A new inspiration to be had

She sat chewing on her pen

Writers block setting in

Sh heard a knock at the door

If felt a good time to be distributed

It was her husbands old friend

And he had just hit town

She invited him in and he sat down

She made him a drink which he then downed

Explaining he was mighty thirsty

He looked dishevelled and a little dirty

But she saw his tanned muscles through his shirt

Suddenly she yearned to touch him so much it hurt

He saw that twinkle in her eye

And asked her how she was spending her time

She explained she had been writing but that she had hit a writers block

And he said he knew a cure for that

By Discovering new experiences

She agreed that thinking kind of fits

He gazed at her in her tight jeans

And a shirt close to busting

He stood up and he looked closely at her

Then he ripped opne her shirt.

He body started trembling

She gasped and started heavy breathing

Her chest rise up and down

As she felt her heart pound

He undid the button on her jeans

And slipping down he slipped his hand within.

He smiled at her ruefully

This a moment for him to ease

A lot of pent up frustration

And she looked so hot he was pleased.

She took of his shirt now

Touched his chest and then looked down

Undid his jeans and was suprised with what she found

Something so big she gulped down

Finally a chance to fulfill a dream

And quash the lie that size meant nothing.

His hand was doing all the work

He took it out and removed her jeans first

He took her up to her bedroom

And after a short while of hard love

She was hitting peaks she never knew

Yes, she was writhing calling out and moaning

Normally a writers life was lonely

But as he used and abused her body

All that she could think was wanting more

And he obliged more than anyone had before

He had opened up in her new doors

And they went for it all day

Before he left leaving her a quivering shaking waste.

After a while she hit the laptop

Wrote the story of this non stop loving

And the words and emotions flowed

Wrote about how within her his seed was sown

Then her husband then arrived home

Asked her about her day

She showed him what she had written

Went red and felt a little bit ashamed

But he smiled and said you had a great time

And he was sad that he had missed his friend

But had given something good to remember

And he was sure he’d come round again

Because she was so beautiful and wild

And so hot and though defiled

He still loved her madly

Said he wanted to take her so badly

He ripped her vest top off

She gasped but did not want him to stop

And he said let’s get these yoga pants off

Because as yet I don’t think you’ve had enough

And he wasn’t wrong

And this story she was writing

Was now going to go on and on.

Touch and go

We agreed on touch and go

We decided we would sow

A seed of love that night we met

And never meet again

But it was never going to be that easy

Your beauty teased my memory

That night that we both shared

Showed me that you were raised in flair

That moment that we shared

Was a blissful love of pure affection

We both embraced this love injection

And when we kussed goobye

I know for both of us it was touch and go

How are we meant to ignore the seed we sowed

But somehow we’ve managed to let it all flow

And it the memories I harbor I felt the warmest golden glow

Neither of us may ever truly know

It could have been so different

Rather than this hesitating touch and go.

Astral experiencing

Out of body experience

Astral travelling consciousness

Connecting with spirituality

Requiring perseverance and tenacity

In a world of true reality

Of seeing different dimensions around me

Sensing realms of higher frequencies

And vibrations of different entities

Parapsychological intensities frees the spirit and releases me

Expands and develops me into a state of a higher being

Open your mind and eyes to everything your seeing

In a sleep paralysis where doors open in front brightly

Showing me cosmic universal realities

Able to project conscious densities

Of spiritual energetic abilities and beliefs.

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Gliding on a zephyr

Glide away on memories

Like floating on a zephyr,

Embracing the tranquilty

I could stay like this forever,

Somewhere in this bliss I see

My spirit existentially untethered,

Free to love, free to be happy

Living out our perfect dreams

Of surfing eternity together.

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Attaining the metaphysical dream

Open the pericardium so the heart can lift

So that it enables a paradigm shift

Dark catacombs lay ahead before me

We must traverse them to set ourselves free

On the other side is love, hope and light

On angelic wings of filigree irridescence we take flight

In the darkness we find our way

We’ve traversed life from the cradle to the grave

But at this juncture we are spiritually bound

But unlike chains it doesn’t hold us down

Then in whispers I hear sounds

Beckoning me forward I seek to be found

I pass by corridors where I head snarling, gnashing from hells hounds

Then another trying to lure me in with erotic commands

Yet still I do not stumble or falter

Instead I set my focus on attaing the divine alter

Of spiritual rebirth and enlightening

And then from these dark caves I break out into light

And there before me glistens amazing beauty

This I know to be my home, Shambala

An awesome part of our Nirvana

This place is the final destination of my sojourn

The cyclic wheel of life now broken

I metaphorically feel the bridges of my past burn

And now I finally realised I lived life right and so in turn

I am led here back to home with spirits I knew as kith and kin

To live I now forever in bliss

Where as energy I will forever exist

With no more games and no more tricks

No need now for greed or being materialistic

Just now living in love, light and energy

I dwell then forever in a metaphysical cosmic dream.

In dreams we saw love and beauty

Melodies dance playfully

On light beams that delightfully

Caress the universal cosmic scene,

Where you and me rest mindfully

And as each note trips the light fantastically

You and me live dreams of memories so pyroclastic

Of past lives we lived in white noise static

Yet through it we saw though erratic

Love and beauty still was there for all to find.

Who’s dominating, who’s in control?

I bend you over and push you face down on the bed and grab the hair upon your head, are you ready to be dominated? I felt you go weak at the knees, I sense all you want to do is please me, in your short tight little black skirt, and your sheer tights, and you tight crop top vest, I saw the invite in your eyes, you had me hypnotised, you are playing with fire, now it’s time to to feel the burn, will you never learn, I spank you until it hurts but that you seem to enjoy, as I whisper in your ear dirty words, the more I dominate you, the more you seems the more it gets you off, now the tights are round your ankles and your underwear around your knees, you wriggle looking back smiling at me, it seems you are keen to please. I give you want you want hard and fast, I hear you moan and gasp, I go for as long as I can but it’s hard to last, our bodies both connected, we peak at the same time, I grip your hips tight as I stand behind, both if us are shaking from the intense excitement and the thrill, both of us are sated, our desires filled, I sought to dominate you hard, yet you seem to get the last laugh, I think you manipulated me and I failed to see, was dominating you or were using me, you stood up turned and kissed me, said it was intense and lovely, but we better go back and rejoin the dinner party, both of us were so flushed, her partner must have known, I think heard the sound of sex and heard her groans, my other friends could not believe, that we could act so recklessly but her husband smiled and simply said, I wonder who is next, then I realised it was her who was in control and she loved domination sex and that I was simply just a tool, for her lustful fetish.

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