We need to show the love

One foot forward

Two steps back,

To me toxicity is wack

Negative thoughts I lack,

Bring it on my friend

I will not reciprocate it back,

Because I am not like that

I am positive in everyway,

We must choose carefully what we say

Impeccable talk is my crusade,

Don’t agree, well that’s ok

That’s your choice what can I say,

I just let judgement fade away

I’ve got more important things to hear and say,

It’s always sad when people display

Discontentment with your authentic ways,

I try to be kind in all I do and say

My compassion ain’t something fake,

Love is all I try to demonstrate

One foot forward,

Two steps back,

Respect isn’t something that I lack.

Deep love

The I love have is deep

As deep as any sea,

Come plunge it’s depths

And see just what mean,

Come swim and find out new

Things that you never knew,

See my hidden depths

You may find some treasure,

Discover my loves depths

And I think you’ll find real pleasure,

In connecting as one with me

And swimming in my sea,

We can build a love so blissful

Don’t waste the chance ,

For it is unmissable

Come share the love,

You’ll find it truly irrisistable.

Mental health

In times of stress

Remind yourself,

That you are not

Your mental health,

Tell your mind

It’s time to shut down,

Still your thoughts

Let it make no sound,

Believe and simply

Take time to breathe

This is your chance

To take it easy,

This is the time

To believe you are amazing,

Imprint it within your mind

And let the self love inside you

Start burning and start blazing

Let your soul light up

With caring and compassion

Ease yourself from all of this

Negative attraction

Shine your light upon yourself

And know there’s nothing

That you can’t do

And understand the most important truth

Your mental health is not, a representation of you.


Lockdown happened

I worked right through it,

No, I didn’t choose this

Now it’s all over and we’re all in masks,

If you don’t wear one you’re taken to task

Keep your distance, it isn’t hard,

Wash your hands, I shouldn’t have to ask,

Who never did this before anyway

Mind your hygiene and you’ll stay safe,

People got frustrated staying in

I get frustrated by an incompetent government,

Go out and enjoy half price eats

Then they blame people who chose to meet,

Can’t visit your family at home

But you can go to the pub in the stranger zone,

You couldn’t make it up, the government has shown

That it’s completely out of its depth,

It has no good idea it’s simply bereft

That’s why it’s not come to an end but left,

People living in uncertainty and fear

But I really do hope one day we’ll recover and cheer

The fact that we have managed to get past it,

And that hopefully we’ll no longer be at risk.

Seek out people

When you feeling down

Seek people out,

Don’t isolate yourself

Just keep on talking,

And don’t be afraid

To say what it’s all about,

I know it’s a hard thing to do

But trust me I can only help you,

Try and be open

And honest as well as true,

Isolation is not good for you

Especially if you think,

Self harming maybe

A good option to choose,

It’s not and you must understand

People will be there for you,

But you must let them in

If any chance of healing,

Or feeling better is to begin.

Into the woods

Into the woods

And green scenery,

Into the depths

Of nature’s fantasy,

This is the place

The place of dreams,

A moss, lily pad covered lake

It’s quiet and serene,

Dragonfly’s hover

And they flit about,

This is a moment

Away from the crowds,

This is solitude

Where nobody shouts loud,

It’s a place of reverence

To be divinely observed.

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No mystery

There’s only one Fauxcroft

And that is me,

No other name

I ain’t no mystery,

What get is what you see

So love or hate me,

Don’t ever think I’d ever be

Anything or anyone else but faux,

This is my ship

And this is my show,

I would never masquerade

As anybody else,

I am me, my unique self,

Anarchist, environmentalist,

Animal rights activist,

Never been drawn in

To being a hateful racist,

Promoter of the positive

Lover but no misogynist,

If love be a philanthropist

But I am broke and that’s ok,

For I use my words to spread love

And the words that I say,

Are my own and no one else’s

And I spread them every day,

In a hope they may inspire change,

But even if they don’t

That to is ok, I am not a narcissistic type,

And I’ll get by anyway,

I know I am kind of heart

And compassionate of soul,

I’ll never judge or hate anyone

So a story can be told,

I am just doing my best, now that I am so fucking old,

To be wise and to be happy

And to seek a time beyond this place

A place created with a golden glow.

Au revoir

On we go, for so long

But for how much longer can we go,

Sadly I don’t think that we can know,

It grinds down even the strong

So maybe it’s time for a final swan song,

When we feel the gig is done

Maybe it time to say so long,

Au revoir, farewell, I must be gone.

Dine on me

You give others a little insight to your life

And they soon douse your light,

You give a little bit of your soul

And the judgemental cannibles will eat you whole,

Fine on me, that’s fine by me

If you wanted to hurt and damage me,

Well done, you’ve managed to succeed

Prick me my friend and you’ll see that I bleed,

And I hope that satisfied your need.

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