Never perfect but always good

Did I ever say that I was flawless?

Did I say that I was ever perfect?

Judge me how you will

And life will continue on still

And in time these wounds you try to inflict will heal

Take away my everything

Take it away in a blink

But I will still be standing

For others perceptions

And others views

Often tainted often skewd

Are irrelevant to life and that’s the truth

All you can do is keep trying to be good

To make up for the flaws that effect you

But have I ever said I am perfect or better than you

So when you judge me know that what you perceive

May not be the whole truth

And my flaws do not effect you

They are personal to me

And though I am flawed

Goodness still resonates from me.

Emily and the old lady

Emily visited old people

Every single day,

She sat and kept them company

Wiling the day away,

Emily liked their stories

And how they reminisced,

One day Emily met

An old sophisticated Miss,

Who welcomed her into her home

It still had that fifties feel,

Dimly lit and musky

But Emily didn’t mind at all

She asked her about her story

And wanted to know her past

The old lady sat and smiled for a while

And then just simply laughed

She said I grew up in the shadows

And the dark places of this life

She was never even a mother

Not even a wife

She had been denied

A chance to see the light

Emily commiserated with her

And showed care

And as she looked at her watch after a while of her story

She apologised and said she had to leave

And as she walked towards the door

The old lady said you cannot leave

And as Emily turned to answer

She saw the old lady baring sharp pointy teeth

Her fingers now talons

And claws were where her feet should be

And suddenly she opened up big black feathery wings

And confided in Emily and said its time to eat

And Emily retorted that she didn’t feel the need

But the old lady said to her I think you misunderstand me

You are the main meal to eat

And before Emily could react

She was on her back

With the old lady on top of her

Ripping the flesh from her face

She could not scream or fight back

And the old lady cackled and laughed with glee

She loved these young people visiting

Because it meant it was time to feed.

Animal cruelty

Animal cruelty

Is fucking disease

That ain’t got a thing

To do with you or me

Animal cruelty

A sickness of the mind

An ignorant state

Of the compassionately blind

Animal cruely

Like the Berkshire hunt

Result of class

But they are wealthy runts

Trophy hunting

Domain of the rich

Callous and brutal

I wish the positions

Were switched

Animal cruelty

Through fur farming

For vain bitches

It’s defenceless animals

That they’re harming

Animal cruelty

Through vivisection

Mindless torture

They’ve missed the connection

That we’re all God’s creatures

Big and also small

Animal cruelty

Is act to the for fools

Animal cruely

Based on greed and exploitation

Animal cruelty

Is extermintion

Of those who we share

This earth with

And maybe we should learn

To live and let live

Animal cruelty

There is no place for this

In a future time

Of advancement

Where we all learn

To live together

And coexisting.

We the saviours

We the saviours

The anti frackers

The tree protectors

Those of us

Against pollution

Against dirty fuel

Against deforestation

Against GM food

Against exploiting nature

We the saviours

Fighting for earth

Protecting its resources

For all its worth

Standing strong

Standing defiant

Against multi nationals

Against corporations

We the activists

Who believe in climate change

We know a large percentage

Is man made

Yet we are trying

To formulate change

To bring us back

From the brink

To change mans

Arrogant and ignorant ways

For we the guardians

Of this earth and nature

Are humanities saviours.

