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A message to those who rule


Fuck all administrations that don’t condemn innocent deaths

Fuck them all that encourage the violence to spread,

By using police and army to silence and oppress

Fuck these leaders who are far right obssessed ,

Fuck you for condemning the left

While allowing white men to walk around with guns and military vests,

Fuck all administrations that promote violence

Fuck your ideals based around glorifying white supremacists,

Fuck administrations that can’t create peace

You will suffer the anger and be made one day to weep,

Fuck your inability to empathise and heal

Believe one day your downfall will be real,

Then hopefully the country you rule will one day feel

The sadness of all innocent lives that have perished,

And understand all lives must be cherished.

How long?


How long must we wait?

For a fair and just world

For a mankind free of ignorance and hate,

How long must we wait for our humanity

To grow and evolve into a compassionate species,

Full of kindness and brimming with love

How much longer must the world burn,

Before as people we finally learn

There is no future in division and greed,

We must push for a fairer and equal society.

Those who suffer fear and uncertainties


Fear and uncertainties feed negativity

These are emotions that breed the hate we see

The creation of self doubt that causes vunerability

Wakes the monster of the bitterness we see

In the racist, discriminatory, xenophobic type

Who welcome in and embrace wrong,

While being blind to what is right

It consumes their soul to the point they won’t be told

And hiding behind things they are very bold

But if confronted they shy away

They play at life like it’s a game

They seek out money in their averice and greed

They are undereducated and lack the intellectual means

To understand what love and empathy is

They go for easier emotions like greed and hate

And get vexed when we have our say

And try to drown us out in order to win a debate

I’d feel sorry for them if they were not so nasty

But in their ignorance, bitterness and hat we will not surpass me

Because I am a spiritual soul of love and kindness.

Truth is never easy on us


If the truth makes you feel uncomfortable then that is good

Because it makes you question what you do as it should,

Look into yourself and ask is the way you act and things you say are right,

The truth is something that will always shine a light,

On all things wrong and are not right, so don’t ignore it,

Use it to view your inner self and explore this,

And use it to make a change so that you can grow and evolve,

Don’t being waiting for a time to be told,

If the truth makes you feel uncomfortable then that is good,

Because it makes you question what you do as it should.

Debasing women kind


Some men pay with money

To make women pay with their bodies,

They use the power of cash

The oppress and it is fucking tawdry,

Perverted men expressing their depraved kicks

Women get abused and suffer due to this,

Economic, social factors driving women to their knees

Men looking for their frustrations to be eased,

Women from abuse and forced to do these deeds

Should be given priority help to get away from this,

But in a male dominated world it’s perpetuated

By men with deep depraved mother issues,

On which other women they vent their hatred,

Men who often are just one step away from being rapists,

Justify their actiond by saying they are paying,

And helping these poor women out

Without seeing the fact that these women are suffering,

Through the act that their debasing them through sex.