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The love blast


Let’s love like Russian roulette

Gun in our mouths or to our heads

Sucking on the bullet

Waiting on what comes next

Living for the blast

Risking our necks

This love for adrenalin junkies

Is without doubt the best.

Freaky kind of love


Freaky our love was to some

They did not understand what we had

We were love without attachment

We were love without control

No boundaries and lots of freedom

Perusing everything we are dreaming

And acting out crazy nights of love

And fun time parties of which we never got enough

We always craved the tender touch

We thrived on incredulity and impossible things

Our own songs we chose to sing

Yet they seemed to resonate similar symphonies

That left us gasping breathless on our needs

And sated our love to the point it made us bleed.

Seconds out


Seconds out

Without a doubt

Love and beauty

Screams aloud to me

More so than hate

That causes misery

I prefer light to the dark

I prefer to cause a spark

Rather than to suffocate

Any kind of inspiration

And doing down aspiration

Love, light and beauty

Are positive affirmations

The greatest of all declarations

To all those who I call friends

Love, light and beauty

I will send these feelings

Out to all of you.

My thoughts of you


I love the way you think

I am hypnotised by the way you move

There is nothing I st ont crave about you

Your silken skin, thesheen of your hair

The depth of your eyes, the fullness of your red gorgeous lips

You really do in my minds eye rock it

You define beauty and I love this

Though your sense of humour is mad, I get it

Though your intelligence is superior, to me that’s bliss

There is nothing I could or would change about you

You are my nourishing soul food

My hunger as well, in truth

There’s nothing I would not do for you

You make me come unglued

But I just like repeating my love for all and everything about you that is true.


Start slow, finish fast


Slowly we start

Then we gather pace

Only to slow it down again

After all its not a race

Then speed it up

And rock away

Find the rhythm

Then keep it that way

Lose yourself in the mood

This really feels so good

I love music.

Higher frequencies

Higher frequencies

I see Kingfishers flying over a mirrored lake

I watch the rolling surrounding hills resonate

In a verdant green dream

That makes me ache

I see the blue cloudless sky above

As the sun radiates heat down on me

I love lazing in this beauty

For it refreshes and recharges me

And it stimulates my imaginary

And I sense a feeling of higher frequencies.

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Crazy thoughts


Crazy thoughts

And crazy times

Crazy acts

From crazy minds

Twisted distorted

Lacking love

Embracing madness

A life that’s known

Both joy and sadness

Found salvation

In some pretty pills

Keeps us somehow sane

From getting ill

Gives us space

And time to kill

But crazy is our mind still

As too are our thoughts

In these crazy times

Where all we manifest is madness.