We don’t want it take it back

Plastic crap take it back

Pollution we want no more of that

Chemical trails across the sky

They deny and cover up with lies

GM food you can keep that stuff

Organic food is a simple must

They expect in them we should trust

But for our planet and all on it they have no love

They just crave money

They just crave greed

They don’t care how our world bleeds

Will bring it down to its needs

Then use their money to create a planet B

But there is no such thing

And all their wealth won’t be make that happen

But in their ignorance and arrogance they can’t see

How delusional this is as belief

But I don’t care how stupid they are

I want to stop them going to far

So let’s create a revolution

And let’s start to act

And be the intelligence that they clearly lack.


Cold blooded insanity

Oh my god the polar bears are dying

And the penguin’s are in decline,

And seals are being slaughtered

Have we all lost our minds!

The ecosystems being destroyed in the name of corporate greed

But exploiting and destroying the Arctic is pure insanity.

Ask me if I am angry

I say ‘yes! And so the hell should you be

We need to take a massive stand

To put and end to all the cruelty

And learn to both heal and nurture our earth

Humanely and environmentally.

It makes me just so mad to think

That we can act so arrogantly

And amazes me how ignorant is our humanity.


We did not get given the earth as an inheritance

we evolved or were created here to share

to nurture it as Caretakers and to help it grow

so how did this go oh! so wrong

what made us think we had the right to exploitation

of the resources of which we do not own

who gave us the right to bring extinction

down on other species living here

what makes us think we are so superior

when all we do is cause destruction, hate and fear.


Via: Daily Prompt: Inheritance



Build from a solid base

Construct ideas from a solid base

Build that base upon firm ground

Let your thoughts be deep and profound

Rejoice in the hallelujah sounds

Of inspiration and introspection

Build your theories on understood lessons

Not just random ideas plucked along the way.

Ensure the philosophy is consistent

Not contradictory like we see in many instances

Scribed in religious books that fail to make clear

That there is no place in our existence for fear

What makes religion think there is motivation in the fear of sin

No one is perfect throughout their time of living

Construct ideologies that inspire good

Living life in compassion and kindness

This should be clearly understood

Don’t allow yourself to get drawn into hate

That’s a dead end and a dark place

That is difficult to escape.

Build you dreams on love and hope

Shine your light to all of those

Who seem lost and have strayed from their road

And now have no clue where to go.

Share everything and connect with all

Manifest a message that encourages unity within all

For we are stronger as a mass

Coalesce around this fact

And encourage people to begin to coexist at last

As a spiritual being that’s all I ask.


Visionaries now so hard to find

Memes and quotes now define

A lack of substance it’s just top gloss and spin

Knee jerk clever words of dictionary thinking

But without the deeper philosophical meaning

Lack passion and continuity

Just some cobbled together views

Contradictory and confusing

We need visionaries coming through

With big ideas and big dream

Thorough worked through with a common theme

Consistent message

Consistent line

Inbred with honesty and caring defined

That stems from love and promotes peace

With Compassion for the vulnerable and weak

That want to bring about equality

Nurture our earth instead of exploiting it.

These are people that we need

Visionaries to lead

Not just some ignorant men and women

Who provide solely for the rich one percent

While others feel the suffering

And who want to take climate change as a real issue

Rather than just exploit our earth until it is of no use

So come on visionaries claim you place

Make your stand and bring about change

No tinkering with failed systems

But brand new ideas from out of the box thinking

That come from a different place than these past flawed plans

Kept in place by corporate man

We need radical

We need new

Visionaries of the world we need you.


Our fears seem so real

The way they make us feel,

As we break out in red hot sweats

And send shivers down our necks,

Though it is irrational,

There is nothing to fear,

When we break it down and see it so clear,

We are irrational,

That is our nature,

Because we fear everything

That we do not understand

And that is different,

We need to learn to understand

That learning about everything

That we know not a lot about will help us to evolve

Past these fears so that they maybe they can resolved.

My theory on life. ( The short, quick version)

The theory that I have

to explain all things in life,

is we are energy created

consciousness and divine light

and we create the universe

from within our minds

and if we try and dig real deep

in our soul, far down inside,

we will find the answers

to our creation and where we’re from

and understand the deaths a myth

it’s just the journey home

in spirit form taking back what we have learned

and if we have not learnt enough

then we bound to return again

to go over the same lesson

until we’ve learnt them to perfection.


Via Daily Prompt: Theory



Give it your best

I root myself down deep

Within my soul and spirituality

I root myself deep down in love

Discovering my inner peace

Found my compassion and empathy

I have realised the creator is me

And that we are creating our own life as we go along

Create your own stories

Sing your own songs

And accept responsibility

And then it goes wrong

It’s down to you and me

And nobody else because you create everything yourself

Yes we are flawed

None of us perfect

That’s why we are here

To learn lessons in life

So learn to forgive yourself

Nobody lives life

A hundred percent right

We all just do our best

When accepting each test

Just remember you can only do the best

And shine like a star

And show the world just who yo are.

Has anyone seen the light?

I find myself in darkness

Struggling to find the light

But I know it’s somewhere here

So I won’t give up the fight

To find a way to reignite it

To return that Luminescent glow

That will show me the right path

That guides me where to go

Its been confusing

It has been hard

And I am still struggling

But I’ve come to far

To ever think of giving up now.

I would like more

But despite all I do

The dice never fall in favour of me

That seems to be life rule

Nothing has ever come easy

What I got came through hard work

And though have not got much

What I got is mine

So as search for the light

Which is elusive to me

I will keep the faith

Keep the love and belief

And if that’s all I have

Then know that is enough

I am that diamond

Hidden in the rough

Waiting to shine.