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Queen of the dead

In a dark room she filled his head

With love and dreams of sensual fulfillment

She wore paint so colourful dressed up for the day of the dead

She was beautiful that he could see

Glowing in the dark like an exotic queen

The flowers in her hair her pale white face

Lips made to kiss he was carried away

She had a fit body with subtle curves

He could not help but observe

But she didn’t want him just to look

And her intentions were fast and loose

They made love that was passionate and fervent

She took him too his limit then went further

She took control, she was hungry

He could tell she was in so much need

She was insatiable she wanted more

This more than he’d ever known before

She was wild with lust and it was love till they bust

He had never know such hot love like this.

As they finished and they both got dressed he asked for her name

And a number to text

But she smiled at him and said ‘but honey I am dead

But come and see me after your death’

He thought was joking and followed outside

She went to a place he didn’t want to find

A plot with a headstone and a name inscribed

Then she laid down there and vanished inside

Shocked he was and knew not what to say

Then an old woman passed his way

Said that she was the queen of the dead

And if she loved you then you were blessed

And he cried real tears for her

Which to many may have seemed absurd

But she too him was filled with so much life

How could someone with so much energy have died

And he lost what he felt was the love he had searched so hard to find.

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Let our lips touch

Let our hands caress

Let me kiss your shoulders

And your neck

Let me feel the satin of your skin

Let the loving truly begin.

Let me feel the warmth of your body

Let me taste your lips

Let us both become connected

Let us both dwell in this bliss

Let’s fall deep in love

Let’s fall madly

Let’s both yearn for each other

And need each other badly

Let my hands trace the contours of your body

Your being is beautiful

Your soul is lovely

Let’s both fall in love

Let’s become twin flames

Let’s face each other truthfully

And prepare to make love gracefully

Let me love you

There’s no one above you

Let me love you

You’re all I need it’s true.

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The morning after

He woke in the morning

The first rays of sunshine hit his face

And he could still smell the scent and the trace of you

Did she love him or was he just simply being used.

Laying there among the crumpled sheets

He remembered her and her beauty,

She was so peaceful looking in her sleep

When he last saw her that night,

Before she decided, to get up and leave

And he now felt so lonely

Did this mean nothing?

Was it ever only. a one night fling

It tore him to pieces because he felt the sting

Of deep and tender loving and true meaning

But now he was feeling

The embarrassment if stupidity

Believing her intentions meant anything at all.

Life and death

If one does not understand life, how does one understand death? Confucius.

We live in ignorance

And die in ignorance

To ready to believe

Everything we are told

Simply buying into

Everything we are sold

Never questioning the facts

Never opening eyes or minds

Too scared about what maybe found

The truth being not so profound

That we are ignorant in everyway

From the moment we are born

And as we decay we strive to focus on our external look

Instead of what’s inside

And wonder why we are so hollow

And suffer so much when it comes to die

But we only die in physical form

And we don’t even learn that

Which is why we live fearing death as the final act.


I was smote

By the words she wrote

And at first I thought it was a joke,

She had left me for another bloke

So I decided to drink myself silly on rum and coke,

Only to find out in the morning I was now broke,

Now I am wishing that I never woke

And be reminded of the pain she decided to evoke,

It was if what she did was truly bespoke,

But the reality is now I wear an impenetrable cloak

That wards off love right up until the day I croak.

Love under will

Can you feel the love under will

Can you feel within you still

That live that courses through you

A love you can’t deny or repeal

Do you feel that live you can’t control

That love that too few know

It’s a love you don’t choose it chooses you

And its inexplicable that’s true

But it feels so right and makes you feel good

This love under will is understood

To be of universal creation

Reaching you through higher frequencies and vibrations

You open up your heart and it flows in

This love infects every aspect of your being

Leaves you feeling compassionate and kind

It’s so empowering it cannot be defined

And if you do not feel it still

Open yourself up and absorb this universal love under will

This will of creation and everything that is

And reside in the divine graceful spiritualised bliss.

My journey to spirituality

I did not come to spirituality

Like some people do through an epiphany

I came to it through conscious thought and grief

That doesn’t make me less worthy

At a time of great loss where many lose faith

I rediscovered mine which was hiding

When many people ask why this loss

When they question any God at all

And if everything happens for a reason

Then why please did this happen to me?

Truth I found within spirituality

An understanding as well as a belief

That something’s are bigger than me

That some answers maybe beyond me

That in the scheme of things

Though things seems so harsh and cruel

You have to look beyond ego

And it all being about you

And that sometimes things happen

That nobody and nothing can control

And that’s just the way of it

And that is just the truth of it

But through my conscious mind I was lead here

And with open mind, open eyes I discovered this blessing

Of spirituality and awakening

That before I was too blind too see

So no, though I did not have an epiphany

This spiritual journey has still been wondrous to me

One that before I may never have believed.

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Present living

I live my life in the present

I live my dreams in the quantum

I live for happiness and love

I live to be conscious in everyway

I live in awareness the spiritual way

The past is not a place I go

Because it cannot be changed

And the future I don’t go

Because its all too unknown

Which is why I remain in the present every day.

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Quantum dream reality

Deep within our mental state

Deep within that quantum place

That manifests in energy

Particulate piece by piece

In quarks we dream

In neutrinos we speed

In atoms we bounce and collide

In waves waves we role in brilliant light

Deep down inside

Where we live infinite lives

Time after time

Living out quantum revelries

In cosmic spirituality

Deep within conscious reality

Where we cast away banality

To sail the universe fantastically

On hopes and dreams astrally

No past, no future

Just presently in each and every moment

Of a quantum conscious dream.

Open up your heart and let love in

You feel angry each day

Not understand why

But deep down

You feel a rage

Because life is not going great

It never seems to go your way

Well open up your heart at let love in

You feel angry every day

Because you have been betrayed

By those you thought you could trust

Just open your heart and let love in

Love can heal and help you through

Negativity will never do this for you

It will only ever drag you down until you drown

So just open up your heart and let love in

And let the positivity and and healing begin.