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Sleepy knoll


Upon a little hillock

In a sleepy knoll

That’s where you will find me

Dwelling in mind and soul

Dreaming of future

Full of love and dreams and peace

Reminiscing on the past and how it was so replete

And I can only hope that the future

Can sate my wildest dreams

So I’ll create it like a director does

When setting up and filming scenes

On the Hollywood set or in a back lot

The truth is does not really matter

As long as it all comes together and brings to life a serene

And colour filled phantasmagorical work of art

Of which we can be proud

Then that’s all that we can wish from ourselves

While sitting on a hillock watching clouds

In a little hidden sleepy knoll

Dwelling within mind and soul.

A dream the likes of which I’ve never seen


I dream of silks and velvetine

I dream of trees and verdancy

Within the hallways vast I witness scenes

Of vast arrays of different beings

Dancing nobely in a place so grand

Beings from far off galaxies and lands

Dancing in rhythm flow and beat

All quite dextrous and fleet of feet

And as I walk out on to a great balcony

I see something I find quite amazing

A vast cacophony of animals and beasts

Playing, dancing, no thoughts of whom to eat

But conveying in their own way under a starlit sky

A beauty, creativity and honour and pride

That neither any amount of hate or jealousy could hide

And in this other dream world that barely makes sense

I let myself go and give my heart to the deliverance

Of nobility and regalness and count my soul truly blessed

To be part of a dream so possessed

With such finery and elegance

This otherworldly granduer show and dance.

Nocturnal scene


A night under the stars

A sojourn that takes us far

On a breeze in the ebony

In and out of strange demesnes

Nocturnal creatures

With their luminescent eyes

Watch as we float like wisps

Across this star filled night

Under a moon so bright

I see bat’s in their blind flight

It fills my soul with so much delight

Under these stars we dream

Within this nocturnal blissful scene.

The nymph on a cusp


She sat on the cusp of beauty

Perched on the edge of a bloom

She sipped from a dew drop

Hanging upon a leaf

She is truly a beauty to me

She flits from flower to flower

Silken hair such a nymph of delight

She beautifies everything she touches

She brings light to my eyes

She paints the colours in the flowerbeds

She floats on an air of grace

Her life is bliss and so full of love

I cannot quite say enough

About the beautiful nymph on the cusp.

Love and beauty in a blissful state


Days end and I look to the horizon

Where the sky meets the sea

The moon shines down and the sea is calm

Barely any ripples can be seen

And so I focus my attention on this

A glistening mirrored sea calming me

A beautiful moment in time so serene

And I think about you as if in a dream

And I wish you were here right now

Sharing this bliss, this state of grace

As I sit in this meditative state

Filly mind and heart with pure love

With every breath that I breathe

Calmer, stiller, more serene

Solitude allows me to see

All that I know to be beauty

And in this moment and in this scene

Feel your presence with me

And if manifests an image of your beauty too

And I feel the love between me and you

With every breath that I breathe

Calmer, stiller, more serene

Solitude allows me to see

That we are twin flames of eternity

As I hear the soft sounds of the sea

Washing all over me

And I feel as if it were your body

Which I want to feel now with me

Connecting on all levels as we breathe as one

I now hear natures love song

As I add it here looking out at the horizon

With every breath that I breathe

Calmer, stiller, more serene

In meditation I find inner peace

And unconditional love washing over me

And an overriding sense of beauty.

Blissful moments of grace


In a meadow I sit taking in peace

I see a hawk fly and hover upon high

I see stratus and cumulus clouds floating by

I feel the soft warm gentle breeze against my cheek

I love nature as it embraces me.

I see the verdancy of the trees

And daisies and buttercups that surround me

And as I sit here in blissful solitude

I think longly of love and the light shining true

That reflects the beauty and acts as a muse

That I see as nature each time I connect in its various hues

Come join me and sit a while and let’s pass a moment or two

Sharing the grace that is savoured by so few.