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Love drop


Do you recall when you felt that first love drop,

Everything in your mind just went pop,

It made you want to dance and male your body bop,

They drove you crazy and you didn’t want it to stop,

Those are the days so fine indeed

They are the times when it’s all so effortless and easy,

You didn’t need to work at it, it was flowing freely,

Like everyday seemed like a summers day

And every night under stars we would gaze,

Holding each other tight, wrapped in each other

There had never been such perfect lovers,

And every day was like the most amazing dream,

That love drop,

That made your mind pop,

And made you dance and bop,

These were the best days to me.


Never give up on love

Because money comes and goes

And material possessions they lose their shine and get old,

Both of these things we can navigate and do without

But to live without love is so sad without a doubt,

To live without love will always cast a shadow

And leave you living life with a vision so narrow,

That you can’t and will not see the light,

And do will not witness the beauty,

Love is everything we need

So I cry out so desperately,

Don’t you go giving up on love,

Because we all need love in our so much.

Don’t forget me


Don’t forget about me,

Let my words be known

Keep my legacy burning on,

Tell my stories to those

Who don’t know me,

Keep pushing please

Don’t allow me to simply slip into history,

Be it in words or even in song,

Because my words I see and In do believe

Are important steps to bring free,

And for promoting love and peace

Grumpy old me, tried to be,

The difference in this world

I know it’s hard to conceive,

But please try to see and put over the best you saw in me,

I know I was flawed and not always easy

To be around, or to love,

Or to always talk too

Because I had a passion for change,

And because I could not be heard I’d get frustrated

And I will got angry by those promoting greed and hatred,

So please don’t let me or my words be forgotten

After I am gone, it must not become an option,

I plead, for my love for all things is what led me

To write the words, that I did as if the words was the blood that I always bleed.

The transformation


I dwell in a cavernous labyrinth

Among the shadows and echos of my mind

I hear whispers surrounding resonating loud

Threatening to send me insane

Reverberating through my brain

But I focus on my breathing and recite my mantras

And a luminescent light washes over me

Warming my heat and lifting my soul

It then strengthens my resolve

And I feel the power of love lightening up this labyrinth

And turns it into ballroom full of dreams.

Deep thoughts


Deep thoughts and vivid dreams

In my mind I create landscape scenes,

Around multitudinous themes

Deep thoughts and spiritual conjuring,

Full of colours and cosmic universal wandering

While meditating and pondering,

On why we are even here

And how to best make the most of it,

While love keeps resonating back as the answer

And in deep though I witness the spectral dancer,

That transfixes me and guides me towards the light

Of spiritual salvation and the manifestation of all that’s right,

And transcending of our soul and being to a frequency

Vibrating on a plain so bright,

Dazzling anybody who sets their eyes upon

The celestial irridescence it emenates in its purest filigree form.

I wish


I wish I could breathe in hope,

I wish I could breathe out healing,

I wish I breathe in all the fearful feelings

I wish I could breathe out salvation,

And teach this from nation to nation,

I wish I could teach all to breathe in love,

And teach them all to breathe out peace,

I wish they could breathe in darkness,

And then I wish they could breathe out light,

And to do this through global meditation

Sending out joyful sensations,

That ease everybodies fear

And show them that for them we are all here,

So there’s no need shed anymore tears,

I wish I could hold, everyone’s hand,

I wish I could hug everybody,

In each and every land and just say

If we were to unite, everything could truly be alright,

Don’t worry at all, you can close your eyes and sleep tight

To everyone wish a truly goodnight,

I wish you all to know, my thoughts and prayers are with all wherever you may go.

Celebrating the shit show


Leaders fiddle while Rome burns

What they do is they don’t learn,

Action is needed not grand words

Thousands die among our herd,

Is that the policy is that what their doing

Allowing the vulnerable to suffer ruin,

Let’s the virus spread through us all

The sacrafice they think is small,

But have they seen the stacked up courses

While denying medical professionals resources,

Lack of testing makes figures a joke

How can they really know,

The true picture in this horror show

Governments are acting to slow,

Telling us what’s going to be so

Bracing us for many future deaths,

Do they know something we don’t know?

Why on lockdown do numbers still grow?

They say that it will peak and plateau

But these leaders and their governments running this shit show,

Do not actually really know,

Or they do and it’s all a smoke and mirrors

What’s really going on, what cards do they hold,

Maybe it’s time we made the fold or show,

What’s in their hand by they way of their plans,

One thing we know is that we’re collateral damage to them,

And we’ll all be dying by governmental decree as and demand.