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Saffron dreams


In the saffron garden of my dreams

Magnolias and lotus blossoms are so serene

In this garden of bliss and mindfulness

I feel my mind still and find some rest

In this place where I can meditate on inner peace

I see Lillie’s, Jasmine and Peonies

I hear the trickle of the water from a nearby stream

Within the saffron gardens of my dreams

This is where I dwell and explore within me

I sit in solitude where nothing and no one can touch me in this moment so dreamy.

Phasing in and out of light

Phasing in and out of light

Calm winds blow me

I sail the crystal seas

Warm air caresses me

I am carried off on dreams

Long before I can remember

You burnt in me like an ember

Fiery and incandescently bright

Rainbows occluding my sight

Sharing a love so amazing

My life is constantly phasing

In and out of radiant light

I share with you all these delights

In a moonlit, starlit night

We share this time

We share this space

I feel this bliss, this peace, this grace

And then we fade away into shade.

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The light shone


A light from yonder hill emerged

Casting a ray upon the verge

I felt it as it touched my skin

I felt its warmth flowing in

I felt empowered and inspired

It rose up my frequencies so much higher

I felt my spirit manifesting

I felt my soul and heart harvesting

Vibrations of love and compassion

Washing peace and kindness over me

I saw this light was a star shining bright from a far

On this night this Christmas eve

I felt its benevolence touching me

I felt it encouraging me

To hold on to my spiritual belief

And as it fill me with awe and wonder

I saw it go back down back under

The hillside in front of me

I 8suddenly felt more at peace and free

And as the light disappeared and i could no longer see

I knew it left goodness within

I felt it wash away all my sins

As I felt reinventing who is good and tue to me.

A Web of intrigue and suprise


Those lips you kiss with the disguise

A whole web on intrigue and suprise

She met this young handsome guy

She went home with him and spent the night

It was amazing he hit all the right spots

Made her writhe and moan and shd could not stop

She as good as she got underneath, behind but ended up on top

It’s safe to say that her night was hot

She arrived home early afternoon

Kids were out and her husband sat in the living room

How good was your night he asked with a smile

She sat astride his lap and kissed him fir a while

Before saying I will tell you while you right here right now take me

He said every detail I want to hear please

She said maybe I will if you satisfy me

She was such a sensual tease

He took her there and then until she reached her peak

And as the made love shd told him everything

And it drove him crazy

This was his way, she knew it was what he needs

And she was only to happy to keep him appeased

And it satisfied her sexual hunger and her lustful greed

And it resulted in two people living a life that was happy.

Sleepy knoll


Upon a little hillock

In a sleepy knoll

That’s where you will find me

Dwelling in mind and soul

Dreaming of future

Full of love and dreams and peace

Reminiscing on the past and how it was so replete

And I can only hope that the future

Can sate my wildest dreams

So I’ll create it like a director does

When setting up and filming scenes

On the Hollywood set or in a back lot

The truth is does not really matter

As long as it all comes together and brings to life a serene

And colour filled phantasmagorical work of art

Of which we can be proud

Then that’s all that we can wish from ourselves

While sitting on a hillock watching clouds

In a little hidden sleepy knoll

Dwelling within mind and soul.

A dream the likes of which I’ve never seen


I dream of silks and velvetine

I dream of trees and verdancy

Within the hallways vast I witness scenes

Of vast arrays of different beings

Dancing nobely in a place so grand

Beings from far off galaxies and lands

Dancing in rhythm flow and beat

All quite dextrous and fleet of feet

And as I walk out on to a great balcony

I see something I find quite amazing

A vast cacophony of animals and beasts

Playing, dancing, no thoughts of whom to eat

But conveying in their own way under a starlit sky

A beauty, creativity and honour and pride

That neither any amount of hate or jealousy could hide

And in this other dream world that barely makes sense

I let myself go and give my heart to the deliverance

Of nobility and regalness and count my soul truly blessed

To be part of a dream so possessed

With such finery and elegance

This otherworldly granduer show and dance.

Nocturnal scene


A night under the stars

A sojourn that takes us far

On a breeze in the ebony

In and out of strange demesnes

Nocturnal creatures

With their luminescent eyes

Watch as we float like wisps

Across this star filled night

Under a moon so bright

I see bat’s in their blind flight

It fills my soul with so much delight

Under these stars we dream

Within this nocturnal blissful scene.