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Blinkered people

Live blinkered lives

Buy into domesticated lies

Question them they return hate

Rooted as they are in negatives states

They lack the capicity to love

To be positive or understand enough

Of what truth really truly is

Not being able to free think

But I respect their views and thoughts

They’re only regurgitating what they’ve been taught

Toxic them makes them hard to engage

So my advice is to best stay away.

Challenge yourself


Challenge yourself

To see how much you can love

See how much kindness you can give

Challenge yourself to be compassionate

To understanding and considerate

Be strong in spirit and open of heart

You can be the soul superstar that you know you are.

These streets


Streets I walk that I call home

Are the streets I live on from now on

But they’re on the streets I grew up on

Those streets are the ones I call home

Do far away now and probably changed

But my heart goes back to those days

Of playing football snd riding bikes

Climbing trees whenever we liked

Couldn’t misbehave because neighbours would tell

The mums had coffee mornings and got on swell

Mum would believe them before me

So we learnt respect and we were happy

Back on them streets

As kids we knew of tragedies

A good friend died, that wasn’t easy

Two lost a mum and a dad

So long happy summer days could also be sad

But we were resilient and stood by each other

Helped one another when things got tough

And we all got through it in our own ways

And we congregated on the streets to play each day

Now those days are a million miles away

But the se memories will just not fade

And I’ll remember them still when old and grey

And when it’s time to go to my grave

And they’ll keep me happy

Knowing what it was like to live

Many are denied the chance to experience this

So I give gratitude to these streets and the chance to exist.

I do it for the love


Conscious and mindful

And manifesting love

Awakened to reality

And seeking kindness so much

Living in compassion

While nurturing the soul

Practising meditation

To establish self control

So I can still my mind

And reside in inner peace

I don’t need stimulants

To find a release

I find it the search of truth

That started from within

And broke out of the chains

Of domestication

I am tangential

Am existential

But I am also keeping it real

I do it fot the love

Not for the likes or the feels

I do it because the universe

Taught my spirit this way

So I am rooted in conscious reality today

While riding higher frequencies

And energy light waves.

Enchanted dream


Enchanted mind

In a far away realm

Twilight beings

Sailing at the helm

Of a glorious ship

Under a moonlit sky

Moon iridescent

On a lake that shines

Like a mirror

Reflecting the beauty

Of this magical scene

I am lost in this

Enchanted dream.

I go to love


I go to love when I need healing

Spiritual love with a deep meaning

I find somewhere that’s solitary

Soothe my soul and engorge my heart

Still the mind and build from the start

A strength of being to go again.

In the inner peace that I grow

Comes from the love seed that I sow

Going into spectrums that are not known

As above, so below, I go with the flow

I deal with the present not tomorrow

And I feel the healing reach the very marrow

Of my bones, muscles and being

I now start to feel the healing

I can feel my spirit breathing

It all comes together with a strength in believing

That will ensure we’ll heal and grow.