Forever and always

Crying rivers never healed the soul Somehow we need to find our self control, Find the inner strength to carry on We must strive to never lose the love, What has been will surely come again There’s still a chance for happy endings, Inspiring ourselves to understand our own self worth Gets us along wayContinue reading “Forever and always”

Driven to love others

I held back from loving youBecause of issues I was going throughI denied you what you neededThe physical aspects of love that you beseechI drove you into the hands of other menImagined you ride them again and againPictured as the made you writheArch your back as you come aliveThen after a short time I reclaimedContinue reading “Driven to love others”

Playing games

She found her heart aching That it was always breaking, Over broken trust, that undermine her love And as a consequence she chose a plan, In which she may try and understand, By turning to the same ideas And cheating on him, To see if it were worthwhile And to see if it will easeContinue reading “Playing games”

Nature’s beautiful spell

Flow like a tranquil stream While on the bank I dream, Of luscious verdant trees Under a sun that’s warming me, Laying among the wild flowers I smell the scent of lavendula, I wonder if it me the same to you, Laying here in meditation and bliss Nothing can ever be better than this, SolitudeContinue reading “Nature’s beautiful spell”

The reason I love you so

You blaze like a fire Ignited by passion, You light up the night Incandescent so bright, Your heart opens wide You show there’s nothing to hide, I walk in I feel it’s warmth You’re dazzling to the eye, I could never love anymore than I do There is nothing I wouldn’t do for you, YouContinue reading “The reason I love you so”

Mental health

In times of stress Remind yourself, That you are not Your mental health, Tell your mind It’s time to shut down, Still your thoughts Let it make no sound, Believe and simply Take time to breathe This is your chance To take it easy, This is the time To believe you are amazing, Imprint itContinue reading “Mental health”

Hold each other tight

If we hold each other tight Under a starry, moonlit night, Would we see our love increase And if we were to immerse ourselves in the water, Of the lake reflecting moonshine from it Would we, if we hold each other tight Feel the resonating vibes, of the increased frequency tonight, And if we manifestContinue reading “Hold each other tight”

We can get along

Why is it some people Can’t just get along, Why must they hate And choose to discriminate, Why do they feel the need To choose greed, And ignore others in need Why are they so opposed, To any forms of equality, And why do they get So angry at me, For my set of beliefs,Continue reading “We can get along”

Love connection

Your mind appeals to me In the same way as your body, Maybe we can meld both things I am sure that would be interesting, And also I would image It could be quite pleasuring, So maybe we should try and connect Share a spiritual moment at its best, Into you I’d like to investContinue reading “Love connection”

Everything and anything

The sparkling stars at night Remind me of your delights, The irridescence of the moon Reminds me of your graceful bloom, The warmth of the sun in the day Reminds me of the warm caring you show each day, The beauty that I see in nature Is reminiscent of you and your beautiful favours, ThatContinue reading “Everything and anything”

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