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Has anyone seen the light?

I find myself in darkness

Struggling to find the light

But I know it’s somewhere here

So I won’t give up the fight

To find a way to reignite it

To return that Luminescent glow

That will show me the right path

That guides me where to go

Its been confusing

It has been hard

And I am still struggling

But I’ve come to far

To ever think of giving up now.

I would like more

But despite all I do

The dice never fall in favour of me

That seems to be life rule

Nothing has ever come easy

What I got came through hard work

And though have not got much

What I got is mine

So as search for the light

Which is elusive to me

I will keep the faith

Keep the love and belief

And if that’s all I have

Then know that is enough

I am that diamond

Hidden in the rough

Waiting to shine.


You won’t fall

I can find you

Even though you feel lost,

I can heal you

Despite all your pain,

I can show you light,

I can offer you the hope you need

So don’t ever think,

You are alone

Because I am here for you,

I will be your crutch,

I will be your cure,

I will lift you up,

I will hold you tight,

I am your guardian angel

I won’t let you fall,

I will be there when you cry,

Curled up in a ball

I will be there helping you smile,

Restoring the laughter

That makes you glow.

You are a spirit of so much love and light

You just need to believe in yourself

Let go and take flight

And spread your wings

Then come fly with me

We can do anything

There is nothing we can’t achieve

So just hold my hand

And know that your safe

Know that I am here for you

And will care for you always

Because that is what’s love.

I wish to embrace you

Let me lay you down

On a blanket by the fire

Dress you down

And cover you in kisses

Let me worship you

And treat your body like a temple

One I wish to hold on to

One I wish to pay homage too.

The only light is the light of the fire

Let me awaken within you desires

That make you ache and long for my loving

And when we’re done we will lay basking

In the warmth and the love

As I hold you safely

Because just being close to is just so right

And holding you in a love embrace all night

Us as much as I could dream of

I need to give you my love

I could hold you in my arms for eternity

Because you are my soul spirit

And my reason to breathe

And I just want to make you happy.

So nestle down with me in front of the fire

We don’t have to do or say anything at all

Just hold on to each other and share in that moment

Share the love and deep intensity

Of a twin flame moment forged in spirituality.

Morning chorus

The chorus of morning

That springs forth another day,

Is the chorus of the new hope

And the symphony of change,

In a world of so much darkness

Our love is the light,

If we just come together

We can shine as we unite,

So hold out a hand of friendship

And bathe in the spiritual delight,

Of being compassion and empathy personified

Let yourself go and fly so high.

Within the wondrous and miraculous

Experience we know as life.

Positive mind

A positive mind is hard to resist

How could anyone not want to be like this my

A smiling face is a look of gold

Keep laughing from your birth until you are old

Live life benevolently because kindness

Is absolutely free

And don’t forget keep love

In your heart

That way life can never

Tear you apart.

Be happy

Be strong

Be spirituality.

She is like nature

Like nature she swept in like the breeze

She danced like exotic flowers so elegantly

She had the grace of of well versed symphony

She was the bliss of delicate summer dream.

She flows when she moves like a meandering stream

This subtle beauty is so rarely perceived

She is the purest mountain air that you can breathe

And I have to admit that she means everything to me.

Via: Daily Prompt : elegance

Look into my eyes

So as you look into my eyes

Tell me how you want to feel

And what it is you like

So that I can fill you full of desire.

Look into my eyes now

Let me hypnotise you

In wanting to let yourself go for me.

Look into my eyes now

Feel your essence flowing

Put your hands on my shoulders

This can be mind blowing.

Look me in the eyes

As you show me your rhythm

As I listen to your sighs

Take yourself to your peak on me

While I gaze and wonder at your beauty

And adore the way that you move

And she pleasure on your face because of what you do.

Look into my eyes and ride.

Now tell me how that feels.

Loving beyond boundaries

She shuddered and quivered

to the sensual touch

she need me to give her,

a desiring aching love

that she yearned for so much

and as we fell into each others eyes

and reached into each others souls,

our hearts exploded into fire

and our frequencies raised much higher

and in the intense heat,

our love was made complete

and in this moment of sensual sensations,

we achieved a spiritual revelation,

that coalesced our energy ,

and heightened our universal vibrations

and set our spirits free,

leaving our quintessential essences flowing easily

allowing us to achieve

a true lovers dream and ecstasy.



Your magnetism draws me in

and I feel the love begin,

just open your mind and open you body

so that i may enter inside

and reside in your warmth,

taste and savor your bliss,

tell me now you want to be kissed

and made to feel wanted

made to feel loved

and that you desire the spiritual touch,

of somebody that just wants to cherish you,

feel the glow of your being

as we make two become one,

tell me your needs and put on display

the passions and desires that you crave,

and I will do my best to make you feel whole.

In time we can learn to meld so sublime

while still being individual,

yet still feeling the magnetic pull

and raising our frequencies so that we will shine,

like a hot sun, on fire, burning out of control,

in a passion and moment where we both bare our souls,

Your magnetism draws me in

and I feel the love begin,

just open your mind and open you body

so that i may enter inside

and reside in your warmth,

taste and savor your bliss,

tell me now you want to be kissed

for now and all time.

Real or self created sensation

she sat in darkness

cross legged in contemplation

she was drifting dreaming

looking for exaltation

as she sat without notion

of someone else close by

sat in her crop top and lycra tights

she was tuning into the vibes.

It was then she felt the hands upon her

reaching from behind

not sure if they were real

or creations of the mind

these hands wandered over her

feeling all her curves

she could feel the expectation

and essences rising up through her.

Her body reacted she relaxed

as she felt the hot breath on her neck

kisses place along her shoulder

was the best thing yet

as both hands explored over her top

caressing and kneading her breasts

was this all in her mind now or real

she still could not guess

eyes remained closed as if she did

not really want to know

as she felt herself moistening

and feel the heated glow

of sensual desire now

in it’s fullest flow

and as her yearning multiplied

hands wandered down inside

he tight lycra tights and filled her with

a sense of such delight

legs were crossed but she laid back

hands so warm had a sensitive sensual touch

as she let her body writhe and shudder

as she felt the rhythm and loved it

arching back her body she just let herself go

and as her body quivered hard

she felt everything flow.

Then in the heat of her exertions

she felt herself lying back

laying prostate now on the floor

heart beating fast as if in attack

her breathing heavy cheeks were flushed

but was this real or in her mind

as she got up and left the room

she saw her friend and they both smiled

was the experience self created

or was it that her friend had sneaked inside

the thought it may have been her friend excited her inside

and if it was just from a self created vibe

maybe she tell her friend to show her how to find

this moment of sensual release

to find this moment of intensity

she would have to think it over and work it out

but she knew one thing was true

that was her best mindful session without any doubt.

Image courtesy of Pinterest.