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The good hotwife

Long dark hair

And hazel eyes

Lips deep red

And amazing

Shapely butt

And thighs

I love to hear her

Moan and cry

To feel her body

Under me writhe

She is amazing

And so sensual

Dhd does not hold back

She gives her all

She is a wonderful

And hungry hotwife

Who enjoys everything

About her life

Where she has friends

With benefits

And loves to tell me

All about it

We are both secure

In our love

And it feels not wrong

It feels so right

To let her spread

Her wings and fly

And savour various

Other lustful delights.

Angel of my dreams

Girl you got me hooked
In your skin tight jeans
And your tight crop top,
Long flowing hair
and long legs that never stop
fit sculptured body
You’ve really got the lot
eyes deep and blue
like the most crystal of oceans
you hit me with your love potion,
intelligent and witty
my God you are so pretty
lips so full that taste like cherries
skin do silky you are always so merry
you love fun and you know how to dance
the way you move your body
it leaves me eternally entranced
you leave me feeling enchanted
my love e f or you my mantra
let me taste your beautiful skin
open your heart and let me in
my thoughts of you are full of sin
now let the seduction begin
and move your body over here
so I can worship everything
about you my sexy beautiful carnal angel of my dreams.

Appreciation of a friend

Beautiful and blonde and a talant for the arts

Full of light a real shining star,

Sumptuous in being I crave her love

Her beauty I cannot get enough,

Intelligent, witty and fully of grace

Long legs, fine body and a flawless face,

A real muse in my thoughts she makes my heart race

She is a person I really appreciate

As a friend as spirit as a soul that’s great,

Of all my friends she ranks as the best

But don’t get it twisted I am not obsessed,

I am just admiring of her epic wonderfulness

As I wish her as always the very best,

She has the qualities of a queen, a warrior and a goddess

And her future is set to be one of great happiness.

Can you feel and sense it in you

Do you feel and sense your own power

Do you love and feel blessed within yourself

If you don’t love yourself is it really suprising

That the love from others is not arising

Do you understand you create all that you are

Do you see a part of the universe and the shining stars

Are she re we came from, we had travelled from afar

Why believe now this is the end nit the start

We can create and achieve anything

When we start believing and manifesting

The power of attraction and spiritual belief

That will bring you out of your mundane world of illusory

Where you believe working day to day as a corporate slave

Is t he only way we should behave

We can achieve prosperity and happiness in our own way

When we decide to make that change

And sense and feel the power within

Then the magic truly begins

Cast aside all your domesticated chains you garnered from their teachings

And shine your own light bright and take the opportunity to start really living.

This house was once a home

In this house that was once a home

Now empty and a derelict zone

Full of cobwebs and sad memories

Of how good the times we had here used to be

But now tears are all that’s present

And loneliness and too few blessings

I wish you were still here now with me

Instead of treading stairs winding heavenly

I had been told there’s a reason for all things

But it’s left me cut adrift and truly gasping

My heart broken and my spirit devoid

Of any emotions or feeling everlasting

The pain it rips at my chest

My stomache is knotted and it never rests

Darkness is all I see and heartbreak now defines me

I am lost now in a whirlpool of grief

Dragging me downward to drown to my relief

I think life now is unbearable

Without you here my dreams will be for ever troubled

My hurt and pain simply doubles

At the thought of you in my thoughts scrambled and muddled

My life is now just living in the rubble

Of a love destroyed by disease

From where there was no release

And now all its left me with are tears and heartache

Grief and heartbreak.

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Futuristic nightmare

Somewhere in a distant future
Where people all where breathing masks
A metropolis of concrete structures
All that is seen is steal and neon lights
Humanity cut down all the trees
And polluted all the seas
And because the great disease
Poisoning the planet leaving it unable to breathe
So now we all wear breathing masks
And acid rain falls and everyday is dark
And we are forced to to eat genetically created food
And soylent green living may happen soon.
This future where man is the only species living
Is not a life of abundant giving
Everybody is out for themselves
Everybody suffering chronic health
The planet is like a sauna,
The world is so hot
Climate change they could not stop
And rather than try they found alternatives
To how mankind can possibly live
In a global greenhouse of rising carbon gases
In a world no longer green but grey concrete
Where rich live in ivory towers and the poor as usual live on the street
And everyone else clings on in between.
We become a locust species devouring all
Looking now towards the stars
Reaching out to other planets
In hope to find a planet B
So that we can spread further our disease
Of over consumption, corruption and greed
A species that lives beyond our needs.

