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Be raw, be open


Tip toeing through fields of our emotion minefields

Seeing just what triggers make us feel

What provokes or even evokes the good and bad in us

The beautiful and the ugly, the kindness and hateful

We need to experience every bit of this

Just to confirm that we truly exist

To feel so raw, to feel it all

For it to resonate at the root and our very core

It feels so strange, it feels so weird

But the truth is we have nothing to fear

So feel it all, both big and small

Accept that feeling is the most important thing we can do

So be open to it all.

Different shifts


Desert heat and drifting sand

Snake slithers across the land,

Underneath a burning sun

I see a mirage as I seek and run,

I disappear through a paradigm shift

I look around at this place I know exist,

Full of greenery and fauna

Steam rises and the temperature is like a sauna,

Poised on the precipice of a cliff

Looking outward I see a multi coloured forest,

I venture to see what else is here

Then a new paradigm gate appears clear,

And as I step through into a new state

I find myself in a dark and dank place

In a world of war and ravaged and left now in waste,

Torn flags flutter in the wind

As bodies lay slain, dead or dying,

The smell of death even from this keep

Reaches out and smell truly putrid,

And I walk down a spiral stairs

My existence disappears elsewhere,

And suddenly I am in a oriental scene

So calm, peaceful and beautifully serene,

I sit still and completely mindfully

And in this place I decide to dwell,

Caught up in the spiritual spell,

A place of energy and magic

This world is to me fantastic,

So here I remain in sublime bliss

These are world’s from my own mind creative.

The witches dominion

The witches dominion

The night is dark yet electrified by magic
The spellbound castings hold dominion over lives so tragic
They find themselves upon their knees right before my feet
And the bewitchery that I cast upon them leaves them under my control
And the spellbound incantations take hold of their mortal soul
And their dreams will now be only ones I place within their minds
And they will know that the only love they feel will be mine
In the witching hour
Dark magic power
They succumb to me I am half witch half succubus
And into me they will feel the lust
Within a dark pentagram scene
Drawn from the blood
Of their veins
It’s the witching hour again, tonight
So lock yourselves away
Or I’ll control you and you’ll become my slave
To the dark magical arts and the arcane.

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You’re an animal


You’re an animal

And should be in a cage

You should know better at your age

You’re so toxic I seek sanctuary from you

With your vile twisted ideologies you are so cruel

Dripping toxicity like acid from your fingers

Congealed values makes your evolution hindered

Snake like venomous eyes full of malice

You drink from a corrupted alter

You drink from a poisoned chalice

You’re so mean and you’re so heartless

You’re devoid of emotion and empathy

You’re full of hate and lack spirituality

You are a waster of energy and life

Your soul is darker than any night

I just want you to vanish from my sight

Animal, you’re an animal,

Get out of my sight

Animal, your an animal

You’re a creature of the night.

Mind blown


No light through yonder window breaks

That’s just my heart that I put at stake,

I rolled the dice and gambled it

Now I’ve nothing to show for this,

But tears, hurt, pain and suffering

The bolt of rejection, it left me shuddering,

Now I find myself bereft of all

Emotions save for the mess you brought,

Of angry, bitter, tormented thoughts

Love was all I really sought,

But now in this tempest of true heartbreak

I have found the fullest array,

Of feelings of which some I had never known

That left my heart and mind, truly blown.

Sleek as you are

Sleek as you are

Sleek body shining so glossy
Curves so fine and so damn classy
I bet you are the sweetest ride
Built for comfort
Let’s go full throttle
And head got the summit
As we peak with the wind blowing in our hair
Show me your best and give me your flair
I can show what a thrust really can do
Ride baby ride hell for leather under the moon
A hellcat in leathers we will both be humming soon.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

Sea rage


The raging sea roars in anger and contempt

Breaking against rocks and cliffs causing ships to wreck,

Angry is the sea as it roils and boils in a tumult

The maelstrom of foamy passionate rage surges on,

Wave after wave and rage upon rage

Angst against this wasteful polluting age,

The sea in its powerful anger threatens to lay us all to waste,

Waves of attrition, of hydraulic action

Waves of corrosion, solution and corrasion,

All of these actions damaging the land that we live on

The brings down the headland with very little qualms,

The sea it rages on, tearing things apart,

With its power and relentless surging,

Almost as the sea is trying to be purging

All forms of dirty polluting parasites,

From this natural world

It promises to end it all of waves of foamy, angry, curls.