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Trivial worrys fill our lives


I used to worry about everything

Then I realised there is no point in this pursuit

You can’t control nothing, what will be will be

And then someone who you love

Will disappear suddenly from your life

And in that moment you will realise

How much time you wasted worrying over trivial stuff

Always ensure in life you make time for love

Always understand that love is enough

And all the others concerns and worrys

Well that futile stuff

That will happen no matter what

And if everything you have you lose you’ll still have love

And if you have that then people won’t stand around

And leave you to suffer and to go under, they’ll always help you up.

Summer mind


Mystified mind

Manifesting designs

Of ageless summers

And golden sunshine

The days they’re warm

As warm as a love

That you become attached to

A love of which you can’t get enough

Surrounded by flowers

And natures beauty

Green rolling hills undulating

I can feel the harmony vibrating

Frequencies transcend to higher levels

Helping me to purge and cleanse my inner devils

In the warmth of the summertime glow

Where everyday drifts by so slow

Nothing can penerte this bliss

Sealed with a kiss upon which I can contemplate.

Offence is a percieved concept


Can’t speak as you wish to

Watch every word you say

Because the pc police

Have finally got their way

Free speech for all

As long as you voice it their way

Offence can be caused perception

But perception has a unique way

Of being unique and individual

I could get offended by anything anybody says

But I am not built, to be ultra sensitive in that way

I could be offended you’re offended

By what I do and say

Because when you say I’ve offended me

You judged me in your own perceived way

Which not be based on fact

Or have any substance to it

Respect all people you meet

And that should do it

Be caring and considerate

And you’ve no need to worry

And if we all take that on board

The pc brigade won’t have any real sway

In dictating how we speak each day.

Head space


I seek solice and tranquility

If I sit in a mountain cave or on its peak

Isolated from humanity

I think I will be able to breathe freely

I seek solice and tranquility

I need some head space believe me

If I took myself to church

Or up to heaven above

And manifested a quiet place for me to be

I could finally breathe freely

I need this head space believe me

We all need to find some solice and tranquility

We all need to be able to breathe freely

Once in a while so that we survive this life

We all need to find our inner peace

We all need to discover the self love that we seek.

In search of a life more restful


So much worry

So much on my mind

How do I find the time

To find some peace

To find some silence

To find tranquility

Life is busy

And it can be stressful

I wish for a life more restful

Need to find how to chill my bones

Find a way to find my comfort zone

Maybe spending time alone

Or maybe being with others

Will help me grow

Reap the seeds that I have sown

Step into experiences unknown

To find a new way to get back home

To find my inner peace within my soul.

Brain full


Too many things on my mind

Confused often I find

I make mistakes and get carried away

What can I say I am human that way

My mind gets oveoaded

With too much information

And as I am getting older

I noticed that things don’t improve

I slip in and out of the groove

But everything I ever do

I do the best that I can

I just hope others may understand

I just hope that people are patient

See that I put my heart into everything

And if that’s not enough then I am sorry

Like I say I do the best that I can

I am flawed just like other humans

For no one is perfect and those who say they are

Are fools or are lying which is nothing to he proud about.

Bust down


Bust down

Your system is on melt down

Nobody is equal

And everyone’s divided

Bust down

This system built on greed

But loaded for only the few to succeed

It’s a rigged system

And it vexes me

Bust down

Bring this system to its knees

And set ourselves free

From those in grey suits

Controlling you and me

Bust down and it ends right here

And it ends right now

Take back the power

Exert your freedom

Reclaim your rights

Never stop believing

And bust down.