Wisdom of age

Wisdom of age

Yep I am old now

Though I do not feel it

But I am, so I deal with this

But I try inspiring

So conscious spiritual words I am firing

Straight to your mindset wiring

Instilling words of love, light and peace

From the wisdom of being old you see.

How I roll

How I roll

Just a writer, me

A lover of words and poetry

Spirituality is my belief

And discovering my conscious reality

Sharing light and sharing love

Promoting kindness, peace and caring

And stopping those from tearing our humanity and world apart

That’s how I roll.

Connect with good souls

Connect with good souls

Connect with those who resonate light

Connect with those who’s auras are bright

Connect with those of creative delight

Seek those of likewise mind

Who are consciously inclined

To be kind of heart all the time.

The light shone


A light from yonder hill emerged

Casting a ray upon the verge

I felt it as it touched my skin

I felt its warmth flowing in

I felt empowered and inspired

It rose up my frequencies so much higher

I felt my spirit manifesting

I felt my soul and heart harvesting

Vibrations of love and compassion

Washing peace and kindness over me

I saw this light was a star shining bright from a far

On this night this Christmas eve

I felt its benevolence touching me

I felt it encouraging me

To hold on to my spiritual belief

And as it fill me with awe and wonder

I saw it go back down back under

The hillside in front of me

I 8suddenly felt more at peace and free

And as the light disappeared and i could no longer see

I knew it left goodness within

I felt it wash away all my sins

As I felt reinventing who is good and tue to me.

It pleases me

It pleases me

I see you loved

I see your passion

I see you rise and fall

In a flow of sweat and moans

I see desire and pleasure

Etched upon your beautiful face

I see how your body is braced

For the onslaught of physical exertion

That meets your sensual needs

This is what I see

When I let you be free

And this pleases me.


Spiritual ache

Spiritual ache

I have a spiritual ache

That I don’t want yo break

I want to astral trav

And just fly away

I want to transcend

This suffering place

And find enlightenment some way

I want to elevate my being

And manifest my soul

Into a new age life

Into peaceful tomorrows

I want to rise up my spirit high

To vibrant, creative frequencies

And evolve into a life of

Spiritual human beings

All living in love and kindness

And in peace and tranquility

A world of light, and compassion

A world of equality

I have a spiritual ache

And a joy for love

Will you join with me

We c as n resonate happiness

And a life of hopes and dreams.

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Long road


Its a long road

To get back home

And we are carrying

Such a heavy load

We allowed ourselves

To feel the overload

Taking on the baggage

That on us was imposed,

It’s a long road and a hard journey

To get back to the heart and soul of me.