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A good place to be


Always grateful for being read

People engaging with thoughts,

That spiral from my head

I rebel in the posts of others too,

This place of inspirational muse

A site of art, a site of craft,

Sharing pain, love, tears and laughs,

A place where there is no hate or judgement

I dwell here in my most available moments,

Because the people are so kind

That I can share with, they’re friends of mine,

And although we have and will never meet

It helps when low, knowing you’re not alone,

It helps knowing there is support out there

Knowing that people show that they care,

And yes some may come and go

And some who say they care maybe putting on a show,

But authentic and genuine people are easy to find,

In this place of spiritual people and coming together of minds.

Trip the stars


Trip the stars

Like stepping stones,

Follow the trail

Of your conscious flow,

Beyond planets we know

To beyond galaxies we don’t,

To places we’ve only dreamt about

To experience cosmic wonders amazing,

To travel, to search

To find and discover,

I am both a spiritual beinq

And  warm hearted lover,

Of everything beautiful

And all that is cosmic.


Step outside


It’s our choice to live within a place of warmth that has no love

Or step outside and discover that it’s very cold but there enough,

Opportunity to find more but it is going to be really tough,

But in the end it’s worth stepping out of your comfort zone,

You can still feel in a crowd like you are so alone,

And yet you my find friendship in others who help you feel at home,

No matter where you are, or if you’ve become a rolling stone,

In search of something new and real which is why you choose to roam,

The plains of self discovery and looking for your spiritual tone,

Which we achieved makes you realise you are seldom on your own.

Your life ain’t so bad


I know you’re having a tough time of it

And I am not going to lie,

Life is tough but I have found that in my life

If you focus on other things like,

Fighting for others human rights

It can do a whole lot to put your mind right,

There you are like me thinking life can be bad

Then you look at how others live it can make you mad,

Forced to live in poverty living in starvation and slums,

Then you realise that we truly have minor problems,

In comparison to those who struggle to survive each day

Live with oppression in a dystopian state,

Where freedom peace and liberty and justice

Are all taken away at, the same

Now tell me that your life is tough

For many others it is really rough,

Now tell me your self pity is good use of your energy,

And I will tell wallowing in selfishness

And self obsessed negativity,

Is and insult to life with what in respect is luxury,

When compared to others who have to beg and steal to eat it

That form them is their daily reality,

So focus your mind and fight for them

And it will do you some good,

Trying looking out further than just your neighborhood.

Zombies and horror


It’s all about the zombies

And the bloodthirsty horror,

It’s not about the peaceful life

And it’s not about the scholar,

Movies get you watching

While on the edge of the seat,

Using fear and thrills

Which as a tactic is cheap,

It goes straight to your basic instinct

And leaves you on a high,

And if it’s really that good

Then you won’t sleep tonight.

My bad


I loved you more

You loved me less,

You were my goal

I saw you as a quest,

To hope you see me

This is my hope

And this is my dream,

But I wasn’t to know

That you’d toy with me,

I thought you’d be honest

And truthful

That was my belief,

But now you’ve played away

And broken my heart today,

And to my shame I must say

I am feeling vexated in so many ways,

That I’ve never known

And it now shows more and more,

This is what you did to me you’ve left me sore,

You’ve really hurt me you see

And I can only maintain belief in me,

To one day heal this pain, that is severe in degrees,

You were my torment and I’ve decided to cede.

The path to freedom


I will light your path

To help guide your way,

I will speed your journey

Into enlightened days,

I will show you beauty

And the wonders of this life,

I will always help you

By shining down a light,

You have a purpose

And a potential to fulfill,

Your time is now and right

And all you know and feel is real,

So don’t hold back

Breakout of your chains,

And know your life

Will never be the same again,

It will be better

Because now you will be free,

For you will now blossom

Into a soul who writes their own story,

So make it great and make it full of glory.

Because of you


Because of you

I put up a shield,

And I hide my heart

And through what you did,

I now have chosen

To close the doors,

That will lead anybody

To ever get to truly know me,

This is what you did

Is this what you always do?

Stop lovers from loving

And it’s all because of you.

The eyes of you

The eyes of you

I look into your eyes and I see

It’s like a new dawn reflecting back at me,

The dawn of new warm summer’s day

With the expectation of beauty in everyway,

Your eyes paint a vivid picture

They are full of different landscape colours,

They dance so many different hues

Your eyes reflect the immense love I see in you,

Your eyes are full of kindness and compassion

They sparkle with real passion,

Full of fire and flames that burn so incandescently

I need you to know, that I think your eyes are lovely,

And as a result I want to see in them that you love me

In the same way that I love you believe me.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

More time

More time

Sometimes, don’t you wish we had more time

To live a love filled life,

To experience wonders that blow our minds

And live a life so full of light,

Full of discovery and amazing finds

Oh, how I wish we had more time

To experience and enjoy life,

And to spend more time with you

There’s nothing more satisfying I could ever do,

Sitting under stars,

Holding hands,

While sitting on the roof of my car

We’re both entwined,

Sharing our minds,

Oh, I wish we had more time

To live and experience this life,

As we both share our light

On this beautiful star filled night,

Oh, I just wish we could have more time.

Image courtesy of Pinterest