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The curious tale of love

She goes out

He stays home,

She likes to play

He like a to know,

They love each other

Of this they both know,

They both feel

In joint control,

Her desires high

His are low,

He let’s her go

She will always

Come home,

With tales of nights

He loves t to hear,

He glad she finds

The pleasure she needs,

She likes that he

Sets her free

And likes to hear,

How she gets freaky,

To few understand

Neither care,

They both enjoy

He’s willing to share,

He feels secure

Within himself,

He does no get jealous

He has her heart,

She loves him more

Than anyone else,

He has her heart

She’ll never leave,

Though it may

Seem strange to us,

They like to share

The lust, the love,

It works so well

Good luck to them,

That their love

Is so strong

For this arrangement,

She dressed to thrill

Short high dress

He smiles at her appeal

Knows she will get

Just what she needs

Just another night

He is so pleased.


Ripple through you

There is a ripple through the air,

A ripple through the water,

It all started as a simple ripple ought to,

It started If like a vibration

Slowly increasing in force,

Pushing back at anything

That gets in its way.

There is a ripple in the air,

There is a ripple through the water,

I sense a ripple in the atmosphere,

One that you brought with you,

I feel the force is building up

I sense the tension in you,

I wish that I knew how to calm you,

Wish I knew how to heal you.

I just wish I could send a ripple of happiness through out you,

Send a ripple of a smile across those lips,

Those anyone would love to kiss.

I hope I can send

A ripple of love through you,

A ripple of passion and unconditional

Inner peace and compassion

Right the way through you in truth,

With light and kindness,

Riding the ripples of the wave that will move you.

Come together and grow

Let me be the pleasure reaching through you

Touching and toying with sensual intent.

Let me be the one who raises your passionate ardour

Making your body writhe, twist, ache yet melt.

Let me be the one enticing your essence to flow,

While you let your whole self go,

As I drive you to places you long you go,

Discover new things you want to know,

Let us come together and grow.

Voyage of discovery

She felt the hot breath on her neck

And the hand on her firm pert behind

As it stroked and felt it’s way.

In the darkened room

In her tight little dress,

Having drank a little to much

This moment was one she craved.

The kisses on the neck made for a warmth,

That rippled through her body,

Made her body tingle and react.

She felt the hand under her dress now

Felt it exploring her desires,

She melted back against the object that desired her

And felt the arms embracing her,

As now both hands were moving over her

And as they did she moaned and sighed

And squirmed and thrust her body in time

And felt her passion start to increase,

To an almost explosive feat,

She felt the pressure start to mount

As the hands worked her body

To a tantamount point

Where she knew there was no return,

As her body now ached and yearned,

For the moment of release,

Hitting that climactic peak,

Barely able now to speak,

As her breath was fast

And her chest heaved,

Squeezed by hands

Using skilful techniques,

She begged in whispers

For so much more

And in that moment of wanting more,

It was if someone had just opened a door,

To heights of pleasure never felt before,

Her knees buckled and she felt the floor

Beneath her feet begin to melt,

Her heart full of love and lust

Beat fast and hard,

The blood throbbed through her viens

Like an express train

And it was impossible to remain,

In control or dignified, as her body contorted

As her body writhed

Feeling the touch and flow of her essence inside,

She let out a sensual cry

And in a whirling, dizzing moment in time,

Her body let go and so did her mind,

As she succumbed to the pleasure and to the joy,

Of being used as somebody’s toy,

Used in a way she enjoyed,

Making such a lovers noise,

She turned her face and kissed her friend,

Lips full and caressing,

She had yearned to discover this feminine touch

Two firm female bodies writhing as one,

Enjoying and devouring innocent pleasurable fun,

And her whole being coming undone.

My love burns bright

My love touches every aspect of everything,

It comes in to touch just through being

It something and nothing,

It evolves through peace and understanding

And it revolves around conscious meaning,

It shines as bright as the luminscent stars,

It travels both near as well as far,

It transcends the multiverse

My love, heals the hurts,

For it is pure and mighty

A spark of lighting,

A glimpse of paradise

An exquisite beauty,

It is he radiance of a white hot sun

It is the true measure of unconditional love,

That goes on and on

For life eternal,

Goes on and on

And keeps returning,

Never diminishing,

It just keeps on burning,

Forever love,

My being full of yearning

Full of love for all.

Don’t underestimate light and dark

Darkness is not so bad, it makes the light bright and the heart elated, from the ebony night daylight is created, that lifts the soul from pole to pole, this is duality known, beyond the realms of light and dark, it beckons the soul and the heart to open up and let the love start flowing through our very being sending any fear fleeing and resonating the wonders of this duality which then allows our consciousness to wander from illusory into reality.

Night time

Starlight flickers across the night ebony sky,

Moonlight shines through the rustling leaves

Of the primordial trees,

The breeze blows gentle and silently,

The night offers us a place of bliss and peace,

Solitude in the crisp night air

A shooting star crosses the blackness like a flare,

Feel the universe everywhere

Omniscient and tranquil

And forever there,

Eternal and infinate

Yet beckons you to dare,

Lose yourself within it

And cast away your cares.

Ascend to heights unknown

Ascend to heights before unknown

In spiritual states we must grow

To become more and better than we are

To ascend on high among the stars

To discover how to be more humanitarian than we are.

Ascend and transcend into love unconditional

Transcend into compassion

And discover peace

Ascend to heights of enlightenment

And be a Lightworker for all other human beings.

Via:Daily Prompt: Ascend

Waterfall of love

Love can be like a flowing waterfall of energy, of power, fluid and strong, effervescent and spiritually transfixing, as it roars power and passion and it’s delicate spray showering down on all those around, spreading the feeling of beauty and magnificence far and wide. Let your love flow and power roar.

Lovers in the dark

We move in the dark

We share the love,

We don’t need light

For we shine our own,

We glow like a beacon

And we are not releasing,

That feeling in our heart

That warmth within our soul,

Together we will grow old

Sharing the love we know,

Emitting the sublime glow

Basking in the sweet essence flow,

Two lovers in the dark.