Tranquility Bay

I decided today to drift away

Off to place called Tranquility Bay,

Located within a mountain range

And it is light years across space away,

It may if I go be likely be won’t come back again

Because of the peace and the beauty of Tranquility Bay,

I may just make the decision to stay

Maybe forever and a day,

I hear it calling out to me you see

This place of solitude and dreams,

This far away place of incredible scenery

Tranquility Bay is paradise believe me,

And if you feel inclined you can join me

For a life time of feeling loved and truly happy.

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Noisy neighour

New neighbour to the hood

Living upstairs playing music loud,

She was trying to still her mind and meditate

But she couldn’t do this and so with haste,

She took herself upstairs to complain

She knocked on the door ready to go at it straight away,

But a handsome man was standing there

Only dressed in his underwear,

She blushed as she was entranced by his muscles,

He was covered in sweat,

In awkwardness her feet she shuffled,

He smiled and said can I help you

She explained what she was trying to do,

He apologised and explained he was working out

She could help herself he caught her looking down,

At his tight fitting CK briefs

And she felt suddenly weak at the knees,

He asked if she liked what she had seen,

She got flustered and blushed again

He said she looked great in her yoga pants,

He explained he was a yoga and spirituality fan,

He turned and walked in saying follow me

Shut the door and I’ll show you something unique,

She did what he said without thinking

He asked did she like michief,

She said it depends what it entailed,

He said they’d have to work out the details,

He stepped closer looking down at her best top

Looked at her breasts and would not stop,

Fine body you got there he expressed,

Then put his hand around her and went for a full body press,

She now could feel exchanging of breaths,

He kissed hard, she knew what was coming next

But what he did surprised her instead,

Was when he took her had and slipped in his briefs,

She was taken back by what was in them,

So large was he it was beyond believing,

He kissed again and he lifted off her top

Caressed her breasts she moaned please don’t stop,

She then felt one hand squeezing her bum

She could not resist she was undone,

And the loud music was still playing,

As he slipped down her yoga pants

Her hand was still down his briefs,

Her hand full of what she needs

He told her to slip off his briefs,

She obeyed and then did this,

He then layed her down upon his rug,

Right there and then they made love,

She was almost as loud as the music that played,

Writhing and squirming in exstacy,

Giving her more than she ever could need,

Arching and grasping she demanded more

Rolling on top she rode him hard on the floor,

Sweating and crying out they reached their peak

Until in the end neither could speak.

After a moment she got up

Said please keep the music down,

Or I’ll be forced to come back up,

He smiled and played it loud numerous times each day,

Her husband asked how she wiled her days away,

And she said it’s hard to explain

But I am working on something huge each day,

He said well you seem happier I have to say

So there is no need to explain,

It seems to be doing you good in every way.

My part in existence

I am a part of air, of sea, of soil

I am a part of the moon, of the stars, of the aurora borealis,

I am a part of every planet, of galaxies, of milky ways,

I am a part of all that exists, for I am light waves and energy,

That makes up all existence and I go on eternally.

A moment of beatitude

Water rippling and flowing

In a transparent blue stream

See tiny fish and pebbles underneath

I sit on the green loamy bank

And in the stream I paddle my feet

As the warmth of the suns rays beat down on me

And I feel so at leisure and at peace

I can feel the pleasure, that I always seek

Here with nature’s garden, I often feel complete

And I contemplate and aspirate

In the quietness of this solitude

It’s just like sanctuary to me full of beatitude.

Don’t be discouraged

Do what you believe in

Don’t let others be discouraging,

So many out there think they know what’s good,

They will tell you that you should give it up

Telling you just to go back to your hood,

But that’s because you worry them

Because of your different approach and talent,

They’ll tell how writing is supposed to be,

They’ll say lies like you are bad at poetry,

Why would they do this?

