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It’s all absurd

Everybody knows it’s absurd

Nobody’s impeccable with their words,

People repeat the same old tired trite

While neglecting others rights,

They just keep on about material gain

And when things go wrong they’re never to blame,

It seems life has become twisted this way

It’s a fake society that’s on display.

Selfies, fake tans, fake body image

Work on the body

But not on that mind,

Instagram picture of the perfect succulent behind

But pretty fucking vacant within the mind,

This seems to have become the sign of the times,

Where inspirational thinking,

Blows everybody’s mind

In a world where everybody seems to be blind,

To the issues in the world happening today

And many say my poetry don’t sell today,

Because it’s far to much of a rant and rave

But actually they are love poems in their way,

Because they speak from a position of love,

About the earth and humanity today

And how it’s all heading towards decay

And that we should recognise this as our shame,

For we’ve only one planet so let’s protect it today

And we’ve only this life now so let’s define it in a way,

That we can be proud of when in our graves,

Waiting for reincarnation to come and take us away,

To play a different role

In a different game,

In another universe faraway.


Punk rocker

Punk rocker

I have always been a shocker,

No one expected me to be

A punk rocker,

But I love the music

And I believe in anarchy.

Punk rocker

I love the styles

And the coloured hair,

And punk rockers

Always care and share

Punk rocker,

Are always friendly and kind

But this is not how they are always perceived

But we just love being free,

Subverting in the name of anarchy

Living in a subvert city,

Stirring things up revolutionary

Trying to get others to open their eyes and see,

Living in conscious reality,

No God’s or masters ruling me,

Not in my punk rock anarchy belief.

Profligate lifestyle

We live a profligate lifestyle

One of reckless waste

And we wonder why the earth is in such a bad state

We must live more considerately

We need to be more impeccable

With all the words we use

And the thoughts we think

And the way that we live.

Live with open eyes and conscience

Live with consideration

Being careful of annhialating

Everything that’s good on this Earth

And within the universe

For we are spirits of another realm

He’re to understand and learn.

Suckling on the teat

Suckle on the teat of money

Greedily we need to be nourished

Searching for the happiness

That we believes comes with wealth

Selling ourselves into slavery

Emssculating self bondage

Mortgaging our existence

Trying to fit into what society defines as normal.

What happens when the tests run dry

What happens when everybody cries

We can no longer be nourished

We can no longer get by

Our attachment has cost us dearly

Still in slavery and emasculated in bondage

Somethings just don’t change

You find yourself no longer happy

In fact you’re suffering and struggling everyday

So think on when suckling

On the money teat being nourished

Is this a way to bring truly happy

Or is there a better way to exist.

All for them and nothing for us

Politics is a social construct

To keep us all divided,

It’s much harder to rule a humanity

That is united,

Left wing, right wing

It’s all boring,

Your buying into the illusory,

They’re to busy enriching themselves

To care about you and me,

Be good little boys,

Be good little girls

And tow the systems line

And trust us when we say you’ll be rewarded

Somewhere down the line,

When are you going to realise this is all a lie,

Whoever you vote for you get the same

And all sides resist change,

Because the system as it stands right now

Benefits them time after time

And they work hand in hand with corporations

Who also prosper like the media from this systematic design

And if you think it does anything for you

Then you are truly out of your mind

And if you think they are building a fairer society for you

Then you truly must be blind.

Unwelcome advances

Brutish men think they can force their libido

On what they perceive as weak and vulnerable women

But when they do this they define themselves

As desperate and insecure men

Feeling they need to exert

And hold power over the feminine

As though this will create a strong impression of them.

If a woman makes it clear and offer advances

The go ahead but be a gentleman that’s what my stance is

But if no invite and no encorougement is given

Keep your self at a respectable, acceptable distance

Don’t intimidate them by towering or forcing yourself

To close to them

Women deserve respect

So don’t be harassing them.

Men get a bit of money

Or they get a bit of power

Think they big men

But they are simply arrogant

Look in the mirror

Are you really such a catch

Take away the fame, power and cash

What are you left with after that

A pathetic little man

Putting on a sad little act.

Grow up and respect women.

Advice on a health and safety life

I work in health and safety

Though I use my common sense

Understanding life us risky

Which is an understatement

No one can cover all the basis

To live a totally safe secure life

And to try and do this would probably

Suck all the fun out of life

So just be careful

And be mindful

And think about all you do

But don’t let the fear of life rule everythiby you do.

Via:Daily Prompt: Risky

Positivity and reality

I am a believer in positivity

But I also live in a state of reality

Seeing issues that plague our society

And looking to address them

And change them for the good of you and me.

Being positive and ignoring the problems that abound

Is being rooted in illusion

And your on very shakey ground

For this a place of fragility

And life could all come crumbling down

Unless we fix the problems

And gain much firmer ground.

So positivity is good and should be our focused away

But combined with reality in each and every day

Fighting for whats right in life

And combating what is wrong will ensure our society

Grows healthy and grows strong.

We have lost our sense of community

Have we lost our sense of community

Have we lost the love

Have we sacrificed our ability to care

Do I care to much

Should I not give a f…

Should I no longer share

But its not my way

It’s not my nature

I could not in all conscience live my life that way

So when I hear of people dying

Or suffering needlessly

I shed real tears and my heartbreak

For the loss of our humanity

And for all those in the greatest need

And I could beg and I could plead

Down on my needed knees

But it won’t change the way people treat others

In a materialistic based society.

God help humanity

When Jesus walked into the temples

And he saw the money men there

And when he saw all of the riches

He threw them all out in the street without a care

He saw the poor as the priority

And seen as money had corrupted

Those who stated that they were acting

In the name of God.

I wonder what he would make of society today

So transfixed on the money

And trying hard to make life pay

I think he would be appalled and ashamed

How little life is worth or valued today

It’s all about the riches now and all about the fame

God help humanity to change

Or are we flawed by default

To always be this way

Where we are judged on status

And how much money you earn

Or on your fame

In a messed up society today.