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Dried crumpled flowers in a vase

Signify the state of our love

That which was beauty in full bloom

Is now a painfully wilted sight

Maybe when something thrives so well

It can never last forever

All the energy we used

Was to much and was exhausted

We still have those memories

Of our hey day in full spring

But now it’s sad to say

I’ve put those dead flowers in the bin.

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Succumbing to your love

Gripped by the passion in you

And all the love that exudes

As well as the things that you do

These feelings and emotions I grew

All and entirely for you

Drawn in like a magnet in truth

That inspires me to always and forever love you

In a way that I never before knew

My resistance simply up flew

And you were there right on cue

And I gave my self because it was due

So incumbently I surrendered to something new

I absorbed myself in your different hues

I am so attached and devoted to your love story

That I am enjoying living with you.

The crush

You are a crush

A crush I need so bad

A muse of love

So refreshing and so warm

So lusciously gorgeous

Filled with kindness

Rooted in compassion

Who can i know crush on you

With your awesome red lips

Your porcelain features

Your hourglass sculptured figure

How can anybody deny

That you’re a crush

A crush of enjoyment

And I’ve met no one quite as good as this

I have not found my love bliss

Until with you my crush

I spent my time this lost in your kiss.

St. Patrick’s day, the Celtic Craic

Jump up, jump up and get down

Never nay never to the Wild Rover,

We are all here for the Craic

To celebrate St Patrick’s Day,

For the Irish are hearty

And they all laugh as they party,

No one has ever drunk better than them

They are Celtic they are proud

And they love living loud

And each one’s kissed the Blarney Stone

Weith their good luck four leaf clover they are reafy to go,

Then play and strike up the wild rover

As they sing and dance the night away

For they live for the Craic

And what’s better than that,

When it leaves you with a a song in your heart

And an everlasting smile on your face

All I can say to them is have a great St Patrick’s day

You breed of hearty and boisterous women and men

Play away to hour hearts content

In the mouth of the Galway Bay.

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Growing love in different ways

They share a love far to few can understand

Even though they were in love

He was not her only man

But he was happy living life this way

She was the type who needed to go out

And he was more for staying home

She always needed company

And he enjoyed his time alone

So they agreed to strike a deal

And so it now goes on

She lives her life In love and pleasure

And despite all encounters she always comes back home

For that is where her love is rooted and grows

The physical needs she seeks out can’t surpass the love they have

Yet too few they know would never understand

And they share no secrets and tell no lies

She tells him everything

And he is happy hearing of her days

He likes the smile it puts upon her face

He knows he could not satisfy her physically that way

But his love exceeds all her needs in all other ways

And in the end they’re happy with the roles they play

Do who can judge their life in any way

It works do well for them and their both brave

To both take on these roles within life’s game

And still strive to gtow their love in different ways.

Worlds apart

You were a world away from me but did you know it

I was invisible to you while you shone light on other people

I felt so neglected and so lost but didn’t show it

For I knew you were happy living your way

It’s just a shame you left me to fade into the grey

Along with our love that won’t be rekindled again

But I hope that you are happy anyway

As I close the door and whispering what it is I need to say

Farewell I’ll see you in another life someday

Because we now have different roles to play

And as I stare into the sunset I walk away.

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Hold and love me

I need love and understanding

I need aid and care

I need healing and helping

As I am sinking into despair

Nothing is making sense

And I am going kind of crazy

I need holding and embracing

So please give me your love

And give me your support

And just hold me and get through this day.

The tale of the Magpie

A magpie sits in a tree

Spying for sparkley wares

Look as long as it like

I will find nothing there

My house is not a place of treasure

Except for the treasure of love

And as it is with some people

The magpie doest see love as enough

It want like some people shiney things

But all that glitters is not always gold

For shiney sparkling objects

The magpie like some people would sell their soul

Which I find so tragic and hollow

For their is far greater riches and rewards in love

That cannot be bought or sold

And with it comes a redeeming light

That resonates so bright from the heart and the soul.

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Inspiration sought

Inspiration is what I seek

Every day in every minute

Striving to be motivated

Trying hard to make my mark

Being distracted by my working life

Not how I like to spend my time

Feels my head and thoughts with pressure

Fills my day with to many negatives

I’d prefer to spend days reading thinking and writing

Finding different ways to be motivating and inspiring

Putting out there both love and light

Raising the state of the consciousness

Living a life I feel far more blessed

Putting out there a positive message

Inspiration is what I seek and bleed

Rooted firmly in my spiritual beliefs.

Be heroic

Who am I and where are we from?

I feel like I am from a different dimension

Who are we and why are we here?

Should we worry or should we fear?

But with such a short existence we should be exicited

Raise our spirits and shine our love and light

Are follow our conscious thoughts down rabbit holes

So our puzzled questions can ve solved

As the answers are always do n deep within

There is something miraculous about the fact we are living

And if we can not find the time to celebrate this fact

And start to change the way we act

I suppose we get what we deserve

Live joyfully and cong be reserved

Out yourself out there both heart and soul

Go beyond the norms and don’t afraid to be bold

Always act and try to think big

Suprise you and others by the way you live

As if you’re writing or painting a materpiece

With you the main character awesome and heroic.