A life imprudent

Forgive me if I seem imprudent

I am not trying to be impudent

And I am not trying to be impertinent,

I am just trying find some contentment

While trying to avoid any resentment,

Caused by seeming aloof and unpredictable

I find life more exciting and irresistible,

When caught in moments of time divisible

I have no desire to be at all miserable

And every single present second is incontrovertible

And all I see is clearly discernable

In a world that is cold but is reversible

Existence without you would be untenable

Leaving me to being susceptible

With a motivation barely detectable

I am a person who can seem invisible

In a life that very rarely seems to ever care at all.


This is not fiction (monorhyme)

The oceans are a polluted mire

The land is choking on plugs and wire

And rainforest are ablaze with fire

The future could not be more dire.

The sky is full of toxic chemical trails

And the earth on which we live is frail

A mix of pollutants and Pesticides Leave the air stale

This is a very sad and sorry tale.

Meanwhile many species are near extinction

Our humanity is not shining with distinction

I could make a prognostication or prediction

But what’s true is this tale is real and not fiction.

Wrong assumptions

You made the assumption

when you place me in a box

when you tried to judge me

I am unpredictable and free

what you think you perceive

I can tell you that’s not me

I am and existentialist anarcho-punk

rooted in spirituality

but living it consciously

defying your attempts to see me

defining my ways

you do mistakenly

I am not what you believe

and certainly not what you think

so you’re idea of me

has nothing to with me

because it’s all based on assumption

because you don’t really know me

it’s sad that you judge

only what it is you see

you never take the time

to know me more deeply.


Kilauea Volcano in the Hawaiian Islands (© AleSocci)

The scene of Kilauea

truly amazes me,

looks so beautiful

nature is so powerful,

yet in other ways

I looks like a gateway to hell

is this a prognostication

of the future yet to come

is this natures reaction

to all that we have done

or the price we have to pay

for wars and testing of bombs

and the fracking of the earth

are we getting what we deserve

is this a warning is the tide turning

that unless we change our ways

extinction maybe not so far away.

I don’t postulate being a soothesayer

that’s not my proclivity

I am just asking and questioning

because there are reasons for everything

it’s probably just natures order

that keeps repeatedly happening

but as awful as it is

it’s still awesome and amazing

to see nature blazing

in it’s forceful powerful mode.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

A life of spirituality

A behemoth of consciousness emotions

a tsunami of manifested dreams

an iridescent waterfall of light

cascading down upon me

as I reach out for transformation

within the spectral ethereal scenes

I focus my intent on my spirituality

canvassing others into joint beliefs

but not through coercion

but through the light they witness

manifesting through my entire being

and a contentment of joyous love

overwhelming everything it touches

synchronicity weaves it’s way in between

to pass messages of transcendental imagery

and connectivity into those who choose

to cast out the illusory and accept reality.

Appreciation of life

Life could be worse

I see two people huddled in a doorway fast asleep

Living rough out on the street

Which is no place to be

So I know that I have a light shining on me

And through everything

I still regard myself as lucky

Still know that I am not on my knees

Still appreciate the fact

That I live a life that’s free

That I have the opportunity

To bleed through my words

And through my poetry

It’s a life of frustration but not of misery

And I am thankful of that

Grateful in fact

And although many things I may lack

I celebrate the fact I have my family

And despite everything

We are all happy

And despite everything we are all like all healthy

And when I saw these two people asleep in a doorway

I realise how bad life could be

And it isn’t me fortunately

So I am appreciative of my life indeed.


Scrimping and scraping

That’s my life

Struggling every day just to get by

This is not good enough any more

I have to find a way to go to war with myself

Do more,

Achieve more

And try

So much harder in life

It’s time for some self sacrifice

Stop making excuses

Stop believing I am not good enough

Start find away

To get motivated

Try and find ways because it’s so frustrating

Feeling that there is much more

But not being able to find away to score

I always keep missing

I need to be sure

The target at which I am aiming for

Is right for me

I need to unleash

Everything to succeed

It ain’t about money and getting rich

It ain’t about fame

That don’t appeal to me

It’s about providing a decent life

For myself but mostly my family

I’ve not given them as much as I should

I would give them the whole world if I could

I get so frustrated

I get so mad at me

For continually doing nothing

Except working for others

Doing the mundane

Day after day it’s always the same

Death by routine

Will this be the end of me

Forgotten when I am gone

No one will write stories about me

I this how I want my life to be seen

As an insignificant blip

In the course of history.

From now on

From now on

I must gain some focus

Find a way to be motivated,

Study and find the light and love

I wonder if I’ve been practising enough,

Nothing comes easy, that’s a fact

Got to try and improve and up my act,

Fill in the gaps where I lack

And find the strength to come back,

I should not be waiting for things to happen

I got start to stir things up,

I’ve got to make things happen

If I want to get anywhere in life,

Come at it old

So I got to be bold

And try,

To fulfil my potential

I have wasted so much time,

I am an honest critic

And I am critiquing my life,

It’s not good enough

To sit and watch life go by,

As if I am waiting in a queue

For my time to come,

For my fifteen moments of fame

It doesn’t work like that,

I got set targets and take aim and achieve

And stop making excuses

It has nothing to do with age,

Yes I work hard every single day

But it’s for other people

It’s time to do something for me

And if I want to achieve this

I got to make my pen bleed,

I got face myself honestly

Accept the fact I’ve never done enough,

To push myself forward

I’ve lacked the self belief and that’s tough,

I got start believing in me,

If I expect others to do the same

It’s about time that I upped my game,

Stop looking for others to blame

Stop dreaming and wishing my life away,

From now on I got to go against the grain

And get on the fast train

And be who I want to be

And do what I want to achieve,

Don’t look to others

This is all down to me.

Lost memories

Lost memories

Of a thousand past lives

Lost memories

They linger somewhere deep in mind

I get those flash back moments

I get the deja vu

I think I spent past lives with you

So many people from my soul group

Come and go but you stay

As if you are afraid that we may fade away

Lost memories

Telling tales and stories

Of our eternity

It’s all true as long as you believe

That life is lived spiritually

Within the realms of cosmic dreams

Where within the universe

We grow together healing hurts

And raising up our vibrancy and tuning into frequencies

That make our love resonate

In a golden luminescent waves

Sweeping us into an Isle of solitude

Where we can choose to

Reflect and ponder upon the theme

Of our lost memories

Of a thousand past lives

Lost memories

They linger somewhere deep in mind

But every time I see your face

Something reminds me

That this is not the first or last time we will ever meet.

Unlocking the box

I don’t know you

You don’t know me

And what we see

Is all perceived

It’s not based on reality

But I see that box

It’s a heat shaped box

That’s securely locked

Which contains your heart

And my jaw it drops

Because I’ve never needed

Anything like this

I never desired anything more

Than what’s within your box

That heart shaped box

With the secure lock

Which if I take time over

And take stock

I may find away to breach

And open the box and see

Your passionate heart

Which bleeds with love

And which I want to cherish

Oh! So much

So give me some encouragement

That I can acquire your love.