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Defeating demons


The weakness of the flesh

Under her torn dress

Bloodstained from her demonic encounter

Moksha, Harem, Sheol

Ancients all from times of old

Demonic ravers with no compassion

From the gates of Hades they have a passion

For seeking out innocents and stealing their souls

But this time round let the story be told

Of the woman they chose to posses and control

Who they never realised was born of undeniable divine resolve

Who would fight them with everything she had

With her love and her faith and using good to beat down bad

And in this arena as they sought to rent her limb from limb

She defeated the demonic ravers, rooted in immortal sin.



Off I sail to Africa far away

The land of mystery and adventurous trails

Off to the land of the truly wild

Long have I traveled across many miles

Where wonderful culture and history resides

Africa is nature’s greatest prize

Long do I wish to home myself there

Among forests and rivers that many men dare

To discover and understand the best that they can

Africa the most magnificent of lands.

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False messiahs


Beware false messiahs

Getting you live by their desires

They act so very pious

Truth is the people are liars

Conning you telling you how to live

Saying they are teachers

And yet they know nothing

Just repeating stuff from books

They don’t really mean it

So don’t go getting hooked

These people claim to be prophets

But real messiahs would not want to profit from another

They use you as a get quick scheme

You don’t have to believe me

You’ll see for your self in time

Now for this sage advice

I just charge a dime

So feel free to donate if you feel inclined.

Love is…

Love is…

Love is a simple comforting touch

It is a kind helping word

Love is always being there for those

Who are struggling through hard times

Love is hearing and understanding

It’s about being tolerant and showing compassion

Love is all I have and I offer this to you

Love is always rooted in truth

So I offer this to you too.

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Time to go home

Time to go home

I spy standing on a mountain top

As I look deep into the cosmos

A spiral tunnel swirling in lights of green

A paradigm shift right there in front of me

I see a doorway to new dimensions

I feel what are my true intentions

To get away from here and to escape

I need to find a new place somewhere else in space

And in this isolated state of bliss

I stand in stillness and consciousness

And as I breathe I wish that my family and I

Could just take off into the night sky

Through the swirling tunnel onwards to new adventures

I wish that we could trip the lights fantastic

Go deep into the paradigm shift

Go deep into trans-dimensional travel

To travel the astral fields of the universe

Sad as it would be leave this beautiful earth

But I feel somehow a calling

I feel somehow that out there, there is somewhere else called home

And as I stand here alone

I feel voices calling me to leave

I feel the beckoning of others beyond the stars

I want to gather my family and put one foot forward

And be brave and make a start

On a journey to the stars and astral fields that are afar.

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Earth and mankind


This world

This earth

What is our worth

To exist in a place like this

We are one race

Yet so divided

Do we truly understand

What our life is

And what it means

And the value

That comes with it

The miracle that’s life

Equal to the miracle

Of earth and nature

That means we should

Learn to appreciate it

An show more gratitude

By exploiting it far less

And understanding the truth

That our existence

Is linked to our earth

And how we treat it

Will determine

The quality of life

And our length we exist here

So it’s our choice

To live in safety or fear

To give future generations

Something to look forward too

And something that we can be proud of

A future of wonder

Rather of extinction

This earth is our home

So treat it with the distinction

And respect it deserves

For all that it gives us

Show it some love

And live your life well

So that our self extinction

Can be quelled.

What matters


We thrive on the things that mean very little

Material possessions, houses and cars

We shy away from what would do us good

Like saving the environment and working on our self

Learning how to find self love and how to find self worth

Learning to heal a lifetime of hurt

Standing up for nature and deciding it’s time to nurture it

This is how we should all decide to live.