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Ashes of a lost world

Ashes from the burnt out lives

Ashes from the burnt our world

Blew and mingled across the barren earth

Scorched for all its worth

Left annihilated by the curse

That humanity brought to bear

Leaving terror, hate and fear

But no longer is this the way

Since the end of mankind’s days

Only the sounds of birds

In the lush blue sky be heard

Tranquility has returned

Now that the planets been burned

However now it has finally healed

After mankind’s fate was sealed

And extinction came it’s way.



Euphoria raises us up so high

Yet the fall brings you crashing to the ground

Leaves your heart sad

And messes up your mind

Then you wish you hadn’t climbed

To those heights of euphoric acclaim

It like the brightest hottest flame

It burns intense but never for long

Before you end up frustrated and totally forlorn

Euphoria not always a friend of mine

It leaves me short every single time

I feel so cheated I feel let down

When euphoria is over it leaves me to drown

And fade to grey.

Mountains of bliss

I sit silently in my mind

On top of a snow capped mountain

I clear every thought from my mind

I watch a golden eagle soaring

On expansive wings

I hear just the wind passing through its wings

But other than that I hear absolutely nothing

In solitude I sit here

In a mindful and still state

Aware of my surrounding

But with absolutely no thoughts

I see the white glistening snow

And wisps of white clouds cross my sight

Impervious to the cold

As I let my soul go

And let my essence flow

Out across the mountain tops

Soaring with the golden eagle

On wings of love

On a current of inner peace

And pure bliss and tranquility.

Golden sun

I remember the days of the golden sun

When the summer were warm

And I laid watching the blue sky

The white clouds passing by

Ignorantly mindful and still

Hearing nothing but bird song

And the breeze on my face

I long now to find my way back to this place.

Held in each others arms

Let’s hold each other

Share the warmth

Your skin, your body

Is what really need

The touch and taste of you

I imagine is a dream

Our lips touch

we feel the electricity

And it shock waves

rocking through our bodies

As we love each like we’ve

Never loved anybody


And long for the moments

Of passion when we

Make love and climax

To the very core.

In need of sleep and rest

I am so tired

I am so worn down

That I could sleep for

A thousand years or more

My energy feels drained

I go to work again

Dragging myself around

It’s driving me insane

I need rest

I need sleep

I need to go deep

Into state of solitude

In to a state of bliss

I need sleep

I need rest

I need to get away

From all the stress

I need to rest my bones

I need to be at home

My muscles ache bad

I thinking I am going mad

Just another of the grind

Is all I have to face

Within the work place

Though my soul

Is screaming out fro rest

My heart feels about to burst

I need sleep

I need rest

But that just isn’t going to happen yet.

My heart sighs

I see you with them legs

Perfect and on show in that short skirt

It makes my heart sigh a perfect sight to my eyes

I see you in the tight jeans and you look such a dream to me

It makes my heart sigh a perfect sight to my eyes

I see you with your hair up and your beautiful look

And I think that your beauty cannot be mistook

And my heart sighs a perfect sight to my eyes

I see you there are you not aware

Just how amazing you look to me

I love everything about femininity

It makes my heart sigh your all a perfect sight to my eyes

And I respect you and I love you

Your wonder drives me out of my mind.

Blue sky love

I see blue sky days

A white sails

Soft breeze

Golden sands

I birds flying

By degrees

Over a verdancy

Of tall green trees

And the summer sun

Warms the clear blue sea

And I see you there

Waiting with your love for me

You draw me in

And I glide to you

In a scene of beauty

Which is so surreal

But this paradise

Reflects our love

Reflects our being

We love so much

And as we fall down

In loves embrace

On the soft sand

Feeling the gentle waves

Washing over both of us

These images of love

Fill my heart to the brim

As you and me sink in

To the essences where

Everything begins

And as we make love

On this paradise beach

There is not a word

That we could speak

To intensify this moment

To describe this present time

And within the foaming

Of the waves that ebb and flow

Over our bodies

Then we both know

That our perfect love

Will always grow

In these moments.

Don’t let it go

When you find a love so precious

That it makes your heart ache

When you are not with them in the same place

Then you know you found the pot of gold

When they make you feel like they love you heart and soul

When your twin flames burn together at the same time

And when this love infatuated your mind

When you feel the warmth

And yearn for the touch

This a very special and deep felt love

That will make you feel so safe and complete

And resonate through your whole being

This is the most tremendous feeling

So don’t ever let that go.

The luminescent soul

In the luminescent soul

there is a serene afterglow

a place for you and me to go

a place where we both can grow old

in this place of grace and bliss

we can dwell and revisit

our past lives over many centuries

and restore our spiritual belief

that no matter how hard life is

we shall exist always as spirits

for energy never dies

and forever we reprise

from the luminescent soul

and the serene afterglow

this place where we could go

knew only warmth, kept out the cold

and so we reside in bliss

finding our inner peace

shining light throughout the ages

sharing love on all life’s pages.


Via: Daily Prompt: Luminescent