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I know you

You’re boasy

To hide your fears

You are boasy

It’s a cover up

It’s just a front

You act boasy

To be the man

You’re more than that

Better in fact

You don’t need to be boasy

Be authentic

Be true to you

Don’t let boasy define your ttuth.


Dominion is a powerful word

And has a powerful intent

To gain sovereignty over nature

And every thing thst exists

Dominion is mastery over everything

Yet we struggle as humanity

To master our inner selves

Dominion is superiority

And total domination

Yet the truth is in the face of nature

We ate so fragile and so weak

Dominion is pre eminence, hegmony and control

Truth is we lack this which is why we don’t and can’t evolve

Dominion is governing and command

And setting humanity in a firm direction

But the truth is we are all just stumbling around in the dark

Not aware of the impending precipice or thinking we know better

Ignorance can be such bless and is a true idiots treasure

Dominion is not defined as walking headlong in to self extinction

Maybe we should first gain dominion

Over our own thoughts and self

And learn to be our own authority

Controlling own own lives

Instead of submitting the responsibility to others

For an easy and quieter life

Learning to harness the dominance of your own mind

This way may evolve and truly lean to grow

And in this way we may finally start to transcend and evolve

Embracing and nurturing nature

Encompassing peace and love

Dominion may be described as many things

But it certainly doesn’t describe us.

Succubus, the avenger

She was a succubus

A which of love

Never able to get enough

Extracting from men

Everything they have

Leaving an empty husk

Drunk from her poisoned lust

Betrayed by their trust

Their world encompassed

In a single moment of desire

Their burning passion rose higher

But that’s what was their downfall

That saw them end up on a funeral pyre

Succubus is a clever manipulating liar

Bringing down on men her sensual fire

The last they heard was a heavenly choir

Before everything suddenly went quiet

Succubus avenged women who she felt had been wronged

Succubus proved that she can be strong

Succubus, she stood among the dead throng

And laughed at their empty dry husks all the night long.

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Important questions

If not me then who?

If this isn’t the time then when?

Do you have an open mind and eyes?

What is it that gets you inspired?

What raises up your passion?

What makes your blood boil?

What makes you toil or recoil?

What is it that makes you care?

What is it that gets you there?

First or third world problems?

Can you see the issues and solve them?

Or are you switched off to real life?

Switched off your mind and settling for being told

Exactly what it is that’s wrong or right?

Have you given up controlling your own life?

Haned it over for others to decide?

Tell me why?

Does it make you happy or sad?

Have you given up everything you’ve ever had?

For the easy, peaceful life.

How to enable change

Transform and change up

Evolve and keep growing

Determination you must keep owning

Perseverance and focus

Endeavouring and persisting

This is the way to bring about change

This is how you blaze a trail

Leaving your mark for others to see

Leaving a footprint as a legacy

This is how we set people free

And bring about fairness and equality

Eand emancipating our humanity

Raising our chakras to new Higher frequencies

While chanting our mantra

We don’t want your qar or greed

We just want a society

Based around love, liberty and peace.

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Travelling in time

Travel in time

Changing rhymes

Many things alter mind,

What do we find

When we step out of line

Everything is inclined,

To go super crazy

To go in a spin

All this stuff is distorting,

Everything rocks side to side

There is nowhere we can hide

Tears that have been cried

Now they have to be dried.

Ring the alarm

I am going back in time

Changing the rhymes

In synchronicity there’s signs,

Let’s go leaving the past behind

Moving into the future

In a different design,

Travelling an astral conduit line

Temporal, cosmic, and fine

Frequencies they start to climb

As our lives become defined,

By travel in time

And changing ryhmes

That alter the mind

This is the defining of life

Nows the time to decide

Just what is right now.


I want to immerse myself in culture

Get lost in traditions from all around the world

I want to savour all aspect of global life

See all of human kind and wild life

From Tibet and Nepal to the frozen Arctic

From the Amazon Forest to Americas wild west

From Mexico to the Caribbean

From China and Japan to thd lush beauty of New Zealand

I want to find out more obout the Inca’s and the Maori’s

Find out about the Mayans and the Toltecs too

Discover Shamanism and the Aborigines

Buddhism, Zen as well as Sikhism and Hindu too

I want to visit the world and embrace it all

And its whee n you think about it you realise the world’s not thst small.

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New days

New days are comming

A new order of change

Old capitalism can’t stand in its way

It’s demonstrated its failed us time and again

Environmentalism is forging its way

Forward into the future as the present fades to grey

We can repair and heal humankind and the earth again

We just have to reconnect with love in everyway

And rediscover peace and make it the philosophy of our age.


Extraterrestrials far off in space

Waiting for humanity to evolve as a race

Or simply to just wait for us to go extinct

Occupy this planet earth with all its riches

They would harness and nurture it

They would not seek to destroy or try exploiting things

Uliike us who give no thought for the damage we do

So they sit bide their time behind the dark sides of the moons.

Barmy me

Crazy like a lunatic

Weird like a freak

That is existential me,

Fucking doolally

But living the dream

Judge me how you will

But you won’t get me,

For I am individual

I am totally unique

I am someone you think is barmy

As if I have fallen out of my tree,

Never mind what you percieve

I just love living life free.