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Don’t be complicit


If you discover acts of wrong

And turn a blind eye so it all continues on,

Then you arrre guilty and complicit by doing nothing

Which is why we must do what is right,

Speak from our hearts and cast our light,

On to those that need it, because they are oppressed,

Or racially abused, within this so called kind world,

And because they’re lacking in even the most basic intelligence,

So don’t be complicite in the face of all life’s wrongs

Stand up as a witness and testify whilst being strong,

And speak the truth,

Don’t be complicit by ignoring that which you know is wrong

Or you are you just as guilty as any of those who simply walk on bye.


False realities of mankind

Show us as truly undefined,

The truth is not found in extremes

And certainly not on internet memes,

The world is full of philosophies

By those who truly and firmly believe,

That they have the answers to everything

Where as wise accept that they know nothing,

Beware of the fools who say they do

Misleading people and distracting them from the truth,

We must find our own answers to life

We must learn to discover love and our own light,

And understand our own power and our might,

In our existential consciousness

Being our own authority is wakefulness,

We need awareness in this life

So that we can end the wrongs, by standing up for what is right.

August moon


The August moon shone bright on us

As we sat beneath the ebony star filled sky,

It filled us with an intense love feeling

It raised our desires and passions up,

We felt the need to hold on to each other tight

Under the August moon shining so bright,

I could never imagine a more perfect moment

This was the most wonderful spiritual night.

Find common ground


The focus seems to be on conflict

Not healing and finding common ground,

This is the problem with society

And it’s something very profound,

That people are being divided

By the media and government,

We are not going to get anywhere clashing

And fighting against one another,

We need to look to find a way to move forward and evolve,

We have to start to try and take back our individual control

Stop just following the words of others,

And create new thoughts and words of our own

And live a life of your own making,

Not one of which you’ve been told.

A good place to be


Always grateful for being read

People engaging with thoughts,

That spiral from my head

I rebel in the posts of others too,

This place of inspirational muse

A site of art, a site of craft,

Sharing pain, love, tears and laughs,

A place where there is no hate or judgement

I dwell here in my most available moments,

Because the people are so kind

That I can share with, they’re friends of mine,

And although we have and will never meet

It helps when low, knowing you’re not alone,

It helps knowing there is support out there

Knowing that people show that they care,

And yes some may come and go

And some who say they care maybe putting on a show,

But authentic and genuine people are easy to find,

In this place of spiritual people and coming together of minds.

Creating a better life


Love the touch of life

Live within the light,

Share the kind thoughts

Learn to be tolerant,

But not of things that are wrong

But of people’s faith and colour,

And their gender and sex

We need to befriend each other,

We have to come together

Let’s be one and lets unite,

Let’s fight for our environment

Let’s make the future bright,

Let’s come together

And fight war not wars,

Let’s do the right things

Let’s stand up for a cause,

And stop all oppression and hate

We can create a whole better life, like this.

Usual abuse


Fuck politics and all its games

We elect Russian spies to the Lord’s today,

This kind of collusion and corruption is rife

All the way across global political life,

Royals and billionaires into sex trafficking

There’s no fucking way they’ll give up or stop relaxing,

Their head on assault for power and greed

Meanwhile Bolsonaro makes Brazilians die and weep,

Put in place by America, which shows the corruption of which I speak,

Bill gates looking to put trackers in vaccines,

These people who rule don’t care about me and you,

Just about keeping up the usual abuse.

Are you, you’re own problem?


Questions, questions

Do you ask the right questions,

Or do you just accept what you’ve been told,

Do you buy into what the media tell you to think

Do you believe that your governments lies don’t stink,

Are you not asking questions to try and not look subversive

Or do you think that they are simply to coercive,

Do you not ask questions, because you’re scared of the truth,

Are you worried that the truth may scare you and leave you vulnerable too,

Or are you dependent on them making rules and decisions, that you don’t want to do

Then when it all goes wrong you have a ready made excuse,

If you think not asking questions is the right thing to do,

Then let me tell you now the problem is definitely you.

Trip the stars


Trip the stars

Like stepping stones,

Follow the trail

Of your conscious flow,

Beyond planets we know

To beyond galaxies we don’t,

To places we’ve only dreamt about

To experience cosmic wonders amazing,

To travel, to search

To find and discover,

I am both a spiritual beinq

And  warm hearted lover,

Of everything beautiful

And all that is cosmic.


The truth will not be known


First wave, second waves

The world’s infected,

How did this happen

How are we so effected,

And how did it take so long

For it to be detected,

Where did it come from

Only the few know,

Is this a seed that governments have sown

Or is it a repercussion of our need for greed,

To devour all and everything,

And a result of our unhealthy lifestyles,

And even if the truths discovered there is no way

It will see the light of day and be placed on display,

They’ll keep it as top secret as we dig the graves

Of the victims of a pandemic that came from nowhere, one day.