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A lesson taught?


Has this period of time taught us a lesson?

About globalisation and overpopulation,

Has it not taught that the future is in healthy eating,

No more seeking to extinct exotic species

No GMO’s but organic food policies,

Take out the chlorinated chicken

And keep it natural and fresh,

And instill some form of birth control

To reduce how much further mankind grows,

Invading habitats where animals roam

We are reaping what we sow,

Nature harnesses food which is grown

Out of the soil full of nutrients,

And can offer us endless nourishment,

It didn’t put animals here for us to eat

So many of them like birds and bats carry so much disease

And it goes into our food chain in which we eat,

Leading to us dying of a viral contagion epithete,

Learn these lessons and mankind may come out of this clean,

Cleaner than before, through managed birth control,

And nurturing nature, and eating healthily

Eating fresh and organically,

Not eating Frankenstein food grown genetically,

Modify our lifestyle and population

Will see us reducing down the epidemics and disease,

And we can discover new dawns and new horizons.

Tic toc, march to the clock


Tic toc around the clock

We have to work it never stops,

Putting money in the rich man’s pocket

Grateful and for the wage at the end of it,

Tic toc life passes us by

The slaves working on the production line,

Zombified and like machines

We churn out products seen on TV,

Never see the blood, sweat and toil

Of the exploited who are seen no more as

Cogs in the chain running the line,

Often working in shit and grime

Waiting for the siren signalling it’s home time,

Dark when you came in, dark when you go home

That is all we’ve ever known,

Tic toc this is out life

No other choice but to sacrafice,

Our souls to the corporate production line

And it cuts so deep just like a knife,

Work all day, sleep all night

Repeat this again, left, right, left, right,

March to time and the constant tic toc

Of the internal clock.

Are you ready for a brand new age


Are you ready for a brand new age?

Are you ready to use your rage?

To bring about a world of change,

And free yourself from the suffering and pain,

To free yourself from the confines of your cage,

Stand your ground and demand more,

Stand against all bloody wars,

And stand firm for human and animal rights

Be on the side of protecting all life,

Demanding health over wealth,

Stand for choosing need over greed,

Rejecting and refusing the material dream,

Decide to live life more ethically,

And choose not to descriminate ethnically,

Decide to the ignorance in this belief,

Stand up for freedom

Stand up for love,

And decide to bring about a brand new age

It’s time that we took off the gloves,

Decide to channel all our inner rage

Into a positive force for change,

Where peace, love and harmony becomes the new way,

In this brand new age.

Do what you want and say what you think


Do what you want

Say what you think,

I won’t let anybody oppress me,

Others try to control us,

Others try to shut us down,

But I won’t let them steal my crown,

Shine your light,

Do what’s right

I won’t let them darken my vision that’s bright,

Live your life freely,

Live your life with meaning,

I won’t apologize for living existentially,

I won’t be ashamed of believing in my own authority,

Don’t let anyone stop you dreaming,

Always choose to see your own reality,

As I too choose to see it consciously,

Awakened and aware fearlessly,

So do what you want

And say what you think,

Always live you life close to the brink,

Never look to go to your grave regretting,

Create the kind of life no one will be forgetting.

Loving freely


He who is wise and caring opens his heart, and let’s those he love be free, to experience good and new things, he feel no need to be jealous or controlling. Let her live let her love, tell her she will always have your trust by sharing with you what she is doing, no secrets means their is no ruin between the two and when she shares what she’s does it should excite you, knowing that she feels so free, yet still chooses to come home to you and tell you about what she has done, be excited that she shares her fun and wants you to be apart of this, which can be hyper sensual shit, that brings you together even more, you both have hearts with open doors, for others to enter and then leave, it can be an exhilarating thing, being so in love you don’t need no rules, neither of you feel you’re being used, you both learn from this more from each others, as partners, friends as well as lovers, you both learn what you do and don’t like, more over because you know it’s alright having learnt the experience somewhere else, adding to your knowledge and your wealth of new things that you’ve found. So keep an open heart and an open mind, don’t be afraid to try it sometime, feel how liberating this can be, find out what it’s like loving freely.

Plenty to question


The real important thing in life is to question everything, stop being gullible and slways believing, the stuff your fed, the things you think, that you see online and in memes, you really need to question everything. Why is ‘fight war not wars ‘ on every T-Shirt we wear, just to show that we actually care, why is ‘The only true authority your own authority ‘ repeated more in memes, maybe it’s because your controlled by media and government themes, that are set to distract you from the proof, that are always trying to suppress important news, that may show them for the greedy fuckers they are, if you question everything, you can never take it too far. Why do you not defend the earth, and try to protect nature, yet defend those who want you to be all haters, greedy men in government and multi corporations, why do you accept their lies and cause me so many frustrations, why are people not questioning more? why are we letting them destroy even more? why do we not stand up as one and protest health over wealth is a society that shows mankind and nature so much more respect.

Open eyes and mind


Open your eyes and see the truth behind the lies,

Open your mind and start critically thinking,

Realise those feeding you the poison

Are the self made rulers, who are self appointed,

Those who convinced you to take a side

Those who are able to rule because they divide,

The last thing want is us all to unite

And all pull together to do what’s right,

That’s why they try to blind our sight

With hatred, greed and material things,

With xenophobic racist feelings,

Getting you to believe things that just aren’t real

The church and media and government deal,

Ensured that we the people will always feel

The suffering and pain as a result of their games.