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I, in isolation


I, in isolation

As one

With creation,

As life

I seek privation

I rise up

Like an incantation,

Shining light

Full of incandescence

I sense the essence,

Of a life more spiritual

Not as a ritual

But as a foundation

Of the universal dream

That resonates deep inside of me.

Electrically charged

Electrically charged

I felt the electric of you energy

Your static threatened to set me slight

I could feel your heat and your power

I could sense your strength rippling through the air

Your friction bristling the hairs on my skin

As your energy oscillated at higher frequencies

That I have never experienced before

And you magnetised me

And you energised me

You caught me in your power

And I never want to break free.

Time isn’t on our side


Time seems irrelevant

Passing us by each day

As we lose touch with friends and loved ones

Somewhere along the way

Then a message on the wire tells you some of them are now gone

And it takes you back to time with them

That you had let go and forgotten

But then the heart is punctured at the fondness for them and the loss

Then you realise how short time actually is

And it is something we’ve not got enough of

And it’s important that special memories and people

Should never be forgotten or lost.

A tear shed tonight

A tear shed tonight

Someone’s shedding a tear tonight

Somebody is grieving for a lost life

Someone’s feeling the pain of loss

Somebody’s light had been lost

And enduring this is too hard to bare

Knowing that someone special is no longer there

It wouldn’t hurt so much if we did not care

But we do and that’s why at our heart it tears

So spare a thought for someone’s tears tonight

And spare a thought for those alone tonight

Grieving over the loss of a special life

Who will miss the beauty of their amazing light.

Love is…

Love is…

Love is a simple comforting touch

It is a kind helping word

Love is always being there for those

Who are struggling through hard times

Love is hearing and understanding

It’s about being tolerant and showing compassion

Love is all I have and I offer this to you

Love is always rooted in truth

So I offer this to you too.

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Free life


You cry not in pain but in pleasure

And thus was the risk I had measured

When letting you fly free and spread your wings

I hear the joy rip through your lips singing

Telling tales of adventurous times

So happy that you’re free in body and mind

A real exhalation of spirit and love

I just want you getting what you need so much

And the sparkle in your eyes

Tells the truth, they cannot lie

And our love grows stronger for my sacrafice

The joys and the pleasure of a free life

No restrictions on controls just doing what feels right.

Don’t let your wings be clipped


Don’t let them clip your wings

Don’t let yourself be grounded,

Fly like a bird so high

That you can hear the angels in heaven,

Then open up your heart and let love in

And don’t be made to feel that it’s a sin,

To want to be free and enjoy living

For life is short and we must leave our mark,

And we must make the most of it, though it’s hard.