Drunk on you

Clear is the wine

Produced from the vine,

Natural in taste

Intoxicated state,

Heady of mind

Craving the best,

Of this feeling

Of my drunkness

And it is the same

When I am with you,

You are the sweetness

Yes you are the fruit,

That makes me feel lightheaded

And drunk in truth,

I am intoxicated

When I am around you.

The dinner date

He teased her

Pleased her

Made her moan

He touched her

Loved her

Made her peak

He made her ache

As she held on tight

Nails dug in

As he loved her right

He made her scream

He fulfilled her dreams

She rode him

Like a sex machine

He pounded her

As she gasped

With a heavy breaths

Made her writhe

With her heaving chest

She needed more

And he obliged

Onward she did ride

Harder and faster

As if riding a winner

In the table

Where they ate dinner

She was the feast

And he hungered for her

They both loved this moment so

As their essences

Combined and then flowed

And as her man I watched the show

From a seat not far away

You may think that it’s depraved

But actually I let her love freely

And I confess it pleases me

Say what you want

I guess you’ll judge me

But does it matter if we are happy.

What if I made you crave

What if our bodies were to entwine

What if I got into your mind

What if I seduce you and get you to

Do things you never thought you would ever do

What if I strop you down and lay you back

What if I make you grind and arch your back

What if I got you to yearn for my touch

What if I gave you awesome love

What would you do and what what would you say

If I was too take your breath away

And make you feel the need to crave me.

Rainbow minds

I love those who able to love

And avoid those who choose to hate

Toxic people I always avoid

Inspirationally I feel they’re devoid

Of painting pictures of creativity

I like people with rainbow minds

I seek those imaginatively sublime

I enjoy laughter and happiness

Not anger that runs deep and intense

I live for the light and not the dark

Loving those of a conscious awakened spark

I see no colour, faith, class or gender

I just see all individuals that like me are friendly

Ready to connect and unify

Rather than aide those who seek divides

I enjoy the company of rainbow minds

I enjoy these beautiful souls filling my life and time.

Embracing diversity

To be able to love all, care and embrace

Every person of every class and every race,

Even in the face of violence, intimidation and hate,

Make those people enlightened and in my eyes powerful and great

Far more so than those who try to violate

Others for being different to them

The get angry and it infuriates

Their minds that can’t cope with diversirty

So in three ignorance they allow their insecurity

To take over and the fear then creeps in

So they target people who are different

To intimidate and aggravate everytime using degrees of hate

These people are can’t handle a multicultural state

Nationalism is their only way

Living in a place where only others like them, surround them.

So those who can cope with diversity

In my mind reside in less insecurity

And understand strength in unity and diverse communities

And can connect with love for all humanity

We are all made up of the same biology

Only skin pigment and gender makes appear differently

In the eyes and minds of those who can’t see

And despite our glorious varying ethnicities

We are the same one race and humanity

This is obviously ours to those with minds of awakened clarity.

What you mean to me

In dreams I travelled the universe

And went to the bottom of the deepest seas

I searched the darkest deepest jungles

And went trans dimensional

But in everything I did

And no matter just how far went

The truth is nothing compared to you

Because you were heaven sent.

Manifestation of love

A landscape of love

Planted with seeds of hope

To see peace bloom

Under skies of perfect blue

In rolling fields of verdant green

Love flows like a rainbows arch

In prismic colourations

And as feel the full power

Of its might and its glory

I feel the frequency

Within the vibrancy of light

In waves of pure compassion

And waves of grace and bliss

I offer you the warmth and tenderness

Of creations greatest gift

The pleasure and the joyfullness

Of the universal transcendent kiss.


I reside in a state of inertia

I want to love you

I never want to hurt you,

I want to spread kindness

Wherever I go

I want to increase

The spiritual love flow

And offer compassion

And empathy you see

That’s the way I was made to be

With arms wide open

Always ready for a hug

Who is with me in sharing the love

A soil group of awakened beings

All focused on the poisivity

This should be humanities proclivity

To come together in unity

To ensure we can live equally and free

In a state of bliss and harmony

This is how it should be for all humanity.

Lest we forget

Lest we forget the insanity

Lest we forget the inhumanity

Lest we forget the soldiers pain

Told to fight a war in an insane way

While generals sat back shouting death or glory

For the men in the trenches it was a horror story

Cut down and killed going over the top

Refusal to play this mad game would still have got you shot

Death before dishonour is a phrase used by those

Who sit in safety and don’t really know

The terror and the fear of being shot and shelled

Or the suffering of the trench life hell

So many lives wasted at the Somme

So many sacrifices at Paschendale

So many poppies growing in fields

Representing the inhumanity to each other that was real

So many mothers and fathers lost their sons

So many people lost their husbands

So many people lost loved ones

On all sides and the story’s not done

It continues to this very day

Men sacraficed in the worst possible way

Laying down live for another’s cause

I hate the thought of these bloody wars

Being coordinated by men sitting champagne in the safety and the warmth

While you men are used and abused like pawns

Ive heard it said that ‘Generals sit sip Bacardi while the privates feel the pain’

The leaders and politicians laugh while quaffing their champagne

Would there really be as many bloody wars

If those who state its a noble cause

Be first out over the trench, going over the top

Charging at machine guns knowing it’s they will be shot

I got this theory if they made to lead from front

You would notice how quickly all these bloody wars would stop

And that the poppies growing in the fields though whilst never being forgot

Could symbolise the hope that the penny dropped

And the insanity

Of man’s inhumanity

May cease to continue

In a future where there’s no more War!


Lest we forget, we need to fight war, not wars.

Support the cause and save lives

Make the future more peaceful and bright

Keep all of humanity safe and reject the policy to fight

Refuse to heed the leaders calls

If nobody turns up to fight wars cannot be fought

Leaders won’t stop wars its up to the people

Stop being sheep and start rebel

Be abuse war is just fucking hell

No matter if religious no matter the cause

Terrorists and soldiers refuse to heed the call

To ensure there are no wars no more.

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As I breathe

Sometimes when I breathe

I feel the suffering of the world in me

The pain that we induce upon other species

And I feel the loss of the great rainforest trees

And I taste the plastic polluting our seas

When I breathe

I feel the weight of damage we’ve done and I weep

How we filled the air we breathe with pesticides

And poison our food with chemicals and dyes

And I sit and meditate on why

As I breathe

I wonder how much of the diseases

Are a result of our interference with nature

Have we poisoned humanity in the name of greed

Do these people even know or care what they’re doing

Or are they blinded by profit they don’t even see the dangers

And if they do, doesn’t make them evil

As I breathe I realise this is true

They care nothing for this world or me and you

Everything is expendable in the name of wealth and profit

Advacement and progress they we can stop it

And that’s true

But everything single thing t hey do

Brings down more ruin for me and you

The destruction and devastation

Will come back on us and with no hesitation will bring about our own extinction

Just like we’re imposing on other a species

And as I breathe I feel the heavy weight of this within me

And it hurts and it makes me angry

Thinking how we need to do something more

As a humanity to aide our planets cause

To protect and to unify and say no more

And start healing the world we’ve destroyed

And as I breathe

I vow to keep on raising this issue

Until the whole of humanity sees the need

To take the environment and extinction of other devices seriously

And as I breathe

I feel the hope and defiance and strength grow within me

For gaudians of the planet are we

That’s why we feel it within when we breathe

So join me.

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