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Under privileged

Brushed under the mat

Treated differently,

Made to feel like we are less

By this who are in superiority,

Who believe that they are

Better than you or me,

Denying us often any opportunity

Simply because they like the power

Like to sit in judgement

Like to hold control

Love making the decisions

On how our life is going to go

They get all the big bucks

Off of our blood, sweat and tears,

Week after week,

year after year,

They like presiding over us

That much is very clear

And if you show an ounce of dissent

They can mess your life up,

Dump you out of your job

So you end up down on your luck

And these arrogant people

Just won’t give a fuck.


Guns vs human life

Are human lives worth more than guns

If they are put the guns away

Or are human lives expendable

Brought and paid for by the NRA

Who promote the selling of guns

That will ensure humanity is done

Buying off all the politicians

Using their wealth and their millions

Ask yourself what’s more precious

Human life or gun ownership

That leaves so many children and innocent dead

Charlton Heston once famously said

‘The only way the will take my gun away is to prize it out of my dead hand’

I wonder if he thought acceptable

To see dead school children scattered over schoolyards

Across America’s lands.

More or less

Why should some have more or less

Why are we judged on where we live

Why judge on colour of skin

Why condemn because of what we believe in

What’s sexuality got to do with it

Everybody has a right to equally live

Just because someone is uniquely distinctive

Makes them stand out from the crowd

Doesn’t mean they should be cowed

Made to feel second best

We’re all one race and equally blessed

So why should some have more or less

Why do some rule

While others are oppressed

We all come into life the same way

And we will all go out the same

Bringing nothing in taking nothing out

We are one race without any doubt.

Not another school massacre

What’s the answer to gun crime

Another high school massacre,

Turn these schools into fortresses

Spend lots of money keeping gunmen out,

Working out complex systems to keep everybody safe,

Yet the honest truth and the simplest solution

Is staring you right in your face,

Take away the guns and people are safe

Giving everybody a gun is insane

Do it in the name of the constitution

This is what those who lead say

Buy a gun it will make you feel safe

Or is about lining the pockets of the arms trade

Of which governments are invested in

Making them rich as the blood flows

Sating their greed as the violence flows

After the massacre anger grows

Natural reaction we all know

Words of sympathy from those who allow this to continue

Through a veil of lies

How can saying arming people saves lives

It’s a twisted distorted view

Proportion by those who

Benefit through the bloodshed and the death

And they are not worried who it happens to next

Because they know it won’t be them in their ivory towers

Protected by their power.


One race

One love

One dream

One hope

We all should all share love

We should all help share loads

We all walk down spiritual roads

We are one family that comes from the source

And learn the lessons we need to be taught

One hope, one race, one dream, one love.

Drug trade truths

We are living in an age

where everything just gets extreme

and this washes down onto the streets,

where life is brutal and it’s mean

among the people who want to get rich

and sell hard drugs for profit,

life has become so cheap now

and all the victims families know it,

people kill for drugs, they die for drugs

but who really is behind it,

they say it’s the drug gangs and all the drug lords

but is that really true

or is it in compliance with those who are ruling over you,

along with multi nationals who see the wealth in this trade,

they hide away in shadows

paying others to do their dirty work

an blaming everybody else,

it beggars belief to me that governments cannot stop the flow,

or do they see it as an anesthetic for the peoples souls,

keep those who are addicted dumbed down and ignorant

so that they don’t get smart and see the problems that exist,

I believe if there was a will too stop the drug traffic and trade

they could all get together and stop it almost straight away

but to many fingers are in that pie and that’s an simple fact,

the export and import of illegal drugs keeps the rich cats fat.


In a world where some have so much why is it wrong to insist on. More

In a life of so so much hatred, violence and death is wrong to insist on peace instead of war

Is it wrong in a world of greed where corporations exploit the world in which we live to insist on environmental policies to save our earth and its ecology.

Is it wrong to insist on change to make this world a better place, full of love and spirituality, where people understand living in conscious reality.

Via: Daily Prompt : Insist


I speak in terms that simplify

what it is I want to say,

because I do not want my meaning

simply to fade by going astray,

why over complicate the facts

why use words others struggle with,

not everyone is academic

what’s the point in being polemic,

keep it simple, keep it straight

verbal gymnastics is not my way,

criticize me I don’t mind

I speak using my own words defined,

in a way that best suits me

and I am not worried how you perceive,

the way I speak, the things I say,

I am not shallow that way

call me simple because I simplify,

you will see no tears shed from my eyes.

Via: Daily Prompt: Simplify


How is it people seem to have become disposable

sacrificial lambs to the slaughter

at the governments political alter

it seems that for expediency

and to expedite another governments greed

people end up finding themselves in the rubble

even though they may not wish no war or trouble

we’ve all become disposable

in a world of little remorse

we’ve become disposable

collateral damage

to the governments/corporate good cause

we’ve all become disposable

how did this ever become plausible

all over the globe people dying for someone cause

sometimes without and rhyme or reason at all

it’s just that the world is crazy

and we are all disposable.


Difficult people

Why do some people make life so hard?

why do the choose to make things so awkward?

I think it gives then a sense of importance and self worth

to flaunt their supposed superiority over you,

Why do they choose to pick everything you say?

try to give you a stressful day,

give you the sense that you are being spoke down too,

this condescension is both disrespectful and rude.

It is it so hard to help people nurture and grow,

by being supportive and letting them know,

they are cherished and valued as well as appreciated,

praise them and help them to feel motivated,

this is something some people just find too hard too do,

it says less about me my friend and more about you.