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Beauty manifests if you choose to see it

Green leaves rustle in the wind

Ripples spread across a still lake

I see the trees as they gently sway

A few white nimbus clouds pass this way

I hear the sweet sounds of a chaffinch

And the screech of a magpie

I feel the warmth on this summers day

As bees and other insect fly by

Such is the miracle of life

Such is the miracle of nature

Beauty resonates all around

How could you not manifest inner peace

When you have moments like this in a day

Sit and look around and appreciate

Take in the wonders that life creates

Breathe it all in and meditate

If only for a short time, contemplate

Take time out of your busy day

Let everything go and let your troubles fade away

Breathe out and feel the stress flow

Out of your system and you will know

The benefits of just focusing on your breaths

While absorbing the beauty that has manifested for you.


The new kiss

The kiss of new lips this is bliss

Something that we miss

That vibrancy the passionate

The warmth and the taste of it

The sharing of breaths

The soliciting of tongues

The feelings and emotions getting strong

The embrace and the hands that cling so tight

Into the arms we don’t want to fight

Just kiss me now

And take my breath away

Just kiss me now

So I can dream of love each and every day

Just kiss me now

Do it now without another word.

Summer heat

I feel the heat bearing down

My feet burning on the hot ground

I feel no breeze upon my face

Just my skin under the sun’s rays

I can’t complain I’d rather this

Than the rain, wind or hail

We all long for summer when it’s cold

But when it’s warm we complain all the time

The sweat is running down my back

The shade is something that we lack

But I still prefer these summer days

Watch bees, butterflies and nature enjoying play

I can’t get enough of this

This summer time heat to me is bliss

So you won’t hear me complain.

The girl of beauty (romanticism)

The girl of beauty

That apple of my eye,

Who was she? What was it

That she represented?

How was it she shone so bright?

How did she mange to float by?

On a cloud so pure and so white

She had an open heart and open mind

A hair of incandescent filigree

A shape of sculptured artistry

A voice that resonated like birds in a tree

Singing a song so light and happy

That caused her aura to always glow

This beauty who confess I love so

Her first glance at me had struck me

I just hope that she too loved me.

Far away cave

I am gonna find me a cave

And gonna hideaway

Sit for a year and a day

And meditate on living in a conscious state

Of living in the present moment each day

And so if you wish to find me

You will have to search the caves

Of a place far away

Where solitude and bliss is an abundant grace

In this isolated place

I will meditate for a year and day.

Summer cooking

I sit at my table in the sun

Absorbing all natures love

Salad in bowl green and clean

Olives, cucumber, tomatoes, and feta cheese

A nice amount of iceberg lettuce

With a mixture of radishes and rocket

The BBQ going for those who want it

Some wonderful scented garlic bread

That’s just come out the oven so are nice and fresh.

I got another sitting too one side with the freshest fruit

Succulent to the eyes

Melon, nectarines and grapes

But then I spy

Strawberries and kiwi fruit

I love all of this kind of salad and fruit

And the smell of freshly baked bread

The smell reverberating in my head

Summertime days sipping orange juice in the sun

Laughing g with your family and and friends who have come

To savour the flavours of good food

And to see a wonderful garden in full bloom

Yes! I love these days.


Aroused by touch

Of finger tips

Aroused by sweet kisses

Aroused by tongue licking slow and quick

Aroused beyond the imaginative

Aroused I see your cheeks flushed

A shade of a red bloom as you perspire and sweat

Aroused I kiss your ear then neck

Then use my tongue up and down your spine

Take control and make you feel sublime

As I grip your hips and watch you grind

In a rhythm in perfect time

My aim is solely to blow your mind

To give you pleasure unrefined

To take you to a heaven divine

To show you things you never thought

As you seduce me dressed in clothes tight and short

And you dance for me so I too am aroused

Then we make love creating such sounds

That echo throughout the universe

As we utter obscene words

This love to some is so absurd

But not to me, I vow to serve

All your love and all your needs

As we share the same bodies

As we represent femininity

And know one knows your needs like me

We are two women in love you see.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

This beauty of grace

She dazzles me

With her grace and her style

She wins me over

With her beautiful smile

In her fitness clothes

It’s easy to see

She comfortable

With her sculptured body

She walks in bliss

She switched on mindfully

Her silky long hair

It blows in the breeze

She so beautiful

And stunning to me

Long dark hair

And smooth tanned skin

Deepest blue eyes

That I have ever seen

She is incredibly amazing to me.

Elegance is her way

Her beauty will never fade

She has the aura of an angel

That’s keen to play

And when men see her on display

They want her in every way

But she never sees those who look and gaze her way

Because she lost in her spiritual mindful place

Of being aware whilst also being in her best space

Of love and of light and happy days

Which is why when you see her she always has a smile on her face

This beauty of grace

Days gone by

I remember those days gone by

Running around in the sun beside

A little babbling stoney stream

Where we laid and shared our dreams

We thought those summers would never end

Those hazy days way back when

So much of this life was so innocent

Watching butterflies and spying bees

Pollinating all the flowers we could see

And caterpillars feeding off leaves

These day gone by created memories

Of love and nature that are so dear to me

And your grace, bliss and beauty

Complimented everything and I swear

If I could I’d go back there and never leave

And remain forever and ever and share

The love of those days.

Dancing among the lillies

She danced upon a pond of lilies

Leaping from lily pads willy nilly

Dancing to tunes of universal frequency

She had such grace and bliss

Dazzling in a dress of amethyst

I could barely hold back and resist

She looks just like a fairy imp

Dancing with humour and wit

Laughing at everything

Though gliding as if on air

Dancing without a care

I spied through the reeds

At the edge of the pond

And time seemed to go slow

But around her was a throng

Of dragonflies sweeping and spinning all around

While a frog chorus could heard croaking their sounds

So many insect so much of the life

Was rising to join and watch her in delight

As she danced and as she swayed

The pond came to life as I watched in a vibrant display

Which is why I guess I love her quirky ways.

Image courtesy of Pinterest