Astral experiencing

Out of body experience

Astral travelling consciousness

Connecting with spirituality

Requiring perseverance and tenacity

In a world of true reality

Of seeing different dimensions around me

Sensing realms of higher frequencies

And vibrations of different entities

Parapsychological intensities frees the spirit and releases me

Expands and develops me into a state of a higher being

Open your mind and eyes to everything your seeing

In a sleep paralysis where doors open in front brightly

Showing me cosmic universal realities

Able to project conscious densities

Of spiritual energetic abilities and beliefs.

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Harnessing our energy

We are harnessed from the energy

Created by waves of light

It makes us impeccable in life

Yet somewhere along the line we learn about self doubt

And fears and jealousy they creep in

And suffocate our spiritual being

And dtop us believing in self healing

So we become dependant on

Others making us feel better

We surrender everything to them

Be as use we’ve lost our self belief

And lost track of our power within

And how it is that as vortexes of energy

We can do and be everything you wish you see

And we can create new dreams

And write our own stories

For we are born of loved and creativity

And we were given free will with out boundaries

No borders, flags and anthems

No more xenophobic tantrums

Just love, peace and harmony

That sounds slight to me

I never lost the belief, that there is strength in unity

And tjat as humanity, we are one big family.

Creations flow

Hush, there’s a whisper on the wind

If you listen real hard you may just hear

There’s a distant sound of electrical synthesizer sound

Crackling and causing a vibration through the ground,

Echoes cascade just like a waterfall

Yet if you are not concentrating you would hear nothing at all

It’s all about tuning into the cosmic universal squall

Becocking those who hear to listen to the call

Of the universe and nature combing in harmony

To lift up and raise our frequencies

To transcend to a level that enables us to evolve

Beyond anything that mankind has ever known

And will see love reaching out to us whilst hate dissolves

This is the beauty of creations flow.

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Gliding on a zephyr

Glide away on memories

Like floating on a zephyr,

Embracing the tranquilty

I could stay like this forever,

Somewhere in this bliss I see

My spirit existentially untethered,

Free to love, free to be happy

Living out our perfect dreams

Of surfing eternity together.

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I know you

You’re boasy

To hide your fears

You are boasy

It’s a cover up

It’s just a front

You act boasy

To be the man

You’re more than that

Better in fact

You don’t need to be boasy

Be authentic

Be true to you

Don’t let boasy define your ttuth.


Dominion is a powerful word

And has a powerful intent

To gain sovereignty over nature

And every thing thst exists

Dominion is mastery over everything

Yet we struggle as humanity

To master our inner selves

Dominion is superiority

And total domination

Yet the truth is in the face of nature

We ate so fragile and so weak

Dominion is pre eminence, hegmony and control

Truth is we lack this which is why we don’t and can’t evolve

Dominion is governing and command

And setting humanity in a firm direction

But the truth is we are all just stumbling around in the dark

Not aware of the impending precipice or thinking we know better

Ignorance can be such bless and is a true idiots treasure

Dominion is not defined as walking headlong in to self extinction

Maybe we should first gain dominion

Over our own thoughts and self

And learn to be our own authority

Controlling own own lives

Instead of submitting the responsibility to others

For an easy and quieter life

Learning to harness the dominance of your own mind

This way may evolve and truly lean to grow

And in this way we may finally start to transcend and evolve

Embracing and nurturing nature

Encompassing peace and love

Dominion may be described as many things

But it certainly doesn’t describe us.

The past is gone so let it go

There nothing in the past

Except an empty void

Of forgotten memories

And a host of painful regrets

Bad choices that we made

And the memories that were best

Stay with us in the present

And we carry them forward with us

To keep us warm on those cold nights.

Succubus, the avenger

She was a succubus

A which of love

Never able to get enough

Extracting from men

Everything they have

Leaving an empty husk

Drunk from her poisoned lust

Betrayed by their trust

Their world encompassed

In a single moment of desire

Their burning passion rose higher

But that’s what was their downfall

That saw them end up on a funeral pyre

Succubus is a clever manipulating liar

Bringing down on men her sensual fire

The last they heard was a heavenly choir

Before everything suddenly went quiet

Succubus avenged women who she felt had been wronged

Succubus proved that she can be strong

Succubus, she stood among the dead throng

And laughed at their empty dry husks all the night long.

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Important questions

If not me then who?

If this isn’t the time then when?

Do you have an open mind and eyes?

What is it that gets you inspired?

What raises up your passion?

What makes your blood boil?

What makes you toil or recoil?

What is it that makes you care?

What is it that gets you there?

First or third world problems?

Can you see the issues and solve them?

Or are you switched off to real life?

Switched off your mind and settling for being told

Exactly what it is that’s wrong or right?

Have you given up controlling your own life?

Haned it over for others to decide?

Tell me why?

Does it make you happy or sad?

Have you given up everything you’ve ever had?

For the easy, peaceful life.