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Breathing mantra


Breathing right

Still the mind

Exhale love

And inhale peace

Think compassion

Act tolerant

Speak impeccable

Be of spiritual thought

Deep long breaths in

Long exhalations out

Live in self confidence

Not in self doubt.

Om Mani padme hum


Om Mani padme hum

Love light and compassion

Om Mani padme hum

Share and care with truth and passion

Om Mani padme hum

Stillness of mind through meditation

Om Mani padme hum

Grace and inner peace in spiritualism

Om Mani padme hum

The wisdom found within Buddhism

Om Mani padme hum

Our karmic chakras aligned

Om Mani padme hum

We manifest creation by design.



We wander Samsara

In the tradition of Dhama

And enter the realms of Naraka

Travelling to the realms of Avici

There like in Dante’s vision of hell

We find subtle layers and some can’t help but dwell

There are many distractions and temptations to be found

Deep in the levels found below ground

As we wander the passages and the caverns and caves

These temptations will try and trick and sway

Us from the path on our journey through

To reach the Shambala our home and our truth.

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The way to enlightenment


You won’t find enlightenment in self absortion

It only comes from being kind and helping others

Self sacrifice is an instant win

But that’s not something to go searching

For that does not reflect a selfless act

If goodness and praise you are trying to attract

It has to come about almost without thinking

When heart, mind, soul are all synching

Do your very best to be positive and kind each day

You do not get rewards simply because you pray

For enlightenment is rooted in action and deeds

Not simply by saying the right things

To appeal to your God or in who ever you believe

You don’t get to heaven or nirvana based on good intentions only.