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Can’t side me

Black and white

left and right,

love and hate

dark and light,

everybody sides

pointless, fruitless

a waste of time,

you cannot side me

many different beliefs

but one humanity,

creation through divinity

evolution through the species,

I will take a open view

but you can not side me,

I have open eyes

and an open mind,

I am not a zealot

following blindly

I am existential,

recognizing no authority

but my own,

so I don’t need your sides

because I can decide for myself,

I don’t need a side

or anybodies lies,

the truth of everything

dwells with me inside.


When birds fly

When the birds fly south

We will know when summer ends

But when they fly away and are never seen again

Will that be out extinction

Will nature and creation take care of other species

And leave to face the eternal darkness all alone.

This is a warning

Maybe a foreboding

I know not what is prophesied

But I see through the lies of corporations

And governments

And nothing about what they do or says ever makes much sense

Because they’re all about greed

So when you see

The birds fly away never to be seen again

Maybe then you’ll buy into this self extinction

Brought about an arrogance

And an ignorance that convinced us not to change

Our dirty and destructive ways.

Gaia’s matrix

We are part of Gaia’s matrix

Created from the same seed,

Produced by the source

Resonating cosmically,

We are borne out of the spiritual

Created from a ritual,

Of love and light

And of creativity,

We shine so brightly

Like a lightening seed,

We grow to become one,

With our earth’s ecology

But somehow some get lost

And our planet pays the cost,

We cease to now be visionary

We are lost to greed

And living life carelessly

As if we believe there is some planet B,

Yet this is all there is for you and me

Until you evolve to a higher frequency,

So we need to nurture this earth

And understand enough is all we need.

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Corrupting ways

I won’t abide by your ethics

Or by your corrupting ways,

I won’t live by your morals

Or your exploiting displays

Your society based on division

Is archaic and arcane

I won’t be controlled by you

Nor by your corrupting ways

I won’t be twisted or distorted

Neither beaten down or cowed

I won’t be forced to become greedy

Just to fit in with the crowd

For I believe in equality

And I know there’s more than enough to go round

I won’t allow myself to ever succumb

To your heinous corrupting ways.

Nature is restless

I get a feeling nature is restless

The Arctic meltdown is relentless

Volcanos blowing up in protest

Flooding giving our species no rest

Is this a sign of natures upset

That the damage that we’re doing

Will lead to our own decline and ruin

Do we not get the message

That we need to change the way we live

Stop exploiting and taking

Start to nurture and let’s give

Something back to our earth

Like love so it may forgive

Our trespasses against it

And our merciless depletion of its resources

As well as our careless pollution of course

We are a filthy species

Spreading our contagion like disease

We need to clean up our acts

As well as the land, sky and seas.

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Conspiracy theorist or critical thinker

Conspiracy theorist

Or critical thinker

See what happens

When your opinion differs

From what’s taught by society

They call you a weirdo and a freak

Conspiracy theorist

Or critical thinkers

Are are offensive to those

Who go through life in blinkers

Do I believe all these theorist say

Not but there are elements of truth displayed

I’ve never met anyone in any walk of life

Who has found all the answers and got it all right

But there are lots of answers and truths in the mix

Lost in a whole world of confusing statistic

Take what you believe and what you need

And leave the rest behind for others to feed

Put it together like a jigsaw puzzle

But don’t get concerned if you don’t get the riddle

Nobody has yet in life

But at least you’re working on the right lines

Like questioning everything that doesn’t seem right

Read between the lines and keep an open mind.

NHS anniversary

Anuerin Beven had a dream

To create a health service

That would benefit you and me

And to ensure equality

He created a system that is free

That aids all classes, creeds and colour

Regardless of faith

For husbands, children and mothers

Pushing the boundaries of medical needs

With a staff full of compassion that bleeds

A wealth of caring and of awesome love

Whatever the NHS requires is never to much

A 70 years of creating dreams

Created by Aneurin Bevan

Who made saving lives free.

Give me the courage

Give me the courage to live well

Give me the courage to help others

Not through the sacrifice of my life

But through trying to survive

And spreading the truth

Of those wrongful deeds

Of which others do conceive

Of hate, discrimination, war and greed

The oppression of others

That leave humanity in need

Give me the courage to speak out

To save our environment

The voice to speak out

And help save other species

There is no sense in just giving up your life

And doing this in the name of right

If you are just going to be forgotten

Within a short space time

I see nothing but futility and waste

In martyrdom

The courage is to choose to continue living on

And surviving so you can ensure the message is strong

One love, one peace, one compassion

And one equality fit for all.

Awakened being

An awakened person

Has wide open eyes

They is not just focused simply on the prize

They are aware of everything in life

It’s all all about the substance and not just the size

And deciphering the truth from the lies

And hearing and understanding others muted cries

Who are far to humble to believe themselves wise

And understands that everything dies

But knows there is always a glorious reprise

All be it in this, the next or the afterlife

So there is no reason to fear what’s spied

By the open, free and awakened mind.