Tranquility in Eden

Tranquility and bliss
In an Eden such as this,
Mother natures garden
In an oriental dream,
I see the prismic colourations
And the symphonic cadenza of creation,
To be in nature such as this
Engulfs my soul with such elation,
I see lotus covered ponds
And as I work my way along,
Azaleas and rhododendrons are in full bloom
This is spring time in Eden,
Filling me thoughts of wonder now,
In the stillness of these days
Within my mind beauty never fades,
This serenity is forever and always.

The principle of living

The principle of living

Is the most abract thing in life,

The things that we posit

Can be a two sided knife,

Either way you can get hurt,

Either way you can suffer pain

But if your head don’t drop, then you’ll be back again,

Slam it and banging it

All these aberrations do not need to last,

Focus in the present

Let your dilemmas fade to the past

Which is defined by the charactarists of what it is that resides within,

Some may choose to aspire

While others hold their heads low and keep their hopes in check,

Some seek emancipation and fight until their final breath

While many will slip away unnoticed into anonymous deaths,

A sad indictment of this life and the duality of what is left

From not making our own decisions

But leaving it to someone else,

The outcome of the life we leave behind is created by our self,

So ensure you forge a story of a kaliderscope of colourful wealth.

Push the reset button

Do you know how it feels when nothings going right

Do you know how it feels to be critisised

And when you stand back and realise

Your greatest critic is yourself

And no matter what you do no one’s impressed

Everyone’s a critic and knows what’s best

Do you know how hard it is, it makes you depressed

When nothings going right I wish this game of life I could reset.

The distance is vast

The distance between us, sees us light years apart

And yet we are in the same room

Yet everything has gone dark

We are as far as we can possibly be from each others hearts

I don’t know how this happened but I guess we both played our part.

The distance between us, sees us so far apart

And somehow even when we’re close

I feel just like we’re stars

Light years and millenia are the voids in between

We are never close enough now to feel anything.

The distance between us is of our own making

We simply got far to complacent

And now we are no longer cosmically aligned

There’s an universe between us and we’ve become blind

To seeing each other because we are so lost in time

And the distance that’s between us now cannot be defined

Except by millions of light years that separate us in our minds.


I dream all the time

I am drunk on a love that’s divine

I see you there always in my mind,

And I don’t let a day go by

When I don’t shed a tear, I cry

You’re vanishing.

I had memories

They were good and some bad

I felt the pain it made me feed sad

And I don’t let a day go by

When I don’t shed a tear, I cry

You’re vanishing.

Each and every day, I feel this pain

But it’s all that remains

So don’t take it away

I fall it hurts

But not in the same way

I am broken and bruised

In so many ways

And I don’t let a day go by

When I don’t shed a tear, I cry

You’re vanishing.

I woke up today

And the thoughts started to fade

The memories are melting away

People say that I’ll heal

But though that maybe it’s real

This is something I don’t want to feel

Because if it means I start losing you

All over sgsin the don’t let it be true

I’d rather suffer all this hurt

As long as I can keep you, please dont go

Because I don’t let a day go by

When I don’t shed a tear, I cry

You’re vanishing

Fading away

Falling into shade

Melting each day

Don’t go away

I’ll suffer every day

You’re vanishing.

A love strong enough to share

I saw you and that look upon your face

So much pleasure, bliss and grace

I heard the husky breath as it broke through your lips

Saw by the writhing of your hips

That you were in a heavenly state so erotic

And I am glad that I witnessed it

Seeing how how he pleasured you body and mind

Sharing your love was something that defined

The freedom and the trust and the live we have

Ensuring you got to savour your intense lust

A chance to feel alive and so sexy

You ways put on the best show for me

I wonder how many others would love to be this free

And be open enough to try experimenting

To keep the excitement and pleasure in their reationship

Secure within it enough to share it.