Roll the dice

Roll the dice

The dice of life

Open up your eyesight

Spread your wings

And take a flight

Feel the euphoric delight

And dream under

The stars at night

Dazzling our sight

Taking us to heights

Of a new cosmic light

Illuminating midnight

Leaving us contrite

About our conscious plight

And to eradicate the blight

Of the dark ominous might

Of the those who hold to tight

To the universal free right

To simply let go and fly

Off into the ebony cosmos sky.

Touched by you all

Touched by life and its beautiful souls

I am always inspired by verse and prose

That help me connect with persons unknown

Who become friends as we share kind words

So many people sharing what needs to be heard

Writings of love and light that delight

Penning artistic ink that takes all on a flight

To nature, to the universe, to spirituality

To all aspects of love that have touched you and me

Words of politics and religion too

That enlighten and help us transcend our knowledge and ken

Writers, authors, poets one and all

Coming together embracing the call

To lift and inspire to touch and to aide

All that l read is positive and good

And it’s such a great thing forging these connections

And its so good sharing the love

To good and the bad, the light and the dark

The the suffering the pain, the healing and happiness again

We all feel and embrace it all

It helps us all stand strong and a lot taller

And my words I wish now to share with you

Are the words I love you all and I appreciate each and every one of you

It is like your my soul group.

I have learnt empathy

You learn much about empathy

When you stare in your newborn baby’s eyes

And they are closed because she could not find that vital first breath.

You learn about empathy when you lose your mum and dad

Without getting the chance to bid them farewell and reaffirm your love

You lean about empathy from living a harsh life, grinding out each day

Because you’ve never had money

Because you’ve never had breaks

You learn empathy in the most testing ways

When your grandson has a genetic illness that is unique only to him

And see he is determined not to be different

And never moans or cries about his lot

This little man has taught me so much

And you know what you have learnt has sunk right in

When everytime you hear or see something heart wrenching

It brings tears to your eyes and a lump in hour throat

Then you feel you want to sob like Niagra Falls and simply let go

And others look at you strange and think that you’re weak

From the place that I come from you don’t act like this

But I look back at them defiantly and say what I have been through

And the things that I’ve seen makes me stronger than you could ever imagine

I have faced my demons and been as fierce as a dragon

Divorce and ruin yes I’ve been there too

Yet here I am still struggling through

We are all born perfect and then taught to be flawed

By those who nurture us, influence and guide us

By society and many others that come our way

But we learn and become stronger and find back the way

To goodness, kindness, empathy and love

We may never find perfection as gain but that’s good enough

Perfection is God’s, perfection is for saints

I may try but I know that’s something I am never going to gain

But though I am far from achieving all I want to be

I accept my flaws and work on them daily

But the thing I’ve connected with that brings love, compassion and kindness in place

Is empathy which is truly a heartfelt embrace

That returns our humanity inner peace and grace

And teaches us everything that exists has its place

And that we must welcome it in all warmly

To our hearts and our souls so that we in times of need have the ability to console.

The nature that is me

My nature is being humble

My disposition is to be kind

This is my default setting

That i’ve fostered my whole life

I do not think it makes me special

This is the way we all should be

Life would be so much easier

If people were created ego free

And if we all lived lives of equality

I chose to adopt spirituality

Because it resonates within me

I have so much love and empathy

Compassion is flowing constantly through me

I feel my mission is to resnsonte light and peace

So take my hand and follow me

And spread vibes of positivity

Through the development of our spirituality.

Cosmic wave travel

On the waves of cosmic light

We take an astral star flight

Through a maze of constellations

Travelling onward using vibrations

As the symphonic music plays out

Like colourful cadenza’s

Waves of prismic light surrounding

In cosmic universal delight we’re drowning

And the mathematics of geometry

And the artistic topography

Embraces all our sensabilities

Then we fall into a black hole of tranquilty

Where everything is nothing

And nothing is everything

Yet in my head I still hear the songs

That the cosmic angels sings

And the darkness it soon turns to light

And I feel touched by the love holding me tight

I realise in the astral cosmic flight

Our minds create the subconscious images of within our sights

In this universe of the eternal finite.

She’s a fighter

In the flashing blue lights of the laser rounds

And the red flashing lights of the warning alarms

She stood on the bridge of her space ship

Fighting off attackers from quantum cosmic drift

Barbarians mercanaries all

But she was determined that her crew and her would not fall

The battle ground was poised among the stars

And as it goes she was doing well so far

Taken a few hits but had destroyed many ships

There was danger in her eyes as she pursed her lips

Standing on the bridge with her short cropped red hair

She was a beautiful woman doing what others would not dare

And she did not know what it was to be scared

And she knew if she was to blink out

It would be in a blaze of glory without any doubt

But she decided this would not be the place or time

Taken down by those who committed brutal crimes

She was as strong and smarter than any of them

They all knew her by her reputation

Not a woman to crossed or messed with in any way

In the heat if battle she bdcsme crazed

But tactically masterful and unyielding

As well as unforgiving

This was a woman on a universal mission

To respected as the best captain in space

And she was already on her way

And as she took out the last ships

Dodging in and out of asteroids

The fleet sent against her had been totally destroyed

And she flew off into darkness leaving behind just the noise

Of her triumphant cheering and the laughter as it rung out

She was the warrior queen of the vast night

Flying off in glory to celebrate at home

Back to the comparative safety of her protected zone.

