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Obscured sight

Fight or flight

Our obscured sight

Leaves limited views

Which we choose

For we never knew

There was more to be seen

Within conscious minds

Awakened and aware

We are far from blind

But instead we realise

That we now are blessed

With insight and foresight

Of which we could have

Only dreamed of

Within our limited belief

That all we see is a there is

But then in your ignorance

You found bliss

And shut out all the possibilities

Of how diverse and abstract

Life can actually be

When you let go of the illusory

And set your mind completely free

To find your true conscious reality

Where you can grow

Within your own creativity

Building a life of positivity

That may see you living out your life

Far more happily.

Toxic ways

Guarded against toxic people

Sometimes we shut good ones out

What can we do when we put up walls

That’s the flaw when you choose

A life of negative rules

To protect yourself against the fear

Of those who may try and assail you

Life you see can be bitter and cruel

And nothing can make you ammune

Except the experience of going through this hard life that brewed

And around us toxic people choose to add to all our pain and stress

But the more we learn how to deal with them

Then we may get a better understanding how to overcome them

With out shutting them out and instilling walls

That serves to divide us one and all

So here is my defiant call

That you will not force me down the same

I won’t play your toxic games

I will rise up once again

Showing my tolerance and kindness each day

That will reflect upon you the stain of your ways

And manifest upon you the shame

That will hopefully change your ways

And us needing to build walls to shut them out will now be saved

And life will seem less depraved

With the ending of these toxic ways.

Critics are suffering souls

People criticise out of habit

A negative trait and they can’t help it

The problems that they wrestle within

They place on us manifesting

The same misery and stress

That find themselves in don’t be duressed

For their focus on you that seems obssessive

Is caused by envy and we should offer them forgiveness

For all they are going through causing them to be this way

Is sad and spiteful in everyway

But they are victims of their own circumstances

And they are suffering from a lack of self love

Being them I guess must be really tough

So rise above their judgement and bitterness

And focus on your bliss within yourself

And find your way to your own happiness

Because as a better person you are blessed.

The darkest places within me

I discovered light

In the darkest places

Sparks that left traces

For me to follow

So I’d find hope

Even within

My deepest despair

And I found love

And rediscovered

My spiritual faith

And I learnt to smile again

In defiance of such pain

I saw the dawning

If a new age

Like the light of a new day

Slowly rising up to shine on

Me oncd again

And bathed

In the warmth of it rays

The love took my breath away

It gave me back my life

That I thought I’d never had again

And now I laugh

Instead of cry

I survived and I did not die

Though it was close

But the I saw the spark of light

Out of the corner of my eye

And I saved and lifted up

To a new life that is brave

For I learnt to master my fears

And though knocked down

I got up because I knew

I didn’t belong on the ground

And now life abounds

With universal blessings

That in the light

It healed all the pain deep in me

And gave me meaning

To live

To love

To dream

And to hope once again

Because I found the light

In thd darkest of places

We ithin me.

Valentines day pain

No one understands the pain

Of true terrible loss that flows through the veins

Of losing a child on valentines day

Then ask why you not celebrate

The love abounding on this occasion come what may.

I’ve suffered and still go through this pain

But I still feel love but the hurt won’t abate

It washes over me wave after wave

My heart is broken and my soul can’t be saved

So I blank out valentines day

Because it is simply my worst day

Mh only solace is that the pain that won’t go away

Is all I have left of my baby girl today

Maybe that’s why I won’t let the pain fade

Because I will be left with nothing and so I keep that eventuality at bay.

Creepy tale and nightmare

A shudder in the dark

In a nightmare scene

Trepidation caused

By a howl and a scream

Many understand

This is a frightening theme

Not a nice cosy little dream

But a paranormal horror

That beggars beyond belief

A twisted face and gnashing teeth

Testing your spiritual belief

Fearing all will end in grief

Something wicked lays underneath

Waiting to devour

And feast in your soul

Something hideous

And out of control

Floorboards creak

And old doors groan

Chilling you too

The very maarow of your bones

Wondering what lays in wait next

Just then a garrote

Slips around your neck

Your airway constricts

And your rich deep hot blood flows

And death will follow next

This is a nightmare that will test you yet

You wake up and see the scar round your neck

Proving that you participated and that maybe you are blessed

But don’t get complacent yet

Because you’ve moved from this world into the next.

Carried away

The sweet heavenly scent of lemon jasmine

The fragence of climbing honeysuckle

The beautiful colours of the buddleia

The aromatic tang of the philadephus

In this wonderful sunny glade

As I rest sitting on the lush verdant green grass in the heat haze

That is palpable to me of long lost memories

Of a long forgotten dream of some utopian place

That I had once visited and witnessed in its full glory

And wrote tales and epic stories

Alluding to the wonders of this natural delight

Of beauty and its aromatic fragrance the carried me away into a scene

Of paradise and golden ages between my lives that too few have been blessed to see.

Love creation

Escapades in love may come and go

Like seasons sun, rain, winds and snow

Yet we survive these changes

We rally and find strength to come again

We have the power within us to create our own story

We are the authors choosing our own path

Map out our own journey into love

Navigating us through it’s treacherous waters

Guiding us through it’s stormy tempestuous seas

And to stay intact holding on to our belief

And celebrating our spirituality

And our own innate existentiality.

Take to the streets

Take to the streets

Demand fairness and equality

Stand up to corporate corruption

And all I ts exploitative greed

Stand up to governments who refuse to see

Climate issues and polluting sky earth and seas

Cutting down trees will cause misery

We need to take back the power

And form good sense nurturing policies

And find away to attract a society

Of love, equality and good deeds

We need more kindness, compensation and humility

To live as one race as part of one family

Where everybody acts for the greater good and behaves righteously.

Collectivist society

A collectivist society

Where everyone shares equally

In labour, production, rewards and sows seeds

Of collective profitabilty

Everyone invested a t the same level

No God’s, no masters, no bosses,

Just people working to get her go the common good

And then bartering with other collectives what they’ve produced

Where greed is no longer a primary life factor

Where as a result corruption no longer exists

No big corporations or banks controlling everything

My dream is one of global collectives

Caring for and nurturing one another and the planet

No more politics and the sham that it is

Just humanity working together for a common goal

But I am not sure people can be that bold to evolve

To this higher for of living and intelligence

Or being able to see this as common sense

It’s all a out we instead of me.

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