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Carried away

The sweet heavenly scent of lemon jasmine

The fragence of climbing honeysuckle

The beautiful colours of the buddleia

The aromatic tang of the philadephus

In this wonderful sunny glade

As I rest sitting on the lush verdant green grass in the heat haze

That is palpable to me of long lost memories

Of a long forgotten dream of some utopian place

That I had once visited and witnessed in its full glory

And wrote tales and epic stories

Alluding to the wonders of this natural delight

Of beauty and its aromatic fragrance the carried me away into a scene

Of paradise and golden ages between my lives that too few have been blessed to see.

My love for nature

I love nature and its lush green beauty

I love the variables of our global sceneries

I wish one day to visit every country

To experience everything our earth gifts us.

I love standing watching the powerful beauty of the seas

I love to lay and breathe in the sweet air for it envigorates me

I wish to view the desserts and the rainforests with its ancient trees

I hope one day that maybe I will succeed.

I love nature and all its beauty

I love what this earth offers me

I appreciate and show gratitude to all things

I feel so lucky that I see daily with open eyes the wonder of all bliss

That comes from being one with nature when being meditative

And living the dream of earth and its energy.

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An ensemble of spirits

Dancing under stars,

A universe of energies

That create greater frequencies,

Vibration waves ripple

Across this cosmic sky tonight,

As I watch I notice angels

Flying in incandescent light,

This night of wonder

This night of awe,

Simply transcends me

Beyond new imaginations

That normal eyes don’t get to see.

Looking at stars

Do you like me

Ever gaze silently

Up at this stars

Into eternity

In search of peace

As the mad world

Spins around and by us

Lights flash and screams cry out

But in my mind all is silent

In me, everything is still

And the chaotic discord of life

Races on and on in a tumult of confusion

Where ever body rushes round

But no one seems to get anywhere

And lost in their delusion

They seem to think they’re achieving something big

Yet it’s really all just meaningless

They’re just like hamsters on a wheel

And I’ve decided to step off of the wheel

To step off of the ride and t a Jr a stock of my life

And as I gaze up at the stars into eternity

Imaging cosmic universal dreams

As well as consciousness based themes

That help show me reality.

Books are heavenly to me

I read Lanza and Lipton

And Don Miguel Ruiz,

I read Nieztsche

As well as Moody

Alan Watts is truly

Inspiring to me

Reading is do good

To expand the mind

Also a great way

To open the eyes

We all need a greater perspective

And more fluidity

In aspects of all that we believe

And don’t become attached

And intractable

Don’t sink into being irritable

Take a voyage into discovery

Through reading books

And you will see how easy

It is to get hooked.

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Look deep into my eyes

Look deeply into my eyes I told my wife

Feel the erotic sensualness

Feel the heat the passion and the caress

Peak after peak each better than the next

Feeling the motion the rhythm each time

Feeling how this moment blows your mind

Arching and writhing look into my eyes

Perspiring as you give as good as you get

I love to hear you moan and wafch as you sweat

Then as you reach the moment of that body quivering and shaking climax

A full on explosion of sounds ripping from you wetted lips

I say look deep in to my eyes

You sensual, erotic amazing wife

We share this secret life

Where I see and watch you enjoying other guys

As you look deeply into my eyes.

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Silent minds ripple

The silent ripples of the still mind

Vibrating frequencies of different kinds

Resonating our auras in different ways

I allow my thoughts to just simply fade

The silence and stillness of contempltiveness

Allows us to dwell and reside in bliss

Help us on a journey to inner peace

As nd the understanding of just who we be

And sets our mind and soul to drift free

To be carried away on beautiful dreams

That you will come to see as reality

As we leave behind all our suffering back in the world of illusory.

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Nomad on the waves

The spume from the waves dampen my face

As I sit on the rocks dreaming of being far away

The ocean with it power and incessant roar

Reminds that in life there is more.

I dream of sailing the waves for forever and a day

Guided by nothing but the stars

Sailing to destinations hitherto unknown

A lifestyle choice and not a vacation

I want to watch as the dolphins race by my boat

See whales put on a majestic display

I want to watch ever sunrise and then every sunset

Each and every single day,

Colourful in different ways

For this is my dream, it involves no money nor greed

It does not involve even material things

Just a nomad on the waves simply sailing away

Into life, love and tranquility each day.

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Black lips

She was Gothic in look
Black hair,
Back eyeshadow
And black lipstick
That were sensual
And needed to be kissed
She wore black beads
And a tight black dress
Which highlighted
Her porcelain white flesh
And as my hands
Explored every vestige
I heard her increased breath
Saw her heaving chest
But she wasn’t ready to peak just yet
Fof she wanted this go be the best
And as her tongue licked
Her black lips
She felt my hands grip her hips
And as I took her to a place
Of moans, sighs and cries
I saw the demonic queen in her eyes
Savouring my every dark lustful thought
And in that moment my soul was brought
And I joined the legion of the dark
I traded my soul for never ending bliss
Of spending time with her and those ebony lips.

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One moment with her is a dream

Long hair that flows
A beauty that glows
Long legs going right up
To somewhere I need to go
To the peachy bum
And her warm place of love
I’d like to moisten with the touch
If my fingers and tongue
And make her writhe and come
In an explosive act of aching passion
Her fine body so taught
St my touch her nerves are fraught
As she arches her back
As I refuse to slack
Working every inch of her perfect satin skin
As I allow my lips to trace over her body
Licking slowly and biting and kissing
From head to toe in every erogenous spot
I want her every essence, every drop
I want her under me and on top of me
Me slaving over her, her riding me
As we both moan and cry while perspiring
Her body us the most perfect I have ever seen
Tight tiny bum you ache to squeeze and rub
Long legs I want wrapped around me
Firm ample breasts to nuzzle, lick and suck
Beautiful eyes I stare into as we start to make love
A moment with her would be epic and supreme
She is the type of woman of anyone’s dreams.