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Those who lead gain strength

Everytime we choose ignorance

Their power relies on our passivity

Which in turn allows abuse and corruption

And the knowledge they hold that we are uninclined to react

Makes them more brazen about twisting the facts

They know we won’t question or demand more

We even allow them to get away with breaking the law

You want to know why society is so bad

Why capalism makes me so mad

Because it is set up to benifit those up the top

That greedy one percent that just will not stop

Destroying our planet ruining society

By promoting greed over everything

It gets so life is cheap and only money matters

Never mind it leaves the environment

And humanity in tatters

Do don’t choose ignorance

Choose to be free

By being aware and living consciously.

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Even the most brutal can be broken

But it’s usually after all the damsgr that they’ve done

Even the most wicked can cry

But only after so many have suffered and died

Yet someway we must find

A way to offer them forgiveness over time

Not just for them but for your own peace of mind

Forgiveness is an action do divine

It stops hate from rendering you blind

And it can help you heal

While they have to live with their aful deeds

I ask you to believe me

It’s the truth that ultimately

Will always set us free

Will always see us achieve higher frequencies of light

And show that we come from love

And take us right back there and will keep us safe

So we have capacity for forgiveness.


Dominion is a powerful word

And has a powerful intent

To gain sovereignty over nature

And every thing thst exists

Dominion is mastery over everything

Yet we struggle as humanity

To master our inner selves

Dominion is superiority

And total domination

Yet the truth is in the face of nature

We ate so fragile and so weak

Dominion is pre eminence, hegmony and control

Truth is we lack this which is why we don’t and can’t evolve

Dominion is governing and command

And setting humanity in a firm direction

But the truth is we are all just stumbling around in the dark

Not aware of the impending precipice or thinking we know better

Ignorance can be such bless and is a true idiots treasure

Dominion is not defined as walking headlong in to self extinction

Maybe we should first gain dominion

Over our own thoughts and self

And learn to be our own authority

Controlling own own lives

Instead of submitting the responsibility to others

For an easy and quieter life

Learning to harness the dominance of your own mind

This way may evolve and truly lean to grow

And in this way we may finally start to transcend and evolve

Embracing and nurturing nature

Encompassing peace and love

Dominion may be described as many things

But it certainly doesn’t describe us.

What will it take to

The globe warms

The forests burn

The ice melts

The seas rise and expand

The rains come torrentially

The land floods people are displaced

Species die, land, sea and air

Extinction is occurring everywhere

Too few speak, too few care

Some are awake and aware

What is it going to take

For you to see its not fake

This thing we know as climate change.

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How to enable change

Transform and change up

Evolve and keep growing

Determination you must keep owning

Perseverance and focus

Endeavouring and persisting

This is the way to bring about change

This is how you blaze a trail

Leaving your mark for others to see

Leaving a footprint as a legacy

This is how we set people free

And bring about fairness and equality

Eand emancipating our humanity

Raising our chakras to new Higher frequencies

While chanting our mantra

We don’t want your qar or greed

We just want a society

Based around love, liberty and peace.

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Time to become saviours

Shout out to the world

Under a flag unfurled,

Representing humanity

Both boys and girls,

Who have all had enough

Of these corrupting ways,

Of environmental destruction

But this is more than a craze,

It’s a movement of advancement

It’s a force for change,

To save the world

In our future generations names,

A movement that leaves

A positive legacy behind,

Rather than one of environmental and humanitarian crimes,

We be the future,

We be the change,

You can’t resist it

So get out of the way,

You can be left behind

In the misery and the dark,

We are sailing off into the future

Of the climate change saviours ark,

That will see us nurture and heal this earth

While you I eep believing only money has true worth,

Shallow and sad its not going to save you

But you’ve shut your eyes and ears to avoid this truth,

You let governments and media control all you do

But when it comes to creating a better future they’ve got no clue,

They’re only interest us in exploiting me and you

So jump aboard a movement that cares and loves in truth

And seeks a brighter, happier planet

Based around respect in everything that we choose,

That sees an evolvement of the hearts, minds, souls of both me and you.

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Abortion is not mens buisness

Should men have a say on abortion?

Of course they fucking shouldnt

It’s not their bodies so they don’t have the right

So they don’t have the right to decide

And if a woman is raped or been abused

They must have the rich ht to choose

If they find they’re pregnant

Whether to abort or have it

Don’t get me wrong I am not keen on abortion

But I won’t interfere with a woman’s right

I won’t be the one who forces them

To go through a terrible ordeal again

Of having a baby as a victim of rape or abuse

Men don’t have a say and thats the truth

It’s men that are the rapists and the abusers

Why not absorb and do

Something about men’s predatory ways

Instead of threatening to lock doctors and women away

For ninety years of suffering each day

In a jail so they won’t see the light of day again

Meanwhile the predators enjoy power, wealth and fame

You see them in the media getting away

With crimes against the female race

So don’t try judging women in any way

And keep abortions allowable and legal today

For the right to make their choices their way.

Mixed up

Is it me or are things mixed up

Pro lifers will kill for their beliefs

Is it me or have things got twisted

When God fearing Christian’s

Kill in the name of their religion

Where’s the love, tolerance and compassion

Where’s the humanity it all disappears

When political and religious leaders tell us it’s time to fight

Have you mind of your own

Why do you follow like sheep

There is no reason for killing anyone no matter what you believe

Except for self the protection of an imminent threat to you or your family.

Aches and pains

I’ve never lost that as spark for life

Though my body aches from age

I remain young in my mind today

Motivation is harder now

But my passion will never fade away

My feelings will never be assuaged

My fight for what’s right will not wane

I will always stand up fot this earth and humanity in every way

But yes my body betrays me with its aches and pains

Oh how I wish to be fit again

I love that feeling rather than tjis strain

I wish it were as easy to excercise as my brain

But it’s just t o hard to do I am ashamed to say

But I still feel within the young jot headed kid

Fighting f or CND and animal rights as I did

Going to anarcho punk concert and pogoing like nothing else existed

Still I am the rebellious voice of resistance

I retain above all the fire in my belly

Though it maybe mixed with acid reflux

And as for leaders, politics and government systems

Of these things I still don’t give a fuck

For they don’t care for me they just protect the money

Whereas as all I want is equality and the right to be free

In a world where we are more savvy environmentally.

Barmy me

Crazy like a lunatic

Weird like a freak

That is existential me,

Fucking doolally

But living the dream

Judge me how you will

But you won’t get me,

For I am individual

I am totally unique

I am someone you think is barmy

As if I have fallen out of my tree,

Never mind what you percieve

I just love living life free.