Whispering talk About all we sought, Making changes Avoiding dangers, Living life with care I am not sure if I dare, Step out the shadows My comfort zone, I fell most alone When I am at home, I filled chilled to the bone Opportunities have flown, Now everything is unknown I seek new seeds toContinue reading “Lost”

In need of healing

I need some healing I have bad feelings, Something I feels not quite right There’s not one thing, I can put my finger on, I am just feeling wrong Unlike in days when I was young, Back then I felt so strong, I felt vital, I felt good, Now I don’t feel like I should,Continue reading “In need of healing”

Infinite love

It’s a love that’s truly infinite Stretching across the universe, It can feel so simply wonderful Just like an incandescent star bust, And in a pleasure ground of cosmic joy My heart races faster than a comet, I hear the symphony choir sing Which is then complimented by a sonnet, My soul resonates in luminescenceContinue reading “Infinite love”

A life so boring

If I talk about my life some more And the work I do then I may bore, The living daylights out of you Because it’s really quite mundane, And I a sure that you will understand That life’s not always that exciting, Interspersed with arguements Of which I don’t take any delight in, I workContinue reading “A life so boring”


Nationalism Is idealism And self-deception, Breeding hate And xenophobia, As well as fear And also contempt, Nationalism is a virus Infecting the vulnerable, The poorly informed And educated, With no empathy at all, Nationalism is a plague Used by despots who rule.


Come with me On flights of fantasy, Sail a ship across the sea, Navigate to lands far away Distant dreams of journeying, To places hitherto unseen Unknown realms beyond belief, This is where you’ll find me Journeying consciously, To places of my hopes and dreams Way beyond others imaginings, Interstellar, astral travel This is howContinue reading “Journeying”

She sought demons

She was pretty and slender Dressed in tight leather pants, Beautiful flowing hair And a top that was scant, She entered the house she heard had evil demons This is something she did truly believe in, Walking through the house, up and downstairs She felt chills but she was not scared, When down in theContinue reading “She sought demons”

Beyond the lies

Beyond the lies And deceiving eyes, There’s something more disturbing Unknown men and women, Hiding in the shadows The darkness hides them from our view, So they can do what they need to do To increase the control, the power and wealth, Over the likes of me and you.

Daniel Swearingen

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