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Lock the gates

Lock the gates

And bolt the doors

So that envy and jealousy can’t enter

Guard against controlling thoughts

Be magnanimous to all and be centered

And let your life resonate the light and love that is so tender

When offered with a open heart and compassionate soul

And let all good things into you enter.

No salvation in contrition

We were contrite

Yet still we could not make it work

I guess in truth there was to much hurt

That occurred along our journey

And though forgiveness we both shared

And an admittance that we still cared

We could not make it work

Maybe along the journey we suffered too much hurt

It’s such a shame to have lost the love

Such a shame that we were not enough

And we know in time we will lose touch

And it’s a shame it could not work

But I guess along our journey we just suffered too much hurt.

Strom the gates

Those who live in decadence

Care little for the disintergration

Of the lower classes and the poor

They stick up their nose as they pass bye

Refusing to bare witness to how their lascivious

Desire got wealth and greed impacts on those they exploit

Cast down crumbs from their tables too

Whilst laughing at the crudity and decay in which they live,

The lower classes have always only ever been

A resources to be suffered painfully

But that now though through automation

And advancement and progress

These people in their low disintegrating poverty stricken lives

Can be factored out of the equations

Allowing more scope for greeter profit

Greater wealth and rising decadance

And liw how they do rejoice at the good fortunes that befall them

And low how they laugh and mock those beneath

Who suffer as a result of this inequality

That the decadant ones put in place oppress and control

Those who they regard as fodder for the workhouse

And as dispensible targets for the gun

As they enlist and serve and die for a country that wouldn’t die for them,

This is the truth of things, the way of things

And with control over government, media and corporations

The decadant ones are not about go Change things any time soon

That’s up the poverty stricken disintegrating lower class to do

To educate themselves to see and go rise up

And demand greater share of the wealth and more equality

Or to seize it through an uprising of protests on the streets

Culminating in a storming of the gates

Of the decadant ones and an the overthrowing of power.

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Control nothing but yourself

There is very little in life you can control

But you can control yourself

You negativity and judgementalism

Your hate and your anger

Your envy and jealousy

Learn to control you inner self

And happiness and self love will flow.

A message to our leaders

Try and change the world

And do something positive

Then watch the backlash

From the media and governments

It’s like they don’t want to hear us

It’s almost like they fear ua

As if we may realise

We are our own best authority

As if we know just what we need

A balanced earth both peacefully

And environmentally

It’s like we may get in the way of their things

Like allowing corporate business to keep exploiting

Our earth regardless of the future

Regardless of the harm they cause

Yes and our aim is to change this

Yes our aim is to protect our planet

So iif you don’t like us protesting

You better start investing in a sustainable future

Based around renewable energy

And start working towards peace

And a greater equality

For the whole of society

Not just for your rich friends

But for everyone and this is the message we send.

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Choices from the conscious mind

We can fall as angels sometimes do

But we can rise again like a phoenix

We can blink out like a candles light

But we can blaze a trail like a shooting star

All that we do and how we live

Is defined by our conscious mind

And the choices we make

Choose well.

Undercover love

Under the covers we were loving

Outside in the world I was nothing,

Two ships passing on a beautiful night

When we saw each other we fell in love at first sight,

Everything we did was so amazing

Everything was good as we sat star gazing,

Under the sheets

We were everything

But on the streets

Our eyes didn’t even meet.

We lived in different worlds

And they say the twain should never meet

We came from different parts of society

But when we met the connection turned to heat

Our passions over took us and we took it to the peak,

Under the sheets

We were everything

But on the streets

Our eyes didn’t even meet.

I wonder, what you do when we’re apart

I wonder if our love, is written in the stars

I wonder where this is going now,

Is this going nowhere because its not allowed

Because if others knew then they would wear a frown

So we act like strangers when we walk around town.

Under the sheets

We were everything

But on the streets

Our eyes didn’t even meet.

Embrace that which can’t be taken

Losing everything is hard to take

But certain things can’t be taken away

Like dignity and humility

These aspects of life are vital to me

Compassion and tolerant natures

Are what we need to keep

And being kind and sharing equally

All this can’t be lost only given away

All this gets forgotten in life today

All these precious qualities fade to grey

In a world that has forgotten love always overcomes hate

Because power is the greatest thing that no one can take

And it is not something anybody can fake

And those who share put the greedy to shame

For these people fight to help the needy each day.

Selling my soul

Selling my soul for cash

Selling my integrity to get by

Doesn’t appeal to me,

Exploit what I think and believe

Doesn’t sit easy with me

But I am in real need

I am bleeding from a wound that won’t heal

I am haemorrhaging money

And its a pain to me

Because money is like a disease

Infecting us with debts we dont need

So how how do we break away

Do we comply and play their game?

Or do we regail against it time after time

I find it hard to simply get by

But selling my soul seems wrong

What I got you cannot buy

Integrity or is it just foolish pride?

Am I about to fall and lose it all?

It’s hard to know but what’s to lose

When you have nothing anyway

What is it they can do to add to the pain

Of the harsh life of scrimping and scraping to get by

I’d like to know

Do I stay true or do I sell my soul?