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Time to move from barbarian rule

We are led to believe that the strong rule

And as we look around barbarians use the tools,

Of power and might to control us all

But I think it’s times the barbarians must fall,

Humanity it needs to love compassionately

This earth needs healing hand to stop the wounds from which it bleeds.

For us there must be more in store

Than just the mindset of wars,

Nietzsche said ‘making predictions are the biggest cause’

So we should live in the present like we’ve never before,

Joining hands in unity is the message I implore

In the hope that we can open up the evolutionary door

And step into a new age going back to natural existential law

This would surely be a life and world worth striving for.

Rise up humanity against brutal men

Humanity should be beautified

Instead humanity is brutalised

Don’t give yourself to the service of these men

These uncaring, unsharing people in government

Who will sell their souls to fill their own pockets

Destroy other countries cities with their rockets

You are better than this, you know we are one race

In adversity we should stare it in the face

Refuse to back down and refuse to allow

Humanity to be harmed and treated like this

There is still slavery and human trafficking

These are things that should not be happening

But there is big money, and people behind it

So it’s likely law enforcement and the judiciary know it

There are fake wars fought under false flags

Meanwhile its victims lay dead in their rags

Babies body es left dead on the street

Now resembling pieces of dead meat

Why yoh following these Savage brutal men

Why are you even voting for them

Humanity deserves better as does this earth

We need men and wormen of worth

To guide us to a place whee re we can transcend and evolve

Where hate violence and needless warmongering can be solved

Through the power of forgiveness, peace and love

Your buying us with money is now not enough

Materialism don’t cut no more

Living with greed in fear is not appealing anymore

People now prefer to make a change

Against tour brutal, greedy and xenophobic ways

So don’t let life make you bitter so you don’t back these brutal men

Forget about making enemies

It’s time to make friends

No matter what they tell us to believe

While they sit in the ivory towers and seethe

We can break out of this negative society

And discover the real truth of being happy

And accepting all men and women are all part of our family

One race one love and a kinder more evolved, progressive humanity

All working towards one visionary goal

To get to a point where climate change is solved

And that war, hate and violence are virtues of ancient men of old

Who will figure not once in stories told

To future generations for we don’t need to remember that shame

Unlike the positive life that we can achieve in a future age.

Rebellious, subversive anarchistic me

I am rooted deep within a rebellious soul

I am still subversive though some nay think me old

I am young at heart I don’t see my years

I’ve struggled through so m any heartaches and tears

And that’s why I won’t conform to the norm

I came in kicking and screaming when born

I’ll arrive at my grave bruised battered and torn

Covered in the scars of a life well fought

Standing up got truth and what is right

I refuse to turn a blind eye

Outspoken and full of belief

Always moving forward and refusing to retreat

That’s me, the unconvential old punk anarchist

Appreciating this life and world in which we exist

Sharing it with so many other a mazing species

Beauty all around in nature dazzling me

Why would I not fight for these thing

And an to war and people’s liberty

Whg would I not work towards a world of live and peace

Standing up against all for of slavery

Discrimination and inequality

These are the is s es that define me

And I still find time to set my so l free

As I meditate and heal myself mindfully

This is me and I make no apologies

It’s up to you if you choose to love or hate me

But nothing will ever change me

From living my life compassionately

This is the rebellious, subversive, anarchist in me

An existentialist, Buddhist thinking advocate you see

Living in my own concious reality

And never afraid to dream

And I never stop believing

In a love that’s created universally

By a biocentric theory that in itself is its own mystery

As is the miracle of all existence

Of which I show gratitude of being a part of

But I am still always string to effect change

In a world do dysfunctional and estranged.

Not spiritual you hypocrite

I hear hate speech uttered by religious types

It goes on all the time on all the sides

Whatever you believe about violence and death

Know that no God condones this

And I hope when you take you final breath

Your life review will reflect it

And you would have failed at living a good life

Because your violence and ignorance just isn’t right

So stop pretending to live a spiritual life.

This is me

I am an aging Anarchist

A spiritualist

And a punk

I am a hippy say some

Be as use I resonte

Flowers and love

I am kind I am compassionate

Tolerant and I hug trees

There are no God’s and Masters

Governing me

I am existential in thought

In my consciousness I am free

Yet tough I am all these things

I am none of these

For I wont be boxed or labelled

I believe in Love, Peace and Anachy

Fight war not wars is my mantra you see

Live me or not please respect rather than judge me

As I do with everyone I meet.

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The inhumanity shame

Once again man demonstrates

It’s inhumanity to its fellow man

In a holy mosque in New Zealand

Once again man showed its ignorance and hate

As well as its intolerance by alt-right clickbait

We need to make a change even though it seems to late

To stop extremists on every side

And claim our humanity back.

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Dirty tricks and smears

You can tell when the truth is being told

The media spin lies and people are told

That the in this case climate change

Is communist, left wing or a theory of the deranged

They will spin it everyway to protect the corporates

Joing them in this game is the government

Smearing the names of environmentalists

And the work that they do

Sacraficing their liberty as the police stick them in jail

For peaceful demonstrations which is our right in a democracy

But the media, the government and corporates

Will do anything to distract you from seeing their greed

They don’t want to save this planet

Their is no money in that

They just want to exploit it

This is a true fact

So they slander environmentalism

They call it misinformed and extreme

They don’t want us getting in the way of their dirty energy dreams

So they smear the climate change movement by any dirty means.

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People saving lives being arrested

There’s a voice of democracy that’s being quashed and oppressed

People trying to save lives are being arrested

When was freedom of speech seen as wrong in our state

We’re airing voices of love and peace not voices of hate

We’re trying to save this planet what’s wrong with that

But corporations with government and the police are hitting back

They see us as attacking their profits like its an attack on their greed

They have no care and blind to the planets needs

It’s them that polluted with plastic and chemical shit

And as always despite fracking and cutting down trees and killing other species

They manage somehow to get away with it

Exploiting and destroying all earth’s resources

We’re left with no other recourses

But to demonstrate in away that’s non violent and right

We take to them and intellectual fight

Yet some the system shows just how its wrong

Using tactics that are unlawful and wromg

It’s corporations that should be arrested and jailed

Not people trying to save lives on his the state has failed

Within its duty to to protect this earth

And to give future generations what they deserve

And environmentally healthy and safe place to live

Or they will look back at what we have done and never forgive.

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No suprise there then

It’s no suprise the old fossils

Who run our societies

Won’t give up on fossil fuels

On dirty polluting energy

It’s no wonder to me

That those with their fingers

Wedged deeply in the pie

Promote dirty polluting energy

With false rhetoric and lies.

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