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Loving freely


He who is wise and caring opens his heart, and let’s those he love be free, to experience good and new things, he feel no need to be jealous or controlling. Let her live let her love, tell her she will always have your trust by sharing with you what she is doing, no secrets means their is no ruin between the two and when she shares what she’s does it should excite you, knowing that she feels so free, yet still chooses to come home to you and tell you about what she has done, be excited that she shares her fun and wants you to be apart of this, which can be hyper sensual shit, that brings you together even more, you both have hearts with open doors, for others to enter and then leave, it can be an exhilarating thing, being so in love you don’t need no rules, neither of you feel you’re being used, you both learn from this more from each others, as partners, friends as well as lovers, you both learn what you do and don’t like, more over because you know it’s alright having learnt the experience somewhere else, adding to your knowledge and your wealth of new things that you’ve found. So keep an open heart and an open mind, don’t be afraid to try it sometime, feel how liberating this can be, find out what it’s like loving freely.

Accept it or walk away


This was her way, to live life freely, to be open and be revealing, many, could not live this way, men found it hard to play along with her games, her rules were hard to accept, but her beauty took away mens breath and left them longing and wanting more, but they knew when she walked out the door, she was a free spirit to live as she wished, but there was something that they missed and that was, that she always came home, back to them, to her safe zone, but many men were consumed by jealousy, had a need to control, and lock her in a gilded cage, but that was not her way, free to fly was was forever the only place she would take as living state, accept that or walk away and many did, but not me, I promised to accept it all and stay, for the love we forged was great, and so I feel blessed each day.

Love colliding


We collided in a magma like explosion,

Fiery, hot and incandescent,

Pyroclastic irridescence in full flow

Sweeping away all that we had ever known,

Until the end of time we will always grow,

Into an amazing love, passion sown.


Dawn walk among trees


I walk among trees, stepping between rays of sunlight,

I walk in footsteps leaves crunching beneath my feet,

I am touched by nature a powerful yet beautiful thing,

I listen intently to the birds who sing and bring the new dawn in,

Dew is everywhere, the webs suspended between branches and leaves,

How can we not be amazed by something so outstanding,

We should learn to nurture it and we should sense how it is abounding,

In a divine like creationist fantastical utopian dream.

Ratty tales


He heard rats, trying to get into his home, heard them scratch and heard them crawl into places impossibly to tight and to small to fit, yet to his amazement he found out they got into every nook and cranny, everyday he heard rats.

So one day he laid down poisonous traps, poisonous wax blocks for them to feed, obsessed by the need to exterminate the rodent, vermin infestation. Day by day he continued him his persistence to triumph over them. Day by day he soon found the dead carcasses, day by day he celebrated his victories of the rodent foe.

Days later he felt unwell, feverish, with flu like symptoms. He went to the doctors and they admitted him to hospital and the doctorstudied him explained he had Weil’s disease, so much so he could not be saved. Slowly day by day. Suddenly the victories were hollow. As he ebbed away he had hallucinations, imagined he was now a rat.

Early one evening the man slipped away, painfully and alone. Yet in that moment he saw light, felt his soul lifting, saw images of long lost, long dead family members. He felt so happy, felt so redeemed, before suddenly sensing a cloud hover over him, then darkness. Just then he heard that familiar scratching and crawling, smelt that familiar smell of rodent infestation, of rat urine and excrement. Is this a nightmare he thought, then light appeared again, a shaft of light through an open door, suddenly he heard scuttling and scurrying, he too panicked, then he saw himself for the first time in a reflection of a broken mirror, fur covered, long tail and pointed head. He was now a rat, reborn as that which he sought to eradicate and now being targeted by humans who wished to do the same to him. Oh the karma, oh the shame.

Loud rows, loud sex


There was no cessation to their rows, no let up and no compromise, there was not much peace, except when they made up with angry lovemaking and then the windows would shake, the the ground shuddered like an earthquake, this seemed to define their love, loud sex, loud rows of which they couldn’t get enough of.

Spiritual axis


An axis of spiritual love

Frequency, love and light

Exists in a pyramid form,

Each with a path to one another

All creating a positive energy storm,

That builds up real power in us

And helps us to heal, evolve and transform,

This is the spiritual axis

Rooted in and is universally born,

And that brings in any life break change

And manifests in those who seek it a brand new dawn.