The depth of my love

Love me like you really mean it

Love me so deeply that you cry

Be forever needing to be

In my arms each night

Be in love with me so much

That you can’t bare to let me go

Love me in a way that no one has ever known

Love me like your beings on fire

That your heart is so full it could burst

Love me with such extraordinary passion that it hurts

And if you can love me this much

Then you’ll know just how much I love you

And you then maybe you will understand

This love I offer you is true.


Big city life

Sirens wail

And lights are flashing

In the big city life

Neon signs

And lights that dazzle

Big cities are so alive

Like a hive

People are buzzing

Running around

In different directions

All caught up

It what thinks important

But are they missing out on love.

Big cities can leave you feeling lonely

Tiny fish in a massive sea

So easy to get lost there

And swallowed up

With apparent ease

But the life can be so enticing

And can fill you with excitement

So much to do

So much fun to be had

Yet you can still feel vulnerable

Big city lights

And big city life

Can feel wrong

Or feel so right

But either way it draws you

Like its the heartbeat of all life.

Beautiful creatures

Beautiful creatures,

Butterflies flit by,

Colours of artisans

Grace as they fly,

Nature is full of

Wondrous things,

Rhino’s so ancient

Salmon leaping,

So many creatures

Looking weird and alien.

I am drawn in by nature

And I am always blown away

By the artistry of creation

And the colours it brings.

Connected by creation

I am not a being

I am not a thing

I am energy

Formed from light

I am particles

Of cosmic light waves

I am a conscious product

Of creation in every way

As too is everything

And we are all formed from love

We are all connected

By creation up above

So why do we divide

Why do we take sides

We may look different in perception

But we’re the same inside

One energy

One love

One family

Connected to creation above.

Identical twins

They were identical twins

Committing identical sins

They were so stunning

They were so amazing

That it is so hard not to fall for them

They were in every way perfect heaven

They could make even the hardest heart melt

Which one was which you could never tell

For they were

Identical twins

Committing identical sins

And I just pray in some way

I get some of their loving.

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Love doesn’t hurt

Love doesn’t destroy

It’s people who employ

And manifest silly games

Meant to hurt

So by choice

Some by thinking things through

On how their actions effect you

But it’s easier to simply blame love

This is done way too much

Most of those who do this

Do not know what love is

It’s a term, just a word that they use

It’s a theme it’s a dream

In their minds is it real?

It’s not something I don’t think they feel

It’s not love

That causes heartbreak

It’s people who just lose their way or play games

They don’t think

If they do

Then why do they hurt you

It’s probably because their love was abuse

It’s a circle a cycle of being abused then abuse

This emotion called love we all crave

And is something that we need

So don’t get this confused

It’s not love that hurts

It’s me and you.

People are shades

There are shades of people

They are not black and white

There are hues that define who they are

If start looking close

If you perceive the detail

Not just the eternal sheen

Look within see their wants

Understand all their needs

Listen to them as they speak

You hear more

Hear them roar

They can’t take no more

Of being seen as machines

They need love

And compassion

They crave understanding

They wish to be embraced

And everything’s good

That they are just great

The need reaffirmations each day

Is that wrong?

Is that hard?

Is that too much to ask?

In the end I don’t think that it is

So share your love

Share just a bit of your time

Show you care

And just hear what their mind

Cries out for

They need more

Than to be seen

As mere living machines

Show you see them as more than that

And share the love.

These systems will burn

We work as we’re told

We do as we’re told

We obey

We comply

But what for

We as used and abused

Like we’re commodities

By a society

That discards us when done

There is no loyalty

Except to big businesses

And money

Yet they us too invest ourselves in

But it doesn’t invest in us

It pays us a pittance

To help cover the bills

That keep rising

They show us no love

They don’t care

They won’t share

Throw us on to heap

And hope we will follow them

Just like sheep

Be good little boys and girls.

We need a system that puts people first

Beyond their corporate needs

We need more visionaries

Philosophers with dreams

We need more ideologists that think

Of big goal on long term dream

Less corporate types who think much shorter term

Who fixate on profit and money

Short term goals that just use

Exploit and abuse

And leave in their wake such a mess

They are feeding and their breeding

Discontent, resentment

Destroying faith

In society and in people’s hopes and dreams

We need more, deserve better

We need change.

Invest in the people

Invest in their lives

Give them more of a share not less

Of the profits you make

And the money you earn

Off the backs of Blood sweat and tears

Or this system will turn

This system will burn

Like the world

If you do not learn

And return

Rather than just take.

A waking change

In the shadows of each day

We can shine in everyway

We can bring about a change

By waking up our brains

And opening our eyes

And seeing through the lies

We can build a world renewed

With shared love between me and you

And a peace that will never die

Or subside

It will shine a light

On this world tonight.

Let it all go

The life we lead is full of stress

And no matter what you do it won’t address

The root of the problem because your too attached

It’s too much entwined within you

So unless you let it all go

Detach yourself and stop the flow

Of fitting into conformity

Trying to hard to emerse yourself in normality

You will never be free enough to truly let it all go

And release yourself from the illusory show

That imprisons you in your domesticated cell

Your own self created hell

It’s time for you to break out and let it all go.