I wish


I wish I could breathe in hope,

I wish I could breathe out healing,

I wish I breathe in all the fearful feelings

I wish I could breathe out salvation,

And teach this from nation to nation,

I wish I could teach all to breathe in love,

And teach them all to breathe out peace,

I wish they could breathe in darkness,

And then I wish they could breathe out light,

And to do this through global meditation

Sending out joyful sensations,

That ease everybodies fear

And show them that for them we are all here,

So there’s no need shed anymore tears,

I wish I could hold, everyone’s hand,

I wish I could hug everybody,

In each and every land and just say

If we were to unite, everything could truly be alright,

Don’t worry at all, you can close your eyes and sleep tight

To everyone wish a truly goodnight,

I wish you all to know, my thoughts and prayers are with all wherever you may go.

Celebrating the shit show


Leaders fiddle while Rome burns

What they do is they don’t learn,

Action is needed not grand words

Thousands die among our herd,

Is that the policy is that what their doing

Allowing the vulnerable to suffer ruin,

Let’s the virus spread through us all

The sacrafice they think is small,

But have they seen the stacked up courses

While denying medical professionals resources,

Lack of testing makes figures a joke

How can they really know,

The true picture in this horror show

Governments are acting to slow,

Telling us what’s going to be so

Bracing us for many future deaths,

Do they know something we don’t know?

Why on lockdown do numbers still grow?

They say that it will peak and plateau

But these leaders and their governments running this shit show,

Do not actually really know,

Or they do and it’s all a smoke and mirrors

What’s really going on, what cards do they hold,

Maybe it’s time we made the fold or show,

What’s in their hand by they way of their plans,

One thing we know is that we’re collateral damage to them,

And we’ll all be dying by governmental decree as and demand.

All governments lie


All governments lie

And the innocent die,

At the hands of their games

We are unaware of their aims,

The keep flying false flags

That keep generating wars,

They keep the arm traders rich,

While keeping its people poor,

The corporations they grow

Too much power they hold,

While the people end up more meek

And our influence becomes weak,

And while the governments lie

Innocent people die,

In the name of their greed and the power the need.

Breathe in and relax


Time to relax a while,

Sit back and be calm

Time to meditate and tune out of rage

And manifest the light and love,

Sharing the kindness

And focusing on inner peace,

I breathe in compassion

And let the frustration be released,

I get not angry but passionate in my thoughts and words

But I never lose my sense of humour,

During the sublime or the absurd

No matter how tough life gets
And believe me it gets tough,

I always keep on smiling

And sharing all my love,

Flawed I maybe perfect I am not

And I know I know none of life’s answers,

But I keep questioning everything

And finding them? Well what’s the chances?

So I sit here and take deep breaths and meditate on global healing,

I tune into all those suffering and absorb their feelings,

And then recite mantras of world wide hope

And ease got the afflicted,

Because when it comes to wanting change I admit I am addicted,

The world needs a paradigm shift

And a real awakening,

So I will manifest my dreams and hopes on this

And keep my vow to keep on fighting,

For light, peace and love.

Rape and violence in marriage


She lays there in that messy bed

Full of sex stains, with the smell of sweat,

The sun breaks through a shard in the curtains

And dapples light upon her face,

Is this a bed where love was made

A in sensual, consensual union,

No, it’s a bed where sex was craved by a man who chose abusing,

And his wife knew better than to fight back

Her past bruises showed how he’d react,

He comes home from a night of drugs and drink and demands that she

Complies with all his depraved thoughts and his sick fantasies,

He treats her rough, and beats up, whatever gets him off

He treats her like a worthless thing,

And shows her very little respect

And she now believes that he is the best that she will get,

He stinks of booze and his tone is crude

He raped her anytime that she finds a voice to refuse,

And he tells she’s the lucky one, because no one else would ever fuck her

He treats her so worthless, treats her mean,

He does all he needs to control and own her,

She’s his filthy sex toy, that’s all she is to him,

He makes her cook then spits it out and says her cooking is shite

She apologises, because she has lost her self pride,

And he undermines her every chance he can

Then she becomes invisible to him,

She is just her whore and slave in the bed and the kitchen,

And very little else she does truly matters or interests him

He wanted to keep her bare foot and pregnant,

But thank God he has no fertile sperm him

For he is as impotent, which kind of defines his way if life,

He is a loser, a predator monster, and a rapist,

And just a worthless waste of oxygen,

And she hopes that karma catches up on him,

And pays him back for all he’s done to her.

Female slave trade


She lays the in terrified anticipation

In a far off foreign nation,

Ripped from her home town streets

Forced into the female slave trade,

Drugged and placed in rooms to be raped each day

Shaking and drousy and so afraid,

Wondering if she will survive another day

Just a piece of meat to be abused by men so depraved,

Who don’t even care about their age,

Many of the men are rich and powerful,

Many of them seeking the thrills,

Sex trafficking is one of mankind’s greatest ills.

How does it feel


How does it feel now to live in fear

Knowing that death is always near,

Invisible virus hunting us down

Meanwhile in in other countries watch as bombs rain and hit the ground,

Wiping out streets and people who live there

Is it any wonder why they run and flee scared,

Do you know how it feels now to fear for your life

Yet you never cared about their agony and strife,

You hated on them, targeted them with your bile and spite

Not caring or understanding how it feels to fear for your life day and night,

Now you’ve had the slightest view of what this is like

Yet still you have the comfort that they were denied,

We saw and watched how you panicked

And how you hoarded out of fear,

Great fucking Britain, I bet Britannia shed a tear.