No cages nor chains

No chains, no cages for her

He allowed her the freedom

The experience and express herself

With other people and in different ways

She would give him details

Or put on a home display

And the happiness and fulfillment

They got out of this

Made them understand it was worth it

She appreciated the freedom

He was grateful for her love

They both only wanted to share this together so much

Wherever she wandered

Whatever she’d do

She always came home

And he never doubted she would

They shared bliss and shared grace

There was never a hint or a trace

Of jealousy or insecurity because the both agreed to play

This life of freedom without cages or chains.


Danger is closer than you know

Stories about meteorites

Ending the world from outer space

Stories of solar flares destroying our world

May all be reasonable

May all be valid

But the greatest threat to our world

Is our humanity

Pushing climate change close to the edge

Polluting and exploiting until there’s nothing left

But rather than being fearful or feeling depressed

Open your eyes and open your minds

Strive to bring about change

To save all of mankind

From itself and its self destructive ways

Then we can work on how to save ourselves after

From the perils from outer space.

Defiant stand or a flight to escape

I stood in black under stars at night

Ready for flight or to stand and fight

But what comes from the stars we need not fear

The biggest threat to us lives right here

And is heading ever closer to self extinction

Failing to cover itself in distinction

If something appears from another galaxy

I’d hitch a ride and fly far away

Discover a new destiny

In a flight of total fantasy

But who is to say this is not real

We create all we see, experience and feel

So I stand here waiting for the last battle end

To escape this mess or to fight in defence

For this planet, our home, on which we depend.

Latent energy within

A latent state of energy

Combined with spirituality

Combined can set us existentially free

From this twisted deluded false reality

Where hate and envy rules supreme

And racist, xenophobic, jealousy are held up as piously

As the glorious genocidal warmongering regimes

A state where heroic acts are enacted through slaughter

Into the valley of death they rode

To kill or to die

Let’s celebrate this and ignore that it defines

Man’s inhumanity to its fellow man.

Deep within we must find this latent energy

To make a stand

To break free from this state

To find a new one of peace, love and grace

Where we ride into valleys only to help and save

We need to find a better place

Where being heroic is an act of kindness

An act of love and stopping the hatred

A new state of tolerance and sharing

Of coming together uniting and caring

There is a latent energy spiritual state within us all

To create our earth as this place

But we need to find it and educate

Everyone to help them find this same place

And to leave genocide, destruction and intolerance behind

See the light and stop being blind

The blindness that’s caused by anger and hate

Caused by a negative, ignorant state

Show people living in an existentialist way

Is better than surrendering your life to a state

That wants to slave or throw your life away

To a system that’s twisted and flawed and is now in decay.

Age defining

Close too wrinkles

And laughter lines

A face of age that defines

The life I’ve lived

Now well passed middle age

Funny enough only when I grow a beard does that go grey

But all these things I gained

Taking footsteps along the way

The way of life and the path

This journey continues still

I don’t look back into the past

I reflect nothing on the aftermath

I keep moving forward

Until my last gasp

Age and passing on beyond

Doesn’t scare me none

Only maybe the thought of a world and life where life is done

And only darkness and hatefulness

Become the norm as we continue on.

Via:Daily Prompt: Wrinkles

The magical arts

She is a master of the dark arts

He’s a master of light arts

Both engaged in what others say is witchcraft

The thought of them uniting

Seemed unlikely at all

But they did it all the same

In twin flame fireball

Of yin and yang light and dark arts

And the balanced they created

Made all arts become one

In this duality the masters created

Fantastic things

Both angelic and also terrifying

But they guided their creations

To aspiring and good things

To restore a balance to a world that was floundering.

Image courtesy of Pinterest (Mingzhu Yang)

Intelligence or denial

Does it not say a lot

When the most intelligent man

Who now is no longer here

Spoke of climate change fear

And how it is the biggest risk

To humanity going extinct

Yet there is a far less intelligent man

President of one of the most powerful lands

Who states that climate change is a myth

And as such does not exist

So who is it you get behind

Study the evidence and then decide

Which is the belief of which your defined

Intelligent backed research gained over time

Or the corporate, greedy, exploiting businessmen

Like the president who wants to keep us blind

In ignorance and denial

So that he can shore up his monetary pile.

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Society steers us the way it wishes

Teaches us subservience and doing as we’re told

From parents through school

We’re told how to behave and think

Trying to stifle our creative independence

Teaching us that bee a sheep has its rewards

As long as we don’t question or go against them at all.

Society through schools produces fodder for the workplace

Fodder for the army to fight its wars

While they sit in ivory towers

Living the high life

While we struggle with holding on to jobs

And the basic things some say we are entitled to by right

It a society where money is the champion

And if you haven’t got it then you’re no one.

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Propaganda nations

Media led and controlled nations

Dancing to the tunes of propaganda

Where its all about the money

And corporate investments

Where they exploit and destroy all that’s beneficial to them

In a society where the rich get richer

And the poor have to struggle

On a pittance of pay while the bills get ever higher

Media nations don’t care about love

It’s all about control and the propaganda stuff.

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Provocative you

I find you provocative

I am seduced by you

By everything you say and do

I see the beauty within you

I see your smile is wonderful

Your eyes are sparkling too

I see the energy of beauty dancing within you

I hear the symphony of your heart beating out a tune

I hear within that music

The sound of I love you.