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Love is golden


Love is golden

To be cherished

And embraced

Love is a precious

And purest state

Sought by many

But not always achieved

Love is something

In which we all should believe

Love is the root of everything

Love is beyond all distinction.

Display your love

Display your love

What’s that you say

You love me more each day

And I tell you that I feel the same

Don’t hide this fact, don’t be ashamed

Tell one another everyday

But ensure your words

Are backed up with action

Never limit your affections

Say it, show it, every which way

Make sure your love for each other is always displayed.

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Lost key

Lost key

You keep your heart in a heart shaped box

You hid the key that keeps it locked

You suffer as a consequence and it won’t stop

As to where you left the key you forgot

And how you yearn to find it now

But it is out of sight and it has slipped from your mind

And now your only hope for redemption is you find somebody

Who may find the key and finally release you from this suffering

And let you feel loves warmth again.

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Essentials of life

Essentials of life

Keep the child that you were always in your heart

Keep the openness of youthfulness always in your mind

Always keep the innocence from your birth in your soul

And keep the the unconditional love within as you grow.

Struggling to remember


I remember less than I did before

What’s up with that, what is the score

As I age I learn so much more

Gain more wisdom than I had before

Yet my memory starts to elude me

Is it aging that adds to confuse things

I don’t know but I feel it’s trying to delude me

But my thoughts and what i recall are mine solely see

And so will never desert or leave me

Only the things taught and which I struggle to believe

Will be the thing I’ll end up struggling to remembering

And that’s just fine by me

As long as I always remember the things most important to me.

Always on my mind

Always on my mind

The touch of your skin

The feel is everything

The kiss of your lips

The joy and warmth of it

The sculptured flow of your body

I cannot hope to resist

I want to embrace you

To taste every inch of your bliss

I adore you, body heart and mind

I worship you, for you are sublime

And your spirit is so divine

And you are always on my mind.

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Bleak winter times


Bleak winter days

Lead to bleak moods

And bleak thought

We crave the light

And seek the warmth

Outside is wet and cold

But through windows

We see light, comfort and warmth

We see the joy of companionship

In this bleak winter time

For some that’s hard to find

No light, no warmth or companionship for them

No comfort just hardship

No wonder their mind and their thoughts are bleak

They are seen as societies weak

They are societies, voiceless meek

And will spend nights sleeping on the street

During this season of winter that is seen as cold, wet and bleak.