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It keeps us rooted to the ground


Exerts a pressure on us so profound


Effects both you and me

Keeps us flowing like the sea


Somewhere within this life

We sit beneath the moonlight


It stops us from soaring to high

For we are not birds and not meant to fly


It gives grounding to you and me

For that’s where we are meant to be


We must learn to find our dreams

Rooted in our own humanity

You and me are living in this gravity

Sharing love and light unconditionally

And that’s the beauty of sharing this gravity.

Opalescent lives


Our lives are made up of opalescent shades

Tempered with impermanence

We know will never walk this road again

Because no matter how good this is

No matter just how bad this be

Nothing last forever in the end

Except our energy and love of which we can project

Through stories and the memories once we’ve passed this way

And leaving footprints leaving marks leaves a legacy

That lives on in others to be handed down

So live your life in present moments and make each one count

Be happy and be kind and don’t you ever be brought down

For the light we shine is universal

Cosmic, interstellar, spiritual and soulful

And it lifts those all around you

With just a smile or an empathic word

It’s as simple you see as simple could ever be

So walk with me

But know you’ll never walk this way again

But walk this path with real love and belief

And set you heart and soul free for all to see.

Trojan horse


Your like a trojan horse

Hiding danger within

Once seen as a gift to me

I realise you’re perilous indeed

Youre amazing on the outside

How could I look a gift horse in the mouth

But you could be the end of me

Because what’s within and there’s no doubt

You’re a dangerous past time

A forbidden fruit from the tree of life

And everything would end now

If I were to take a simple bite

You’re perilous, you’re dangerous

Yet somehow you’re intoxicating

I am ready to play with fire

Even if it means burning

It’s the pleasure pain theory maybe

Or just the danger that you represent blatantly

But I am going to have to sate my pleasure

And yes, I am going to have to rue it at my lesuire

But this is something that I choose

And maybe I am going to lose

And you mahbe the end of me

But I just need you desperately to taste and feast upon

So. I am going in right even though everything screams at me it’s wrong.

A million ways


A summery of million things

That we could be when we stop and think

The only limitation is our own mind

If we connect to the creative flow

If we stimulate those creative juices

Then we realise there are do many million things

That we can do and that we can be

And how this truly set us free to manifest a host of many dreams

Now just shine and be the best you can be

And do it in your own way uniquely.

Racism is a disease


There’s a racist in the Whitehouse

What you gonna do

Take action or sit back in which case your integrity you lose

There’s a racist in the Whitehouse

Will you now finally impeach

Because his democratic oath he had breached

To protect American citizens each and everyone

He dividing people within his nation

Spreading words of hate and a feeling of fear

Destroying sensibilities we all should hold dear

Like love and respect for our fellow human beings

There’s a racist in the Whitehouse and the US he’s ruining

Rather than making it great again

He is covering it in shame

The US is a country made up largely of immigrants

Once upon a time his family when settling there were no different

Even his wife is one and there’s nothing wrong with that

It seems that’s OK as long as you are not black

There’s a racist in the Whitehouse

Promoting white supremacy

And nothing that this man says should ever be believed.

Where demons reside

Where demons reside

Demonic dark heart
Searches in the shadows
Feeding on your fears
Chilling you very marrow
Demons prickle our very flesh
Terrify us with our every breath
Yet have you not discovered yet
That the demon is you
And you’re, your greatest threat.

Be the hero of your own story


I won’t bow down and shrink

I will stand strong as if giantish

I will manifest power

I will not resonte fear

I am more than I appear

Cover your eyes in shame you fool

Thought you could use me as your tool

Thought I would cower and submit to your rule

In life you’ve learnt a lesson

You’ve just been schooled

By someone conscious and awake

Those chains you put me in

I decided to break

Freedom is about freedom from fear and hate

Life is something we create each day

So make it an epic, legendary story

Where you are the hero covering yourself in magnificent glory.