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Dymistification (acrostic poetry)

Dreamers of the world start to unite

Evolve and start to take flight

Move into the awakening light

You can be the difference in this life

So much potential to be realised

Truth will always win over their lies

Inspired by the spiritual might

Find awareness in the conscious mind

I want to see through illusory times

Clarity and truth I wish defind

Ascension follows when we open eyes

Transcending upwards to the divine

I want dymistification that’s refind

Overthrowing these illusory times

Never be controlled, this us your life.

A spirit thing

It ain’t nothing but a spirit thing

This human being experiencing

That we all are going through

Finding awakening, discovering truth

While others to to remain sleeping

We are transcending and evolving

Feeling everything so deeply

Connecting with everything emotionally

Consciously we are vibing

And everyday we are constantly trying

To f ind our authentic spirit selves

Not afraid to go in and delve

Deep within our mind, our heart our a soul

S u owing our potential rather than going with the flow

But developing our uniqueness

Working to strengthen all our weaknesses

Understanding that we are flawed

After all nothing and nobody is perfect

We are the authors and creators of our own stories

And we.can choose the path of glory

By choosing love and light as the way life shoud be lived.

Maintaining focus and breathing despite lustful desires

She sat in meditation cross legged on the floor

Focused on her breathing

Aware someone had opened the door

She felt them kneel behind her

They massaged her shoulders and her neck

She retained her pisture and breathing

As she felt them kiss and bit her ear next

As they reached around and unzipped her tracksuit top

Exploding her satin skin and bra

She felt the touch of their fingers

Exploring her skin and kneading her breasts

But still she stayed focused and controlled her breath

Then she felt the fingers move down

Reaching inside her bottoms and down between her legs

Already she was aroused so much

It did not take much else

To moisten and make legs start to quiver

Sitting cross legged and feeling so hot, perspiring yet a he still shivered

At the touch of those exploring fingers

That ventured where they pleased

Which made her body ache an yearn and plead

As she felt the rising need,

Her essence now electric

She stayed focused and controlled the way she breathed

But in a moment a tremor raced through her in pure exstacy

And as her body shook and a passion ripped through her body

She felt strong hands man handle her and push her forward

Making her go on bended knees on her living room floor.

She then felt her tracksuit bottoms pill down along with her underwear

Then in a single move she felt when t she needed was right there

Filling her very spirit and thrusting back and forth

She squirmed and writhed then found that she had been finally brought

To the very peak of her desires and needs

And now they were both moaning

As they frlg the exchange of both of their essences as they were flowing

She had consented to this moment with someone not of her knowing

And as the sweat streamed down her face and her body shook in spasm

She look back and saw the man who was the best friend of her husband

And he was smiling in satisfaction and said, ‘wow, he’s a lucky man

But from now on your mine when needed you’re now under my command’

She wanted to protest somehow but hi is words had power in their demands

And she nodded helplessly and subjugated unto him

And as he stood up and dressed her husband then walked in

Saw her there bended on hands and knees with a satisfied need

He smiled at her and then his friend

And she could see he was very pleased

And he spoke to his ffiend quietly saying ‘you’re welcome to visit anytime

Because I wasn’t you to drive her wild and out of her mind,

Owned and controlled by you but with my full knowledge

It makes me happy seeing her sweat pouring ftom her forehead

And breathless and quivering from such a passionate moment of lust

With all her protests and defences well and truly crushed’

And as her husbands friend left

Her husband whispered ‘I am next’

And she smiled and poised her self

And regained her focus while controlling her breath.

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Better may be the future days

Maybe one fine day

When we get brave

We will light the way

And save the day

And everything will be ok

And life will be better.

I struggled through

The darkest nights

Through storms and rain

Through hurt and pain

I weathered snow

And the strongest winds

And having done that

I now begin to start expressing

The way i am feeling.

Maybe one fine day

When we get brave

We will light the way

And save the day

And everything will be ok

And life will be better.

And though life maybe

Tough at times

And though others

May be blind

To all your needs

And the love that you require

Somehow, someway

You can still aspire

To frequencies that are higher

And you will set the world on fire

With your light and kindness.

Maybe one fine day

When we get brave

We will light the way

And save the day

And everything will be ok

And life will be better.

