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Blinkered people

Live blinkered lives

Buy into domesticated lies

Question them they return hate

Rooted as they are in negatives states

They lack the capicity to love

To be positive or understand enough

Of what truth really truly is

Not being able to free think

But I respect their views and thoughts

They’re only regurgitating what they’ve been taught

Toxic them makes them hard to engage

So my advice is to best stay away.

I share


I seek

I share

I dare to care

I’ve travelled

Here, there

And everywhere

And the truth is

People I met were good

Shared love

And friendship

Because they understood

That we are one

United humanity

Only divided

By those of hate and greed

And who wish to rule

And control everything.

Prorogue the system


I would like to prorogue this system

And shut it right down

Dissolve it for causing inequality and letting fear abound

It promotes division and xenophobia and instills hate and greed

And all the fucking time it’s the vulnerable that bleed

Prorogue this crumbling capitalistic farce

It is no longer working

It’s time to find some new ideas

That stops people from hurting.

Revolutionise the system


Money is protected

And people get hurt

In a society where money is God

But people are treated as dirt

Where the wealthy one percent

Sip champagne in ivory towers

We are forced to work

For low pay, zero hours, each and every day

Not knowing if our basic pay

Will be covered by our meagre wage

And the screw keeps getting tightened

And life is always really harsh

I remember reading about the Tolpuddle march

And wonder why in these days we don’t also start

To unite and rise up and demand something new

Capitalism is failing we need a new special brew

The political party system is corrupt floored and archaic

We need to revolutionise our system so let’s break it

And start a fresh with equality central and rooted at the core

Where money is not as important

And where people are valued more.

Be the change, plant a tree


They are burning, slashing, cutting down trees around Africa

It’s not just the Amazon and Indonesia

Anywhere its happing its plain to see

It’s going to harm this earth

And our children and their children yet to be seen

But there is something we can do as well as protesting

Encourage everyone you know to join in unity

And put a plan together and start planting new trees

And make environmentalism one of your core philosophies

And make saving this warh and future generational beings

Not have to live within a world where its difficult to breathe in

Because in our ignorance and greed we destroyed everything.

Gratitude unto the rain


The rain teems down

As the day turns grey

But I see light come what may

And each droplet I cherish

And give gratitude too

For it nourishes life

It is earth’s essential food

And though I may get wet

And soaked to the skin

I still give it my thanksgiving

Rain refreshes everything

And ensures life grows

And this to me is amazing

In the rain, on a grey day

My hope and positivity

It is always raised

In the rain, on a grey day

My enduring heart will always remain.