No more for you

They will pay more they say

If productivity rises,

But productivity will rise if they pay us more

But the onus is always on the workers ,

They say only if you add more

Can it be justified,

Meanwhile they ramp up their own wage,

Saying it used in a more motivational way,

They give more if you do more hours

Or take on a lot more work,

They don’t need to do the same

When justifying a higher wage,

This pay is negotiated on a golf course fairway,

Jobs for the boys and the old school tie

Still rules the day.


Loyal to what?

Loyal to those who are loyal to me,

Being loyal doesn’t always come easy,

Are you loyal to love

Or are you loyal just to money,

Dirty, grubby waters are muddied,

By the lack of loyal study,

Know your history,

Know your roots,

Know that being loyal only suits

Where love exist and where there’s truth,

Outside of this being loyal is a waste,

If those who want it from you

Lie right to your face.

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She was loyal and got nothing back

Affection was something she lacked

She desired it but he gave her none

Treated as if she had lost his love.

She tried to tell him

She tried make it clear

That she needed more than a life of tears

She wanted to feel warm embraces

Not shattered emotions

And a love emaciated.

She missed the passion

She missed the heat

Of burning hot love

That was so exquisite

She missed the feel of a sensual touch

She wanted to feel love and lust so very much,

So is it any supprise she lays her now

Breathing fast and heavy

Sweating and worn out

From making love with a guy that showed her desire

And ignited her heart and rather body on fire.

Where had being loyal got her in the end

Taken for granted and in a dead end

Relationship with someone

Wh never showed that they really cared

So she did the one think she never dared

Thought she would do with anyone else

But that’s what happens when show you care less

No supprise she did what she did

And I ain’t lying when I say she loved it.

Via:Daily Prompt: Loyal

I don’t want to rant

They say my words are angry

They say my poetry are rants

But I try to get across a message

That all can understand

And softly, softly does not always work

People need a shake to wake up

Sometimes you have to shout it out

For others to see the dangers facing humanity

We are all just sleepwalking to a fatal destiny.

Doom and gloom you say

That’s all I spread

That’s not the case

But it has to be said

The world’s in danger

From climate change

And from the nuclear threat

And the world leaders who are deranged

I will take no joy

In the words

I told you so

I want to get you motivated

To dig us out of this hole

As one united human race

Taking back our world

And starting to face

The issues and problem on head long

And build a future that is safe and strong

Nurture a planet worth living on

So excuse me if my words come across too strong

But this state of emergency has persisted to long

Wake up and act and be the change

Then maybe my message will reflected in a more positive way,

Maybe when we do something

To put and end to suffering

I may not have rant and rage

As we move in to a golden age

A paradigm shift

Where humanity has changed

And light and love now lead the way.

Hold your inner faith

Hold your faith

And keep your head,

Always believe in yourself,

If you don’t who else will?

I see the light within you still.

Be the compassion,

Be the love,

Because what you are it is enough

And it doesn’t matter what others have to say,

As long as you love life your way,

As long as you stay true to you,

Your dreams and faith will see you through.

So never give up believing

Always stay strong,

For there is no sense in retreating

And giving up on everything

And allowing others to shatter your dreams,

It’s a long hard road

And you’ve away to go,

It’s one you may have to travel alone

But in the end you will shine bright as a star,

And in the end it will define how strong you are,

It will feel so good when you succeed

So never falter and give up on the dream

And never surrender you self belief.

Mirror image

She stared in the mirror trying to see beyond herself, trying to see ghosts of loved ones passed, hoping to connect with the world of spirits. She had tried this so many times without success. She felt it unlikely to work now. But she kept on trying. Leya was a woman know for her stubbornness and was unyielding in her pursuits of discovering new things. Her dark red hair and pale skin accentuated by her deep red lipstick and strong cheekbones gave her a beautiful but quirky look. Her style was gothic clothes as was her thinking. For hours she sat in dim light hoping for something but nothing occurred. She had read that mirrors were a good medium for seeing spirits. After a period of time Leya decided to call it a night, as she turned to walk away, she noticed a delay in her reflection moving. Then she saw behind a figure, a man of some considerable size walking up behind her reflection. He bent down and placed his face next to her reflected face. His eyes were black, his face white, gnarled and distorted, his lips blood red which drooled, he bared his black rotten teeth. ‘Need company bitch’ the man slavered, scared witless but not willing to show it she walked back to the mirror and leant forward, ‘spirits only, demon. You are not welcome here.’ Her reflection sat motionless and mute. ‘Then maybe this little birch here will suffice to keep me satisfied for a while.’ As He spoke he stroked the side of her face before licking the side of her face with his tongue. Let’s continued to smile, fine by me feel free, ‘ She is after all just a reflection of me. An illusion. Not real.’ The demon pondered this and the more he thought on this the angrier it seemed to make him. ‘Maybe I call your bluff and abuse her body, then rip her heart out. See if it doesn’t affect you then.’Let’s beckons him forward to the mirror, smiling a dark lescivious grin. It was then Levya reached in through the mirror grabbing him by the throat in a vice like grip. Her reflection then stepped behind and enveloped him in it. The reflection then run her hands over his chest. In a moment of exhortation the reflection ripped open his chest and Leya plunged her hand in and ripped out the demons heart. The demon screamed out as this happened but it was powerless to stop them. ‘Look into my eyes demon. Know that I am the demon slayer,’ she then opened the dressers draw below the mirror and placed the demons heart in there with a collection of others. The reflection dropped the lifeless body to the floor. Both Leya and her reflection walked off out the room. As they did other demons appeared, wailing over their lost brethren. Then a more fearsome shadowy figure appeared. In a rumbling voice of malcontent and malice it spoke, ‘war it is then slayer. Demons go feast on all souls until you find hers, then bring it to me to feast on.’ With that the room was suddenly empty again.

