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Be impeccable

How you treat people reflects on you

So rember to be kind honourable and true

Conduct yourself impeccably well

Speak works so positive that others can tell

You are a spiritual being rooted in light and love

Kind and compassionate sent from the stars above.

Consciously aware

Consciously aware

I stand and stare

Saying and doing

Things others won’t dare

I speak from the heart

Trying to play my part

In changing the the thought processes of the world

Into myself I always delve

I reside in my conscious reality

In my luminescent soul

I seek for my faith and belief

As my heart pounds with passion

And my mind remains still

I find the power of being existential

I put out in poetry my credentials

Take me or leave me

It’s all differential

I am the type I guess you can like or not

I am not being arrogant

But does that matter one jot

I can only be me, authentically

Write my own words of originality

Very few quotes or other people’s words flow through my poetry

I like to keep my style eclectic you see

So if anybody chooses to throw stuff at me

It bounces off me because consciously

I know this is generated from what the ignorantly perceive to be me

But in truth it is fantasy not based within reality

I use my pen like a brush to paint a masterpiece

Through my minds eye and imaginary

I base myself in love and truth

And I hope to bring light shining brightly to you

To inspire, to motivate, to raise you up

And to create a connection of both light, peace and live.

Blog life

My blog is on a slight downward spiral

But I stand strong and keep it viral

Things tend to go in troughs and peaks

I just have to hang in there and see

Whether the time for this blog is up for me

New job has made things harder

Meant that it’s made me more tired

Maybe it’s reflected in what I write

And often I mostly can only at night

Instead if through the day like I used to do

Many familiar faces seem to have got list too on this journey I am on

But I guess that’s the normal way

I will keep on blogging and see if things change

But maybe it’s time to find something new

Blogging is like life it can leave you cinfused

And can go from being abundant to barely seen

Maybe I need to develop other dreams.

Grasping the light

I grasped the light

In both my hands

I felt the energy

And tried to understand

The power and love

That resonated through

I felt the power as it grew

And grasped the destiny

Along with passion

The create a visionary interaction

With creation and the universe

Filling us with much satisfaction

That we are connected

With everything that is

That this is our very reason

For us to exist.

Excitement in life

She was tired of work and it’s mundanity

Sat in her office she felt there must be more

Her husband and kids took her for granted

She wished for maybe just a little excitement

But it was just another day in the office.

Just then her boss entered a smiled

Why the sad face has someone died

She smiled and explained how she felt

Spoke of the cards she had been dealt

He sat on the edge of her desk

Pushed back her hair from her face

Then looked down her top at her breast

And made no attempt to hide this

And spoke of how inviting and tempting they looked

And said often we he saw what he wanted he never hesitated

He just simply took

And what he saw now he wanted a lot

And once he made up his mind he would not be stopped

She felt her body tremble under her gaze

She felt her defences as they melted away

She felt so vulnerable, she felt so meek

Is this the excitement that she felt that she needs

In her blouse and her short tight skirt her body ached

To be used to be taken to be touched in everyway

She felt her knees part like he obeyed

His words were now penetrating her being

As he asked what her husband would say

Seeing her knees parted and splayed

Awaiting the moment for him to come and play

He touched her slowly feeling his way

Between the soft material that held him at bay

From what he wanted to feel

And her fidelity he wanted to steal

She felt powerless and the material moisten

In this moment it was about to happen

But a knock on the door shut it all down

And her boss left her office

With an angry frown

And she buzzed like electric that was the excitement she needed

And felt the flush through her body

And knew she had acceded to the power of lust

And it may happen again

And was powerless to stop it and now was ready to play

With any temptations that may come her way.

Nuzzling your skin

I nuzzle your skin

And the seduction begins

I feel your body relax to my touch,

I am kissing your neck

My hands start to caress

And I can feel you writhing against me

I whisper into your ear

The things you want to hear

What I intend to do now to you

And your body complies

As the passions rise

And our bodies become entwined

And as we begin to kiss

And we move in synchronicity

I hear sounds on love emanating between your lips

And I feel your yearning

And your body burning

As your breath gets rapid and shallow,

Then our bodies rise and fall

Then we give it our all

As we peak in a moment ethereal

In a love that seems so celestial

As you surrender your body to me

We give way to sensuality.

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Shared loving

I need your warmth

To feel your skin against mine

I need to feel your breathe

And look deep into your eyes

And we we fall and rise

In the middle of the night

I need to share caresses

I need to share deep kisses

I need to hear you moan with desire

Make your body burn like fire

I need to feel our bodies combined

And feel the melding of our minds

I need to feel this love embrace

As through tender love

We lay our bodies to sensual waste

And then bask in the glowing heat of love shared by you and me.

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Difference in authority is simple,

State controlled authority witches you to surrender your freedom

Surrender your creativity and be like everyone else

Being your own authority is to be free thinking, creative and unique

Standing out from everybody else.

Are you a sheep being herded or are you a bird flying free?

To hard to love

She craved a love he could not give

He was too hard not sensitive

To what she needed and it was not his fault

He had been bred this way by society by default

And he wanted so much to love her

In they way she needed

She was beauty and angelic

And his heart was bleeding

And though he fought against the shackles

His nurtured ways just brought him back

To the hard insensitive man,

That he was taught was the only way to be

And despite how he tried he just could not brekfree

From his domesticated and conditioned beliefs.

I can fly, I can dream, it’s up to me

Emerging from the beauty of creation

Bathed in a sea of incandescent light

Rising up in a plethora of energy

Designed to spread kindness as well as love throughout this life

Walking through a verdant green countryside

Surrounded by all the amazing species of this life

Singing a song of wonder backed by a symphony

A truly magical sunset behind me

Show the magi that is life and the beauty of creation

Shows the miracle that is earth and our very existence

We are born from love and should love that way

And take with us kindness and compassion along the way

As a rainbow arches overhead

I wonder when this amazing moment will end

Then I realise this was created in my own head

And I can this going from now until my days have ended

Viewing the world in wonderment

Positive images and magnificent thoughts

Creating a utopia I have sought all my life

And now I know it was always here. I just needed to open my eyes

I just needed to cleanse and open my mind

And this life could be realised

Living a life on frequency high

Floating on wings of love in bedazzeling sunset sky

I can fly, I can dream, it’s up to me.