When love is blind

She loved him so much that

She could not do without him,

Invested all her life and all her time in him,

He knew this and used this,

To exert his control

Used it to his advantage

And she would not be told,

When love is blind what can you do,

I have tried so hard to help you

But you just will not help yourself,

So what more can I do,

I can’t just sit here watching him

Constantly controlling you,

I just can’t sit and watching him

Always happily abusing you,

You need to open your eyes,

You need to decide to get wise,

You need to put up a fight

And stop letting him walk all over you.

When love is blind what is there that we can do,

Just stand by and be there for you

When it all falls to pieces

And you need someone to put you back together again,

And help you over the heartbreak and the pain,

I will then try to heal you once again.


Don’t leave it to late

Don’t leave it to late,

Like when your standing at the station

Seeing your train pulling away

And you get that stressed out exasperated feeling,

So don’t leave things to late,

Like saying to those you love Just how you feel

For may never get that chance again.

The chances are they feel the same way,

The chances are they’ll fade away,

Or just walk out that door

And you will never see them again.

Do don’t leave it to late,

To tell those who are close to you

Just how you feel and how much they mean to you,

For there are rarely second chances,

So make sure that you seize the day

And don’t leave things to late.

Sometimes opportunities may come your way

And it can be natural to hesitate

But fortune favours the brave

And some times you have to take,

A big risk of faith, to achieve your dreams

So don’t leave it to late,

Don’t be standing watching that departing train,

It’s to much of a heartbreak,

So make sure you do not go

And leave it to late,

Sometimes we have to be brave

And take a blind leap of faith

But the universe it seems to work that way.

Free speech

Free speech is fine as long as it does not impede

On other peoples freedoms or make them cede

Their beliefs or dignity.

You can’t go offending or hurting folk,

In the form of hatred ideologies or malicious jokes,

To focus on people’s beliefs, colour or creeds

Is insensitivity to the extreme,

People have the right in these situations,

To see this as unwarranted aggravation,

As well as a human rights violations.

Gender, sexuality is just the same thing to me

I am not the type of person to scream PC

And I don’t get offended easily

And I treat all people individually,

Embracing others colour, gender and beliefs,

The same about sexuality,

To me we are all equal and free to be

Exactly what we choose or were born to me,

With a freedom to always speak,

As long as it is not rooted in a hateful release

Of words that demean or diminish others individuality,

In your restricted blinkered world where you perceive,

Others in the way that you see

But has not based in truth or reality,

Just fearful rhetoric of inadequacy.

The universe in her hands

She holds the universe in her hands

And cosmically understands

The importance of the stars and moon

She likes the idea of visiting soon

She’s an astronaut of the spiritual kind

An astral hippy traveller redefined

She dreams of orions belt and nebulae

Multivereses and galaxies

Starfield nurseries and shooting stars

Tripping round Neptune, Venus and Mars.

She’s a dreamer and creator of worlds

In her hands she holds with fingers curled

The whole universe in a cosmic swirl.

Humanity insanity

Humanity is capable of insanity

And it stems from ego and vanity,

The wars it wages are based on greed

Discrimination and religious beliefs,

Led by men of instability

And of mental health liabilities.

It’s a crazy world thanks to them

And their meglomanic governments.

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Evergreen Queen

She hypnotized me

And had me in her trance,

With all her evergreen beauty

She had new at once,

The heady music filled my soul

As I felt the beat of ancient rhythms,

Echoeing through the trees

Then I saw evergreen queen,

Mother Nature in her finery

Who would have believed,

She would appear for me.

The evergreen queen

Moves among the trees,

Healing and singing

Eldritch incantations,

For me to see

She waved her hands

And she created magic,

It was all like a dream,

She walked on pillows of moss

She caressed and hugged the trees,

I could barely believe

She would show this to me,

All created at her finger tips,

The evergreen queen

Mother Nature blessing me

Was it all just a dream

It was all so serene

Walking through forests

With the evergreen queen.

Via:Daily Prompt: Trance

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New breed

We are spirits of a new age

Ones who trying to live above rage,

Who try to quell the anger,

Who try to find the way to inner peace,

Looking for more than we find right here,

In division, war and hate,

Looking not towards greed

But instead a grateful place,

Where we share because we care

And because we know there’s enough to go around

And the the arms that we use to embrace,

Are all the arms we actually need.

We have decided

To use our minds,

We have decided

They’ve gone to far,

Taking us to the edge of extinction

Nulear and environmental,

Wiith their plans based on destruction

And insatiable lust for greed

But we rise above this,

And use our conscious intellectuality,

To redefine our living

To create a new humanity.

We are the future,

We are the light,

We are the love

And we we don’t choose sides,

When we know that both sides

Are part of the same bird,

Domesticated and restricted

To making any change,

Because they both had their chances in the past

And they have always failed,

We now need something different

A new change, a new age,

We are the future,

We are the light,

We are the love,

We are what’s right

For a brighter future,

One spiritualised,

One that’s awakened

And using its conscious mind,

Rejecting war,

Rejecting hate,

Rejecting greed,

We are the future,

We are a new breed.

Recite after me

They get us sitting all in line

Reciting words and numbers

In rhyme and time

They teach us all as a collective mass

As if our unique individuality is worthless

They feed us domesticated rules and facts

Of how we are to stay on track

And be a good little citizens

Accepting and mute to their decisions

They look to disable your ability to think for self

To sit quietly and meekly on the shelf

They stifle creativity and imaginative possibilities

For they fear that we may see the endless untold things

That may surely see us bring

Our life into awakening

So as to burst through into light

And find a way to ignite

The hopes and dreams that we may have

And find a way to achieve what we see as our destiny

And break away from their domesticated ways

And following and doing only what they say.

Via:Daily Prompt:Recite

Who’s side are you on

Who side are you on?

Left side, right side

This side, that side

Who side are you on?

Fascist right

Socialist left

KKK, white supremacists


Neither side

Will be appeased

Both are thinking

They have it right

Who side are you on?

Both claim the right to speak

Neither side wants to seem weak

Both claim to be the voice of the nation

Both rejoice in aggravation

Who side are you on?

Good side, bad side

Right side, wrong side

Left side, right side

This side, that side.

The only side we should be on

Is humanitarian and animal rights

Stopping wars, hate, discrimination,

Are more beneficial to all nations

All sides uniting in love, compassion and peace

Just one side then needs to exist.

I sing my song

I sing my song

Of anti governments

Because they do nothing good for any countries

They just take

Give to little back

Then send off people

To fight their wars.

Why can’t they just make peace

And stop with the greed

Why can’t they just notice of what the people want

So I sing my songs

To protect the environment

Against these corrupt and greedy governments

Who exploit nature’s resources

To fill their pockets at the cost of our Earth

And they show that they are of so little worth.