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Can we talk


Can we talk

And communicate,

Without a need

To get angry or hate,

Agree to differ

Respect others views,

We have differing opinions

Both me and you,

And there’s absolutely

Nothing wrong with that,

But we can exchange knowledge

When we chat,

And share different beliefs

Without any need,

To get unnecessarily nasty.

Not the answer


Left wing manifestos

Right wing shams

Either way you go

You’re always damned

Politics is not the answer

Because the system is fixed

The establishment oppresses us

With its clever destruction tricks

And while we are all arguing

About which side we are on

The system just keeps

Going on and on

Instilling doubt and fear into us

It’s been happening since birth

And too few of us kick up a fuss

Indoctrinated through school

To work in jobs like slaves

Taught this is the right way to behave

Step of line when you see it’s all a con

They will label you an anarchist

And beat you with their truncheons

If you try to rebel they’ll label you a freak

Look for any sign in you that they can exploit as weak

Then feed it to the media

Who lap it and feast on you

Whipping up pure hate and hysteria

So while you’re living like an automaton

They’ll live the good life and it’s champagne they’ll be sipping on

Now tell me that the system is not wrong

Seeing people sleeping in dooways

And public conveniences

Shows a lack of of equality

And that society needs fixing

So why not open yours and use your fuckin head

We need new answers to the problems

And politics as we know it is not one of them

So it may as well be dead

And if it isn’t right now

Watch this space because it soon will be.

No one should live like this


Flickering light and damp walls

Mould growing up towards,

The ceiling where it spreads it’s spores for all,

To breathe in due to the atmospheric pall,

And in these conditions people live

There health is poor but they have to deal with it,

This is not humanitarian

This is not an acceptable way for any being,

To have to live there lives,

Not that society cares

For it is not a place that is equal or fair,

And any sense of kindness is rare

In this place where the is no bright lights and clean air.


Dangerous people

Dangerous people

The most dangerous among us

Are those who know the least,

Yet act and speak as if they know all,

They speak the loudest,

They speak the most,

They brag and they always boast,

There is nothing that they do not know,

These people are the ones that worry me most

Because they get the platforms and positions power.

As one


I am a member of one race,

One humanity,

A global society and community,

I am not alone, I am not a one nation person,

I will not be divided from the rest of my family,

I am all embracing,

I am all encompassing,

I am one love, one kindness,

I am you and you are me

And together we can live free,


Animal rights activism


Destruction of other species

We are the cause of so many animal extinctions,

So they should not be surprised when some of us fight back,

When we fight to protect animals that we say under threat,

I cannot just sit back and see what happens next,

I’ve seen to many baby seals being clubbed to death,

Seen to many fox hunts

See to many species being placed under threat,

Because of human expansion

To serve man’s greed,

To be served up on the table as an offering of meat,

Well if meat means murder then maybe we should think

If cosmetics and cigarettes lead to suffering,

Then maybe that’s beyond anything we should ask

There is a reason abattoirs are hidden in the dark,

Areas of our countryside out of sight and mind

Animal cruelty is wicked by design,

It’s time to start to make a change

Within our present lifestyles,

All kinds of vivisection is absolutely vile,

I taste the suffering within this and it taste so sick and full of bile,

And I won’t be forced to eat this anymore.

Becoming the ungovernable force


Mighty and superior

That’s what they think they are,

And we allow them to act out this role and go to far,

Taking away all our privacies,

And suppressing all our rights,

Spreading lies through the media

And diminish our light and sight,

And when we start to realise their abuse of power

And rise to fight back, they use force to make us cower,

They are meant to represent our views

Not there to be some kind of corrupt institute,

But that’s exactly what they are

Using corporations to destroy and tear our world apart,

In the name of greed they make us bleed

We must learn to wake up and see,

And put up some resistance and start to test the power

Put it under pressure and make the future ours,

We must be the ungovernable force

That fights for equality and fairness,

To fight for our environment, this battle maybe endless

But sooner or later we can change this hateful state,

In to one of love and kindness

And once more make mankind and our planet great.