Aspects of our life

Aspects of living

Can show us things we’re missing

Aspects of life

Can show where we are drifting

Without awakened eyes

Without awakened minds

We can spend our whole time

Just wasting our lives

In trivial persuits

Failing to see the source at the roots

To miss what’s deep within

To see how much more we can be giving

Instead of always seeking to take away

Aspects of ourselves for things temporary that we crave

Sometimes we miss out on what’s important in this life

Sometimes the lines get blurred between what’s wrong and right

Aspects of our lives

Can be somehow forgotten

Aspdctx of our lives

Can turn us into the misbegotten

Aspects of our lives

That would resonate love and light

Slide past us with out notice

So our lives just become a blight

Of darkness and shadows

As continual night

All because we ignore vital aspects of our lives.

The unexpected seduction

She was out at dinner with her husband and their friends

It was civil and everyone was chatting

She did not get on too much with her friends husband

He was always coarse and criticising

And very self opinionated something that she always hated.

After a time she excused herself

And went to the little girls room to refresh herself

As she came out her friends husband was there

Looking at her with a lascivious stare

Her spoke saying he had a yearning for her

And said he knew what she deserved

She protested but her words went unheard

The thought he could seduce her seemed absurd

Yet when he moved in closer she felt a buzz

She felt his hand slip around and touch

The firmness on her bottom as he pulled her onto him

She felt her dress that was short and tight lifting

Felt his hand slip under her lace knickers

As he kissed her neck and picked her ear

Shuffling he mover back into the little girls room

And then into a cubicle

Her heart was pounding her chest was heaving

She felt and watched as his free hand started kneading

Her supple firm breast, twas a feeling she loved best

Then he told her to pull up her dress

She eased it above her hips as he kissed he firmly on the lips

Then he moved his hands and her underwear was down

He told her to unbutton him and she quickly obliged

She could she lust and passion in his eyes

He moved her round and he sat down the he made her stand astriding

Then pulled her down

And next thing she was riding

The feeling of being controlled just drove he wild

He buried his face in her breasts meanwhile

Feeling him gripping both her firm cheeks

Made her ride harder made her race to her peak

Next thing that she knew was the feeling of his explosion

She now was red and radiantly glowing

She gasped hard as a spasm ran through her

The words she spoke were dirier than her husband had heard

And her friends husband then got up bent her over and did it again

She wanted it so bad now

But was mind blowing it was happening

But she loved how firmly he grapes her waist

She loved his movement as well as his pace

She found herself peaking once again

This whole thing to her was insane

But she gyrated and writhed then moaned with delight

As she felt him finish again at the same time as her

As they both straightened themselves up

And walked out of the woman’s restroom

They looked over and saw the their partners leave the men’s room

Her friends husband then whispered on her ear

That they had planned this wife swap

And that much to her was clear

Then he said its time for all to leave and have a night of fun at home

And she got more excited by the anticipated unknown

And she grabbed him by the hand

nd said that she wanted to get home quick

Because in this moment she still badly needed more of this.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

Media blackout on rebellion against extinction

Mass demonstrations on on in town

Media will give it the usual blackout

Unless they can inspire fights and riots

So they can call demonstrators ancharchist causing disquiet

Paint them all as thugs and extremists

When in fact it’s just people who have a simple wish

To protect Mother Nature from further destruction

As the businessmen wet their appitite for construction

Build over once green and pleasant lands

That why they sly lift green belt bans

Eroding all of our countrysides

Polluting with plastic, fracking and chemical pesticides

We are seeing what was once a paradise die

On a global scale where humans can claim no distiction

For leading us down a road to our own extinction

So March people march and make your voices heard

To our environment humanity is a curse

With its destructive wars and exploiting natures

Putting nothing back we’ve become the planet resource rapers

Yet none of the big issues will be reported in the papers

Just images of people being arrested

And the media will say these people should be detested

For what? For trying to raise rebellion to halt our extinction

From a virus called humanity that is a big part of the symptons

Of why our resources are not exhaustible

We have to start replenishing and nurturing more

For these problems to be solved

And live as if we are part of our ecosystem

Rather than outside of it which is the path of dereliction

And ultimate extinction.