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Sons of God’s and daughters of men

Your under my skin

And I can’t begin,

To imagine

Being without you again,

You’re like a drug

An amphetamine boost,

You’ve got me addicted

That is the truth,

We are Nephilim.

You are the daughters of men

We are Sons of God’s,

Yet somehow you

Drew us in,

With you beautiful looks

And your delicate ways,

We knew at once

We could not be saved,

From falling in love with you

We succumbed to the truth,

That we had become addicted to you,

We are Nephilim.

We gave up the halls

Of heavenly life,

We came down

To see the beautiful sights,

Of feminine grace

And to sample the bliss,

Of savouring on your sweet kiss,

Daughters of men you maybe

But as a Sons of Gods

You enticed me beyond belief,

We wanted to spend our lives with you,

Give up everything and that’s the truth

We are Nephilim.



Negative words are poison

So they should be carefully chosen

Negative attitudes are toxic

So we must use our energy to block it

Light up life cast out darkness

And celebrate the day

Light up life and be the love you crave

Don’t spread poison

Don’t be toxic

Shut out all this bad stuff

And just rise above it

Be the love in every single moment.


Let our lips touch

Let our hands caress

Let me kiss your shoulders

And your neck

Let me feel the satin of your skin

Let the loving truly begin.

Let me feel the warmth of your body

Let me taste your lips

Let us both become connected

Let us both dwell in this bliss

Let’s fall deep in love

Let’s fall madly

Let’s both yearn for each other

And need each other badly

Let my hands trace the contours of your body

Your being is beautiful

Your soul is lovely

Let’s both fall in love

Let’s become twin flames

Let’s face each other truthfully

And prepare to make love gracefully

Let me love you

There’s no one above you

Let me love you

You’re all I need it’s true.

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The opiate of our dreams

Our love is supersonic

Yet somehow we stayed plutonic,

Racing through quantum space

Like a neutrino in light speed haste,

We flew among the stars fields

Hoping that we may feel

Something special that transcends all that is surreal

And to make contact with higher frequencies

Vibrating greater than we could ever believe

We are flying lightyears

In a space and time that is amazing and free

And within these moments

Our love was released like a supernova

Exploding incandescently

And Showering light

In cosmic conscious reality

I never thought that you and me

Could shine so bright

And love so deep

In this quantum space

Where we are universally

Spiritual beings

Travelling cosmically

Through everything we hoped that we could be

Which is pure love

The opiate of our dreams.

Love under will

Can you feel the love under will

Can you feel within you still

That live that courses through you

A love you can’t deny or repeal

Do you feel that live you can’t control

That love that too few know

It’s a love you don’t choose it chooses you

And its inexplicable that’s true

But it feels so right and makes you feel good

This love under will is understood

To be of universal creation

Reaching you through higher frequencies and vibrations

You open up your heart and it flows in

This love infects every aspect of your being

Leaves you feeling compassionate and kind

It’s so empowering it cannot be defined

And if you do not feel it still

Open yourself up and absorb this universal love under will

This will of creation and everything that is

And reside in the divine graceful spiritualised bliss.

The city girl and her adorable rube

She was a city girl

he was a country bumpkin

otherwise known as a rube,

a term I had never heard before

yet it was clear that she adored

his different ways,

to the city boys

and games that they play,

so she moved to the country

and lived out a life of bliss,

with her adorable rube

she was glad she made that move.

Via: Daily Prompt: Rube

He surprised her

She knew her husband was not the suspicious kind

And she had lurid thoughts that played on her mind

So she invited over a friend of hers

She had a fancy for him

And the obsession was getting worse

She dressed up in gym clothes

Hoping her figure would catch his eye

Tall, slim, long legs firm bum

And hair done up in bun

Leggings and a crop top vest

She was ready for him

When he came round she lured him seductively in

And in the quickest of times she was surrendering to him

He gave her was she craved and she gave as much back

She was not the type to lay supine on her back

They wrestled and writhed on the sofa and on the floor

She even found herself up against the wall

This was never how it normally was

Her and her husband never did this

Normal for them was a few minutes then off to sleep

But this carried all morning

She thought as if she would burst

She wanted as much as she could

She wanted to go until it almost hurt

When her friend left she felt she could hardly move at all

When her husband came home she had barely recovered at all

He looked and said it seems you’ve had a hard day

It must have some work out to be exhausted all of the day

She wondered if he was suspicious but he soon laid this to rest

He said he knew what she had done

Because he had discussed with her best friend

And he had told him that she was the best

She was shocked and scared how he’d react

But he smiled and said

‘I wish had told me so I could have known about it,

Its something I’d thought about,

Watching you or knowing knowing you were with other men

It doesn’t make me jealous it’s simply turns me on

That they fill a void that I can’t fill just makes sense

It bring some spice to life and a marriage that had got boring’

This music to her ears as he said it was fine

‘Just do me a favour he said let me know so I can enjoy next time.’

Via: Daily Prompt: suspicious

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Fly away

Early morning pink and grey skies

I see birds flying, they just glide

Why can’t I?

They glide so effortlessly

Flying on a southern breeze

How magical to be that free

I wish it were me,

Soaring higher than I can ever dream

Beyond all this mundane living

I wish I could find my wings and fly away

Into those early morning skies of pink and grey

Maybe it will be reality one day

Who can say, just fly away,

Just fly away.

Angelic she is

Angelic beauty

Of divine vibes

Shining outward

A filigree light

Pure of heart

And golden in soul

Incandescent beauty

I long for your glow

To reside in your arms

Of heavenly bliss

I yearn for the taste

Of your lush kiss

And feel the love

Of your warmth tonight

Before she leaves me sated and then is gone taking flight.

My love, my muse

Lovers kiss

Let me taste your lips,

Lovers touch

I want you to want so much,

Silky satin skin

Let me begin,

To trace my fingers over you

Doing what you want me too,

Watch my hands

Moving over your body,

Tantalising revitalising,

I want your body energising,

To my stimulus

As we slowly kiss,

Feel my hands undressing you,

Nothing you can do,

You melt in my arms,

You succumb to my charms,

I want to leave you breathless,

I watch as you writhe,

I feel your body beneath me

Feeling you encouraging,

As you arch your back

Eagerness you won’t lack,

As you feel the essence flow

Can you feel your passion grow,

As your breath gets faster now,

As your heart races,

As the moans rips

From between your lips

And you peak,

To the rhythm and to the loving beat,

To the desire in both you and me

We come together so blissfully

Connected by a sensual erotic need,

I look into your eyes,

So very deep,

To ensure there is pleasure glowing within,

Because I want to give a valentine gift,

That will leave your heart pounding

And leave you announcing,

It’s the best valentines moment that you’ve ever known,

A valentine moment that will make our connection grow

And to love each other so,

Please just let me know

If you desire this so,

My love, you’re my muse,

Which is why I so want you.