It’s gone now

Enthralled by you

Enticed by you

I fell for you

And all you do

But the lights

Went down

Now I just drown

In a sea if despair

So profound

And as I drink my coffee

And you sip your tea

I realise

That your going to leave,

What’s on your mind

What’s in your heart

Have you no soul

How little did I mean,

I look at you

And you stare at me

I can see you looking through me,

Am I invisible

How can this be

Am I a fool

Oh! Silly me,

I guess you’ll walk away now

And maybe it’s too late somehow.

My broken heart

Means little to you,

I feel myself break

As I snap on two,

I feel the hurt

Do you see my pain

The lights go down

And I am on my own again,

Sitting in my home

Cold and alone

And now its getting late now

So I take my final bow now

Our love has gone away somehow.

It appears that it has simply drown

In sea of loss and misery

And wordless sounds,

I guess you’ll walk away now

I guess I’ll be alone now

All alone I’ll be just me and my coffee

All alone I’ll be now cold and empty.

Love with all your might

Love with all your might

I will live you day and night

Feel our combined warm

In unison we are all born

Spiritually let’s all delight

In love and blessed, divine light

We all crave the connection the touch

Let’s all for a union of love

That cannot be broken

That can be left neglected and unspoken

What would life be without love

It’s a love we cannot get enough of

Euphoric and glorious we will shine

Resonating through the mind

What perfect by design

Is unconditional love so sublime

To turn away from love

Now that would be the greatest crime

Love in ways that are nut blind

But is fully awakened and refined.

Blessed with you

Believe me when I say to you you are heavenly

A gift sent down from the universe

And I know you shine as if you the best

And brightest star that ever been seen in the sky so cosmic.

I travelled so far to see you radiate

I connected with you in a higher frequency of space

And our love transcended anything we’d ever known

We shared a seed that has been carefully sown

That why you’re special to me

That’s why you fill my heart with glee

Because as I watch you dance, you leave traces everywhere

Across this universs of consciousness

Upon this wild love of connectedness

And as I spend my time with you I am blessed.

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Watch “Kelly Clarkson – Because Of You (VIDEO)” on YouTube

The pain m of separation and if heartbreak runs deep. The pain and hurt that comes with leaving is often less than the pain, hurt and bitterness that comes from staying. All the times kids suffer from adult issues and as adults we can be blind yo how kids are effecred. Lost in our own pain we lose sight of their confusion, their tears, their needs. Sometimes staying together for the kids in relationship of cyclical hurt and lost love is not the best thing, however acting as grown ups and managing separation that impacts least on those mist vulnerable, the kids should be all that matters. Don’t let them be hurt because of you.

Lustful moments

Lust is a feeling different from love

Different type of intensity

The steamy nights and the lusty scent

The climatic moment so heaven sent

Can you feel the stirrings within you yet

When you dream of what is to come next

The chest rising and falling with heavy breaths

The immense perspiration sweat

As you go wild as you let yourself go

Feeling all of your passion and essences flow

Into the person who’s giving the same to you

Encouraging you to do things you would usually do

Lust is the most filling of all foods

When you feast on it well though it may get crude and lewd

It can sate real desires and drive your moods

To a high so great and make you feel so good

There’s nothing wrong with lust when needed

But don’t get attached and always heed this

Love is different and can nit be substituted

Combine the two and you’ll never be left needing

Feel the breath if another, feel the intense kiss of a lover

Feel your body ache as you peak and demand another

Between sheets or somewhere other

Risky locations, or half undressed

Sometimes your thoughts can get obsessed

With desires of lust that would suit you best

Is it fantasy or have you tried it yet?

He grabs your hair from behind and he bites your neck

She gets on top and grinds and uses her nails on your chest

The emotion and the signs and the moans increase you’re now a mess

But you font care because this is the best yet

So have fun enjoy yourself

Your only here for a short time so make this moment so hot you explode and then melt.

Where did the love go?

Did we lose the insight

The intuition that we had

That connected us in the first place

That enabled us to forge this love

Did we lose the connection?

Did something get in the way?

How did we falter

Why did we let the sky go chairoscuro grey?

These are the worst of days

Especially knowing you’re preparing to walk away

I guess I must prepare for this day

But still fighting for this love all the same

For how can I just give up on something this good

But knowing if we wish to go

Then maybe then I should

Just let you go and be happy

For I don’t want to trap you in a life of misery

I just can’t understand though where did this love

If I lived for an eternity I don’t think I’d ever know.