Respect me or expect me

You tried to fuck me over gently and subtly

By I like in my face, fast and roughly

At least that way you know exactly where you stand

I don’t want to wonder what really just happened

I Wang to know you fucked me over, well and truly proper

Then in this way I may have mire respect for you

Than trying to get the head t of me with hour slick moves

Fuck me over if that’s all that you can do

But remember karma will come back and bite you

And one day you may realise you’ve been shafted

I’ll let you know it was me in case your asking

But I’ll do it in a way that you will never forget

And leave you floundering in a sea of regret

For when you d nothing to lose the game it gets real easy

And I hope that knowing that now leaves you feeling queasy

So don’t you fuck me over and I won’t feel thd need

To return the favour and carry out a vengeful deed

Just to settle a score which I loathe doing believe me

You see to me being like this does not comes easy

But I’ll do it, if it teaches you a lesson in the long run.

Liberation in writing and breaking the rules

People lay down rules of how we should write

But the freedom of style and designs out right

To do things differently

To swim against the current

To express ourselves uniquely

Why does everyone feel that everything is set in stone

The way that we should write, speak, act I just don’t know

Why are you not using long complicated words?

I like my message clear sometimes and so I use plain prose and verse

Why is work not more abstract where is the symbolism?

Well maybe I strive for greater individualism

I remember being young and music got boring

Then punk reared it’s rebellious head and put to question everything

And now these years on the music is still influenced

In certain quarters even though people said they couldn’t play or sing

But they gave mudic a big shaking

And it was needed

It took away the mystery tha t only certain types could do it

Now like writing everybody believes they can do this

And who’s to say they can’t except literary snobs

But I’ll have my say and put in my ten bob

And say that creativity is lost

When you put in strict parameters and restrict how things should be

I have the great pleasure of a few people following me

That seem to like my words and how I express them

So maybe this is a reflection

That people want something different

Not just the same run of the mill

Maybe they want some yhat they really feel

Resonates with them and connects on some level

And feels like it is real, so yes I will be thd rebel

And write down words that speaks to peoples heart

I am an old punk who remembers how people played their part

Of breathing fresh life in to something some find stale

And breathe new life into by pulling open the vale

Removing the snobbery and the mystery

Write away my friends without fear and just write freely

Write hiw you wish and refuse to be told

Because the future is in breaking tiles and being brave and bold.

Golden age

Some people seek to explore the world

Andventurers each and everyone

Others seek to discover everything within

These we know and call mystics each and everyone

Some people seek to find and share the spiritual light

We call them light workers each and eveyone

There are so many roles that we can fulfil

That do not require us to travel the world

That actually reside within us all

The roles though can play their part

When it comes to fostering change

Just sharing love and being kind

Natural acts that are so easy to find within our hearts, soul and mind

That get list in the ether of life

As we see distracted by the media and its illusory ways

But that won’t give you happiness and inner peace

Just stress and fear and worrying

Where is the satisfaction in this existence

Stand against it, show resistance

And find your own way in the present if each and every day

Do your own thing, be the mystic or light worker

And this will bring about a real global chain

That will lead us into a golden age.

Different needs

He saw her long legs

He perfect butt

To him that was a recipe for love

But it was simply lust

He had to have her

He could feel an ache

Her beauty struck him

In hard in every kind of way.

A he saw him looking

Gave him a flirtatious smile

Gave him the green light

For her it had been a little while

She liked that he was tall

Obviously worked out

This would jus t be something

Simply lustful and physical.

So they got talking

Over their cuppacinos

Spoke some small talk

Shared a few smiles and giggles

Then it was back to his

Where he wasted no time

Got up against the wall

He did not care about being refined.

She didn’t mind this either

She enjoyed spontaneity

Her short skirt up

And her lacy panties

Now around her knees

His passion was overflowing

She could feel her essences flowing

He ensured she got what she needed

She egged him on

With some very sultry dirty pleading

Then they moved to the bedroom

He gave her is best

She let him dominate

But gave more, she gave less

Perspiring covered in sweat

They rolled around sharing moves they knew upon the bed

She knew his mind

She enjoyed herself

Bodies entwined sinews stretched muscles flexed

She loved it as her took her from behind

And pulled her hair and bit her neck

So animalistic, it always sent her wild

She remembered why she did this one in a while

By the early morning as the dun was dawning

They were both exhausted

From an experience best described as awesome

When he woke and roll to hold her tight

She had already gone, she had taken flight

He was distraught, he had fall for her

Never had an evening quite thag that before

He went to the coffee shop

And there she was

With another man

How could she be so casual

So he went over, asked her shat he’d game was

She smiled and introduced her husband

Her husband smiled shook his hand and said once in a while

She indulge herself in a bit of fun

He was cool with thy s as she always come back home

She ssid it had been a pleasure but it was nothing more than that

He walked away, understanding this, he lacked

But he could see the love, that they both shared

Saw in her husbands eye just how much for her he cared

He knew he was no match

And so would soothe his aching heart

With the memories of that night and they would last

Forever in his mind

For she gave him the best sex of his life.

Love comes from nowhere

Soon enough loves comes

It rides in on a stallion

Unbeknownst to anyone

It comes out of sight and mind

At times least expected

From places never conceived of

That is how love works

And cannot be forced

Cannot be in anyway cajoled

It’s something that can’t be controlled

Comes out of nowhere out of the folds

Of seemingly nothingness at all

Then entraps us within its thrall

Imprisoning us once and for all

That wonderful moment that defines our call

To be loved and love in a beautiful pall.


A mirrored lake shimmering

Sun reflects off of it glimmering

This is nature in full flow

Bask in its golden glow

Resonating as it grows

Surrounded by verdant mountains

My passion and sap is mounting

When I see its beauty there is no doubting

The wonders and miracles

That it has in store for us who have eyes to see

That allows us to wax upon it lyrically.


Those who lead gain strength

Everytime we choose ignorance

Their power relies on our passivity

Which in turn allows abuse and corruption

And the knowledge they hold that we are uninclined to react

Makes them more brazen about twisting the facts

They know we won’t question or demand more

We even allow them to get away with breaking the law

You want to know why society is so bad

Why capalism makes me so mad

Because it is set up to benifit those up the top

That greedy one percent that just will not stop

Destroying our planet ruining society

By promoting greed over everything

It gets so life is cheap and only money matters

Never mind it leaves the environment

And humanity in tatters

Do don’t choose ignorance

Choose to be free

By being aware and living consciously.

Image courtesy of Pinterest