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The difference between us


You spit venom

I spit love

You speak hate

I speak peace

You bad it up

Whilst I do good

You do wrong

And I do right

We ain’t no different

You and I

But we both chose

Different lives

You are toxic

I am inspiring

You are deluded

I am awakened

You live illusions

I live it real

You don’t create, you steal

I am original, can you feel

You are sheep

I am unique

From the seeds we sow

So shall we reap

Trust me

There’s no joy in negativity

Please believe

There happiness

To be gained in positivity

And like I said

That’s the difference

You will find between

Both you and me.

Burn in turn


We burn

In turn

When you ignore the truth

Faced with overwhelming proof

Yet for convenience you reside

In ignorant bliss and you hide your eyes

What an awful thing to do

Ignoring at your peril as we do

The dangers to humanity and earth

Let it be known notice has been served

Your arrogance that means we refuse

And simply object and continue to abuse

Means that in the end accountability will be on you

You’ll be held responsible for that which you did not do

So burn we will

Under a red hot sun

Burn in turn

Because you did not do enough

This is a hard life, but I still dream ( no crown for me)


I love it when I hear those rapping saying they had it hard

I write poetry but I know I am no bard

I live a life as tough as shit

Hard work, no money do I give them short thrift

I aint looking to wear no crown

But I am fed up with always being down

I do everything and anything for family

I center myself in spiritual belief

I look to Buddha for inspiration

I am an anarchist who suffers no placation

I believe in environmental salvation

Though I am poor and my life is tough

I know what matters and I share love

Lost both my parents and my daughter

Yet somehow I still believe my life has a future

Even though hope seems to have abandoned me

I still hold on to the light that gives me energy

I fight for global equality

I fight the right for freedom of speech

That why I always back amnesty

I support Greenpeace on ecology

Extinction Rebellion trying to save humanity

David Attenborough is a legend to me

Neither left nor right has policies for me

Self serving politicians all in it for greed

I still remember Grenfell and I still grieve

No one prosecuted can you believe

Epstien raped kids and still walked free

For so many years because he was wealthy

I lived my life in conscious reality

Trying to live it good with kindness as my priority

But never has anybody offered to fit a crown on me

But I wouldn’t want it in all honesty

I want my words to be heard i ain’t going to lie

I’d hate to think I was wasting my time

But I swear if I hear rappers keep saying they’ve had it tough

I am gonna flip that’s the truth blood

For its so hard to hear when you’re broken and poor

And life hardly seems worth living for

The endless precession of work, sleep work, sleep

Very little ir no pleasures in life for me

Driving me f own on yo my knees

Is the very raw reality

For me

Yet somehow I still manage to dream

I am a writer

I do my best

To spread a message through my poetry

So why not join me

On my journey

You are welcome to come and follow me.



They sell us a belief of choice

But where is the choice

When the only voice

Is a construct by and aged old system

Out of date and lacking distinction

And though it acts like it has conviction

It repeats the same old restrictions

Limiting our freedom through guilt and fear

Protecting an establishment it holds dear

This choice is a delusional dream

Based around a controlling theme

That manipulates both you and me.

Desolation party


I travelled into space

To see what I could find

I travelled out of body

Into the cestial divine

I was looking for a new home

Somewhere to rest my soul

After all the desolation

Caused by mankind out of control

And we burned, we drilled, we polluted

We destroyed all there was

And now I seek a new home

Because the one I loved is lost

As nd after all this desolation

Mankind still can’t see it was wrong

Even though they’ve denied us

A place that we can call home

And as I seek out new solar systems

And galaxies within space

I escape the desolation

Within my spiritual state

And as the Earth as we once knew it

Crumbles, burns and rots

These people who control the world

Simply still can’t stop

Because they’re addicted to money

And all they live for is greed

And they miss the point that having a home

Is all we really need

Because after the desolation

We’ll be a rough sleeper species

Homeless vagrant mankind

Facing the extinction reality

And from this desolation

You’d think that we may learn

But we’re to ignorant and arrogant

And so we stupid fuckers burn

Burn in the fire of our own materialist greed

And the most ridiculous of all theories

Where we believe we’re the superior species

And as we face our finale I gaze into outer space

And think how we transformed from a miracle

Into a shameful disgrace race

The destroyed all we we born into

From which the universe creates

But we did not have the intelligence

To learn how to nurture love and grace

And as I witness the desolation

I transform to my spiritual state

Because even I can see now we can’t be saved because its all to late

And in the desolation

We all get the chance to burn

Rich and poor, both black and white

We never ever learned

To pull together united

And live as one family

And so in our desolation

Hatred and division we reaped

From the seeds of our own ignorance

In our final desolation we’ll all bleed.