Tell me everything and don’t hold back

Tell me how sensual you are

Tell me what you feel deep

Let me feel your passion

Tell me your story

Tell me what makes you yearn

What m a kes your body burn

And let me enact your deepest desires in turn

Let me into your heart

Tell me how we would start

As I take you body and soul in the dark

And let me watch you

Strip away your clothes

And your inhibitions

As we start getting do close

And his you feel my breath

And my lips on your body

Before you push me down and get on top of me

The let yourself go so sensually

While telling me of all your darkest and deepest needs

What is it that makes your body overheat

As we come together at the peak

Of this moment where you feel erotically

That you can feel absolutely free

To be exactly what you want to be

In the art of love making you’re now sharing with me

Tell me now I want to hear everything.

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Patchwork quilt

Why is life like a patchwork quilt

Stiched together by our force of will,

How comes the tales and stories

Are written in ink by our quills,

Speaking of how our inspirations live on still,

No matter the hardships, of which we’ve had our fill.

Yet mankind is stubborn and it does not give up

Because there are so many of us who still simply love

The experience of living and learning just to be,

Dwelling in life existentially free

Casting aside hate, greed and jealousy

And settling for just the pleasure and the right to breathe

Whilst caring for each and everybody else’s needs,

No longer just craving and always wanting

But learning to develop and finally achieving something

For the future generations yet to be born,

Let’s hope its real and not another false dawn.

These days

I walked down to the river

And I stood on the bank

And as I gazed and looked out over

The far and distant land,

I saw a hope and I saw a future

And it laid in man it was in his own hands,

It had the fate of its future

Within its own command,

And I just prayed that humanity

Would one day understand.

I fell down to my kness as a preacher arrived

And he asked me if I needed to be baptised

And as I walked in to the river

I asked if man would do whatever,

Was going to be needed to ascend

To a higher evolution in end?

And would man ever learn to love unconditionally again?

You see these days are all about truth and ligbt

You see that these days are about doing what’s right

And it doesn’t matter if you pray or if you’re baptised

Unless you develop a compassionate foresight,

For in these days the sun will shine

And these days will be yours and mine,

To live in love in a more conscious time

Where we will know all our own minds

And synchronicity will highlight the signs,

To mankind become one and divine,

For in these days we will no longer be blind

But walk united together into the light so sublime.

Hope is always near

There is always hope believe me

Beyond the veil dreams are inspiring

In song and words we see poetic verse

We reach our from all our pain and hurt

Light shines in rays so opalescent

Radiant and incandescent

It bring a lump into the throat

And causes tears to flow from eyes

That moment so euphoric within our lives

When we realise that hope has arrived

And lifted us to frequencies high

In such wonderous exaltation

And cast aside the feelings of

Frustration and feckless desperation

Everything that we can ever need

Is there for us if we just believe

I long to find hope vividly

In the divine realms of fidelity

So hope is always close at hand

At the finger tips of your command

Happy sunny days are always near

And where there’s hope there’s nothing ever to fear

We just need to believe.

Game over

Prepare for the great flood

As something wicked this way comes

Shakespeare said it could be felt

By the pricking of my thumbs

Surrounded by the Nephilm

Before the great deluge

There is no sanctuary for us

There is no hope of refuge

Prepare for the end of times

Synchronicity points out the signs

Ignorant and arrogant mankind

Is forever and eternally blind

We will disappear down the rabbit hole

Of a quantum paradigm shift

And we will hold our heads in shame

As we review as spirits just how badly we lived

That led to earth’s humanity

Self destruct and go extinct.

We as beings of love

We are beings of love

Experiencing life,

We are translucent

When seen in cosmic light,

It’s only ouf minds

That creates just what we see

Otherwise we’d see we are vortex’s of energy,

Yet its strange that though we come and are formed of love

Showing and feeling it is so difficult for some,

If we go with in and find the core and substance of it

We would realise the truth of this

And if we dwell within our true spiritual nature

Then we wlll find the errors and flaws within our behaviour,

When we are hating, fighting and behaving jealously

We will realuse these are alien traits, not authentic to you and me

But rather installed and learnt when conditioned from when we are babies

By a domesticating society

That wants everyone to be the same rather than free,

So we must break out and live existentially

And reconnect with our true spiritual being

Rooted in love and living compassionately,

We are beings of love

Experiencing life,

We are translucent

When seen in cosmic light

It’s only ouf minds

That creates just what we see

Otherwise we’d see we are vortex’s of energy.

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The flight of an eagle

With its giant wings

Soaring high and gliding on winds

It’s feathers of gold fluttering

As it swoops and dives like an aerial plaything

Yet its talons and beak makes it a formidable bird of prey.

Eagles are majestic yet stone cold assassin’s

But their beauty in flight cannot be denied

They are wonderous birds when viewed in flight

Eagles are an amazing sight

Unless your their prey and you’re in for a fright

But it doesn’t stop eagles being a delight

And the masters of the sky.

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Legends of time

In mythical times there were legendary tales

Legendary places such as Tintagel

Laying in the County of Cornwall

Where King Arthur and Merlin came to fame,

Also many miles away there was a place named Troy

Where Helen caused a epic war and her face launch a thousand ships,

Where legendary God’s and fearless men once it seems walked this earth

All seeking to achieve great deeds just to show their worth

I wonder now where a men and places like these

And where great tales will come from to tell in the future

Or are halcyon days now long gone and do mdn never feel any duty

To carry out great deeds in the name of God’s or to to create great countries

Or have the God’s long given up on men

And no longer see us as their progeny

Has the time of legends now come to an end.

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