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Step outside


It’s our choice to live within a place of warmth that has no love

Or step outside and discover that it’s very cold but there enough,

Opportunity to find more but it is going to be really tough,

But in the end it’s worth stepping out of your comfort zone,

You can still feel in a crowd like you are so alone,

And yet you my find friendship in others who help you feel at home,

No matter where you are, or if you’ve become a rolling stone,

In search of something new and real which is why you choose to roam,

The plains of self discovery and looking for your spiritual tone,

Which we achieved makes you realise you are seldom on your own.

Your life ain’t so bad


I know you’re having a tough time of it

And I am not going to lie,

Life is tough but I have found that in my life

If you focus on other things like,

Fighting for others human rights

It can do a whole lot to put your mind right,

There you are like me thinking life can be bad

Then you look at how others live it can make you mad,

Forced to live in poverty living in starvation and slums,

Then you realise that we truly have minor problems,

In comparison to those who struggle to survive each day

Live with oppression in a dystopian state,

Where freedom peace and liberty and justice

Are all taken away at, the same

Now tell me that your life is tough

For many others it is really rough,

Now tell me your self pity is good use of your energy,

And I will tell wallowing in selfishness

And self obsessed negativity,

Is and insult to life with what in respect is luxury,

When compared to others who have to beg and steal to eat it

That form them is their daily reality,

So focus your mind and fight for them

And it will do you some good,

Trying looking out further than just your neighborhood.

Old punk living on hope


I am an old punk living on hope

Never felt the need for drugs to cope,

I use music and my spiritual being

To live a life I feel to be freeing,

Do things my way, I am no sheep,

I like being individual and unique

I try to be impeccable when I speak,

I don’t get vexed or down to easy

I live life doing other people kindly,

There really is not hate in me

If I don’t like you because of your toxicity,

I’ll walk a different path from you believe me

But if we’re friends I’ll go to hell and back for you

I will show great love in truth,

And I’ll expect nothing in return

Except the due respect that I have earned,

Which is why I am old punk living on hope

I use meditation and not dope to cope,

And this helps center the inner peace in me

It does the body no harm but sets the mind free.

Those who wear vermilion

Those who wear vermilion

The voice of millions

Reflected by those in vermilion,

Extinction rebellion

Fighting to save our Earth,

The movement is inspiring

To a world that’s requiring,

People to stand up

And stop the multi corporations,

Who philosophy is greed

And exploiting natural resources

Extinction rebellion are bringing new forces,

To the table to fight the good fight against them,

These people in vermilion

Resonating voices of millions,

In order to stop costly climate change

That could see future generations facing extinction,

So it’s important to place on our natural resources restrictions,

That these corporations and governments must obey.

Defy don’t comply


Defy that which doesn’t fit your life

Do not allow yourself to comply,

Just to fit someone’s narrative

Do not let them control your life,

Defy all forms of negativity

And root yourself in positivity,

And live a life on your own terms

And be forever happy,

These are lessons important to learn.

Track and trace


Track and trace

Control by the state,

In a new eugenics race

They want to track and trace,

All your movements

Using technology,

Placed within the vaccines

Of this man made,

And inspired pandemic

They want to change life,

By instilling means that is systemic

Biological control,

Over the different classes

They will have us kneel before them,

As we realise they’re our masters

Because of the track and trace,

That they placed within us

And we’ll see all is lost and nothing can be done,

For they will know in advance

About any thoughts if demonstrations,

They will find it easy to quell any insurrection,

They’ll know your movements

Know exactly where you are at all time,

And know exactly what is going on in your minds,

Track and trace a new order created by the state,

To control us in every single way

Under track and trace.

I won’t apologise


I walk the side of life

That embraces love and peace

I avoid the side of hate and violence

I make my voice heard when I see right being abused

I will not stand by and remain silent

I won’t apologise for caring and sharing

It’s not something that makes us wea

It takes a lot more strength to make a stand

Against the things we know are wrong

It’s much easier to simply turn a blind eye

And for some reason making a stand can get you criticised

But I would rather take this, than avert my eyes and mind and hide

For love and caring is my way

And we need more to be this way

In these often harsh and brutal times

Where people hating on others way to many times

We need to make a difference, we need a change

To make life better everyday

And I won’t apologise for these words I say

We need to unite and love each other as one race.

The blame game


It’s the blame game

Let’s score points,

Pointing the finger

Without much thought,

Knee jerk comments

That lack basic facts,

They simply moan

And launch vicious attacks,

On anybody trying to do some good

They think they know better,

And tell us all what we should

Do to being doing things right,

It seems this ignorance is the new might

Ignorant narcissistic opinions have become a blight,

I just wish these fools would just take flight

And disappear into the long dark night.

We’ve had enough


The sanctity of life means not a joy to those who rule,

As they sit there in their ivory towers

It’s up to me and you,

To love care and cherish each other

For we’re all family, sisters and brothers,

And we must learn to see the truth

Not follow government lies,

After all they all create wars in which their people die,

They say do it for glory, God and country

But would they die for you?

That is so very unlikely,

If they were on the front line, leading the charge

I may be sympathetic but the truth looms large,

They hide in safety well behind all the battle lines

And figure the best way for us to survive or die,

But we as individuals we can make a choice

Become unified and strong and speak with a single voice,

I won’t die for lies and power

Or for these God’s or Master’s,

I choose to fight war not wars

To stop this global disaster,

I’d rather make love not war

For there’s more power in love,

So join with me in telling governments

That we have finally had enough.

Misogynistic males


Still attached to the breast

Suckling egos cannot be reset,

Even though they lay their heads

Upon females to get some rest,

Yet their misogyny and refusal

Shows how deeply their conditioning is set,

They crave a mother like wife

They feel objectification is alright

These predatory men,

Feel no love or respect for women

Because the truth is they fear them,

And it makes them feel vulnerability

Which makes them uneasy,

And makes them promote so much more misogyny.