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Girl, let your aura glow


Girl I think that you should know

You are letting your aura glow

And its lighting up the night

With splendour and delight

And girl I think that you should know

You got that spiritual flow

And you’re bigging up the night

With your luminescent light

And it is so warming

Just like the songs that you sing

And it’s so amazing like your voice that’s resonating

Into the universe and onto the heavens

Where angels dance to your sweet verse

So keep letting your aura glow

And lighting up the night

With splendour and delight

Keep up the beautiful show

So the who world can know, just how lit you are.

Find your inner love and share it with others


Know yourself

Deep enough

To find your self love

And what you need most

To know yourself

Awakens your consciousness

It helps you see

Life more clearly

So you can realise

You create your life

You are not your wild mind

It needs to be refined

And when you search yourself

To know who you are

Be compassionate and kind

And forgive yourself

For mistakes you made

When you were blind

We are all beautiful people

Worthy so much of love

We are beautiful people

Who should shine a light

From within our soul

And live with open hearts

To let the love flow in

So that we can start

To share it others

True and unconditionally

For we are beautiful

So let’s live our dreams

As beautiful people

Manifesting beautiful love

Resonating light

Through the tender touch

When we reach out those

Who need it so much

Just touch them with your inner love.




It keeps us rooted to the ground


Exerts a pressure on us so profound


Effects both you and me

Keeps us flowing like the sea


Somewhere within this life

We sit beneath the moonlight


It stops us from soaring to high

For we are not birds and not meant to fly


It gives grounding to you and me

For that’s where we are meant to be


We must learn to find our dreams

Rooted in our own humanity

You and me are living in this gravity

Sharing love and light unconditionally

And that’s the beauty of sharing this gravity.

My friend and buddy


You are my friend

You ae my buddy

You are amazing

You are lovely

You are light

You are gifted

You are lit

You are exulted

You are my friend

You are my buddy

You are amazing

You are lovely

And I am lucky

We are friends

Be together forever to the end.

The dumb seed born were we


Leave it in the ground

Stop poisoning the air

Stop p putting plastic in the ocean

I add urely do despair

At the ignorance and stupidy

Of a humanity that cuts down trees

And does not questions how we shall breathe

When we cut and burn everything

And wonder why lands will flood due to melting polar ice caps

As global warming heats up our earth

Good luck thinking future mankind

Can durvivd just eating dirt

And our overpopulation is worse

As mankind doesn’t grasp the way it hurts

This earth and misunderstands its worth

To succour humanity, if we nurture nature

Instead of just exploiting it for greed

Was mankind cultivated from the dumbest seed?

In tempered times


Tempered times

That fall from shadow

Cold shudders

From frozen marrow

Mind spins in confusions

Heart beats in palpitations

Pulse now is strong and racing

Leaves us shaking as well as pacing

We find ourselves in differing locations

Where the hell am I right now

See my wrinkled furrowed brow

What are we feeling right now

Hard to tell and hard to focid

Hard to concentrate on life

Spirit is strong but consciousness lacking

I find myself star tracking

Via the night sky, ebony bliss

It’s time I think to take a risk

It now depends on hot or miss

Try and spot the missing link

And step back away from the brink

And hope to be remembered by my ink

That people may savoir like a thirst quenching drink.

Trojan horse


Your like a trojan horse

Hiding danger within

Once seen as a gift to me

I realise you’re perilous indeed

Youre amazing on the outside

How could I look a gift horse in the mouth

But you could be the end of me

Because what’s within and there’s no doubt

You’re a dangerous past time

A forbidden fruit from the tree of life

And everything would end now

If I were to take a simple bite

You’re perilous, you’re dangerous

Yet somehow you’re intoxicating

I am ready to play with fire

Even if it means burning

It’s the pleasure pain theory maybe

Or just the danger that you represent blatantly

But I am going to have to sate my pleasure

And yes, I am going to have to rue it at my lesuire

But this is something that I choose

And maybe I am going to lose

And you mahbe the end of me

But I just need you desperately to taste and feast upon

So. I am going in right even though everything screams at me it’s wrong.