Ascend to heights unknown

Ascend to heights before unknown

In spiritual states we must grow

To become more and better than we are

To ascend on high among the stars

To discover how to be more humanitarian than we are.

Ascend and transcend into love unconditional

Transcend into compassion

And discover peace

Ascend to heights of enlightenment

And be a Lightworker for all other human beings.

Via:Daily Prompt: Ascend

Life, death and ego

He was in that dark place, that plagued his life. Feeling like he was drowning, though he and his efforts at living were futile. He spent long periods with these demons, wrestling with depression and self loathing. Living on his own allowed this to occur and so he spent lots of time out with friends; partying and trying to enjoy life. When he was up he was very definitely up, so opposite from these dark moments. He was a tall good looking guy, in good shape, helped by visits to the gym. He had blonde hair with a side parting held in place with hair gel but shaved around the ears and into the back of his neck. He was stylish in dress and clean cut. Nobody knew of his dark moods. They all saw him as a great guy, life of the party.

As he sat pondering he felt himself letting go of the present moment, drifting into dreams as he laid back on his sofa. He felt as though he was drifting into sleep. As this was happening he heard a noise at the door. He knew it was locked so decided to ignore it. As He continued to drift he was startled suddenly by a figure standing over him. It was a man, tall and thin, grey hair and a soft kind face. He must have been in his early sixties, yet had no wrinkles or lines of aging. ‘How did you get in?’ he said to the man illuminated by the lamplight. ‘Does that matter? I am here merely to help.’ Retorted the man in a smoothbut eloquent voice. He continued to hold the young man’s gauge. ‘You are William Rhodes are you not?’ ‘Will, that’s what everyone calls me and yes. How do you know this?’ Will spoke while sitting up. The older man turned and walked around to the front of the sofa. ‘I am Eziquel.’ He stayed this as though it was obvious and beyond contention. ‘Is that meant to mean something to me.’ Will spoke then paused before adding ‘you don’t strike me as an Eziquel.’ The man say on the coffee table in front of the sofa which allowed him to keep eye contact. Eziquel smiled, ‘no I guess not. These thoughts you have been having trouble me though. You’re in your late twenties, a whole life in front of you. You enjoy parties and being around people. Why then do you feel these dark moods?’ Eziquel’ s eyes seemed to look deep in to his, Will thought, as If he were reaching into his soul. Will explained his reasons and how the darkness felt. Eziquel listened intently and sympathetically. ‘There are worse things than death? Death is not the end, just a transcendence of being. A chance to travel a different path. Most of the problems we suffer from are ego based and a need for instant gratification in all areas and aspects of life. There is nothing to fear in death. Living is far more scary. You want out then just do it. There is no say you will find redemption in death though. Nor in life. Redemption can only be found within you. You have to learn to forgive yourself, learn to let go of things and stop expecting so much from Life or thinking you should be better tan you are. You are what you are. Accept that or get out of being who you are.’ Though Eziquel spoke softly there was a passion about what he said and utter belief. ‘What is it you want?’ Eziquel asked as if he already knew. Will thought for a moment, ‘I need out but is that me being weak? Is that the cowards way out?’ Will held Eziquel’ S gaze firmly. ‘It is just what it is. Life is suffering. If you feel you can suffer no longer then being honest and doing something about it could be seen as a brave act. I can’t judge you or guide you. I can only be hear with and for you.’ The older man had an aura of real empathy about him. He stood up. ‘Will follow me.’ Eziquel’s sift words were like a command that he felt compelled to obey. Eziquel led him to the bedroom. Will stood in the doorway, his knees buckled, he gripped the door frame. ‘What?’ Words were lost. Eziquel put a hand on his shoulder to comfort him. ‘You did this earlier. You hanged yourself from the closet door. In that moment a light went out. Your light. That’s why I am here.’ Eziquel looked at Will, saw the tears in his eyes, rolling down his cheeks. ‘It’s over Will, the suffering, the pain and the darkness. Time to move on. Let me take you now.’ Will took a deep breath, looked at the older man, ‘so you are? And where will you take me?’ ‘I am your Guardian Angel, I am here to take you home. Back to where all things originate. The realm of energy and spirits. The realm of light.’ Will knew in his bones Eziquel was speaking truth and nodded accent. With that Eziquel’s hand flowed light and they both transcended into energy and light then an immense flash if light saw them disappear. Will was sadly missed by all, who found his suicide beyond understanding.

Image courtesy of Esoteric Empyre.


We feel so much sometimes

It leaves us raw and blind,

To other things around us going on,

Sometimes our focus is so intense

We lose our sight of everything,

Except the focul point of what we have become attached too.

Sometimes for the good of ourselves

We have to let go a bit of what we desire and want so much,

At times we have to find a way to open up our eyes and our mind,

To things we shut out,

To things we feel we need not care about,

Sometimes we may find that the things we seek

Are in the places we least expected them to be.

Sometimes we have let go a little bit,

Sometimes we have to widen our eyes

And out experiences,

Sometimes because we feel so much,

Its easy to lose touch,

Of everything else outside of this.

At times our focus can be to intense,

Sometimes we have to focus on something different.

Research question

Bit of a research question. If you have seen my first ever ebook Living in conscious reality advertised, what is it that influences you whether to buy it or not. If you have not, what was the reason.

I would appreciate some feedback on this to see where I could change or improve things.

Thank you. Love and peace.