You are legit

Never let any one

Make you feel shit,

You are original

Yes, you are lit,

You are the real thing

You are absolutely legit,

You shine like bright star

Love goes everywhere you are,

You a fascinating

You are a mystery,

You have real depth

Yes, you beguile me,

You be wild,

You be free

Let no else tell you less,

Because of their jealousy.

Bad decisions

We make bad decisions

At some time

But that’s not us defined,

We choose sometimes

To go down the wrong path

But these bad decisions never last,

So don’t beat yourself up about it

Look for ways that you can change or learn from this,

Don’t feel somehow maybe you’ve failed

Because bad decision we all make,

But that don’t make us flawed

And it don’t make us stupid,

It just goes to prove to us that everybody is human.

Some issues are to big to stress over

I get angry at times at the big things

Like political and corporate corruption,

I get vexed about religion and how paedophiles infiltrate

The highest of positions,

I get stressed when politicians can’t obey laws they expect us to

But what I ask myself can I possibly do?

Do why get angry, vexed or even stressed

Focus in your own life in each moment,

If it wasn’t for the media we wouldn’t know

But they parade it like an entertainment show,

And it distracts us from focusing on us

And how we need to improve our self love,

And be kinder to people each day

The really big stuff we really can’t change,

But we can learn to be, the very best that we can be

So let’s just pay attention to our hopes and dreams,

And set ourselves free from being stressed, vexed and angry.

Existential thinking

Truth is we create our own reality. If we don’t like what we create, then we can change it. It’s like saying you don’t like a TV program but refusing to turn it off. You then just prolong your own suffering. We live in what is largely an illusory state of existence instilled in us through parenting, education and the establishment. We try changing our conscious thoughts but without avail because the programming is instilled in the sun conscious which is 400 times more powerful than our conscious mind. We have to worker harder therefore on ourselves and detach ourselves from all that is negative and destructive to our being. Only we can do this. We need to sub consciously cleanse ourselves, and refuse to buy into any or all of what we have been conditioned to believe in. Think outside of the box and create something more in keeping with our own true conscious reality.

The truth is money is a man made and enslaves us

Debt is man made and it enslaves us

Politics and religion is man made and it enslaves us.

Don’t you think it’s time to break free from the chains of bondage that enslave us all.

In darkness

In darkness we cannot survive

We as humans only thrive in light,

In darkness we will know no right

Because in darkness wrong is always might,

In darkness we will and fade away

We need to bring light to our darkest days.

Taught to be the same

Taught to dress the same,

Taught to think the same,

Taught to obey all you say,

This what school is for

Einstein once said of being a genius

It came about inspite of education,

Which prepares you for the real life

With a head full of useless useless shit,

You’ll learn more from age, that brings with it lots of wisdom

The university of life never treats everyone the same,

It offers you the chance to learn uniquely

And help expands the brain.

No mind control here

You can’t control my mind

You can’t control my body,

You have never owned me

I will not submit to your indoctrination,

I have my own opinions and beliefs

You may try and manipulate me,

To exploit me in the way you do others

But I won’t be your puppet on a string,

I will not allow my self to suffer,

From your domesticated teachings

That pollute the purest of minds,

You’ll find my mind is not that indolent,

I will hone it to see through your lies

For my life is mine to be governing.

Free will, free spirit

Nobody knows you like you do

Nobody else knows what you need,

You are truly individual

You are are one off and unique,

Do how can anybody rule you

Or tell you what is good for you,

Be your own authority and live by your own rules

Be the being you want to be,

Always be true to you

For your existential right to exist,

Can honestly define all you do

Be a free spirit, be of free mind

Don’t be governed by corrupt minds

Be exactly who you want to be,

And do just what you want to do

But don’t impinge on others rights and freedoms,

Don’t be an establishment tool

Look within and shed the lies,

Of what they tell you living is about

Question everything they’ve taught you,

Don’t be just another member of the obedient fucking crowd

Following rules and laws like sheep,

Be far better than that

For you are born with free will and spirit, never forget that fact.

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