Reality in truth


The reality of things we see

Are only real to you and me

As long as we’re looking ot thinking of it

When we look away or think of something else

These things cease to exist

So you can see and understand just how life works

If you look and focus on the stuff that causes you pain or hurt

These things will exist in our lives

But when we think of happiness and joy

These positive affirmations will appear and be seen

It’s all just a state of mind

It’s all just a state of being.

The awakening of frequencies

The awakening of frequencies

A soft spoken whisper

A sound in the dark

That one inspiration

That creative spark

The culmination of all dreams

On a consciousness theme

That one shared love between you and me

Is the pinnacle of existence

And all of our beliefs

The existential awakening of our frequencies.

Share time


Share a little time and light with me

Share a little love exquisitely

You are the one who I find uniquely

So fine and so beautiful to my eyes

You are the one who angelically

Shines radiantly upon me

With your divine spirituality

You have such amazing sensuality

You are craving my touch tenderly

And I feel the same so caress me

Let our lips meet allowing passion to flow freely

Let’s drift into a world of just you and me, forever.

The witches dominion

The witches dominion

The night is dark yet electrified by magic
The spellbound castings hold dominion over lives so tragic
They find themselves upon their knees right before my feet
And the bewitchery that I cast upon them leaves them under my control
And the spellbound incantations take hold of their mortal soul
And their dreams will now be only ones I place within their minds
And they will know that the only love they feel will be mine
In the witching hour
Dark magic power
They succumb to me I am half witch half succubus
And into me they will feel the lust
Within a dark pentagram scene
Drawn from the blood
Of their veins
It’s the witching hour again, tonight
So lock yourselves away
Or I’ll control you and you’ll become my slave
To the dark magical arts and the arcane.

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You’re an animal


You’re an animal

And should be in a cage

You should know better at your age

You’re so toxic I seek sanctuary from you

With your vile twisted ideologies you are so cruel

Dripping toxicity like acid from your fingers

Congealed values makes your evolution hindered

Snake like venomous eyes full of malice

You drink from a corrupted alter

You drink from a poisoned chalice

You’re so mean and you’re so heartless

You’re devoid of emotion and empathy

You’re full of hate and lack spirituality

You are a waster of energy and life

Your soul is darker than any night

I just want you to vanish from my sight

Animal, you’re an animal,

Get out of my sight

Animal, your an animal

You’re a creature of the night.

Three degrees hotter

Three degrees hotter

Three degrees hotter in the future

Means the world’s going to burn

Three degrees hotter

And yet we still don’t learn

Three degrees hotter

Enough for skin to burn

Three degrees hotter

Yet still not enough concern.