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Euphoria raises us up so high

Yet the fall brings you crashing to the ground

Leaves your heart sad

And messes up your mind

Then you wish you hadn’t climbed

To those heights of euphoric acclaim

It like the brightest hottest flame

It burns intense but never for long

Before you end up frustrated and totally forlorn

Euphoria not always a friend of mine

It leaves me short every single time

I feel so cheated I feel let down

When euphoria is over it leaves me to drown

And fade to grey.



War is the result

Of political failure

We pay our leaders

To keep the peace

Keep us and the whole world safe

So on this level the fail us everyday.

Loss no longer pains me

Loss used to tear me apart

Make me feel like I’d had enough,

It gave me great pain

That I believed would remain for always

But now I think in a different way

Now loss doesn’t leave me in such pain,

At first I worried I’d become immune in some way

Until I realised it wasn’t the same,

I just finally understood death is not the end,

It’s just a sign of new beginnings

Now I no longer fear for the living,

I no longer fear death

And when my time comes,

I will smile and shake him by the hand,

For there is nothing to fear

As we seek a new start,

And new existence

Playing a different part,

So now I no longer suffer or grieve

I just bid them farewell

And praise their release,

I am in no hurry to find out what lays beyond

But I no longer suffer from the depression,

That so many do when their loved one past

But those I lose remain forever in my memories and my heart.

Your game

You push me away

But then give me them eyes

The come hither looks

And I fall despite

Knowing as you draw me in you’ll push me away again

Is this part of your game

You encourage me to come to you

And if I show self restraint

You get angry and go insane

So I give in once again

Then as I get close as I close in

You push me away

And resist my play

I get frustrated by your games

I get tough and I become more forceful

This is something that you love

But it’s not me to be like this

And so I back away again

And this makes you made

You call the shots

When I come on strong then you get hot

You want domination

And then you do not

Accuse me of treating you rough

You want the power

You have the strength

You have me dancing on strings

And coming back time and again makes no sense.

A reason an purpose for all things

All thing exist for reasons

All things have a purpose

All things are energy

Flowing in this quantum place we live

You don’t use your eyes to see

You don’t use your mind

To understand reality

You just accept the illusory

If you cannot accept these facts

That spiritual quantumness

Gives everything existing reason

And everything existing purpose

You think it’s only you

That was put on this earth to do

The things you need to do

But this is not the truth

The fact is me and you

Are a part of everything

Not apart and separate

We are all part of the quantum link.

Truth is within reach

One step from the truth

One step closer within you

The sum of all our fears

The totality of our love

The aspects of our beings

We are spirits that are freeing

Ourselves from all the suffering

Taking away all the pain

Healing the scars of battle

From the torment and the fight

We search for aspects of light

As well of kindness and peace

Everything we’ve ever needed

Is within us and within reach.

Abundance comes from giving

Those who give freely and share openly

Find they get a return on this abundantly

Those that horde and hide treasures away

Live in shadows and worry as they see in darkness

Those treasures diminish each day

With no returns their soil is barren not fertile

And so all that they grasp close just wilts and fades.

parallel lives

We love in parallel ways

converging diverging

in a dualistic way,

equidistant at various points

connected combined

when we then re-join

we live two complete and equal lives

but in love we then divide at times

or as the mood takes we unite

not restrained by ancient confines.

Parallel lives can be happily lived

if both parties are open to coexist

within the framework of no boundaries

living in a state where both are free

who has the courage and has evolved enough

to set aside ego and show ample amounts of trust

who can separate love from lust

who cannot not feel insecure and get jealous

see their relationship going ashes to ashes

dust to dust because they can’t bare to share their love.

Via: Daily Prompt: Parallel.

If I should fade

When the lights fade from my eyes

or my thoughts no longer linger

within my conscious mind,

should it appear as if you see within me

no sunrise nor no sunset,

when all the memories I forget

or breath has left me fatally bereft,

do not cry or shed a tear

know my spirit still resides here,

like a glowing a orb of light

watching over you day and night,

for as energy I am eternal,

so don’t be sad and do not grieve

for I embark on a different journey,

my spirit alive, my soul is free

and though I shall fade, I will live long in dreams.

Room to love and breathe

I see her looking awesome in her super skin tight jeans

He crop top showing her tanned satin skin

Her curves that are faultless and amazing

Her long beautiful hair like silk gently blowing in the wind

She is the most honest and wisest person I’ve ever met

She lives in the present has no time for regret

We are connected but what she likes the best

Is I never tie her down or placed in a cage

I’ve never been jealous, possessive or shown rage

Anytime she’s gone out flying high and free

Having a good time with or without me

I would very let my ego destroy this

I will never try to own her and she appreciates it

She can do as she pleases I just desire her to be happy

Within me there is nothing I know that is lacking

So I know because of how I am she always returns to me

We are both twin flames and I know that she loves me

I know others desire her and sate her curious ways

No wonder because she puts on a marvelous display

But what we have is deeper than anyone can believe

We have a connection where we both have room to breathe

I respect her right to freedom

And to share her awesome beauty

You may say it’s crazy but it why she vows to always be with me

And that’s enough for me to be happy for life eternally.