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Tending my seeds


I plant a seed of love each day

I nurture it in everyway,

Since you stole my heart

And simply walked away,

I’ve been nurturing these seeds of love

In a hope that they may ripen,

And I’ll find a good soul to take your place,

I see you daily with your smiling face

It’s beautiful but causes me pain,

But now I know it someone else that does this

Because I know that smile, I used to put there,

And now it is somebody else

That is taking care of your needs,

The thought of that makes my heart bleed

So I continue on, growing these seeds,

So that maybe you’ll realise I too have found somebody new

So that I will no longer feel the pain of losing you,

Instead I’ll feel they joy of loving and being loved again,

So forgive me as I tend the seeds, up to end these days of misery

In a hope that I may heal myself from the pain,

From that day when you decided to coldly walk away.

Thoughts of amore


If we spoke words of love

And these words drifted off your sweet lips,

Would it be so unreasonable to finish with a kiss,

If we gazed at each other deeply in the eyes

Would it be wrong to hold you close

If our body aches and yearned to be held,

Would it be out of the question to move further more

And offer you the opportunity to make love or is this flawed,

Should we just go our separate ways

And end these thoughts of amore.

I feel those who love


Unconditional love resonates

In those people of beautiful grace,

I can see it in the eyes who posses it,

I sense it in their heart from the words they speak or write,

I can tell by their emotions and passion

They smile and glow, for in them their is no doubt,

I love to bask within it as their aura resonates it out,

It washes over those nearby

And lifts and raises up,

Those who are aware of it and who also love so much.

Because of you


Because of you

I put up a shield,

And I hide my heart

And through what you did,

I now have chosen

To close the doors,

That will lead anybody

To ever get to truly know me,

This is what you did

Is this what you always do?

Stop lovers from loving

And it’s all because of you.

Beautiful delight


In the realm of beautiful delight

Cosmic space is beyond sight

Yet somehow I feel a yearn plight

To travel and discover it’s myriad of lights

From shooting stars to meteors

From ice cold comets to satellites

Planets and moons revolving

Galaxies and black holes dissolving

Into my sight and my conscious being

It’s wonderous treasures leave me reeling

Leaving me with a transcendental feeling

In this realm of beautiful delight.

One truth


In the end there is only one truth

And that is you are born from love,

To express yourself, to love unconditionally

You are here to learn, to grow,

To be the best that you can

You are here to foster kindness,

To promote tolerance and compassion

To connect to each other as a part of one race,

To connect as one humanity

As one big global family,

Don’t let anyone say you’re not

Never let anyone diminish your light,

Rise up and shine like the star that you are.

She said


She said I am just trying to get by

She looked lonely yet somehow on a high,

Despite her troubles and her strife,

She always wore a smile, though life was tough for her

And she said that nothing really hurt her,

Because of all the pain she had suffered

Had now made her quite immune,

To what others unto her decide to do

She said a lot of things often without speaking,

And that wisdom was so profound,

Homeless this lady was,

They found her one day dead on the ground,

And I must admit I shed some tears for her

For I remember what she said,

And what she said, her heart bled,

And too few had they eyes to see her like me,

And when they buried her

I was the only one who was there for her,

And I stood and said these words of her,

That what she said meant more than anyone I had met had ever said,

She was, wisdom personified,

She had lived a painful and hard life

But she never forgot how to smile,

And because of that I’d never forget her,

For what she said stuck with me

And to know her meant that I was lucky,

I hope now in the next life she’ll find some peace.

You are my pleasure


My absolute pleasure is you

You leave me breathless, ain’t that the truth,

Excuse me for being forward and risking seeming rude

But I am in awe and amazed by every aspect of you,

I want and thirst for all the things you do

So don’t think I am attempting at being lewd,

But I desire and crave for your every hue

I find you fascinating and you like you as my muse,

For inspirations such as you are far to few.

Can’t pretend to be friends


I close my eyes and I dream

Those days of you and me,

When we thought we had it all

The greatest love, beyond all,

We may have taken love for granted

That’s how the emotional descent started,

How did it happen, how did it end

We can’t now even pretend to be friends,

Where did the love go

How did the division grow,

How did we drift apart this way

Where did the love go,

How did it all end

Our love was something on which we could depend,

And now we can’t even pretend to be friends.

Under the willow tree


I sit here under the canopy

Of my verdant willow tree,

So I sit here and I dream

Of all the nature surrounding me,

Beautiful is the scenery

And it means the world to me,

Blissful state is where I am

This is my spiritual plan,

I know and I understand

Creation and all its wonders,

This is amazing and awesome

Breathing in nature until it fills my lungs,

Then I feel it flowing through me

Invigorating every ounce of my belief,

In the universal scheme of things

It’s so wonderfully enriching,

And under the verdant willow tree under which I am sitting,

Every aspect of spirit, nature, cosmic life is existing,

In every aspect and every form

Of my consciously aware being,

I feel it liberating and freeing.