can’t tell you what it is

You have to see it

If you’re to believe it

So search it out for yourself

The sacred shop

Selling sacred things

Dazzling and sparkling

With the most mysterious

Thing you’ll ever see.

Long working day

Got up for work at 5am today

Worked all day now on my way home,

Waiting for a train that does not come to 11pm,

This has been a very long working day

I am now suffering aches and pains,

I am feeling so very tired

Job interview tomorrow to see if I can be hired,

Doing something a little closer to home

If I am lucky I maybe home by 12 midnight,

I really don’t think that this is such a great way to live life

I am hungry and I am tired,

I just want get home to bed.

Enjoy the journey

Life is a miracle

Life is a journey

Why would you not enjoy the ride

Why would you not stop and appreciate the beauty

Why would you not give gratitude to life

Why would you not just breath in and out the love

For if you did you would want all the time

And you would not get enough

And it will help you grow and heal.

Nature in action

Breathing in nature

Seeing veins within leaves

The chlorophyll in plants

As the breeze makes them dance

I see the ladybird crawl

Up a lily stem looking for greenfly

Natures circle of life

I watch the catapillar

Works its way along

A big broad green leaf

Leaving holes behind

Everywhere it eats

Nature in action

I watch as I breathe

Nature is so wonderful to me.

Ants scurry around

Among the green grass

Carrying food back

To the colony that should surpass

Any creatures strength

But they as tough as anything

Now comes the bee

Which is pollinating

Everything it sees

Nature in action

As I am breathing

Nature is amazing to me.

Mind of mine

Vanilla clouds drift across cinnamon skies

On promenades immortal I sit wondering why,

The ages of past lives don’t live on in the mind,

Except deep in the subconscious within the mists of time,

Whimsical notions of what may have been

As I now wander through the saffron gardens,

In search of the long lost lavender road

The leads me to places from times long ago,

Where silks and spices were carried as cargo

By merchants of trade in search of gold

And as I wander through this evergreen crested

Verdant green luscious hillside,

Through azaleas of dazzling colours

I soon get the sense,

That so much of life is created in mind

And you can choose as to whether it’s dull or sublime

But me I fill it with memories of beautiful things,

As I sit under the Bhodi tree listening to nightingales sing.

Lotus blossom nature

A lotus blossom is what it is by nature

It does not attempt to be anything other than it is

We are all what we are by nature

And attempting to be anything else is a betrayal of our nature

Be you nature

Follow the example of the lotus blossom

Life sustaining forests

Deep and dark is the Verdant forests

Supporting the ecological balance

Supporting many plants and species

A multitude of branches and various green leaves

Giving rise to undergrowth so vital

Fruit bat’s dropping life giving seeds

The ecosystems structure of the forests

Surpass much more so than technology

And yet despite there primordial eldritch nature

We choose to cut and burn them down

Without the understanding and with our ignorance

We choose the path of unbalance

Despite the flow of beauty and life sustaining properties

Arrogant men just destroy it all

Cut down and burn and ravage, the earth

Leave nothing but a landscape of horror in their wake

Ignorant arrogant selfish man

Sacrificing forests as if in its way

Yet without them it spells the end of days.