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Breaking down division

We live in a world of so many ethnic divides

The future is in trying to unite

Healing the damage trying to make things right,

The colour of your skin or your belief

Makes you in no way different from me,

It’s nothing we see when we are kids

It’s something our parents and peer group taught,

To fear anything you don’t understand

But I for one think if we all join hands,

We can connect in every land

And work on a new manifesting plan,

Where as ordinary people we cast away the hate

Sing with one voice and cast discrimination away,

Build societies in better stronger displays,

Where all lives matter and we are all colour blind

It’s not that any longer that defines,

Just the kindness and compassion

That flows through your heart,

Is it not about time we give love, peace and unity a chance

And rediscover the humanity in you,

People are all unique and individual

And that the honest truth,

So we are all different in our own little ways

But let’s not make this be a cause for discriminatory hate.


No honour in your tribal wars

People pledge fealty

To nations in tribal belief,

Waging wars of power and greed

Plant the xenophobic seeds,

Right wing, left wing same old thing

Lends itself to being extreme,

I won’t let this divisive nature define me,

It’s the cause of humanity hating,

It’s the reason for the fighting,

Over power and territory,

Over old religious stories,

In the name of valour and glory,

Same old ignorance it just bores me,

Lie about the wars causes

No cause is can justify genocide,

Or oppressing other peoples lives,

No cause can make death legitimate

There is no honour built from hate,

You can keep your violent ways

Left wing, right wing all the same,

Religious dogma always to blame

I won’t partake in your tribal games.

Speaking to myself

I know mostly what’s going down

I listen an pay attention to the sounds

I question everything that I see

I have an ever evolving belief

It flows, it’s flexible no it’s not fixed

But I know that when I speak

I am mostly talking to myself.

When I speak of corruption that comes from wealth

From the lack of belief in self

From seeing the destruction of our planet

From seeing wars and how all governments plan it

And how they abuse the power they’ve been granted

But I know when I speak

I am mostly talking to myself.

And when I put out messages of love and peace

When I write words of light and spirituality

When I discuss our transcendent conscious growth needs

When I crave for equality

I know I am mostly speaking to myself

But any changes have to start with you and me

Which is why we all need to reach out

Even though we know

We are mostly speaking to ourselves

And in a hope that everybody else

Decides to listen and give some help

So that, in the end

We are not all just speaking to ourselves.

Ashes of a lost world

Ashes from the burnt out lives

Ashes from the burnt our world

Blew and mingled across the barren earth

Scorched for all its worth

Left annihilated by the curse

That humanity brought to bear

Leaving terror, hate and fear

But no longer is this the way

Since the end of mankind’s days

Only the sounds of birds

In the lush blue sky be heard

Tranquility has returned

Now that the planets been burned

However now it has finally healed

After mankind’s fate was sealed

And extinction came it’s way.

I am not what you see

I remember my younger days,

never seen dressed in anything other than black,

an anti fashion statement,

right up until it became the fashion,

I don’t do uniforms

it’s just another way to conform,

so an Anrcho-punk I was,

did not always look like you would have thought

I would look

and some people said to me,

‘you are not committed obviously’

I asked why because I don’t always spike my hair,

or always wear bondage gear,

I said that’s your perception of how I should be

but what you think, has nothing to do with me,

you know nothing about me

and I am not a victim of fashion,

the way that I feel is within

not the way I am dressing,

I don’t care to be identified

why should I accept your confines

and why should I dress how you say

I will live life my own way,

I will not be labelled, I will not be boxed,

I am individual so thanks a lot

for your views,

a slave to fashion and movements are you

I wont dance to that tune,

I am existentialist in truth,

living a life that’s self governing

and responsible to no one, not even you,

I’ve adopted a position of self rule,

so please don’t judge me on things that I do.

Me defined in small part

Visceral me

With my passionate needs

To write just how I feel

Not trying to write

Through literary studies

Intellectual that’s not me

I talk about what makes me bleed

What Stimulates me

Induces me to continue to breathe

An honest vision of what I see

The ongoing fight for equality

A quest to spread a message of peace

That us so very dear to me

To resonate love

Through my spiritual belief

To break out of mundane society

To be weird, to be crazy,

To be compassionate and kind

To travel my universal conscious mind

In a search of discovery about creation divine

To be openly manifesting the sublime

Within the frequencies of existential confines

Of self rule and authority

Rejecting the social norms

Defeating all aspects of domestication

To use words of truth impeccably

To learn that even those trying to poison you

Don’t do what they do meaning too

So don’t take it personally they can’t control

What it is they do as they are simply tools

Of a system and environment lacking soul

That requires a nanny state overload

That judges my simplistic words

As not good enough

And scoff at the notion of light and love

Scared because I don’t care enough about how they feel

About what they have to say

And their so called intellectual ways

Of pen in one hand dictionary in the other

Where as my words are heartfelf

Created from my authentic mind and soul

A repeated story that needs to be told

For my integrity can’t be bought or sold.

Equality is a right

Equality is a human right

But you need also the foresight

To see it within yourself

And then resonate it in everyone else

And this will come back to you

Equality for me and you

Is a very worthwhile belief

But often denied so never achieved

Unless we break the chains used by society

To hold down and oppress you and me

Cast them aside and live outside

Their unfair and biased confines.

Crank up the pressure

Crank up the pressure

on all governments

make them accountable

and stand testament

for the wars that they wage

and the the innocent they kill

make them take responsibility

for all their ills,

make them justify the polluting of earth

the plastic build up in the sea

they’ve caused so much hurt

to our environment and ecology

make them stand trial

for the trail of destruction they leave.

crank up the pressure

on all governments

who’s corruption and greed

appears to know no ends

make them stand up us and tell us all why

the rich get richer and the poor just die

why is equality unachievable in our time

and why they allow the media to spread all those lies.

Native, spirit self

We need to find our

Native, spirit self

And learn to heal

This earth and ourselves

From the damage

That we have done

In the name of

Greedy progress

Through ignorance

And lack of consciousness

Caused by ego

And blind arrogance

We need to learn to share

As well as to care

And rebuild humanity

And the environment

And swear this to be my vow.

Heart break

My heart breaks

Over things I see

Over the inhumanity

My heart breaks

When I see

What we do to our ecology

My heart breaks

When I see

The people who lead

That are guilty

Of participating

In all these things

Getting away with

All the things scot-free

And it’s all done

In the name of politics

And the big lies

They sell you and me

My hear breaks

When I see

Innocent people dying

Just for greed

And wealthy expediency

My hear breaks

As I see

The public following

Just like a flock of sheep

And it makes my heart break.