Night time bliss

Night time bliss Nothing can disturb this, Sitting under stars Dreaming of Jupiter and Mars, Imagining my spiritual home Somewhere distant, In the universal zone Faraway from all the madness, Not indulging in complicit sadness Still the mind, believe in myself, It’s not like you can convince anyone else You know yourself, Better than anyoneContinue reading “Night time bliss”


You search love but you can’t find it Is it because you are to lost in yourself? Your narcissistic tendencies Are a turn off and are so ugly, So focus on yourself and make a change So that when you reappear again, You’ll be different in your ways, More caring and sharing Towards others youContinue reading “Narcissist”

Who do you trust?

Whistleblowers, they’re not traitors They’re the brave courageous ones, They are the true patriots showing us the wrongs Done by governments and multi national corporations, Whistleblowers risk their safety and put themselves on the line To expose the wrongful deeds, Hoping that the world will heed and see The wrongful corrupt games those who holdContinue reading “Who do you trust?”

Overcome by love

I am I wrong for wanting to kiss your ebony skin It’s like a dark satin dream to me, To be enraptured within your embrace Making sweet love endlessly, Is it wrong I want to kiss your lips And feel you writhe as I lay between your hips, Is it wrong I want to makeContinue reading “Overcome by love”

Life’s theme

Derived from the stars And from spiritual love, Borne down by angels Among wings of a dove, We reach here in peace And reside in perfect bliss, As we are reborn a new chance to exist And learn from the last time, That we visited here Our mission and reason for life is clear, BeContinue reading “Life’s theme”

Love unconditionally I implore

I tread on stepping stones Across a mirrored pond I step between flowers Watching very carefully Not to step on them In guided meditation I hear the trickling fountain Of water cascading Feel the heat of the sun now fading All of this and more Is a bliss that I adore And I seek moreContinue reading “Love unconditionally I implore”

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