It’s because they think,

You’re not one of them so they disrespect your ink,

They have a set belief on how it all should be,

They don’t want us coming along, shaking their tree

But don’t you dare give up

Continue and believe,

Unlike what others do, your work is unique

And to those not in their snobbish literary clique,

Your writing and poetry truly speaks,

And to the common person

You’re exactly what they seek.

Ecology over greed

When will we move beyond greed

When is it we will see,

That of more importance is our ecology,

When are we going to understand

The destruction being caused is caused by man,

Polluting the air, sea and land

The use of pesticides has got out of hand,

Then man destroys forests cuts down trees

Big corporations consumed with greed

Are the force and the disease

Wreaking this destruction with ease,

With corrupt governments seemingly appeased

Try and stand against it you’ll see you’re not free,

Criminalised and locked in jail

Governments saying they care is a total fail,

Those who fight to save our forests

Have been killed amongst the horrors,

But for no longer can we remain quiet

No longer can we remain silent,

Demand more action to protect our earth

Renewable energy is the future,

Dirty fuel is the dirth

Of the whole of our humanity,

And has no future worth

It wont save us from extinction,

It will cause us future hurt.

Show time

Sitting in a cafe basking in the stares

Knowing men were checking out her wares,

She gives the cutest little smiles

Uses her feminine wiles,

She flashes her long tanned legs

Pushes out her firm breasts,

In her crop top, low cut best

Knows exactly what she’s doing,

In control, putting men to the test,

Sips her drunk in sultry fashion

Giving glimpses of her passion,

As she runs her hand casually over her breast

Then crossing and uncrossing her legs,

And the men stare, in awe

You could see they want more,

So she gets up and starts dance

She grinds her body in a trance,

She is so fluid and so sexual

The way she sways and moves her body,

Winds her small firm booty, a little bit

Enough for men to drool over it,

so short her dress barely covers this,

Men are hypnotised and stare and wish,

As thrusts her hips, they almost fall off their chairs,

As she moves her head, waving around her hair

And she does what others would not dare,

As her husband arrives and takes her out of there,

And all the other men could do was stare,

And she looked back smiled and winked now is that fair?

To all us who were sitting there.

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Sweet angel sing

It’s something about you

I don’t want to lose,

In love your skin

I keep sinking in,

I love your hair

And the love that we share,

I miss you so much

When you’re not there,

I can’t let a day go by

Without watching you fly high,

Sweet angel sing

And I can’t bare to miss your light,

I need you with me every night,

Sweet angel sing

Your voice is do sweet,

It’s crystal and clear

It never resonates hate or fear,

You sing like a bird

You have the grace of an angel,

I fell for you and you fell down for me,

Sweet angel sing

There nothing I wouldn’t do for you

I will always exalt you in truth,

Sweet angel sing

Your my every dream,

Sweet angel divine

Sweet love of mine.

You’re some kind of strange to me

There was some kind of strange about you

Something kind of strange in all you do,

And it made me intrigued and that’s the truth

Where did you come from I have no clue,

It’s as if you’re not from here

It’s as if you’re from another sphere

Your voice that appears,

Pristine and crystal clear

Is not something you often hear around here,

So where do you come from, is it far away,

Are you visiting this place from outer space

Are you representing a far off distant beautiful race,

Come here to torment me or show me love

I look with up at the stars above,

You seem to have that look like you’re missing home

Is this just a journey on which you roam,

So if you come from way off far,

I will gladly escort you

If travel wherever you go,

Even if it’s amongst the stars

I just want to be where you are,

Just tell me where you come from as a start

And we’ll take it from there.

No more time

No more time left for us

And do I am heading off to the stars

No more dwelling where I am

It’s time to travel far

This reality don’t work for me

I need so much more

Than this life is offering now

I want a better life somehow

And floating in the ether

And living out my cosmic dreams

Takes me out of the mundane reality

And I need this more

It’s got a whole lot more in store

Tripping tip toeing from star to star

Visiting galaxies afar

Appeal to me in so many ways

I need this in my life today

So I’ll dream all my time away

And create cosmic scenes

And simply drift away from this place.

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