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Drugs ‘n’ kids

Drugs and kids

Weed and alcohol

Is society losing control

Parents are there

But seem unaware

I am not sure they even care

Drugs start with weed

Then moves up a notch

Onto ketamin and crack, are you shocked?

They rob and steal

To pay for each deal

This isn’t fantasy this is real

Parents say it’s harmless and ik

Just a part of the growing up stage

Then they’re crying in a mortuary

Over their child

Because their kids were able to run wild

And now overdosed or dead through a gang feud

Stabbed for being in a different crew

Most just trying to get rich quick

But die so young that they never make it

It’s so fucked up its really heartbreaking

And the kids don’t understand or care about the risks they’re taking

They lack the education they’re corpses of inmates in the making.

My dream for tomorrow

I dream of mother nature growing freely

And big cities slowly receding

As man learns balance with earth

As we stop exploiting and start to nurture

As we stop driving animals to extinction

Humanity finally achieves distinction

And evolves into a higher race

And we live in more equality driven states

It may seem far fetched but we have to learn

This planet is not our to destroy and burn

And being worthy guardians is a status that must be earned

And of our ignorance we have to learn

That’s it’s holding us back

If we want a future for our children they deserve

Inheriting a rich and abundant earth

With nature and different species carefully and lovingly preserved.

I am sorry….

I am sorry

Do you misunderstand my story

Do you think your perception of me makes me worry

Did you misunderstand and take my kindness as weakness

Did you think you could consign me to the bleakness

Of self doubt and self loathing

And did you think me weak

Did you take the words of love and peace

Of which I always speak

As a chin in my armour and that I am easily silenced

Do you believe that because I oppose all violence

That somehow some way that makes me a soft target

I will show you my strength so that you wish you had not started

I was going about my life happily enough

Sharing words of light and love

Talking about environmental issues and truth

While watching the moon and stars sitting on the roof

Gazing at the universe looking for the proof

That would show that we are energy beings

And that is the truth

In my conscious reality

And striving for impeccable words

I try to tune into the frequencies that many have never heard

The frequency of the cosmic symphony

That lifts us up to transcendancy

Now if this offends you in any way

That’s a problem you created within your own tale

See we are all authors of our own stories

I am to write mine based on spiritual glory

If you wish to waste your time of fruitless deeds

Like attacking and trying to start a fight against me

Well I am sorry to dis appoint you but I won’t rise to that

I don’t want your toxicity you can have that back

And go back to your vicious little habitat

Because I won’t change or go away because of you

Because there issue nothing in which you portray me as resonates as truth

And those who know me will back up this fact

And you’ll end up on the wrong end of this aftermath

Of waging a campaign to silence me

You cannot cage a spirit that is wild and free

So you can never hope to end me

Because I am rooted in my love and in my passionate self belief.


Judgement occurs in a weak and mind

Judgement is best seen as ego defined

Thinking you are good enough to perceive and judge

Judgement is a trait that is Devoid of love

Judgement is for those who are ignorant

Judgement is the highest for of arrogance.

My love

My love of this earth and of the environment

Is far greater than my love of material possessions

My love for all people is far greater

Than a need for popularity and fame

My love for myself raises my above

Those who wish to damage me

My life is love light and kindness

And so haters cannot have an effect on me.

I come from hardship so others cannot hurt me

I speak no harsh or bad words of anyone

For this will darken my soul

And put a blot on my heart.

I see no joy in hate or ridicule

I seek merely to grow and develop kindness

In a world that has lost it’s way.

So much intolerance and xenophobic rantings

So much lack of understanding of self

And how we are energy created from love

And yet somehow we fall into darkness

And become materialistic zombies

Who crave a consumer life to show their worth.

I see my own worth

I have learnt self love

I practice a still mind and a kind heatt

I eliminate toxicity from my life

In favour of positivity and light

And though others scoff and mock me

All those others seek to beamish me

Out of envy and jealousy

I rise above this for I am better than their games

I am stronger than these conforming sheep will ever be

For I am existential

For I am unique

For I am my own authority

Which is why I am free

And they are bound in the bondage

Of a repressed life bestowed on them by society.

My words and my life is one of inspiring others

It is about selfless acts of kindness

And of compassion and I will not change for others

And I will not let others defile my name or works

To the point that I crumble

It will only make me stronger

It will only make me more determined

To ensure my legacy lives on long after I have gone

And they have diminished into the darkened shadows of negativity.

End the suffering

I could careless about where people are Jews or Muslims

I do care how ever that murderous people are killing each other on both sides

And that Israel is using it’s massive war machine to crush people and cause genocide.

Before the 2nd World War Israelis left Israel for Europe

And suffered greatly

After the war the UK repatriated them to Israel

And they hated it and fought us

Now they are a big powerful established nation

Using might to crush Palestinians who never left the region

The cycle of violence on both sides must end

The once nomadic Israeli race and the Palestinians must find away to peace

Without the intervention of other interfering governments

A way to coexistence must be found

And all past wrongs put aside

To end the cycle of murder, death and hate on both sides.

No government

No race

No one people own the land

It belongs to all people

To live where they wish

Borders, anthems, flags and religion is all man made

And created to achieve such divides

So that the powerful few can rule.

Son of man

I am the son of man


This cruel cruel and virulent race

I am the son of man


Destroying this beautiful place

I am the son of man


Waging war and killing the innocent

I am the son of man


We need to change and go into recovery

To be a race we can be proud of

That lives in harmony and peace

We need to transcend and to evolve

So our spirits can finally be released

From this self created suffering.

Money lies

Money for churches, mosques and temples

Money for war and death machines

Money for corporate buildings, hotels and government facilities

But no money for the poor and those in poverty

We don’t lack money we lack the compassion and love.

Future society

Some won’t be happy

Until they cut down the last tree

Some won’t be happy

Until they’ve eradicated every species

It’s all in the name of outright greed

They won’t be happy until there nothing else to see

And that they polluted and built on every piece of land and even on the sea

And they will find a new way to aide us to breathe

And then charge us for it astronomically

They will do the same with the food that we eat

This is a glimpse at our future society.