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Oneness of nature

When the white clouds move

Across the blue sky

And creates a breeze

The trees listen

And when the trees rustle

The bushes and the grass sway

And creatures of different species listen

For they are all in tune as one

Only mankind sets himself outside of this oneness

Which is why mankind will always be blind and deaf

To the ways of nature

And the coming of storms.


Golden sun

I remember the days of the golden sun

When the summer were warm

And I laid watching the blue sky

The white clouds passing by

Ignorantly mindful and still

Hearing nothing but bird song

And the breeze on my face

I long now to find my way back to this place.

To much Yin too little Yang

Maybe in my past incarnation

I lived too much in Yang

Maybe in this incarnation

I live too much in Yin

The duality of living

Teaches us the balance of all things

Maybe this is my path to find

The balance between light and dark.

In solitude we grow seeds

I find solitude can help me grow

Learning to plant a seed that craves to be sown

And being able to nurture it into vibrancy.

It always amazes me and intrigues me in to what’s growing,

For the seed we sow

Maybe unknown

But if its sown with good intentions

And comes from your soul,

Then it will surely grow

Into something that can only be good,

Nurtured from a positive and futile mind

It will always flourish well in this well nourished ground,

Created by mindful cultivation

In a love inspired sensation

You will find the seed you’ve sown

Is a masterful creation,

That blooms in colourful healthiness

Free from any weeds

And in our solitude

Within our still and quiet minds,

We will find the joy and peace

That leads to our life flourishing,

From the time we spent nourishing

The seeds of our conscious mind and grateful heart and soul.

The art of movement

We need to understand

The art of movement

And how balance plays its part

Within living and moving.

Its important to always try moving forward

But sometimes we need to know when to step back,

And that sometimes stepping back gives us more paths to travel down,

There is no point in trying to move forward when you’re in a dead end.

Balance is the key when we are moving,

Learning not to run before we can even walk,

There is no point in moving if you are not looking,

Or you will stumble over potholes and just fall down,

Or you may fall in to hole to big to get out and you’ll drown,

So you must be aware of dangers signs when we are moving.

We have to be careful that don’t move to fast and trample over others,

Yet moving to slowly may hinder others progress,

We must see others around us if we are to gauge our speed,

We need to judge our flow and our needs.

The art of movement is subtle

And those who are aware and see,

Their paths with focus in mindful clarity,

Travel their paths with such simple ease

But those who are blind and don’t want to see,

Move around aimlessly and haphazardly,

They do not see their path and often stuck within dead ends

And the fault is they haven’t learnt the art of movement,

Is the art of awareness that enables progression,

The art of movement helps us navigate the maze of life,

The art of movement tells us when it’s safe to move or stop,

So that we know when to progress and when not to, to avoid a fall or a drop,

The art of movement

Is part of the art of life

Which in part is the art of living,

Which is always achieved when living mindfully

Aware and alert to everything,

Surrounding you and me.

The story of two paths

I find myself in consternation

Dwelling deep in deliberation

Confounded by expectation

Of what life truly holds in store

Questioning all I knew before

Quantum gateways, dimensional doors

Spiritual awakenings, human flaws

About aspects of the cosmic cause

That offers higher frequencies and more

That gives us a glance into tomorrow

Will mankind prosper and evolve

Or will it disappear leaving nothing but sorrow

Determined by our foresight or ignorance

Defined by our wisdom or arrogance

Our future is written within the stars

And it takes a journey down to paths

One of light and one of dark

Of things that may end or of a brand new start

Will it end in a flash or begin with a spark.

We write because…

We write because we have no choice, we write because we hear an inner voice, we write because we need release, we write because we need something more than just the every day, more than the routine mundane, we write because we love the arts, both of light and of dark, we write because of love and compassion, we write of kindness, peace and seek interaction between others who feel the same, we write not for money nor for fame, which is lucky because it seldom comes our way, but we keep on writing anyway.


The secret of life is not to be lead

Or allow yourself to be cajoled

Into doing things that are not good or right for you

That do not define your truth

Don’t allow yourself to be drawn in

Don’t allow others to determine your path

It’s your journey and yours alone

Be the king of your destiny

Sit on your own throne

And determine your own course and actions

Be a member of the conscious faction

And don’t go down the road of a negative reactions

Always stay focused and avoid distractions.


My views on guns, wars and violence

Are uncompromising,

My views on xenophobic, racist, hate

Are uncompromising

And this shouldn’t be surprising

Everyone should be against these things,

Everybody should be rebelling

And wanting to change society,

Instead people think they are living the dream,

When in fact its all an illusion,

Open your eyes and see

Open up to your awakening,

See the toxicity,

In this negativity,

Reject this lifestyle

And set yourself free,

From the suffering these things wreak upon our lives

And be uncompromising,

And adopt, spirituality.

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Natures beauty

Among the spires of the Hollyhocks and Lupins,

Down beneath the dense and colourful Canterbury Bells and Forget-Me-Nots,

Life thrives and scurries about, different creatures go about their jobs,

Dancing to natures tune beneath the Lilies and Magnolias,

Covered under a canopy of cherry tree blossom that carpets the ground,

They go about their business barely making a sound,

This beauty we know as nature continues always to astound.

Image courtesy of Pinterest