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Rappers rhyme about pussy and bitches

And for this they get fame and riches

These misogynistic so called artisans of words

Treating women in a way that is absurd

Being disrespectful but it don’t demean women

Is getting laid the only way they’re capable of thinking

I bust it down with controlled vexation

For putting out negative raps of abhorration

It’s just not right and it ain’t to bright

They need to put a positive message on a high

Show some respect, rap about women at their best

Show themselves capable of doing better yet

Admiration for the feminine sex is understandable

The fairer sex is very desirable

But they don’t need to call them hoe’s

That’s such an ignorant thing

To put out there in the form of words they they choose to rap or sing.

Crazy is as weird does


Crazy days

And weird ways

That’s people perception

But they can’t see past their own self

That’s lost in illusion and deception

But I try to break out of the cage

Live each day in different ways

I like to think outside the box

And many people see this as strange

But awakened and in a fully conscious state

That’s the plain on which I exist

And I decided long ago not to worry about what others think.

Snowflake trolls


I get annoyed by insults like snowflakes

That gets bandied around on the internet

By some no life toxic troll who prayers upon the vulnerable

These self same trolls can’t stand to be wrong

What’s so wrong with their lives

That they have to be do vicious and nasty

Just justify and back up their arguements

They come across so sad and are often racist to the core

I must learn the best way to deal with them is to put them on ignore.

Beyond Avalon

Beyond Avalon

Beyond the realms of Avalon

Greater than tales of Camelot

There are myths and legends

Still untold of men and deeds so bold

From bygone ages ancient and old

Swirling in the mists of time

In the ethreal voids and memories of minds

Of tales passed down through history

But kept in guarded secrecy

Away from the ears of you and me.

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Rediscovering the human touch


Let’s start healing

Let’s find balance

Expediently to redress

The hurt and pain

Let’s come together

Showing empathy

Sharing the sympathy

Of a life so hard

And monotonous

We must re-engage with love

Let’s unite and move forward

Let’s rediscover the human touch.

When dreams fail

When dreams fail

Sometimes we dare to dream of better days

Sometimes those dreams can often fail

But whatever happens we must keep sight

Of the hope and aspirational light

We must not let failure of dreams get us down

What’s important is getting up off the ground

Then formulating new plans to rise again

To build a better future and much brighter days

We must like mice and men work on the plans that need to be carefully laid.

Moving on expeditiously


I need to move expeditiously

From this state of downcast angst

Towards a continuing struggle and fight

For the protection of our environment

And the nurturing of nature against the dark forces

The control and move forward

The corporate machine that rolls on with relentless monotony

Slashing and burning everything that it sees

Trees and nature’s wonders and even human beings

And meanwhile the numbers of mankind keep increasing

Breeding goes unchecked and so we overpopulate

Sprawling across the habitats of animals for whom this land was home

And meanwhile plastics fill rivers and seas

Pollution inhabits the air we breathe and food in which we eat

This is where the struggle lies for me in the future

Of protecting this world environmentally

And hand over to my grandchildren and their children

In a state ths is more clean and green as well as definitely more healthy

Through the use of tenewaren energird.