I do it for the love


Conscious and mindful

And manifesting love

Awakened to reality

And seeking kindness so much

Living in compassion

While nurturing the soul

Practising meditation

To establish self control

So I can still my mind

And reside in inner peace

I don’t need stimulants

To find a release

I find it the search of truth

That started from within

And broke out of the chains

Of domestication

I am tangential

Am existential

But I am also keeping it real

I do it fot the love

Not for the likes or the feels

I do it because the universe

Taught my spirit this way

So I am rooted in conscious reality today

While riding higher frequencies

And energy light waves.

Big man


I can’t stand men

Who treat women like whores

No more than a guest

And certainly no more

A couple of drinks

Alnd it’s a beating at best

Or maybe even a bit of forced sex

Humiliation is the game

It makes them feel big

If she tries to object

She gets another hit

Act like he’s a real big man

But the truth is if you understand

He has mother issue

That he can’t get over

But do not offer sympathy

For he is not worthy

He lacks self love and discipline

And in his desperation

He takes it out on women

He’s not a bad man

He is a sad man at best

A potential rapist

Or maybe a sex pest

And he fortifies his strength

By pouring alcohol down his neck

He’s not a big man

He just has infrriorities going unchecked

He’s not a real man

He’s a total fucking mess.

How is it working out for you


What do you believe in

Is it something you thought out

Or is it something you we fed and taught

how is it working out for you

Are you aware of what’s going on around you

Or are you repeating the media’s narrative

Are you lost in the HD TV dream

Or do you research life’s reality to find the truth

How is it working out for you

Do see the war machines being mechanised

To fight another war without a cause

Do you see the deforestation to enrich the elite

The same way that they are brexiting Europe

To satisfy the needs of the few

Using xenophobia as a tool to push it through

How is it working out for you

Do you see the poverty and inequality in society

Or are you another victim of the system

Held in place by it’s conscience money

A slave to the workplace scene

Not exactly life sweet dream, wake, work, sleep repeat again

how is it working out for you

Or are you aware that there is more and want it

Are you willing to make changes to break out of it

They look at me when I say this as if I am mad

For wanting more, for wanting better, for wanting to be free

What will you do to make it work for you.

A message for the future generations


Reclaim the cities

Reclaim the streets

Turn up the pressure

Turn up the heat

Fight for equality

And a fair deal too

Fight for out earth

Fight for the truth

The world’s gone crazy

They’re brewing more wars

Another attempt

To leave humankind

Dead and torn

Laying in the bombed out

Cities and towns

We cry fight war not wars

But they’re deaf

To our sounds

Public representatives

That’s what they are

But they don’t consult us

They don’t care

Because they are

To rich and to powerful

And we are to lowly

We must apply the pressure

Much fast not go slowly

For time is running out

They’re destroying this earth

To old too care

These people have no future worth

So reclaim the cities

And reclaim the streets

The young who are the future

It’s within reach

Mass mobilisation

To bring about change

A revolution

In humanity and earth’s name

Don’t get brought off

And do not be gagged

These people who lead us

Are inherently bad

So stand for something

That is right, that is good

It’s your future earth

That’s understood

So f ihht for it now

Or there will being nothing left

Except baron environments

That are littered with the dead

Caused by leaders

Who just did not care

The greedy exploiters

Who took more than their share

And who hide in ivory towers

In their dicrepitude age

They will destroy man and this earth

But won’t accept the blame

They’ll put it on you

And asked what did you do?

Your future is in your hands

So now you must choose

How to act.

Enchanted dream


Enchanted mind

In a far away realm

Twilight beings

Sailing at the helm

Of a glorious ship

Under a moonlit sky

Moon iridescent

On a lake that shines

Like a mirror

Reflecting the beauty

Of this magical scene

I am lost in this

Enchanted dream.

I go to love


I go to love when I need healing

Spiritual love with a deep meaning

I find somewhere that’s solitary

Soothe my soul and engorge my heart

Still the mind and build from the start

A strength of being to go again.

In the inner peace that I grow

Comes from the love seed that I sow

Going into spectrums that are not known

As above, so below, I go with the flow

I deal with the present not tomorrow

And I feel the healing reach the very marrow

Of my bones, muscles and being

I now start to feel the healing

I can feel my spirit breathing

It all comes together with a strength in believing

That will ensure we’ll heal and grow.