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Raining tears

I sat inside the coffee shop

Watching the rain as it hit the window

Seeing the streets flowing as the downpour continued

And it reminded me of the tears you cried

Over all of the times he lied

And the clouds were as d as rk as your eyes

And the day was as bleak as your heart

And as I sat here I wondered why you allowed yourself

To continually suffer so

To kerp going back to the hurt and the pain tha he represented

What draw did he have on you

What hold did he have over you

Some may say you get what you deserve

But that’s not me

I just wish you would leave

And finally break free

Never to return again

Having understood the lesson learned

I just wish I could dry your tears

Just wish that I could ease your fears

And give you light for future years.

Winter heartbreak days

Bare trees with no leaves

White snow covers green verdancy

Chill winds replace warmth

I feel so far away from home

My home is in your heart

And you stole your heart away

And left me stone cold

Feeling lonely and old

Winter heartbreak

My body feels the freeze

And uncontrollably shakes

Tears like icicles stuck on my face

Leaving behind a bitter trace

I savour the salty taste and ache

I feel the slipperyness under my feet

As I fall down on the hard ground

Yet the pain of broken bones

Won’t hide the hurt of a broken heart

Tearing me apart

Breathless angst, my lungs may burst

Why do I suffer such hurt

Because of this winter heartbreak

That I feel in the wake

Of you taking your heart away

And laying me to waste

Making me live through heartbreak days

I miss you but nothing will ever change

For it is not your way

You care nothing about my suffering

In this winter heartbreak days.

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A planet beyond our ken (the re- write)

On a distant world much like earth

The people prayed to their trees

Where they made their homes

Where they lived free

They worshipped them like a belief

More sacred than anything

Second only just were the soil and seas

It made perfect the air they breathed

Living in the network of nature environmentally

Nurturing and protecting every living thing

Their water sources came from the pure springs

And ut was beautiful heating all the birds sing

This was paradise a wondrous ecology

But it wasn’t all ways like this

This world was also run by the greedy

And nature was sparse no one was believing

In anything but money and material things

And life began fast dissapearing

But just before their own extinction

They changed things drastically

And went back to nature

And back to the basics

Right now we were living the dream

And now they had created better scenery

Better hopes were forged in which they fully agreed in

And built collectives and established equality

And because of this their species and technology thrived

And through all this they saved their own lives

So they see erbe the universe as a word to the wise

An inspiration to awakened eyes and open minds.

Lead us not into temptation

He saw her there sublime and sweet
When he passed her on the street
She smiled and struck up a conversation
He was enchanted and sensed the temptation
Of her glittering eyes and her sumptuous lips
And when she swaggered
And when she swaggered
He loved the sway of her hips
They agreed to see each other later and he went round
Knocked on her door which opened wide
And as he entered and walked inside
He saw a pathway of candle light
Leading through the hall and up the stairs
He followed with intrique and trepidation
And no short amount of hesitation
As her reached the bedroom doorway he peered in
And saw her laying on the befbed sultry and enticing
He letl his trepidation fade
As his excitement and passion take its place
And he moved quickly to her bed
Looked into her sparkling eyes
And kissed her sumptuous lips
Then felt a suddend shift
And looked behind and saw a large black rift
He looked back at her and she grinned
And gave him a shove and pushed him in
And as he tumbled and fell deep down
He gaped at her and shouted but his voice made no sound
Then suddenly he hit the ground
He sat up and looked around sat up and looked around
And saw the drooling shiny teeth of hungry hounds
Ready to tear him into shreds
And in that moment he was dead
While meanwhile she left her bed
Got her clothes together and got dressed
Then went for a walk once again
To find another soul who maynay come her way
To feed to the hungry hounds of hell
For she was an angel black as night that fell
From the heavens and was recruited by satan but no one could tell.