Rocking chair dreaming

I sit rocking in the rocking chair

I watched the universe out there

Speeding past me at a thousand miles an hour

Colours collide and phantoms rise

Shooting stars race on crimson tides

Spectral figures fly about on all sides

Winged angels and demons compete for space

Weaving in and out of starfield places

And riding saturn rings then bouncing of its satellite moons

And as sit rocking in the rocking chair

I feel the changes in the air

As clouds race past over head

And snowfalls to lay a soft white bed

But then the grey snowy clouds fade

Replaced by darker ones that turn leaves on trees brown

And blow them onto the ground

Creating a soft Rustling bed upon the ground

Then the rain comes in in heavy torrents washing everything away

Causing rivers of water to flood the entire place

Suddenly all goes quiet and a dove appears along with the sun

Another day and era is here and the past is now done

And images of war and hate in the background fade away

Along with all the suffering and pain

All of the pollution and deforestation ends to day

And I see images of greenery and verdancy

And a world of goes through a paradigm shift

That sees more love and harmony

Where we witness peace and unity

And sitting rocking in the rocking chair

I feel the warmth of the sun and from those who care

And meanwhile in the universe out there

Everything coalesces in the same way

Angels and demons now laugh and play

And extraterrestrials travel this way

To greet and meet our new humanity

And the whole of the multiverse becomes a playground for me

And all its wonders and amazing things reveal itself to me

As I sit here rocking in the rocking chair

No one hinders or stops my dreams

And in my conscious reality mind I can create anything

And set up the most vivid and transcendental scenes

Which I can immerse myself in as long as I believe.


It’s hard to get recognised

For all endeavours you peruse in life,

It takes dedication and perseverance

And always try to be endearing,

Towards those with whom you’re sharing,

It’s a struggle to get yourself seen

Especially in such a narcissistic society,

Where you can’t even depend on family support

They are envious and jealous in all your persuit,

So how do you attract the kind of attention

That helps you to get noticed as mentioned,

That helps you fulfill all your dreams

It’s not as easy as many may think.

The truth as it is

Unless you are coming from a place of perfection

Then judging others is not even an option

By treating people less equal than yourself

Shows disrespect and little else

And we should act towards others like we want them to act towards us

Showing kindness, consideration and love.

The uniqueness you are

Be happy in all you do

Be assured in your own views

Be comfortable in your own skin

And do your own thinking

For the uniqueness that is you

Knows what’s right and true

So don’t be distracted and confused

By those who wish to control you

Your Individuality is what makes you beautiful.

Confused society

There is something confusing about society

When you see mature women dressing like they are teens

And teens dress up in a muture and provocative way

Feeling the need to put themselves on display

Now I an not judging wear what feels good

But subliminally is it is because your taught

By a male orientated society that you have look beautiful and sexy

If you want to get on,

So woman turn to fake tans and fake nails

Fake eyelashes and all the works

Pretty little popstar shit that makes them feel they deserve

All the best chances in life but you won’t because you were sold a lie

Like the selfies posies you posted right!

Everything today in society seems all fake

And men don’t have to anything

Though some are like peacocks who live to preen

Shallow in thoughts and are lacking any meaning

And often still treat women in a way that’s demeaning

There is so much more wrong that needs assessing

Other than fixating on how you should be dressing

Wake up to the real issues in life

Cast away the illusory and stop living a lie.

He vowed to free her

He fell for her as soon as he saw her

She was beautiful but troubled

He asked her on dates

She declined saying though she liked him it was best

He kept pushing asking to know the problem

Until one day she told him that she was troubled by a haunting

A demon came to her each night and claimed her as his own

And she was just so petrified and she felt so alone

He told she was not alone now and he would face the demon

She begged him not to do this but in his love he wS believing

That he could and would conquer anything

If it helped to win her heart

So when he went to face that demon

He was galvanised from the start

It scared him at first by throwing things

And appearing out of the shadows

A gnarly twisted toothy thing

With long fingers and spindly arms

It had yellow eyes and obsidian skin

And sharp razor pointy teeth

It was strong enough to throw him around

And hissed when ever it breathed

But he stood in the face of this demon each night

And every time he did

He reiterated his love for her and that he would keep fighting it

He resonated love and light and spoke blessing to this beast

And uttered mantras that he believed

From his faith that was Buddhist

And after many nights of facing the demon and reciting mantras

A deity appeared on night within this darkened room

It flooded the room with a luminescent light

In one hand it held a chain and in the other it held a scythe

And with its long black hair tied back it shone power from its eyes

The deity ensnared the demon with its bloody chain

And cut the head from the demon with its scythe

As the demon cried out in pain

And the deity dragged away the demon

With its head attached to his belt

And said it was time to return it too Naraka

To dwell in hell until it learnt of its sickness and its evil

And in a moment they were gone and just he and her were left

And she now realised that him loving her was a sign that she was blessed

And everyday that sat and practised Buddhism together

As an act if gratitude and appreciation for the deities endeavours

And their love grew along with their faith

And knew if any demons came again

That they would have the strength

To face it down and call the deity once again.

Image courtesy of Pinterest