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Would you take it?

If I gave you freedom to embrace love

With others and not just me would you take it?

If I let you experiment to find what feels good to you

Would you seize the moment and take it?

If you could be do as you please knowing you would not lose me

Then would that make you love me more and so take it?

See expressing you love and joy with others as well as me

Will see you’re happy because like a bird flying free

You don’t belong in a cage but in wide open spaces

And nobody owns anyone that it’s true

And I woo ld never want to ever control you

Knowing all this would you appreciate these things

And decide this a good live and take it

For I long to see you happy and satisfied

In a relationship with no need to cheat or lie

Because an agreement has been put in place

Where by you get your own tight ful space

To do as you wish and just as you please

With no form of jealousy or judgement from me

Because loving someone mean s letting them fly free

So would you take it and me?

Meditation enacted

Maintaining meditation

In chaotic scenes

I remain still and unmoved

By all and everything

Still in spirit and energy

I feel myself floating free

In bliss and grace

I sit here now in a meditative state

And though in a state of calmess

I still remain aware

This is more than just a practice

Than sleeping or focusing a stare

It’s about residing within ourselves

Within our luminescent soul

While sending out vibes of love and kindness

All around this beautiful globe

And as I contemplate on peace

I feel that frequency rising too

And a wish to heal our environment and nature

Which is part of all of us in truth.

What will it take to

The globe warms

The forests burn

The ice melts

The seas rise and expand

The rains come torrentially

The land floods people are displaced

Species die, land, sea and air

Extinction is occurring everywhere

Too few speak, too few care

Some are awake and aware

What is it going to take

For you to see its not fake

This thing we know as climate change.

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How to enable change

Transform and change up

Evolve and keep growing

Determination you must keep owning

Perseverance and focus

Endeavouring and persisting

This is the way to bring about change

This is how you blaze a trail

Leaving your mark for others to see

Leaving a footprint as a legacy

This is how we set people free

And bring about fairness and equality

Eand emancipating our humanity

Raising our chakras to new Higher frequencies

While chanting our mantra

We don’t want your qar or greed

We just want a society

Based around love, liberty and peace.

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Stay here with me

Stay here with me

And I will give you love

Stay here with me

And I’ll let you share your love

Stay here with me

Life will be exciting and wild

Stay here with me

And you’ll always where a smile

You’ll always have freedom

And the warmth from who you choose

Stay here with me

It’s win, win, no lose

Stay here with me

Your body will ache

And you’ll be my muse

I’ll play with you to any dance every tune

That you wish to play or every game that you play

I’ll be happy if you decide to stay

And I’ll ensure you’re loved time and again

In every conceivable way.

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The art of recieving

People will often give you things

Hoping to buy or court your friendship

But don’t judge what them on what they give

Some have nothing much but give you all they can

Some may give you the same while having far more to give

Except all with gratitude and an open heart

But be wise in what you think

One gave you a gift though having nothing

The other did the same but gave out of all they had least

Doesn’t that just tell you something if choosing a favourite

Thank them equally treat them the same

And watch how they act

One will give without mention and tha t is all ok

The other may look down at you and remind of their gift everyday.

We rise

Creating, elating

Over stating, vibrating

Through universal inflating

We shudder when breaking

I rise to the challenging

And somehow I am managing

To transcend as a changeling

I am like a chameleon

In a spiritual suit

Rising and dancing

Evolving and footloose

I have increased comprehension

And the belief I can choose

My onw story I am creating

And writing each day

I live life on an energetic wave

Of spiritualism displayed

In a moment of love and peace today.

Travelling in time

Travel in time

Changing rhymes

Many things alter mind,

What do we find

When we step out of line

Everything is inclined,

To go super crazy

To go in a spin

All this stuff is distorting,

Everything rocks side to side

There is nowhere we can hide

Tears that have been cried

Now they have to be dried.

Ring the alarm

I am going back in time

Changing the rhymes

In synchronicity there’s signs,

Let’s go leaving the past behind

Moving into the future

In a different design,

Travelling an astral conduit line

Temporal, cosmic, and fine

Frequencies they start to climb

As our lives become defined,

By travel in time

And changing ryhmes

That alter the mind

This is the defining of life

Nows the time to decide

Just what is right now.

Time to become saviours

Shout out to the world

Under a flag unfurled,

Representing humanity

Both boys and girls,

Who have all had enough

Of these corrupting ways,

Of environmental destruction

But this is more than a craze,

It’s a movement of advancement

It’s a force for change,

To save the world

In our future generations names,

A movement that leaves

A positive legacy behind,

Rather than one of environmental and humanitarian crimes,

We be the future,

We be the change,

You can’t resist it

So get out of the way,

You can be left behind

In the misery and the dark,

We are sailing off into the future

Of the climate change saviours ark,

That will see us nurture and heal this earth

While you I eep believing only money has true worth,

Shallow and sad its not going to save you

But you’ve shut your eyes and ears to avoid this truth,

You let governments and media control all you do

But when it comes to creating a better future they’ve got no clue,

They’re only interest us in exploiting me and you

So jump aboard a movement that cares and loves in truth

And seeks a brighter, happier planet

Based around respect in everything that we choose,

That sees an evolvement of the hearts, minds, souls of both me and you.

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I want to immerse myself in culture

Get lost in traditions from all around the world

I want to savour all aspect of global life

See all of human kind and wild life

From Tibet and Nepal to the frozen Arctic

From the Amazon Forest to Americas wild west

From Mexico to the Caribbean

From China and Japan to thd lush beauty of New Zealand

I want to find out more obout the Inca’s and the Maori’s

Find out about the Mayans and the Toltecs too

Discover Shamanism and the Aborigines

Buddhism, Zen as well as Sikhism and Hindu too

I want to visit the world and embrace it all

And its whee n you think about it you realise the world’s not thst small.

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