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Loveless state

Locked in a love

That’s no good for you,

Being starved of nourishing

Heart and soul food,

Being left in the dark

And a frozen waste,

By another cruel being

Filled with bitterness and hate,

Locked in a loveless state

Locked in a cold isolated place,

You need warmth and good love

But it’s up to you to breakout,

You have the power to choose

Escape from this loveless place

For you have nothing to lose,

Then all good things in time

Will surely come to you.

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R Aquarii a super star o

There be an interesting star binary

That goes by the name of R Aquarii

It is known as a Symbiotic binary

Surrounded by a gaseous nebulae

It is made up of one white hot giant

And also of a red giant too

And the red giant is losing much of its matter

Creating many weird, wonderful and amazing colourful shapes

That causes it to appear like a bird, like a phoenix

Dazzling across the cosmic universe

A treat to see and do interesting to me

That there should be such awesome displays in the distant galaxies.

Tale of the Aquarii

Have you heard about the tale of the Aquarii

Where in the tale of the Eucharist

These Christians turned water into wine

Would it be a tale worth creating in these times

But instead of turning water into wine

Maybe they could use it to change peoples minds

To show more love and tolerance

And transform to happiness from pain

Of seeing the inequality of the world which is insane.

Best friend and lover

We spend time together

Counting the stars

Watching the constellations in the sky

We lay together on a bed of grass

One with nature and the universe

This time we share together

I want it to last forever

I want to hear and feel you breathe

Because then I know you are close to me

I want our hearts to beat in time

Want them to share the same rhythm and rhyme

I want to share forever these finest hours

Make love our combined superpower

That explodes with colour as well as light

You are the angel of my sight

I wish to share this whole life with you

Because you’re my best friend and my lover too.

Beware the decievers

Beware the decievers

Who whisper in your ear,

Trying to mislead you

Playing on your fears,

Offering you everything

When they’ve nothing to give,

Beware these decievers

They wish to control how you live,

Just listen to your own voice

And you will find your own beliefs.

Looking at stars

Do you like me

Ever gaze silently

Up at this stars

Into eternity

In search of peace

As the mad world

Spins around and by us

Lights flash and screams cry out

But in my mind all is silent

In me, everything is still

And the chaotic discord of life

Races on and on in a tumult of confusion

Where ever body rushes round

But no one seems to get anywhere

And lost in their delusion

They seem to think they’re achieving something big

Yet it’s really all just meaningless

They’re just like hamsters on a wheel

And I’ve decided to step off of the wheel

To step off of the ride and t a Jr a stock of my life

And as I gaze up at the stars into eternity

Imaging cosmic universal dreams

As well as consciousness based themes

That help show me reality.


Extinction came knocking

For the po’ouli the black crested honeycreeper bird

It is not the first and won’t be the last

Victims of man and earth changing ways

Makes natures balance start slipping away

But as sure as the po’ouli has become extinct

Man should take notice because for us it’s closer than we think

But for the po’ouli it’s over and no more will they be seen

Further loss of variety and saddens my heart to think

Of many other species who are teetering in the brink

Or have already gone the same way which is tragic to me

Extinction is the new reality.

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Empty house

The house was dark

The furniture made of old heavy wood

The cobwebs hung everywhere we looked

The candle light flickered in our hands

As we walked from room to room trying to understand

Why this house was miw so bleak and empty

When once it was so full of happiness and life

Books adorned every single shelf

A library of knowledge and words

Yet once still no sounds could be heard

Soundless, still in this dark tomb like home

Up and down the stairs I we wander

Seeking any sign of who once lived here

Then suddenly a chill washed over

All at once we felt the fear

Gushing, rushing, washing over us

As if in some kind of demonic lust

We made our way to the top of the stairs

Orbs of light seemed everywhere

Dancing hectically as if giving warning

The chill got greater some malevolence was dawning

A wicked event was on its way

And we were now to be its prey

But we felt if we could make the door

Step outside we would be safe once more

Yet as we reached and opened it wide

We realised the demonic spirit was outside

And with no hesitation or compassion

The demonic beast leapt and seized upon us

And as I fought desperately for life

Reaching for my sharpened knife

I wrestled and took down the hairy beast

And as it lay lifeless in deathly contortions on the floor

I looked and smiled at you once more

A demon slayer that was me

Then in a moment you bared your teeth

Then tore at me stripping my flesh ftom my bones

You left me dead to rot and dwell in this abandoned home

Still, cold lifeless and all alone.

You are my love

You are my love

And you are my connection

You are the light

We share our reflections

We are the laughter

We are the dreams

We are the unity

That all good love can bring.

Which is why you are my love song

Which is why you make me sing

Which is why we share the spirits

Which is why good love is happening.

You are the sunlight

I bathe in you

You are the spiritual

And we both know the truth

You’re the awakened

And you cast out light

We gain the knowledge

That shares a future so bright.

Which is why you are my love song

Which is why you make me sing

Which is why we share the spirits

Which is why good love is happening.