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Positive mind

A positive mind is hard to resist

How could anyone not want to be like this my

A smiling face is a look of gold

Keep laughing from your birth until you are old

Live life benevolently because kindness

Is absolutely free

And don’t forget keep love

In your heart

That way life can never

Tear you apart.

Be happy

Be strong

Be spirituality.


Hope even in hateful minds

Narrow minded people

With hateful vicious minds

Venting their vile threats and language

On social media online

They take to streets in numbers

Feeling safe within a pack

Trying to find the courage

That when alone they lack.

Its disgusting and repulsive

The things some people post

To those they understand least

And so because of this hate most.

The people don’t like anyone

Who is different from them

Easy to blame others for all of their failings.

Now I don’t hate these people

I feel sorrow and pity for them

And I would much rather try to help them

By showing them the richness of different cultures

Different colours, faiths and views

Show them that coexistence is the enlightened truth.

I show them nothing but unconditional love

And unconditional compassion

I do this for myself as well as them

And understand we’re all driven by passion

But that sometimes we have to question if what we believe

Is actually true

Or maybe we’re deluding ourselves

And doing things others manipulate us to do.

I offer to these people always an olive branch of peace

In hope they will one day touch it and their negative ways may cease

We must not give up hoping

We must not give up the dream

We must not end up being like them

Violent and hateful to such an extreme

We must always offer to all our love.

The truth is not as you know it

I look around me at the bitterness and strife

Caused by the people of political right

But I hate no one so I won’t hate of them

Most are not fully aware of what they’re doing.

Most come from deprived and under privileged backgrounds

Lack the education and suffer under economic deprivation

Or are tossed aside by a society that doesn’t care

And along come those full of hate who point the finger of blame

At those immigrants of different colours and different faiths.

They are told these people steal your jobs and steal your house

They steal your women and want to steal the power

But this simply is not true and was the same tactic used by Hitler

And that policy demean the intelligence of me and you.

The same right wing politics is in place to day

Remove the Jews and banish all immigrants far away

Create a homeland that is entirely white.

Trouble is like Hitler once they achieve that who is next

Gypsies, and people with disabilities

Anyone in fact that’s different and do not fit their code

Six foot, blonde haired, blue eyed Arian truth be told.

Yet this may go by the board by those who exert right wing control

Those of power money and of privilege

Who set the races into this division

To distract us all from their exploitation and oppression

To ensure this free market state that only works for them

Is protected from those outside their walls

And only the select few will ever be let in

This power is used by the Illuminati and the Beilderberg Group

A group of select individuals controlling money war and hate

That interfere in every single state

Dark men with dark motivations

These are our real enemies

A different who need to be exposed and removed from power

To stop these things they do

They don’t care if your White, Black or Jew

They could careless if your an immigrant

Unless a danger to them you represent

Power is the problem and the enemy of the people

And its time to wake up now and take the power back

Under a united humanity all working as one

To build a better future and a better world for everyone.

The cost of modernisation

Modernisation at the cost and new technology

we are told is the future but what of the people

that work in these areas where they become surplus to this

that now have more free time but no money on which to exist

it’s ok moving forward but you have to take care of the humanitarian element

but you see I know that you don’t care

it’s all about profit margins and becoming lean and mean

you have mean covered when you replace people with machines

shut down your branches because everything’s online

it won’t be too long before the total high street decline

where there will be rows and rows of abandoned and derelict businesses and shops

tumbleweed high street haunted and lost

people will communicate only through use of mobile phones

outside will become an alien zone

because no jobs, means no money and no need to go out

which will cause a massive financial drought

I wonder if they have thought these plans thoroughly out

and yet something tell me yes because the rich won’t be effected

and if the poor struggle then why would they care

they can employ us as cheap servants to keep under their stairs.

Capitalism is not working except for the top one percent

it’s an unfair archaic system that uses the word ‘caring’ a a pretense.

Off my trolley

If I were any more jolly

I would be thought of as being off my trolley

Maybe the price of being delusional

Or maybe it’s all just seasonal.

The fact I have survived another year

Met so many fantastic creative people here

Made this hard year more easier to take

Surround by the toxic folks and the fakes

It matters not to me what I achieved

The Compassion, love and unity

That I have encountered Sharing g my works

And reading others stuff of such quality is beserk

You realise how much talent out there

Truly never gets the chance to be aired

The positive works on peace and love

Have lifted my hopes and filled my heart so much

Its helped me believe there is good out there

And some have their eyes open and are fully aware

Of the transition and shift needed in our lives

Standing for benevolence, goodness and right.

Via: Daily Prompt : Jolly

By degrees

Degree by degree she feels the pain

Of the love that was betrayed

Meanwhile her friend sees degree by degree

The Earth heating up bringing catastrophe

Both see each issue as vital to their life

Neither judges the other and both are ready to fight

One for love and one for world

Both are there for each other with their friendship unfurled

Both support each other and and prepared to make a stand

Next to their friend ready to do anything they can.

Via:Daily Prompt : Degree


If nature don’t get you tripping

Then are you rally living

If love don’t make you glow

Then you should question all you know

And if being negative and hateful

Puts a smile upon your face

Trust me you will see me and everyone simply walk away

And if you realise that the life you lead is all yours to create

Then my friend you will soon discover better days.

Diamond eyes

She looked out on the world with diamond eyes

And saw the beauty and saw the wonder of humanity

But she also saw the horrors and pain

Saw the wicked side of human nature

Saw the exploitation and destruction

And these sights caused her to shed a tear

From those sparkling diamond eyes

But then she saw the hope in those

Who raised their voices for love and peace

She saw in them the determination

Heard their inspirational speech

And knew that there was yet a chance

To heal the world and humanity

It would just be real hard work

Getting everybody else to see and agree.

China and it’s murder of Tibet

Self immolation defines the Tibetan nation

Highlighting the cause of Chinese violations

culturally and ethnically cleansing  a country

and nobody is speaking out

it is another holocaust of that there is no doubt

Tibetan monks disappearing being murdered and abducted

and the Dalai Lama’s return is constantly obstructed

and the Chinese claim Tibet as their but this is not the fact

so monks have to find a way to try and hopefully attract

some attention to their cause and plight

but no one seems to take any notice

and China rides on a tide of affluence while destroying Tibet’s rich cultures

knocking down whole towns and cities and moving Han Chinese in

this is a crime against humanity why is the world not protesting

its all to do with money and the West grovelling to these brutal men

but the time has come to make a stand for all Tibetans

they use and abuse that Tibet has a water supply it can control

to hold power over other countries and for they value it can be sold

the Chinese fear Buddhism and I guess there is a good reason why

for when in silence the world witnesses the Tibetan race subside

karma will hopefully unleash a backlash over those who used

oppression murder and detentions in order so they could rule.

Judgemental society

Society is becoming more judgemental

Without self analysing

Not looking at ourselves

To busy judging and criticising everybody else

Living lives not creative

Lacking the imaginative flair

So focusing on what they see as faults of others

Not sure why they should truly care

Let those who can do get on with it

And those who can’t go find out where it is and what’s it about

Finding your own creative talent

Connecting with your imaginative thought

Then work at trying to develop a tribe

That follows your work and pushes you on to grow much more.