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Contest! We don’t need no stinking contests

Contests! good for building ego’s up

great for knocking creativity down

as I pore over words and sounds

to make my poetry jump off the page

to come alive in others minds

in the most imaginative way.

Contests! we don’t need them

they drive us crazy every day

putting our best foot forward

and doing something that is brave

putting your art out there for judging

nurtured and created with much loving

only to be brutally dimissed

or even worse maybe even savaged

Contests! Huh, well this I find an interesting challenge

maybe I will just have a go at this

rise to the challenge and try to win it

not because I don’t think it still stinks

but because in my own way we become

ever so slightly addicted to it

looking for some kind of justification

for writing poetry and putting it out to the nations

or just because we have a competitive edge

contests! I’ve won a couple so see what’s next

see if I can be the best, I mean i wish everyone all the best

I just enter for a bit of fun, not to be just number one!

but being unplaced leaves me undone

but hey, let’s show a little grace keep a smile upon our faces

swallow this bitterest pill and compete until they lose the will

to misjudge my work again, I am the top contestant man!

enter contests or be dammed, stinking contests drive me mad

Argh!!!! is that even a word?


17/7/18 (In response to a contest challenge :))


Be the light not the dark

Be the sun after the storm

Not the maelstrom in full force

Lift things up in your life like a new breaking dawn

Don’t suck things down forever inward

Be the rainbow after the rain

Don’t allow your life to flow like a river down the drain

Be the beautiful birdsong

Don’t become the scream that echoes on and on

You are spirit, you are love

You create gold with every touch

Be the light and not the dark

Be the fresh new day and no longer the storm

Because you are loved so much.

Incandescent flame

It’s hard to see a heart created to love so broken

It’s hard to read the words so dark and filled with pain

I imagine if unbroken other words would surely ignite

Into a bright incandescent flame

Burning brightly every day

Positive and uplifting in every way

If it was not for the heart felt pain.

I can imagine you so carefree

Laughing and enjoying love freely

But this shadow of what has gone before

It hangs over your life like a pall

A way needs to be found to get past this

Some kind of healing to surpass this

I know they say that times heals all

But I can’t bare to think of anyone

Going through such heartache and suffering

It’s the caring part of me that bleeds when I read

Such words of hurt and pain

I wish I could place my hands on your heart and soul to make it go away

Use my healing hands and arts

To fix your heart that was torn apart

You we built to smile and laugh

You were created to love way beyond the stars

And right back again

You have beauty, you have grace

Don’t let pain become etched upon your face

You have magic in your words

Don’t let them be tainted by the hurt

Rise up and shine again

Rise up and shine you light like an incandescent flame

Rise up and find your love

And heal the heart with renewed passion

And let go

Of all the hurt that was done to you

And all the suffering you’ve endured

You are golden in every way

So just believe this and believe in you

For I know I do.

Beauty manifests if you choose to see it

Green leaves rustle in the wind

Ripples spread across a still lake

I see the trees as they gently sway

A few white nimbus clouds pass this way

I hear the sweet sounds of a chaffinch

And the screech of a magpie

I feel the warmth on this summers day

As bees and other insect fly by

Such is the miracle of life

Such is the miracle of nature

Beauty resonates all around

How could you not manifest inner peace

When you have moments like this in a day

Sit and look around and appreciate

Take in the wonders that life creates

Breathe it all in and meditate

If only for a short time, contemplate

Take time out of your busy day

Let everything go and let your troubles fade away

Breathe out and feel the stress flow

Out of your system and you will know

The benefits of just focusing on your breaths

While absorbing the beauty that has manifested for you.

Crazy corporations and governments

I don’t want your wars no more

They no longer have a cause,

It seems they are all part of one big scheme

To act out powerful governments dreams,

Backed by the banks and corporations

They’re leading the world into annihilation,

Causing ecological obliteration

Bringing about humanitarian devastation,

Is this a new method to keep us in check?

Leaving so many peoples lives wrecked,

So they have no option but to surrender themselves

To these powerful forces who offer to serve and protect

But the only ones we need protecting from is them

These crazy, corrupt corporations and governments,

They understand the people are the power

And in unification can achieve our finest hour,

We must rise up and resist them

Be more humanitarian

And show everybody the way

That governments are sick and depraved,

For destroying nature and people day after day

In the name of their hungry greedy ways.

Baggage mules

We carry baggage like a mule

Weighed down and feeling uncomfortable,

About where and what we’re doing in life

Which is why it’s important to open our eyes,

To see the reality and the truth

In a world that may want to try and hurt me and you

But as long as we have love and kindness in our hearts

We may just finally begin to start,

Finding the answer to all we need to know

And in time we may just start to grow,

Into a life more meaningful

Powerful and strong as well as compatible

With appreciation for the spiritual,

We can live with our dreams of all being possible

And she’d the baggage once and for all

And feel what it is to be free

Living within our own conscious reality.

Confines of the mind

We are confined within our own consciousness

Restricted by our own limits

How do we see the universe?

Infinite and without bounds?

We have to be open and see beyond all we have before

Believe everything and anything is possible

There is only one limit in life

And that limit it is within ourselves

We restrict our own dreams

So restrict our own lives

We create limits that make things appear impossible

Yet the truth is everything is possible

In a world of conscious belief

All is inevitable and achievable

How you address life will determine this all.

Lost in distraction

I was not mad at you

I was just frustrated by life

I did not man for you

To get caught in the crossfire

I did not want you to feel invisible

But I got absorbed in the struggle

The struggle of my life

And did not see your life enough

I did not want you to feel neglected

I just got lost in the distractions

Forgot my priorities and what’s really important

If you give me the chance

If you decide on forgiveness

I will give you reason to believe in me again.


You may walk through life

With open eyes

But if the mind is closed

Then you are blind

What you see is the experience that you’re open too

And if you’re open to nothing

Then in all truth you experience nothing at all

We create our own reality

We create all that we see

Through the conscious expansion and the expanding belief

That open up and unfold for us when we expand our boundaries

Of experiencing life in light and love fully.