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Paradise lost


Up at 5am in the morning

Day had already dawned,

And the sun streamed through the window

Another day to look forward to toiling in the heat,

Another day of dealing with people

Who are rooted in negativity,

The public, the great unwashed

Very opinionated about God knows what,

Always demanding, always certain they are right

Even if they don’t know what it is that they’re talking about,

Mostly out of arrogance and a great deal of ignorance

Fortunately along the way you find people having good days,

Smiling and wishing me well

Appreciating the effort I make,

To help ensure their environment is always clean and safe,

They are a pleasure to meet but though they were once the many,

Now it’s evened out, without a doubt,

You’re just as likely to get moaned at now

Than praised for all that you do.

Then it’s home and I collapse in a chair but only for a short while,

For I am in great demand and have to run here and there,

Then it’s a short interlude watching TV,

Before it’s time to go to bed,

To get up at 5am in the morning

And do the same shit over again.

I hope one day


I write words

I hope will last forever

I write my feelings

To bare my soul

I hope one day

We’ll come together

And achieve the things

That we need to achieve

We need peace and no wars

We need equality and fair laws

We need a lot more love

And a lot less hate

And in my words

I spread this message

Hoping it resonates

At people’s core

And I hope one day

We’ll come together

And bring about

A real time of change

Like fighting big pharma

They don’t heal

In fact they do more to harm you

Like fight vivisectionist

Because they must be stopped from doing this shit

Animal deserve much more than this

So I put it down on paper

I put it into words

And hope I will be heard

And that the message lives on

And I hope one day

We’ll come together

And make a stand

For all that is right

Like fighting the good

Environmental plight

Fighting for species

Who have the right to survive

And I one day

We’ll come together

To bring about a better

And more conscious age.

Underground tribe


We move in the town down all the side streets,

Among the derelict buildings and regenerated zones,

We run down dim lit alleyways

Wearing back packs and holding spray cans,

Wearing hoodies, faces covered with masks

As we put up posters of resistance we laugh,

Because we have never felt as alive as this,

Because we decided to object refuse and resist,

Because we are the rival, tribal, anarchic misfits,

Causing a disturbance with our direct action,

We aren’t passive observers, we are the subversive faction

Running the streets and alleys of this ghost town

Singing and shouting making wolf sounds,

We are the people of the underground,

We’re rats in the basement, we’re a nuisance,

We are part of the underground activist movement.

Your guide


Through the smoke and fire of life

I will soldier on and lead you to paradise

You just have to place trust in me and I’ll see you right

Yes I will shield you from harm and the chaos around,

Yes I will help you through dark days I won’t leave you alone

For I will show you everything that life has in store,

For you I’ll take you through previously locked doors

To help you pass through to a place free from life’s wars,

That’s my offer, your my cause.

Beyond the carbon


I yearn to see beyond the ether, the gas clouds and the carbon

Into the depths of deep space

To find a realm of universal dreams

A place of peace to reside just you my love and me

Where we can play hopscotch from meteors and stars

While using lack of gravity to leap from near to far

Hand in hand sometimes or you riding on me piggyback

Before among the colourful nubula clouds

We can carry out our love act

Devoting our hearts as one in a love pact

To sojourn and adventure way beyond our ken

I will take you to alien planets like strangers in a strange land

To then bring you back again

While all the time loving in a rhythm and rhyme

That cannot be constrained even by the arch of time

Take my hand and I will explore your being and blow your mind

A love like this is impossible to find

But I will explore you passion beyond anything previously defined.

Understanding others lives


Sometimes you have to know what others have been through

Maybe try walking a mile in their shoes

To understand their flaws and issues

It’s far to easy just to point fingers and castigate

Sometimes when you rant at them you realise to late

That all you’ve been may have been bad

These past issues made their life sadder than sad

Yet they don’t moan of feel sorry for themselves

They pick the broken pieces up and start again

Carrying them with them in a baggage of pain

But others who don’t appreciate that are blind to this time and again

But above and beyond this we carry on

Singing our survivalist love songs

Rising above it staying strong

Ignoring the drama that comes along

Staying positive and empowered learning always what’s right and wrong.

You just can’t help some people


I can’t be doing with toxicity

I am not about to let them bleed me,

Their poison and their bitterness

Is not something I address,

I will simply just walk away

Leave them to their drama,

Leave them to their games,

How sad it must be wanting a life like this

It’s not one I want, or something in my life of which I wish ,

I am happy being drama free

Helping others that are in need,

Who find themselves there through no thought of their own

Who never quarrel or even moan,

But are grateful for a helping hand

Or maybe just a kind word or two,

These people make no demands

And they show kindness in return,

Inner peace is all that I yearn

And you won’t find this surrounded by

Toxic people who constantly cry,

What about me? It’s all about me?

All they bring with them is grief,

And no amount you do will satisfy them,

You’ll never make them happy,

The drama is what they’re desiring,

So leave them to find their own way and path

And leave them and their toxicity in your past.