Angry, angry the whole world’s angry

Shouting from in your car during heavy traffic,

Raging online over some internet belief

Arguing couples fighting over bills and trust,

People getting angry over so much,

That is so trivial, it’s nothing like life and death

Do we really not get it yet, being angry is a waste of time,

It eats away at every aspect of your mind,

Consumes you and reduces you

To an angry being whose lost complete control,

Try to keep calm and preserve your soul.

Who knew where this would go

When I first started I thought no one would read this

But if one person did I would be happy,

If what I say touches just one person

Then that would make my day,

If what I write resonates with one soul

And gives them hope or promotes change,

Then I thought that would be ok

So for anyone who reads, likes or follows me,

I am so grateful to them

I truly am in full appreciation,

Of those who read my random, mindful ramblings,

And I will be always humble until the end,

I wish you all peace, love and light,

And spiritual blessing of abundance

To you all I will send.

Iconaclastic Nephilim

The Nephilim are among us

They walk where normal angels fear to tread,

They are iconaclastic they’re seen as deviant souls

They are ancient and primordial,

They are representing the oldest souls

You look to me and wonder,

About this, how could I possibly know,

It’s because I am Nephilim

The thing of which stories were told,

I am of the book of Enoch

I come from distant times,

But I move among you watching

But you can’t see me because you’re blind,

I am Nephilim,

Iconaclastic Nephilim,

I am Nephilim,

The last of the fallen angels.

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The watchers watch through portals

From places we don’t know,

They watch us as as well sleep

They see just how we grow,

At night they mostly come

When we are least aware,

They stand watch over us

They whisper and they stare,

Figuring out what it is to be human

They Syphon of our energy,

The watchers watch our bodies

Prey on us and drain us subconsciously,

They feast on our thoughts and dreams

These watchers are unworldly beings,

Are the paranormal or extraterrestrial things,

Either way they crave our essence

Put us in a deep sleep paralysis,

If you were to wake up, then yo would cease to exist,

The watchers are watching,

The watchers are watching,

The watchers are watching,


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It’s not over yet

I don’t think I could love more

Or as a result, feel more vulnerable,

I don’t think I could ever feel more emotional

And to think I’ve gained all this through, the hard knocks of my life,

Through owning and learning from my mistakes

Because it I am flawed and not always right,

I don’t think I could feel more spiritual,

Or at times more at peace

But the one thing that I know with a true sense of certainty,

Is that my life is not ending, for I still have so much more to achieve

And I hope you take my hand and accompany me on this journey.

Trust your intuition

Trust your intuition

And what you feel deep within,

Not your wild and untrained mind

But that which grows in your conscious being,

Nurture it like a beautiful bloom

So that it will prosper,

And manifest into the most beautiful flower,

That ingrains you with compassion, empathy and tolerance,

Which will highlight your inner peace and love

And radiate your wonderful light,

Which will banish all thoughts of judgement, envy jealousy and hate,

Life is not what you except, it is that which you create,

Let yourself go and let yourself flow

Through the imaginary realms,

And set sail for unique horizons

With you firmly at the helm,

And enjoy the riches of your happiness

That takes root deep within your spiritual soul.

Old versus young

The wisdom of the old

Often conquers over

The impetuousness of the young,

The careful considered approach

Over the overeager jump right in attitude

Often sees the old triumph over the new.

Irksome to me

There are some awesomely talented writers

Who all deserve utmost respect,

But some people for some reason

Just can’t bring themselves to do it,

They can’t separate the artist

From the person they represent,

This was the same with Oscar Wilde

Who they judged more about being gay,

Than these few did about his artistic works

Now JK Rowling’s suffers the same way,

It seems having talent and fame

And by creating yourself a name,

That some say you’ve no right to say

And views that maybe stray,

From whatever it is they believe

That’s forced down the throats of you and me,

It appears the only opinion that counts is theirs,

So be careful and don’t get caught in their transgender crosshairs.

A wicked world for some

The world for some can be dark and wicked

Those who live in fear of those with the guns,

Those who have the money bask in the sun

Moving the pawns, those they control and own,

To instill fear upon those in the oppressed zones,

And through the wickedness and darkness

People are killed in cold blood,

And the world moves on uncaring

While those living in fear who are barely surviving,

Continue bowing to their masters while serving,

Those who run things, these people who build lives on greed

Off the back of exploiting the meek and weak,

To reach out and to succeed

In the wicked and dark world they created,

In order to meet their sociopathic and narcissistic needs.

Strive to love

Strive to love

And raise your frequency higher,

Strive for peace

And live in self belief,

Strive to create change

Focus your spiritual growth

Strive to be tolerant

And discover strength in unity,

Strive to manifest your best

We must transcend and evolve,

Into the kind of humanity

That understands the soul.

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